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  1. It just depends how good they are and how crucial the games are that they play in! Promotion is the aim afterall.
  2. Won 1-0 and top their group. A good match, we had some good chances but only took one. Wish we could sign Kenny he already looks a fullback and a half!
  3. England U20s vs S Korea U20s live now on Eurosport 2. U20 WC match.
  4. By separately do you mean each individual station negotiates? Any idea what's happening with RD commo and what used to be Ramsplayer yet @OwenB87?
  5. Don't be too sure.
  6. I imagine the humongous wages he's on only make him an 'attractive' proposition on a free. Great we'll keep him to stop that happening. Or we could just go up top 2!
  7. I'm not 100% sure as I resorted to using a VPN but that only worked via the website, and that might have been R5. Too much alcohol had been consumed in sunshine for me to remember exactly. #oops
  8. It'll be the only goal he scores then. FFS he's ordinary, get a grip.
  9. Not sure that's still the case, I'm sure I got the 'not available' message when out in Cyprus this May.
  10. Fingers crossed!
  11. Der, well nothing's happened yet has it!
  12. He needs a break from being on the phone! It's interesting to hear his views on stuff. The Wilson bit was also interesting. So you could just not watch it.
  13. If they're good enough, yes.
  14. Because that's a crazy idea in relation to Martin & Zanzala too. How much discussion can be seriously had over whether we should play CM or Zanzala?
  15. Where it falls down is in reality - simple.