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  1. Chris Martin

    I'm not blaming Rowett, its his choice. Just as getting rid of Will Hughes was and if some are to be believed Ince too. His choice.
  2. Chris Martin

    What? He was going to give him chance to discover his hidden speed and chasing ability? Rowett has intended to play a certain way (ask Butterfield) from at least the end of last season!
  3. Chris Martin

    Rowett had been watching videos and had summer and preseason to know what Chris Martin could do - did it really need that long to know he didn't run the channels and run around lots with a tremendous burst of speed?
  4. Chris Martin

    Lol. I never said that, just that he wasn't as pure as Ninos was suggesting. But don't let facts get in your way. And what chance when Rowett knew the type of player Martin is - and tried to sign Jerome and did sign Winnall? Archie, archie, archie...
  5. Chris Martin

    Of course I knew we played 4-3-3. My point was Rowett only did so cursorily and after he'd tried and failed to sign Jerome. Edit: do I have to agree with everything that the club says and does to be a supporter then? Or were you just having a pop too?
  6. Chris Martin

    Oh you're so predictable @eddie, not amusing, just predictable. I never suggested any such thing.
  7. Chris Martin

    Not very bright then is Gary?
  8. Chris Martin

    So Rowett hadn't figured that out over the summer? All I'm saying is its too much to paint Rowett, as Ninos was doing, as Mr Integrity. That's obviously not how it was - he kept Martin on until he could replace him with Jerome (which he couldn't do when he wanted to last summer). Don't go getting that all mixed up by having a pop at me now Mistaram!
  9. Small SUV, but which?

    Lol! Thanks for the info. Have decided to take out a 4th year warranty on the Note and look again next year. We like the Note and this version has a fair amount going for it in engine and 'extras' that are pushing up the cost of the new SUVs I've looked at online. Still like the look of the Seat Arona but as it's newish to market I'd rather not be an early adopter.
  10. Chris Martin

    Except he tried to sign Jerome in the summer - more he had a plan but couldn't implement it.
  11. Chris Martin

    Errr yeah right. He never wanted Martin as can be seen by signing first Winnall and now Jerome (who he tried to sign in the summer). But of course Rowetts integrity allowed him to tell Martin he was part of his plans and keep him here, just in case. I think you need to look up 'integrity'. Rowett might have done it for the clubs good but they are two different things!
  12. Chris Martin

    Definitely. He deserves to have a crack at the Prem, he thought it would be with us . Even this season. Rowett has changed his tune from the beginning of the season - might I suggest even strung him along! Perhaps Rowett never wanted Martin at all if as Jerome says he tried to sign him in the summer. I'm sure some fans will say that's to our benefit but then they shouldn't moan if Martin picks up his money and doesn't fancy a relegation threatened loan!
  13. Chris Martin

    We can't give him away to any other team we see as a promotion rival, you mean!
  14. Championship promotion rivals watch

    That narrows down potential new players.
  15. Chris Martin

    Plus why would Chrissy want to go to a team not challenging - he wants promotion to the Prem!?

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