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  1. Yeah, ideally he would sign a new long-term contract but if that ain't an option, I'd rather sell him and get someone else in. Ruthless, but needs must.
  2. I do love a good meltdown, but can't see why this should be one. Good enough offer and off he goes, like any other player. Last week I saw Uronen moving from Belgium to France for a million and he he is way better player than Buchanan... So if we could get couple millions, I'm certain he could be replaced for less money. Heck, we might get replacement for free á la Neil Taylor.
  3. Sibley. It would mean Rooney's sacking first though.
  4. I assume @RadioactiveWaste would get our team playing radiant football. That'll do!
  5. Maybe the real reason why Lawrence is a captain is Rooney's fragile leadership. Weak captain is not gonna hijack the managerial post, like he personally did. Clever man, our Wayne. Learning from Cocu's mistake.
  6. In our situation, it really wouldn't make sense to register him before January. Therefore, let's all get back to Pick Your 5 threat!
  7. Same here. Stearman would be only one missing out (but only until we sell Knight).
  8. I think our other trialists are filling some obvious gaps in our team; no centrebacks, lack of strikers, lack of creative midfielder, but Allsop? Is Marshall leaving or is Allsop only keeping his fitness up with us? Can't see us having three GK's in our first team, not with our current financial state.
  9. This is another beatiful part of German football culture. When there's a need, they act.
  10. Why you straight, monogamous persons always have to dismiss other ways to live is beyond me! Don't be a afraid, swing and go for a Grimsby game! Oh wait Grismby, now I get it. Carry on with you dinosauristic views, it's best for you.
  11. There's a certain differencies between fan culture in England and Germany. You're right, it's more fun, carnivalesque and supportive in Germany whereas in England the hatred and tribalism is very much in a core of it. I have to say, I prefer the German one. Of course, beers at the terrace helps 😀 It's incredibly hard to get a ticket, never mind a season ticket. There's a lottery for both, season tickets and game-by-game-tickets, for the club members and so far my best bet has been my former professor, who usually goes with his son. If his son doesn't get to the game, I'll take his place. Unfortunately, Hertha is just a boring team with a good values in a boring, and half-full poshy stadium. It's good for a tourists though, tickets are always available and support is decent.
  12. Couple of additions and we have a team that McCarthy or Warnock would get to the playoffs or near them. So, on the pitch a hard-working team playing sensual football and a position being close to the play-offs and I'd be satisfied. Off the pitch, I'd like us to stop fighting in courts, have someone not-so-clickworthy wannabe-manager, and get a new sensible owners. This is not gonna be easy season, and I think I have to induce my erotically pleasureable sensations somewhere outside Dcfc.
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