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  1. There will be a payments schedule but with administration there is a hierarchy of creditors who will be paid in a certain order. If there aren't enough assets to pay creditors or no one comes into the club to take it on, after a certain amount of time it will be wound up.
  2. This is the problem. We're so much in debt that only someone stupid will come in and save it. There aren't many assets to sell. The club don't own the ground. It's just a complete mess. It's no surprise that there are reports of it being 50/50 on getting liquidated.
  3. I always said there's bigger problems at the club than the manager. Rooney has been a breath of fresh air quite honestly. He is committed to the football club, he understands the supporters, he says what he thinks in interviews. I'm not sure I'd rather have anyone else at the moment.
  4. Mel eventually told him when Cocu said he should go elsewhere and play football.
  5. When is he going to explain why he chucked silly money at players like Ikechi Anya and Nick Blackman
  6. To be honest I think it's Mel they have a problem with, not Derby. When Mel is out of the club, the EFL will leave us alone.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday were crap anyway. Contrast that with Wigan who put in a valiant effort when they were deducted points. They lost just 1 in 15 games at the end of the season. They were so close, a win on the final day would have done it. We already know we're going to be deducted 12 and we weren't poo today. Just don't look at the table. It's 45 to survive.
  8. Call me deluded but I think if we can keep our players then we'll survive 12 points. I actually think we can do it. 21 points and yeah we'd need playoff form. Add in the psychological aspect and it just isn't going to happen realistically. But whatever happens, there's no point throwing the towel in. The season has just started. Anything is possible.
  9. We wouldn't need promotion form to stay up this season. Last season, for example, you could have finished 16th, then got docked 12 points and still survived.
  10. Why would we need promotion form? Last season we could have finished as low as 16th with a 12 points deduction and still survived.
  11. Need Blackpool to lose really to keep some teams down there
  12. I guess this is why we need to kill off teams
  13. That phrase is becoming all too familiar
  14. We need to be able to keep the players though. Hopefully new owners come in quickly and there won't be a firesale
  15. He literally just said it in an interview. It's disgusting. But I'm not surprised. Mel has checked out, he doesn't communicate anything.
  16. For the most part we've been a good football team under Mel Morris. We've had some great games and very memorable moments on the field. And it's slightly unlucky that we haven't reached the premier League in that time. We've been so close. But he's run the club into the ground whilst doing it. He's gambled the future of our club. That is simply unacceptable. Has to be a 1/10.
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