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  1. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    😂 you’re just saying that because you want to play us!
  2. Where is George Thorne?

    Isn’t that three groups then?!
  3. Vydra and Palmer

    No it won’t Rowetts more than likely to play someone equally as ineffective in Vydra’s role - he’s not going to change his negative football philosophy!
  4. Vydra and Palmer

    No Palmer isn’t *that* good but he tries to be positive and run at players, he looks to have lots of things many in the squad don’t and seems the antithesis of how Rowett wants football played!
  5. "I've really not enjoyed this season"

    It needs the manager to get the right players playing the right way to get positive fan reaction... Glad I’m missing yesterday and Tuesday’s games tbh. There’s no pride to be found at Pride Park but it’s not down to the fans.
  6. 17/18 Loan Watch

    He’d have done as well, if not better than Jerome! Plus he’d cost less and be worth more!!!
  7. Nigel Pearson......

    Or there isn’t and it’s down to other things - too simple? 🙄
  8. Honestly...

    Not me.
  9. Jamie Hanson

    I edited another bit in. Who do we have recognised at international level?
  10. Jamie Hanson

    Who has missed out on developing? Weren't Hughes, etc playing international age group football? Who do we have doing that? Babos, and the young fullback?
  11. Rowett is staying so...

    The reality is what counts @curtains not Rowett's talk and videos.
  12. Rowett is staying so...

    There's a reasonable amount of football and football related stuff to judge him on already. The end of the day is nigh!
  13. Some fans...

    They wouldn't have had to 'do anything' if it hadn't been for gobby *****, thinking they're interesting. Being drunk is no excuse to behave in that way - why can't they be civil?
  14. Some fans...

    Oh that's okay then, perfectly acceptable. Just a bit of banter.
  15. Rowett is staying so...

    God is that all, it took you long enough to say that. What's that got to do with Rowett playing turgid, negative football? And you think he'd play Charlie George! Only in your dreams!

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