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  1. Thought it was Colin Gibson with extra padding to keep warm
  2. Just ignore the guy's posts - self-obsessed WUM
  3. Wolfie20

    Ex Rams

    Harry Wilson puts Bournemouth 1 up
  4. So easy to be wise after the event isn't it. In the 3 seasons before joining us Marriott played over 120 games so there was nothing to suggest he was about to have the run of injuries he has had.
  5. Birds pooing in your car is a no-no. You need to find yourself a better class of young lady!
  6. Hasn't he been playing on Florests' right - against their left-back?
  7. Think Luton have wheeled out one of those cardboard cut-outs and stuck him in goal.....and we think we've got problems with Roos and Hamer.
  8. Top refs are 1) Bobby Madley 2) Stuart Attwell All the rest are garbage
  9. If that's the case then it's farcical. Borderline decisions where the linesman is 5 yards away but the ref is 40 must rest with the lino but these days it's as though, for every decision, they look at the ref to make sure they are in agreement. They're not frightened of the referee - it's the assessor sitting in the stand.
  10. Which players were hiding yesterday? Yes we lack quality in attack but I'm sure Cocu is fully aware of our shortcomings in that area and will address them, if not in this window then in the Summer.
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