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  1. If you have had the jab they can track you.. Saw it on Twitter.. It’s why the second needle is bigger.
  2. Not for us Hampton Hill boys. Thames Ditton maybe.
  3. Right now @Mucker1884isnt my favourite poster.. However BACK OFF.. Knees are obligatory.. Only @frogggcan rule on this.
  4. 💩💩💩 Just checking if the mucky bowls into Dodge.. I could have so much fun with this..🧛🏻‍♂️
  5. On point.. I’d rather be Angry. 😅
  6. You ain’t having fun with me unless you buy me flowers. Is there a mucky emoji? Nope. I’m famous.
  7. Bullying in the workplace should be addressed. Does your company not have a whistle blower programme? Bullying is a wide term, I assume you are not implying that is manifesting in a physical way? If it has, then almost certainly it's against the law. There are laws against hate speech, sexual harassment etc, so even some verbal bullying could stray into the criminal arena. If it's just work mates saying someone is rubbish at their job etc, then let the company deal with it.
  8. I see what you did there.. An anagram of CRAPs 👍
  9. So in essence we blame Morris and Pearce.. Jobs a goodun.
  10. Can never be too hot. I love the heat, I should live on the Equator.
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