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  1. More importantly, it puts players in their right positions, instead of asking them to perform unfamiliar roles. A lot of football is instinct, regardless of what the coaches and pundits would have us believe.
  2. How on earth has Marriott come out of that with the top outfield score?
  3. Could you just put it back for 5 minutes so I can read it? 🙂
  4. angieram

    Ex Rams

    And he loved playing for the Rams. Has said so many times since he left. But somehow he was never good enough for some of our fans.
  5. I don't know who's upset you, but whoever it is, they're not worth it. You carry on posting if you enjoy it. Just put them on ignore. My ignore list is longer than Cocu's injury list.
  6. angieram

    Ex Rams

    Me too, Rev - it just makes me sad when we are watching our defence all over the place to think of what we had (and took for granted.) I hope he does very well for MK.
  7. I know but that seemed a bit pedantic so I rounded it up!
  8. Whilst I fully agree with this I also think that changing the defence every time you're going through a rough patch whilst trying to build a team is not the answer. Cocu, I would appreciate some consistency there as the way you're chopping and changing is no way to build understanding.
  9. Marshall 6 Byrne 4 Buchanan 5 (3 first half and 6 second) Te Weirik 3 Wisdom 3 Bird 3 Rooney 2 Knight 6 Sibley 5 Jozwiak 6 Marriott 3 Evans 5 Shame Whittaker wasn't on long enough to get a mark as I thought he was our brightest player - 7
  10. angieram

    Ex Rams

    As if today wasn't bleak enough already.
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