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  1. During his heyday here I was sure Brayford would end up playing regular Premier League football. Davies too, to some extent.
  2. Commons is a good one - didn't realise he spent two full seasons in League One before we picked him up.
  3. So-called 'lower league gems'. Who was the last really good player we signed from a domestic league below us? Holmes (didn't work out)? Keogh (but weren't Coventry relegated that season, so technically not from a league below)? Byrne was is a somewhat similar situation. These gems do exist but they seem few and far between and seem to miss the better ones. Is that fair?
  4. Thought he was brilliant today. Took up great positions, made theatening runs, took people on, fast direct passing. Did a real shift in defence, too, and saved us a goal. And while others jogged about and scowled at each other and looked like they thought they were too good to have to try, and hard-done-by by the universe, he played like a pro. You can say 'yeah he does all that but no end product'. But come on: if the likes of Lawrence and Waghorn (and even CKR) did their main jobs as well as he did his, we'd have won today. You can't blame him for not doing _everything_ when some others
  5. Agree with this but feel the key point is the last one: lose and we definitely go down. I can't see us winning. I can very well see us losing. These players just don't seem to have either the quality or the desire.
  6. It's pathetic. Soft goals from simple crosses, Lawrence not bothering to mark, and now we have lost all shape and composure and can't get near the ball. If we go down we absolutely deserve it.
  7. Decent (if horribly nerve wracking). Joz looks a class apart, he'd look even better in a better team. Top attitude too. Lawrence completely anonymous. Waghorn and Forsyth look like weak links as they have all season. Like Clarke/Edmundson at the back, feels more solid and they can both play out, too. Hopefully this isn't one of those games where we look good, then give away a soft goal from some stupid mistake and can't find a way back.
  8. How many stupid pressure-relieving fouls have we already given away in their half? Drives me mad
  9. We need some sort of reset but it's difficult to see how relegation would help. Our already terrible finances would look worse, and our few better players would leave on the cheap - including the much-vaunted academy group who were supposed to be the 'point' of our long-term strategy. Who would be left? How would we pay for a rebuild? How long would that take? It all looks pretty grim right now but it would be better if we could somehow escape. It's going to be a long climb back and L1 would make it that much longer.
  10. It isn't just Rooney (Cocu had plenty of coaching badges) or Rosenior or any specific player though is it? The whole thing just isn't right, and hasn't been for a while. It's like the entire direction we've been going in terms of recruitment and playing style and everything is just... wrong. That isn't going to be easy for anyone to put right.
  11. Problem is you don't have to be a good team to beat us. You just have to defend reasonably well, and wait. We make mistakes, we make bad decisions at key times. We think we are better than we are, and it costs us.
  12. It's just so, so frustrating. Other sides just have to wait until we inevitably make some sloppy pass, or stupid mistake, in a dangerous area. So many of our 'goals against' are to some degree self inflicted.
  13. Derby County fans in March: it's completely unfair that Sibley only gets 15 minutes as a substitute, he's amazing Derby County fans in April: can't believe they've left Sibley on for 15 minutes, he's awful
  14. I really like this line-up. Lot of attacking flair. There, it's jinxed.
  15. Worrying thing is that while we keep saying 'We played well, we deserved a point' other teams around us seem better at actually winning points.
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