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  1. Wolfie20

    Jacob Butterfield - my insane prediction

    Couldn't agree more. I've said it before but he gave the best midfield performance I've seen at PP by a visiting player when he was with Barnsley and he was only 20/21. Just as with Will Hughes, successive managers have played him far too deeply and his confidence has steadily ebbed away to the point where performances have been ridiculed by many. I'd be surprised if the Wendies will want to sign him on a permanent basis so unless another club comes in for him he'll be back with us come pre-season. Whoever is appointed, it will be interesting to see whether he can recapture some decent form. He's still only 27 but maybe he might be one of those players who, for whatever reason, falls away when he should be approaching his prime.
  2. Wolfie20

    Ongoing Stuff

    Sounds like visitors from outside the area then?
  3. Wolfie20

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Not If the "HE" refers to MM
  4. Wolfie20

    If it’s Frank

    Plus his missus isn't a pouting, sour-faced attention seeker
  5. Wolfie20

    World Cup Predictor - friendly forum challenge

    Has the password changed from "Rowett"?
  6. Wolfie20

    Backroom Staff Departures

    Not sure that would be our wisest move - a new manager will probably want to bring in at least 2 or 3 of his own staff. If those still at Derby holding those roles don't move out voluntarily then MM will have to use some of the £1.8m compensation he received for releasing Rowett to pay them off. Best let them go.
  7. Appointing Wassall will totally deflate fans and show that expectations for next season will be no more than holding a middle-of-the-table position with no real hopes of even the playoffs. I hope it doesn't happen and don't think it will.
  8. Wolfie20

    Luke Thomas

    He has his faults no doubt but the stick MM (and therefore the Club) have received for this tittle tattle has been ridiculous. It does amaze me just how naive some football fans can be.
  9. Wolfie20


    Then Phil Brown arrived and soon put a stop to that nonsense!
  10. Wolfie20

    John Terry being John Terry

    With that clause in his contract it would be interesting if Villa were playing Chelsea in the final game of the season, with Villa needing a win to avoid relegation and Chelsea going for the title. Player power gone mad!!!
  11. Wolfie20

    Curtis Davies

    £40k a week? I very much doubt it!
  12. But he decided he wanted to go and live in the 'big house' at the top of the hill, only to find when he got there it needed a lot of renovating and he wasn't equipped to do the work.
  13. Absolute lunacy if we went for Lampard. Trading on his reputation as a player with no managerial experience - drop down the league a couple of divisions and get your experience there. If it works then he won't be short of offers from top Championship and middling PL club's- fail and it wouldn't have been at our expense.
  14. Or not to us if that's the reason Ipswich couldn't agree terms

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