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    I used to like lamb chops.. Cant eat them now.
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  1. Angry Ram

    Boycie’s Birthday Today

    Happy birthday mucker.
  2. Angry Ram

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Looks lively.. Where are the dominoes?
  3. Angry Ram

    It's not Chico time, hopefully.

    Does he count as famous?
  4. Angry Ram

    It's not Chico time, hopefully.

    I never knew he was Derby... Get well soon then.
  5. Angry Ram

    Holiday Plans 2019

    The place is pretty much closed on a Sunday..
  6. Angry Ram

    Holiday Plans 2019

    You betcha... Come and say hello if you see me at a game..
  7. Angry Ram

    Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day

    @Grimbeard Look a thread just for you 👍
  8. Angry Ram

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    And he wanted to be our DOF.. The Muppet from Mexico.
  9. Angry Ram

    Holiday Plans 2019

    Flights to the USA are stupid prices at the moment.
  10. Angry Ram

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Never noticed but yes....
  11. Angry Ram

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Was staying where they used to film The Haunted House Of Horror, years ago. Poxy wardrobe door kept opening on the middle of night.
  12. Angry Ram

    Bees vs Wasps

    I hate the both of em.. Do a runner every time ones comes near me.. Wipe em out, all of them.
  13. Angry Ram

    Rotherham Security

    It will always come down to he said, she said.. I can get that there is confusion from time to time and things go a little pear shaped and maybe instructions misunderstood.. What I don’t understand is why what you explained Joel as I’ll, they did not offer assistance rather than just go over there.. They should have offered medical help, Or at least seeing that you were in an agitated state through concern over you sons health, at least called for someone to take you out escorted.. You will get nowhere unless you ask them why they did not provide you with any sort of duty of care as a customer.. They will assume you are just one of those piss heads that some have been digging out on here..
  14. Angry Ram

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Forgot my knee
  15. Angry Ram

    Away Days

    Away days, back in the day were more of a hostile experience. You can go to a match now and unless you want to get involved, in the main, you are fine. Obviously there are still situations where you get caught up in things, like you have and the poor girl that got hit by a seat.. Not making excuses for those instances but it was worse before. I go back to the 70s where you could easily get caught up in trouble without wanting to. Wear a scarf and get beaten up and it nicked.. There seemed to be less rules then.. Everyone was fair game. In the 80s and more of the casual culture, again it could be intimidating on a terrace and I took more than one slap just for being there. Much more of the norm. Lets be honest here, the main issues I read on here , on a weekly basis are people standing and beer being thrown. Again I am not saying these things are right and innocents do get caught, it is certainly better now., not worse.

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