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  1. Is Rowett up to the job

    I keep seeing this. How are Thorne and Hudds the same type of player? I know Gorgeous is slower than he was but Hudds is immobile! Other than lack of pace can't see a comparison.
  2. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    There's lots of good managers out of work, Curbishley never got back after moving on from Charlton. It doesn't mean they're not good managers, it means its a tough employment market. Sad that you feel it necessary to diss Mac and all the good football he got us playing. Don't see why that's necessary. Just need to be right?!
  3. Chinese Investors????

    Bah! He's had his chips!
  4. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    It's good to see that even our keeper is not being played to his strengths! Why don't we try playing it out from the back? #rhetoric
  5. hey word advice gary

    Oooh that's a bit controversial, not the players fault, hmmm let me consider that one. Last Chris Martin interview I read, from a newspaper, said he was really keen to get back to the Prem. Wasn't that a similar line from Hudds and Davies when they turned up. Lawrence surely like Ince thinks he's good enough to be playing higher. Wisdom, Nugent, etc, etc they all want to be playing in the Prem don't they? Must be something else to make it look like they don't know what they're doing then...yep okay you've got me, I'm in!
  6. Johnny Russell

    Nope, but that's what some are guessing after Pearce, et al were given new deals.
  7. Derby fans last couple of seasons

    He's shown no sign of any real ability to get them to be 'hard to beat' or able to play exciting football or 'as a team' or anything bar bits and pieces. So give him another couple of transfer windows and even if he managed to get us winning do you think he knows how to put together a squad to play in the Prem? Other than by buying old Prem has beens that is. He wouldn't be the first or last manager not to be as good as some thought.
  8. Derby fans last couple of seasons

    Rowetts not much of one either, but at least I don't claim to be. That do you?
  9. Derby are so average

    Resume: because it wasn't Clough that did anything bar stabilise the club, Mac made the most of the resources Clough had put in place. Rowett might be having to do another Clough but he doesn't look up to taking it further, who will be the next Mac?
  10. Chinese Investors????

    I'll have a no52, a no 34 and a bag of prawn crackers to take away please.
  11. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    I think it's more likely to be a Beko fridge, keeping ffp in mind.
  12. Derby fans last couple of seasons

    Of course some 'fans' just want to be proved right, whether it's about GR being bad or GR being good, etc. But the majority of fans on here aren't like that. Nearly all Derby fans on here want to see Derby do well, and hopefully do well playing exciting football. It doesn't look like that at the minute.
  13. Derby fans last couple of seasons

    If only Rowett had picked a different 11 or been able to get them to play differently. Yep, that's football.
  14. Derby County V Birmingham City

    No I'm not backing down I was suggesting that Boro want a different type of player ie more attacking. As a winger Christie is average as a fullback he's also average. Still, lots of athleticism for which he scores above average.
  15. Is Rowett up to the job

    Did I miss seeing this quoted somewhere?

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