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  1. Damn, bimmerman, I know I'm a romantic fool but you take it to another level. Which player made you fall in love with dcfc? Broken floodlights and smack to the face. Jeez, I salute you.
  2. I'm easily pleased. Passionate, attacking football with the ability to defend set plays. Last one pisses me of big time.
  3. He would suit to 442, which we might continue with if Rooney stays. Problem is that I don't think Rooney appreciates him that much... And if we get another manager I don't think we would go with 442 and in other tactics he is useless. So, whatever happens, I think he'll be gone. Most likely on loan somewhere and we have to pay big percentage of his salary. I'd like to know whose idea was to extend his contract...
  4. Fully agreed. Needs to settle down, gain some confidence and he could be a cracking player in this league. If he would be free, I'd try to sign him.
  5. 1 out of 21. Mostly agreed, we underperformed badly, although I think fully fit CKR would've been enough. Shame Gregory had the injury and we couldn't rest our star striker at all.
  6. Derby County - Sheffield Wednesday (2021) stars Martyn Waghorn, Matt Clarke and Marlon Pack. Thriller/horror. Relatively boring for the first 40 minutes, but rest of the about 60 minutes has more twists and turns your can take. Only recommended if you have a healthy heart. The ending is marvellous as well!
  7. Yeah, said the same in match thread. Not their fault, so kind of have to feel for them.
  8. That's just like me before the game, but I'm just bit cuter 👀
  9. Commiserations to Big Dave and Sheff Wed. Without -6 points they would've been safe. I hope they get promoted back asap as the fans or players really didn't deserve this, their management did.
  10. there's a tiny problem with this one...
  11. Always been good all-around striker with a partner. Play him up there alone or right wing and you get something else. Great to see some emotions in the interview as well, he certainly is likeable lad.
  12. Waghorn two goals and assist, created the penalty as well. All this after been destroyed by their Crouch-like defender. Hats off.
  13. Alright lads, lassies and non-binary people. Never in doubt, was it? 😐 Send your feelings and emotions with gif, pics are fine too.
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