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  1. Not exactly the same sort of striker.
  2. RoyMac5

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Think it was in one of the interview vids, cramp.
  3. Yesterday was cramp. I think we've plenty with him, Fozzy and Bird (= a.n.other)
  4. C'mon then angieram don't tease post the tweet!
  5. For goodness sake how can he be in the team when he's either not here or injured? Logic not your strong suit?
  6. Joel? Joel? Is that you?! 😁
  7. RoyMac5

    Jack Marriott

    There were some and Nuge et al got nowhere near. What would have been the point of playing more?
  8. RoyMac5

    Matej Vydra

    My point was atm with only a couple of fit strikers it's chicken and egg. Do we know what the style might be if Vydra was fit?
  9. RoyMac5

    Frank Lampard Songs, Chants and Hot Pants

    "Are we not men? We are Derby. Are we not men? Lampard's Derby"
  10. RoyMac5

    Matej Vydra

    Cos that's his game.
  11. RoyMac5

    Tom Lawrence

    Or maybe it was that he just tried to be one of the lads.
  12. RoyMac5

    Plan B needed or not?

    Or maybe he's playing that way atm because that is the strength of our fit strikers? Not like previous managers making a square peg fit a round hole, he's made the hole round.
  13. RoyMac5

    Tom Lawrence

    Can't see Lawrence wanting to play for the Snake over playing for Frankie.
  14. RoyMac5

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Or with H&S if anything happened? Must know how many where 'sold' though surely.
  15. RoyMac5

    Plan B needed or not?

    Or pay £5 to watch the stream. 🙂 I was cheering and bouncing - but only the neighbours knew! 😄

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