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  1. It often sounds as if Lawrence commits a foul in 'retaliation' or when he's lost his head a bit? If so he would get booked more often.
  2. Marriott and who? Doesn't matter who. Marriott is our best goal-scorer and he appears never to be fit, but if he was playing him up front on his own wouldn't work.
  3. Ask why the manager hasn't tried them, it's not up to me. Same as not playing 2 up top.
  4. Very disappointed not to see more of Marriott playing - he's miles better than Waghorn - and in a system that suits him. Why wouldn't you play to the strengths of a prolific goal-scorer?
  5. Well maybe Trialist or even Whittaker then?
  6. I find it highly amusing that the manager who wants to 'play football' prefers Waghorn to Martin - supposedly because Martin is too slow. It's the ball that moves faster than the players can mostly, I don't remember the terribly slow football we played under Mac? We also don't play particularly attacking football even at home. We're playing like a cross between Clement and Snake, we had 2 shots on target on Saturday according to the stats. But we're all so worried about relegation that points are the headliner.
  7. Yet Cocu chooses Waghorn over Martin. Or, if you like he chooses Whittaker over Sibley.
  8. Pah. He's not a patch on Mac.
  9. No that isn't the problem. The problem is buying players who end up nearly valueless on massive wages.
  10. You are Paul Clement and I claim my £5! 😄
  11. Yeah. They set the rules and I imagine they interpret them, so ... how did we get here Mel?
  12. Have you seen his beard and haircut?
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