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  1. There's nobody. It's all quiet because there are no prospective buyers. I'm not in the know at all but if there was anyone, there would be a leak of some kind, a hint, a speculative article but there's nothing, zip, niet. Not happening. We go with what we've got. COYR 🐏
  2. Loans may have helped when Hughes and Thorne were out injured instead of us splashing the cash on Johnson and Butterfield. In other news, 20-20 hindsight is ok, but I would rather have had 20-20 foresight given how my life has turned out.
  3. I kinda agree with @ilkleyram and @angieram..... The backdrop of football as a whole makes this the most depressing time that I can remember. Even when Clough and Taylor left, even when Docherty traded the crown jewels, even the 80s in the third tier, even after Maxwell pulled the plug, even the 3 amigos.... There was still enjoyment going to matches, there was still a sense of optimism that the club could move forward. For me, that's all gone now. Even if we do overcome the current situation, and that might take a couple of years, maybe longer. Even if we somehow manage to get back in the top division again..... The footballing powers are geared up to keep the select few clubs at the top. We saw that with the failed European Super League. All other clubs are just there to make the numbers up. Leicester really shook them up the other year, they'll not let that happen again. That's what is so depressing. It's just not the people's game anymore. Most depressing time as a football fan, let alone a Derby fan? Yes, sadly but very definitely.
  4. Fair point but, come on, it's for Wayne.....
  5. Mengi, Davies, Wisdom, Morrison We need pace at centre back alongside experience.
  6. Do we start playing the kids at centre back in case we cannot register any of the old timers?
  7. Aye. And Rooney just promised a change in style; I simply wondered if that would be reflected in the formation. Unable to watch today. Anyone watching see a different/a defined style of play?
  8. Do you have a ticket @B4ev6is? Whether for this game or the next one, I bet you are so looking forward to being back at Pride Park cheering the lads on. COYR 🐏
  9. Jagielka. Everyone writing him off already for being too old. They won't be saying that when he plays a good three or four games for us when Curtis needs a rest and realises he's been playing for nothing.
  10. Now that you've said it 🤣
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