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  1. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Owners of small dogs who tie little bows in their poochs' hair. They're bloody dogs for heaven sake!
  2. Jackson Irvine

    I blame FIFA and bloody Football Manager
  3. Tom Lawrence

    Sadly what Watford paid for him 😥
  4. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    What's up with you? Olsson may not be the best fullback in the Championship but he's a long way from being the worst and to refer to him as 'dogshite' is plain daft!
  5. Is there stigma about hearing loss?

    I think part of the issue regarding poor hearing is the frustration surrounding it - the sufferer almost being embarrassed to ask for what has been said to be repeated (often more than once) and the other person having to say the same thing (again). It needs a much greater level of understanding and patience.
  6. Sheyi Ojo

    Ojos' goal return in his 30-odd senior appearances suggest he's not likely to be a goal scorer - more like Ibe rather than Ince but I'm not convinced we necessarily need to replace Inces' goals contribution. If we sign a wide player who can create through pace and an ability to find a team mate with a final pass, then goals can come from the likes of Martin, Nugent and Vydra together with attacking midfielders.
  7. Tom Lawrence

    Well if he's been a sensation our chances of getting him would have plummeted
  8. Glenn Whelan - signed for Villa

    The sooner he signs for Villa the happier I'll be.
  9. Sheyi Ojo

    Depends how 'recent' is recent. Brad Jones? Worst keeper I've seen playing for us in decades.
  10. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Keogh - always got a goal in him
  11. Jon Toral

    Seems like the difference between most fans' view and yours is that they see their club appointing Rowett as their manager and are prepared to support that decision until that decision proves to be the wrong one whereas you withhold your support until the decision proves to be the correct one (and then jump on the bandwagon). I have no idea whether Rowett will be a success or not but until the point is reached when I can decide the answer to that question, I prefer to look on the optimistic side rather than the pessimistic.
  12. Jon Toral

    To call posters who are prepared to give support to the manager 'the blind faith brigade' is ludicrous. As Derby County fans he should be entitled to expect to have their backing until and unless his decisions begin to have a detrimental effect on the team performance and subsequently his relationship with the board. I'm sure the vast majority of fans willingly give him their support at the start of the new season - that's how it should be.
  13. Summer Transfers 2017

    He's flying back this afternoon apparently. Hull may as well bring the rest of them back - surely they must be struggling to muster enough players for a 5-a-side game?
  14. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Harry's trying to beat the number of new players that Steve Bruce brought in last season. Smacks of his time at Pompey.
  15. England cricket 2017

    From Yorkshire - like the skipper?

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