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  1. Being greedy and thinking it's always good to have options (and it's not my money), please could we have both?
  2. "snowflake": used to try and make the victim of an earlier offensive insult appear to be the person at fault. A way of justifying something that really is inexcusable - a bit like putting your hazard lights on when stopping in a bus stop, on double yellows or in a disabled parking bay.
  3. Who signed up first? Martin or Joswiak? Anyhow, we'll never know the truth about Martin. It might not have been anything to do with money, lengths of contacts or even football. Maybe he wanted to move out of the area. Could be anything.
  4. Also... We were under an embargo. Also... We didn't know what Martin would do. Also.... Transfers take time. Also.... Premier League clubs only loan out when they're sure of what they've got... So near the end of the window. I am pretty sure any club won't work through a list of positions in a serial order but work on them in parallel.
  5. "sideways passing" used by people who don't watch the games but who want to jump on the Cocu out bandwagon.
  6. So many topics on similar lines....can they not be merged? Anyhow...here's my thoughts....
  7. I can understand the doubts that you both express. There are things that puzzle and concern me and I'm big on Cocu-in. But, come on, just 3 games in. We still do not have the new signings or the injured players back in the team. There is still a piece missing from the jigsaw (CF, though I think there's also a case for a LB). I think @86 Schmokes & a Pancake said give him two years.....I think that's fair, especially after the first season which was beyond farce.
  8. Do you remember the transfer embargo? It took longer than we'd hope to bring in the new players. Now, we're trying to get them fit. Similarly, we're still trying to get the attacking players fit. Do you not make allowances for any of that? Yes, the performances have been poor. But there are reasons. It's not just black and white (see what I did there?).
  9. This was in regard to: Because he can do the major rebuilding programme We know that Chris Martin turned down the offer of a new contract and that has upset you (and me - he would be great in this side) but, aside from him, the sale of the fullbacks was necessary in order to wheel and deal. The majority of people have been pleased with the new signings. Though some of the academy players had made the occasional appearances, most people agree that Cocu's method of introducing them is for their benefit and the club's. Do you not give him any credit for that rebuilding programme? I
  10. Because he can do the major rebuilding programme while at the same time getting the team of non-injured squad and academy players performing scintillating football and chalking up wins. Realism <-----------------------------------------------------------> "Cocu outers" (far apart)
  11. Fair enough but it's the market that we're in. Besides, people have been saying for a long time that we should be scouting European leagues for bargains. Let's hope that, if we do sign him, that's how it turns out.
  12. Awww. Had you set your heart on Harry Kane or Danny Ings?
  13. Yeah I agree with that. I've had lots of disagreements with @RoyMac5 recently and even posted a mock poll myself, jibing at his negativity towards Cocu. However, this real poll is taking things too far (no we don't need a poll on a poll about a poll). We are all Derby. We all want the best for the club and the team, even if we disagree on how to achieve that. This forum is generally great, helps me keep in touch with the Rams. However, one or two posts recently have been a bit too much like Twitter overspill. COYR 🐏
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