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  1. Love that Philip Cocu is our manager. Finally someone with a brain and long-term strategy that will allow the club to benefit from its excellent academy and build a team that includes many of our talented youngsters. It was great to hear Pat Lyons raving about Sibley after the U23 game against Liverpool. I will happily give Cocu 2 seasons now. We may not be, but I suspect that by the time Rooney arrives we'll be doing most things right and knocking on the door of the top six. And at that point the buzz and lift Rooney will give all the players will propel us higher. It's a marathon not a sprint.
  2. In better loan news, Max Hunt played the full match in a 1-2 away win for Aldershot at Stockport. According to the Aldershot forum https://www.shotsweb.co.uk/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=50049 "Max Hunt a ******* rock today" "Spot on mate my MOM" "The loan signings have all made an impact, so well done to Danny for bringing them in, and to Shahid and the board for providing the funds for this to happen." "Well that was as good a Shots performance as I have seen in the last few years." "Chislett, Powell and Hunt outstanding. Hunt man of the match for me. Brilliant team performance well done lads" Sounds as if big Max had an impressive game. Aldershot are near the foot of the National League and Stockport near the top. Next up is away at Barnet on Tuesday.
  3. Suspect (not checked so this could be garbage on my part) that it's the national association you're not allowed to sue, which would be the FA. My impression on actually seeing the story rather than the wild headlines is that a "solicitor's letter" will never amount to suing the league. It's just making their sour grapes public. I agree with the thread comments that something odd is going on with Gibson. Perhaps he's trying to create a climate of being wronged to help him walk away from Boro without it looking that he's leaving them in the lurch. A sort of "it's not my fault but I caan't go on when others don't play by the rules" excuse for getting out before he loses any more money.
  4. Cheers. I'd trust the Derby Academy.
  5. Full-time 3-3. Stats look quite even.
  6. Hurrah! Triallist (aka Jahmal HECTOR-Ingram) bags an 86th minute penalty equalizer. Liverpool are bottom of the U23 table.
  7. Fozzy got 45 minutes and went off at half-time. Whittaker missed a pen when 1-0 down but scored to put us 1-2 up. OG by Callum Minkley (RB) levelled the scores at 2-2. 10 minutes to go. Everything to play for. EDIT: With 10 minutes to go Liverpool go 3-2 up through Curtis Jones!
  8. The defender impeded Waghorn who had to take evasive action to avoid the lunge and fell over doing so. That's a foul.
  9. To me that just seems a perverse view. Derby looked miles the better team. Very unlucky not to win. Including shocking big decisions got wrong by the ref that would likely have seen us win.
  10. Ref has surely cost us this game for terrible errors. Josefzoon clean through and pulled back by Peltier, already on a yellow. Freekick but not even a yellow. Not long before Holmes poleaxed on the edge of their area. No foul. The (lack of) penalty the pivotal decision. Refs have to get the key match-changing decisions right.
  11. Some twitter chat that Chrissy Martin might feature in this. I'll believe it when I see it, but I do think he could be great playing two up with Marriott.
  12. Incredible performance from Sterling. That was the standout for me. We were poor in defence and sometimes in midfield. As a matter of game management it's incredibly sloppy and unprofessional to go from 5-1 to 5-3 because then the game is wide open with one more goal. I don't care if everyone wants in on the action in the opposition box. We won't be able to outscore better opposition. Even with the amazing Sterling.
  13. Absolutely has to play in midfield. It's what we've been lacking since Thorne got injured. It's the most important position in the formation and Bielik has all the attributes to dominate there - something we're desperate for our midfielders to do.
  14. 92,000 more than voted for Gordon Brown to be Prime Minister. The system we have has never had a directly elected Prime Minister. Leave suited the majority of voters in the country. He's just trying to get it done on their behalves. It's called democracy.
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