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  1. Errr the free header from the middle of the box, the ball across the six yard box that their striker was inches from, the shot/cross that Roos flapped at...
  2. Yet he had a rubbish shot at goal when he could have passed and Marriott passed to make sure Harry scored.
  3. Think he's also a bit hacked off with the constant kicking he gets at this level.
  4. His decision-making seems to get no better. Major flaw at his age imo. Not as good as JR for me.
  5. Marriott, but it depends how we play.
  6. Pass to who? If it's the back four they just ten play it sideways. Plus it's nonsense that Carson can't use his feet. More importantly he's the better keeper and commands his area better. Perhaps Given could teach Carson to dribble, cos he won't teach Roos to be better than average.
  7. Won plenty of freekicks from aerial balls kicked his way. Compared to Waghorn Martin's a real aerial threat! 😄
  8. This is the Championship, players need good aerial ability. He's a decent goalscorer with some okay ball skills. But to liken him to Martin is a joke, fans with short memories and a penchant for 'jolly smilers'.
  9. Not much kop in the air.
  10. Unfortunately his decision-making was poor and he wasn't a lot of support for the defence.
  11. Hope so. else he'll be playing draughts with Anya.
  12. That was a dreadful lunge across the Brum players ankle - if it had been done on Mount we'd have been demanding a sending off! Good goal from Waghorn and some nice touches. Not up to much with all the aerial balls lobbed at him, quelle surprise...
  13. Who then? Marriott was nailed on, but now? Waghorn has had one good game and bits in some, but was a snip at £5m. Holmes? Evans? Malone? easy to say no as yes for them. Loans have been the best of the lot but bottom line is they do better for their own ambitions than ours, unless we get promoted.
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