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  1. The Wolves penalty for missing UEFA FFP targets looks paltry compared to the punishments being dished out by the EFL to finanfially poorer clubs. In addition to meeting set limits in the next 2 seasons, they can only name 23 players instead of the 25 normally allowed should they qualify for next seasons' Champions League. How on earth will they cope? Not a dig at Wolves, just an illustration of the power-crazy administrators at the EFL.
  2. I think Root has had a poor day. Pakistan had lost 3 fairly quick wickets in the morning session to the seam bowlers so what does he do on the resumption - bowls himself and Bess with the new ball due soon, they go for 4 an over, thereby allowing the 2 batsmen to settle themselves in again and clock up a century partnership. Not much better with the bat. Gets a reprieve after he'd padded up to a ball outside the off stump which just goes over the top. Then, with the first 3 batsmen back in the pavilion and only 60 odd on the board, he tries to cut a ball which was much too close to him.
  3. Well it does belong in mine - for a short while anyway
  4. He might make a comeback if we were daft enough to pay him £22k a week. For 10% of that so would I and I'm in my 70s.
  5. Hope we don't sign either of those
  6. Is he from the Derby area? Born in Shrewsbury, went to school there and first club Shrewsbury.
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