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  1. Is there any evidence whatsoever that Mel is ill or is this simply a wild rumour spread by people putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 7 or 8?
  2. I also saw the clickbait and wondered about posting it. Haven't bothered to read the articles, but please let him go to the gumps!
  3. This talk of benefit in kind and company cars reminds me that the last time I was offered a company car (probably 2014) I asked the fleet manager if I could have a Tesla and he'd never heard of them! Nowadays when we've been allowed to drive I hire a Model 3 and let it drive me instead. Amazing technology and so much more relaxing than if you're doing it all yourself. For instance, when you hit a bank of fog it's so reassuring to know the forward-facing radar and ultrasound don't have their vision affected at all. Or if you're inching along in a traffic jam it's great to simply let the ca
  4. I loved having them here, but they really shafted us at the end. Frank was bound to be offered the Chelsea job at many points throughout his managerial career but he chose to go at the very first opportunity, when he would have know he wasn't ready, leaving us in the lurch. Not having the experience of a second season at Derby to draw on, he's struggling to do that at Chelsea and will likely be sacked. He should have finishing the job at Derby first. It was very disappointing when they jumped ship and haven't looked back in our direction since. I am intrigued by the Lampard/Rooney contras
  5. I think it comes about because of this bizarre line in the Mail article yesterday: "Some inside Derby have also learned that Sheikh Khaled is not a direct cousin of Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour, as is widely claimed." Either it suggests the Mail article shouldn't be taken seriously, given we all knew this months ago. Or, in the unlikely event it's true people at DCFC have only just cottoned on, that things have reached such a level of incompetence and desperation at the club that it's even worse than we thought!
  6. Remember the days when we had the finest pitch in the country and would win groundsman of the year awards. So it can't be something to do with the Pride Park site itself. Has been terrible all season and I think it hampers our play to an extent. However, if it's miles worse than everyone else's and our players get used to it and learn to adapt, I suppose it will be some kind of home advantage. But I would rather see a carpet again.
  7. Yesterday I suggested to Amanda Solloway (in her role as Science Minister) that the UK look at repurposing oil rigs and take advantage of our shipbuilding manufacturing expertise to turn them into floating spaceports. Today a story broke that SpaceX acquired two oil rigs last year and is doing exactly that! They have been renamed Phobos and Deimos after the two Martian moons.
  8. As soon as I saw it I thought Bobby Moore. I have always said Evans is potentially our best centre back, and I'm glad he showed tonight that at least he's back in the fold.
  9. Indeed. Terrible times at the football club so it was all the more a tremendous performance by the players to beat Bournemouth tonight. But as we head into late January it's frightening we haven't paid December wages and of course remain embargoed for good measure.
  10. Strong, Skillful and determined. But exhausted by 70 minutes and we didn't change it. It terrifies me that we're in the same position with Rowett not playing Hughes, just as Rooney won't play Sibley, so young Louie will end up leaving for a million instead of the 30 million he might bring in if we actually trusted him in the team. Great performances from many. Bielik got the official gong and was very good, but Shinnie MotM for me and would have been my captain before kickoff. Wisdom is an accident waiting to happen. Very strong from Evans and Roos who have waited for their opportunities
  11. What is wrong with our coaching staff? Into the 80+ minutes and still no subs. Game after game. The 11 of Derby against the fresh legs of the 15 from Bournemouth. Boy does it show.
  12. For those who aren't watching. We had a really good spell before the goal. Jozwiak burst through, rode tackles and the ball came to Buchanan. For the first time ever we had a lot of players in the box but Buchanan's cross bisected them all. Bielik played Buchanan through 1 on 1 and there was a fine save from Begovic. Jozwiak linked well with Byrne and hit a fine shot but there was an amazing block from the defender for a corner. From the corner Bielik went up for a header, it dropped to his feet and he reacted instantly to whack it through the defender's legs and in from 6
  13. What a chance for Solanke. Missed the ball from 3 yards our. Time will tell but we when we simply cannot buy a goal, taking out a forward and replacing him with another central defender is a difficult strategy to understand. We look less secure at the back with the new system. Decent chance for Jozwiak with his far post header header. It's obviously not his strength but he headed it down and on target. Then Kazim-Richards penalized for heading the ball out of the goalkeepers hands. Did the keeper have the ball under control? I would say no as they were competing for the ball togethe
  14. Why don't we go the whole hog and sign Nile Ranger too? When I used to see stories about him and Morrison I really pitied the teams being linked with them.
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