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  1. Angry Ram


    Acting northern.. Either that or a care in the community program..
  2. Angry Ram

    What are you eating tonight

    Hang on, nearly finished..
  3. Angry Ram


  4. Angry Ram

    What are you eating tonight

    Angry Birds starter..
  5. Angry Ram


    I guess it boils down to how many times he has abused the situation? One pair of expensive trainers should not tar him for life. He’s just treated himself. If he knows things are tight and he does this over and over again, then different matter. He’s taking pee Little Angry purchased a £500 plus pair and a £250 pair. He’s travelling in the new year but works his butt off. No we don’t take anything from him, I don’t have to teach him the value of money and what is right and wrong. The point is that if were in trouble, he would give us every penny he earns, without question Dont judge your lad on one thing. He is young and needs some special things. Still can’t understand why anyone would pay that for creps. What’s wrong with Adidas Originals?
  6. Angry Ram

    What are you eating tonight

    Rick Stein in Barnes SW London..
  7. Angry Ram

    What are you eating tonight

    I don’t know exactly. It was a sauce that was not Tabasco hot but very peppery.. The fish and shellfish soup was exceptional. Monkfish for main..👍
  8. Angry Ram

    What are you eating tonight

  9. Angry Ram

    England v Croatia

    Good start, should be winning.. Delph playing really well.
  10. Angry Ram


    There’s a reason for that...
  11. Angry Ram


    Been spending a lot of time in the city recently.. God I hate that journey home, poxy Piccadilly Line... No wonder people stay in town longer..
  12. Angry Ram


    Nothing, as long as they appreciate it.. Not charged little Angry a penny and he earns a earns a lot..
  13. Angry Ram


    Can’t beat Fortnum and Mason or Harrods deli.. Doesnt everyone use these places?
  14. Angry Ram

    Haters gonna Hate

    Exactly but we live in a world where people feel a need to label things.
  15. Angry Ram

    watches....to dream on for

    Getting itchy now... Looking at a Breitling Super Ocean...

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