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  1. It's not even about the results, it's the fact that performances have been shocking since the back end of last season with no improvement or glimpses of hope on the field. If we were having a go at teams with the right application but just lacking a bit of quality, I could understand losing. But it's not that. The football is dire. We should be playing better on the football pitch with what we have available. Cocu has to take responsibility for that.
  2. True and we did play some nice passing football that day. You could see what cocu was trying to do. I just wish we could do it quicker and more consistently in every game we play. No. Just no. We would bee in serious serious trouble if that was to happen as one poster has already said. The club would go into complete shutdown, our already thin squad would be absolutely decimated and a lot of fans won't return.
  3. We whimpered out at Fulham. It was very disappointing.
  4. I get what you're saying but it's not entirely true. I wouldn't say the Liverpool team are primadonna mercenaries who don't care about the club, for example, even though they are overpaid.
  5. Yes I know and I'm not dismissing it. Cocu has had his fair share of bad luck but in my opinion he should still be doing better with what he has available. Even when our best players were fit last season we were so unconvincing, even in victory. The football is slow and boring. I'm pretty sure this is not what he's trying to achieve but the fact is, that is what we're seeing and it's not good enough.
  6. No it's not but if we get absolutely no points from it, something is seriously wrong
  7. Brilliant post couldn't have put it any better
  8. Maybe not but that's irrelevant. Regardless of outside factors, Rowett had a style of play that was effective. The players knew what they were doing and weren't lackluster week in week out.
  9. But he will because half the fanbase are blaming it on injuries. If they return and we're still crap it'll be 'new players need time to get up to speed.' The excuses never end for this bloke and I can't figure out why. I want him to succeed I really do but no one is bigger than the club. These performances have to be criticised for what they are, an absolute shambles.
  10. But the point is we did have Vydra, and Rowett got the best out of what he had
  11. It's not that we've lost three games, it's the fact that we've been dreadful in every single one of them. The football is dire and it has been for a long time. Injuries of course haven't helped but that's something you have to deal with. When a manager has to come out and start blaming the players attitude, you have to worry. What I saw last Saturday on that pitch was unacceptable. No ifs or buts. We downed tools.
  12. He'll be forced out by the fans. No points in 10 games and his position becomes untenable. If there were real signs of progress the wins would come pretty quickly.
  13. I get the whole building long term I really do but there comes a point where we're actually going backwards, playing crap football and not getting results. Rowetts football was better than what we're currently watching, it was effective and got results. In hindsight yes it didn't help us in the long term, but we had a good chance of promotion. Lampard overall was a great fit for the club who was ambitious in his first season whilst also thinking long term by reducing the wage bill, shifting dead wood and instilling an attractive style of football. At the moment we're just being
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