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Which player did you initially not rate but then grew to love?


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Harry Wilson. Know it was a loan but of all lampards “borrows” he looked the most lightweight, overhyped, nothing special apart from quick feet. Just an ok kid.

Then he started scoring goals - quite a lot of them and at very opportune moments !  

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1970's - Peter Daniel, John McGovern

1980's - Paul Blades, Geraint Williams

1990's - Lee Carsley, Paul Williams

2000's - Paul Boertien, One Gary Teale

2010's - Lord Jake of Buxton, Simon Dawkins

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40 minutes ago, CBRammette said:

All the other threads today vital to us as a club but after enjoying the thread about which players made you love Derby initially, I wondered for a little football refuge this evening which players you didnt rate at all to start with but grew to really value? 
One of mine is really recent, having loved Chris Martin I was very unimpressed by the signing of our Colin (sorry) but then seeing him play instantly joined the fan club. Anyone change anyone else's mind drastically? I guess also the reverse - who were you excited we signed but then "meh"? And apologies if you really arent in a football mood!!

Roger Davies. Really awkward and gangly when he first arrived ….  and he never changed

he scored  some great goals and missed some real sitters too 

nobody knew what he’d do next, not even Roger himself (pun def intended)

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Danny Higgingbotham - played left back on his debut (IIRC) and was shocking. Eventually went to CB and was excellent.

Also, didn't realise until now that Ron Willems retired at 31 with us as his last club. Didn't know that...

Finally, having now cast my mind back, I recall how disappointed I was with the deadline day signing of Mikkel Beck. I'm still shocked now - TBE's worst signing perhaps? He was proven in this country. Proven to be awful whereas someone like BoB or whatever at least seemed ok in their own leagues so an understandable risk that didn't work out over here.


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My favourite player of the last 15 years. Encapsulates everything that football used to be and sadly is no more.

I would help him build a garden shed.

In the rain.

In Stoke.


57 minutes ago, Nuwtfly said:


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