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  1. Said this on another thread.... It's not clear whether Bielik's transfer was already in the pipeline or whether it was instigated by Cocu. Either way, compare performances and results with Bielik in the team and out of it. Whatever he cost, he's worth it. The points we gained while he was in the team will, hopefully, be enough to keep us in this division.
  2. It's merely a discussion my friend. Something to pass the time. No harm intended.
  3. All the angry reactions the original post has received, and people just saying 'no' as a comment. This is a discussion forum. How it works is someone puts forward an idea, not necessarily one that they agree with, just to provoke discussion and debate. The alternative is that we just errrr... dunno what..... make puns about cheese. Oh, we do that aswell.
  4. Things are now really bad. Worst squad we've had for a very long time. Newbie manager who seems to be having little impact. One failed takeover after another. I was afraid of us being relegated but I'm now starting to see that there could be a positive side to it. Chance to regroup. Clear the decks. Review the management team - at the very least. Thank the players out of contract or not pulling their weight. Build a team around the quality youngsters. Establish a way of playing. Win a few games, heck score a few goals even. Forget Sunderland and Portsmouth, t
  5. Come on fella, be positive. That's an exciting front four, interchanging positions, quick passing, dribbling. Blackburn wont handle it. .... Or the Rovers defence will tread all over them and they wont get a kick. But let's see, eh?
  6. It's widely said that the form of youngsters is up and down. I'm a big fan of Buchanan but it's fair to say his form has dipped a bit recently.
  7. DET says he's injured. Where's Cresswell though, could've done with an extra striker on the bench.
  8. Wow, nice line up. Lawrence CF or interchanging front three, four with Sibley. I like it. Positive. Says we're going for the win. Edit: CKR only forward on the bench though, where's Cresswell?
  9. Dallas. He's told you already.
  10. Looks like being another long 48 hours doesn't it? After the reports that "it could be as soon as (this past) Monday". Maybe it does hinge on which division we're in. Though I would've thought that just affects the price. Maybe Alonso, and whoever, cannot stump up the money. Maybe the EFL are actually investigating their backgrounds rather than merely flipping a coin. Or maybe, as Derby fans, we're destined to spend our lives just waiting....
  11. On Wilder, my mate is a Blade and is absolutely gutted that he's left. I don't believe he's alone. He puts the poor form this season down to injuries to the key central defenders. Along with second season syndrome.
  12. Let's hope we have a hero... And not a villain.... Goalie dropping a cross at the feet of an opponent. Forward missing a last minute penalty. Defender failing to clear their lines. Midfielder sent off.
  13. DoF responsible for transfers but not tactics: Clough Jr. or Cocu First Team coach responsible for selection and tactics: McClaren
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