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  1. angieram

    Tom Lawrence

    He wasn't very popular with the ones I spoke to after the second leg at Fulham. Of course, disappointment was a factor, but they were unhappy with the way they had been set up for such an important game and would have preferred to go for it.
  2. angieram

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Yes, was same in West Stand.
  3. angieram

    Plan B needed or not?

    Yes, didn’t mean to imply all the people who didn't attend are half-arsed, just that all the half-arsed supporters won't have attended! There's a difference (I hope.)
  4. angieram

    Plan B needed or not?

    Interesting how positive the crowd were yesterday too, were applauding every good thing, even the ones that didn't quite come off. It was lovely. I know only the people who really care about the club attend friendlies ( someone on another thread called us weirdos or something similar!) but I hope the positive buzz rubs off onto the steady season ticket holders who attend out of habit. That would be a real plan B that we haven't had for a while!
  5. angieram

    Who looking forward to new season

    I agree and it was the close attention from the Mansfield players that seemed to unsettle us on Wednesday. However, I was impressed yesterday with how our youngsters rode or skipped some of the tackles and got away - providing we continue to do this in the League we should be ok. Height at set pieces might be another issue but on balance , I would rather have the better mobility.
  6. angieram

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    One thing I most like about pre-season is watching the team playing in shirts numbered 1 to 11.
  7. angieram

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    There was an amusing little exchange between Nuge and Frank when someone booted the ball upfield when under pressure early in second half. He looked across at Frank as if to say 'see what I have to put up with' , shrugged and then galloped off after it.
  8. angieram

    Jozefzoon’s First Interview as a Ram

    Stick with my version then - you know it makes sense!
  9. angieram

    Jozefzoon’s First Interview as a Ram

    Why blond? Both stereotypes - one racist, one sexist. You know I'm joking right?
  10. angieram

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Very entertaining first half and quite a good atmosphere. Lowe, Mount, Lawrence and Wisdom are my picks - all looking fit, playing with positivity and Lowe's performance is coming off the back of the full 90 on Wednesday. Wilson is class on ball but a bit hesitant in his positioning (it's early days of course!) To the idiot near me slagging Lowe off - go and watch tiddlywinks - you might have a better understanding of that!
  11. angieram

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    They are doing a drill with quick passing between advanced midfielders and wingers with Nuge in the middle with his back to goal. Now who might suit that role? 🤔
  12. angieram

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Yes fine. I can see the players! Usually at back of North Stand so not as easy. 😂
  13. angieram

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    New boys sticking together!
  14. angieram

    Jozefzoon’s First Interview as a Ram

    I don't know. For some fans, I think a black, foreign footballer who does step-overs is the equivalent of the blond busty girl who wears tight skirts. It might not turn out to be the love of your life but the package looks enticing!

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