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  1. Aubergine Parmigiano (I probably make this once a fortnight, assuming the bloody aubergines aren't all stuck in Calais)... Aubergine Parmigiano Ingredients – tomato base · 1 onion, finely chopped · 2 cloves garlic (1 teaspoon crushed garlic) · 1 teaspoon dried oregano · 0.5 teaspoon dried basil · 1 bay leaf · 0.25 teaspoon dried cinnamon · 0.25 teaspoon red chilli powder · 1 dessert spoon plain flour · 4 fl oz red wine · 400 g chopped tomatoes ·
  2. Perhaps a more even distribution of common sense across this thread would be a good idea too, but I doubt that will ever happen. 'Lost cause' springs to mind.
  3. It's a test for our patience, for a start.
  4. There were people on here recently disputing my figures, still trying to claim that the death toll was < 0.1%. Well, as far as today's figures are concerned, it would already be a minimum of 0.15% if every single person in the United Kingdom had already contracted the virus.
  5. I get weekly deliveries, which are subject to precisely the same availability as C&C (i.e. order online) - and for the last two weeks, aubergines have just not been available.
  6. The person seemingly buying all the aubergines at Tesco is really trying my patience. I tend to buy one or two a week for when I want to make moussaka, aubergine parmigiana, brinjal bhaji and the like, but for some strange, completely unfathomable reason, they have been unobtainable for the last three weeks.
  7. Still driving my Ford Focus Zetec. Done 1000 miles in the last 10 months. 2 round trips to Brizzle, 2 round trips to Sheffield, 1 round trip to Kings Lynn and a couple of trips to the shops.
  8. Some do - even the BBC do. Saying that, the increase in deaths was widely predicted, to the extent that they were gift-wrapped with a bow and a "Merry Christmas" label attached.
  9. That's why the rolling average figures are the important ones. It prevents silly cherry-picking to a certain extent.
  10. It's the usual conflict - "My ignorance is just as valid as your knowledge".
  11. Enhanced deep cleansing regimes, high levels of infected or isolating staff (both nursing and ancillary), the need to ensure that Covid-19 wards and administration areas are isolated from the rest of the hospital, higher ratio of staff to patients in Covid-19 ICUs etc - all of these things will have an impact.
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