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  1. Perhaps they're on performance related pay?!
  2. The Loughborough pitch looks how we wished Pride Park looked!
  3. Mel would still need to sell, just not to the Sheik. I just fear the Sheik is another SISU in a long thobe!
  4. I must be the only one happy this keeps dragging on. I figure the longer it goes on the more chance there is of Mel telling him to do one!
  5. Which injury? 😉 Nope, be very glad if we can get money for him or even just free up wages.
  6. I do indeed wish him well, and he seems a splendid bloke indeed. I just don't rate him as a footballer for us, is all. #COYR
  7. Sometimes its better for things to be a bit hazy! 😄 #COYR
  8. You're the stats man, check them out. I looked at them and they're nothing special. For me he's not reliable enough, you always think do you need cover, will he last a match, etc...
  9. Yes that was my point - we've got ourselves to the point of vulnerability to sharks. You say Gadsby someone else has suggested Kirkland.
  10. What makes you say that, he didn't seem keen on putting lots of dosh in last time?
  11. Laid low for 10 days and unable to get out of bed for 8 days.
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