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  1. Just on train back to Leeds....a good performance but really should have won that given our dominance. First half tactics spot on given how emotional they were likely to be. Keep the ball/dominate territory/silence the crowd & we absolutely bossed the first half. Problem was we rarely threatened other than a Morrison thunderbolt down the keeper's throat & a mazy Ebosele run & shot late on the half. Clearly Baldock coming off was going to ruin the attacking plan but dont really understand the rationale behind putting Sibley up top. He really struggled (to hold the ball or link up with others) & noticed Rooney deep in conversation with him at the end. Cocu tried something similiar this time last year, not sure what they're seeing in him that far forward. Would have moved Lawrence up top & Sibley wide. Elsewhere, Festy was lively but needs to stay on his feet more...couple of times he's beating the man but obviously playing for the penalty once in the box. Would also like to see Ravel dictating further forward & creating. Looked like he & Bird were mainly central & Shinnie often left side which made sense but Max is fine covering on the counter. Overall can't be too unhappy with an away point but we wouldnt have scored if we were playing til Tuesday. I do think we're one mobile, physical striker away from being a top 6 team, frustrating that we have this off field nonsense as the foundations are there. Kudos to Curtis & Jagielka by the way, both were excellent. Just under 2500 of us there today, pretty noisy considering few chances in the game & home crowd silent until late on. We go again. COYR
  2. Matchday 13 – Saturday 16th October 1971 & a visit to Old Trafford to take on league leaders Man Utd Unfortunately, the last unbeaten record in the division was to go as Derby fell to a 1-0 defeat here in front of 53,400 – Utd’s winner coming courtesy of George Best just after half time. Here’s Alan Hinton taking on two Utd defenders from the game.. Programme of the day from Old Trafford.. Derby stayed in 4th place despite the defeat but now lay 4 points behind Man Utd. A good day for the leaders as Sheffield Utd lost again & Man City were beaten at Leeds;
  3. Some parallels with another much-maligned businessman who emerged last time we were in this much trouble - Robert Maxwell in 1984. Maxwell already had a very chequered business record by the time he rescued us & in 1983 had tried to merge Oxford & Reading. Although he was very unpopular by the time he left, he brought Arthur Cox to the club, funded our rise back to the top division & did eventually leave us in a much better state than he found us in. Am not a big fan of Mike Ashley at all but he does seem to have a sensible if uninspiring approach to running a football club - exactly what we need. If the interest is true, he will only be investing to sell us at a profit & the only way he does that is by repairing the club & leaving us either Premiership or on the verge (i.e. like GSE left us in 2014). Not especially interested in Newcastle fans' take on this - whatever Ashley's faults, at least he doesn't head a regime that actively persecutes its own citizens & murders dissidents. Their nauseating self-pity over the past few months has really got up my nose too - other than a couple of years in the mid 90s, they've been an irrelevance since the 1950's.
  4. Matchday 12 – Saturday 9th October 1971 & Spurs were the visitors to the BBG The TV cameras returned to catch this top end of the table clash… Goals from Todd & McFarland only enough to secure a 2-2 draw - curiously, this was the 3rd time the cameras had featured Derby this season & all three were 2-2 home draws. This draw was also our 7th after only 12 games – (spoiler alert) we would only have 3 more draws in the remaining 30 league games of the season… Pre-match Cloughie in typically robust mood about recent signings Roger Davies & Graham Moseley, as well as cup outings at Dundee & Leeds… Derby’s draw saw them slip into 4th behind Man City on goal average. Elsewhere, Sheffield Utd’s second consecutive defeat saw them replaced at the top by Man Utd, who won at Huddersfield;
  5. Yep Black & White Together were there too & I follow them also. Not sure it they cast for questions before the meeting though...didnt catch their tweets beforehand. RT got an email chain with bit more detail on there that BWT obviously limited with given they largely operate on Twitter (that I've seen) Room for all groups & no factionalism though. We're all Derby 👍
  6. Entirely agree. It was my question on the ticket IDs that got asked & not convinced by the 'Covid restrictions' answer when like you say, you don't have to do the same for restaurants/hotels etc. Probably needs challenging further in terms of what the specific provision is & who is setting it. My point about casual fans was that the current system doesnt lend itself well to bringing a non-Derby supporting mate or a child without loads of admin. This will be putting some folk off & will limit us to committed fans. A key mantra of successful businesses is to make buying what you are selling the easiest process possible... As an aside, would encourage members to join RT to be able to a) pose questions & b) hear directly from their meetings with the administrators. Sounds like they will be meeting them regularly over the coming weeks👍
  7. It is a remarkable defensive statistic & the approach has been entirely correct. Make sure we are difficult to beat & then build out from that. With regard to improving our attacking threat, its obviously a tough one given the limitations of our squad. Given we know Baldock isn't likely to score many, I feel we need to give Stretton plenty of game time to see if he can develop into a regular scorer. There's also an argument for us moving to 3-5-2 when Kazim returns with Stretton or Baldock playing off him...this would keep us defensively solid but give us more & varied outlets up top. Listening to Rosenior in the week highlighted just how hard the coaching team are working with the players to improve them & the team dynamic. I was struck by his comment about 8 of the squad achieving sprint PBs & Im guessing the coaching will also extend to decision making & situational awareness. We've already seen great strides in how we knock the ball around & our discipline...the next stage is getting so good at that we routinely cut the opposition open. That creates more chances & you'd think, more goals.
