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  1. Carl Sagan

    Peace breaks out on Twitter

    When using the #dcfc hashtag on Twitter, do people mean the mighty Rams, some weird Turkish Survivor TV show or the band Death Cab for Cutie? At different times of the day, different meanings proliferate. But it's great to see one of the other parties seeing the funny side. Lovely tweet: Perhaps one for the pub and not the main forum? Perhaps we should turn one of their songs into a chant? @Inverurie Ram?
  2. Carl Sagan

    TalkSport Best Championship Grounds

    Was very annoying in among plenty of compliments. Obviously it's because the capacity is always misreported. The club should be better at managing its metadata.
  3. Carl Sagan

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Didn't see the game but the players will have had another tough training session in the morning before playing in the evening. It's what pre-season is about, and is meant to hurt and be a struggle. Super Frank and the rest will see who is struggling, who wants to work hard and who is trying to play the way they're being drilled. Good to hear gorgeous George is looking slim. If his fitness holds he can be the technical player to anchor the system. Oh for Martin and Vydra on the pitch to show what they can do. And I look forward to see what the new boys bring to the party.
  4. Carl Sagan

    Bloated Squad?

    Of course it's partly about price and partly about wages - we've all heard the rumours of Vydra's wage demands for the dirty Leeds. We know Martin got a great deal while on loan at Fulham and you have to wonder if anyone will match that. I was told there have been some enquiries but no actual bids. The expectation has to be it will be similar to last season when we loaned out Guy, Hanson, Blackman, Butterfield and Martin from this list (as well as the others - Bryson, Bent, Shackell, etc). Then it comes down to whether we can obtain loan fees or whether we're still paying a proportion of the wages. It's clear the squad size got well out of hand and that makes it tough for a novice manager trying to build and maintain spirit, and eager to bring some of his own picks in. It's impressive that we've got Mount and Wilson but everyone knows they won't have come unless they expected to play. This will be clear to other players at the club. Hopefully they'll be keen to play too, so will be onto their agents to help get them new clubs if they've been told they're well down a very long pecking order at Derby.
  5. Carl Sagan

    Bloated Squad?

    When you're a deceased cosmologist you attain a certain level of omniscience. The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be, and I've seen it all. 😉 Either that or lovely well-informed people from the Forum sometimes give me a heads up as they don't need the grief. I don't often share, but I don't see any harm here.
  6. Carl Sagan

    Bloated Squad?

    half right!
  7. Carl Sagan

    Bloated Squad?

    Having posted my list of suggested "outs" above, I'm told the club has circulated a similar list around the league of players who are available for sale or loans: Anya, Blackman, Butterfield, Guy, Hanson, Jerome, Johnson, Ledley, Martin Apparently there were others, but after seeing the squad in Tenerife, Lampard has decided to keep them. When I look at these names I think it's a good assessment. Vydra is neutral, with no pressure to sell. If he goes, Frank gets money to spend.
  8. Carl Sagan

    Bloated Squad?

    And also Wisdom and Forsyth (we have Bogle, Lowe and Anya for their other positions). And then seventh choice is the big lad we bought from Matlock, Max Hunt.
  9. Carl Sagan

    Bloated Squad?

    I really hope Elsnik becomes a first-team fixture this season. My choice of those to try to move on would be: Mitchell, Hanson, Pearce, Johnson, Butterfield, Blackman, Jerome but as has been said, it depends if anyone wants them. Butterfield has the technique to fit into a skillful passing midfield, and could flourish under Lampard, but as we'e already seen the club has become quite toxic for him and I wouldn't want him to be an obstacle to bringing through some of the other players.
  10. Carl Sagan

    Academy thread 2018/19

    Another one not yet included is Kyle McAllister who we bought from Scotland where he was playing first team football but has been out injured for 18 months. He's still only 19, but it's tough to see how he can develop when he's not been able to play more than a few minutes at a time and says he's "not felt fully fit ever" and has always struggled with injury. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2018/07/mcallister-feeling-mentally-tougher-and-physically-stronger-than-ever I'm sure he's a talent so it would be great if he can finally start to play games and then back-to-back games and so on.
  11. Carl Sagan

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    Looks relatively legit given it's only following 71 people but has >14k followers. Interesting.
  12. Carl Sagan

    Academy thread 2018/19

    Preseason friendlies have begun. Some players more familiar with the U23s started for the two first teams in the win against Notts County. They were: Roos, Mitchell, Bogle, Lowe, Hanson, Elsnik, Thomas, Bennett. These guys are obviously in prime position to break through. The U23s also had their first preseason match, a 1-1 draw away at National League North's Leamington. Alex Babos hit the post, Morgan Whittaker scored Derby's equalizer and the new boy from Arsenal, Aaron Eyoma played (as did Charles Vernam and Kellen Gordon who were playing League Two football last season). Lewis Walker is on trial at Chesterfield with a view to a loan move, so wan't involved. Full team: Barnes, Karic, Macdonald, Bird, Bateman, Hunt, Eyoma, Knight, Vernam, Babos, Mitchell-Lawson. Subs: Ravas (GK), Buchanan, Sibley, Gordon, Whittaker No mention of Offrande Zanzala or Callum Guy in the report: https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/match-reports/derby-county-players-who-featured-1789550
  13. Carl Sagan

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    Here's a link from the Mirror, saying it's close but not yet over the line: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/harry-wilson-join-derby-loan-12922368.amp
  14. Carl Sagan

    The stupid things people say .

    I switch it round to say: "Wine before beer, have no fear" which is probably pretty stupid.
  15. Carl Sagan

    Frank Lampard Songs, Chants and Hot Pants

    Got to be able to do something with Sister Sledge's Frankie. Maybe along the lines of Frankie - he's pure DCFC..

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