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  1. Chemical Wasteland 1-2 Rams FRGS Knight
  2. We'll be told next that Claude's stats were quite impressive
  3. You mean like not letting fans in to games?
  4. Maybe but they'll still be paying him so.......not a chance
  5. Well that's the end of the forum then
  6. Go on, admit it - you were the linesman but had not declared your interest in the Rams.
  7. He's not exactly putting his name to Howe based on his own 'inside' information, just what he is hearing - which means little or nothing if all he does is trawl forums and the vipers' nest that's Twitter. Sadly this is what journalism has sunk to.
  8. I reckon that pass from Curtis was meant to be a return ball to Clarke 😁
  9. Germany getting a right tonking, 6-0 down against Spain
  10. Bloody hell no. It will lead to one or two on here thinking he's a genuine candidate and we'll not hear the end of it.
  11. Ooops - the horse must've bolted.
  12. Exactly - some posters criticising when they haven't a clue what his input has been.
  13. You must have really hated Franny Lee
  14. Tranmere's nearer still - they have about as much chance of getting him as we would
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