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  1. Surely nonsense. Don't want him anywhere near this football club. Selling Buchanan would be one thing, to then sell him to forest would be another. A swap deal involving grabban would be something else entirely.
  2. Good for him to get out of Liverpool. He's too good of a player to keep going out on loan season after season. Shame he'll be playing against us though.
  3. They shared the position. But yes, Forsyth shouldn't be playing at all. Just not good enough anymore.
  4. Lawrence is definitely staying. I can't really see any of the others going as they wouldn't fetch a huge fee. Buchanan possibly but surely we wouldn't sell one of our best prospects. We can't even reinvest the money at this point.
  5. My feelings entirely. The squad also got smaller as we never replaced outgoing senior players.
  6. I certainly wasn't. We had a thin squad back then and were letting senior players go without replacements. Terrible pre season as well. I wasn't all that surprised that we had a bad start and it fell apart with Cocu.
  7. 'This is the start of a journey where you will see what the life of a professional footballer looks like' Could be an interesting watch
  8. I think he did a great job. Got them into the playoffs 2 seasons running with very little investment. Probably the reason he's decided to leave.
  9. As long as the players on the pitch are giving their all, the fans will get right behind them.
  10. I imagine some of the academy players will have to go. Those with any value will surely be staying.
  11. I agree. If we are only allowed to make 4 signings, we have to choose wisely. This could be the difference in whether we stay up or go down.
  12. I thought he looked alright when he played. I see him as a similar type of signing to Tomori. Similar age and attributes. Highly rated by his parent club. Tomori wasn't great at the start we have to remember, but he was playing week in week out and just got better and better. He had the experience of Keogh next to him and that helped form a good partnership. They complemented each other very well. By the end of the season Tomori was an outstanding player. I think we should get Mengi back and play him. Put him next to an older head and see how they get on.
  13. They said they would improve the communication but it just hasn't happened. What are they actually doing on a day to day basis? What are they going to do to ensure the embargo is lifted?
  14. Looking at that list we need some forwards. But we also need centre backs. We really are in trouble. The fact that we're debating which 4 players we should take, tells me that the club isn't close to submitting the accounts or a takeover. Why not get the entire embargo lifted?
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