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  1. I'd gladly order a pint of "Legal Tender"
  2. Agreed. And Forsyth is good enough fourth choice as well.
  3. Sibley, if he has a chance to play under a managers who understands his ability and uses his strengths correctly.
  4. Live music tonight! So I'm listening to them: and them. Good Finnish pop never fails me:
  5. Doubled-edged sword really. If he is innocent, then it's horrible for him. If he is not, then it's good to get it public as it might bring out more victims who have been quiet before. Ethically thinking it really is a tough one.
  6. I love the idea of Queen! Imagine the crowd, which is not able to clap in the rhythm of Steve Bloomer's watching, emulate Freddie. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. ...We don't need no water, let the motherducker lift (lift, motherducker, lift)
  8. Well, Mel is a friend of 'Arry...
  9. 144 hours. Feels wrong to type such a number. Bring back my 48!
  10. Nah, internet is working in Nottingham for a while. I think he disappeared already.
  11. There's only one race. Human.
  12. It wouldn't be a bad tactic if it would suit to our strengths. Now it's just a schoolboy stuff... I'm a firm believer that tactics should be created to, first and foremost, suit the attackers available. In some first games to my surprise Rooney even managed to do this. Directly to CKR and let him do what he thinks is the best option. Now without CKR, it's up to Rooney and his team to earn his money. Blackburn with Armstrong and Norwich with Pukki have shown that those kind of players can play as a lone striker in this division. Stretton is obviously not on those levels yet, but we need to start playing like we mean to score from open play some day. We have players suited to play to his strenghts in Watson and Sibley. Lot's of through balls and even more direct running and at least we can challenge most of the teams in this league.
  13. Because their stupid strikers are marking our CB's, not the two at the back without the ball 😂
  14. Agreed, with one exception. I think Festy has the highest ceiling due his physical attributes. I hate the idea we'll sell him just because our manager doesn't see his potential or even worse, don't know how to use it.
  15. In psychology it's so called Rooney-effect. We need to get rid of our manager before he ruins more our fine young lads!
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