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  1. Ha, no worse than usual! I just struggle to think of a club with a worse rap sheet than us but we're still here. Football in general & being Derby especially is a bit masochistic. Very early 40s 😉 Bint is a well used term up here in West Yorkshire 👍
  2. Not really 10 reasons why I love Derby - more 10 reasons why the support this club has is so special. A club that has lurched endlessly between fleeting glory and absolute disaster but one that you can't help being very defensive about. An endless soap opera but that badge and that shirt - just can't beat it. I hear Leeds fans whingeing every week about hard done to they are - they've got little to compare to this craziness 1. Lost first 3 FA Cup Finals – all in the space of 5 years 2. Last FA Cup final defeat was a record defeat for 116 years 3. Lost our sole European Cup semi final in 1973 after the ref was bribed by Juventus 4. Allowed our most successful manager to walk away….and saw him win the European Cup with the wannabes up the road. Twice. 5. Having to be grateful to serial crook Robert Maxwell for saving us from liquidation 6. Being denied a place in Europe on 2 separate occasions, once because of crap accountancy, the other because of Liverpool fans 7. Curse of the ex-player but we even manage to let our ex-goalkeeper score against us in injury time 8. The only British club I’m aware of with over half a board of directors convicted of fraud – courtesy of the 3 Amigos 9. The horror of 2007/08. Manager wants to leave at Wembley, 11 points, Paul Jewell banging some bint on the front page 10. The only British club I think to have sacked their club captain after a bunch of players thought drink driving was a wise life choice
  3. As per some chat on the Derby flag thread, our away top redesigned as the flag of Derbyshire
  4. Deserves its own thread that! Let's see what folk can come up with!
  5. The infuriating thing is he could well have been suited to our plight. We never had the talent that year to outplay teams & generally were on the back foot - perfect riposte to that would have been a counter-attacking style & with Earnshaw's pace and finishing, I'm sure he could have contributed a lot more than he did.
  6. Seem to remember Forest finally moving into the auto promotion spots in League One that day too. A perfect storm.
  7. Plenty of shockers & interestingly, most have been our largest spends either overall or at the time. Anyone would think there's a lesson to be learnt.. Blackman was very poor but you could tell his confidence was absolutely shot early on, never settled. Claude Davis was also poor but again, tried hard & in fairness looked a very good defender at Preston & even Sheff Utd. The worst for me was Robert Earnshaw. Clearly didnt want to be here, then went to the treetards & clearly relished scoring against us. The lad had talent too & I'd initially been very excited when we signed him.
  8. It's incredibly unfair to use the last part of a manager's reign to tarnish his overall time with the club. It's like saying Jim Smith wasnt any good because we stopped competing for European places or Arthur Cox wasnt much cop because we went down in 1991. Were it not for Nigel Clough, this club would have gone down to League One & given the mess we were in 2009, could well have stayed there for a while. Yes, he was conservative & the side at the start of 13/14 was showing signs of being capable of a top 6 side but he built that squad on a relative shoestring out of the rubble of 07/08. One of our better managers without a doubt.
  9. The only reason for which we have to be grateful to Middlesbrough. Dont imagine he'd be too complimentary of our current 'leaders' if he were still around Happy Birthday Mr Clough
  10. I would add to this the fact that everyone in the West, particularly our Governments, were well aware of the situation in Hubei Province, then China as a whole throughout January & early Feb and brought in absolutely zero measures to stop it reaching the UK/Europe. Even when the epidemic reached Northern Italy, we still had the Health Secretary merely asking (not requiring) people travelling from there to self-isolate. We still haven't got widespread testing in place so its complete guesswork who has it, who has had it & who hasn't yet had it. South Korea have brought in a massive testing programme & greatly reduced new cases. This virus is either serious or it isnt. The actions of this Government (and many European Governments) has been to go from monitoring the situation to outright panic & draconian measures in a matter of 3 weeks and it's the general public who are suffering. Their actions border on the negligent.
  11. I'd agree with this. Docherty didnt inherit a great platform in the same way Mackay did but no doubt made some poor decisions, mainly which players he sold. Suspect some of Docherty's approach at Derby was shaped by his time at Man Utd earlier in the 70s. Again he'd taken over a recently successful club that had a core of ageing players & with a very successful previous manager recently gone. By his own admission Docherty was too slow to bring about changes to Man Utd, persisted with George Best for too long & failed to bring fresh blood to the team until it was too late...they ended up getting relegated in 1973. There's a good documentary on BT Sport about his time there called 'Too Good To Go Down' Also agree Phil Brown is the poorest manager of the modern era considering his neanderthal tactics, total lack of rapport with the fans & having inherited a decent squad from Burley. Paul Jewell is harder to judge...although he was ultimately a spectacular failure, he walked into a terrible situation. He always looked like a guy who was overwhelmed by the task...wrong appointment at the wrong time. He admitted he didnt want the job until the summer but had been persuaded by Adam Pearson to join sooner.
