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  1. Carl Sagan

    Ashley Cole

    Taribo West was the best player on the pitch when he played for us and the suggestion now is that he was 38 at the time. If you're good enough, you're young enough!
  2. Carl Sagan

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    As others said, am amazing blitzkrieg start. So many early chances where we weren't clinical, the best falling to Holmes for his second but instead of shooting he tried to play in an overlapping Waghorn, but massively overhit the pass. Harry Wilson showed the value of shooting, his goal taking a massive deflection. We really needed it at the time. Reading always tried to play out from the back and struggled to overcome our press, but we were exhausted by the break. I expected changes early second half to give us the legs, especially Evans in midfield to give us more control, but Frank had other ideas. Despite having hardly any possession, we were the more dangerous on the occasions we could get the ball. Reading's goal? Words fail me. We have a freekick 5-10 yards inside Reading's half. Waghorn goes wide right, Holmes wide left, both in acres of space. Tom Huddlestone, instead of passing to one or other turns round and clearly has decided nothing else will do except a crazy pass backwards. The Reading players see this and line up ready to charge. Tom is still determined to take the freekick back into our half whatever the cost. He plays a poor ball to Keogh and Reading charge. Keogh has to play it to Tomori as Reading continue to charge. Tomori tries to thread it through to Malone but can't and it's a simple, totally unnecessary goal. Crass stupidity, especially from Tom. Sometimes I don't get what goes through the mind of experienced footballers. But a great win despite being out on our feet for the last hour. And after Wednesday, really that was all that mattered. MotM Duane Holmes.
  3. Carl Sagan

    Ashley Cole

    Interesting, surprisingly honest take from Curtis Davies at the game today. He said that one of the things you'd worry about as a player was if Cole"s too friendly with the manager. But at the same time he recognized the instant respect Cole would receive for everything he's achieved.
  4. Carl Sagan

    Best TV Dramas

    Currently watching The Orville. If you had all the money in the world, were a space Geek and a film/TV genius, why not make a comic homage to Star Trek in which you take centre stage as the captain of your own Starship? With his dosh from Family Guy, American Dad, Ted etc, Seth Macfarlane initially funded a remake of my own genius TV series, Cosmos. But I think his move to The Orville really showcases his brilliance. It's light, very funny and has a lot of real science buried in the episodes.
  5. Carl Sagan

    Kyle McAllister has joined St Mirren on loan

    He has had to be nursed along so carefully after his terrible history of injuries. If he's now ready to step it up and play competitive, man's football, that's tremendous news. Makes sense to send him home to do that. Sounds a good move.
  6. Carl Sagan

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    For those who've not seen, three from the academy are on the bench tomorrow: Max Bird, Tyree Wilson and Lee Buchanan. We all know Max Bird by now. Tyree Wilson is very young but has been tearing it up and training well with the first team. He's normally further forward, but played left wingback in the FA Youth Cup this week to set up Louie Sibley's goal shown in this short clip: Lee Buchanan is a left-sided centre half (I think). It was interesting Andre Wisdom wasn't on the bench on Wednesday. If he's been overtaken by one of the U18s it looks as if we might be trying to make him feel unwelcome and move him on. Frank definitely likes all his players to be mobile and comfortable on the ball. I'm disappointed for Sibley he's not yet been given the chance to step up. But surely his time will come. Here's the story: https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/tyree-wilson-lee-buchanan-derby-2444591
  7. Carl Sagan

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    Tough draw - at home to Man Citeh U18s in the 5th round of the FA Youth Cup. But we should fear no one. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/derby-county-denied-east-midlands-2446144
  8. Carl Sagan

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    Couldn't see for looking 👀👀👀
  9. Carl Sagan

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    I know he had three decent chances he didn't take, but I thought Tom Lawrence made a really big contribution when he came on against Southampton and am very disappointed to hear he's out. Changes my expected team. If Marriott's also carrying a knock I guess that might mean Nugent down the middle and Waghorn out wide.
  10. Carl Sagan

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    Guess the guy turned out to be a spy after all!
  11. Carl Sagan

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    All quiet on the matchthread front? Despite the splendid performance on Wednesday. Looking forward to this, having bagged "hospitality" in a DCFC Black Friday deal! Though apparently it's bangers and mash rather than prawn sarnies. The team's likely to be a case of who recovers quickly enough after Wednesday's extra time exertions. Marriott didn't look great when he went off, so may well be a miss. I wasn't sure why Bogle came off - if just cramp he should be OK (as Waghorn). Going to guess Lampard will go for: Carson Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Huddlestone Bryson Mount Wilson Waghorn Lawrence Bench: Roos Wisdom Holmes Evans Bennett Nugent Josefzoon
  12. Carl Sagan

    Timi Elsnik - joined Mansfield season-long loan (Terminated)

    I feel that's somewhat taken out of context. No one [at Mansfield] wanted to lose Timi because he'd done well for them, but they're only allowed 5 loans on the 18-man teamsheet. They've had to bring in loans for other problem positions so it's good they've been fair to Timi and let him come back.
  13. Carl Sagan

    Where VAR helped us last night

    Reviews work in cricket and tennis because they involve the fans, showing everybody what is happening. VAR needs to do that. Whatever the officials in their bizarre room near Heathrow are looking at, needs to be shown on the big screen at the ground. With a proper conclusion (ie a green "GOAL!" or a red "NO GOAL!) coming up at the end. It's farcical to have fans and players twiddling their thumbs for several minutes not knowing what's going on. How can the authorities be so stupid as to not realize this?
  14. Carl Sagan

    Harry Wilson

    A remarkable stat. Our Harry Wilson has scored twice as many long-range goals as any other player in the English leagues By my reckoning, including one for Wales, that makes six direct freekicks scored so far. He may very well be the best in the world at them at the moment.
  15. Carl Sagan

    Kelle Roos

    It's great Kelle will have another game at Accrington now. Carson is our number one as it should be. He's a phenomenal keeper. But it's good he may feel the competition is hotting up.

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