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  1. Ex BBC Radio Leeds - what do you expect? 😂
  2. It's not bizarre at all. They do it every year and just because we can't get to the ground doesn't mean it shouldn't happen. When my brother in law died, who had been a season ticket holder for many years, it was very emotional to see his name on the boards at the ground and feel that his memory was being honoured by the club. I hope those bereaved last year feel a similar recognition and some comfort from it.
  3. It's a bit too close to home, reading about the early 2000s now. I have to keep putting it down to do something more cheerful!
  4. There are quite a few posters on this Forum that I wouldn't want behind me. I'd fear a knife between the shoulder-blades!
  5. Up the A515 and A52/A6. You're not London, you know! 🤣
  6. Not sure that's how it works, that all youngsters from one club are better than all youngsters from others. Their academy will have changed over time, and the individuals within it too. As you say, it's unlikely that Liverpool will have a good relationship with a former Everton and Manchester United player so I don't think we will get much joy there. I would have thought with Rooney and McClaren here, there should be an open pathway to Manchester United youngsters if we can afford it.
  7. You don't bare (expose) a burden, you bear (carry) it. Hope this helps. Phew! Feel better now.
  8. If the Chelsea job hadn't come up when it did, Lampard would have stayed another season and we would probably have retained some of the loans or got different ones at a similar level. We may well have been promoted had this happened. A lot of teams who get promoted to do with quality loans in their sides. I think the bigger deciding factor at the end of that season was the poor preparedness for the new Manager to come in and the complete change of training and playing style. Seemed to confuse the players and knock all the confidence out of them. They've never really recovered.
  9. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/16/staff-pressured-back-to-work-breach-of-uk-covid-rules?__twitter_impression=true
  10. This was part of Rotherham 's game plan and it worked to perfection for them. It's ugly, ugly, ugly but it is how teams play at this level. We (and the referees) fall for it every time!
  11. Yes, I noticed that. Maybe it is because we have good GP coverage in our area? I know of two GP hubs in Derbyshire within 10 miles of me. Although there was talk of the Velodrome in Derby being a mass vaccination centre and it's not on this list.
  12. Roos 6 Byrne 7 Buchanan 5 Wisdom 5 Clarke 6 Knight 5 Bielik 5 Shinnie 6 Waghorn 5 CKR 5 Jozwiak 6
  13. First game I have seen Kazim-Richards completely outmuscled. We have just been far too fragile an opponent on a pitch where it is almost impossible to get the ball down and play football. At what point do we as a club stop develping pretty footballers and start buying six feet units like every other team at this end of the table? If we are struggling to match the Rotherhams of this world now, we will doubly struggle in Division One if we go down. Every match will be like this.
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