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  1. Good point, suggests that Derby have given permission in order to hurry Chelsea up. Like saying, if you're going to appoint Frank, just get on with it. So maybe he's not their first choice, still don't know what's happening on their front. Everything's pure speculation.
  2. This is exactly what I think is happening
  3. I don't know what more Frank can say. He said he's loved working here and he wants to continue progressing with the club. Mel says chelsea have made no contact. So what's happening then? Lack of information. Could go either way. Media have been pumping this speculation and now it's spiralled out of control. They may not even want Frank yet, who knows.
  4. The job will come around again, it's so early in his managerial career. Even the Chelsea fans think it would be best for him to go back later when he's ready and established himself as a top manager. Why ruin it now?
  5. Still can't believe we're talking about Frank leaving. He's had one year in management with us and finished 6th. Take away the name lampard and he'd be no where near that Chelsea job. Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous?
  6. You've got to be able to play it to a midfielder who can just appear and make themselves available to take the ball then move with it. England didn't have that tonight leading to the centre halves turning around making dodgy passes wondering who to give the ball to. If you're in danger, just get it away. Don't try to be smart. Fundamental errors made tonight. It's not about whether they should be playing it out from the back, it's about having players who can do it properly.
  7. Frank said himself he wants to be manager here and has had nothing from Chelsea regarding the job. Surely they don't want him as manager, why would they? He's had one year experience at Derby finishing 6th in the championship. To us it's much more than that but to them, that's all it is. How on earth does that justify getting a job competing at the top of the premier League and playing champions League football amongst the best and most established managers in the world. That just can't happen. Frank isn't stupid either, he knows it could all come crashing down and tarnish his reputation. He is a Chelsea legend and one day he will go back home but as for now, it's far too early in his career. I think he's got to be staying with us.
  8. In the league, especially second half of the season, it's the teams at the top who get the most TV time so that would explain Leeds...
  9. Sorry but I'd like to stop this discussion right here. Martins time at Derby is up, he doesn't fit the style of play and direction of youth Frank is going for. Marriott is the future.
  10. "so far" He's staying people.
  11. Marriott has it to be top scorer no doubt. He did it league one last season, he can do it for us. Just need to use him in the right way and actually give him game time.
  12. Yeah so what's the likelihood of it actually happening?
  13. I've heard a few rumours that Mel is looking for investment from overseas and that talks have been in place recently. As we are a fairly big club, a sleeping giant some might say, surely it's only a matter of time before someone brings some money in. And after countless failed attempts and near misses to get into the premier League, it's about time some rich ass ducker pumps some cash into the club and finally gets us to where we need to be.
  14. Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Shinnie Holmes. New mid Lawrence Marriott Waghorn To me that doesn't look too bad at all. Maybe need a new GK. Obviously I'm being hopeful that we can get tomori back but not sure. We would need a new defender and also midfielder in replacement of mount. Holmes will step up to be that out wide midfielder/winger that Wilson was. What does everyone think?
  15. Completely agree, we have looked much better going forward which is our strength however we need to be more solid at the back, dealing with the basic things like crosses etc. Hopefully tomori stays for another season, could try Bogle as a winger and he can track back if needs be, sign a solid full back and a new creative midfielder to replace mount. Holmes will replace Wilson as that good player on the ball out wide. Shinnie will be the player that just takes the game by the scruff of the neck and I think that's all we need really. A good reliable goalkeeper would be good too. Any other players could be brought in from our top of the range academy. Roos (or new GK) Bogle. Keogh. Tomori. Malone (or new CB) Shinnie Holmes. (New mid) Lawrence Marriott Waghorn
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