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  1. Another small London club 2 Derby 1, FRGS Waghorn
  2. Yes, an interesting one. Bird has shown more in 6 weeks at DCM than Evans has in his entire Derby career - if you factor Shinnie in too, Evans would be a 3rd choice DCM as things stand. Evans always looked a bit lost at DCM if I'm honest - often very deep, his passing stats were quite poor for someone in that position (where you'd expect a lot of safe sideways balls) and he never showed for the ball as much as Bird does. Bird controls the tempo of the game, Evans looks like an auxiliary defender pushed slightly further forward. I do think there's a CB in there though. Evans is good in the air, not bad positionally & he is comfortable on the ball. He has covered there a couple of times (most notably Bristol City away last yr) but it'd be good to give him an extended run there & see if we can solve our CB issues internally.
  3. Derby 1 Gary Rowett's nemesis 1, FRGS Waghorn
  4. Absolutely not. Its the reference to the colour of their skin that is the aggravating factor & its pretty disingenuous to suggest naming a player to then criticise would lead to the same reaction. He may have had a legitimate comment to make about young players but he didn't reference Max Bird (despite having criticised him earlier) Why do you think he was talking about young players as a whole when he stated 'all the young black lads'? He was being specific
  5. Seems inconsistent with your position. Dont understand how you think they can be justified in being offended but you see no fault/singling out in the comments Ramage made? Re Michael Johnson (and Jason Roberts), the reason they will wade in is because of casual racism they suffered as young black players starting out & as young black lads in society in general. They had to 'put up with it' at a time when racism was nowhere near as taboo as it is now & will want to protect young players on the receiving end of it now. Sure it's not as explicit now as it was in the 80s (with the odd shocking exception) but it's the insinuations & lazy stereotypes that still pervade and that Raheem Sterling rightly called the Daily Mail out on last year & that Max Lowe is seeking to do so here.
  6. Not just mine. Do you think Max Lowe is justified in being offended by those comments?
  7. Yes he has. He is talking about their 'commitment' in the context of the match & in the immediate aftermath of the match. Fine incidentally if he had a specific issue with the 2 players & they happened to be black/mixed raced but then he specifies their skin colour.
  8. Eh? Ramage has singled out players of colour whilst criticising a disappointing display. What on earth would Michael Johnson have to apologise for? And why the mention of Jason Roberts? Because he refuses to normalise casual racism by turning the other cheek & staying quiet?
  9. That flag does get everywhere, is always at the cricket & seem to remember it at the football too. I also saw it on the other side of the Sapporo Dome when at the England v Tonga RWC match in Japan recently. Looked like a steward told him/her/them to take it down but it re-appeared in the second half 🐏
  10. Well done Max Lowe for calling Ramage out initially. Well done Liam Rosenior for calling out BBC Radio Derby. Both Ramage & whoever made the call to cover it up must be removed with immediate effect. Absolutely disgusts me that this kind of nonsense is still going on in 2020
  11. I wasnt impressed with Bielik at CB. His erratic positioning, lack of concentration & impulsiveness in the tackle makes him ill-suited to that role. Charlton fans had a very similar view that he was only effective when played at DCM. I think a base of Bielik and Bird in front of the back 4 is a very decent foundation for the team in the future though. The one area where we are weak in midfield is physicality & Bielik would undoubtedly improve that.
  12. Derby 2 Leeds' little brother 1, FRGS Waghorn
  13. Rooney undoubtedly but I do think Max Bird's inclusion in the side (and great form) has changed the dynamic of the team. Cocu likes possession football, we now have a midfield that is capable of delivering that. Pleased you're feeling more optimistic about things though. I'm sure there will be plenty of work on set pieces over the next few days!!
  14. What a bizarre game. Take away 10 mins either side of half time & our appalling set piece defending, we actually played well. Dominated them at times, only criticism being (like Luton) we didnt create that much until that last 25 mins. Bit more cutting edge, massive improvement needed on set pieces & we'll be tough to stop.
  15. As @Andicis rightly says, crediting the improvement with Rooney's arrival is too simplistic. We grabbed a late equaliser at Wigan in a game we could easily have lost & then went on to beat Charlton with 10 men before Rooney arrived. Both games took massive character to grab results in & I think restored some of the confidence that had been absolutely battered throughout December. For me, Max Bird's introduction to the side has also been vital to this resurgence. Whilst Rooney has been impressive, there's no way he could have carried this midfield by himself & to be fair, he was a little quiet in general play during his first 2/3 games. We needed a stable influence in front of the back 4 & another outlet for possession and Bird has filled that role very well. In turn, that has released Holmes to be much more dynamic & get more involved at the business end of the pitch. Sorting the midfield was always the key issue & an in-form midfield of Bird, Rooney & Holmes is very good for this league. Whilst the good run has been great to see, we will have bad spells again but I don't think we'll hit the depths of December again. I've always been adamant Cocu was the right man for us & his subs at Swansea (and their impact) spoke of a man in increasing control of his job. The injuries have started to clear up (Bielik apart) & the excellent foundation given by the Academy is starting to bear fruit - I'm very excited at what this squad can achieve over the next year or so.
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