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  1. "as players these are games you want to be playing in,” he says with a smile. “It’s a chance to write your name in the history books.” You go and do that Harry!
  2. Glad he's written something nice about us.
  3. Players and fans in Covent Garden the night before the big game (which kind of makes me think these players aren't in the lineup!). Hope Will comes down tomorrow!
  4. Sounds brilliant. I was there for that 4-1. Your bro should have been the Wembley mascot! Hope it's a top family day and you can get a signal down 'pit to hear good news.
  5. Thanks. Am certain you're not about to sue us. Any judge would instantly throw it out on the basis no crimes have been committed and it's for the EFL to adjudicate on their own rules. But the journo spinning this (John Percy) is a fanatical forest fan so just trying to destabilize us in the run-up to the play-off final. Once that's over, whatever the result this story will quietly disappear.
  6. Lamps has won us plenty of positive press over the past few months, but don't forget the main Torygraph and Grauniad footy writers are both fanatical gumps. Percy in particular has been doing his damnedest to stir things this week. Have Boro sued us for Financial Fair Play? Of course not and there's not the slightest chance it will happen, but it doesn't stop him publishing his "exclusive" that Gibson might be thinking about it. Are Chelsea really going to go against the wishes of every one of their fans I've come across anywhere and appoint rookie Lampard to get them back to the top of the league with no transfers allowed? Of course not but it doesn't stop Percy spinning it again. In this case I'm happy to go as under the radar as we can. Our football can do the talking.
  7. One of our strengths is our flexibility and the ability of our players to continually switch into different positions - it was once called total football. I don't think we need some kind of fixed formation but should instead have the flexibility and intelligence to keep switching through the game depending on the situation. Your lineup could have plenty of different permutations with those same players.
  8. In case you haven't seen it, someone tweeted the footage:
  9. Love it, Ella. 🍻 Back in the day, one of my lecturers was David Papineau who's a philosopher of time and thinks a lot about "time's arrow". He's argued that if it were reversed we wouldn't be able to tell the difference - meaning we could indeed be heading backwards away from tomorrow's play-off final win and towards an era of glory under Mackay then Clough! Does time even exist? It kind of drops out of things in the main "laws of physics" (ie it's not something fundamental but a matter of perspective) and it doesn't seem relevant at all at the quantum level. For me it's the greatest single problem for physics to solve. But let's win the play-offs first!
  10. Cheers Sir. Had seen that and was hoping for more detail, but it doesn't seem to be forthcoming. Wanted to pick a good spot for a rendezvous but we're likely going to have to hope there's phone signal. If there isn't, at least I'm the one with the tickets!
  11. Bought the paper for this today. The insightful pieces are already in the thread. I think the stat about the Crewe friendly is extraordinary. Whatever happens, thank you Frank and the team for saving us from Rowettball.
  12. wevs? wtff? Speak English, youth.
  13. Seems next to no detail on these that I can find. If anyone has a link can they post it? On the official site it simply lists the Rams Wembley pubs and says there's a fan park in Arena Square. What's in Arena Square would be helpful. I'll probably head there anyway as the pubs look a bit grim. But that said, all of Wembley's grim except the stadium.
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