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  1. Yeah, very sad. Maybe explains why Cocu was so keen to re-integrate as soon as possible.
  2. To me that sounds fair. I know - and understand - that some of you wanted custodial sentences but I would fear for Lawrence the state that he's in. I know, Keogh is also in a bad state and it could have been even worse but... punish and support, eh?
  3. Day in the spotlight for a minor judge - that may work against them.
  4. It wasn't the beer that made me throw up, it was the warm crisps.
  5. Which other player was injured in the incident? We all suspect a recent academy player as being a passenger.....was it him? And what is the extent of the injury?
  6. How much would the level have gone down in the 45 minutes that they were gone though?
  7. Is anyone doing updates from the courtroom or is it live on RamsTV?
  8. Who are the recruitment team?
  9. I still want to know who the 3 people were who voted 'No' to being happy about his appointment. Perhaps, it was the Managers of Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Asda.
  10. Great interview. We must give Cocu time. Not only will he get us promoted, he will establish us as a top flight team again. Let's hope if new owners/investors do come in, they don't do that nonsense of "installing their own man". We are lucky to have such a class manager, let's keep him and rebuild this great club. COYR 🐏
  11. Me, me, me, ooh, ooh, pick me 🙋‍♂️ Nah, like everyone else, I prefer to play in the #10 role.
  12. Thought it was his elbow. In any case, painful and terribly unlucky. Life is not fair.
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