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  1. It is a splendid place. Basically it's a bottle shop and taproom, with a nice comfy lounge where you can enjoy a beer or two inside. Their shop opening times are as follows... Wednesday: 12:00 - 17:00 Thursday: 12:00 - 21:00 Friday: 12:00 - 21:00 Saturday: 12:00 - 21:00 Sunday: 13:00 - 19:00 The lounge (for drinking inside) doesn't open until 4:00 pm on a Saturday, but it's open from 1:00 pm on a Sunday. We go there on the bus and get there around 3:15 pm. Next Sunday afternoon they have a band on (probably folk music - they tend to have musicians once a month or so). They usually have around 10-12 beers or ciders on tap, and they have a few hundred different bottles and cans, including 20 or so German beers, 40 or 50 Belgian beers etc. A lot of local stuff too - Eyam Brewery produce some brilliant beers, and their shelves are always well-stocked. @sage is from Belper. We met up in Ashbourne the other week at lunchtime, but it was on a Saturday so ended up in the Green Man instead before heading back to Belper (a micropub near the marketplace - can't remember the name).
  2. I went to House Of Beer (formerly Maison de Biere) at Ashbourne. OK, I go there every Sunday, but that just means that every Sunday is special. Started with a Lowenbrau Triumphator, then had a pint of a chocolate orange porter on draught (sublime - can't remember the brewery) and finished with a Chimay 150 (green). All amazing beers.
  3. Well said, B4. I am sickened by some of our fans who, basically, are as intelligent as a whelk.
  4. I wonder how many people have stopped attending because they no longer feel comfortable with the behaviour of some of our 'fans'.
  5. I love the way Tarantino sends everyone to sleep - then wakes them up with a bang. I can understand why people think it's too long - but then again, I used to enjoy Andy Warhol films. It probably explains why I was so fat - I was at the cinema long enough for a popcorn refill.
  6. Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood A re-imagining of the Manson murders. Simply wonderful - this is what Tarantino is about. Kevin Hector/10.
  7. Isn't it all to do with the position of the centre of gravity in relation to the upper deck level?
  8. Got to be a stitch-up, surely?
  9. Seen a few posts from him on facebook. He looks a little sunburned - although it could be rust.
  10. My member has a whole page? A paragraph would be enough.
  11. 69 next. First birthday I've looked forward to in ages.
  12. And your teams would play four four effing two.
  13. I think he normally wears them on his head.
  14. Nobody ever wishes me a happy birthday.
  15. A few years ago, I was working at Irish Life in Dublin. Our office was right next door to the lottery office. One weekend, a woman won something like €120 million on the Euro lottery and when I wandered down to the office on Monday morning, the area outside the Lotto office had one or two press people and photographers hanging around, just waiting for the winning ticket-holder to turn up and make their claim / collect their wheelbarrow of dosh etc etc. My mate Adrian and I went out for a couple of scoops and a sandwich at Briodys at lunchtime (as you do - that Murphy's won't drink itself, you know) and on the way back down Abbey Street - which was by now rammed with reporters and TV people, just waiting to catch a glimpse of the winner - Adrian said, quite loudly, "Don't these eejits know about the back entrance to the Lotto office?" - at which point, half a dozen of the scoop-getters-in-waiting disappeared around the corner, up Marlborough Street. When we got into the office, I asked "What back entrance?" and Adrian said "There isn't one. I just wanted to know if they knew that."
  16. It was a good day yesterday, spent watching England ladies win the series against New Zealand and jabbing my phone to see the progress against Sussex.
  17. I cannot criticise anyone pouring that rat's pee away, but throwing it over a fellow supporter is tantamount to assault with a deadly weapon. /why, yes, I am drinking a Belgian Trappist beer at the moment - how did you guess?
  18. Blimey, 100 pages. Does this mean that George Thorne's our new owner?
  19. It shows you just how committed the Tories are to climate change - they've started closing BP petrol stations already.
  20. Murdo Mackay (washes mouth out with Dettol)
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