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  1. Amazing - you've cleared up a mystery for me. I was there at Filbert Street with my dad and older brother, gutted that we hadn't done enough. And then all the Rams fans around me starting chanting that we were Champions. I completely missed the announcement (I didn't even have a transistor radio let alone a mobile phone) so, as the mathematician in the family, insisted telling the others the fans had got it wrong. Might be worth going there just to hear the tannoy!
  2. Exactly my thoughts about the team. And I'm heartened that somewhere the Rams did do the double and maybe remain at the pinnacle of English and world football. Time travel done, my next task is to invent a machine to traverse the multiverses!
  3. In the main forum I just wrote that if I invented a time machine which was able to transport me into the past (confounding Stephen Hawking's Chronology Protection Conjecture) one of my first acts would be to stop Charlie George dislocating his shoulder against Stoke allowing us to win the 1975-76 double. And that the fact Charlie did dislocate his shoulder unfortunately suggests I shall never invent such a device. But suppose I'm wrong about that last bit and the Sagan Time Machine does actually exist. And I'm offering it out to each forum member to make one trip. Where would you go and what would you do to change (or not) the timeline? This can be Rams related, but in no way has to be.
  4. What I hate about this post is that one of the first things I would do if I invented a backwards time machine (ie into the past) would be to prevent Charlie getting injured. Yet here it remains in this thread that he did get injured, suggesting I shall never invent such a device. It's incredibly disappointing. The team was magnificent. If we could merge any of the side from the early 1970s into it, how would we make it better?
  5. No mention of blue shorts and red numbers which have always been the best and most distinctive Derby kit combination. *Hides before the inevitable flack comes in, but it's true.
  6. Ya think? Such a trusting bunch on here when this account is a front for a North Korean hacking operation trying to steal all our passwords.
  7. I asked exactly that same question of @David after we trounced the gumps so convincingly. Like him, I'm happy to pass the baton on, hoping it doesn't jinx the result. 🤞 Come on you Rams! 🐏🐏🐏🐏
  8. Just in case any of you were desperate to pop down or ring up:
  9. Yeah but I was one of 17000 packed in, sold out a week before. For one of the new generation of grounds, Pride Park's been pretty good. I'd love us one day to extend like in those architect drawing that came out a year of two ago. Give the place more character.
  10. Igor to Simmo to Sturridge. 1-0. Magnificent goal. The Rams are going up! duck
  11. No Dean Yates. Full debut for young Matt Carbon. Eek!
  12. Who's heading to the Baseball Ground tonight for the season decider? If we win we're there. Promotion. Finally. Yes we've had our epic unbeaten run, but there've been way too many draws of late and Palace have come up on the rails into 3rd spot. If we win, mathematically we can't be caught. It would be amazing. But Nigel Martyn looks simply unbeatable at the moment, and hasn't conceded a goal in five and half hours of football. I'm going to be there on the popside. If you don't have a time machine and for some reason can't travel back to 1996, you can still watch as live on Rams TV, which is showing the full 90 minutes. Show starts at 7.40pm. Some say with time being the fourth dimension that the Universe is one continuous present with everything that ever was, is now, or will be to come (what I call the Cosmos) existing at once. What do you think? And what team do you think the mighty Bald Eagle (RiP) will pick? Come on you Rams!🐏🐏
  13. Presume it's winner stays on as normal and you'll be doing a Palace thread for tonight's game?
  14. If you check out Max's insta "story" at the moment you can see the bastid has some toilet roll and he's gonna use it. Well worth a watch! https://www.instagram.com/stories/max.bird10/
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