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  1. Ah you know just being pedantic. 🤣
  2. Well as we've not won all of them I can't see how you can say that.
  3. RoyMac5

    Cup Runs

    Not for me. It's a Cup there to be won. There's already a competition to test U23s against League players - we should try qualifying for that first!
  4. But would the odd game and being on the bench be as good for them as going out on loan? For me I'd want all bar Knight to go on loan until (at least) January. I want Derby to do well this season firstly, and also for the youngsters to progress - to progress they have to play?
  5. I think that although our U23s showed how they could play last night, how many of them are ready for the 1st team? Is that why so many were played? As how many could we rely on throughout a long season? If they don't play lots of matches for us then they must surely go out on loan as going back to the U23s won't progress them as well, will it?
  6. Ooops saw the bit about the new striker and missed seing his name. Doh.
  7. Lol. This is of course the point, fans tend to text/post/phone more when things are going wrong. When we win and play well I bet the phones/forums are only peopled by the real 'extremes'! 😉 😄
  8. Agree. He normally becomes a bit puerile when Dawes is making pathetic laddish comments and involves Ramage. Dawes is an appalling waste of space. Coles is good.
  9. Good luck, there's nothing like a little sun,sea & sangria to raise the spirits. 🙂
  10. He won't be fit to enjoy it. 😞 The Canary Islands are all year round sun holiday destinations - rearrange the break? We often go when the footy international breaks are on, don't want to miss Derby games. Although thanks to RamsTV that's not always the case.
  11. 🐏 Fingers crossed for a good outcome for Joel. #COYR
  12. Wasn't Cocu's opinion was that we'd only bring players in who improved us?
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