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  1. Certainly the best 2 hours of my Derby supporting life! Their best team for 15 years, top 2 all year, they'd done the 'hard work' at PP....and we stuffed them out of sight! Their faces at the end 🤣 'Take your scarves, eff off home' booming around Elland Road!! I was very gracious in victory at work the next day 🤣🤣
  2. You're not the only one - so pleased for Tomori today & lovely to see all 3 loanees from last year have already made positive impacts this season. Just shows how spoilt we were last season! Also wish Lampard & Morris all the best, the pick up in results suggest they're learning the harsh lessons quickly.
  3. Totally agree with the OP. Last night was our first 'proper line up' with the midfield we've been waiting for since Bielek signed & the signs looked promising. With the truncated pre-season & a new manager onboard, it was always going to be a slowish start but theres a good team waiting to fire here. Although I totally agree Forest shouldnt be a consideration, some fans will judge Derby based on the treetards' short term pick up. Is important that the many who back Project Cocu continue to preach patience. Leeds away next up might not be pleasant but come Christmas, we'll be in the mix.
  4. Ah yes, Bottlejob Utd - last seen bawling their eyes out on a lovely May evening... Same team please bar Jozefzoon in for suspended Lawrence. Is an argument for taking Huddlestone out & putting someone more mobile in but that would restrict Bielek's influence. I do suspect its going to be a tough afternoon for us. We're clearly in a development phase as a team whereas they've had well over a season to mould their team & style. They will also be very motivated to try & 'avenge' May as if a regular League game comes close to a playoff semi. Still, can't legislate for stupid.
  5. It'll be their Cup Final after we humiliated them on their own turf in May. Tough afternoon but brighter times ahead for us Stop crying West Yorkshire 3 Derby 0
  6. Should have won that but I'm not too disheartened. Played well in patches but team still looks as if its learning to play together, a few individual errors & our midfield of course never having played together before. That said, Bielek and Holmes were excellent but believe they'll get even better. That for me is our best team bar Bogle coming back into the side. If we can keep consistency of selection, we'll start picking up results. No doubt about it. Good also to see Jozefzoon make a positive impact from the bench & of course, Martin back. I personally don't see him as a regular starter but a great option to have in certain games. Onwards & upwards.
  7. Bielek & Holmes having the effect we hoped for, both look very bright indeed. Final ball still not quite there but much more dynamism overall. Lawrence needs to get more involved though. @Kinder called it spot on, Clarke looks very edgy, not the same confident lad we saw last month although I dont think hes been that bad. Keogh needs to talk him through the second half. Roos also needs to try & catch the ball more and not be afraid to slow the game down rather than restarting before everyone is ready.
  8. I think he's more pantomime villain than anything, a lot of his outbursts do tend to be delivered with a glint in his eye. Think hes got a soft spot for Derby too...he's spoken about having wanted to manage us in the past. His record as a manager is superb, only ever failed at Leeds & even that was more 'meh' than outright disaster. I think he'll be missed by more than would admit when he does retire.
  9. True but their turnover (and average crowds/fanbase) aren't as large as ours. I should point out that I think the chances of making an accounting profit in the Championship is pretty unlikely - I'm referring to the positive cashflow that would be generated as a result of a low wage bill (vs a relatively high turnover) & the chances of that being extracted out of the club. FFP does allow losses to an extent so this could potentially cover the overheads of 'management fees' to distant new owners. Again true to a point but presumably any new owners would focus on using the Academy as the foundation for the side.
  10. Agree that the scale of Derby's appeal will be nowhere near Man Utd or Liverpool but there is still an attraction to the club for those financing a buyout. Derby's turnover has been around £30m for the past couple of years & our wage bill has been circa £50m. That could be reduced to a level where turnover far exceeds costs & hence freeing up cash to pay the loan payments (and presumably high interest) that backers would require to finance the deal. To illustrate my point, both Brentford's & Sheffield Utd's wage bill was less than £20m in 2018, so in theory a competitive Championship side could still be constructed for a much lower wage bill. Add into the mix the standing of Derby's academy & the pool of talent coming which could be fast-tracked to replace older, higher paid players. I do believe in running a club prudently (i.e. within its means) but the difference with a leveraged buyout is that a new owner could potentially take large amounts of cash out of the business as 'management fees' in addition to loan repayment fees by making drastic wage savings that wouldn't ultimately benefit the club. A counter-argument could then go 'well it'd be in everyone's interest then for the team to be competitive otherwise turnover will drop' - yes but Derby's support is noted as being particularly loyal even in pretty bleak times. One league gate below 20,000 in 22 years at Pride Park. No other club in our division can boast that - not Sheffield Wednesday, not Forest & not even Leeds.
  11. Gillett & Hicks were absolutely despised & ultimately driven out of Liverpool. They tried to fund the club takeover by saddling it with debt using the club as security, undermined Benitez who was in charge at the time & then fell out with each other. Basically they tried to copy the Glazer model at Man Utd - purely aimed at extracting massive sums of cash out of the club but significantly less competent. I hope the later rebuttals on this thread are right - any association with Gillett would be a disaster for Derby County.
  12. Derby 2 Swim Away Crew 1 FRGS Waghorn
  13. Not often I've ever said this but Holloway talks a lot of sense in that interview. Some of our more 'emotional' fans might want to have a listen. Cocu is probably starting to realise the burden of expectation here - to be so consistently around the top 6 since 2013 has been impressive but also immensely frustrating & I totally understand that some fans are getting fed up. Problem is we will not progress as a club until a manager has had enough time to stamp his mark on this club - to be fair to Morris, both Rowett and Lampard walked but we seem to starting afresh every few months. Fans getting irate is only going to prolong that vicious circle. I actually don't think we're far from being pretty decent. There's not much concern about us defensively and we have some enviable attacking talent for this division. The sticking point (as it has been for a while) is midfield. I don't believe you can play 2 midfielders as languid as Huddlestone and Dowell in the same team but fully believe that Bielek and Holmes will be in there before long. We may at that point start to see the best of Dowell with a more dominant foundation behind him. We were floundering last year until Bradley Johnson was brought back into the team & expect Bielek to have a bigger impact. The higher up the pitch we win back possession, the more dangerous we'll be.
  14. You're probably right but Clarke started very well this season, it's strange how quickly hes dropped out of favour. Bielek starting at DCM & a runner like Holmes would transform this team. I'm sure Cocu recognises this as you say though
  15. I'm a little perplexed by a couple of the selections myself. Not sure why Clarke isnt starting & why Bielek & Holmes arent starting in midfield. I totally applaud Cocu for being so brave putting youngsters in but feel we might need to be a little bit more solid first. On the wider point, we're not going anywhere until we have a manager able to build his own team. Fully accept Lampard & Rowett walked but patience is needed, Cocu's track record is good enough to ask that. Want someone with 'Championship experience'? What's Alan Pardew doing these days...?
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