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  1. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/09/club-statement-6 Oh FFS.
  2. I keep seeing bits about there'd been a team bonding 'event' at Hollywood Bowl earlier in the afternoon?
  3. Best wishes from Chrissy Martins second best fan. Joel #no1ChrisMartinfan 🙂
  4. But as I said it affects the body - that is the point you are trying to ignore. I'm not going to discuss this any more as you are unwilling to accept that any alcohol has an effect.
  5. Gorgeous starting for Oxford tonight v West Ham.
  6. None whatsoever as I did not insinuate that. I will state it - if you have a drink and then you drive you will be affected. It may not be enough to get you arrested but that is a different point. YOU stated that 'it wouldn't affect your reflexes, judgement etc' and that is not true.
  7. You cannot prove this. "A 160-pound man that consumes two alcoholic beverages will experience some loss of judgment, decreased ability to rapidly track a moving target and reduced multitasking ability, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
  8. I was under the impression that ANY alcohol in your system affected your body? I think your sentence is one that I'd like to see facts to back up because to me it smacks of the 'I always drive better after a drink or two' brigade!
  9. You missed the tweet showing Bennett had been at the walking football sponsored by Drinkaware the previous day?
  10. Looks like a pretty good wallop. Plus in a built-up area?
  11. What sort of punishment have other clubs doled out to their players in similar situations?
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