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  1. A mushy pea free diet does wonders for the complexion.
  2. Stick with it.. It’s actually quite a clever delve into the human phsycie
  3. #metoo.. 60 next Sunday me.. These soft northerners will forget.. Happy birthday yoof..
  4. It's the whole process, you could always do with more drivers but you need to use the ones you do have more effectively and not leave them sitting around for hours on end. Some ports have more technology to assist in the processing of containers, London Gateway for example is pretty new. The whole world has a problem with the supply chain and the recovery from Covid. The shipping lines are profiteering and that is pushing costs through the roof. The paperwork has not changed when you are importing from Asia and India etc. There is always loads of it but the UK does have one of the most efficient customs systems where everything is electronic bar a few documents that still need to be presented. So no, paperwork, is not the issue. It's volumes and speed. Felixstowe, I believe was suffering from 1000s of Gov containers containing PPE that were left quayside. The USA is suffering huge delays at places like San Diego and LA as well.
  5. Nothing is more poorly run than a British port.. Felixstowe is so out of date.
  6. Just finished Squid Games and strangely enjoyed it.. The acting was hard to watch in the first couple of episodes but was okay at the end.
  7. We’ve got plenty of HGV drivers but they spend most of their day sat doing nothing either waiting to load or unload. It’s taking 6 to 8 hours to get a container off the docks.. And that’s just to pull the bloody thing.
  8. That's where you are wrong. It's 10 years.
  9. Yeah I mean - the last thing you want is kids to be kids without having an agenda stuffed down their throat.
  10. Mine is better.. 😄 Apologies @angieram
  11. One I nicked from Twitter. Derby in Andorra.
  12. Trick or Treat (WTF is that all about anyway), Guy Fawkes, Diwali all within a few weeks of each other, crap time of year. My mum was petrified during Trick or Treat..
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