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  1. I have just over £500k in various Vanguard Index pots.. Like you said, dipped in March but now back ahead of the Feb number.
  2. I’ve stuck to Pharma and tech. I’ve also stuck to US trading as well.
  3. My return was +78%... Novavax smashed it for me and still is.
  4. Costco’s. £26 for the 2. Took a flyer but they were really good quality.
  5. Served with home made potato salad, medium rare.
  6. These puppies ready for the BBQ. Tomahawks....
  7. Trust you to Brighton the thread.
  8. Black iron potatoes (Potatoes, bacon and cheese), chicken dragon egg ( chicken breast stuffed with chillies, cream cheese). Wrapped in bacon All done on the Weber Kettle.
  9. Appalling stuff.,Slow, no movement, poor passing.
  10. 60 Days In on Netflix.. An experiment where normal people are placed in a county jail in the US.. Won’t spoil it but worth watching for the teacher alone. What a twit.
  11. Simon is a nice guy.. Not heard from him in ages. Myself and Little Angry still laugh about Karaoki in Blackpool with him a few years ago.. We woz good.
  12. Not only do we nick their songs, we've nicked their forum format as well.
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