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  1. People have been making comments on the subs. Fozzy for Byrne seemed a sensible sub. We needed height all across the defence and Buchanan has played right wing back for us. Te Wierik for Buchanan I missed. Was he injured? I think slightly at fault for the goal but it was a well-worked equalizer. Could have been te Wierik for Byrne from the off. Richards for Lawrence was OK. The thing I'd have preferred would have been Sibley for Lawrence earlier and then Richards for Waghorn maybe at the end. But it was an encouraging, attacking performance. We went forward with verve
  2. Good effort from Waggy. Couldn't have done much more. Fabulous save by the keeper.
  3. This. I think the fault lies with our wastefulness, with the ref and our penalty claims and not so much with Cocu. Felt Buchanan (who's had a great game) was the one done in the end, playing right wing back. But we've looked dangerous all game. We can still win this. Come on, Derby!
  4. Jozwiak rightly very frustrated Waggy didn't pass to him in a 2 on 2 before a heavy touch loses possession.
  5. Ref just hates us. Giving us nothing at all. Niggly late foul after foul goes unpunished.
  6. I think we need Sibley on, probably for Lawrence. To make us more solid, while still carrying threat.
  7. Excellent sweeping from Roos. Delighted to have him in the squad, taking no prisoners with the Cardiff player either.
  8. Fantastic fast break at the start of the half. Slick passing all the way from the edge of our box to almost scoring in theirs. Also, it's very noticeable we're getting crosses into the opposition box early. If only fans were allowed in, I think we're going to become very exciting to watch this season. Joz is going to be a superstar. Drives forward with skill every time he gets the ball.
  9. Fantastic freekick from Waggy. Cardiff were fannying around passing it sideways near the halfway line when a loose ball was picked up by Lawrence who went on a run. Couldn't quite pick the pass so turnedd inside and had his foot stamped on just outside the box. Clearly he was in a lot of pain but the ref point blank refused to allow the trainer on for about 30 seconds before eventually he finally acquiesced when the players were intervening and even the Cardiff players were showing concern he was badly hurt. Waggy bent the ball sumptuously round the wall into the top corner.
  10. Looked a clear pen for a foul on Waggy, not given.
  11. After Blackburn we made five changes and we had to. You've got to send a signal to the players that some performances are unacceptable. But it sometimes means in solidifying the team, you lose something. If I recall, it was trying to tighten up that saw the Bald Eagle drop Baiano for Darryl Powell, a huge backward step. Shinnie and Knight have done brilliantly, but football fans are fickle things and there was talk until only recently that we wouldn't sell Bird to Chelsea for £20m or Sibley to Leeds for £15m. Now people don't want Bird in the first team and can't find a place for Sibbo ei
  12. Not followed this too closely but as far as I can tell Marcus Rashford has been scrupulously apolitical, and is simply highlighting an issue understandably very close to his heart, using a platform he has built up. In the modern world people are increasingly more interested in single issues they believe in, rather than committing themselves to party political support and with it all the grubby compromises you need to make to build a sufficiently broad coalition to be elected to govern. And that's overall a good thing to my mind, but it also makes some things appear deceptively simple when
  13. If you mean regarding over something like Superintelligence, I don't disagree to a point. The issue is that economic forces are leading us inexorably down that route and it seems impossible to stop. If you accept that, then the question becomes how to ensure it has good outcomes for Humanity rather than leading to our extinction. As you're probably aware, this is a very hard problem (the control problem), but if we can solve it, it could lead to a future more glorious that we can imagine. I helped create this (unfinished) fable to make the questions raised a little more accessible:
  14. Brilliant thread, @Angry Ram. The internet (as has been said by @EtoileSportiveDeDerby) is much longer ago that the 1990s beginning with Arpanet. The Queen was sending emails in 1976! https://www.wired.com/2012/12/queen-and-the-internet/ The web was amazing, and has changed the world which is now divided between those who remember a world before it and those that don't and can't possibly comprehend what it was like, not to have the sum of all Human knowledge instantly accessible at your fingertips (or spoken command). What will change the future? Reusable rockets and electric au
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