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  1. Read what's on that website https://binzayedpetroleum.com/jobs/
  2. A takeover will happen. Just not sure it'll be this one with the sheikh. Rooney isn't going anywhere
  3. I prefer a shinnie type player. Bird is just too passive.
  4. Never had a problem with him in the first place, he's a good keeper. Makes good saves, great distribution. He dropped a clanger at wembley and since then fans just can't get off his back. It was the same with Keogh for years.
  5. https://www.shieldsgazette.com/sport/football/newcastle-united/bin-zayed-groups-failed-newcastle-united-takeover-claims-counterclaims-false-dawns-misplaced-hope-inside-story-549814?__twitter_impression=true It all sounds far too familiar.
  6. Yes it's a shame Bielik wasn't available back then but I can confidently say we were on a downward spiral and one player, as good as he is, wouldn't have made a whole lot of difference. Cocu decided against picking Kazim Richards and opted for waghorn, so that's on him. Rooney has improved us in every sense of the word.
  7. Sure it's disappointing but the over reaction on here after the Rotherham defeat was genuinely laughable. You had people saying we have 'absolutely no chance' of staying up. From what I've seen in the general attitude and performance since Rooney took over, I'm confident we will start beating these teams consistently and climb out of this.
  8. Things can work both ways. There's no point trying to go into individual games and justify exactly why we won. Generally, over time you get what you deserve. That is why some went from saying, 'give cocu time' to 'he needs to be sacked' because it became clear over 11 games that we were just a poor football team, rock bottom of the league with nothing improving. Rooney has also had 11 games and we can now conclude that performances are better, the attitude is better, the players can run for days, they win battles, we create more, we keep clean sheets, I could go on... Bottom line is, Roo
  9. We'll miss him when he's gone
  10. Yes it was massively disappointing to not pick up any points against Wednesday, Rotherham and Preston but generally under Rooney the performances have been good. The players look like they can run for days, they win individual battles, they scrap and battle. This is what gives me great hope that we will escape this situation.
  11. Yes he has without doubt but now things are in trouble, he's nowhere to be seen. People aren't being paid, players are leaving and not being replaced. It's a dire situation that needs the commitment Mel has shown previously.
  12. Cocu: 11 games, 6 points Rooney: 11 games, 16 points Cocu's record over 46 games: 25 points (relegated) Rooney's record over 46 games: 67 points (top 10) To say there hasn't been a significant improvement is a ridiculous statement. Football is better, results are better.
  13. Those firmly in the first team: GK Defenders Midfielders Forwards Marshall Byrne Bielik Kazim Roos Buchanan Shinnie Waghorn Forsyth Knight Lawrence Clarke Bird Jozwiak Wisdom Sibley Evans That's only 17 players. The squad is way too thin. We're clea
  14. He doesn't trust those players. When they've been given the opportunity, they've been rubbish. I'm talking more about waghorn and bird here. You could see we needed grafters out there all the way to minute 90, and that's why he didn't change it. When we're winning 3 or 4-0 like at Birmingham, the changes are made. Bottom line is, we need a stronger squad. We need better options on the bench.
  15. It's laughable hearing this and then looking back to the people on here Saturday saying that there is 'absolutely no chance' we can stay up this season.
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