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  1. Bobby Paisley is a Ram, is a Ram, is a Ram. He hates scousers. 🐏
  2. All take note.. The Cup win is his greatest memory, not finishing 3rd in the league. Are you reading that Cocu.. The geezer is a god as far as I am concerned. 101💪
  3. They hoof it a lot.. He is a superstar CB. We are looking closely.
  4. Pesky Chinese ? That's my take away from all this anyway.
  5. Angry Ram


    Feel for Swarbrick a little on the offside, only in as much as he has to play within the rules are they are. Personally, I hate it, every bit of it, I like imperfect, I might hate it at the time, if it goes against you, but at the end of the day these imperfections bring out the passion in football.
  6. You lucky boy, you got out alive.. Treaty Centre?
  7. What an earth are you doing in Hounslow 😱 I think you might find they are enforceable through the courts. We had this discussion recently.
  8. You don't live down here.. Can't get a park bench for £500 a month. Double that and add some.
  9. On 27 September 2015 it was announced that he had been appointed to the British Labour Party's Economic Advisory Committee, convened by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and reporting to Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn. No agenda there then. No problem. Yours Some bloke on a football forum.
  10. People who drive wearing big coats, hats and gloves. Turn the poxy heater on ffs.
  11. It’s been like that for years now.. They hold us in the car park, let the home crowd go a little then walk us to the station. I’ve seen worse than yesterday with the pushing. It’s always quite intense and a lot of goading. It should not have been a surprise to anyone who has attended before. It’s simple really, just wait at the back, be patient and then leave by any way you want.
  12. The more I read this thread the more I despise the left and it’s self righteous supporters. It’s everybody else’s fault, everything is unfair. We should distribute everyone’s wealth, yet they don’t distribute theirs. Look at you doing well, give it all to me. I’ll just sit here and wait for that billionaire to share his hard work.
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