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  1. sage

    Your all time classic tracks

    7 minutes long!! you may well play it every time you feel ill, it will still be going at the funeral.
  2. sage

    Number One when you were born?

  3. sage

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    At the moment, like Wilson he is a highlights player. Does the odd great thing but his general play is really poor. Loses possession far too often and makes poor decisions. They both have potential but playing both together is a nightmare.
  4. sage

    WBA (a) Travel

    I would agree if it didn't mean going on the internet to ask a question where the answer is easily found on the internet.
  5. sage

    WBA (a) Travel

    I see Google is broken again.
  6. sage

    Smart home advice.

    You could always move from Nottingham and avoid the necessity for house alarms.
  7. sage

    Weak Wingers

    It feels like our wingers/wide forwards have been our weak link for the last 3 seasons and seems to be continuing this season. Bennett and Josefzoon are sub quality only IMO and Wilson and Lawrence both lose possession constantly despite having obvious ability. Bearing in mind we have tried and discarded Blackman, Weimann and Ince for various reasons we seem to struggle to find players who take a good part in team play and retaining possession.
  8. Trick or Treat is of Scottish origin. Sorry to piss in your porridge Uttox.
  9. sage

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Suspected torn ACL. The bath seemed like a good idea till I tried to get out.
  10. sage

    Moving to Derby - Advice need please.

    Got one great pub and one ok pub and you (literally) get to look down on Boycie.
  11. sage

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    When your knee is swollen but your legs are stiff...
  12. sage

    Weak Wingers

    I would agree playing 433 I don't expect to see the likes of Hinton again but Russell, Ward and Dawkins were effective and we have spent a lot of money failing to replace them. Again Tommy Smith, Tudgay and Bisgaard played that role pretty well albeit in different ways.
  13. sage

    U23s v Plymouth

    Nice to see Callum Minkley on the bench, another player off the South Normanton production line after Lee Holmes and Max Lowe.
  14. sage

    Derby County on TV

    I take it the Caraboa Cup 4th round TV schedule hasn't been announced yet. I would be amazed if we aren't on.
  15. sage

    Under 23s v Brighton

    Did anyone go to the game?
  16. sage

    Ryder Cup

    Team of the Year
  17. sage

    Celebrities Who Changed their name?

    The only Quentin I know is a lefty from Derby.
  18. sage

    Ryder Cup

    Never seen so much enthusiasm for Europe.
  19. Listen to any speech by John Major or imagine Anne Widdecombe in a bikini.
  20. sage

    Fikayo Tomori

    Maybe he will play RB when Davies is fit.
  21. sage

    Derbyshire Cricket 2018

    Sam Rush is his agent and negotiated it yesterday. Kim Barnett's ex wife has got £700,000 for scouting.
  22. sage

    Derbyshire Cricket 2018

    I left the ground at 3 today as Sam Rush was driving in. Apparently he had a meeting with Simon Storey, CEO of DCCC. Interesting, very interesting.
  23. sage

    Ben Davies

    Left footed CB with a bit of pace. Looks like a squad player with promise like Holmes and Evans.

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