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  1. So that's why you don't need a drink, you're already full to the brim! 😂
  2. I thought of you when I read today's Q and A summary!
  3. It's not two hours, though, is it? We are about 4 hours from leaving car to getting back to it.
  4. Disappointed with this. We take a flask, water and a half time biscuit to every home game. We only take the biscuits to away games as they won't let the drinks in. The only one of these I really couldn't do without is the water, after a 25 minute walk to the ground. So £1.20 extra per game and 23 plastic bottles wasted. Nothing to warm us up in winter, though.
  5. @DarkFruitsRam7, that is very true. It looked a real patched up side and some very young players in there up against a very physical Alfreton team. Literally boys against men and I thought they stood up to the test fairly well. We were sat right next to the dug out. Max Hunt came off with what looked like a real shiner to his eye. Kellan Gordon was involved in a right battle with their number 17 and gave as good as he got. I would have sent their player off though! Darren Wassall was constantly giving Gordon grief from the touchline to get forward, get back and his language at times is x-rated but it was quite amusing! The number 9 trialist showed some deft touches and lay offs as well as winning the penalty (not a soft one this time!) Connor Dixon played very well second half after a quiet first half. I think we looked better after half time when Babos came on and that probably helped Dixon. Wassall also played better than Hunt, who surprisingly got roughed up and misplaced a few routine passes. I'm sure the under 23s will look better briefly when Cocu's squad is settled. I say briefly as some of the older players will undoubtedly be out on loan soon afterwards. I am sure playing these sort of games is more beneficial than the under 23s league where the football is lovely but they learn little about the physical side of things. Good workout yesterday.
  6. Yes, I can. I took them and if that isn't good enough for you - 😛
  7. Shinnie said his wife was eight months' pregnant in his first interview, about a month ago.
  8. A general view and the elusive Kyle McAllister. He got about 20 minutes at the end.
  9. That trialist has just won another penalty and scored it. 1 - 1
  10. We're losing 1- 0 at half time. We have had more of the ball but not done a lot with it. Tyree Wilson looks bright. Their goal was a great shot from Alfreton fullback; none of our players near him!
  11. Team for under 23s at Alfreton this afternoon. McAllister in the squad.
  12. I think I'm going to like our Twan - he's a very warm character. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/07/it-feels-great-to-be-here-im-at-home
  13. I'll be wearing my Derby shirt about 50 times over the course of the season. I've got a lot of tops I have worn a lot less than that (and some not at all!)
  14. Yes, I will be in Alfreton to watch the under 23s.
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