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  1. Those passing combos Evans-Bird-Holmes-Rooney-Bogle created ❤️ About as sexy as football can get.
  2. Funny how identical those stats are. Apart from the stats, Cocu's principles and tactics are an upgrade from Lampard.
  3. I assume Knight has about similar goals/minute ratio than Lawrence without being selfish and ruining every other attack.
  4. Looks like nightwear but uglier with the big logo.
  5. Yeah, but no one can replace Anya!
  6. Hopefully. Cocu has asked for professionalism and I'd hope Lawrence crossed his limits now. I wanted him gone very early and badly wanted him to be gone after Joiners. The latest accident is just something I'm glad about. Not ideal situation to be after the corona as no one will have money to buy him... Thanks Snakey.
  7. TBH that was risky move with his navigator.
  8. I'd add the complete change of midfield in the middle of the season as well. Pretty basic season so far. If we get promoted, then bit more colourful than usually.
  9. Leaving on good terms. That does sound like Cocu's style.
  10. Bloody hell. Hopefully Andre will overcome this without long lasting damage... I'm sure the knife is broken now, tough as nails our Wis.
  11. Dimmu

    Guess Who?

    It's relatively easy when you're pro with binoculars.
  12. Bogle crossing and Forsyth nodding it in at the backpost? Beatiful.
  13. Celtic's first choice this season has been Forster. Wonder if Saints would loan him again next season? His wages could be as gigantic as the man himself though.
  14. I'm pretty sure it did, just a negative one.
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