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  1. Carl Sagan

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    Lawrence is definitely suspended because it was a red card that he got, which means the "next three first team games" (in his case as it was violent conduct). You can check his status here: http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/discipline/suspensions The rule change Mafiabob mentions is to do with a suspension from accumulated yellows. In that case they now only apply to the competition they were given in. But there is a loophole - which would apply if you're in a league match and one game away from suspension, and the next week you have an absolutely vital league game, but with a cup game in between. Suppose you get booked in this matchwhich shold make you suspended from your next crunch fixture. If instead you get yourself a second yellow, because that's now a red card you will be suspended from the midwweek cup game. And then you go into the following week's league match still one game away from a league suspension. I didn't think of this. Googling the rule changes it was here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/6912118/fa-changes-suspension-rule/
  2. Carl Sagan

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Always baffled by the editing on these. In this case not a single instance of Bogle's forward forays. But lots of shots of people in the crowd clapping.
  3. Carl Sagan

    Ben Davies

    Yes according to (reluctant) Nicko.
  4. Carl Sagan

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    Comments from the Brentford manager after today's game:
  5. Carl Sagan

    Brentford at home 22 September

    When I'm in the Brunny pre-match, I do wonder if there are any other forum members in there, but I don't know what anyone else looks like. Have thought about posting on here from inside the pub in case anyone wanted to say hello. Guess I should just look out for the troublemakers (and avoid 🤣)!
  6. Carl Sagan

    Chas Hodges has died

    No way!? I just googled and saw a vid. Not having a vocalist a bit of a schoolboy error. Seems he did a show as Deep Purple's bassist once. As for Chas, he has stopped talking and that's a big shame. Very talented musician from my manor here in the east end.
  7. Carl Sagan

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    I wouldn't complain and can see the sense in that too. Professional sport is a different thing from amateurs and you are right the rational priority is the Championship. Maybe we need to give Curtis Davies a run out? Or I could see both Johnson and Bennett struggling with knocks after today. Or is this a game to try Marriott or Waghorn up top again? Definitely a tough call as Frank finds his feet in management.
  8. Carl Sagan

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    I think the reward for today's performance is the same first 11 starts. Harsh on the fringe players hoping to impress to force their way in, but it was such a vibrant, energy-filled performance that it sends a poor message to the squad to drop people. Frank sounded conflicted in his post-match interview, saying he didn't know what he was going to do. Yes it would be good for Holmes, Waghorn, Marriott, Huddlestone, Wisdom, Roos, Malone, Josefzoon to get another starting place shot (as I type that it does show the strength of this squad) but everyone will want to start at Old Trafford and today's starting 11 deserves it. I don't think they need resting because (who could ever have believed we'd say this last season) the team is so young and full of running! It's a chance for Mason Mount to announce himself properly in the national consciousness. He does seem to get better every game, which is a frightening thought in terms of the level he'll be at later in the season. It's a new era. We've played a lot of good sides over recent years when we've been doing decently in the Championship, and we've never threatened victory - it's been more about containing the game and keeping the score respectable. But this is a free hit and I don't think we'll be going as sacrificial lambs to meekly exit the competition. We'll be going to win.
  9. Carl Sagan

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    On the Bryson MOTM debate, one of the things that swings it for me was his ball to Wilson for the first goal. Totally unselfish but maximizing the team's probability of scoring. In contrast, both Bennett and Wilson were in positions when they should have set up teammates with gilt-edged chances, but they shot instead. We have to build the team ethic where we play the ball to our mate to give them an open goal instead of taking a 50/50 shot ourselves. That said, it really was a tremendous performance - but I'm saying we need to take it to the next level. Happily we know Frank and Jody won't be content to rest on their laurels. I do think the reward for today will be an unchanged starting lineup at Old Trafford.
  10. Carl Sagan

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Good to have the opinion from in the ground. Watching on-screen, I was thinking how well Bryson played. But you're right they were all good. Mount is, of course, fabulous, but I thought it a bit of a waste when he tried to score from that freekick miles out on the wing instead of a whipped ball into the box. But I guess I'd have been applauding if it had gone in, and it's great for us that he's so full of confidence. A bit of a cross between Lampard and Beckham (what a thing to say, but it really does come naturally to him, gliding over the Pride Park turf). He will relish Old Trafford on Tuesday.
  11. Carl Sagan

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Same here if there in person. Doesn't seem so obviously available online. I try not to bet too often so haven't enquired! Did just log in to check today and Bet 365 had paid out early on my Derby win at 3.30!!!!
  12. Carl Sagan

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Have to say Marriott has been excellent since coming on. Really led the line well, pressing to continually force Brentford back, and some great hold-up play. Full time 3-1
  13. Carl Sagan

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Beautiful move, Keogh striding out of defence like Mark Wright. before we see Mount and Wilson swapping passes, until Wilson is through on the angle of the six yard box. He dinks it over the keeper, but hits the near post and out for a goalkick. Bennett clattered. Not been his day. Bring one of the others on. Twice Bogle has walked all the way through to the Brentford six yard area, but hasn't been able to find the shot and run into traffic. Great performances. Players enjoying their football. Need to be a little more clinical and kill the game off.
  14. Carl Sagan

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    I wish it was easier to always be able to bet on the last scorer. Maintains interest for the whole match.
  15. Carl Sagan

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    Beat me to it. Thanks for the detail too. Does sound great.

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