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  1. Unbelievable. If we can’t compete with tinpot clubs like As Roma we might as well give up the whole season. We are doomed, Warne and Clowes out etc.
  2. I don't have much to help you with the catch-up, but I just wanted to say that it's great to have you back Saint! The matchday threads have not been the same without you.
  3. Threads are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.
  4. Do you remember your first partner, who you were too good to? Yeah, me neither. But that kind of thinking might be needed in the future. Those who say he is exactly what we need are partly correct. We needed him as Bird's, Smith's, Hourihane's, and Thompson's limitations had to be covered. Another one or two Osborn-like all-round midfielders and the need has disappeared, at least on the pitch if not yet in the minds of the fans.
  5. Regarding the first interviews, this one has to be up with the best ones. There is so much Integrity and level-headedness that it shines through. I love it, welcome back Ben! That's something that Warne has brought with him. Signing good lads gets you at least more enjoyable interviews 🙂
  6. Maybe his contract is up next summer?
  7. The way he wears his socks makes it a strong no from me. Horrendous.
  8. You're just milking for a pun fest.
  9. 10k sanctions for all the clubs involved. Except Derby County, whose promotion is going to cancelled and will start next season with -21 points. That should teach them…
  10. I heard a crazy rumour today! According the murmurs from the MLS, we would be after Teemu Pukki. There’s a huge list of factors against such move 😆
  11. I hope you had a good excuse to retire at such a tender age!
  12. Aston Villa's Sinisalo was a player of the season, player's player of the season, and fan's player of the season for Exeter and should be available on loan again. I just heard that in total 17 teams are after him and he won't be going to League One again. He would be a good season-long stop-gap solution if we don't have the new number one sorted.
  13. Dimmu

    Ateef Konate

    Why wouldn't you? You should dismiss everything that you are not familiar with! It's fun, give it a go! It's also ingrained in internet user behavior etiquette, so you definitely should. Ps. Follow me for more informative, optimistic, and inspirational posts! ♥️
  14. Hi Sam, I think your season was disappointing and we are not interested in signing you. Thank you for being so interested.
  15. In a different role, I think he still has a lot to offer. A attacking role in a midfield trio without such demands on pressing/defending that he had in Warne's team, and he should be still flourishing. Good luck for the lad.
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