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  1. Dimmu

    Curtis Davies

    That's what I was thinking. Except you forgot Forsyth.
  2. Dimmu

    Scott Carson

    The exact reason why they are looking for Carson when Butland leaves.
  3. Dimmu

    Blaming Rowett

    Will Hughes!!! That's what I blame him for. Can we have him back now? I mean, it must've been a loan? The amount we got paid was barely enough for a loan, nevermind a transfer. I'm grateful for Stoke though.
  4. What about Thomas Christiansen? Would be free at the moment. Overall win percent about 55 and have shown his team is able to perform badly after Christmas?
  5. Sunderland's new owner will have to look further afield for a new manager with outstanding candidate Chris Wilder reportedly set to commit his future to Sheffield United.
  6. Dimmu

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    That would be something. Instead of getting compensation out of it, we should fire him and pay him... And watch how he signs for Stoke week later. It's a Derby way.
  7. Time for my annual Simo Valakari post then... Doing well with Trömso, against the odds.
  8. Dimmu

    Feel sorry for Mel.

    I'm struggling to feel for him. Lack of vision (or changing it needlessly at some point) has led to unnecessary chopping and changing of managers. That's the biggest reason why we have the unbalanced and bloated squad at the moment. He got it wrong with Rowett and felt to his silver-tongued sales speeches like so many other fans. With Rush, it's different and harder to judge as we don't know what has happened.
  9. Dimmu

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    There are similarities but one thing is different. We have a squad good enough to compete for top 6. When Clough arrived, the situation was worse.
  10. Dimmu

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    That's some legacy he is leaving.
  11. Linked to that, it annoys me greatly when people quote someone who's on my ignore list.
  12. Dimmu

    Nick Blackman return?

    For Rowett, Lawrence seems to hold an automatic spot no matter how badly he plays. So the question is, could Blackman offer more than Weimann? I think he could.
  13. Dimmu

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Statistically, it is perfectly fine. National surveys usually have n = 1000-2000 depending on the size of the country. So way, way less than 1%. But like @LB_DCFC rightfully pointed out, some people are happy to have him in charge even though they think his football is boring. And that's much more interesting question anyway, we should drop the quantitative approach and find out why!
  14. Dimmu

    Congratulations Omar

    Congrats to Luke Hradedcky. Was voted as the best goalkeeper in Bundesliga and will soon choose his next club (most likely Leverkusen or Dortmund). I remember suggesting him when he was still playing in Denmark, nice to see him doing well. Good lad.
  15. Dimmu

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Half a dozen? In the thread "Is Rowett's style boring?" there's n = 241, with 64.32% saying yes. No matter do you agree with it or not, it's statistically a significant reflection of fans thoughts.

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