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  1. We just couldn't play our usual game today as forest were very organised defensively and offered us very little space to pass the ball around. They were basically just camped in their own half for 90 minutes.
  2. It's not critical as we still have them to play. Just need to make sure we're still in with a shout when that game comes around. Don't let today's performance change your viewpoint on things, teams like West brom and Leeds will open up more so we can play our usual game.
  3. Probably because he doesn't give a poo about the carabao cup. But for the fans who went I have to say it was a disgrace. We gave ourselves absolutely no chance of winning that game.
  4. Or maybe we've not allowed them to be a threat. We are a better side than all 5 of the teams we've beat
  5. I agree, love what he's doing with the team but let's just keep a lid on it. The job isn't finished yet.
  6. They will try to be hard to beat and hit us on the break but we are the better side in possession and can open up any team in this league with our passing and movement. Nothing to be afraid of. COYR.
  7. Glad to see Evans in. Knew cocu would do this
  8. Honestly prefer it to this year's away kit
  9. Rooney has basically replaced Huddlestone.
  10. Come on we've got to take advantage tomorrow and close the gap to 1 point
  11. It was Evans and Forsyth. Maybe he won't play over Davies tomorrow night but I would have thought that he's a better option for the game we want to play, being comfortable on the ball and imposing ourselves on the opposition. Davies is not this, which would explain why Cocu only plays him when we need to defend deep and grind out a result.
  12. But it's a game where Cocu played Evans at centre back, over the likes of Davies. So it's definitely in his plans.
  13. Why is that relevant? Cocu clearly sees Davies as a better player to bring on in the dying minutes of a game to see out a result because he is a traditional head it kick it defender. Our best option to continue playing the football we have been, bringing the ball out with confidence, is Evans. I'd like to hear a legitimate reason why people think otherwise.
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