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  1. Blackburn signing Holtby for free. They have so many good midfielders that I don't know how they are gonna line up anymore.
  2. I think we will see lot's of Martin this season and for a good reason. If we stick with the current tactics, IMO he is our best option as sole striker. I don't doubt this at all, he just needs a chance (and fitness) to prove it. On paper Waggy, Marriott and Martin looks like great trio and full of options but when you think how strict our tactics are going forward, it ain't that good. Marriott definitely need partner and so does Waggy. Latters first touch, unfortunately, lets him down.
  3. Good one, just mistimed. Try again after Rooney has joined.
  4. Hate it when we drop points against the teams at the bottom.
  5. Love the tap-ins from the fullbacks. Total voetball.
  6. Have to say I feel for their fans. Gibson's personal vendetta (I'd love to know what the real motives are) against DCFC/Mel is getting so ridiculous it's making their whole club bit of a laughing stock. Gibosn vs EFL is bit like Leeds vs notts forest. I want both of them to lose.
  7. Dimmu

    Ex Rams

    Younger just adds Cristiano to his name and problem is solved.
  8. Give them ride back to Nottingham or Leeds or wherever they came from.
  9. I'm hardly his biggest fan but he has scored my favourite ever goal! It's a squad game and you'll know what you get when he plays. I could imagine him being easy to manage as well.
  10. Pretty much perfect lineup. Let's see do the youngsters swim.
  11. Hard to say yet. Of course, depending who is available, will have a huge effect what will happen (case Rooney). But even more important is going to be how the current crop of players adjusts what our manager wants from them. Even more so, do the younger ones show development and if they do, is it enough? I'm also not expecting much from this January, but come next summer and the latter question should be answered already.
  12. Paterson's hattrick would be nice. And in the post-match interview with Colin he would confess how much he hates Forest.
  13. True that. But on the pitch thou...
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