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  1. SSN are currently saying that Chelsea have agreed to pay the 'buy out clause' - which suggests some contact.
  2. Yep! 😛 Bit nervous though, hope he doesn't come across as hard done to cos no-one will really care.
  3. If only that was true. More likely he'll have a bit of a whinge and come over as a bitter old git.
  4. Only where Dirty L**ds are concerned. "Our romance won't end on a sorrowful note Though by tomorrow you're gone The song has ended but as the songwriter wrote The melody lingers on... No they can't take that away from me The way your smile just beams The way you sing off key The way we beat Dirty L**ds No, no they can't take that away from me We may never never meet again, on that bouncy road to L**ds Still I'll always, always keep the memory of... The way we beat Dirty L**ds"
  5. The worst thing about it if they did is that lot would just turn around and say 'I told you so, it's too soon' about Lampard. Not that I'm bothered, the hollibobs trolling by his Missus did for my last ounce of caring.
  6. Yep. Beating Dirty (Spygate) L**ds made the season. So 'we'll always have L**ds' thanks for that Frankie.
  7. No. How much better did Carson get? How come Roos still can't catch a ball? He's hardly on a par or even within touching distance of Steeley is he.
  8. When searching twitter for #Lampard tweets I read one saying that Chelsea had done exactly as they are doing now to Napoli over Sarri?
  9. Yeah that's what Google told me - I wondered about the video though as it looked like the guy was in the UK? Technical director sounds like they don't know Lampard from Cech! 😂
  10. Well we'll be fine there then, we've two of them! 😉
  11. Or to let Chelsea know we're not just going to wait? We also tried to continue contract negotiations - how have they gone? £10m over four years is the media gossip, will we never learn...
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