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  1. Of course - but you can say that about everyone behaving irresponsibly every single time, and argue for the removal of all restrictions. Luckily, some people have the capacity for rational thought and making sensible decisions - it seems to be in short measure on here today.
  2. Did they really? The party wasn't even on the university grounds - it was at a private address in Lenton. The trouble with your invented scenario is it is akin to sticking your head in the sand. You can make exactly the same argument for every single encounter, every session in the pub, every single irresponsible action, viz "Ah, we're probably all ok. What harm will it cause?" In this case, Nottingham Trent University didn't take your attitude of "Ah, boys will be boys" - they suspended them. Perhaps you should be targeting the university staff with your diatribes and strawmen
  3. Actions have consequences - and it is entirely possible that one of more of those thoughtless, couldn't care less about anyone else when a good time is to be had students could be indirectly responsible for the death of somebody - a parent, a grandparent for instance - especially when it is a disease that affects people in widely different ways.
  4. So I've lost the plot. Let's assume that just one of those students, by their crass stupidity, passed the virus on to one other person, who in turn passed it down the line and ultimately, that was responsible for the death of somebody. Do you think that is disproportionate? Another 300 + deaths reported today, and the way it's heading, we will quite possibly be hitting numbers similar to April by Christmas - and many of those deaths are caused by people who, somewhere down the line, think that the rules don't apply to them.
  5. Usually, we have a Christmas get-together in Sheffield with my daughter, her partner, the grandkids and my son who comes up from Brizzle. This year, we won't, because people getting together, indoors, from three separate areas of the country is utterly stupid.
  6. They were utter morons, holding a large house party in the most infected area of the most infected city in the country, then when warned by the police and eventually raided, 30 people were found hiding in bedrooms, the kitchen etc - but to be fair, there were some on here who suggested that the students were hard done by, so I suppose that's where the 'we' came from (If I'm being charitable). One or two people on here got upset - sensible people, however, thought that justice was done, and seen to be done.
  7. Pay rises for the government and cash handouts to their most vociferous defenders?
  8. In places, yes. Lots of autopsy scenes, but much of it is more subdued than blatantly in your face. I believe the term is 'Nordic noir'.
  9. Yes, watched it last month. Quite freaky, especially towards the end.
  10. We're currently wading through Bordertown, a Finnish crime drama, on Netflix. One of the best series we've watched for some time. We're in good company - apparently Stephen King loves it.
  11. Is there nothing this shambolic 'government' (for want of a better word) does that you won't defend?
  12. Still a Bamford playing for the Dirties though. That is his crime - and his punishment.
  13. In order to achieve that, they would need IT consultants on board who actually have a clue.
  14. Good man. Incidentally, I mentioned my favourite brewery earlier - De Halve Maan, in Bruges. They also do mail order, and a couple of weeks ago, I acquired 12 x Straffe Hendrik Tripel 75 cl and 12 x Straffe Quad 75 cl. Total cost, including shipping to the UK, was just €128 (oh, including a new lapel badge for my blazer). The beers came in 4 separate boxes, each containing 6 bottles, and the total shipping was just €10. I assume they have a special arrangement with the courier. I'll be getting a load more for Christmas, including 24 bottles of Straffe Hendrik Wild and some
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