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  1. But it’s not part of a group as far as I know. Seperate entity couldn’t be sure though ?
  2. Just the same as Gibson did when he sold Boro’s debts to his own company. Not against the rules but bending them. No difference
  3. I’m not accusing Percy of lying but the tweet and the article are ambiguous and as stated before if the EFL had an iron clad case why would the word negotiate appear ? They would just apply the punishment. Looks like as others have said politics and face saving on behalf of the EFL , who are seeing how far and hard Mel/ DCFC are prepared to push back especially if a takeover is hovering in the back ground. A supposition with no basis in fact DCFC would accept a suspended 3 points as per the wages thing would be my hope
  4. Always there on the tweet , I’d not seen the article but very ambiguous from Percy
  5. Alleged breach it said in the tweet/article. Just likes they alleged we valued the stadium wrongly 🙃
  6. It stinks but as I’ve said elsewhere I can understand the reasoning especially if a take over is near
  7. I for one wouldn’t like it but can see the reasoning
  8. For the EFL , but I get where some might feel this
  9. Not with 9 points it wouldn’t. Smacks of EFL trying to save face and trying to get us to agree to something to move on.
  10. The punishment for the EFL case was £100K. This is different it’s the restated accounts
  11. Take a look at fixture lists and league tables going back years. Always says Notts Forest. Will post a few up for you 😁
  12. If it was 9 points and justified why don’t they just apply it ? Sounds like they are trying to save face and hope we will accept something just to get out of the embargo.
  13. If the EFL had a watertight case they wouldn’t negotiate they would just apply it surely
  14. As Stephen Pearce did when he was involved. Stepped aside
  15. Yes " By the light of the silvery moon " was our song and sung on the popside in the 70's . Not sure when it fell out of favour/ Can also remember when the Heanor lads used to chant "Heanor , Heanor " and the popside would respond "Sharples , Sharples " ( You would have to have watched 70's Coronation St to get that 😁).
  16. They have been called Notts for over 100 years. Only recent comers get shirty over it
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