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  1. Angry Ram

    Picture where you are now

    You're wierd 👍
  2. Angry Ram

    £10m FFP Bill

    Was Pearce not making it clear we were not foul of FFP and neither would we be? I seem to remember that from the last cozy fans forum. If it turns out we are this guy needs to be drummed out as well as Morris. (If they spun us more BS).
  3. Angry Ram

    John Vicars retires from lead operations

    Something is going on behind the scenes.. I liked John. Staying as a nonexec director..
  4. Angry Ram

    Who advises Uncle Mel

    Whoever it is they need sacking.
  5. Angry Ram

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Actually quite disappointed now with Gary going.. We FINALLY get a decent song about him and his team filled with 30year olds and he does this!! Unforgivable.. Morris had better install someone with a similar sounding name. God this club kicks you when you are down.
  6. Angry Ram

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Paul Kitson used to post on here, or at least he confessed to being Paul on another board..
  7. Angry Ram

    Mick driving his way over from Suffolk right now

    I come in here to get away from Rowett talk and new managers.. Thanks for nothing..
  8. Angry Ram

    Proud to be British

    Are you serious about using those comments as back up your comments.. I searched 'Welsh' - 74 results. Without checking the context of each post, I can only find 15, at a stretch that might (loosly) be anti Welsh. One of those was from a lad from Norwich as well. If I am honest, only one or two were really anti Welsh and most of those came from the Cardiff weather thread. So there is clutching at straws and making yourself look a bit of a tool. Well done, you have a skill for this.
  9. Angry Ram

    Proud to be British

  10. Angry Ram

    Manager revolving door will keep happening

    Yes but IMO that was the ONLY positive with Nigel.. He definately had the minerals to throw someone in. Possibly the best at giving youth a chance. However the rest was shocking. The handling of Cywka after the Pompey game was abysmal. If you are honest and wrote a list of positives and negatives, the negatives would far exceed positives.
  11. Angry Ram

    Manager revolving door will keep happening

    We can't keep trying to turn the clock back and hope.. Mac1, Mac2, Mac3, Clough1, Clough2. None are the answer. Morris fell into that trap with Mac2. My feelings on Morris are well known and now is not the time for me to reiterate those. However, I do feel for him at the moment. The appointment of a manager is a lottery. No name guarantees success, it's a lottery. He needs to get the right man this time. If youth is the way forward then some of the names I have seen make me smile. I just hope he gets the right advice and listens to the right people. No massive statements of intent, just get on with the job.
  12. Angry Ram

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Just read one of their forums.. They think he is the messiah with new ideas... Just what they need.. The poor fools.
  13. Angry Ram

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    10k and we shake hands... 😁 Only one problem, there is one star missing off em. The dodgy geezer In Shanghai has had me over.. Nobody will notice, honest guv.
  14. Angry Ram

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Might be able to help guv... 9999 blue European flags going cheap..
  15. Angry Ram

    Gary Rowett's Ears


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