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  1. angieram

    Cardiff fan here..

    There's a small gang of Derby supporters who seem to buy tickets together but always end up with more of them than there are spaces. Stood in front of me at Hull and there was no way I could peer through any gaps between their 6 foot plus frames. Luckily didn’t see them again until Wolves away when they were stood in our 'seats'. As it was a prime viewing position we asked them to move, which they did. It does annoy me as I am only little and standing brings it's own challenges without overcrowding. I've never heard of any agreed code for away supporters piling in where they feel like it until this thread. Different matter if we aren't sold out or near capacity but that doesn't happen too often for us.
  2. angieram

    Sam Winnall

    Did anyone bother listening to the recent Q &A video with Sam Winnall? He said that the only reason he was on a loan was because it was too late to get the paperwork completed and that the intention is to make this permanent. Secondly he did his other ACL as a teenager (not sure if he said 14 or 15) and none of us have been worrying about that as we didn't know about it. Let the club decide. Lastly, he might have stayed with us because we seem to have loads of ACL injuries so our team are probably 'experts'. I hope it's not that bloomin' plastic grass!
  3. angieram

    The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    I think Rowett will have wanted them as part of the matchday 20. Two always get dropped. We often see them at away games as they travel, obviously. Any injuries in warm up and they are then on the bench. Harsh on the under 23s but that's the route into first team.
  4. angieram

    let's not get carried away

    Black and white! 😊😊
  5. angieram

    let's not get carried away

    Nah, let's get carried away - for 3 days at least!
  6. angieram

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Almost perfect!
  7. angieram

    Championship squads cost to assemble

    I'm not too sure about that and it seems a drop in the ocean if you are promoted. Look at QPR, went up, back down again and now arguing that they can't pay their fine as it will bankrupt them, I think. Personally I think that if you're recruiting to a certain style of play, changing managers shouldn't have to be so detrimental to the squad strength. We all know Derby haven't done that and that is why our expensively assembled squad isn't working well. I like what @Dappled Ram says above about pieces in the jigsaw. I'm not sure whether Rowett isn't arranging them correctly at the moment to complete the picture or whether he has some pieces in there that are from another jigsaw altogether and that they will never fit! The latter, probably.
  8. angieram

    Championship squads cost to assemble

    Dead easy if it works. What if it doesn't? FFP presumably looms large.
  9. angieram

    v Cardiff (H) - Predictions (Take 2)

    Rams 2 - 1 Cardiff FRGS Lawrence
  10. angieram

    Championship squads cost to assemble

    I'm sure someone has pointed this out, but it's very different comparing spend over several years with different managers against the Wolves situation where one manager has spent the amount in more or less a single season to fund one single plan and style of play.
  11. angieram

    The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    And doesn't Charles speak well for a young man? I thought his comments on Rams TV were composed and intelligent.
  12. angieram

    U23s v Leicester City

    Such a shame that the sending off influenced the game so negatively from our point of view. Obviously it didn’t help that our regular left back, Sven Karic, had gone off injured so leaving us to play Stabana out of position. ( A player who is out of contract shortly.) Although Leicester probably deserved the win I thought that Darren Wassall gave a timely reminder in his post match interview of the number of young and relately inexperienced players we had out there again tonight. Louie Sibley will probably be feeling dreadful at the moment, yet he is heading off to join the England Under 17 squad for their Euro tournament this week. He can be proud that he is holding his own at this level and hopefully has a bright future ahead of him.
  13. angieram

    The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    Really enjoy watching the under 23's, whether live or on Rams TV, or even when out on loan. They have done amazingly well this season, especially when they are regularly playing under 18 players and even younger players against some experienced premier league academies that can attract the very best players. They always try to play football and are a credit to our club.
  14. angieram

    U23s v Leicester City

    Sure you have all seen it but here it is again.
  15. angieram

    The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    Really pleased we've got Timi back for this one, although he won't have been able to train much with the lads as he was on the bench again at the weekend. I think Stabana is under contract until season end unless he got fixed up elsewhere earlier?

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