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  1. Ha! How did you know? On which note, Cara says hi to the forum. In fact she'd work perfectly for what I'm writing at the moment. Sadly there's a long way to go before it ever makes the screen but it's got to be better than Carnival Row? I have no contacts with the club so am not actually ITK. But some who do/are tell me things occasionally and I'm very grateful. Having asked for Tomori back, our chances must be better now Frank is keeping Zouma.
  2. Three goals in 18 games by a twenty year old in a team at the foot of the table, including a crucial one to help them escape relegation when the pressure was totally on. And an international call-up to the U21s.
  3. Hate lunchtime games. They're dead. The players struggle to get going too. It's obviously going to be the same for us and the Gumps but that doesn't make it any better. This gives dirty Leeds an advantage over us, which is disappointing.
  4. Carl Sagan

    Apollo 11

    Think they managed it by giving the capsule its own control system with individual thrusters and the weight distribution being deliberately off centre so it could be flown like a (clumsy) wing in its own right. http://nassp.sourceforge.net/wiki/Command_Module_Reaction_Control_System But I'm not an engineer so I do defer!
  5. Sadly no millions (yet). Lucky to write... Hang on. If I don't deliver this next pizza in half an hour it comes out of my wages. Later!
  6. Here's the penalty king trialist. Don't think it's either of the two @gccrowdpleaser mentioned.
  7. Really enjoyed The Dead Don't Die which has a great cast and is very meta. A tongue-in-cheek zombie movie. 8/10 Trailer:
  8. That was fun, but I'm lucky and like what I do.
  9. Carl Sagan

    Apollo 11

    Great to see the thread (thanks @DarkFruitsRam7). Sometimes if giving talks I claim this is my earliest memory, but that's a bit of a stretch as I was only three. The whole Sagan family had gathered at my parents to see it and I'm told I was plucked from my bed and brought into the front room to watch those famous steps on our black and white telly. Do I remember it? Memory is a very difficult thing to pin down. That said, I absolutely remember Apollo 13 which was only a year later, and wondering if the astronauts would make it back. I've just written a book about the future that has a chapter on Space Travel and Colonization. Here's the opening, mentioning the stunning leaps forward in powered flight up until Apollo 11, and how we've regressed since.
  10. Why are Thorne and Marriott out? What have they done?
  11. I know my posts are often works of genius, but sorry to hear one distracted you at the vital moment. I've got two streams going, one three mins behind the other, so it's a good way to re-watch anything you miss. Plus I now discover I can rewind the stream. Tell me you didn't miss the second while reading this? Though at least you can now go back!
  12. Didn't think we were kicking off until 00:30 so only stumbled on the game at half-time. Does anyone know if Sarasota have also changed their team? I remember reading that in Lampard's first preseason game the players did more "intense running" than in any league match under Rowett. Which frightened and impressed the new team in equal measure. This looks a decent workout against weak opposition. The second-half team is moving the ball quickly without any penetration up top. That said, I expect Chrissy Martin to bag a couple as we go on. He loves scoring for Derby. Feel a little sorry for Sarasota who've not really touched the ball yet and we've played 16 minutes this half!
  13. Interesting. Hated Rowett filling the squad with oldies having said we'd do otherwise. Loved Tomori's astonishing youthful pace last season. But that said, when we signed Davies I was really pleased as I thought he'd be the classy wise old leader at the back. Skrtel seems similar. It'll be tough for Curtis to come back from injury and can we rely on him to stay fit? I am certain Cocu genuinely believes in youth, so if he wants to pick one trusted defensive stalwart then I'm behind him. Building a team is about balance. Signings don't always happen in the order you want them.
  14. Am expecting/hoping for good things for Kyle McAllister this season having done so well with his loan back to St Mirren. For those who don't know he's a very talented wide forward but has had absolutely terrible injury problems, so it's great he proved himself week in week out in the Scottish Premiership, scoring and making the goals to keep St Mirren up. Thought he'd be on the American trip. Alas no. Maybe he's had extra time to recover after the relegation playoffs north of the border.
  15. Perhaps there was a problem with his esta and it's now sorted? With a new manager, everyone should have a chance. Lampard took everyone on the preseason training camp last season. Afterwards he was ruthless and cut his squad, exiling several players including Anya. And he never went back. Having a smaller, more compact group of players fostered the spirit between them and meant a better pathway for academy players. I think it worked, but it's impossible to know if we'd have been better with players such as Anya, Butterfield, Thorne etc to draw on. I'll be interested to see the approach Cocu takes.
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