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  1. Great, just great if for no other reason than to see Cattermole's face at the end. Bowyer when a player was a right thug, Cattermole is worse.
  2. Just as well Lampard and every other manager since Keogh joined the club have a better qualified opinion on the player than you. On the eve of the most important match Derby have had in the last 5 years and you just can't resist having yet another dig at him. Pathetic!
  3. If Waghorn is fit then he should start. If he's on the bench, comes on with 30 minutes to go (plus the possibility of an additional 30 with extra time) then breaks down we're in doodoo land.
  4. With no Premier League to report on with any actual facts, it's a slow news week so SKY have to fill their hours with stuff, any nonsense will do.
  5. Block 213 - immediately behind the goal 😁
  6. Don't for a minute think Lampard will go this summer, no matter what happens on Monday. If and when he does leave he will definitely take Morris with him - why wouldn't he, knows him and trusts him.
  7. Move quickly and upgrade the U17 ticket to adult at PP - job done
  8. What's the betting someone will still phone in and have a right moan.
  9. Plus the idiot representing Lichfield
  10. Probably half the country (or even more) won't have voted - fed up with the incompetence of May but lacking any serious alternative. Having Boris Johnson as a clear favourite to take over as party leader just emphasises the dreadful political situation we are in - the worst in the 50+ years of my voting life.
  11. Including Taylor at LB highlights the problem we have had in finding an adequate replacement for Fozzie. I think Taylor is their weak link and the part of the Villa defence we should target.
  12. Screw that - or am I in the wrong thread? I'm off now so will make a bolt for the door.
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