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  1. Hoilett used to be on heavy wages, not sure what he would be after now. Good player, agreed. But Anita? RB version of Titus Bramble so I'd definitely skip.
  2. I think the wolf looks bit scared of our ram whereas it is hostile in other pictures.
  3. Keyworth United Football Club?
  4. I'm with this Greek fellow. Nothing worse than a fair ref.
  5. That's Grant's job, not mine!
  6. Stockholm calling. There's some football to be played next week.
  7. Still poor keeper, whose inadequacy was well protected by Stoke's CB's. Good reactions though and lots of airiness in his shot stopping which always works well for fans. Wasn't he player of year for Burnley too? Similar keeper, Antti Niemi, used to be fan's player of the year where ever he went. Showy fellows both of them. Well behind Carson, we surely sold right one.
  8. Where are annual stories of Jordan Rhodes and McCormack? Will Hughes to Liverpool? Poor start for rumour mill so far, they should show more respect for traditions!
  9. Not always. Sunderland, for example, has been in PL so long that you'd expect most of their players be on so called PL wages. If you have seen them play, there's Defoe and Pickford who'll have pickers, but rest of them? Doubt it. I'm expecting them to be screwed if and when they don't go up.
  10. On my part, by far the biggest error of judgement has been Lee Croft, most capped English youth player ever. I surely expected more from him. He was simply unstoppable when I saw him playing for Norwich, just before we signed. I remembering thinking, "well done, Nigel, well done. Croft for free". FFS. Turned out to be one season wonder, shame it was the year he caught my eye.
  11. Change to black boots and that would be very nice indeed.
  12. Relatively lazy journalism to add Wolves and us to every single player who might change club this summer.
  13. My season is over. Haven't watched semi-finals and as Reading goes to final, won't bother watching that borefest either. Much more fascinating to be shocked by "no enquires yet!" kind of stuff.
  14. The Sun's reporter as a trustee...
  15. Mel likes Martin and at the same time he doesn't really look like a player Rowett is after...