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  1. England cricket 2017

    Well that's a crap start - Cook out for 2 and England 2-1
  2. Best Debut

    Dean Saunders
  3. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    We certainly need to be more fluid in midfield - whether it's through pace, greater movement (or both). One player could make a real difference but it would probably have to be at the expense of one of the wingers. Also I don't understand why Rowett appears to be reluctant to pair Martin and Vydra, the latter is a clever player and is more than capable of reading Martins' close passing and lay offs - just as Bryson used to do so effectively. We were 2-0 up so he could have tried it for 20 minutes last night but once again chose not to.
  4. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Probably no more than most other clubs but makes no sense to me either. There are certain posters though who I feel think by constantly being negative they acquire some sort of noteriety on the forum and are being clever. They don't and it isn't.
  5. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    That's why I said maybe time is needed but if you want to make a judgement now, feel free - your choice.
  6. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    If we played for most of the time in most of our matches as we did for 15 - 20 minutes of the second half last night then hopefully most of the currently despondent fans would change their opinions. I count myself as being neither a "happy clapper" or a "wrist slasher" but prefer to err on the side of positivity about Rowetts' tenure so far. Maybe the missing ingredient is time - time for the squad to knit together on a more consistent basis. More periods of play similar to our good spell last night will breed greater confidence. Those players who don't appear to have a part to play in Rowetts' plans will more than likely soon be gone - allowing 2 or 3 signings to be brought in who will fit into those plans. This time next season will give a truer indication of the success or otherwise of his appointment. I don't for one minute expect to see a return to some of the free-flowing, expansive football we saw under Maclarens' reign but I will willingly swap that if it means we put an end to continually rolling over to most of the other promotion contenders in the crunch games.
  7. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Yeah but pathetic refereeing - he should have booked him for removing his outer garment
  8. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    That had me in stitches
  9. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Calm down. You just need to realise that some posters are clueless and accept that
  10. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    Beware the doom mongers - they are coming to get you!!!
  11. irrational hatreds

    Wonder what thoughts went through the moths' mind?
  12. Will Hughes Watch

    True but unfortunately these days various media outlets report "our sources tell us" this or "we understand" that when for much of the time they are just picking out stuff off the likes of Twitter. It fills air time or newspaper pages without any direct comeback on them if it's a load of old twaddle.
  13. Picture where you are now

    That's as bad as the stores - still bloody 5 weeks to go!
  14. Will Hughes Watch

    What actual facts have you used to come to the conclusion that £5m was the fee - hopefully not from tittle tattle found on forums I hope? I'm quite sure that discussions took place but haven't seen any statement from any official of the club to confirm the content of those discussions.
  15. Will Hughes Watch

    This is what gets me with some fans. Those wanting to have a further dig at Rowett say the fee was £4.5m, the BBC are quoting £8m - truth is it could be either or somewhere in between. Will may or may not have wanted to go but it seems obvious that Watford were the only club to show serious interest in him so not sure how significant that is. I wanted him to stay and would have kept him but that's by the by. Whatever it was, we sold our most talented player for years, most likely because the manager didn't see him fitting into the style / system he was wanting to work to. Time will tell whether that was a good or bad decision - Rowett has been in the job for less than a season and it's only right and proper to stick with him at least until well into next season. No more of the managerial merrygoround at my club please.

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