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  1. Just an idea, howzabout Rod Stewart "We are Sailing" ... ... and then go straight into "We are Derby, Super Rams" (?)
  2. Would be great if something like this could get up an running ... Every little helps
  3. Keep believing, and thanks for all the hard work you put in trying to make this happen ...
  4. 'bout time too ... Now fans will be able to stand if they want to ... ... legally!!
  5. No worries, so long as they get the goals bit right ...
  6. D:Ream "Things can only get better"
  7. Need something that distract us all this morning. At this time i would attend games (usually) wearing the following ... Black Brogues / Red socks Levi denim trousers & jacket Black+white check Ben Sherman shirt with button-down collar - plus scarf (blue+white)
  8. How to get around the embargo (?) "Derby County have announced the signing of teenage prospect Malcolm Ebiowei from Rangers on a permanent deal. Following a medical, the attacking midfielder has signed for the Rams Academy just 17 months after joining the youth setup at the Scottish champions. The 18-year-old has signed a one-year deal with Derby, where he will presumably line out for the Under-18's squad for the 2021/22 campaign. Ebiowei has previously represented both England and the Netherlands at youth international level and was on the books at Arsenal before joining Rangers in 2020. Derby are unable to sign players to their senior team due to the transfer embargo placed on them by the EFL, but they can still add youth players to their ranks." Not so dark at the end of the tunnel !
  9. This is brilliant ... "Derby are unable to sign players to their senior team due to the transfer embargo placed on them by the EFL, but they can still add youth players to their ranks."
  10. Agreed, seeing the young 'uns at the front singing as loud as they can shows that it can work We could do with the EFL giving us 'A little respect' ... ... kinda fits to where the club is at present !!
  11. Only remember fans singing you're gonna die (insert opposition team name) die die die die die ... Also remember Everton having a goalie called Dai Davies (?) and the Everton fans chanting Dai Dai Dai Dai Davies ... These chants were adapting songs in the pop charts at the time ...
  12. It's normally one's accent which is the big giveaway. Unfortunately I'm not very good at imitating the locals. My cockney accent makes Dick van Dyke look good ...
  13. Went to watch Crewe (my home town) away at West Ham in a Cup game. Went to pay at the turnstile for the away end to be told the game was all-ticket for away fans. The man at the turnstile told me to go to the home fans turnstile, walk across to the Crewe fans and get a steward to let me join them - which I did. Frank McAvennie was subbed off and replaced by Crewe born+bred Jimmy Quinn who scored the winning goal ...
  14. Remember standing on the popside when we were playing West Ham. A West Ham fan was in 'kids corner' and decided to run across the pitch to try and join the West Ham fans in the popside. He ended up being escorted away by OB towards the Normanton end. After the game I was leaving the ground and the same fan that had run across the pitch appeared from a door at the back of the Normanton stand. He came up to me and asked the way to the station. Told him that I was heading there myself, and we walked back together. Caught up with the 500+ West Ham fans who were being escorted by the police and ended up walking with them back to the station.
  15. For info he is still playing at Crewe. Just got an assist for their 92min winner ...
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