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  1. In pre-season Sibbo said to me "I just want a chance to show [Cocu] what I can do" or something like that. I'm concerned that when Rooney is playing there's one fewer place. Our current midfield is average at best when young Louie has the potential to be a cross between Mount and Wilson. After last night (and everything he's done) he deserves the chance. If we don't play him, we'll never know. Not been on the forum because of disillusionment with the club but playing Sibley would be something that encouraged me to re-engage.
  2. Max Hunt's loan at Aldershot has now been extended until January. I guess that means he's not considered in contention for the first team, despite Keogh's injury. https://www.theshots.co.uk/transfer-news-max-hunts-loan-move-had-been-extended/
  3. Loan extended until January. Originally it was just for one month until the end of September. https://www.theshots.co.uk/transfer-news-max-hunts-loan-move-had-been-extended/
  4. I shared a season ticket with my older bro, yet somehow got to all the best games. Hence 4-1 against Real Madrid and 8-2 against Spurs. Sorry you two missed out. As a mathematical physicist I'm conscious of the butterfly effect. The game I missed was the Man Utd semi final defeat at Hillsboro'. But as I repeatedly said to my old man, if he'd taken me it would all have been different! One match that destroyed our football club. I'd watch it and by the act of watching it, I'd change it.
  5. We were up in the arctic so if we crossed it was probably near Hesseng. But it doesn't look like it. However, reading up they do seem to have a visa free crossing there (but only for "locals").
  6. I've not seen anything as I refused to give the club money when the teamsheet was released. Has Cocu been asked why our best finisher wasn't even on the bench? If you don't play people with the ability to score goals you're not likely to take chances when they come around. If Marriott's injured that's bad news. If he was dropped from the 18 that's even worse!
  7. Big misstep by the club. Huge. Massive. There have to be consequences. Very surprised. Don't think it will go well.
  8. Disappointed I missed the game, but great to see the result. Hope the first team can manage a similar scoreline tonight! Interesting to see Wilson and Stretton only on the bench (both on towards the end). Great that Whittaker and Sibley are both contributing so well. Pleased for Captain Minkley. And of course pleased for all of them. Keep up the good, hard work you young Rams.
  9. Good point and it's obviously the norm that you do show passports, but thinking about it I was in Norway earlier this year and we went over the border into Finland and Russia without any border infrastructure and no passport checks. In the northern areas of Scandinavia it all seemed completely open, so it clearly can happen and including EU and non-EU countries.
  10. 🙄It would be ending the right to move to this country permanently without applying formally to do so. Brexiteers like remainers cut across all political views, social classes, ethnicities, etc. Most Brexiteers want the UK to become a global-facing country rather inward-looking at the EU which is an organization with very xenophobic policies, including paying African warlords and Erdogan billions of Euros to try to keep the EU white. If it weren't for the Brexit Party the EU Parliament would be pretty much all white. You quote a government minister from the most ethnically diverse Cabinet in the history of the UK. If you don't like xenophobia then good, but target your fire at the EU and not at Brexiteers.
  11. This totally misunderstands how a modern immigration system works. The world has largely had visa-free travel for decades. I count about 40 countries I've been to for work or play in the last decade, and only one of those (India) required a visa. Not Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, America, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, Norway, Iceland etc as well as the EU countries. The world has free movement for holidays and short work trips. If you're trying to work permanently in a country then this is policed by your employer. Not at any border. The common travel area between UK and Ireland has existed happily since 1923 and deal or no deal will easily continue to exist.
  12. Of course murders have fallen since the Good Friday Agreement. But there's no reason to impose a hard border on Brexit, even in the event of a "no deal" Brexit. I've heard dozens of global customs experts say this. It's simply a total lack of political will on the part of the EU because they know if they weaponize it (in conjuction with Varadkar) Remainers in the UK will use this to bind the UK as closely as possible to the EU rather than have a vibrant dynamic economy on their doorstep, sucking all the growth out of a less agile EU.
  13. These posts make me despair. The media's not very interested in Nothern Ireland so for many years hasn't reported the violence that goes on. Until Brexit and then it leaps on the idea because it can blame Brexit for terrorism. The latest groups formed in 2012 and have been bombing and killing people since and even they've said it's got zero to do with Brexit. People weaponizing the Irish border and stoking up fears as if there could ever be the slightest smidgen of justification for using this as an excuse to turn to violence is really a terrible thing to do. Happily, when you talk to young people in the north they say it's a totally different country and there will be no rise in the low level of violence that will always persist until we change the education system and integrate kids from the different communities and they discover, shock horror, that these people they've been taught to hate are actually just the same as them.
  14. Here we go with the young Rams in Europe. Details from the official site. FC Minsk vs. Derby County - UEFA Youth League - Domestic Champions Path - Round One, First Leg - Wednesday 2nd October - Kick-off: 2pm (4pm local time) - FC Minsk Stadium, Minsk, Belarus TRAVELLING SQUAD Goalkeepers: Bradley Foster-Theniger, Harry Halwax Defenders: Jordan Brown, Eiran Cashin, Jaden Charles, Kornell McDonald, Callum Minkley, Harrison Solomon. Midfielders: Connor Dixon, Alex Matthews, Louie Sibley, Liam Thompson. Forwards: Archie Brown, Bartosz Cybulski, Festy Ebosele, Eno Nto, Jack Stretton, Morgan Whittaker, Tyree Wilson. Updates via the academy twitter feed which suggests there's no RamsTV coverage. Come on you young Rams!
  15. There must be a reasonable chance they'll be in prison in January. I remember standing on the terraces at Highbury singing "Where's your donkey gone?" after Tony Adams had been sent down for drink driving, and shouting "Molby's inside" at John Barnes from the Popside as he dribbled forward when Jan Molby was in the nick for the same thing. We've only 2 games (Barnsley and Luton) before their hearing so I'm guessing/hoping that they won't play until at least after then, when the legal picture will be clearer.
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