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  1. He can improve his heading quite a bit as well but he certainly has more strengths than weaknesses.
  2. It was but fair play he corrected it.
  3. One of the best performances of the season and we manage to have 19 pages?! I enjoyed the game, two good footballing teams going for it. Clarke excellent, Bird and Rooney as well. Shinnie did a a good job to keep Cairney quiet. Waggy runs his socks off, Lawrence's best game of the season....Davies was struggling, but he was pretty much the only one. Nice to see this team developing, last couple months have been mostly joy to watch. Special mention to the ref. Yes, he gave away unnecessary freekick on Shinnie's clean tackle but overall he did very well. That is so rare occasion that deserves to be highlighted. Good ref is the single most important building block to enjoyable football match, hope we would get such one more often.
  4. I'm looking forward to matches in Europe League. Gotta love the cup, such a nice shortcut to Euro games.
  5. Dimmu

    Perry Ng

    Birmingham also interested.
  6. For me, Fulham is division's best team on paper. I've watched quite few of their games so far and they've never convinced me. With that trio upfront, they simply should be unstoppable in this division. I think their tactics are too careful and that gives us a change to go at them and get the three points. Mitrovic vs Clarke should be entertaining wrestle match and is good indicator where Clarke is in his development. I think he will come out of that pair as a winner, Mitrovic playing style and attributes should fit to Clarke's. Another interesting point is who replaces Holmes. I'm afraid it's Shinnie, I'd be happy with Knight but personally I'd go with Sibley. Time to step up and I see him as Holmes back up anyway as they have similar ball carrying ability. Cocu certainly has balls to do whatever he likes so we have to wait and see.
  7. I don't understand this thread. Lot of you sound like BBG has been our stadium for ages. We all know that move to Pride Park was 1997 so how the hell did you manage to experience all that in 5 years? And don't even start that there was football before 1992. I'm not listening such lies.
  8. He is slowly improving but I'd be still happy if we sell because what he did after the bonding session. After his career he'll go to dictionary as a synonym for a confidence player. He was simply horrible before the goal and unstoppable after it.
  9. Maybe it'll open door for Knight/Sibley to step in. Hopefully they play a lot before end of the season, there's lots of mistakes to do and learn from before they are ready for a full season.
  10. Everyone is talking about how we were poor but I'd rather say that they made us look poor. Lot's of pressure to our shaky back four and cutting the passes to Bird and Rooney. We couldn't find an answer to that and in the end we can be happy with the point. Hats off when it's due.
  11. Pace and height. Unfortunately physical players who are able to play a bit as well tend to be quite expensive.
  12. Hopefully he is fit to play in the next game. We looked inept going forward without him.
  13. Fouls 2-5. Yellows 2-0. At least we lead on the cards.
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