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  1. Carl Sagan

    Truly awful decision

    He's going to be even more rubbish until his hair grows back:
  2. Carl Sagan

    Poor Sports - The FA

    Not heard abou this. Sounds vindictive. I like the analogy of players surrounding the ref demanding a card. Accept the decision with good grace and move on. Sadly, there are no consequences for the FA fat cats whether or not they win their appeal.
  3. Carl Sagan

    Aliens off Ireland?

    Well that's a magnificent question. I've often wondered if I became a multi-billionnaire whether I'd put that money into Derby or if I'd do something else, along the lines of far-future research foundation, pioneering space-travel and life-extension techologies. Or maybe just go in with Elon Musk and whatever he's working on. And the conclusion is I wouldn't put it into footballer's pockets but would spend it on the good of humanity. But when it's just personal joy at stake... I've cried with happiness at great Derby moments, but also when for instance the two Falcon Heavy rocket boosters landed together at Cape Canaveral, ushering in the future. If my family are all still around to share the joy of the Derby stuff with, then I would say Derby. But if we're talking further in the future when it's kind of just me, then I take Mars. To die on Mars, but just not during landing.
  4. Carl Sagan

    Aliens off Ireland?

    This is mistaken because you're ignoring relativity theory, which says you can't travel at the speed of light, but unexpected things happen as you approach it. If you're travelling to a globular cluster 22,000 light years away an external observer would always see that journey taking longer than 22,000 years. But, here's the big but... The closer you get to the speed of light the more time dilates. If you could travel at light speed the journey for you would take no time at all (though an external observer would see it take 22,000 years), but if moving just fractionally less the journey might seem to you onboard the ship to take a second or a minute or a day. Then, Miguel Alcubierre who's a brilliant relativity theorist also has invented a warp drive, that could theoretically see you travel faster than light. Meaning some observers would see you arrive before you even left. What I'm saying is that for advanced alien species, travel time needn't be a factor.
  5. Carl Sagan

    Aliens off Ireland?

    Fab stuff. You're right in many areas, and many bright people I respect use the timing argument to justify us being first, but for me that's too anthropocentric. You're right about the age of Earth and the generally accepted age of the Universe (which I'm dubious about but we should accept it here). What you ignore is what I mentioned that there would be billions of Earth-liked planets, with all the same chemical makeup, formed in the Milky Way starting about 6 billion years before Earth, so life elsewhere had a massive headstart on us. That's a reason why it's a paradox. And I do have to ask - what's Mrs Sagan been doing round your gaff?
  6. Carl Sagan

    Aliens off Ireland?

    As it happens, three of my colleagues recently published a paper claiming we're pretty likely to be alone in the Universe. Report at https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/are-we-truly-alone-cosmos-new-study-casts-doubt-rise-ncna891286 I and others from our Institute disagree, but it's a defensible position that there are no aliens. However, I'd suggest it's more likely that a complete absence of intelligent extraterrestrials would mean we're living in a computer simulation where no one programmed in any aliens. In which case I'd hope to hack it so Derby start winning the Champions League. However, mainstream (but perhaps old-fashioned) science opinion is certainly that there are plenty of recognizable aliens throughout the Universe, but the Universe is a big place so we wouldn't find each other. A problem with that is it only takes a million years for an alien civilization to colonize all the Milky Way. But our Galaxy is many billions of years years old and Earth is quite young, meaning there were billions of years for alien races to spread everywhere before our planet even formed. So we ask, where is everybody? That's the Fermi paradox. Perhaps they just turned up off the coast of Ireland? Or there's some speculation that a very odd object called Oumuamua that recently whizzed through the solar system was powered by a piece of alien technology called a solar sail, but that's probably a whole other thread... And I would join you on the intergalactic freighter at the drop of a hat.
  7. Carl Sagan

    The end of Rams Lotto

    I had an email this morning that began: "We are writing to inform you that Lotto Network is closing. As a result, despite our fans’ interest, Rams Lotto is closing and will have its last draw on Wednesday 28th November 2018." I found it in my spam filter, so if anyone plays it then check yours. It was intended to provide funds towards the academy, but I don't expect it ever raised very much.
  8. Carl Sagan

    Christmas Dinner

    Trying so hard not to roll my eyes at you , given the other thread!
  9. Carl Sagan

    Christmas Dinner

    Agree fully wih the butter side of this. Not sure about sauce smothering, but each to their own!
  10. Carl Sagan

    Craig Forsyth

    Lowe's deal was only until January. It doesn't need a recall to bring him back - Aberdeen would require an extension to keep him there.
  11. Carl Sagan

    Craig Forsyth

    Thinking of Fozzy who's been playing so well. Terrible, terrible news for him and a massive mental blow as well as physical. From a practical perspective, it likely means Lowe being recalled in January. Not sure how Marcus Olsson is coming along.
  12. Carl Sagan

    Christmas Dinner

    Turkey's so underrated. I'll be using a week Thursday's Thanksgiving (22nd November) as an excuse to have it then too, in solidarity with our American posters.
  13. Carl Sagan

    Aliens off Ireland?

    Interesting to hear these various pilots reporting a sighting of multiple UFOs off the SW coast of Ireland on Friday morning - with nothing on the Air Traffic Control radars. Are we not alone after all? 👽
  14. Carl Sagan

    What are you reading?

    I picked up Chamber of Secrets in a second hand bookshop in Montreal for that exact purpose. Great minds... Currently writing a book on the future so have no time for reading anyone else's stuff!
  15. Carl Sagan

    Homeless guy

    Here's their piece on Tony from Chad. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/Derby-news/homeless-man-living-near-pride-2203042 Worked in an abattoir, damaged his hand a year ago, lost his job, couldn't work out the benefits system, is known to the authorities - who say: “We are aware of this particular person and our staff are already engaging with them to offer support.” Let's hope it works out for him.

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