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  1. Exactly. So why not try an option that might rectify that? I was a bit disappointed that the substitution was Marriott for Martin, as for me Marriott is the player who would most benefit from Martin's craft.
  2. Funny, I also watched him play for the under 23s and thought how good he was, knitting together play in a way that made me wonder whether he would get his chance to do this for the first team at some point. I hope he does and I think Marriott would certainly benefit as so far I don’t see any other player consistently playing him through on goal.
  3. I sort of agree and disagree with you here, Ramnut. I think you're right about Lampard's bonding - it's very visually apparent and interestingly, Tomori referred to how much the players want to do well for him in his post match interview on MOTD last night. It's an innate talent and I think @Tyler Durden coins it right when he talks about charisma. However; Cocu may be as good, but less demonstrative, as a man manager - we'll see when he's had more time to demonstrate it through the football we play and the players' development - it's far too early to call that yet. Secondly, I always had that sneaky feeling that Lampard was never tested in the man management department because he never really came across tough times here and he did have more talent at his disposal than Cocu currently has, for sure. I thought we might see more of how much time the bonding would buy him at Chelsea if they struggled this season but so far they are clicking very early for him - that charisma again. I know what you mean about Cocu's aura and I am desperately missing the "fun feeling" from last year but I am also trying to be grown up about it all and am learning to appreciate Cocu for who he is, rather than berating him for who he isn't.
  4. If Lawrence and Waghorn were willfully disobeying instructions in doing what they are doing match after match I think they'd be hauled from the team. I think they are playing that way because that's how they are being told to play. If that's the case, then blame the tactics, rather than the player. Anyway, no-one was criticising Lawrence for cutting inside at Huddersfield, were they?
  5. How many people would have been hanging around Pride Park on the off-chance of getting in for free for a match that they could watch on tv for the price of a pint down their local pub? Any walk up on the day (which is always small because of the price increase) would have already purchased tickets as this happened 35 minutes before kick off. Honestly, I don't know who is worse; the journalists who make up this guff or the people who then think it might be true! (Sorry Paul, not getting at you as I agree with you. ) As for looking at our security measures. I have been in both away crowds and concourses where flares have been let off and this has been mostly with Derby County - and once at a Swindon Town away match. I hate the stench of it, the fact you can't see through the smoke and it's quite scary. I've never really understood why such occurrences didn't trigger fire alarms. Maybe if every time someone set off a flare they evacuated grounds it would put a stop to it because peer pressure would then be brought to bear on the idiots who think they're big or clever doing this sort of stuff. Impossible for clubs to police this themselves without a strip and search policy as the flares are really not very big. I've just done a bit of research and usual size is 32x250 mm and you can buy smaller ones at 25x200 mm - they are advertised on one site as "ideal for hooligans!!!" That's less than the size of a ruler and would easily slip into a sock. I have NEVER in all my years following Derby County away been frisked right down to my socks - have any of you?
  6. Leeds 2 - 1 Rams FRGS Clarke I've still to get a point on the board - hope it continues!
  7. I am the little one on the end with my more glamorous colleague Emma, who is chatting away next to Keogh here . I am not a Samaritan myself, I work for another mental health charity. I have only just heard what the announcer said and spotted us on screen as I am replaying last night's game. And yes, I am sad enough to take a photo of it! I hope people also saw the players' video on the big screen at half time - really powerful. The link to it is in the other thread.
  8. Excuse this rambling and esoteric post but I just wanted to share some emotions of my busy night when I was honoured to be asked by the club to present the match day ball pre-game. I was co-ordinating the team of volunteers for World Suicide Prevention Day as you know so was quite tired when I went out onto the pitch with a fellow volunteer to present the ball to the referee. I couldn't have prepared for the noise that greets you when you follow the two teams out into the stadium - it's awesome and quite overwhelming. We stood on the touchline while the teams shook hands and then were guided across the grass through the Derby players as they peeled off from the lineups - Clarke passed really close by at speed - as we headed for the centre circle. Waiting for the referee, I turned and gave a cheeky wave to my husband sat up high in the west stand. I was amazed how close he looked from the middle of the pitch - you really do get a different perspective from there and it has reinforced to me how much our collective behaviour and body language can affect the players throughout the game. A quick shake of hands and a few words with the referee, who was very friendly. Sorry, I did say 'enjoy the game' to him and he might have taken me too literally! Next it was back to the lineup with the captains for the official photos. Keogh made a point to say hello to us both which we didn't expect at such a busy time and then all too soon we were escorted back down the tunnel for our thank yous with the DCFC staff. It was a brief but unforgettable experience, passed in a bit of a blur. I will particularly remember the time we spent behind the scenes before we went out - we got to meet and shake hands with Jamie Ward, who was visiting (another winger like him wouldn't go amiss!) We stood just behind the dressing room entrances for quite a time and there were a flurry of comings and goings as staff and Sky people were busy preparing for the game. It makes you appreciate what a complex and well drilled routine is in place to make sure everything runs smoothly. We were kept informed and also kept from getting too nervous by Lynne, who was brilliant and explained everything as we waited. I know Lynne as she is a big fan who goes to every away game so it was great to see her in her official role. All too soon it was time. It was brilliant to watch Keogh and the lads emerge from 'our' side and presumably the same for the Cardiff guys, who I didn’t even notice! As we moved forward to take the match ball and our place in the queue, Phillip Cocu came out and stood in the doorway of the changing room and said hello to us, another nice moment. We could just about hear the usual announcement in the stadium and as we moved forward that wall of sound really does hit you. After last night, I will concentrate even harder on being a positive supporter as now I have literally felt the difference that it makes!
  9. It won't let me upload the photo as I took it because of the file size limit but even with that it is hard to make out individuals.
  10. I just liked this view with the moon rising over the South Stand tonight. Pride Park under the floodlights. Something special.
  11. Why are their seats red instead of pink like Forest's? Is it something to do with them being in the frozen north?
  12. Fireball XL5 Double Deckers (I liked Peter Firth @TimRam - can't believe the grumpy old characters he plays these days!) Follyfoot.
  13. All the best to Joel and hope they get a win for you tomorrow.
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