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  1. Good man. His namesake would have kicked him into Row Z. Franny was great - "Just look at his face" πŸ€£πŸ‘
  2. Thinking even more about it, I feel the only Derby player from any era that I've witnessed who would squeeze into this side would be Eranio, and even then at right back. There's been some great players at Derby since 76 but I wouldn't want to dislodge any of that team. I wasn't the biggest fan of Shilton. I did like Poom. But I'd still settle for Boulton. Mark Wright and Igor were great but McFarland and Todd..... different planet. Baiano, Saunders, Sturridge loved them all but look at that front three of Hector, Lee and George....
  3. I appreciate the King is a quiet, private man. And I cannot recall him ever being interviewed. However, I'm saddened to read comments on here that he doesn't have a great relationship with the club and that's why he's never been on RamsTV. So @OwenB87 what gives? I'm sure you've asked him. What reasons does he give for not appearing? He seems to welcome @loweman2. Can you give any insight into the man. Like many of the old ones on here, I'm sure, Kevin was and always will be my favourite player. I would love to hear his stories. @OwenB87 please make it happen 🐏
  4. Heck. The Dirties are leading the way... https://talksport.com/football/687469/leeds-squad-staff-salaries-coronavirus-pandemic/ They'll be winning fair play awards next.
  5. Bah, Humbug! I like the original colours - but why not the original shirts rather than something that looks like a boiled sweet - also from that era 🀣 My complaint against the retro shirts that are on sale, is that they do not include enough 'X's in the size and only go up to a very slimfit XXL
  6. Others have posted players from other teams. If you mean Derby players from the earlier 70s years, then I agree with @BaaLocks, you could probably go for Webster in place of Thomas. However, Thomas was useful because he could also play centre half. I'd like to have Hinton to provide natural width, crosses etc., but who would you leave out. Nah, let's play with 12.
  7. Hang in there B4. I strongly believe Cocu will bring the good times back again 🐏
  8. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/kit-concepts-for-Derby-county-3914130.amp Love the simple elegant designs and, especially, the blue away shirt.
  9. Watching the Madrid highlights on RamsTV reminds me of the side from the 75-76 season. Boulton Thomas. Todd. McFarland. Nish Rioch. Newton. Gemmill Hector. Lee. George Thanks to Charlie's shoulder injury (cheers Stoke, Dennis Smith?) we didn't win the double as we should but I would still maintain, even without Hinton, that was the best side that we've ever had. Glorious. Let's hope RamsTV select some of their matches. 🐏
  10. Great suggestion for a fun activity during lockdown. Colouring in for grown ups πŸ˜‰. Only kidding, let's hope folks come up with something better than the zebra striped sleeves. Personally, I loved the "concept" designs that were on the DET site a few weeks ago. But I'm still of the mind that we should play in the colours of when we won things.
  11. I believe that must be the Gunn from Gunn & Moore, famous for cricket bats. He played for Notts around that time. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Gunn_(cricketer)
  12. I keep seeing snippets of the conversation between - arguably - our best two managers: Jim and Brian, sorry I mean Mr. Smith and Mr. Clough. There's a couple of snippets in the RamsTV tributes to Brian's birthday and there was one in the video following Jim's passing recently. Has anyone got the whole thing? It would be a great watch. I think someone pointed me at Midlands today but, again, I could only find a brief snippet. I think it was recorded at the time of Pride Park opening and the two of them are chewing the cud in an executive box.
  13. Yeah but where's the fun in that? πŸ˜‰
  14. I see Peter Seddon has a couple of other books on Amazon: one about Steve Bloomer, the other seems to be quirky stories. Not meaning to send this thread off on a tangent but are they also good reads? Addendum: just remembered I got the Bloomer book on Kindle some time ago, I should give it a read.
  15. Thank you @Ellafella. Very interesting read. Good luck with your worthwhile campaign 🐏
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