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  1. Sounds like we should have won. With no additional points deduction (which is very unlikely) we would have a fighting chance here 😁
  2. I think you dreamt it....he might be back with the group but weeks away from being fit enough to play....
  3. So any successful manager is likely to be targeted by other clubs....so what are you saying, we appoint mediocre managers, just the way it is.....
  4. Hopefully in League 1 with no further points deduction in to next season, would settle for that and a fresh start.
  5. As do the letters sent in to Brian 😁
  6. Been watching every night on ITV 4 at 5.55pm. A real trip down memory lane. The unfashionable kits, long hair, no numbers on the shirts and back passes to the keeper who picked up the ball. The excitement of the FA Cup, almost as important as the League Championship. Stadiums rocking with fans standing up. All interesting stuff. Anyway, the point of the post, linked to this, is players you didn't realise played for other clubs. It must have passed me by that Stan Bowles played for Florist, Terry Yorath for Spurs and our own Archie Gemmill played for Brum. Any other players that you have come across where you didn't realise they played for that team?????
  7. Are we spreading the payment over 20 years 😂
  8. The fact that it isn't being paid is the issue....
  9. But that set up will see us concede a lot…
  10. Sorry, still don’t get that formation, to play with wing backs you need 3 at the back….
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