  12. Italy have a disproportionately large % of their population over the age of 65, higher than anyone else in Europe. Therefore with more vulnerable citizens, I'd expect their overall mortality rate to be higher. As to Government's performance, I have no idea why preventative measures werent brought in much sooner. We had the Health Secretary initially asking folk to self-isolate when reality is selfishness, need to work & boredom meant many wouldn't have. It's either serious or it's not. Flights werent restricted from incoming risk countries, no widespread testing, it's been a haphazard approach. Regarding the actual football (!), problem is we've no idea when this will end so EFL & Premier League are going to waste a lot of time chatting about scenarios that never come to pass. I think the season does have to finish, if we get beyond June/July maybe some kind of playoff system for those competing for titles, promotion & relegation with goal handicaps based on points accrued before season was suspended. They may also use the timing of World Cup 2022 in Qatar to change the traditional timing of the domestic season (it was going to cause massive upheaval anyway being a winter World Cup)
  13. Good to see the usual 'one or the other' debate playing out here - both of you have missed the nuance in my original post. I said it would be a mixed blessing if we went up but at no stage have I said 'I don't want us to get promoted'. Like most on here, I'd be delighted if we surged into the top 6 & won at Wembley. But that is tempered by my belief that we're not strong enough to compete in the division above. It seems clear we're building a squad around the young players coming out of the Academy - that's the model now, not big name signings (the exceptions being Rooney who of course is here as much for the coaching gig as the playing side & Bielik but I suspect that's it going forward). Whilst this is now starting to pay dividends, the reality is Sibley only made his first league start last week, Bird has only been a regular for 2.5 months & Knight only became a starter a few weeks before Bird. We've seen with Jayden Bogle this season that young players need patience & often have quite large fluctuations in form - particularly after initial promising starts. Now imagine that pressure in the division above. Both of you also believe that the TV money in the division above means we can go on a spending spree. My question to that is a) where does that leave the Academy if you're just going to supplant them with ready made players & b) 19 other clubs in the division have exactly the same/additional financial spending power. What makes you think we'd be able to attract Premiership standard players over other clubs in the division above? Finally, absolutely do not confuse my reservations with a lack of ambition. I'm thoroughly sick of this division & desperately want Derby to be in the division above. I also want us to be competing at the top end of the division above & when I see teams like Leicester & Sheffield Utd vying for Champions League spots, I think why the hell couldn't we do exactly the same. But I do not want a repeat of 2007/08 & the idea Derby would be better long term for another experience like that is something I will never ever agree with.
  14. Take away the emotion of it - what does promotion actually mean? It means your club is too good to play in this division & hence is being moved to the division above. A club like Derby isn't going to be able to go up & start signing loads of quality Prem players to compete, therefore we're going to have to rely largely on the team we went up with. If that team was only barely good enough to go up in the first place (with plenty on here saying we were in relegation trouble at Christmas), what chances do you think that same team would have at a much higher standard of competition? And we're going to have to agree to disagree on your last statement. 2007-08 is an experience I never ever want this club to repeat. What on earth was the benefit to us of either that season or the subsequent seasons back in the Championship?
  15. They were focused on offloading the club as they lacked the financial resource to fund a competitive Premiership team plus Derby was not seen as an attractive destination for players we wanted at realistic prices. They had taken ownership 12 months earlier, at a time when we had a skeleton squad & only one recognised striker on the books (Peschisolido) and so needed to put in millions to even keep us Championship competitive. When we did get up, we were largely rebuffed by players who would have wanted obscene money to come to Derby (Nugent & Kenwyne Jones spring to mind, there were others) - money that wasn't available. If anything that proves my point as the squad required further massive investment when they got up in 2007 to be competitive in the division above. A promoted side simply can not expect to add 5/6 first team starters & realistically hope to survive - look at Sheffield Utd this season, Bournemouth, Burnley & Leicester before them. All kept the nucleus of promoted teams (that were the culmination of 2/3 good seasons), with a couple of additions & all have survived comfortably. Successful sides are not thrown together, they evolve into good teams. Blackpool is a strange choice of club to cite. Promotion in their case definitely led to an ultimately bad outcome as it enabled Oystons to rampantly asset-strip the club so badly it collapsed 3 divisions in 4 years. Prior to that promotion they'd advanced slowly but surely up the leagues even with those appalling owners
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