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  1. I see the EU army, that we were told would never happen, is now a thing. Command and control from Brussels. Thank god we’re out of that mess.
  2. I will leave you a little prezzie on it for you. 💩
  3. And zero hour contracts are a saviour to them.. #flexibility
  4. He is a nice lad, always there, always a smile and a hello. The world needs more Daniels and less bankers.
  5. A boat once sank at sea.. Best solution don't build boats that go on the sea..
  6. I see the EU budget negotiations are going well.. Harmony in motion.
  7. It's not what he wants, the future Mrs Dave will be pulling the strings. We all give it large and then cave. Gonna cost him a fortune.
  8. Bit disappointing. Poor show.
  9. Spanish herby cod and chorizo stew.
  10. Cummings is actually quite left wing. Perhaps that why we see much more socially driven policies..Why do you think the above is correct?
  11. Love ground black pepper. I’d have it on cornflakes if I could.
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