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  1. We finished binge-watching 'Lost' last night. I think over the last three series, we were both just going through the motions, wanting to see if it could get any sillier. (Narrator: it did). Half an hour ago, we started watching 'Breaking Bad' - probably the pilot episode. So far so good - I'm still watching it. In fact, I'm loving it.
  2. You can buy 'guaranteed' double-yolk eggs now from a number of outlets (says Mr Internet). First of all, the eggs are checked for size, based upon the age of the pullet actually laying the eggs. Then, a bright light is shone through the shell of any that are larger than 'normal', and the number of yolks physically checked.
  3. I've only ever had one double-yolker in my life.
  4. Eddie


    She likes that one too.
  5. Eddie


    Fishing for compliments? It worked, @i-Ram. Pal.
  6. Eddie


    Cooking today - Thai Green Curry. May go for a walk tomorrow. We sat in the back garden sharing a 75 cl bottle of Westmalle Tripel, then I had a St Feuillien Saison while the boss had some Tesco own-brand cider. I try to teach her some level of sophistication, but that muck she was drinking, even @DarkFruitsRam7 would think twice about throwing down his neck* *Before deciding "What the hell, buttocks up"
  7. I think that if there is a second peak as far as infections and deaths are concerned, then in honour of Cummings being the inspiration behind others breaking the lockdown rules, that peak ought to be named Mount Dominic.
  8. Eddie


    And stupid, but people tend to remember that.
  9. Eddie


    Opposites attract - which probably explains why I attract so much attention on here from certain individuals - and because I am deaf, I wear hearing aids which have a 'mute' function. So at appropriate times, I can place the Memsahib on 'ignore' too. If she starts waving her arms about, then I apologise and switch them on again.
  10. Eddie


    Thanks, Archied. That speech could almost have been made by Red in The Shawshank Redemption. My wife is as 'True blue' as they come and will usually support the political party she has always favoured, but when she heard Boris last night giving his non-answer, she said "Sod him, I'm not staying locked up for the rest of my life just for the sake of his bloody numbers." We will choose our moment to leave the confines of our home. My cousin is in exactly the same position as I am (historically a swine flu victim, although she has/had other problems too) and also on 'the list'. She stuck it for 6 weeks, then finally ventured outside for a (very) short stroll. She was probably more apprehensive than scared, crossing the road to avoid coming close to others - but each day since she has felt more at ease with every walk. Baby steps are still steps.
  11. Plain old boring fish and chips tonight. Last week, Tesco substituted basa (Mekong delta catfish) for the unavailable smoked haddock, so tonight I cooked a couple of fillets. I took some panko breadcrumbs, mixed in a load of chopped parsley, basil, chopped chives and dried lemongrass, used coconut flour instead of ordinary flour as the base, eggy milky wash, dipped in the breadcrumb mix. a flick of coconut oil and baked them in the oven for 20 minutes. No pics - this week's Tesco delivery arrived at an inappropriate time and I forgot. The verdict on the basa - same flaky quality as cod but far more flavour and about half the price. Delicious and thrifty - will buy again, by choice.
  12. Eddie


    I agree totally - but if I do go out, I will most definitely wear a mask - for the benefit of others, both physically and for their mental well-being. I hope that others feel the same way.
  13. Doppelbock. A lager that's beyond the comprehension of many archetypal lager drinkers.
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