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  1. Dimmu


    I don't get your question at all. For example, racism can be conscious or unconscious. Sometimes people disagree with their own unconscious mind and want it to change. The beauty of science, you'll always find the opposite view. I didn't check the reliability of the test I linked, but most of them are based on a very reliable and valid one which was created in Harvard after millions of test uses. Usually, you're pretty safe with these big universities publishes, they have too much to lose not to check everything properly.
  2. Dimmu


    Through those tests, the unconscious can become conscious. If not wanting to change, you can always choose not to. Then you'd only know a bit more of yourself and that's harmless.
  3. Dimmu


    Knowledge is the first step to change.
  4. Dimmu


    I challenge all of you to take for example this one (there are other good ones too): http://www.understandingprejudice.org/iat/ When it comes to gender and racial equality, most people know what their opinions are. But what about unconscious attitudes and associations? Would you be surprised to learn, for example, that you unconsciously favor one gender or racial group over another?
  5. Dimmu

    Ex Rams

    Time to cash out my "Reading to get relegated" - bet. Thanks for the money, Paul!
  6. Dimmu

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Jere Uronen, playing for Genk, is running out of contract next summer so should be available in January. Attacking left-back who's had quite a lot of injuries so fits perfectly! Problem is there could be interest from bigger clubs too.
  7. Dimmu

    Championship or Premier League?

    I don't really have a strong preference for this. I will watch all the Derby games possible no matter the league we'll be playing. At the same time, I'll follow Championship more than PL, just because I find it the most interesting and competitive league in the world. Firmly on the fence, happy with both options.
  8. Dimmu

    F.A. Youth Cup 3rd Round

    Funny that Blackpool keeper. Looked like he is afraid of the ball in both of our goals 🙈
  9. Depends what trophy we are talking about... We could also have trophy dropping to League One and having a go at EFL trophy. Surely notts forest won it when we were in Premier League? Would be surprised if not, European Champions and all. Or even easier, but a bit too obvious is beat them 17th of December. Our current team would be good enough to compete with both of them...
  10. Dimmu

    Harry Wilson

    Derby's Harry Wilson has topped the Championship Power Rankings this week. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/11571338/championship-power-rankings-derby-countys-harry-wilson-top
  11. Dimmu

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

    Without including goalies antics, that was technically very hard shot!
  12. Dimmu

    Ballon d’Or 2018 winner...

    Called it during the WC, happy to see national team captains understand a bit of football!
  13. Dimmu

    Ballon d’Or 2018 winner...

    FIFA bestows the award "according to on-field performance and overall behaviour on and off the pitch." Messi and Ronaldo shouldn't been nominated last few years at all.
  14. Dimmu

    Harry Wilson

    Offensive lineman Jc Bartok I assume. I can handle fake 9, struggling bit with fake 5 but I'm completely lost with an offensive lineman. Is that some aggressive assistant referee? If so, we could with one.

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