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  1. Now we just need to burn their ships! Then they'll be sorry. Seriously, when the time comes, whenever that time is, I do want to make them pay.
  2. As a club we are desperate for money. If another club has funds, it makes sense for them to circle us looking for talent. Buchanan did far better than I expected last season but in case you didn't realize, we are a club desperate for money. People are saying we have no replacement but for a start we have Forsyth and Shinnie who can play there. If the money is decent we have too take it. End of. Some players improve and others regress. I don't know what direction Buchanan will go but if we have to sacrifice him for the good of the club, then so be it. I would rather sell young Lee, promising as he is, than Sibley or Knight.
  3. What amazing times these must have been. I live near Queenhithe in London which Alfred the Great used as the docks when repopulating London 30 years earlier. How had the great Roman walled city of London come to have been abandoned? If it weren't for Alfred, would we nowadays be thought part of Scandinavia with our proud Viking heritage?
  4. Sorry you're right. It's weird I have a blindspot when it comes to him, but he is a player we need to see us through these times.
  5. If I get to choose I'm bringing Elon with me as I know we'd be firm friends, making history together. And he'd have the wherewithal to make life as comfortable as could be done, topping us up with regular supplies over the years. Two forum members? That's impossible! But @TigerTeddcomes as a fellow space enthusiast. I know there are others and I love the forum for the engagement with space people have, but maybe @Inverurie Ramto entertain us with obscure music over the years? Another celebrity? And one I'm not allowed to proposition? I'm going to go with Annie Hathaway, partly as the movie Interstellar prepared her for a lonely life in space away from most of the rest of Humanity. And, even though I'm not allowed to proposition her, I know she fancies me. She was doing a one-woman play in the New York Public Theatre one time where she played a drone pilot, flying bombers in Afghanistan remotely from the Nevada desert. And she chose me from the audience to be the guy she picked up in a bar ended up having babies with. Maybe this time we'd have Martian babies? I'm not breaking the rules, I was coerced!
  6. Our youth midfield triumvirate of Sibley, Knight and Bird can and all should be better than Carroll. For me he'd be a squad filler blocking their progress and right now that's the last thing we need. It's a gamble but everything is a gamble this season. We have to trust those three and Bielik when fit, with cameos from some of the others. Our need for central defenders and a forward is much greater.
  7. Well this is curious. Especially when we have no money. If we were riding high and wanting to expand the academy programme further I could understand it.
  8. The point is space will be hard to monetize until the space-based economy matures, but we need to fund innovation and development. Space tourism is seen as a way of doing that. But I agree in the grand scheme of things it's a bit of a red herring. The launch of the Roadster was to test the Falcon Heavy on its maiden flight. It needed a payload but it's hard to get someone to pay to have their satellites launched on an untried rocket. So normally engineers put a slab of concrete of the desired mass in the top of the rocket to test it. How much better to launch the Tesla to inspire, excite and entertain people with what SpaceX is doing? It's a wonderful thing that Musk is also trying to make space cool and fun.
  9. We all agreed on 4 initially, and then it seemed odd the reports said 5. I think Davies is a massive risk after last season's injury. But he is a tremendous man and maybe that's what we need. When he was named on the bench for the Wednesday relegation decider I couldn't believe it, and apparently he had to sign a disclaimer to play as it was against medical advice. But still a massive risk. I really like Jagielka and would snap him up despite his age.
  10. How do we know about climate change, emissions, ice melting, and so on? Our precise knowledge comes through satellites, by going into space and building the space-based infrastructure. How will we solve climate change? Much the same way. Space-based solar power is likely to play a major role in our energy future, and other geoengineering projects to mitigate climate effects. And, longer term, moving more industry off-planet will make for a healthier planet. Plus if we don't continue to focus on space and learn how to leave Earth, we'll go extinct as a species anyway. Bezos apparently has a genuine interest in this, although he's not done anything to demonstrate it. Musk is all in on saving the planet and the species. Single-handedly he has transitioned the world from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles a couple of decades faster than would have otherwise happened. Branson is a charlatan publicity seeker in it for a quick buck. Branson and Bezos are charging more for 4 minutes on the edge of space than Musk wants to charge for a return ticket to Mars. And once Musk's Starship is built the capacity changes and access to space becomes democratized and potentially affordable for all. Instead of paying a million dollars for a 10 minute ride to the edge of space and back down, you'll pay ten thousand dollars for a 30 minute flight from the UK to Australia that takes you to your destination via space. How do we lift people out of poverty? In the future SpaceX's Starlink system will be able to bring the 3 billion without internet access into the modern world, able to generate their own wealth.
  11. Oh no! I didn't realize. Genuinely so sorry. Like the sound of your Plan A. If I had billions I would spend it on space rather than Derby County. Though that would be a difficult call in the current climate, but as we see with Mel, owning a club is a mug's game.
  12. Entrepreneur and one-time test pilot Jared Isaacman bought all four seats and asked people to make a case for why they should go. The flight is probably 15 September so I'm sorry to report you're too late and I didn't get selected. The crew's now in training. But this reminds me I must update one astronaut application at the weekend where I'm through to the next stage, with an organization called Space for Humanity. I made some progress with ESA when they eventually chose Tim Peake last time around, but was too old for their recent recruitment. Did you apply? Hope so! If not I think dearMoon is still taking sign-ups. https://dearmoon.earth/
  13. Yes both the Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic efforts are fully reusable. Branson has an issue in that his space-place technology will really struggle to scale up. They've pushed it hard but they don't even go high enough to cross that 100km threshold. You can argue that Bezos did the right thing by experimenting with a small rocket first (this New Shepard) which is "suborbital" but does briefly reach 105km. It was meant to be the precursor for New Glenn, a much more powerful reusable rocket that would compete with the Falcon Heavy from SpaceX. But New Glenn is years late, not expected to fly until 2023 earliest and now there are rumours they want to try to copy SpaceX's Starship and switch to stainless steel construction, which will delay it years more. But the main difference is just the scale, which leads to how high you can go. SpaceX already sends astronauts to the International Space Station (orbiting at 400km) and has launched a Roadster towards Mars. With Starlink it also owns and operates more satellites than any country let alone company. Neither Virgin nor Blue have even reached orbit. Landing from orbit is way harder than landing these new suborbital rockets because you have many times the energy to dissipate on the way down, and SpaceX has already landed more than 100 orbital class rockets. No one else has ever landed one. They're a decade ahead and innovating faster than anyone else. What surprised most people about the Branson and Bezos flights is how short they were. Later this year SpaceX launches what could be considered a space tourism flight of its Crew Dragon spaceship, on the Inspiration4 mission. However, this crew of 4 will fly around Earth in orbit for several days rather than just touch the edge of space for 3 or 4 minutes.
  14. Loads of bad times but for me this is the one. Our only hope seemed to be to keep the club going on FA Cup gate receipts but we lost at home to lowly Plymouth with a corner going straight in over Steve Cherry's head on a miserable night and it seemed it was the last game Derby County would ever play. Clough resigning was terrible. Equally terrible was when him and Taylor came back a few years later and were going to take over again, and everything was going to be all right. They turned up at the Baseball Ground to rubber stamp the agreement but the afternoon dragged on and on and the expected announcement never came, and all the hope evaporated. My recollection is that when they spoke about later, no one cold put their finger on why they didn't come home to us. Eleven points was embarrassing. The Three Amigos were rightly hated. But 1984 was the worst. This is bad but I'm more detached from it.
  15. Thanks @JfR. The beginnings of an explanation. If anyone has more detail, step forward!
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