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  1. All Blacks or Australia to win. Don't understand the support for England - no hopers
  2. When Rooney arrives in January we'll be into another transfer window. By then Cocu will have learnt a lot about the squad he's inherited and depending on what budget is available to him, will be able to bring in one, maybe two players who fit in with his long term plans.
  3. On what basis do you reckon Cocu didn't want Rooney - I've not seen any interview he's given which suggests that's the case?
  4. ....and a lot of fans - including me - don't care a toss how Forest are doing - only the Rams matter
  5. Just watched a re-run on SKY and some of the drivel spouted by the 'experts' beggars belief (Hinchcliffe in particular). Waghorn did appear to handle the ball in the build up to our goal and under the new laws the goal should have been disallowed. Then they dissect the action leading up to the Cardiff penalty and despite the ball clearly hitting their player on the upper arm before being pulled back by Keogh,, say there was no hand ball - are they really so blind?
  6. Not sure if it's been mentioned - Huckleberry Hound
  7. Straight red - no argument
  8. He's got an excellent record with penalties, not doubting that but the amount of air time given to it by various SKY programmes has been embarrassing, but then that's what they do.
  9. Perhaps now tv commentators and the SKY 'experts' will stop fawning about Harry Kane and his penalty kicks
  10. Think it started with a mis-placed pass by Rice. 5-3 now so could be very interesting last half hour
  11. He always is. The recent 2-part interview with Rams TV was excellent- such a modest, funny and engaging bloke.
  12. Wow - the keeper actually stopped one!
  13. Started watching the Rams in the late 70s and most of it seems like yesterday but this thread has succeeded like no other in making me feel old....... The Woodentops Rag, Tag & Bobtail Torchy the battery boy Bill & Ben Few of you posters will have even heard of these Oh dear 😔
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