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  1. If we're there and thereabouts in the top half come January, Rooney might just be the player needed to push us on to the play offs... again. Still early though, anything can happen just need to start showing a decent run of form to settle everyone down.
  2. Just can't stand waghorn being shoved out wide. Recently he's done better there than I thought but I'd rather see holmes out wide taking defenders on
  3. This is a fair shout, it's true they have a lot of shots and don't take their chances. We need to take advantage of this. If the red dogs can scrap for a point, we can do that at the least.
  4. On the other hand we look like we're playing as individuals, not as a team. It's all a bit stop start and not free flowing. Hopefully this is just the squad taking time to click together and play fluently. Because at the moment, I still can't figure out what the plan is and how we're trying to play.
  5. The easy and lazy thing to say is "we'll get battered." Where's all this belief and Derby pride gone? Nobody gave us a chance in the play offs, look what happened there. I just think that it's taking time for things to click, but when they do.... We'll know about it. Already seen improvement against Cardiff. This weekend could be the time to get our season up and running, it could the game where things come together. And what a place to do it... COYR 🐏
  6. He looks like Daniel farke this time last season, 8 months later promoted as champions, 4 months after that put 3 goals past man city. Keep the faith.
  7. There's no way he'll sell to that guy. Mel loves the club as much as we do
  8. Well, it's never boring being a Derby fan
  9. I don't get what all the fuss is about. Mel found a loop hole and made the most of it. Fair play to him.
  10. Rammy03


    I'm sure it won't come to that, I know we were really poor against Brentford and very ordinary in a couple of the other games but if you think about it we could have easily picked up another 6 points. If it did happen though, Mel would surely get someone else in as that is completely unacceptable.
  11. Hasn't looked promising but I just don't like how everyone is writing this season off already and saying we're not good enough for this and for that. You're entitled to your opinion of course but you simply don't know it for a fact. Enjoy the ride and have faith.
  12. You're not wrong. First 6 games included a win, two draws and three losses. May I also mention one of those defeats was a 3-0 trouncing away to wolves. Sound familiar?
  13. The black kit is the nicest one, it's the blue kit that's the problem. Horrible colour and doesn't look right with the black logos on it.
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