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  1. Yeah it was a nasty one. All of it was a sickening incident.
  2. I was going to say Steve Powell who I felt would have run through several brick walls for the Rams. But I also thought about Martin Taylor. I was behind the goal when he had his career-ending injury. The forward slid into him and he was clearly really badly hurt, but he still twisted his body round and crawled towards the ball to put it out of danger.
  3. Just sneaking this thread of posts into the Academy thread in case people miss them in the match-specific Wolves one.
  4. Vodka and blackcurrant sounds immense. Definitely going to try that. For cocktails, good standard ones are espresso martini, cosmopolitan and white Russian. Good ones from bars near me are: Eastern Standard: vodka, lime, cucumber, mint Basil Fawlty: vodka, lemon juice, green apple juice and fresh basil leaves
  5. As well as the Welsh lads, congrats to: Richard Keogh for his call up to Mick McCarthy's Ireland squad Fikayo Tomori with another call up to the England U21s: https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/03/tomori-called-up-to-england-under-21-squad. Kyle McAllister wit a call up to the Scotland U21s https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/kyle-mcallister-scotland-u21-derby-2645806 Jason Knight and Festy Ebosele for their call ups to the Ireland U19 squad for three qualifying games in Russia. Morgan Whitaker with a call up to the England U18s: https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/03/england-under-18s-call-up-for-morgan-whittaker Eiran Cashin and Jaden Charles (both defenders) for their call ups to the Ireland U18 squad for two games against Turkey. I've doubtless missed plenty.
  6. Radio Stoke saying that should have been a red for Shawcross. Taking out Mitchell-Lawson on the edge of the box - possible penalty but freekick given. Wilson hits the bar from the freekick.
  7. Listening to Radio Stoke (via Bet 365). They're saying it's all Derby.
  8. I always have a spare water bottle top for this absurd rule that they take it away. Of course mine's vodka and tonic so I have to bring it from home as they don't sell that in Buxton Spring bottles at the stadium 😂
  9. All quiet on the match thread front. We all know how big the games are becoming and what a difference a win would make. And how it will leave the club with a much-needed positive vibe over the international break. This is the business end of the season when things become serious. We want there to be 13 games to go, and we hope this is the last one of those we'll need to play without Mason Mount back in the team. Stoke were many people's favourites to win the league and their team is frighteningly strong on paper, despite lying in 17th place. But they played most of Saturday with ten men so hopefully tiredness will be a factor. even so it'll be tough, but I love midweek games under the lights. We need to start how we finished against Wednesday and get the crowd behind the lads. And if we score, we need that elusive second to give us a cushion. It's what's been missing all season. But, as ever, the first goal is vital. Anyone remember this? Score, Derby score Once you get one you'll get more We'll sing you Assembly When we get to Wembley, so Score, Derby score
  10. As a less-crowded alternative, McFarland's Bar is civilized to drink in after the game (and before) if they're doing it. Passes only cost £3. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/mcfarlands-bar
  11. I liked the idea of having a bespoke Derby-flavored extension to make the ground more individual when compared with others from the same era. But as with many things, it waits until promotion.
  12. Decided to watch The Wife last night to see if Glenn Close was robbed of the Oscar. It's about a dysfunctional family who are travelling to Stockholm for the husband (Jonathan Pryce) to collect the Novel Prize for Literature. Looked as if it was originally written as a stage play - very small scale. And lots of exaggerated "acting". Silly idea at the heart of it. 3/10.
  13. Works well in Opera on Android (doubtless the main user base). I'd maybe tone down the formatting bar or make it blue like the "Submit Reply" button, but recognize that might not be straightforward. Have to say it's a brilliant forum innovation. Leading the way again.
  14. It's utterly remarkable. Everywhere you go in northernmost Norway they've ultrafast 4G broadband. No blackspots at all, out in the wilderness. Roads all go through the mountains so they stay passable. Between Tromso airport and the town the tunnel has three roundabouts with roads going off in different directions. Puts us to shame - it's like living in the future. Booze a bit pricey mind...
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