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  1. EFL 3rd Round Draw

    It's a cup, it's a competitive fixture, don't get all this it's a crap cup would not lose any sleep if we were not in it. For the fans it's all about the away day... Leicester took a full allocation to Sheffield U etc. Great draw if we beat Barnsley but no doubt we will play the reserves.
  2. Picture where you are now

    There you go mate..
  3. v Sheff Utd (A) - Predictions

    Sheff U 2-1 Derby FRGS Lawrence
  4. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    Yeah but I could not get the 'grim' bit in.
  5. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    Derbyshire doing well in the cricket is like an eclipse... Only happens ever 100 years or so. Grimsby? Meh..
  6. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    Not many... 2nds playing away.. Cricket on... Easy choice and it ain't near the seaside.
  7. Fans Forum | Silk Mill Museum | 24/08/17

    Does Gary sleep in that jumper and is he related to the Spurs manager (can't spell his name), And as Spurs are in the PL does that mean that Gary will need to get a V neck when we finally arrive?
  8. Online fanbase, more harm than good?

    Don't see a problem, if something is crap, not saying it's crap is not going to change it from being crap. If something is good, then happy to say so. It might be that the same thing that was crap last week, is not crap this week. I think
  9. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    I bet your on a few 'ignore' lists. You got your own 'Pratbpox' ffs.
  10. Chris Martin

    I don't have to do anything... You read the bloody Wardrode thread.
  11. Chris Martin

    Oh come on. Really
  12. Chris Martin

    Horses for courses this season. My issue with Martin is not so much Martin but the reverence some on here have for him. The massiah has returned, all will be okay now, lets just pretend it's 2013 again and we will be flying. Martin is what he is, pretty much a one trick pony in a certain system, Yes when it was good, it was very good on occasions but it all had to revolve around Martin, Maybe that pony has a part to play in certain games this season, why not. Like others have said, he is a good option to have as long as Rowett is not stuck in a Martin must play bubble. It appears he is not, so that is a positive for me. The Wardrobe thread is probably one of the saddest I have ever read on this forum.. Back to the future stuff and then some. Real head shake stuff. I don't know if we will sell him, I am not ITK... Should we 'cash' in? Maybe but to be replaced with what, now he is hopefully a squad player and not a must play. For me I would keep him around this season and see what happens. Will Martin be happy not starting regardless of form? That's for him and Rowett to decide.
  13. Ticket and Travel to Chelsea for a Fiver

    Bloody wedding anniversary.
  14. Ticket and Travel to Chelsea for a Fiver

    Just have a quiet word with a steward, he will see you right. I doubt we will have any there.

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