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  1. Harry Wi.....ooh. Ok, Mason Mou.....ooh. It's whoever has the confidence and nerve to grab the ball. Well done Waggy.
  2. Yeah, nice. But I still think Lawrence can produce if played centrally. So I'd play Rooney as one of the two attacking midfielders, alongside Holmes, Dowell or Knight.
  3. I agree completely. I just don't like playing left footed full backs at right back and vice versa (though David Nish did alright). I think the other triangle, at the top of a diamond, may also be key, especially given our lack of quality wingers... Lawrence Waghorn Marriott
  4. Let's shake it up... Roos Keogh Bielik Clarke Lowe Evans Knight Shinnie Lawrence Waghorn Marriott I'd actually prefer Bielik in midfield so you could move him to DM and Evans to RB, Keogh back in the middle. Only temporary until Bogle, Wisdom or Anya are fit again. Lawrence better as No.10. Marriott has to play. But so, too, does Waggy. It works having them together. The three of them can interchange, drift wide etc.
  5. The best in my time (and that includes the 72 side). And note: not a winger amongst them, though Zak drifted out wide and Gemmill, from midfield, was everywhere down the left side of the pitch.
  6. Marriott has to get in the team, he's a natural finisher. Look how he snaffled the chances last season - when he played!! Imagine not playing Hector, Davison or Saunders.
  7. Diamond... Roos Bogle Keogh Clarke Lowe Bielik Bennett* Holmes Lawrence Marriott Waghorn * Or Dowell, Paterson, Sibley or Knight. From January....Rooney 😁
  8. The diamond might work well, it did against Leeds, with a front two of Marriott and Waghorn. It would also allow Lawrence to play at the forward tip of the diamond. I think we're all agreed that he's better centrally as a number 10. A variation would be to have a fluid (Dutch?) front three, interchanging positions... The worry then might be cover for the rampaging full backs.
  9. Sorry. Should have put it in a general section or not bothered at all. It was only petty. Well play off aside, not really. I think they sound everyone up with their spending a year or two ago.
  10. I agree. @DarkFruitsRam7 was right, I'm only jealous really.... We need a creative midfield player of his type and his bond with Villa fans is great for them. I was only trying to cheer myself up after the game against Swansea that we should have won and, again jealousy, seeing Villa after all they spent after pipping us to promotion, have golden boy make a mistake.
  11. Well, I'm happy we had Mount but I'd prefer either of them over Dowell based on what we've seen so far. That said, I'm not being fair to Dowell and should give him more time to settle in. Nevertheless, Sibley and Knight should both keep themselves in Cocu's eyeline.
  12. He gave the ball away for Spurs' winner.
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