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  1. Definitely entitled to an opinion & to argue the case against Cocu Do think the volume of posting today has smacked of wanting to set the agenda. Reality is majority of fanbase don't feel as strongly Can't fault his consistency though - Rowett & Lampard got the same treatment 👍
  2. Forest only take our previous managers if they've had any success. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  3. We might never know though! Just as we may never have known with Brian if he'd been shown the door early that season. The mere thought makes me shudder to be truthful!
  4. A really important point this. It'd be great to hear from those who were around in September 1968 & see if they recall what the mood was around the fanbase. I remember reading that season ticket sales actually increased from 67/68 as optimism was initially high (despite Clough finishing a place lower than Tim Ward's side). That surely must have evaporated with 5 winless games in the new season. Unlike Cocu, Clough had no track record at all...had a decent year at Hartlepool but there must have been serious doubts by that point. Just goes to show its worth letting these things pla
  5. A year in which he has had one transfer window wiped out by a soft transfer embargo, his captain/best defender sacked for off-field conduct & his record signing out with cruciate ligaments. He's also had to remould a bloated, overpaid squad that was full of deadwood & integrate youth - both of which he's done very well. I'm not defending yesterday - it was atrocious. But there's a danger of allowing short term fury to cloud long term objectives. To properly judge a manager's performance, you have to apply context & allow the short/mid term limiting factors to correct themselve
  6. Highly unlikely to be that far adrift in a league that has Sheffield Wednesday, Wycombe & Rotherham in it. I agree with @Curtains - 10 games (well, actually 11) takes us to the end of November & just under a third of the season gone. It also allows time for the injuries to clear up, a centre forward to come in & settle and Ibe and Duncan to get matchfit. At that point, it would be totally fair to judge Cocu & his record at the club. If the worst happens, it also gives opportunity for a new man to come in, assess the squad & work out priorities for Jan. Whilst we l
  7. There are definitely mitigating factors with the current situation. The continued absence of Bielik, Lawrence & Waghorn makes this side lightweight and the lack of a proper centre forward further erodes our ability to get a proper platform in the final 3rd. None of these things are Cocu's fault & I dont accept the club had to offer Martin silly money to stay. In some ways yesterday's debacle may be a blessing in disguise. Whereas Reading could be seen as an aberration & some thought we were unfortunate v Luton, there was no way to dress up yesterday. The total lack of organisa
  8. Thanks. But seeing as you believe Rooney should be rewarded with a number 10 role after yesterday's abject display, I won't take it too much to heart 😂
  9. There's no magic bullet here in terms of line up but think the midfield needs some work. We're too soft through the middle & would therefore bring Shinnie to sit in there & offer some protection. Like most, I'd bring Clarke back to the starting XI. Wisdom alongside him although was sorely tempted to put Evans in. I've also gone with Whittaker wide right...Knight isnt working out there at all. Ahead of Shinnie, I'd put Knight for his work rate & box to box threat but also Bird. Max looked promising there v Luton and his ability to control tempo & intercept moves would
  10. I also noticed this. Seemed to be having a very animated discussion during the second half as I recall & remember wondering what was going on. Rosenior knows this division inside out & often makes sensible & occasionally pragmatic calls whilst analysing games on Sky. Maybe that has clashed with Cocu's more idealistic approach. I hope not because we need that insight around the club.
  11. I think this decision underpins where the approach is wrong at the minute. Clarke is fundamentally tasked with keeping the ball out of our net. Of course in this side he has to be able to play also but he's no Curtis Davies...he is clearly comfortable on the ball & capable of stepping into midfield. Don't understand the 'rhythm' comment at all. Given our current weak attack & pedestrian midfield, the focus needs to be on keeping a clean sheet at all costs & that means playing our best CB. After all, the presence of Te Wierik and Wisdom contributed no more to our build play tha
  12. Hate singling out players but Rooney was woeful today. Yes, there were some nice little touches & the odd flash of intensity. Overall though, he looked too casual & not befitting of a captain or on pitch leader. The passes that led to the 1st & 4th goals were bad enough but the lack of desire to atone for those mistakes is totally unacceptable (he was also closest to Johnson for the second but barely closed down). For a man of his experience, I was also taken back by how little he offered in terms of encouragement or on-pitch instruction...he looked as lost as the rest. W
  13. Marshall – 7 – did little wrong. Can’t blame him for today Buchanan – 6 – decent going forward & quality was generally OK. Struggled with their RW. though & touch was heavy a few times. Should have scored with his free header. Much better at LWB than LB Byrne – 6 – OK going forward but quality not quite there. Was often caught out of position first half Te Wierik – 5 – looks uncertain & not quite as dominant as I would’ve liked from captain of his previous club. OK on the ball Wisdom – 5 – poor defensively & poor in possession. No idea why he was playing lef
  14. Really pains me to say this but for the first time today, I lost a bit of confidence in Cocu. One of my pet hates when listening to people finding excuses for defeat is bemoaning the ‘lack of passion’ but I’m afraid it accurately describes this Derby team. As an absolute basic a team needs to match the work rate of its opponents & defend with real intensity. Its then & only then that the quality you have will shine through. If you look at Reading, Luton & Blackburn (and Barrow in the Cup), all worked much harder to press us than we did in return & all were absolute re
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