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  1. I think it was clear we tried to get much better than we ended up with, for whatever reason.
  2. I don't think it's just the dying, when you look at some of the other horrible things it does to the body...
  3. Christ it could only have got worse!
  4. It's okay Norm we love our Wayne! Just 'aving a bit of bantz with ya!
  5. Yeah, but not much difference to getting pissed off with Mac and the Newcastle dance. Jewell was worse than a car crash.
  6. I never understand why Jewell gets an easier ride from the fans than Billy, Jewell was a poorman's Tommy Doc.!!! An utterly appalling appointment - the sort that highlights what Pearson might have done given time!
  7. Agree. Has he actually been let go though? I still think if we're desparate we should push Festy back up the wing! 😉 😄
  8. Unless your name was Typhoid Mary!
  9. So stop him doing that and you don't have to rely on a 'dodgy' keeper, who saved a similar shot 2nd half. Perhaps he was slightly unsighted and there was a deflection, for the goal? Stop the shot being taken!
  10. True. Lots of people close together isn't the problem. Lots of people, some of whom have the virus, close together, is the problem!
  11. Why not, plenty of players score from outside the box, he had too much space.
  12. I think Ravas is the only one with anything about them it seems so far. But keepers need to be able to forget their last mistake and go again, that is what he has to learn.
  13. There is nothing wrong, bar fitness in Marriott's case, with any of our strikers. What has been lacking is their service. With limited funds a winger or two, a centre half and a first choice keeper are where it's at!
  14. Didn't see much of that v F*rest! I saw Martin go to make runs a fair few times but just stop as the ball was passed sideways.
  15. He pushed a similar one around the post towards to end of the game. I think he was partially unsighted and also I think commo said it too a slight deflection.
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