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  1. Roos Byrne. Jones. Clarke Buchanan Knight. Bielik. Shinnie Ince. Niasse. Jozwiak Harsh on Wisdom and Kazim-Richards but let's see what the new boys can bring. Besides, lots of subs allowed nowadays so, with a bigger squad, it'll be nice to have the option to freshen things up.
  2. Said this before...If they don't have the funds to complete the takeover, how can they possibly fund the day to day running of the club, let alone pay transfer fees?
  3. Selling for a pound ÂĢ1, would at least cut Mel's losses and allow him to be more selective in choosing the next guardian for the club.
  4. Remember it well. Happy days. 🐏
  5. I think you misread my message. He tests negative for Covid.
  6. He's unwell but tests negative for Covid.
  7. But then you could argue that he was 'ahead of his time'. Ditto Roy McFarland, well and the rest of them 🐏
  8. Not a bad side but half of them had left by 1999 so didn't play for Derby in the 21st century. And, besides, you left out Stefano Eranio - who was still here - so you're disqualified for that aswell.
  9. After buying the club, all money to Mel, will we have the same delays in funding the day-to-day running of the club? And as for paying transfer fees.....
  10. Tackle shown in close up during Rooney's interview. Thanks @Owen87ITK. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/01/rooney-we-have-to-play-with-that-energy-and-desire
  11. Yeah, I would say that football - and other sports (F1, cricket), film streaming services etc - have really helped a lot of people get through the lockdown. I'm sure you know what I meant though - and I appreciate what you mean.
  12. Agreed. I hope it turns out to unfounded rumour but if it is true, then I sincerely hope he recovers soon and fully. I think Covid has brought into really sharp focus the fact that there are things far more important than football.
  13. Probably not, no. It doesn't seem to work like that for us ðŸ˜Ē Who wants straightforward, smooth, all positive anyway? That would be, err, like, loads of fun and reduced stress. Who needs it?
  14. Come on @Owen87ITK, please post a clip of that tackle. Maybe alongside the Bobby Moore 1970 world cup one for comparison. It was just a great moment at a very difficult time for the club and everyone and should be celebrated. Thanks 🐏
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