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  1. Along the money, this would also give Cocu the possibility to bring his own man in.
  2. Usually you'll need all three parties to agree cancellation. So both clubs and a player. It does look inevitable, as it's a lose-lose-lose situation at the moment.
  3. Ain't this funny game to watch!? Really enjoyable!
  4. Dimmu

    Luciano Acosta

    Wasn't he close to sign for PSG just while back? To replace Neymar after his injury?
  5. Or maybe, just maybe they are part of it? Now watch them deny...
  6. I highly recommend to use the ignore option.
  7. Dimmu


    Aye, I know a bit about it as English has been my main language for a while now... but it's still just my third best. I just hope he settles down well and adapts to the demands of the Championship quickly. Better ability to communicate doesn't harm at all.
  8. Lawrence should have been sent off. No question about it. Poor guy, looks so fragile at the moment.
  9. Nailed it. Sometimes the "individual" errors are actually structural ones.
  10. Dimmu


    Is it just me or has his English improved quite a bit already? Okay, he'll never be great talker but he seems to be more fluent nowadays.
  11. I think Forest deserved their win. Goal was just undeserved one... that's the championship for you. Deserved win with the undeserved goal.
  12. Google "How to legally disown children" and follow the instructions.
  13. Aye, he'll be a good back up for Martin and Bulldozer-Duane...
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