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  1. They've been underdogs all season so don't see them fading away.
  2. Wolfie20

    Darren Moore

    Not a good start for Big Dave - Wendies one down
  3. Very disappointed in Rooneys' team selection - shows a complete lack of respect for the DCFCFans prediction thread
  4. Wolfie20

    Darren Moore

    To fans, football is a passion. To the vast majority of professional players it's a job, no more no less.
  5. Wolfie20

    Darren Moore

    Wishing he hadn't gone there. I might now begin to not want the Wendies to go down and i dont want that to happen 😔
  6. So on that basis, not just Derby but every other club in the Championship as well.
  7. Luton pull one back against the Wendies and Coventry now level
  8. Rotherham a goal down as are Huddersfield
  9. What a classy interview from our manager. He oozes confidence - in his own ability and understanding of the game and I'm sure it's a quality he's trying to impart into the squad, particularly the younger players.
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