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  1. Dimmu

    Gareth Bale

    Zidane 'a disgrace' for Bale comments - agent https://www.espn.com/soccer/soccer-transfers/story/3903943/zidane-a-disgrace-for-bale-comments-agent
  2. Best thing about these pre-season games is Cocu's attitude. That's an attacking line up and he is testing players on different roles than we are used to. Interesting to see what kind of team we have against Huddersfield.
  3. Okay, I feel for Burnley and his kid? Better?
  4. Better spoken English might be the reason. I'd expect to see him quite a bit this season for that reason only.
  5. No worries at all. Like mentioned, new manager can make the change instantly during the season, why wouldn't he be able to do it training camp and 3 weeks? We are not in trouble at all., we are just having a little bit less time than most. For example, Sheffield Wednesday are still searching for a manager.
  6. True. It's called familiarity bias. Add a bit of halo effect, optimism bias and wishful thinking to the mix and you have fan who shouldn't be betting.
  7. Has any Derby midfielder/winger scored 18 goals in a season before him? 18 is quite a lot for a striker, never mind anynone else. So yeah, hopefully we'll sign someone who tracks back better.
  8. Dimmu

    Max Lowe

    Also linked with Genk's Uronen.
  9. As we need CB, I'd go with Arajuuri from Brondby, they are trying to cash him in. Easily my favorite player in Finnish national team. Last season the other Finn from Brondby didn't do that badly at all with Norwich... How he is as a player? Think of bigger, meaner and quicker versio of Jake Buxton.
  10. Whoever decided football should be played with the ball instead of head.
  11. Dimmu

    Scott Carson

    So would I. Could be announced in 48 hours.
  12. I'd swap 443 to 434 to really emphasise attack. 😜
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