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  1. He’s not a friend, just someone I see at games from time to time.. Someone who I personally respect and know has our clubs interests at heart.. Has he asked you to get into a ‘frenzy’? Ffs.. I am sure he knows more than he can let on and he is choosing not to divulge some details., He will have his reasons and I will respect those.. Most on here had their heads up their jacksies about Morris and would not heed the warning signals.. It was all Sam’s fault blah blah blah.. Bollxs Morris and Pearce sighed off those things. Must have, or that is hideous mismanagement.. Put everythin
  2. My take. If almost anyone else would have put their name to the OP, I would have shrugged my shoulders and moved on. I know Nick, not well just nodding really at games and have always admired the time and effort he has put into a club he clearly loves. We have both been in the 200 at Cardiff or Ipswich on a cold Tuesday. Not that makes anyone a super fan or anything and I know he has already batted those comments away. Those comments would have hurt him I’m sure. However he has posted it and I do give it credence because it was from him and what does he get from just stirring? That’s not hi
  3. No we’re just fans, same as any other clubs fans.. 🐏🐏
  4. I will just leave this here till the weekend. I want to be comfortable.
  5. Should this not all be on the matchday thread 🤷‍♂️
  6. It’s a lottery I admit, just like any manager appointment.. Take Jack Walker for example the epitome of a fan and a successful owner. He invested and was successful but a different beast from Morris. Everything he has said and done has been a red flag and any other owner would have been hounded out of dodge but people had blinkers on with Mel.. It’s been one big vanity project.
  7. Which is exactly why a fan should not be in charge.. Who cares if they had popular support, they were wrong, end of.. The stupidity of his time is mind boggling.. Still he’s local 🤷‍♂️
  8. R Kid made me laugh out loud.. Brilliant.
  9. Bung us a tenner.. Jobs a googun.
  10. Every time I say ‘pick your strongest team’ in cup matches and don’t make 7 changes. Only to get back, we need to rest players for the next league game, which we subsequently lose. Time and time again.
  11. That’s all I can muster. Am I angry we lost again, not really, expected it.. I’m a fan of this club, No, I love this club and all I can muster is meh! What have they done to this once proud club.. We don’t expect much really, just the odd decent performance and a few wins. Before the Morris reign I would have been incandescent with rage at this team.. Now meh.. Those who know me, know I’ve done the hard miles travelling the country and Europe and loved it, win or lose. Now, it holds no appeal at all,. Before anyone goes down the entitlement route, don’t.. That’s not me. Watched
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