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  1. It's all about width, they say. We really don't have proper swingers, some people here are crying after Tom ducking Lawrence.
  2. Seriously, what else could we expect with that lineup? Rooney has made CKR focal point of our every attacking move and rightfully so. Take him away and yesterday we saw what is left. Gregory works hard, but lone striker he ain't. I don't think manager could surrender more before the game than yesterday. I don't blame him though, bigger picture is always more important than one game.
  3. Phhhheeeewww... Luckily Wilson didn't play, so they were lacking their best attacking outlet. Dodged a bad result there, thanks Mick! I missed the game and now it feels like I missed something special. But to be honest, I'm not sure do I even want to see us play without CKR...
  4. Lack of command of the area is his weakness for sure, but catching per se ain't when you play against someone like Moore. Actuallly, punching is way safer approach. Marshall is not exactly great at commanding the area either so I don't really mind who plays in this one..But if I was a keeper who has conceded 1 goal in the latest 300 minutes or so, I'd be disappointed not to play.
  5. My bad. Seems like McCarthy changed his position. Maybe a debut for Bainingime? He should be good fit for man marking?
  6. Roos Byrne Edmundson Clarke Buchanan Roberts Bird Shinnie Knight Gregory CKR Keep it simple, attack from the our right and defend their right. I'm not a biggest fan of playing Knight on the wing, but I think he needs to be sacrificed against them. On their right there's certain Harry Wilson who already has 9 assists to his name and we need to keep him quiet. For a comparison, our best has 2. Roos has played 3,5 games now, conceding just one goal. Therefore, it would be fair to give him a go now. Actually, his punching habit mig
  7. Yeah, I agree with Wayne. Lately we've had special takeover, special Joinersgate, special relationship with EFL etc etc.
  8. Damn. I'm gonna feel so cheated if he doesn't turn out to be the next Messi/Kane/Kamara/Gullit/Ronaldo.
  9. For a neutral, Brentford is definitely a team to watch, along with Norwich. IMO the biggest reason they have not yet promoted is the manager. Obviously it's not the only factor but I think it's the biggest one. Having excellent manager is definitely the reason why Barnsley are up there.
  10. I can understand Barnsley, Reading maybe but why would you name Brentford among them? Their worst position since promotion to Championship has been 11th and last season they got 81 points. They also have second best striker in the league and play good football. I think their promotion push is well deserved.
  11. I think he said that he prefers left, but can play on both wings. Maybe the reason he plays better on the right has more to do with Byrne's ability to support the attacks? Buchanan is developing nicely, but attacking-wise he is nothing special yet.
  12. It certainly is not Mac's football. Not even closely as easy on eye, but I guess it brings about as many points though? (not factchecked, just assumption)
  13. Lots of good thinking, but you didn't answer my question. Do you think our survival is in our own hands? You didn't not that many rounds ago. And please, do enjoy good results. I wish you'd do it more often.
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