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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    This from the police on the morning of the game: The EFL should come down really hard on Warnock and Cardiff for their insinuations about the match.
  2. 17/18 Loan Watch

    Sorry! More haste less speed. I looked, saw he wasn't in but just before posting I spotted Vernon on the bench, had a senior moment and changed it. Thanks. You're right Charles wasn't playing and I know he's been injured. Hope it's not for the duration but I haven't looked into it. On a serious note, a lot of our younger players seem to suffer from long-term or recurring injuries. Is this simply due to the demands of the modern game I wonder? Will Bennett, Lowe, Elsnik ever put a long run of games together? I hope so, but I do find it concerning.
  3. 17/18 Loan Watch

    I agree. When you're a pacey striker, if you're on the bennch you at least expect the chance to come on and have the chance to make an impact. If you do you might start the next match. Zanzala's come on three times, none since 6th Feb, twice in the 89th minute and once in the 74th. But I genuinely meant it that's it's rare for Stanley to make substitutions. That seems daft in the modern athletic game - surely you'd use all 14 at your disposal? But they are top of the league.
  4. 17/18 Loan Watch

    Not been following it. Is there more to this than meets the eye?
  5. 17/18 Loan Watch

    Championship: Jason Shackell came off the bench in the 75th minute as Millwall won 0-2 at Barnsley to move into the Championship top ten, consolidating their late playoff push. Chris Martin missed Reading's 3-2 defeat at Norwich due to illness. Jacob Butterfield an unused sub in Sheffield Wednesday's 1-2 win at dirty Leeds. Darren Bent an unusued sub in Burton's 3-1 defeat at Wolves. Of course Craig Bryson can't play against us tomorrow, even if he is fit (haven't checked) League One: Max Lowe was an unused substitute in Shrewsbury's 1-2 win at Scunthorpe, keeping them in the second automatic spot, but Wigan loom with games in gand due to their cup run. Callum Guy played the full match in midfield as Bradford lost 0-1 at home to Wigan. League Two: The Accrington Stanley manager has a successful formula of never making substitutions. It seems to be working because their 3-1 win over Farrend Rawson's Forest Green Rovers took them to the top of the league, but it's no fun for Offrande Zanzala who spent the afternoon watching from the bench. Charles Vernam was an unused substitute for Grimsby as they lost 3-1 at Lincoln and now sit one place above the Football League trapdoor. Phil Brown has taken over as Swindon manager. His first game in charge was a win (remember them?) at Cambridge, 1-3. Timi Max Elsnik played the full game, Kellen Gordon coming off the bench in the 86th minute. Not sure whether Mason Bennett has any chance of returning from injury for Notts this season. They're currently third in the last automatic place. Eredivisie Emil Riis Jacobsen came off the bench in the 67th minute (for Romeo Castelen) but couldn't prevent VV Venlo losing away at PSV Eindhoven in the evening game. VVV were already down to ten men and went 1-0 immediately after he came on. The final score was 3-0. Isreali League This league goes down to six teams (the playoff Championship) as the season nears its conclusion, and Nick Blackman's Macabi Tel Aviv are at home to Haifa in this at 7pm tomorrow. I always forget someone. Who is it this time?
  6. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    For once not a rallying cry. The cushion has gone. The season now consists of nine 9 (though we ultimately hope 12) games, a sprint to the finish line rather than the marathon we started out on. We mustn't lose sight of what a good position we are in. We have our noses in front and over these nine games we only have to keep them there. It's about winning football matches. Win five and we are in the playoffs with a chance or promotion. Win four and it's all up in the air and depends on others. Any fewer and we will see our opponents coming past us, like Sebastian Coe accelerating away off the final bend with us despairing in their wake. Pressure has built up over this winless period and seems to be crushing the team. A win will be like releasing a valve and bringing optimism for the season. There have been plenty of times since the turn of the year when the breaks have gone against us. We just need one to go for us and I think we'll be OK. Injuries continue to decimate the squad, compounded by the absurd suspension of Huddlestone in a key area. Going into the international break, a win would be be transformational, but there is a big picture thing not to jeopardize the playoffs by risking key players in this one game. Despite the loss of form and the injuries, this team continues to be resilient and hard to beat. I would rely on that rather than force players back who aren't ready. We want a fit and firing Vydra for the final few games, not risking anything now immediately before the break. Let's get through this, sneak a win and regroup ready for Sunderland a fortnight hence. Come on you Rams!
  7. Derby set pieces

