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  1. Already said the opinion was reasonable...it was the way it was expressed that came across as dismissive to a manager who left us in a better place than he found us & which seems to have riled others too. As to 'best thing we ever did sacking him' & thereafter having 'memories to last a lifetime'....a few seasons where we never seriously threatened automatic promotion from the second tier despite massive financial outlay is a million miles from 'great times'. We're Derby, not Brentford or Millwall. Its largely been a frustrating few years & the expectant/quick to anger mood of the crowd during that period would back that up. The fact we're now paying for that with the current mess is just salt in the wound.
  2. No issue with believing he couldnt take them any further...I personally disagree but its not unreasonable to suggest otherwise. It was also a hard slog at times under him, I would accept that Was more directed at the remark about being glad he got sacked & 40 years to get a playoff spot. I've certainly got more respect for Clough than the likes of Lampard & Rowett who got us into the playoffs but at a massive financial cost & with a much better base to start from.
  3. Very kind Jono & thanks @angieram also 👍 Although me managing with RoyMac5 as assistant would be like sticking Gary Neville & Carragher in joint charge 😄
  4. That really necessary? Comes across as totally disrespectful to a manager who rebuilt the squad from the wreckage of 07/08 & laid the foundations of the playoff campaigns you mention. Aside from 2014 (with a team Clough largely built), its been a constant stream of choas & decline masquerading as 'excitement'. If we'd have stuck to the slow build, rather than going 'Hollywood' with big name players, first time managers & publicity hungry owner & CEO, we would've been in a much better position today. Anyone who knew of Burton's journey under Clough knew where he was taking Derby.
  5. We need centre backs desperately - so Mengi, Davies & Jagielka. Would have been Wisdom instead of Jagielka but I believe Andre was on significantly more than 11.5k a week so unlikely to sign for that. Think Mengi would improve immeasurably by having Davies or Jagielka alongside him (as would Solomon & Cashin if they are 'ready' to step up) Other two would be Morrison & Aluko - I saw enough from both to think they'd transform our attacking effort. Granted we are short at CF so reality is we would need the young attackers (Plange, Duncan, Stretton & Ebosele potentially) to step up. Aluko can also play more advanced so another option there. We lack creativity & flair so those 2 are essential for me.
  6. Id be astounded if there's ever been a successful constructive dismissal claim for a manager on grounds of lack of resources/support. The club could also argue here that the instigator of said situation is the EFL. In any case, you need to be employed for 2 years before being eligible to claim for constructive dismissal. Like Roy says, dont think anyone could blame him for leaving under these circumstances...the hope I have is that there are big improvements due in the near future. It makes no sense him sticking around otherwise.
  7. On the face of it, a horrendous situation for any manager to deal with. What I'm struggling to understand is a) why he hasnt walked if there is no suggestion of an imminent breakthrough on the embargo & b) why the club haven't put out a statement explaining & showing up the EFL if they are ludicrously insisting on the Chorley team being counted as players of 'professional standing'. My hunch therefore is that things are happening, maybe just not as quick as Rooney is wanting & he's entirely fair in being vocal on that. There's so many variables with the accounts...have they been filed, did we have a 'stress-test' version ready to go, are they compliant, are the EFL dragging their feet, are we dragging our feet, are we looking to appeal the amortisation restatement, are we negotiating with EFL on leniency measures...its too exhausting to contemplate. Whatever the situation, it needs sorting in the next 2 weeks or this is going to be very uncomfortable for all parties.
  8. Not relevant to his time with us. We would sign him on a free & probably on a fairly standard CH wage. Its like saying Blackburn fans should have been wary of Bradley Johnson simply because we overpaid on him (I was going to say Waghorn & Coventry but y'know 😄)
  9. Don't see that comparison personally - Anya was all pace, limited technique & not much else, Aluko isn't that rapid in general but very sharp over those first 5 yards so able to generate a bit of space/create openings. If we're looking to move it around with purpose you need those players in the final 3rd who can dart around, hold their ground against agricultural midfielders but with good technique - good first touch, decent passes etc. As you say, we do need experienced players also - think we'll have to agree to disagree on his potential value to the side.
