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  1. It's clear three from four will be relegated and we are one of those four. But also the other three would rather be in our position. It's largely between us and Rotherham for the final place. If Wednesday or Wycombe overtake us from their current positions, we deserve the drop. We have four games left. Every one is a cup final. Two wins will be enough. One win and a couple of draws may do it. Anything less and I think we're down. This is the moment we see what our players are made of. How much bottle they have. Are they shrinking violets or are they about to stand up and be counted?
  2. Let's hope not, but I'm not daring look at the table at the moment.
  3. Carl Sagan

    Timi Max Elsnik

    Always said he could be our Matt Le Tissier. Timi could score from near the halfway line practically every game. Huge talent. Lived in Derby for quite a while after he was released. I tried to encourage him (just on social media) to ask to train at the club "to build his fitness" so he could put himself back in the frame and maybe get a new deal. He's been captain of the Slovenian U21 team, but that's come to an end as they're out of the Euros and he's 23 later this month. I'm surprised no one else has come in for him, or maybe they have and after all these years away he wanted to spend
  4. Carl Sagan

    Paul McGrath

    Interesting to see the Finding Jack Charlton documentary, with such a strong focus on the relationship between Charlton and Paul McGrath. It's on iPlayer if people wanted to watch. Here's a little piece about it: https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/beautiful-moment-between-jack-charlton-20277277 This is McGrath's tribute to Charlton when he died: “It is difficult for me to articulate what Jack meant to me both on and off the football field. Throughout his ten years as manager of our International team, Jack backed me as a footballer and as a person - he became
  5. This thread seems more about academy finances rather than any Spanish-based takeover. As for the takeover, I think Kieran McGuire is always desperate to appear in the know and has embarrassed himself over Derby on several occasions. A self-appointed "football-finance expert", he seems the only source for a link to Raja Oktohari, probably because McGuire does his research on Twitter and has seen the two together. And hopes for a Barry the Ram style scoop. I am dubious that the takeover will happen. After having his fingers burnt by the fake Sheikh, Mel has surely demanded solid proof
  6. Well done @maxjamfor reviving the thread in the light of yesterday's Yuri's night, the 60th anniversary of the first voyage of a Human into space. A lot's happened since my last updates. Given the buzz about building a Human city on Mars, my alter ego was invited onto Russia Today (or all places) to talk about that. It doesn't seem to be on YouTube so sadly this isn't embedded and it means sliding to 12:25 or so to begin: https://www.rt.com/shows/sputnik/519237-big-apple-red-planet I can't believe they edited out all my talk about Boca Chica and what's going on there! I know I should
  7. I'd like to see it again. Yes CKR slips, but only after he's barged by the defender. Obviously not today, but with a fair ref it might have been a pen. Couldn't see why Colin didn't appeal. Just got up and carried on.
  8. Very youthful bench. Anyone missing (not injured) I can't think of?
  9. I know it's only the first day, but I'm surprised not to find a thread. I know it's only the first day, but I'm chuffed with my bets so far: The "Hotshots" gives you a quid back for every first round birdie, so that's £4 back for Reed's round.
  10. A fair point, for sure. The polarization is on both sides. I also could have been more nuanced on the same-sex marriage point. My take is that this is the greatest social change that has happened in my lifetime and it shouldn't be any business of the state whether people can or can't love someone of the same sex. But how quickly we forget that Cameron's government only introduced this in the UK in 2013, just 8 short years ago. Then, all of a sudden, we think we're so enlightened and are outraged that the rest of the world hasn't followed suit, so when Merkel voted against it in 2017 it ca
  11. Deporting immigrants who break the law is a standard approach in many countries. Angela Merkel recently voted against same-sex marriage in the German Parliament, where the ruling party are her Christian Democrats and therefore religiously influenced conservatives. In my experience it's standard for anyone on the left to label anyone who disagrees with them "far right". It's the nature of the polarized societies we live in, driven in large part by social media algorithms. I'll judge him as I find him.
  12. Terrible commentary. But it doesn't half show what a talent Giles Barnes was. Extraordinary. Never quite got to the bottom of his injury, yet still coming on in the playoff final to make the winning goal for us, but then never being able to play at the same level again.
  13. Interesting that official Norwich twitter is aware we have one over on them at their place. Can we do the same at our home? Come on you Rams!
  14. Humour's a funny thing. It doesn't last all that long, and people stop being funny. My vote in the alive category goes to the magnificent Tim Vine. Favorite dead comic? Probably Eric Morecambe.
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