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  1. 1. MK Dons 2. Juventus 3. Leicester 4. West Ham 5. Crystal Palace I don't hate Leeds. I think they're funny. Forest are just a bit too pathetic to hate - even in our current state.
  2. There's also a familiar theme with these late goals...they tend to be in home matches v limited opposition. We've dropped 6 points from conceding late against Wycombe, Coventry, Preston & Rotherham...all whilst under Rooney. I think the gameplan against these sides needs a rethink. Playing 2 battlers in midfield (Knight & Shinnie) leaves us with precious little attacking threat when you consider the opposition just sit back & nullify the threat from the wingers. Yesterday was a prime example with Jozwiak & Waghorn spectators for a lot of it & made us reliant on Buchana
  3. I did say 20th place a couple of weeks ago but that's starting to look a long shot as things stand. We look pretty good against teams that give us a bit of space (Swansea, Birmingham after they conceded early) but any side that congests the middle is able to easily neuter us. There needs to be flexibility & variety to beat sides that set up like this (mostly bottom half sides) but I see previous few signs from Rooney he is able to positively affect a game once it has started. Today Bielik was being sat on & Kazim wasnt getting anything into him...that wasnt addressed at any stage
  4. Which Academy graduates do you feel have been forced on the team & arent up to scratch? I suspect the progression of so many graudates under Cocu was more to do with his stated passion for bringing kids through (as he demonstrated at PSV) rather than financial constraints. Think we'll have to agree to disagree on the causes of our current malaise. We've bought very erratically in the main over the past 5 years exacerbated by the constant change in style favoured by managers...those mistakes have cost far more than the Academy has. There are previous few first team signings that h
  5. Well done Rotherham - totally deserved that win. Goal wrongly ruled out for offside first half, totally neutered Bielik, one off the line with 5 mins to go & hit the post also. We are in a lot of trouble.
  6. Bielik being absolutely marked out of the game - need Bird on to share the load in there,
  7. I think those 4 are a bit better than 'one first choice & 3 squad players' - Buchanan is first choice (Forsyth coming in for selective games), Bird was first choice for a few months (and will be once Shinnie's form drops off) & Sibley has also had a stretch of first team starts. £5m is an incredibly conservative estimate for 4 players who could be expected to all start first team matches & you're also not factoring in the clear benefit from a FFP point of view of having players come into the squad with 100% saleable value. Your theory also places massive reliance on our scouti
  8. I imagine that would come from the player himself (& especially his advisors). Players are only one bad injury away from losing their edge & bad runs of form can strike at any time so sadly dont think a gradual introduction is an option if he's as good as the reported interest suggests.
  9. Fair play for putting your neck out & outlining your argument but couldn't disagree more. The Academy is not the reason we are in danger of relegation. The reason we are in danger is because of a) a lack of funds to strengthen in key areas because of poor permanent signings/expensive loan gambles in previous years that didnt pay off & b) a lack of faith from the previous manager in the style of play he initially advocated (and which had garnered results Jan-July) instead regressing to a no risk, defensive & confusing 'style'. Knight, Bird, Buchanan & Sibley have been
  10. He may well get an opportunity at some point but he won't be seeing first team football for a few months (especially with both challenging for the title) & thats likely to be limited to sub cameos. Thats unlikely to improve the streetsmarts of a lad who hasnt really played first team football with us yet. He needs to be playing first team football most weeks to develop & he has a more realistic chance of doing that here asap. Would like to think his advisors are considering the long game...imminent first team exposure, working under Rooney/Rosenior, lesser media glare rather than
  11. Derby 1 Good of you to turn up 1, FRGS Knight
  12. Definite truth in this & think it applied to not just the players but the fans as well. We expended so much emotional energy at Leeds that the playoff final almost felt like an anti-climax. Whilst the post match celebrations on the pitch at Leeds were justified, I dont think the beers after were & Lampard probably made an error not calming it all down...we still had a job to do a few days later. For whats its worth I dont think Marriott starting would have changed much, the malaise was across the whole team. Thought the fans were pretty ordinary at Wembley too. Our end was constan
  13. Something must have moved for this to have been announced today. If we were as skint & doomed as some of the media clowns believe, there's a) no way we'd have offered a multi year contract deal for a new manager & b) no way Rooney would have accepted if he thought the recent upheaval was going to be a recurring theme. I'm still far from convinced of the merits of Rooney as a permanent manager nor do I think I'll be warming to him as a bloke anytime soon but would still wish him the very best & hope its the first highly successful step of his managerial career. Assuming McClare
  14. I don't think they've done it deliberately - its more that some of the investor funds that were promised from the outset of the initial bid have since dropped out. May in part be the changed global conditions, may be just timewasters at their end. Reality is BZG Group are a UAE version of GSE & without those wealthy backers, their bid becomes meaningless. The delay has probably come from them urgently seeking replacement investors - not a good time to enlist people to fund a loss-making second tier English football club though. Whilst not evidence, there was a tweet put out by a BBC f
  15. Must be missing something here but the chances of the club disappearing are very very low. Assuming Mel can't fund the club & the takeover is finally revealed as a sham (with no other buyer in the wings), the most likely route is administration - whereby the accountants come in & run the club for however long it takes to put it on a sound financial footing & then find a buyer. Yes, it would mean a firesale of players, a points deduction & certain relegation but after all the cost cutting, there'd be no shortage of buyers. The key unknown is the Dell Group, the charges they
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