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  1. Not surprised about the result or scoreline. Winnable game but again we just don't score enough goals. Statistically we have the best defence in the league but the worst attack. But it's not all bad, Colin is back and we're only 6 points from safety.
  2. Brighton, Southampton, Leeds, Villa, Burnley, Brentford are all well run clubs. The problem with Newcastle is that there has been no clear strategy, unlike the club mentioned above. They have a huge fanbase and with that comes expectation. The club just haven't looked like delivering anything of any substance. They've been relegated twice, close to the drop many times and survived in spite of Mike Ashley.
  3. He is terrible. What has he done? They went down twice during his tenure. Relegation battle practically every season. They've stayed up in spite of Mike Ashley. Poor player recruitment, poor manager recruitment, poor training ground. That club has been doing nothing for years. And when you take into account the history and size of the fanbase, it's shocking. Derby fans are giving Ashley credit because Mel Morris has sold us down the river. Just because we've been run like crap doesn't mean Ashley is a great football club operator. Mel Morris was just that bad. We expect an owner to not gamble away the future of our club.
  4. You can kick on and not throw around silly money. The two things aren't mutually exclusive. Leicester spent a total of 25m on Kante, Vardy, Maguire and Mahrez. They sold 3 of them for a total of 172m. Newcastle spent 40m on Joelinton. Yes. 40 million British pounds. They'd be lucky to get 5m for him. They are a poorly run football club. Enough said.
  5. And you spent 40 million pounds on Joelinton. Can't understand why people on here are saying he ran the club well. He hasn't got a clue.
  6. Don't want Ashley anywhere near this football club
  7. You're right but I think what Newcastle fans are frustrated about is that the club doesn't seem to show any ambition to get better. It's the same every single season.
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    His entire concept is flawed. Even if you have an 18 team league, then surely the 18th team will be the dross? There will always be a team that doesn't win many games. That's how a league works. And Norwich demolished the championship and went up as champions so they'd be in the 18 team league anyway. It's just more nonsense from 'big 6 fans.' O'Hara is a Tottenham fan and Cundy is a Chelsea fan. These games might be 'irrelevant' to them, but they're not to other supporters. It's just entitlement, almost as bad as the super league.
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