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  1. Roos is by far a superior keeper to Hamer, can not only kick the ball with speed but accurately and a great shot stopper.
  2. Well it isn't. But it is a realistic comment.
  3. Don't really know what to make of that lineup. Can't help but think we've missed a trick. Should be going for it. Willing to be proven wrong though
  4. Well that was a disappointing result last night, thought we played the better football but ultimately you can't expect to win conceding 2 poor set piece goals. We now have two home games to put that right. However unlikely it is, playoffs are still on. A 10 point gap could easily be reduced to 7, however 13 would be too much to make up.
  5. Don't get me wrong would love to see the youth lift a European cup but the playoffs are an absolute lottery and if we win them, it could change lives forever. The reward is truly extraordinary, you simply can't top it
  6. What, like Sheffield Wednesday, Blackburn, Millwall and Cardiff?
  7. Let me remind you that after 31 games last season, Aston villa were on 44 points. We're on 43. Believe...
  8. Season ain't over people....
  9. From all this uproar you'd be surprised to hear that this was actually one of the better away performances of the season. Far from good but it wasn't Brentford, Charlton, Fulham, Blackburn
  10. No. Use him in the right way and he will shine.
  11. I like it but it would fit the tune better going like this: We could have Ronaldo Neymar or Sancho But we don't need any of 'em Cause we have got Duane Holmes We've got Duane Holmes It's basically just a more concise version of what you've already said without the Messi bit
  12. I just don't get how he can put in some really good performances and then does absolutely nothing for the next few weeks. Just doesn't make sense to me. This game showed us what he can do. He got really involved and had a positive influence on the game, willing to beat defenders. Doing what he is good at. Check 5:05
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