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  1. If I had a list of 100 things that I wanted to do, this still would not appear.
  2. Sorry to hear that fella. I am struggling to keep us going but it’s hard. I need my customers back and spending but sadly they are delaying events till at least 2021 and scrubbing 2020 completely. We won’t be able to hang on that long sadly, so I fear I am delaying the inevitable. I love my lot dearly and they have always been there for me. Feeling pretty helpless at the moment.
  3. Exactly. I ticked two boxes. Age I can’t do much about nearly 60. However I can control my weight and I’ve lost two stone. Still not under 40 but hopefully if I do get it, I‘ve given myself a better chance.
  4. What the hell is that creature just leaving the shot? Feed it.
  5. Did all this only go on for one day then?
  6. Watch out for @DarkFruitsRam7.. Fingers crossed as always mate that everything is fine..
  7. Pound shops, charity shops and takeaways. The new normal. Only it’s the old normal as well.
  8. You conveniently missed the jobs for the boys part but hay ho.
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