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  1. Yep. Die out to help out, more like.
  2. Fantastic win. First time we've beat Gumpshire in any form of the game for over a decade.
  3. You - or rather, the avatar and name you post under. Roy McFarland.
  4. Cookery programmes, especially those by Madhur Jaffrey.
  5. Great choices there. My current order with BIAB (placed it a week ago) is as follows: Gulden Draak Imperial Stout 1 x 75 cl Barista Chocolate Quad 2 x 33 cl Augustijn Grand Cru 1 x 75 cl Brigand 1 x 75 cl Chimay Grand Reserve 1 x 75 cl Chimay Cinq Cents 1 x 75 cl Corsendonk Agnus 1 x 75 cl Delirium Tremens 1 x 75 cl Gouden Carolus Classic 1 x 75 cl Gouden Carolus Tripel 1 x 75 cl
  6. He always struck me as a very sensible lad.
  7. It's been reported today that the government are considering locking up the 'extremely vulnerable' again. Wear a mask, you bar stewards.
  8. It's been said a few times, but it really is down to density - and by crikey, some people seem to be terminally dense.
  9. It seems like it, but I am assured that I went to Tesco last week to pick up some bottles of Tripel Karmeleit. Needs must, and all that.
  10. Thai green curry tonight. It's 'resting' at the moment while the Memsahib and I work our way through Trappistes Rochefort 6, 8 and 10 and a bottle of Tynt Meadow. Once I get my liver back, I'll do some saffron rice.
  11. I used to drive through the night back in the 1980s, get there about 6:00 am and the missus would take the kids to the beach while I got my head down for a couple of hours.
  12. Lovely article. Their primary responsibility as Sappers was building Bailey bridges and floating pontoons to replace the original bridges that were bombed during the war. Dad said that him and Reg used to take on the rest of the platoon at football and always win. Reg's party trick was to get someone to open a window in their nissen hut (the little square window set high up on the side) and he would drill the ball straight through it. One of my earliest childhood memories (I would have been 3 or 4) was of us driving up from Gillingham to Little Eaton, and crossing into Derbyshire over the
  13. My father and Reg served together in the army when he was doing his National Service.
  14. Covidsmeller Pursuivant?
  15. Different people slamming them in each instance, I guess. I applaud them for clamping down again where necessary - likewise I slammed them for being the in-denial dithering dimwits they seemed to be earlier in the crisis. On the other hand, those who feel differently to me will take the polar opposite stance. You can spot the exact time where the government changed their policy - the day that Boris went into intensive care.
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