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  1. With the name like that, it's a yes from me!
  2. Bremen, Augsburg, Schalke? Really? I think you should stop digging when you're in a hole already. It's fine not to trust our souting, but I don't think that gives you a permission to belittle German football. In one of those teams you mentioned there's a Portuguese international striker and we can only dream of such a player.
  3. Good post. The bolded one is tricky situation though. As a target man, he is only reaching his best years as most of them prosper over 30. That also means there is no resale value as you stated. You win some, you lose some I guess. I'm personally happy, because earlier in the summer I highlighted our lack of players in optimal age. We have mostly old players or academy youngsters, so there is certainly room in our age structure for those between 26-30.
  4. Little insights from the teams you picked: Mainz have former France U-21 player Mateta, who is very similar. 192 cm. Köln just bought Andersson, Union's best player last season. 190 cm, 6 millions. Union Berlin are changing the way they play, both of their new strikers are between 180-183 cm's. It certainly makes sense as last season their only attacking threat was Andersson. Even if you are not familiar what happens with "regular strugglers", it doesn't mean they are not trying to shape things towards better future.
  5. As long as the new manager is horses for courses.
  6. Cybulski https://www.dcfc.co.uk/teams/player/bartosz-cybulski
  7. I've seen him play so I can't comment, right? Weird thing is, I actually remember him. He did everything else very well except his shooting was horrible. Not sammon-level non-existent, but still amazingly poor. This is based on one game and one game alone.
  8. Norwich and Watford next two. We might and likely will have zero points after five games. 🤯
  9. I think he lost it when he demanded professionalism after Joiner's gate. There's a limit what you can ask for.
  10. Personally, I've had both. Hamstring was the second one as they couldn't take it from next to knee again. Hamstring took ages to heal, longer than the knee itself.
  11. Unfortunately, I can rule this one out. Bones gets stronger when they snapbit ligaments become weaker. This quote is straight from one research: Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) surgery is a common knee injury procedure, but the overall incidence rate of having to go through it again within 24 months is six times greater than someone who has never had an ACL tear, according to researchers. I've done ACL three times as well and I've had some problems in my knee ever since. Ligament injuries are much, much worse than 13 broken bones what I've experienced due football.
  12. Poor mind games there from Neil, proper keyboard level trolling. I don't know what his agenda is and to whom this message really is, but "we are poor little Preston and still managed to win mighty Derby" is quite a cliche. If he wants to use media to reach his goals, he should study Mourinho and learn. With these kind of interviews he'll only rattle couple our fans and that ain't helping him as a manager lot.
  13. Who has hacked @SaintRam's account?!?
  14. No beard, short hair and no visible tattoos. So he's barely a footballer. Avoid. Ps. Never seen him play or at least I can't recall seeing him.
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