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  1. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    Of course we do now have a Plan B. It's less effective than our Plan A was and we've lost the Plan A in creating it. I know which I would rather have!
  2. Huddlestone - overhyped?

    Not in my book of football!
  3. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    I do not like Ed Dawes commentary and never have for exactly the reasons you outline above. Luckily these days I only rarely have to listen to a match as I am usually there instead! I have said this before but I think Owen Bradley is much better when he gets the chance. Level headed and objective with a much better attention to the detail of the game in front of him. My favourite commentator was Ross Fletcher back in a time that I wasn't going to many matches. Painted the picture of what was happening on the pitch beautifully with his words.
  4. Huddlestone - overhyped?

    He's a gentle giant whereas that Aden Flint is all menacing aggression. I hated him yesterday!
  5. Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    Thanks for asking. I did post a little about the evening in the thread in Rams talk. https://dcfcfans.uk/topic/27150-world-suicide-prevention-day-at-pride-park/ but didn't appreciate the comment I got so gave up at that point. I suppose that highlights just why awareness raising is still needed and I probably should have posted here rather than in the football thread. I had some heartfelt conversations with people who I know from matches - that can be very difficult as we normally just talk about the football. We gave out loads of information so if just one person gives that to someone who needs it at the right moment it will all have been worth it.
  6. Bristol City v Derby County

    I agree we were well beaten but you could see Johnson having to hold back from tackles he would have made otherwise. My frustration is that we could have done something at half time - while we were still 1-0 up - to try and counteract their dominance but we didn't. I would have done exactly what @r_wilcockson suggested. Wisdom wouldn't have let the players run through as easily as the other defenders did. He'd have let them know he was there - we really lacked physicality yesterday yet they had it all over the pitch. Bringing on forwards was a Mac tactic that we all used to complain about yet Rowett did exactly the same yesterday.
  7. Bristol City v Derby County

    I agree. And that booking for Bradley Johnson for the first foul of the match was maybe harsh too. He certainly let them get away with worse.
  8. Bristol City v Derby County

    I didn't realise that he was a loan player. Like it or not they appear to be a big part of teams' successes at our level. He was excellent yesterday.
  9. 17/18 Third Kit Revealed

    He looked fine. For some reason I can't save the images from the new DCFC website but if you look in the photo gallery there's a photo there. 43/49 I think it is!
  10. Bristol City v Derby County

    Sunny here in Brizzle!
  11. v Bristol C (A) - Predictions

    Bristol City 2 - 2 Rams FRGS Lawrence
  12. German fans kicking off at arsenal.

    Whenever we play a big team in a cup we seem to be surrounded by away fans in the North Stand! Although they usually try to pretend not to be. Chelsea and Manchester United being recent examples. Having said that, wouldn't it be great if we could sit side by side with the opposition and have a bit of chat and banter? I know it's not the same but in West Ham's stadium in August we were sat near to French, Kenyans, Italians, Jamaicans, two very noisy Norwegians, Americans at the World Athletics Championships. I loved it.
  13. Martin/Winnall

    If we're only measuring Chris Martin's effectiveness by the number of goals he scores then I think we do him a disservice. He was the deepest lying of the forwards on Tuesday night but as several have commented from watching the highlights he was involved in most of our creative play. I am not saying that we should ignore the lack of goals but his role may be changing over time and if this enables others to score then I am happy with that!
  14. Safe Standing Crowd Funding ** Win DCFC package **

    I agree with a lot of the comments on here. I attend most away games and there's a sort of unwritten rule that if you've purchased a seat near front you will likely get to sit; near back and you'll be standing. That rule breaks down when stands don't have much depth (Sheffield United away) or when a few at front insist on standing then everyone has to follow. A rather famous Derby fan carried on with large amounts of abusive behaviour to our fans and stewards last season at Sheffield Wednesday when the stewards asked him and his mates to move further back if they wanted to stand (there was loads of room, he was surrounded by older fans and families who were already seated as he came in after kick off, but he was having none of it.) Very unpleasant all round. Although I quite like standing it's a bit of a lottery whether I can see the football - I am only 5ft 6 - and I get really intimidated when we get stuck in the middle of a gang of fans who pile in with their mates where no seats are available so you suddenly find yourself shunted up as there are about 12 of you standing in front of 8 seats. Hate that! When said fans starting toppling over several rows if we score and they land on you it isn't funny. So all in all I can't wait for safe standing to arrive, will be better for everybody.
  15. Official Derby County iOS & Android App

    Thanks @David.

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