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  1. Been watching the Olympics since Rome 1960 and this is the first one in which I have absolutely no interest at all. Should have been postponed months ago.
  2. Sat in car outside Morrisons this afternoon waiting for the missus to do a mini shop - i would estimate it was 80% masked / 20% not. Most of those not wearing I would guess were in the under 40s age group.
  3. Yeah - just like John Eustace was rubbish when on loan to us
  4. Seems like only 2 of the 1st team squad fit the bill based on the reported age of the player under investigation. Must be horrible for the one who hasn't a clue about the charges - hopefully for his sanity they get things sorted quickly.
  5. Linked with bringing him in on loan according to Sky Transfer Centre but with Millwall, Preston and WBA also interested.
  6. If you're a potential buyer of the Club, I would think you would want every one of these issues currently causing a barrier to us going forward to be resolved and the sooner the better. If (and we don't really know) the revised accounts show that we have exceeded FFP limits, it is likely we will receive the penalty of a points reduction, it is imperative that the team is strengthened sufficiently to absorb the reduction and still secure safety in the Championship - the longer this drags on and the embargo remains in place, the more likely, with the current squad, it is that next season will be another one of a struggle to retain our present status. If I can see this scenario then I'm sure Mel Morris can so I'd be amazed if moves are not already underway to discharge our current issues with the EFL.
  7. and......................still not funny!
  8. ......and there's me been thinking all this time that @Boyciewas fairly young
  9. Someone hacked into @Jourdanaccount? 😉
  10. Reckon Rooney will be a better judge of Lawrence's credentials to be team captain than any fan on a football forum. For pity's sake give the guy a chance.
  11. If you want to avoid your child learning how to criticise any mistakes or to boo very loudly - avoid the East Stand. Seriously, if he's already interested in the game then 5 is ok. Watch his reactions during that first match and how he is when you get home - that will probably tell you whether it's too soon or not. If he pesters you with "when can we go again grandad?" then you'll know the answer to your question.
  12. Signs for Ipswich - no great loss
  13. Italy were the better team over the 120 minutes and have been the best team throughout the tournament.
  14. Saying England have a better team than Italy is nonsense.
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