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  1. No idea, once we get below the under 18s, I have no idea how many separate groupings we have or understand what structures they play in.
  2. Well said and a marked contrast to some of the arrogant and dismissive comments about our players (past and present) I read on the Forum.
  3. OK, so the first team pinch the under 23s, the 23s pick the 18s and the 18s are youngsters. Good experience for them so long as they don't get roughed up!
  4. That's a bit of a generalisation given some of us have been following the club for 46 years (approximately!) 😂
  5. I think you misunderstood me, with Bielik we would of course be better, but midfield wasn't the problem last night. Two long balls over the top, Wisdom mistake and an unmarked header from a corner (after a sly push.) I know you don't rate Bird but I thought he had a good game last night.
  6. Jimbo, I am butting in here as it was my fairly light-hearted comment that brought about @Gaspode's response. I don't think we are getting at the reasoned posters - for or against any particular aspect of the current situation at the club. I expect we share some if not all of these concerns. It's more about those posters who repetitively make statements about the same thing without any context, any new information adding anything to the debate, or solely with the aim of bringing their viewpoint to the fore again and again and again or to have a dig at certain individuals, be t
  7. Music was Dire Straits at Sheffield Arena. Technically perfect but so devoid of any performance element that I might as well have stayed at home and listened to the albums. Boring. Comedy was Freddie Starr at Batley Variety Club. First time I met my prospective brother and sister in law and Starr was drunk, aggressive and frankly, obscene. I spent most of his set in the Ladies hiding.
  8. Agree. I see nothing wrong with this team that two key players wouldn't fix, a Martin and a Keogh. Not Martin and Keogh, but two players of that calibre when near their best. Everything else I saw last night was fine, even without Bielik. I think it's the pressure of the situation leading to both the missed chances and mistakes at the back but we haven't got the on the pitch warriors to lead by example and rally the team to the cause.
  9. Cornwall Ram, I don't worry about it myself, knowing that if there is anything bad to report you'll be all over it like a rash. You'll really enjoy telling us all you told us so!
  10. I agree with you and share your fears. It's so frustrating that we can't be there to cheer the players on. All we can do is hope.
  11. Can't vote in your poll because it gives two stark choices. I don't think it would be a good thing because I think the financial hit would be so much bigger than it was in the eighties and therefore I think we would find it much harder to keep our current structure and bounce back quickly. But might I find it refreshing if it did some of the things you state? Yes, I probably would. I would definitely enjoy the games more if only for the variety!
  12. Please take the debate into the matchday thread and keep this to player scores. Thanks.
  13. Marshall 6 Byrne 6 Forsyth 5 Wisdom 4 Clarke 5 Bird 8 Shinnie 7 Roberts 7 Sibley 5 Jozwiak 6 Lawrence 6
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