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  1. Just bring back the mask mandate and if it turns out cases do plummet we can all go out and lick door handles.
  2. Quite agree. In other news Donald Trump won the 2020 election and Bill Gates is tracking your blood. Post Truth World. 😄
  3. This is what happens when you don't take your newest reading glasses on holiday
  4. Allsop is higher. Was just putting people in their natural position. Obviously you could play a higher rated player in his secondary position.
  5. So based on our 4231, our best side so far is... Allsop Byrne Jagielka Davies Forsyth Bird Shinnie Knight. Morrison. Jozwiak Stretton
  6. It's your bag now and you are doing a good job but I used to leave out the best and worst scores for each player then work out an avarage. Your way has merit too.
  7. What happened with CKR hitting the woodwork? I was watching but the TV went blank for 10 seconds. Dismt realise I'd missed something till the interviews after the game
  8. Well for the first time this season we got more out of a game than we deserved
  9. Too many touches up front because of the lack of support.
  10. Jozwiak and Ebosele not recycling possession. No get out ball the last 10 minutes
  11. It was a silly penalty but it was one. Lazy but of play from Buchanan
  12. Goal conceded from nothing. Slack passing before mind to lose possession
  13. Didn't ask for a refund. Just wIted patiently for my copy. I hope Ronnie posts again. He was treated harshly on here I felt.
  14. My hotel owner manged to find some decent beer for me so I didn't have to drink Efes
  15. You can do it online for Turkey. Did it in the way in and will do it in the airport on the way home.
  16. Anyone on the plane without it will get my death stare. If within 2m of me I will call a steward. Apart from eating and drinking. I bought a medical grade mask for the journey. What's really odd is seeing a family group of 4 with 3 wearing masks and one 1 not. If I was 18 and travelling with my late Dad and didn't follow this kind of rule, I'd be waking up around next March.
  17. My covid pass never got updated. It says 2 jabs on the GP section of the same app, but one on the pass itself. Despite the GP surgery telling me it had been updated at their end 10 days ago. Had to have an antigen test in Derby on Tuesday afternoon. Now at Gatwick Airport awaiting departure. The woman at check in confirmed my blue vaccine card, doctors letter of vaccine confirmation, GP section of the NHS app are all invalid. Without the test I wouldn't have been able to fly. Shambles
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