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  1. Happens all the while and never is.
  2. Usually a few days after the game. Birmingham are up but WBA aren't yet.
  3. Word has been that they want a points deduction and an agreed business plan. If that business plan won't let us sign players above a certain value, makes us pay low wages or any other number of things imposed by the EFL, they will still be controlling what we do - even if we get a new owner. It's like looking down a long dark tunnel business-wise at the moment.
  4. That's a really good point and seems to reinforce the opinion some of us hold that the EFL are being malicious in the way they are treating us. My guess is that they are telling the club that if we want to get it concluded sooner, we should take the points deduction that's on offer.
  5. To be fair to @B4ev6is and other Derby County faithful, they will go to every game they can. Spending on football is prioritised over everything else. We have taken a big economic hit during lockdown (I have no wage or pension at all) so we're having to be selective. I hate not being at games, feel bad not being there to support the team so I don't want to pretend I wouldn't go to these games in protest if I could easily afford them all. @Crewton - the beer isn't compulsory! 😂
  6. I think we're playing some very attractive football at times this season, just lacking end product. Admittedly Tuesday was different, but that was done on purpose to get us a very valuable point.
  7. We don't! We just go backwards. 😢
  8. Have you watched the video? It's just saying if we are all considerate and make some small adjustments, more people can enjoy coming back to games. Not unreasonable, imo.
  9. Usually advertising! I think it's applied when you buy. £30 instead of £40.
  10. I think they'll be tired after all that effort so I am glad we've had the extra day. WBA were physical but not dirty, so hopefully nobody is 'crocked'.
  11. OK, I have had to contact the SLO today by email. Got the standard reply in about two minutes, " we will reply within so many days" etc. BUT tucked away beneath this automated reply, in the same email, below my email, there was an actual answer from the SLO, giving me another email address to take my query to (it was about membership). I sent an email to membership services and within 15 minutes got another standard reply, and once again an actual reply, addressing my query, below it. Just to add a bit of spice, this reply went into my promotions folder rather than my inbox! I share this info just in case anyone else out there has had an actual reply to their emails but hasn't spotted the full content. I know I am an older lady and wouldn't expect any of you young pups to know less about emails than me, but you never know! Apart from the vagaries of the email systems, I had my query answered by two different people and resolved within 30 minutes of my first email. That suggests that customer service is operating and staff are trying to help. Good experience.
  12. I think you'll find you can give whatever score you want. I see people giving players 1, 2 or 3 on a regular basis. If those punches keep the ball out of the net (and I think you'll find they did last night) then he did his job. I gave him a 9, by the way.
  13. If that was the match we won 4-3 it was worth every penny! 😂
  14. Thanks, you just know we'll bump the prices up too when you come to us to get revenge! Lose lose all round. 😢
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