    Love these types of freekicks. Things like where players run into each other and then one quickly whips the ball in while the opposition's laughing. Earlier in the season Rowett said he left attacking set pieces up to the players to work on themselves. If that's the case they should be bonused on creative ideas that lead to goals. I did think during the gumps match we at least tried a couple of things, so I'm prepared to stick with it. And Jamie Hanson has always been good with them, so maybe he can demonstrate his worth to the team by bagging a couple of goals and keeping his place once the others return?
  8. Derby set pieces

    Half agree with this. Yes it's brilliant we're not conceding so many. But if I were coaching I would drill the hell out of them on brilliant set piece after brilliant set piece. They should be a lethal weapon for goal-scoring, not an afterthought if you don't create opportunities from open play.
  9. Derby set pieces

    I liked Lawrence's amazing hit from the corner that was flying into the goal but for a great stop on the line. Said in the match thread it was Hinton-esque. I liked Lawrence playing it low across the box for Weimann early in the game, even though it didn't work out and we lost the ball. But the way we set up at corners and freekicks is shocking and showed again when we did lose the ball. We have no one one the edge of the box or just outside, so our opponents are simply free to carry it the full length of the field unchalllenged to attack us on the counter. The most stupid freekick we did, which we've tried a couple of times lately, was to waste three players, having two of them move the ball six inches to the left to give the players in the wall loads of time to run out and block Johnson's freekick. What's that about? When the wall jumps, not once did we try to go under. When everyone is expecting a shot and the wall has sucked in loads of defenders, why oh why can't we be a little bit creative generate a much better opportunity? Corners don't generally lead to goals, but ours appear worse than most, especially given the stature of out team. It seemed from our positioning as though we were trying to do something diffferent, sometimes having no one in the box and everyone as runners (or presumably blockers) on the outside waiting for the charge. It didn't work but at least it was different. I like Baird's power corners when he's been blasting them in. I think Lawrence tries to do that sometimes now. Floaty corners are pretty much useless.
  10. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    In the end we can take a lot of positives from that. Even when it went down to 10 vs 12 we still didn't give them a sniff, so away against our local rivals they didn't have a shot on target. You can see why Carson isn't top of the WhoScored rankings in the Championship (6.6 today) as he had nothing to do. Keeping a clean sheat after we've been leaking goals is immense. Sky said it was the fewest touches the gumps have had in the opposition box in a home game all season. Yet we had 15 shots. Obviously it made a massive difference when Palmer came on. Some might criticize Rowett but as @sagesaid he's nursing a dodgy hamstring, and his effectiveness could be greater at the end of the game against tired opposition rather than at the begginning. And another plus regarding this was that Gary made a double substitution on 65 minutes, instead of waiting into the 80s. Great to see. Thomas and Bogle got to experience a first-team Derby from the bench and now we'll be giving Hanson a chance. There's frankly bizarre hate on here for Forsyth and Lawrence. I think some forum members need to get help. Forsyth had a very good game and Lawrence was our most creative forward, though Gary was right to take him off because the ref was looking for a chance to brandish a second yellow in his direction. We're in a good position and go again. Inside the camp, given the outrageous sending off we should be able to turn this into a positive as we move into the run-in. Of course it would be great to get that elusive win next game.
  11. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Wish Weimann had a brain. When the defender slides in desperately to try to clock, all Andi has to do is touch it past, and accept the penalty. Why kick it at the defender?
  12. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    What did I say about this ref? That's a bonkers sending off. Shame on this homer of a referee.
  13. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    No he didn't and on the replay Jerome was level anyway.
  14. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    And I thought the ref was a homer. OMG the decision by the linesman just then, giving Palmer offside when he ran through four defenders with the ball. Nonsense
  15. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Lost me mate! Sorry... Meanwhile, double substitution with Palmer and Jerome on. Not sure who's off yet. Edit: Anya and Nugent off. Very early change for our Gary.

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