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  1. Amazing goalkeeping by Mendy for Chelsea.
  2. 60??? This forum doesn't like a fibber.
  3. ....and yet barely half of that 40k can't find enough reason to turn up when the Club desperately needs their support more than ever before. I wouldn't be surprised if more than 10k of those at Wembley haven't stepped foot in Pride Park since so in my opinion they don't count.
  4. Maybe he should have just done the recruitment and not the managing?
  5. Swansea are probably the most possession-based team in the Championship but that alone doesn't automatically equate to goals and winning matches. However it does mean that they make the opposition do a lot of chasing and closing down. In their previous match, they had +60% possession but were beaten because in Mitrovic Fulham had a quality striker who put the chances away - something we are seriously lacking. First half in particular we struggled to get near them. Our poorest player was Morrison but without the ball he was always going to be our biggest liability from a defensive point of view but to say that there was a lack of effort is absolutely ridiculous - if anything, I would suggest the opposite.
  6. He's a PL ref and in my opinion one of the best around - totally the opposite of his brother.
  7. It's a shop which sells shelves
  8. Rams 1-2 Swansea Rams scorer Knight
  9. Don't care two hoots what other clubs' fans think, all my attention, particularly now, is focussed on Derby County.
  10. The linos were just as bad, particularly the dolt running the East Stand line. Three times in the first half it was as though he'd dozed off, suddenly remembered his role by which time he was at least 5 yards behind play. Yet 3 times he gave the decision to Reading.
  11. Make it £70 minimum then us gas-guzzler owners are taken care of - problem solved 👍
  12. For me it's not an issue as to whether the commentator is male or female. They need to be (a) knowledgeable and able to deliver that knowledge to the viewer and (b) introduce appropriate levels of excitement into their commentary without thinking that this is achieved solely by shouting. The worst for this is the numptie covering the Scottish PL matches for Sky who seems to work on the basis the more exciting the incident, the louder he needs to shout. He's an absolute embarassment.
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