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  1. They were always a band in my "I really want to go and see them" collection in the early days, but I never did. I will definitely when they tour again in the after-times.
  2. It was actions in the past that divided the country, and no amount of "You lost, get over it" will glue it back together - basically because we all lost. Unfortunately, the "winners" still can't - and won't - see that.
  3. Definitely carnivore. Cinnamon stick + julienne carrot + chestnut mushrooms + onions + garlic + beef cubes + brown sugar + syrop de liege + dijon mustard + 2 slices of bread + beef stock + bouquet garni + nutmeg + 75 cl of Belgian Dubbel + 5 hours cooking = the best Flemish stew you ever tasted. I just missed off the last 12 ingredients. Sorry. Wasn't it obvious?
  4. Don't be silly. You couldn't push one of those with 2p. Besides, they won't go down the chute.
  5. Retail price of farmyard manure is approximately £100 per tonne. I would be perfectly happy for him to be paid the full amount of a thousand tonnes of prime cowmuck to be dropped on him every day.
  6. Yes, the very same. The guys who recorded the classic "Fit For Fight" in the early 1980s re-formed a few years ago (2012) and recorded "Axe To Grind". Since then they have been (occasionally) touring. Half of the original lineup are still in the band, and they recruited Kev when they re-formed.
  7. Post things totally out of context, the purpose of the post being purely and simply to give a mate's utterly brilliant new album, which is just a wonderful and faithful example of the genre and era known colloquially as "NWOBHM" and which is getting stunningly good reviews in the music press and websites all over Europe, a plug. Oh, wait.....
  8. It was the Memsahib who said that we ought to watch it.
  9. So you reckon I'm a lightweight, do you? Come on - outside. I'll ave you, big as you are. (sips another) You're my best mate, you are.
  10. The person writing that review doesn't understand the concept of 'Nordic Noir', I guess. I love the genre.
  11. Crab football. Two steps sideways, one step back.
  12. Every cloud has a silver lining - which we then have to pay to someone.
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