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  1. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Totally agree with this , I thought that the fans were very vocal tonight and if we didn’t sound it on the tele' it was because the Leeds fans were even louder. The only time they stopped was when our second went in.
  2. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Apart from when he's playing the full 90 - like last night.
  3. v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    Rams 2 - 1 Leeds FRGS Nugent
  4. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    Although it is via the Derby Telegraph website (sorry) there's a nice interview here with Johnny speaking well of his time at Derby.
  5. Bloody Villa

    Bruce quoted this morning as saying early March for both. Grealish definitely out this Saturday.
  6. U23s v Everton

    They are on the Premier League website - PL2 tab. I always have trouble trying to copy them onto here. https://www.premierleague.com/tables?team=U21
  7. U23s v Everton

    Exciting game this - 3-1 to us now! I have to say there has been some really incisive passing on the break by Derby.
  8. Stadium atmosphere

    Funnily enough, we do sing it quite often at away games. Not sure whether I have heard it at home during the game.
  9. QPR away who is going

    Yes, the gold ones are more central and as someone has shown some of the silver ones have quite restricted views.
  10. Stadium atmosphere

    I sit in North Stand and there are four people who clap and sing around me. Three are female @rcarso1 and the other is a kid who I can't actually see but who makes a lot of noise! Other than that quite a few people join in with Steve Bloomer and Since I was young and Dale Cavese. Anything else, nothing. I see the new group are suggesting another song mentioning Forest are ***** - that stuff is so boring and you won't get people joining in that from the other stands at home. Sing about how good we are not about other clubs - never heard Leeds singing about other clubs. We're borderline obsessive and I strongly dislike it. The other thing I think could be improved is to have a few singers grouped together in each stand. We used to have a contingent up in North West corner and they got the rest of us going. I presume they've relocated to South Stand as I never hear them now. Shame. Finally, mobile phones! I sit in front of a group of young men - never make a murmur other than to tell their dad Man City or Chelsea have scored. Are they supporters? I am not sure and I would love to know how many goals they missed this season because they are checking the scores.
  11. QPR away who is going

    We'll be there, @B4ev6is. They drop off a way from the ground at QPR so rest up before you go.
  12. RamsTV Meets Roy McFarland

    Colin did say that would have to wait for another interview! Roy has such a lot to tell as he has been around the club for nearly 50 years. Great to listen to him.
  13. Television

    I think it is a moot point whether people who own a modern mobile device on which they access news, messageboards etc on a regular basis can claim they don't own a computer. It's just evolution of technology.
  14. 17/18 Loan Watch

    Didn't look too bad - got a knock on ankle first half. Swindon won 3-2 right at end. Ref was rubbish and their fans are even grumpier than us lot!
  15. 17/18 Loan Watch

    Elsnik off - injured.

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