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  1. And to think you reprimanded me for repeating a DET clickbait headline.
  2. He's certainly been the one positive in all of this and has totally changed my opinion of him as a person. He's also done a better job managing the team this season than he did last.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58843884 We can only imagine....
  4. Yeah, you're both right. After the lack of information, it is good that they are keeping us informed. To the Administrators.....I apologize. Keep up the good work and thanks for letting us know.
  5. Odd thing to say. Who else hasn't been in contact? Is it just the Administrator playing to the Press? Oh lord. We're happy to have transparency - at last! - but we don't need Administrators that want to be in the limelight.
  6. Understood. I fluctuate from blind panic to relaxed calmness. Probably only the Administrators truly know how bad the situation is - that will determine whether or not we can be at all selective.
  7. Have you been on the Christmas sherry already?
  8. I think it's a measure of how desperate a position we find ourselves in that, not only are people even entertaining the idea of Mike Cashley, around 50% are voting that he's their preferred option. Listen to the well intentioned Toon and Ipswich fans regarding Ashley and Evans. There is sufficient interest that we can choose a better option. Ok, it may take a little longer and we may lose some of the academy crown jewels in January, but we must think of the long term. We want stability. But let's not over correct. We still want ambition. Ashley just wants an advertising platform. We want an ambitions, entertaining football team. They're not mutually exclusive but nor is the former wholely dependent on the latter - as clearly evidenced by Newcastle United.
  9. Very good point B4. Very sorry for your losses Maydrakin and UnluckyAlf.
  10. For now..... Surely the first thing that any new owner would do is restore the team to its successful colours of white shirts, navy shorts, red numbers and coats for goalposts, yes indeed....
  11. Skipped a few pages and alarmed to see this discussion about Mike Cashley. Is there a serious link or is it just speculation based on the supposed imminent sale of Newcastle and our desperation to be associated with anyone with more than a few quid?
  12. Nice gesture from the team that play in red because that team from down the road gave them some shirts when they were starting up. Maybe they feel they owe the "East Midlands" but I'd like to think that football pulls together. Of course, the Premier League as a whole could do more to help clubs below them in the pyramid. And then.... OK, nearly got me started. Thank you Arsenal.
  13. Cashin but can't play him. Wisdom but can't pay him.
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