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  1. RamsTV

    But I presume in the case of the monthly renewals if you start at £4/month, stop and then later in the season start again it would be at £5/month.
  2. Tom Lawrence

    You asked why fans allow JR & Bryso to get away with far more, I told you my opinion - that it was because at least JR and Bryso have shown ability previously.
  3. RamsTV

    How would we know there appears no way to contact RamsTV directly!
  4. Tom Lawrence

    No. It's because unlike Butterfield, Weimann, Anya or Blackman, Russell and Bryson have actually performed at a good level for this club.
  5. RamsTV

    Does anyone know the email address for RamsTV questions - there doesn't seem to be any help or support info!
  6. RamsTV

    Don't think the RamsTV audio is available for £4/month - have they recently 'greyed it out, as I thought it was clickable yesterday? So just £45 annual subscription?
  7. RamsTV

    I agree, but the present team doesn't do that. I'm not sure they'd spot a 'big moment' tbh! About the RD commo, sorry I meant for the RamsTV audio subscription, as it doesn't make it clear on the DCFC website who is doing it.
  8. v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Match Thread

    Or get picked because the alternatives are worse!
  9. RamsTV

    Have you listened to the preseason games commentary? There might be a difference between radio and tv commo, but surely it's in degrees. Both consist of describing play, naming players and telling what is happening on the pitch! Are Radio Derby to be the audio commo of choice for RamsTV do you know?
  10. RamsTV

    This, a million times! There was an instance where a Derby player got clattered and was lying prone - the 'commentators' just carried on talking at each other. Eventually one of them mentioned it and even told the viewer who the player was, which I found useful as I couldn't tell! I don't care if Mel is giving it away currently, it's awful commentary. There is no commentary, just 'summarising', and inanely at that! If anyone from RamsTV is reading, if you're keeping the same commo can we have the choice of no commo and just listening to the ground/crowd please.
  11. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    Yep, in case we were getting too carried away with GR's ability to turn sow's ear into silk purse. The players failings haven't gone away, we're still an unbalanced squad and now we lack any real sparkle too!
  12. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    Haven't read the hysterical comments, just 'dropped in' on this one. Pretty poor display, highlights the average nature of many in our squad. Need some replacement for Ince/Hughes for sure.
  13. RamsTV

    I'm hoping the audio might be different cos that line did say 'viewing'. Perhaps it'll be clearer nearer season KO.
  14. RamsTV

    Does it say that somewhere, cos I'd do the same with the audio. Does anyone know how they can tell if you've more than one device logged on?

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