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  1. My favourite away kit. Great sponsor too.
  2. My lad is 19 and very cautious so we will peer through KFC's windows around 3 on Tuesday to see if it is quiet enough for him.
  3. 2020 will be a Froggg-less year, Well post Feb anyway.
  4. If we sign a striker with better link up play than Martin, i'll eat one of Froggg's meals.
  5. Not a patch on my Morrisons special.
  6. Yorkshire Pudding and Roast Potatoes by Aumt Bessie Peas by Birds Eye Sausage by Owen Taylor Gravy by Bisto Mascapone Mash and laziness by Sage.
  7. Todays haul from morrisons for £12.
  8. Every time needs a slow CF who can bring others into play 😀
  9. It was this herd immunity theory that got us into the mess we are in now.
  10. I think they are going to have to have a lockdown of some sort for all families with schoolkids and school staff for a week before schools reopen. Otherwise there will be a massive spike
  11. @angieram let her make her own mind up about @Boycie
  12. Kofta Kebabs, shredded white cabbage, pitta .... all washed sown with orange and pineapple squash
  13. Positional sense and anticipation are found in all levels of football, albeit to varying degrees. By your method, Lowe is by far the best defender in the Championship. He isn't.
  14. The best defenders make the fewest tackles. They don't have to.
  15. Time for Chaddesden Homebase to release their 'Milan' patio range
  16. Ha Ha More the disparity between National team and National League
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