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  1. Many of us on here express our opinions (well obviously, it's a discussion forum) but some phrase things as fact. Are they ITK or is it just their style?
  2. There was that cryptic tweet by Cole, something like "see you again soon" but I just cannot see him as a manager, maybe an assistant.
  3. Who wants "solid"? I want gung-ho attacking football, played with flair and panache 😎
  4. West Brom away was the most comfortable I have felt in a tough-on-paper game for a long time (down marks for Darren Moore though). Boro away - first half - was the best performance I have seen for years. The cup runs were great fun. But what tops everything was the Leeds second leg play off game. I will always cherish that. Thanks Frank. Now, let's all move on.
  5. They also wrote and produced Blues Brothers 2000 which was very poor in comparison. My point about Belushi was that, as a member of the cast, he helped carry the first film and maybe contributed to the humour without getting a credit on the authorship.
  6. Blues Brothers 2000 was appalling. Perhaps more credit should go to Belushi. (Like Clough needed Taylor, Lampard Morris...)
  7. And I'd rather the tea lady than Pullis, Hughes, Allardyce or Warnock.
  8. Maybe this should go in the 'confess your unpopular opinions thread' but I would rather have Nigel Clough than Darren Wassall but I'd rather have Darren Wassall than Darren Moore but I'd rather have Darren Moore than either Gerrard or the Cowley brothers.
  9. He was very respectful at the last game at the Baseball Ground. He talks very well both about football and life outside football - he didn't have it easy himself when growing up but has been a great step father. I have a lot of time for him. Compare and contrast with Drogba.
  10. Was it the news that Benitez will leave Newcastle that brought this website down as folks clamoured for news of Chelsea's interest in the Spanish one? Do not get your hopes up everyone. There would be a riot down there if Chelsea appointed Rafa instead of Frank ☹️
  11. That might have worked at 9:30 on Monday morning 🤣
  12. I think Eranio coached kids but didn't go further. I'd like to be corrected. That would be our returning legend. (I think we've discounted Stimac 🤣)
  13. It's clear what's holding up the announcement...Frank is on holiday. Chelsea are in no hurry, they cannot buy anyone. Sorry to those in denial but I think it's a done deal. With the ban and the media/fans frenzy, Chelski do not have much choice. It's annoying because it's preventing us from recruiting a new manager (though presumably potential candidates are being sounded out) and new players.
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