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  1. Exceptional player though he has been, Ibrahimovic is 100% ego so not a cat in hells chance he'd go to somewhere like Leeds. Playing in front of totally deluded Tyke thickos will be so far away from what he's been used to - more likely to go back to Italy.
  2. So more a comic than a newspaper then? Generally, the print media used to be respected but that's all gone down the pan in the last 30 years - no longer is it just the Mirror, Star and Sun who churn out garbage - they're all at it.
  3. I'm happy with Cocu so far apart from one major issue - he desparately needs to find a decent barber. That has to be his priority for the 2nd half of the season.
  4. Break??? Thought it was just a strain
  5. Unless Southgate sorts out the defensive side of his team then I don't see England winning at next Summers' final. They desperately need a 'Kante' type player to protect an occasionally fragile back four and I don't see anyone around who fits the bill.
  6. At which point do they no longer become 'annual' accounts?
  7. Right load of moaners on here. It's like sitting in the East Stand on match day!
  8. I feel the issue with Dowell is that he's lacking in confidence - any ball to him when he's inside his own half and his first movement, more often than not, is to turn towards his own goal. A number of times this has led to him losing possession in a dangerous part of the pitch. There's a good player in there - much better than many fans seem to think.
  9. Nah - David Villa is retiring otherwise he'd want to come here to
  10. Thought it was another offering from @froggg 😁
  11. Is that a puddle near the centre circle?
  12. Sadly too many posters are using the opportunity to do just that. Not at all funny, just bad taste.
  13. Plastic sheeting will do - the spuds were dug up about a month ago
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