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  1. Not sure if I voted in either of those.. I go back to my original point, are we better off with a fan at the helm? You have proved fans know nothing.
  2. To be fair Bradley was strange and they deviated from the model.. Low and behold, it did not work. Picking a manager is a lottery, have said it many times.. But at least you know their previous and preferred style. I beg to differ with you on The Derby Way, he has lost his way there.
  3. So are you saying he is just doing what the fans want all the time? I would be more critical of that.. He started with a good plan, then HE put square pegs in round holes and it went wobbly. Everyone makes mistakes but keep the basic ethos ala Southampton and Swansea should stay the same. Most would be fairly happy with a building process that has a goal and everyone can see what is trying to be achieved. We get a vision for two months then need our eyes testing as the vision has gone and we are doing something else. If we want to play like Swansea.. Fine.. If we want to play like Wimbledon did.. Not so fine (personally) but I could get on board if we were clear on that.. Not Southampton one week and Wimbledon the next. The managers are in effect set up to fail. What due diligence have the club done on these appointments? I have a fear it was not very much. Are we better with a fan as a leader of an investment group like we had, who can detract themselves from the fan? Lets face it us fans are not the most steady of factors when it comes to our club. The is no real answer to that as there will be examples of both working and both failing. Gibson for example is a success.. Some investment groups can be a massive fail. Morris at the moment is a fail with a capital F.
  4. I think your trivialise a bit there, it's not about coffee and a scarf, changing rooms or little things like that. The issue is, for me, he does not know how to achieve what he wants. I don't doubt he wants the best for DCFC but how is he going to achieve that. I would have more respect if he stuck with something. A vision.. Direct football, total football, beautiful football, hoof football. I loved the Clement appointment, it showed me he was thinking outside the box, we were not going back to that same old pool of 6 or 7 journeyman managers who continually fail. Great.. Few months later, something has happened and Clement is a gonner. Okay we hear all the rumours, maybe Clement had to go but what a mess to follow. Big statements 'The Derby Way', Wassell, Pearson, Mac, Harry, Rowett. There is no joining the dots with that lot. This way.. Oops, no that way.. Let's get rid of Rush... I have no idea of what he wants and how to achieve it, he has no idea either. Qualifications for the job... I get he's a fan but maybe that is his problem? I have read post after post about him keeping the fans happy and you rightly point out you can't keep everyone happy. We are all DCFC fans on here but we can't agree on what day it is. Is he too close and his normal decision making process is suffering?
  5. Nope, not annoyed with you.. I think you are with me though with your strange desperate weird posts.. Still the season will start soon and you can get back to shagging Rammie at half time.
  6. Only took as much as I was prepared to lose... And lost it
  7. Why!! Cost me a bloody fortune this week. Been to Ascot and Newmarket and got spanked twice.. I know nothing about the bloody things but everyone else seemed to. Like a lamb I followed them and nothing.. To top it off some geezer in the next marquee to us last night had £500 on a 20/1 outsider who only went and won in the last.. Never going again
  8. Come on winkle, ewe have embarrassed yourself with that post. Was not going to even bother to reply as it was so weak but the temptation got the better of me and the fact that this poxy tube train is taking way too long. Tory mug.. Everything is your fault.
  9. He's not in charge of the Dog and bloody Duck. We are a professional organisation generating millions of pounds. And all you have got is he is a fan and he's local. @curtainsgets a lot of stick on here. Many would not want him running our club. I think he is local, he certainly is a fan. So he is qualified then? i like Curtains he talks a lot of sense, more than Morris. Why get off his back? Would you get of Fawaz back if he had picked DCFC ?
  10. Agree with this but my only question is, has he done well with the academy? Infrastructure sure, pathway no. To be honest I don't blame him so much on this front as the whole system is still flawed. However I always believed The Derby Way was always about this very pathway. Then either him or the manager seem to shut the gate. That's modern football though not just us.
  11. Morris seems to want to go backwards. Managers, players. Maybe we are going backwards to a Maxwell scenario.
  12. And there in a nutshell is his problem.
  13. Agree, results mean everything.. I get any appointment can be a lottery but he has mad many basic errors. The man is a myth.
  14. Did you read my post? Fail to see what you are getting at. The point was, IF he was Chinese, people would simply not accept what has happened. Okay what if he was an Ashley type, not local but a Brit?
  15. So explain Pearson and his dovetail with The Derby Way? How is that not another Morris cock up? What in Pearsons past would have made him think he was a good choice.