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  1. 3-0 up with 10 minutes to play and even then he doesn't get any game time. No good for us, no real benefit to Luton him being there and definitely a waste of George's time in trying to rehabilitate himself. Nothing seems to be going right for the guy.
  2. Where would forums be without gossip - just wish some people wouldn't assume it's fact.
  3. England played well but were never tested by a really poor Czech team. They're in the easiest group of all and I can see maximum points from the remaining 7 matches.
  4. I can - Villa, Forest and Stoke for starters
  5. Two passes which come readily to mind - Bamfords' to Hendrick and Will Hughes to Bent away to Wolves.
  6. Are you trying to ruffle a few feathers with your puns? You got in first but no need to crow about it
  7. I've always been a fan of Huddlestone but given the lack of mobility in our current midfield and the way Lampard seems to be wanting to play I feel he's part of the problem, more often than not slowing things down. It's not his fault that we don't have quality runners from midfield - if we did then he has the passing ability to find them. Nevertheless, extending his contract makes sense. If we can add a couple of the right type of players in the Summer window he could be key but it also strengthens our position in any potential transfer interest, although at 32 that might be limited.
  8. Some people will believe anything they read in the media, whether it's newspapers, radio or the various social media platforms. Some posting that they think it's the truth (or close to their unsubstantiated opinion) keep droning on and on, picking up any little tit bit which might make others come round to their way of thinking. I feel it's highly unlikely that any forum member knows the real situation and even less likely some hack from the Daily Mirror or a radio station such as Talk Sport, after all they need rumours and gossip to fuel their fire otherwise they may as well shut up shop.
  9. Just renewed for the lad and me. Equivalent to one hours' salary for some of our players - makes you think doesn't It?
  10. Don't think he's lazy. Lawrence is very much a confidence player and if things aren't going well he quickly becomes dispirited and expresses it in a way that doesn't sit well with many fans. I thought against the Stokies he was the sort of player we thought we'd signed.
  11. Wolfie20

    Watchable telly

    Agreed - in my top one drama series on tv ever
  12. I'll have some of what you've been supping
  13. Not convinced he's a central striker. He pulled us all over the place last season playing mainly wide right but cutting inside onto his left foot.
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