  10. Hutchinson did well but lets not overstate it - he had one good run down the left & shanked it into the stands and then a decent touch before Kazim smashed it in from 20 yards. Aluko was very influential that last 30 mins of the first half & gets away from players - final ball was maybe rusty on occasion but the movement, deft touches & little bursts of pace can open sides up. We need that directness in the team to open up space elsewhere. Hutchinson is a different type of player & if his under-23 appearances are anything to go by, is primarily seen as a holding midfielder anyway. He's also slight & your average burly Championship midfielder will go right through him - they won't be able to take those liberties with Aluko.
  11. Overall, pretty happy with that. First half we were clearly the better side & being 0-1 down really flattered them. Thought we moved the ball around with confidence, lots of movement & the 3 of Lawrence, Aluko & Morrison looked really fluid. Lawrence really should have scored with a header from 6 yards out & Heaton pulled off a great save to deny Jagielka. Instead a bit of sloppiness from Bird, a fortunate ricochet to their lad after Roos saved & we went into half time 0-1 down. Second half, Man Utd started to press a lot higher & it became harder to play through them. They started getting ascendancy early part of the second half, scored again & Pallestri right side for them was becoming a real problem. The mass substitution enabled us to get a foothold again & whilst they continued to have more of the ball, we looked really dangerous on the break - Kazim really prominent with his strength on the ball & intelligent passing. Cracking finish too from the big man. Of the new boys; Morrison - was excellent I thought. Dropped into pockets of space in midfield, always available for a pass & seemed to knit the back line/deeper midfield with the final third with his passing/direct runs. Some real quality touches too. Just what we've been missing in the side. Assuming Rooney can keep on top of his workrate & attitude, I think he'd be an excellent signing Aluko - started slower than Morrison but after the first 15 mins started to show real glimpses of class. Drifted from RW into the number 10 role & found plenty of space. Very direct, great touches & looked threatening. Also helped Byrne out on a few occasions even though it was very warm out there. Definitely would like him to sign also Baldock - worked really hard & thought he protected the ball well when it came to him. He didn't have any clear cut chances but his presence was definitely felt in that final third. Bit of a David Nugent vibe to him. Jagielka - in all honesty, had little to do first half but looked comfortable in possession anyway. Pretty sure he stepped up second half to allow Pallestri the space to score the second but other than, very sound. Also a threat in their box first half from set plays & unlucky not to score
  12. I like Hutchinson, very calm in possession & positionally very decent sat in front of the back 4. Quite similar to Max Bird in some ways as a 'tempo' midfielder (both tall & lean also). Isaac has also spent some time playing on the wing when at Southend so has lived with expectations of cutting edge to his game. Bit disappointed he didnt see more game time on loan at Forest Green last season, probably not a great move at the time given they were in a promotion slog. Also looking forward to see if Stretton, Duncan & Ebosele can kick on (assuming Festy is playing up the park). They must be aware there are forward starting berths available & that competition between them could well improve standards. Could throw Luke Plange into that mix too. If I had to pick one breakout player, it'd be Ebosele
  13. Ha yeah that was the attraction for us...that plus being able to have beers whilst watching the game! Got a lot more interested in Bundesliga since they reopened as the first major league last May. Really like the fan culture there & 50+1 ownership which keeps clubs closer to their fans...shame about Leipzig. Definitely will return to check out some more games...probably in Nordrhein Westfalen with Gladbach (my fave German side) as the starting point. Be interesting to see how/if Union change if they keep being successful. Hopefully they stay true to their ethos 👍
  14. They look a fun team to support from footage I've seen of their fans. Do you go often? Went to Berlin 4 years ago & saw Hertha (v Gladbach)...magnificient stadium, probably 50k there & plenty of ultras/noise but still felt a bit too detached.
  15. AFC Wimbledon. Born out of one of the biggest injustices in football in 2002 which galvanised a bunch of fans to stick two fingers up at the FA. We think we're going rough times now, imagine being in their position then. They were told by the FA when their club was stolen from them that setting up a phoenix/new club was 'not in the wider interests of football' just to rub more salt in the wound. Started in the Combined Counties League anyway & 9 years later, made the Football League. They've now been an established League One side for 5 years, moved back to their own new stadium at Plough Lane & are a shining example of the power of fans to affect change. Been to see them loads (incld when they were still non-league/playoff finals/relegation deciders) & own some tops. Will always be a Ram & when the sides meet, will want Derby to win but got all the time in the world for Wimbledon.
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