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  1. Yeah, like I said the valuation part is really difficult given the massive financial impact of recent events. Bielik and Marriott are the two most marketable assets on that list & I could see many teams at our level being interested especially if they're less bothered about intricate/attractive football. In that situation, competition might drive a price up but accept we'd do well to get 12m for the both of them. The others I think you might be right in terms of struggling to get a decent fee. What we dont know & what would be a key consideration are their current wages & wage
  2. Names aren't a problem, values much harder especially in the current environment. As no real way of guessing the impact of Covid shutdown on the transfer market, I'll go with values Id have expected had this not happened. Bielik - 8m - we need a CB but I dont believe his rash nature can be altered in the next 3 months we'd need for him to play a key role next season. Plenty of cover at CM so he'd be unlikely to play much there. He is a talent though & many clubs would want his pace & power in this division Marriott - 4m - undeniable talent but he isnt suited to our style, is
  3. Not sure he's necessarily past his best as the main age related deterioration would be pace & mobility, neither of which he had in the first place! My thinking is his strengths are integral to giving a platform to our strong & improving midfield options. Therefore in answer to your question, believe its the blend of players behind him that arent quite right currently...RW especially & Sibley still learning his trade at this level. There's also a lack of intelligent forward players out there so replacing him could be difficult. Lots of forwards at our level who are either great
  4. I came to a different conclusion watching Martin yesterday. Thought he meshed very well with the pace & dynamism around him, able to hold the ball up & make his intelligent layoffs. Particularly against better teams, that enables us to get a platform in games. That said, a replacement with some pace in that position would stretch games (as defenders couldn't press as high) and would free up space for us to play. Wouldn't even be that bothered by their strike rate so long as they worked hard & had many of the traits Martin has i.e. able to contribute to build up play & hold
  5. More than Tyrone Mears or Earnshaw who openly disrespected our club? I get that Hamer's not good enough but it was more the choice of word. He tries & bet he feels awful this evening...today was probably his last match for us anyway.
  6. Hate? Seriously? He's had a shocker today & has demonstrated he's not good enough at this level. Not in question. But he'll know he's let the team down & looked crestfallen after the second. Hating him for making mistakes is going way too personal.
  7. Decent left winger? Don't agree he was awful defensively today. The context here is an opposition that were very fluid, very quick & pulled us all over the place but he still stopped a number of attacks coming down his side. The first and third goals were excellent...yes if you're being ultra critical, Bogle could've closed space down but the move for the first would have cut through most defences at our level & most keepers would've been beaten by the third. Second goal is purely on Hamer. You can't expect full backs to stop every effort on goal. Yes, there are improvements
  8. Difficult game to assess. Brentford are an excellent team & that first 15 mins was frightening. We then played very well for remainder of the first half but were flattened by the ridiculous second goal. We conceded 3, were beaten by two clear goals but don't feel we defended that badly - 2 excellent goals from them & one howler. As a a general point, thought our movement was much better today. Lots of little pop passes which helped us move the play around better & we looked dangerous at times - they defended very well though & their defence in general is a key reason why t
  9. Just spotted this post, excellent & agree with vast majority. Just 2 points of disagreement. Firstly, Lawrence...he's clearly difficult & frustrating at times but a matchwinner that other teams fear & will in turn create space for others. I also suspect he will improve the better we become i.e. he's not the type of player to carry a team but augment it. Also not sure at all about Bielik...as per posts on next season team thread, I dont see him improving sufficiently from a composure point of view to be a starter CB next season but I hope you're right as he has the basic attri
  10. Always though he looked like a centre-half playing in midfield when he was at CM. Often seemed to disappear from games but decent in the air & when we were being hemmed in by opponents. Think he's been very decent since he came in against Preston, not looked out of place at all. My only criticism would be some overly ambitious long passes at times (he does this in midfield also) & not bringing the ball into midfield when space opens up. Assume the latter is a confidence issue but looking forward to seeing him develop in that position.
  11. All fair points. Whilst I don't disagree that Bielik has the physical tools to be a CB, his biggest weakness is mentality. Yes, he's only 22 but realistically is that something that is going to be coached in the time we need him to be a top 6 Championship standard CB? My instinct says no, it'd be a year or so minimum before we could rely on him for 40 odd games & therefore as we have plenty of CMs & he is a saleable asset, believe its worth cashing in now to fund issues elsewhere. Regarding strikers, I don't believe we'd be in the market for anyone proven as we probably could
  12. Oh look, joint top with 4 games to go. As my username might suggest, Im going to do a proper Leeds....gloat like a twonk for 48 hours, collapse in the last 4 games & then lose a playoff to @Grimbeard
  13. Good news is we're probably only 4 reliable starters away from being a nailed on top 6 side next season. The 4 glaring areas are GK, CB, RW & CF. We clearly need a new keeper as unlikely to sign Hamer and Roos isnt seen as a number 1. Some posts on here angling for Joe Hart, I wouldnt be keen on this as a) he isnt capable of playing from the back in the way our style insists & b) his confidence seems shot. Id also rather have someone on the up than down. CB we will be very short when Clarke returns to Brighton. We could do with some pace in there alongside Te Wierek but is cr
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