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  1. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Utterly and totally embarrassing!!! Not tonight's performance but comments by some posters during and after the game.
  2. Barton on Ince..

    I took it to mean the drug - would explain a lot
  3. Get To Know Each Other

    Bit like gotta kiss a lot of princes before finding a frog?
  4. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    It's Stoke innit - nuff said.
  5. Live games 2017/18

    Good comeback by the Dirties, now 2-2
  6. Live games 2017/18

    I'm definitely not a fan of Ali who has got himself a fully justified reputation for diving but not with this one. It was quite different to Jerome who's fall to ground was very much a secondary action (though it was a definite foul).
  7. VAR

    Strictly speaking it is offside- the United players' foot is nearer the goal than the defenders' knee and foot but the margins are so tiny.
  8. Extra money for Maddy

    Instead of criticising most other opinions, why not give your thoughts on what might have happened?
  9. Live games 2017/18

    For me Messi is much more of a team player whilst still having scored an amazing number of goals. Be interesting to see a comparison of their assists.
  10. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    That's me done on here for tonight - can't do with all this blood-letting
  11. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Don't complain - in your world we're only 1-0 down
  12. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Nowt wrong with it - that's just Ed Dawes
  13. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Which probably means he IS the best player on the pitch so far
  14. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    It's always like this when we go behind, often when we're not even losing and always the same posters.
  15. Yeah but if it helps to criticise then so what?

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