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  1. something something smoke something fire (in this case, something mirrors).
  2. I don't mind that - provided they take precautions not to spray their COVID-infected sputum and snot on others. The easiest way to do that, of course, is to wear a bloody mask.
  3. Death by a thousand cuts. Sorry, the 'n' doesn't always work on my keyboard.
  4. So, basically, COVID is almost 50 times more likely to kill the unvaccinated, as compared to the double-vaccinated.
  5. In the last two matches, to say he has been bloody impressive would be an understatement. Today, he was the only player who showed any kind of temperament relative to the task in hand. From the off, Godleman seemed to be in one day mode, taking ridiculous singles and swishing at everything when logic suggested "get through until lunch, then assess". The rest followed suit - until Dal came in and for the first time in the match, a Derbyshire player played as if he didn't think that defeat was a foregone conclusion.
  6. Christ. It's worse than I feared.
  7. You could always get a job as a pawnbroker.
  8. The boat wasn't licenced for dancing.
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