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  1. It's not about a 'poor run or poor play' it's about whether there are signs of progress and what type of team Cocu is trying to build. For some that 'progress and team-building' isn't looking so positive...
  2. I agree. But the other cliché to go with this is 'you make your own luck'. Cocu doesn't help himself and doesn't seem a 'naturally' lucky manager.
  3. We picked up FloJo from Brentford! Maybe it's how these fabulous players are put together and played as a team that is the point. Has Cocu managed to get a team from his squad yet?
  4. That's what I asked Santa for anyways.
  5. Who? There's only Martin, Fozzie and Anya from the 'old days' isn't there?
  6. It seems that way with whoever he picks, inculcate them into the Cocu Way first.
  7. There's wingers in the U23s or U18s - think they're as good as Whittaker. but Cocu seems to have picked on him.
  8. Thanks for saying such a positive message, @Smyth_18 you must be having an unbelievably difficult time. I wish you nothing but the best. I hope things turn around for you soon mate.
  9. Not good, but why keep throwing Whittaker in then as he looks lost. Try Sibley or another.
  10. Hmmm, going on how you see things then no.
  11. How did watching the game make you feel? Only had awful RD commo to go on.
  12. So Wijnaldum (Prem player) was already there? Plus Depay?
  13. No, any manager we appointed could say that. What have you seen so far to say, yes Cocu?!
  14. Players like Dowell are being given chance - why not Trialist? Or Archie Brown? He plays Whittaker as his choice, why him then?!
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