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  1. Great thing about players like Rooney is that they know what they're going to do before they've done it. It's kind of what we've been missing. Rooney will make a pass and then he's off getting into a good space for the next pass. Our players don't do enough of that at the moment, it's too static off the ball. Only really clever players can do it effectively though
  2. He won't be joining them if we're in England's top flight
  3. Just like after the Leeds play off semi final
  4. Exactly mate, if we're not prepared to use him the correct way then we may as well sell him. He's wasted at Derby at the moment. But I really want him to succeed as he has obviously has the potential
  5. We're just not using him to his strengths at the minute, he's a run on to a ball type striker. Needs the through balls, needs the service. He is a poacher. Watch the video if you don't believe what I'm saying. 30 goals for Peterborough in 17/18
  6. Think you're being a bit harsh here, we did finish 6th. I know there were some crap performances but like I say, we did finish 6th and reach the play off final
  7. It looks like a star wars poster to me. Cocu being Qui Gon Jinn.
  8. I'd have both of them. Maybe even play Rooney slightly deeper as he is a good passer of the ball and all round footballer with intelligence for the game. Lawrence isn't, but he is good in other ways. This is what it's all about, playing to the strengths of our players and finding a way to put it all together. If cocu gets it right, we could be a scary side. Martin, Marriott, Rooney, Lawrence.
  9. I agree it doesn't sit right that Lawrence, who was drink driving, is still employed but Keogh, who was just a passenger, is sacked. However it's not about that. The club can't continue to throw millions away to a 32 year old who won't be able to play for another year. Therefore, they offered him a new contract, so he can stay at the club, but on reduced wages. To me, that is fair enough. Keogh didn't accept that, so the club are pretty much forced to sack him. It's a difficult situation but that's how it is.
  10. Well if we win our remaining home games and draw most of our away then we'll be in the play offs.
  11. For everyone slating the club about morals, this keogh decision was not about that. The incident was a police matter and so it has been dealt with by the police. Nothing the club can really do. The decision to sack Keogh was purely a business decision that makes perfect sense. Why should the club continue to pay a ridiculous amounts of money to a person who won't be playing for another year. Now there must be more to this than meets the eye but they offered him a contract on reduced wages and he declined. The club has been put in a difficult situation here, I don't see what they could have done differently.
  12. None of this makes any sense. How could he not accept the paycut? Can't wait for the official statement from the club
  13. Is this actually true? I hate what he and the others did but I hope it's not. It's a shame it has to end like this. Would have undoubtedly gone down as a club legend.
  14. Yeah, definitely prefer the darker blue
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