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  1. angieram

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Over 26,000. I didn't think that was too bad given the weather and the fact that Reading don't bring many. An important win today against one of our bogey teams following on very quickly from an arduous midweek cup tie. That's the double done over Reading, who are improving and will hopefully take points off our rivals. Now time to rest up properly for our trip to Accrington Stanley.
  2. angieram

    DCFC App Prediction Leagues

    Am I? I was just shocked that I managed to register ok! I will soon be tumbling down the table. 😂
  3. angieram

    v Reading (H) - Predictions

    Rams 3 - 2 Reading FRGS Mount
  4. angieram

    Last minute . com

    Goes to the local Alzheimer's Society.
  5. angieram

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    Also did same for seats - there's only six rows!
  6. angieram

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    Got mine, too! I have got a week to get myself well enough to get up there.
  7. angieram

    Kelle Roos

    Didn't he win promotion at Wembley with one of his loan clubs? I think he has been remarkably patient at Derby County but he has to become a regular starter somewhere soon if he doesn't want his career to pass him by.
  8. angieram

    Kelle Roos

    Wednesday night was a long, high profile game and Roos will get a chance to recover mentally if not physically and will then get his next start very soon - and deservedly so - at Accrington. If we'd lost on Wednesday Lampard might have a tougher decision to make. Tell you what, though; this is Roos' opportunity to impress and show he can do a good job for Derby County. It's exciting, isn't it?
  9. angieram

    In defence of the defence

    Interesting. I think we do. I think we did last night. I think we sometimes get bogged down by teams that sit in but we try to find ways to get around this. I also think the reason that players get jumped on for giving the ball away is because we try to play forward and sometimes the passes don't come off. What sort of style of play do you think we have?
  10. Apparently, he is Kevin, one of our travelling stewards. So he won't have minded too much!
  11. angieram

    In defence of the defence

    I think the problem with some of the comments in this thread and those calling out individual defenders, is that we don't recognise that this is a situation we have deliberately accepted in order to play the type of attacking football that we do. Our defence will be vulnerable at times because of the type of football we play rather than because of the frailties of individual defenders. I found it interesting that Tomori had a really good game last night because we were playing a team that also wanted to play football. Yes, he is young and will make mistakes, but he will continue to try to play the way we're set up. That this might be a weakness against the Championship teams who go direct and have big men in the box to lump it up to is a fair point. So far, Lampard hasn't compromised his principles to address this (even when he had the players available to change the style, which he doesn’t at the moment). Will he do so in future if this proves to be our Achilles heel this season? I don't know. I'm on his side at the minute because our defence is 'good enough' and I love to see Bogle, Keogh, Tomori and Malone playing out from the back. I agree with @therealhantsram that the midfield is the place I would be looking to strengthen.
  12. angieram

    Kelle Roos

    Is Roos going to be that rare phenomenon of a Derby player who actually gets better when he is playing? (As opposed to the majority who suddenly turn into world beaters when they are not?)
  13. angieram

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    I agree and it is often the case that when we are down to the "bare bones" of our support the atmosphere, volume and song choices are much better. I can take no credit for last night as I couldn't travel but I was very proud of the noise we made.
  14. Whatever the result of the shootout the Rams have done us proud tonight.

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