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  1. This has been explained a few times but lets have another attempt at debunking this. Cocu arrived right at the end of the first transfer window. The window closed 5th August 2019. He started as Derby manager 5th July & immediately had to go on a 2 week jaunt to Florida to assess the players in training camp. It is extremely misleading to suggest that was a proper transfer window or that he had plenty of time to implement ideas. January 2020 transfer window we were under a soft transfer embargo. He was unable to bring anyone in. Summer 2020 we were supposedly under a soft t
  2. Sibley has gone backwards under Rooney. Looked a real threat under Cocu last season & now labours under the pressure Rooney has publicly piled on him. Key problem is retention of possession which has not improved one iota this season...I would question why this isnt being worked on Bird was spoken about as potential England material. He has definitely been poorer this season under Rooney, not helped by being in & out of the team. Started to improve with regular starts since Rooney finally accepted Knight/Shinnie offered us very little as a midfield duo. Knight was a spikey, g
  3. Definitely, Marriott playing off Kazim in theory should be a mouthwatering prospect. Wages a definite factor but Marriott was also contributing very little even when he wasn't injured. Also seems apparent Rooney doesn't rate him/has fallen out with him which would be the main issue
  4. Thanks Angie There's still a strong view on here that the main problem is the players. Countless comments about needing a 'squad overhaul' & 'a clear out' when the real problem is management, a settled style of play & value recruiting specifically to that. We've been less than the sum of our parts all season & that's been the case for many years now.
  5. Always worth following Derby's squad. We buy high, sell low & are good for 'cast offs' that inevitably do well under stable & competent management elsewhere. It's the reason we're now skint & flirting with the drop. Was particularly disappointed we let Evans go, thought he had the makings of a good Championship CB & Malone was nowhere near as bad as some on here thought, think stupidly high wages had a hand in that decision. Bennett had to go for off field reasons really & Pearce barely played. Others? Marriott would definintely thrive in a Millwall side. Pretty o
  6. I've not voted as assume the Rooney out option would be an immediate removal. The last thing we need is another period of instability/new ideas for players to have to adapt to so late in the season. I also strongly believe Rooney should own this relegation fight to its conclusion. Longer term, I don't think he's right for us (and so can't vote Rooney in). Not unreasonably he will want to get to the Prem asap & that smacks of a) wanting to spend a lot on short term fixes to get us up, a strategy which has spectacularly failed since 2015 and b) will jump at the first opportunity to move
  7. From a humiliation & financial point of view, I couldn't ever see relegation to League One as a good thing. However if we do go down, we have to make the best of it & see it as a much needed opportunity for a reset. Our greatest assets seem to be our young players & I would clear the decks of any established players on large wages. Goes without saying, Rooney should 100% go if we go down to cleanse this club of the celebrity obsession it has remorsely chased since 2015. No more Billy bigtime or quick fixes. A young & hungry manager (with a good record elsewhere) and a
  8. Marshall 7 - some excellent saves but should have done better with their winner Byrne 7 - usual excellent forays down the right. Positionally was caught out a lot & that exposed Wisdom more than we needed Forsyth 5 - not great. Often looked very ponderous on the ball & slowed the tempo of breaks on a few occasions. Wisdom 4 - very poor. Worst moment obviously his slip that led to their winner but struggled horribly all game with Armstrong's movement and balls over his head Clarke 5 - better than Wisdom (mostly aerially) but not by much. Accept he's probably not fit
  9. Obviously an incredibly unhelpful result & infuriating to throw away a lead and waste so many chances. Im not denying we're in deep trouble but I actually saw enough in us going forward today to think we'll get out of this. Couldn't fault Rooney's line up - plenty of movement & creativity up top & our best combination in midfield. Whilst Blackburn had their moments, we were clearly the better side first half. Shinnie & Bird dominated the middle, constantly winning second balls & moving the play forward. Consequently, the four forward players saw plenty of quality and s
  10. Unchanged in terms in personnel unless Clarke & Byrne are fit, in which case they come in for Mengi & McDonald. I'd like to see Roberts & Jozwiak swap wings occasionally just to mix things up and offer different threats to their full backs. Lawrence to stay central as thats where he's most dangerous.
  11. Just had a look through the rules & yes, it looks purely related to the selling club. Good article (link below) explaining the various criteria to get those 15 points & ramifications of new rules. In particular, highlights 'lower league clubs will struggle to buy from lower divisions in Europe' which would seem to compromise Brentford's model. On the flip side, players from South American clubs should be better able to fulfil the points criteria. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/worldfootballindex.com/2020/12/work-permits-premier-league-post-brexit-english-clubs-efl-libertador
  12. Ah, does the 10 point automatic tally not apply to us then? (Apologies if you've already clarified elsewhere)
  13. That was my first instinct but @Ghost of Clough posted some fantastic content to highlight the rules on the 'El Derbyco' thread (I think). Basically, a player needs 15 points to get a work permit & by dint of playing in the Championship, any player we look to get automatically gets 10 points. Looks like German/Italian/Spanish second & third tiers are in play, as would the Polish top tier (so yes, Jozwiak could have moved here as could Serdar Dursun) & a whole host of other countries. In short, the Brentford model is still very much relevant subject to improved foreign scouting
  14. Dowell is a good player but he's only going to thrive when he has plenty of the ball & minimal defensive duties. He has that at Norwich with Skipp & McLean sitting in and allowing the 3 behind Pukki to express themselves. When he played for us first half of last season, we were struggling to establish any control in midfield & someone like Dowell was a bit of a luxury.. Bielik didnt play DM until about November, Bird hadn't emerged, Shinnie was struggling & even Evans was having to play in there. As to the general point about players, @angieram is definitely right ab
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