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  1. Fair enough. I think the preseason, team bonding session and injuries have made things especially difficult for Cocu though - as they would have whoever the manager. I do think he's experimented with players and systems with a view to next season but, I'd agree, that has contributed to the difficulties. I'd argue it's been necessary in the long run. Hopefully, after Chrimbo with Rooney available, maybe Bielik, Clarke, Hudds and Shinnie back from injury and the first of the new signings arriving, we will start to get a more settled team and formation. Then, I honestly do believe, we will kick on. UTR 🐏
  2. I think the positives are around the noises that the academy staff are making about players seeing a route to the first team. I think we're all agreed the current first team squad is poor BUT, on top of that, injuries have not been kind - especially to Bielik, Huddlestone, Shinnie and that's without mentioning the former captain. There have been some positive displays, good football (Preston, Forest, West Brom, Boro) and fighting performances (Leeds, Birmingham). Nevertheless, I agree the majority of what's been served up has been poo. I'm afraid I just don't think the current lot are capable of much more. (And remember, there were quite a few poo performances under Lampard). I do think we need at least half a new team of higher quality players, so that will cost a lot and take 2-3 windows. So hopefully the investment won't fall foul of FFP. But otherwise, how can anyone expect this squad with 4-8 (depending whether you include the injured) of the better players from last season perform better or finish higher than last season's squad? It seems some people are wanting a short term solution with players running around more, maybe even clagging promotion then plummeting (Billy Davies anyone?) - rather than putting up with some pain while allowing time to build something bigger and better.
  3. So, let's suppose there is a manager capable of getting this squad to "run through brick walls". They're still not going to be able to reach the playoffs. We only just managed that with the three loanees and fewer of our better players out injured. So, really, such a short term solution would merely result in us finishing a few places further up the mid-table than now. Whereas with Cocu, there is a longer term plan. Bring in academy players. Bring in investment so we can afford better quality players. He's not had the chance to do that yet. If there is an appreciation that it is a long term plan, why are folks expecting instant success?
  4. Ok, it was a poor response by me. We all want to be entertained but is it too much to ask that fans understand the reasons why we're where we are? Do folks really think the uninjured players we currently have available are capable of delivering so much more excitement? Really?
  5. "maybe" But it's difficult for me to see how anyone could get that much more out of this squad. Cocu has to be given a fair chance - so far he has not had that.
  6. I didn't say that you were lesser fans - just that you need to appreciate it will take time for Cocu - or anyone else - to turn this around. Equally though, it doesn't mean that we 'Cocu ins' are not just as frustrated with the tosh on display at the moment. I just think that it's almost inevitable given the circumstances and squad of players available. But it's not easy for any of us to get through - we're as one on that.
  7. The length of the contract indicates that Mel understood from the beginning that the team needs a complete rebuild and that that's a long term project. It's a real pity that so many of our fans cannot see it 😒 It's pretty obvious. Also, with the loanees leaving and the long term injuries, we're clearly playing with too many fringe players - from a poor squad anyway - in the team.
  8. What is Cocu doing??? I am just a fan and yet even I can see that we would improve enormously by signing Ederson, Van Dyke, Silva, Sterling, Mane, Kane and Aguero. And don't wait for the January window, sign them now. Obvious.
  9. Well Mount, Tomori and Wilson left to smash it in the Premier League. Keogh made the mistake of a lifetime. Johnson left for more cash in Blackburn. Huddlestone got injured. As did Bennett. Something is going on with Marriott and Waggy has lost form. Roos had had his confidence shattered by the boo boys. The team is now composed of those who last year made the numbers up (Bogle excepted). The star players who left dragged us up to the dizzy heights of sixth.
  10. He's like Gazza though.... You almost don't begrudge the money they earn because you get the feeling they'd play for nothing. You can imagine him not being able to resist a kickabout on a park with some kids with coats for goal posts. He just wants to play.
  11. Looked very dodgy in last night's game. Wouldn't give me any confidence.
  12. Thank you. I wish it was longer - I'll keep searching. Many thanks.
  13. On the RamsTV tribute to TBE, there was a clip of Jim talking with BC at Pride Park. I'd love to see more of that conversation. Anyone got a link? I tried a quick YouTube search but couldn't find it. Thanks
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