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  1. angieram

    Jack Marriott on life at Derby

    You couldn't help but notice that! I have the same problem. I wonder if he also has a double crown? Great interview though @OwenB87 - and no background noise!
  2. angieram

    Sheff Wed (A) Tickets

    I agree. I wish a wider range of people would post more often. We're all Derby!
  3. angieram

    International Rams 18/19

    Is this the under 18s? If so, they beat Ireland 3-1.
  4. angieram

    Academy Review Show | October Look Back

    I enjoyed the programme but found it hard to catch what Darren Wassall was saying over that background noise in the indoor arena @OwenB87 Great interviews with Tyree Wilson and Max Bird. 👍
  5. Sibley plays a bit more central than Bennett, B4. I think Mount and Bryson will be close, allowing Wilson to go back on wing. Interesting to see if MacDonald gets a place on the bench as cover for Malone over Wisdom, who seems a bit out of favour. I like the fact that several of our defenders can cover across the back four.
  6. angieram

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

    Not much to report about today's game. Burton thoroughly deserved their win so not the best opportunity to see Luke Thomas shine. Coventry had a couple of attacks on the break first half, Thomas brought down for free kick with his first direct run. A little later he broke through into the box, appeared to have lost the ball but won it back and took a quick shot that was well saved. He also had one chance second half when he won ball and got clean through into box but under pressure goalkeeper got out to ball. A lot of Burton attacks second half came down Coventry's right and Thomas still offers little in the way of covering back. Overall I think he looked the class in Coventy's side but really starved of service. Tom Bayliss looked bright first half but I don't see what he would offer us that we haven't already got either. Just a mention for John Bayford who had a very solid game at centre back for Burton and great to see a ten-minute cameo from Sir Jake of Buxton. Magic!
  7. angieram

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

    Luke Thomas watch ..... at Burton Albion FC. Been chatting to other Derby fans already. Thomas starts for Coventry. Excuse the Lincoln tweet below - I can't get rid of it!
  8. angieram

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    Yes and I think we will. Once the game starts we'll be right behind the team as always. But I will enjoy giving Rowett a bit of grief beforehand - hopefully he won't have the opportunity to shove it back at us but that depends on how we play. I wonder if a few of our players might be equally looking forward to showing Rowett what they can do when they're allowed to play on the front foot. It wasn't just the fans moaning after that second leg at Fulham.
  9. angieram

    International Rams 18/19

    I can't believe that Gareth Bale has just pulled rank on Wilson to take a free kick that Wilson himself won. Just a routine ace free kick from Bale and routine great save from Schmeichel. Don’t they know Wilson's are unstoppable? 😉
  10. angieram

    International Rams 18/19

    Harry Wilson now on.
  11. angieram

    International Rams 18/19

    I don't know if anyone is watching the Wales match. They have had a few chances and Lawrence had a shot saved. But overall I think they have looked more disjointed attacking with Bale in the side than they did without him. Lawrence lost the ball in attack for the break that led to the Denmark goal. Let's hope for better things second half.
  12. angieram

    Snake City (A) Ticketsss - Sold Out

    Don't care! It might well happen, but we will have the moral high ground, having played the better football. "Frankie Lampard's Derby Army!"
  13. angieram

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    Our local - lagers £2.80 per pint; Variety of beers including real ales £3.00 per pint. All night, every night. So 5 - 7 pints for me (about three weeks' worth of drinking!)
  14. angieram

    Snake City (A) Ticketsss - Sold Out

    You are joking about not giving Rowett stick, aren't you? Why do you think we're selling out so quickly? Of course people are going to give Rowett stick; I would guess that's the only reason many are going!

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