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  1. If reading hold on and win, the players will turn up for Birmingham. We know what they're capable of... Massive opportunity to get in play offs
  2. We need to show more of the style of play that we saw against bolton, simply because it works. Even their manager said we could beat any team in this league if we play like that. And I believe him. Away from home especially we just need to go out with no fear, on the front foot, moving the ball around quickly to link up between players... Not just lumping the ball forward and hoping someone gets their head on it.
  3. Really we do need to win this game to give us confidence for our remaining 2 away fixtures. The players must turn up though and really go for it this time. If we do come out on top I have complete faith that we will make it into the play offs.
  4. We just need to keep playing to our strengths. Waghorn has proved he can hold up the play and is good when the ball is on the floor. If we are going to keep starting him, then that is what we've got to do. If we do that, we'll score goals as seen against Bolton.
  5. I think that's because ever since, and I hate to bring it up, our loss in the 2014 play off final, the fans have such high expectations for Derby and expect us to be finishing top 6 pretty much every season. That being said, I think we can beat anyone in this league when we're on it. Just need to pull ourselves together and really go for it in the last 5. If we do that we'll be in the play offs.
  6. Call me optimistic but here's how I see it... The race for the play offs is between 4 teams: Villa, Bristol, Middlesbrough and Derby. Borough have robbed 6 points from us this season and I know we ourselves haven't been great as of recent but personally I think they are crap. For me Bristol have come out of nowhere and like us, can be a bit on and off. The game we play against them will be huge but when it comes down to it, I don't think they have it in them. I am tipping Bristol to bottle the play offs and finish seventh. Aston villa look too good at the moment and are churning out results even when the performances over the course of 90 minutes aren't great. Them beating Bristol play a big part in this so I think they will solidly finish 5th. We are great at pride park but awful away. I don't know whether this is to do with the timing of the game or the preparation but at Blackburn, we were poo. I'm glad that we knocked 4 past Bolton because now I think the players will wake up, smell the danger and perform. Sheffield United will be the unfortunate team to finish 3rd, West Brom 4th, Villa 5th and Derby 6th. We have played Sheffield United and beat them at home however they have done the same. It will be a tight couple of games but they don't have as much about them as Leeds for example so we will beat them and progress to the play off final. Sliding West Brom will fall even further and lose to villa in their semi final. That leaves a Derby Vs villa play off final. History will repeat itself and villa will fall at the final hurdle again. Derby go up. Right?
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