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  1. What happened to Bogle there? Rams TV gave up the ghost.
  2. Well, that was a lot more entertaining than the first half last time we were at Preston (and the second, come to that!) So far, so good.
  3. You'll either have to eat beans on toast or leave the pots soaking in the sink. See you later!
  4. Maybe a photoshoot with players wasn't top of the club agenda in the middle of a pandemic.
  5. This is the flag. I think they said they couldn't quite get it ready for Forest on Saturday so likely to be the Brentford match.
  6. Poor Andre. Hope he's okay.
  7. Interesting comments about Ebosele, because I really rate his defending as well as his attacking play. He's fast, makes good interceptions and knows how to use his strength too. I agree he maybe needs a bit longer to be ready though. Triallist - he needs a go soon, find out what he's made of at this level. I think he's a competitor. Jordan Brown, Archie Brown - both with great potential.
  8. That demonstrates the person we should all be raving about is Mel!
  9. I have no idea! I think we suspended it. We are watching it now (come home, Will Hughes) but it's just as likely not to work next time we switch it on.
  10. It would help if I read the whole thread, wouldn't it? 🥴
  11. We've done all that! Followed @RoyMac5 's link and we aren't the only one having the same problem. Anyway, it's working again now. Probably won't be next time we switch it on.
  12. We are having dreadful problems with our Sky box at the moment - keeps telling us 'no signal available' every time live football comes on but works fine for every other channel and for any non-live sky sports (through same sky box.) We just can't fathom it and because we're not 'old or vulnerable' enough (!) Sky won't take our calls. So Rams TV is a must and if anyone can shed any light on what our problem is, please let me know. My DM is open.
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