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  1. Millwall just signed Fielding (31) so surprising if they go for another 30+ keeper. Surely at his age Carson would want to go to a club as their No.1, at least to begin with.
  2. Not necessarily. If a horse race with 30 runners is won by a 66-1 outsider then it's an unexpected success but in all probability someone will have backed it to win. I'll go with Max Lowe
  3. ......and that's not speculating?
  4. How big a price did the Republic of Ireland pay when Henry handled, leading to a goal preventing them from going to the World Cup finals? Yes, so far decisions have been too time-consuming but that will improve. VAR is here to stay so rather than moan about it, accept the fact that there's no turning back.
  5. Hasn't taken long for the doom merchants to fire up - it's a warm-up game, time to try out different permutations. The Girona and Rangers games will probably give a better indication of the starting X1 against Huddersfield. For pity's sake, calm down.
  6. So Sarri sending Mount and Tomori out on loan to Derby last season had nothing to do with Lampard being our manager - after all, they were being sent to play for someone who had absolutely no managerial experience? Right!
  7. Was - but the crux of the matter is he still capable of returning to the form he was in the season before last because there's no doubt, last season he was a long way off that level of performance.
  8. You a Dirties fan then?
  9. 'future England captain'? Plays for Wales
  10. Rather just swap places rather than welcome them
  11. He's got the job - must be awful being a Newcastle fan this morning
  12. Our 'future' should be in our U18 kids - go out and buy potential and all you're doing is putting even more obstacles in bringing our own youngsters through. Loans buy you time until those kids are ready to step up and lay claim to a regular starting spot.
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