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  1. And to cap an exciting week..... There was a game of football ⚽ COYR 🐏
  2. We won't get promoted this year. 9 point deduction/transfer ban could be next season, so we won't get promoted then either. I don't have many years left.........
  3. Centre forward. But if you think Chris Martin isn't very mobile...... My friends say that I was ahead of my time, in that I was playing walking football before it was invented.
  4. And just as you say that........ I've stubbed my toe.
  5. <Bump> Not so close then.....seems like we've forgotten about it to the extent that it's no longer even mentioned.
  6. I agree with that completely. Looked very dodgy.
  7. Maybe Rooney is away scouting... "Hey Wayne, check out the youngster from Sheffield called Billy". Or maybe he's been to Turkey to take in a cup game.
  8. Is it a reporting issue? That is, players would "retire early through injury" rather than having a full ACL diagnosis. I think it's only fairly recently that it's been so easy to repair. Even so, I would agree that would be less frequent.
  9. Not just Derby, there's very little transfer activity anywhere. I think it's universally accepted that the January window is not easy - clubs are reluctant to let their best players go mid-season.
  10. If you've only just caught up with that news, you're going to love what happens next.
  11. That's not funny. Please do not joke. I was hoping someone would tell me to get my boots - but I lack the skill, pace, energy, stamina, thick skin for the abuse. However, I am willing to accept any 4 year contract on offer.
  12. So, if the right wing/AM target is not Ferdi, not Sinclair, not Clarke, not the Chelsea kid, not Maddison, not Jordan Ibe and not anyone else, who is it?
  13. Then it had to be Filip Benkovic 🧐
  14. Chris Martin's the target. We just need this guy to play it up to him.
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