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  1. Luton 1 - 3 Rams FRGS Lawrence
  2. Where did you hear that? I am always fascinated to know what happens behind the scenes after major gaffes, but we never get to find out.
  3. Yes, if priority was given to people who actually do!
  4. Rooney will now play his socks off in our replay.
  5. For the first time in xxx seasons, Man United NOT picked for tv coverage shock!!!!
  6. Plenty still moaning about the prices on Twitter. Self-entitled gobshites, most of them. Or harking back to the days when we used to get cup vouchers in the season ticket books! If you don't want to pay, don't come. Simple. Northampton bringing a load because it's a big game for them and they are in good form. They are also aware what a big difference the revenue will make to their season. I suspect even swanky Derby will be grateful of the income. And we ought to be glad other teams still see us as a big draw.
  7. What a great post, Lazlo. That's exactly how I feel.
  8. The winner of Coventry or Birmingham, as it's near enough to get to for a midweek fixture. We're bound to be drawn away.
  9. angieram

    Ex Rams

    Have we sold him already?
  10. Good - hope you're near us. I hate singing alone. 😊 As for the people usually around me, I bet none of them will be bothered to come to the replay anyway.
  11. What an awful, awful choice of game from the BBC for the FA Cup. A one-sided tie on paper made worse by the early sending off. (Not saying it wasn't one, btw. Except if it happens to a Derby player, of course.) Now we have another 80 minutes of the BBC commentators just arse-licking Man City. My sister doesn't have Sky and was looking forward to a real cup tie - something a bit different. Instead of which she's having to suffer more of the same old, same old. BORING BBC.
  12. Yes, we're having a change of seat. Great that under 12s are free, too - that ought to drag some families in who usually can't afford to go to games. Should be a good atmosphere. On the attendance, if Northampton can sell their full 15% which they've asked for, surely us locals can make the effort?
  13. angieram

    Ex Rams

    I do miss Fikayo Tomori. A great goal and MOTM tonight in FA Cup at Hull.
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