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  1. Thanks. That competition is wide open - just glad we've avoided Everton.
  2. I had to look that up online. And now that I have: 😛
  3. People who force you to interrupt by not being aware that conversation is a two-way process.
  4. And we're sitting in the middle. That's how it should be - customer choice!
  5. Maybe they put up with us doing it all season as there were only a few of us at it! As I said before, putting the seating plans online has just highlighted the unfairness of it all.
  6. That's what we're doing too. Putting the seating plans online makes it harder for the club to sell these rubbish tickets online whereas before people bought them unknowingly. Have we got enough fans who don't care (or are too thick to realise) to buy these seats? Villa early sales were sluggish because of this. It can only get worse! Luckily both Brentford and Blackburn tickets were available centre out so we were able to snaffle really good seats for those. 😁
  7. It's always been a problem. We regularly do what @Mucker1884 suggests above; buy and then exchange later for better seats. Usually involves at least two and sometimes three trips to ticket office. The club knows it's a problem and insists there is nothing they can do about it. I'd argue that for games like this, which are guaranteed sell-outs, they could take the chance and start in the middle if they wanted. But they won't. At least at Birmingham you can choose how far back you sit/stand. At Villa they released lower tier tickets first meaning we got loads of standers and singers in front of us in lower tier. They all went at half time so we got a much better view second half!
  8. I agree. Whilst there are a few regular posters who visit the academy and associated matchday threads, watch them on RamsTV, attend under 23 and 18 matches where we cam, it does really surprise me that there is a large section of our membership who don't seem particularly interested in what is happening at this level. We are playing some of the best and richest academies in the country and are matching them for skill and beating them for teamwork and endeavour week in and week out. The football is so enjoyable to watch too and it makes me very excited for the club's future. I suppose I should have posted this in the academy thread rather than here but just responding to your well-made point.
  9. Wouldn't that also be based on momentum though as high Championship teams likely to have this over struggling Prem ones? All play off systems are imperfect. Strongly wanted top 3 to go up when we were there, now I think top 6 is ok! We all know the rules at the beginning of the season, it's up to each team to take advantage of them. Still think top 3 is fairest as it is a league rather than a cup but I won't complain if we go up that way.
  10. Easier to get to Pride Park from there!
  11. @reveldevil Please talk to someone about how you are feeling. https://www.mind.org.uk/need-urgent-help/ https://www.samaritans.org/#
  12. We'll aside from the ones you already know about, Louis Sibley and Alex Babos had good games today. Josh Barnes made a string of fine saves too.
  13. It was flippin' freezing in the wind watching that today but a typical cup tie. Both keepers deserve the plaudits - Wolves' for keeping them in the game and Barnsey for ensuring our victory. It might have been a bit nail-biting at the end but we thoroughly deserved the win.
  14. Isn't it because they want sunshine, sea and somewhere expensive where they don't have to bump into us chavs? Most of the Dubai crowd have got families.
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