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  1. Derbyshire cricket 2018

    I'm not even sure of the question. Slow batsmen from Middlesex and Leics in the early 70s?
  2. U23s v Leicester City

    You do have to bear in mind that most of the better players are in the squad for tonight or out on loan.
  3. Derbyshire cricket 2018

    Slater is very stylish but had a massive attack of nerves and took about 40 balls to get from 96 to 99 and then out. Madsen and to some extent Reece are more aggressive. We have a good team but a thin squad. Beyond the starting 11 we have Daryl Smut (spinning all rounder), two 21 yr olds in wk Hosein and fast bowler Davis. The rest of the squad are 17 year olds. We are an aggressive batsmen and a too quality spinner away from promotion.
  4. Is anyone thinking of going but not bought a ticket? @froggg is going and has a spare ticket for one of the days. I'm going with him another day and said I would ask around as he is on his hols. I do believe it is for a QF. More details to follow...
  5. World Snooker Championships 2018

    Quick update. It is for a semi final on Thursday 3rd May for the 1pm session. The ticket is £65.
  6. Derbyshire cricket 2018

    Managed to watch about 3/4 of the game over 4 days. Thoroughly deserved victory. We look to have as good a team as I have seen at Derbyshire for at least 4 years but the squad looks very thin. I reckon we are 2 players short of being a promotion winning team.
  7. Cost Cutting

    Lowe can't get in the Shrewsbury team on a regular basis. Gareth Roberts whilst not as good as the Forsyth of 3 years ago he was better than Olsson as he used to stop crosses coming in.
  8. Derbyshire cricket 2018

    Bits of cloud about at the ground but it is dry and pretty sunny. We set them 442 to win off 126 overs. 7 for 0 off 7 overs at the minute. The pitch is improving each day. Hopefully it will do something Day 4.
  9. Mo Farah

    He is no longer with Salazar
  10. Adam Peaty won a gold and silver in the swimming at the Commonwealth Games. Niamh Emerson from Shirland got bronze in the Heptathlon which is pretty good considering her age and inexperience. One to watch for the future.
  11. Derbyshire cricket 2018

    Every match is streamed now. Get on it!!
  12. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Try again chap. I have cleared my blockage.
  13. Boring Sports

    Nice overreaction. Yes i have studied it. It's certainly more technical than Rugby League and similar to Rugby Union in terms of invasion games. All county cricketers are full time in the sense they play all the season on a salary. Cricket is the most technical game I have played, coached or studied. I would have thought the Decathlon is more technical than pretty much anything. P.s. not sure what that money has to do with it.
  14. Derbyshire cricket 2018

    Top day at the cricket with Eddie and the Memsahib. Cricket, sunshine and Belgian beer.
  15. Boring Sports

    More technical than cricket? Pfft Maybe slightly more athletic.
  16. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Well it's an interesting formation.
  17. Derbyshire cricket 2018

    Ok I generally it in front of the bar that used to be the tea room. Will have a potter round though. Especially if there is someone Belgian stuff around. I may bring one or two myself.
  18. Rowett is staying so...

    It is now obvious with the announcement of his friend as head of recruitment, that Rowett will be in charge next year. You may not agree with that but it appears to be the case. It also seems likely that Rowett will want to play a similar style of football to the one he has employed so far at Derby and Brum. Again that may not appeal to everyone but seems likely. On that basis, how do people feel that Rowett can improve the team/squad to get the best results within that style and within the FFP budget?
  19. Derbyshire cricket 2018

    Will do. Where do you sit?
  20. Some fans...

    Oxygen Thief
  21. Derbyshire cricket 2018

    It's a pity Thakor turned out to be a flash in the pan. Lovely wristy player.
  22. Rowett is staying so...

    I meant next season
  23. Ghosts, Curses , Jinx etc

    Ah we have a new scapegoat.
  24. I thought it was a good day to resurrect this old thread. Currently watching Earthquake, a disaster film. I thought I'd go with the theme of the day.

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