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  1. I hated Leeds so much that I refused to watch that cup final because I was so sure the Dirties would beat Division 2 Sunderland.
  2. Until Norman's second post and the addition of a topic title, I thought this was going to be yet another Chris Martin thread. And, that there was just nothing left to say about him.
  3. Hasenhutl says he'll look at him again in preseason. If there is a preseason. The talk down here is that it will likely be Gunn, out of the three, that they'll let go.
  4. Rooooooooooooos. What the flip. Let's give him another go.
  5. The only comfort is that it'll be even more important we beat them in the next game (play off final) 🐏
  6. I'm the same nervous wreck as usual. I don't enjoy these games. Even when we were 5-0 up, I could not relax, well maybe a little, but just that once.
  7. Just a game... Just a game... Come on Derby 🐏
  8. I was just trying to reduce my own stress. Of course, it's all important 🐏
  9. It's only a game. Football is only a game. Sheesh, I hope we pummel those Bamfords. COYR 🐏
  10. Yes. However, I grant you that it may have taken longer. And, unfortunately, time is not in loose supply in football and certainly not on this forum. Many were writing Cocu off after a handful of games.
  11. Aye, he had a few games at the start of the season but that may have been because of injuries. I think he also signed a long term contract. Chelskie are now being linked with getting Ake back from Bournemouth so that will put Tomori even further down the list.
  12. Tomori never seems to even make the squad nowadays. Is he injured? Or has Frank turned now that he'll have money to spend? Mount dropped tonight but is now on as sub.
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