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  1. Well, if I don't see you and your's, I will definitely see Lucy's - she's in the next block!
  2. See you on Wembley Way @B4ev6is - COYR! 🐏 ⚽ 🐑
  3. Punjabi Rams have a new flag, too.
  4. Talking of the money aspects of promotion, I thought this tweet was interesting: So a £50,000 bonus to Nuneaton if Kelle Roos gets promoted to the Premier League. The Sun yesterday reported that Derby players would share a £10 million promotion bonus. I wonder how many more financial clauses would come into play if it were to happen?
  5. @sp1884 - I think you had a hand in this one, too. 👏👏👏
  6. I agree. It's interesting that some are seeing this as a 'Derby' story, but let's face it, we are just bit-part players in this 'Chelsea' story! They have a big match coming up next week, too, and it probably isn't the best of times for them that there is all this speculation over Sarri. He wins on Wednesday, stays at Chelsea and it all goes back in the cupboard until another time. It might all go the other way too but either way, Sky have had loads of clicks and views. We knew when we took Frank that we would be more in the media spotlight so we have to take the rough side of that with the smooth.
  7. Wow! Don't let your wife (or your 20 year old) read this! COYR 🐏
  8. So this is basically an article outlining two possible courses of action that might undermine Derby's attempt to win promotion - Middlesbrough 'vowing' to take action (they haven't actually done it) and Chelsea 'consider' an approach to their former player (they haven't actually done so). If anyone wants suing it is the author of this pathetic attempt to unsettle our club. But of course journalists are full of the integrity that they complain about a lack of in others, aren't they?
  9. Got to wear my 18/19 away shirt, which I've worn for all our big games on the run-in. It's not black and it's not white, but I daren't leave it behind. Even though I was the one scoffing at all this superstitious nonsense at the beginning of the season it's got to me again!
  10. Is anyone going to admit that they actually bought one?
  11. I think you've made a wise decision. I use Roadrider regularly with no problems at all but was truly shocked by the melee that day we went to Wembley. We are also driving down this year.
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