  8. I think you're referring to the 2-2 home draw against Southampton a couple of weeks earlier..youtube footage on previous page. Todd did indeed deliberately handle the ball (cracking save to be fair) but back in those days, it wasn't a sending off offence.
  9. "Hey Derby fans, Really sorry your club has gone into administration but I still deserve my multi million pound payout because my leg hurt a lot & as I was the innocent victim here, I've decided to do a PR piece focusing on me & how your money is helping to compensate me. Lots of people in football agreed with me - here are their names. I've employed a life coach to look at certain aspects of my character but obviously still can't take any responsibility for my role in what happened. Pretty unreasonable for me to notice how leathered my driver was, to put on a seltbelt or remember that as a senior player & captain, perhaps I should be acting as the grown up here. Obviously still love Derby & would be happy to be paid by the club again in some capacity in the future." Utter contempt.
  10. Matchday 11 – Saturday 2nd October 1971 & a visit to St James Park, Newcastle Newcastle came into the game in 16th place & the Rams justified their superior placing with Alan Hinton’s goal giving them a 1-0 win in front of 32,040. Match report suggests the scoreline probably flattered the Geordies a smidge.. Programme of the day at St James Park... Derby’s win on Tyneside kept them in 3rd place. Elsewhere, the top of the table clash at Old Trafford saw Man Utd beat Sheffield Utd 2-0 to end the visitors’ unbeaten start to the season. That result left Derby as the only unbeaten side in the division after 11 games & cut the gap to Sheffield Utd to 2 points;
  11. I actually think the timing of a further deduction is as much an impediment as anything. We currently have 12 points deducted but are now back into positive points & with a good October, could well be off the bottom. Its clear the situation has galvanised the team & our record of W3 D4 L3 is far better than any of us could have imagined at the start of August. We're also improving performance wise - watching us last night highlighted just how far we've come since the opening day. Now to do the hard yards, drag ourselves back into the pack & then be cast adrift again by a further 9 points in Nov/Dec is something that psychologically is going to weigh heavy on the club & the players. It will also jeopardise our chances of being sold as prospective buyers still don't have the clarity they need to make an informed multi million pound investment. We desperately need a resolution in the next 2 weeks - if its 9 points & the EFL still refuse to show clemency in view of their role in this fiasco, then the administrators are just delaying the inevitable by not accepting it asap. The business plan attached to a points deduction is a separate issue & would be largely imposed given we've gone into administration in the first place. Assuming we get the 9 point deduction quickly & closure on the charge uncertainty, I think we will see a 'nothing to lose' attitude from the squad & management. As others have said, getting to 67-70 points on performance alone isn't totally outlandish looking at how well we're playing, no expectations on the team & with Bielik to return but the chances are still very slim. The longer the 9 points aren't deducted though, the harder this becomes.
  12. Couldn't give a stuff what opposition fans think of us. I realised the other day I absolutely detest every club in this division. The constant opportunism from their owners in the face of our misery, sanctimonious fans preaching about us 'cheating' when they can't be bothered to read the facts of the charges & the EFL's conduct, teams full of diving thugs pandered to by complicit referees, scumbag fans relishing the news we might get liquidated... Turned on the box yesterday just as Middlesdump were kicking off against Sheffield someone or other & I wanted to put my foot through the telly. Let the tinpots enjoy their moment, we'll be back.
  13. Well played Derby - good performance that against a decent opponent. Nice mix of game management tonight. First 25 mins played some great stuff, pinging the ball around & they struggled to squeeze the space - Forsyth particularly prominent & fitting that he got the goal. Thereafter Reading had a good spell as they did for 15 mins around the hour mark but we dug in, were well organised & defended well. Really pleased for Allsop too - couple of shaky performances in the League Cup but he was excellent tonight. Two fantastic saves (one in each half), some routine saves & good with the ball at his feet also. Elsewhere, thought Knight right side was a lot better than I thought he'd be - he & Byrne combined well particularly first half & his running into space was a feature of our counter attacks - just disappointed he didn't put Stretton in just before he came off. Shout out for Stearman also who was very solid deputising for Jagielka. Obviously they had a lot of late pressure but thought we looked reasonably comfortable & wasn't too concerned we'd throw it away. Important psychologically now that we've got back into positive points - if we can follow this up with another victory v Swansea on Saturday (who have just chased Fulham around the park all night) then we can start to think about reeling in Hull. All small steps. Last word for the fans - magnificent all night & looked like a decent turnout in the end from the tellybox. I had a ticket for tonight but unfortunately tested positive for Covid on Monday so couldn't go - don't think I've ever been as disappointed to miss a match, really wanted to be there to roar on the lads. The team will have fed off that support tonight though & there were plenty of compliments on Sky about the backing we got. COYR
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