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  1. Our solar panels and the lovely weather should hopefully combine to mean no extra electricity costs during working hours.
  2. Do you know, just at the moment, if the EFL has money to spare, shouldn't it be helping out some of the struggling clubs rather than spending it on lawyer's fees? Show some good grace, admit defeat and move on.
  3. I was aware of the first promotion but it was at a time in my life when I was busy elsewhere and not attending matches. I am enjoying the opportunity to catch up with some of those matches on Rams TV.
  4. I do that all the time - it's so easy to catch the wrong one as they are together. Anyway, really sorry to hear that Boris is in intensive care and hope he's a fighter.
  5. Yes, I was the same. Missed two goalkeepers, one I had never heard of but know the other well enough.
  6. I still remember those chants and wonder why some have totally disappeared while we are still singing others. My favourite was the one that finished "into Europe we will march with Kevin as our King" or something like that. Other clubs still sing it but we don't. (I think it might be political?)
  7. I always liked Honor Blackman, remember her on The Avengers when I was very young. That was quite a breakthrough character for tv at a time when there were very few female actors who were equal to the men. It set a bit of a trend for many later tv series. She lived to a good age; born the same year as my mum, who died in 1974. RIP Honor.
  8. I loved The Baseball Ground too, @B4ev6is, even though I found it quite scary at times. I loved standing on the Popside, and when the crowd surged forwards I often ended up in a different spot! I loved the noise of the crowd when we were attacking and I miss that the most. I didn't love the loos and the walk out at the end, when we were all walking through the alley back onto Shaftesbury Crescent. And I once got punched by an Everton fan, though to be fair on him he was aiming at his mate who ducked out of the way, unfortunately for me!
  9. Best news of the day - welcome back!
  10. They've locked our cemeteries in Amber Valley to discourage socialising there!
  11. Aren't we all? Be brave. Seriously, it's great to have some real-life conversation and a laugh or two about football, this and that at a time when we all need to keep up our spirits. I am really enjoying it.
  12. Come along and find out for yourself.
  13. What do people think about going out for a walk at the moment? Since I have been working from home we have been out every day, always on foot (not driving to beauty spots). We stay on roads so we can cross over if we see anyone and only speak/wave to people across the road. Yet there is now an increasing groundswell of opinion on social media that this isn't the right thing to do. I wondered what your opinions are on this?
  14. Virtual vinyl night at the Beehive, Ripley on Facebook. Brilliant!
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