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  1. Strange I found her slightly false. Cant put my finger on why though.
  2. @David Do you sit and eat at the cooker as well? You need a bigger kitchen.
  3. What and why do they have that squigly thing before the name?
  4. Impressive response. You’re struggling aren’t you? The ball pond is not open till tomorrow now.
  5. Why would I want tiny little ones. You keep em son. You need em.
  6. Geezers with 86 points to make only cannot make any. Bud. No nads either.
  7. Football club academies are a waste of money. 90% of the time.
  8. Milk is the best drink ever. Ice cold mind and not semi-skimmed. Whoever paired it with cereal is up there with Eisenstein. Dry cerial, how and on what planet are you on?
  9. Good luck Bolton. Not the owners, could not give a toss about them but they are a famous old club and their fans. like Blackpool, Coventry etc, deserve better.
  10. ''Whatevs'' People who think they are yoofs. Let it go, you know who you are.. @86 points
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