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  1. RoyMac5

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    Is it MacDonald on LFB for the 23s?
  2. RoyMac5

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    From day one doesn't sound like all the players had a clean slate? And if Butters was to be kept why isn't he getting a sniff now Mount is injured. ITK or just adding 2+2, the latter I think.
  3. RoyMac5

    Bradley Johnson

    Dunno. Thought he might get on the pitch against Villa.
  4. RoyMac5

    Bradley Johnson

    Or is he on the naughty step?
  5. RoyMac5

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    What is the point of that? Just list every keeper known to man then.
  6. RoyMac5

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    Great through ball for the first goal.
  7. RoyMac5

    Andre Wisdom

    This seems likely to me. Frank doesn't seem to budge on his view.
  8. RoyMac5

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Is this true? Why on earth didn't he bring Brad on?
  9. What difference would he make?
  10. RoyMac5

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    And you know Thorne can't, how?
  11. RoyMac5

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    But Bird makes the bench today...
  12. RoyMac5

    opinions please

    Dating app.
  13. RoyMac5

    Andre Wisdom

    Wasn't keen when we re-signed him, not bothered now.
  14. RoyMac5

    Foreign Nationals in the Armed Forces.

    It's not recruitment that's the problem, it's retaining them - lots of soft Brits don't want the job when they've tried it.
  15. RoyMac5

    Rooney 120th Cap

    You're telling me that Rooney, even now, isn't good enough to play for England?

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