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  1. Wolfie20

    Ashley Cole

  2. Wolfie20

    Ashley Cole

    When this thread started we had a back-up option in Max Lowe and now we don't, other than Wisdom who is not a natural LB so hardly surprising some have changed their stance. Being in a minority can be fun so keep posting
  3. Strange game by Huddlestone. The one player you expect to remain calm in most situations yet I lost count of the number of times he seemed to panic when put into possession.
  4. Wolfie20

    Ashley Cole

    ....and how long will it take Olsson to get match fit? Probably longer than it would for Cole.
  5. Wolfie20

    Ashley Cole

    Shame we haven't got an U43s team
  6. Wolfie20

    v Reading (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1 Reading 2 FRGS Waghorn Think we might get an adverse reaction to the effort that went into Wednesday evening, plus Reading looked to have turned the corner the way they played against Manure and have got pace upfront - really hope I'm wrong.
  7. Wolfie20

    Ashley Cole

    No rush - unlikely he would have been selected tomorrow and our next game after that is the cup match
  8. Wolfie20

    The Championship 18/19

    Birmingham getting the run around by Norwich - already 3-1 down and not even half an hour gone yet
  9. Wolfie20

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    They won't need a second invitation. Just read the comments once the starting eleven is announced tomorrow.
  10. Wolfie20

    Harry Wilson

  11. Wolfie20

    Ashley Cole

    Ask her - she might be?
  12. Wolfie20

    Ashley Cole

    Great players don't necessarily make good coaches
  13. Wolfie20

    Ashley Cole

    Are we signing Prince Philip?
  14. Wolfie20

    Where VAR helped us last night

    If Brysons' goal had stood and not been referred to VAR then everything else in the game would have been different. We might have won 4-0 or lost 4-1 - who knows. I'm just pleased it played out as it did.
  15. Wolfie20

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Yeah - well - understandable i suppose

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