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  1. I started work at Headington Hill Hall (for Pergamon) in 89. We even played in old Oxford United shirts for the company footy team! In my day it was Joey Beauchamp terrorising full backs. Amazing, unfulfilled talent.
  2. I moved to Oxford at a time when Robert Maxwell was Chairman of my company as well as my football team! And also of Oxford United! Their players were always hanging round the office and we had free tickets most weeks, so I developed a soft spot for them. Very pleased they made it through to Web-ber-ley. Hope we join them!
  3. You saying Sibbo was totally invisible then? 😁 I actually thought he had a slow start but grew into the game well. But we need him to find where he put his scoring boots.
  4. Loved this that he posted a few weeks ago. That's what I call tekkers. Superb one-two with the building:
  5. But why no eye? And no, it isn't that big loop above the horn [to some of the daft brigade on here].
  6. Carl Sagan

    Max Bird

    For me, at the start of the season, Max was behind a lot of other academy products. How does he compare with Bogle, Lowe, Knight or Sibley? I think he may still be. He has done incredibly well to force his way through into the team around Christmas time and become an important part player. But only for a fleeting period of time so far. If there's a chance to sign for Chelsea, a top Premier League club and likely Champions League football, of course he should be keen to go. If he doesn't want to better himself I'd be surprised. And we have to be realistic, that is bettering himself.
  7. I'd like Hart. Think he's what we need.
  8. Carl Sagan

    Max Bird

    Interesting because sometimes I've seen Cloughie's signed his name "Brian" and sometimes "Bryan". Obviously the consensus nowadays is with an "i" but I don't think it's cut and dried when the great man himself wasn't averse to a "y".
  9. Watched the first six episodes (out of eight) of Alex Garland's DEVS. A tech company with a secret department doing profound research with quantum computing that may impact on the whole world. Garland also wrote and directed Ex Machina, another thoughtful discussion of near-future technology. DEVS also shares the same cinematographer, Rob Hardy, so is extraordinarily beautiful. And the sound is fascinating, sometimes reminding me of 2001. Absolutely loving it so far. The pacing is very, very good. Expect to watch the final two episodes tonight. It's currently on BBC meaning the
  10. Spoken with Peter Morgan who had the task of adapting the book so hated by the Clough family to turn it into the movie. He was very clear he saw it as his mission to change Cloughie's portrayal from the book (which he basically described IIRC as "permanently drunk") into something worth watching and a more fitting portrayal of the great man. I've never read the book as I felt it didn't deserve my time or money, but I've enjoyed the film.
  11. Amazing - you've cleared up a mystery for me. I was there at Filbert Street with my dad and older brother, gutted that we hadn't done enough. And then all the Rams fans around me starting chanting that we were Champions. I completely missed the announcement (I didn't even have a transistor radio let alone a mobile phone) so, as the mathematician in the family, insisted telling the others the fans had got it wrong. Might be worth going there just to hear the tannoy!
  12. Exactly my thoughts about the team. And I'm heartened that somewhere the Rams did do the double and maybe remain at the pinnacle of English and world football. Time travel done, my next task is to invent a machine to traverse the multiverses!
  13. In the main forum I just wrote that if I invented a time machine which was able to transport me into the past (confounding Stephen Hawking's Chronology Protection Conjecture) one of my first acts would be to stop Charlie George dislocating his shoulder against Stoke allowing us to win the 1975-76 double. And that the fact Charlie did dislocate his shoulder unfortunately suggests I shall never invent such a device. But suppose I'm wrong about that last bit and the Sagan Time Machine does actually exist. And I'm offering it out to each forum member to make one trip. Where would you go and w
  14. What I hate about this post is that one of the first things I would do if I invented a backwards time machine (ie into the past) would be to prevent Charlie getting injured. Yet here it remains in this thread that he did get injured, suggesting I shall never invent such a device. It's incredibly disappointing. The team was magnificent. If we could merge any of the side from the early 1970s into it, how would we make it better?
  15. No mention of blue shorts and red numbers which have always been the best and most distinctive Derby kit combination. *Hides before the inevitable flack comes in, but it's true.
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