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  1. Manager of the Liverpool U18 team who have just got through to the final of the F.A. Youth Cup final
  2. Thought Shefki Kuqi was a complete waste of a loan but for the dozen matches he played for us he was a perfect fit for the system we were playing at the time. Paul Dickov was a lot better than I thought he was.
  3. Having taken Tranmere to the League 2 playoffs, manager Keith Hill is rewarded with.........the sack. Hope they get beaten by Morecambe.
  4. Everyone's most hated team? Are you really being serious? Most fans of most clubs don't care a fig about us one way or another.
  5. Nah - still a lingering smell about the whole business
  6. Scores for A.C. Milan v Juventus. Really hope Juve miss out on a Champions League place
  7. My understanding is that the EFL has already stated their appeal is in relation to the second charge i.e. the format in which the accounts were submitted. If they decided to re-visit the issue 're the sale of PP and challenged the actual valuation they would be questioning the competency of a heavyweight company with plenty of financial clout to bounce them into then out of court. As stupid and myopic as the EFL are, I doubt even they would consider going down this route - we've already witnessed the furore their last legal bill caused amongst the majority of the member clubs of the Football L
  8. It's about time the young players were cut some slack - Buchanan, Bird and Knight are still only 20 and Sibley 19. You mention Hendrick and Hughes - we knew Will was a special talent, at least at Championship level - but they were 24 and 22 before getting their 'big' moves - who knows what level our youngsters will be at in 4 years time. They have just had to endure a fight against relegation which would have tested the most seasoned professionals let alone those with very little experience - what a horrendous season in which to try and be fully integrated into the Clubs'senior squad.
  9. Your "now let's just enjoy the Great Escape" didn't last long then?
  10. Spot on but you just knew the likely suspects. We're so fortunate to be still in the Championship, need changes throughout the Club if we are to move forward from this massive warning but all that can hopefully be sorted - for pity's sake, just enjoy the fact we've dodged one.
  11. If that's the case hopefully all households downstream run their taps for at least 20 minutes and make sure all water is boiled then cooled before drinking.
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