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  1. And half-time food planning will have gone from sheep's eyeballs through paella and finished up at snozzberries in little more than a month.
  2. Perhaps we'd have more chance of attracting Gene Wilder. I know he's dead, so he'd be cheap.
  3. It's dead. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56830308
  4. The most hopeful story of late is an exclusive in the Daily Telegraph, unfortunately paywalled, which states (according to the BBC)... although the story seems to contain a needlessly artificially inflated figure of hospital admissions because of course nobody could possibly have satisfied the criteria as stated before 29 December. The cynic in me suggests that the misleading numbers are deliberate, in order to entice people to sign up in order to read the story.
  5. Hindsight is always 20:20. A pity this is 2021.
  6. I'm the opposite, really. Although there are not many beers to truly rival the likes of Westmalle Tripel, St Bernardus Abt 12 and just about anything from the Rochefort stable, I am thoroughly enjoying tonight's lineup of Keyte Dobbel-Tripel, Keyser Karel Charles Quint and Moinette Ambree.
  7. I normally only use it for keeping in touch with 'proper' friends, but I agree, there are some real 'head the balls' out there.
  8. I hope not, but having just spent the last half an hour browsing Facebook, that's the impression I'm getting from a lot of people.
  9. Is this the thread where we all state that really, right from the very start we knew deep down that Mel was bad for the club and that Wayne Rooney was a terrible appointment?
  10. I normally support the manager until the bitter end. I'm just hoping that is tonight.
  11. Finally, I can move on. Nottingham Forest and Leeds United are no longer in the top 12 of clubs I hate the most.
  12. Anti-Life, also known as 'Breach'. 2020 Bruce Willis film. Tagline: "On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic aboard an interstellar ark to New Earth must outwit a malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon." Utter crap. 3/10. I was rooting for the alien slugs.
  13. Trevor Christie, Bobby Davison, Rob Hindmarch and Geraint Williams, to then be followed the following season by Gary Micklewhite, Nigel Callaghan, Phil Gee and John Gregory.
  14. Not me. Cricket season. Derbyshire v Worcestershire, final day.
  15. Critchley's having an amazing start to the season. 3 half centuries and a ton in 4 digs, and 7 wickets @ 12 apiece with hopefully a good stint with the ball to come tomorrow.
  16. Credible - able to be believed. You spend so much time posting questionable nonsense that I think you're cracking up. Hence the previous '#bonkers'. Seriously, seek help.
  17. Financially, it would be a bit of a disaster. Other than that - perhaps not so much.
  18. The one thing Critchley has been crying out for is a decent googly. His stock leg-break is a ripper and he has a decent hurry-up ball (maybe a top-spinner), but I've never really seen much evidence of a wrong un. He's been a 'star in the making' for a couple of years now - perhaps this is the year we can drop 'in the making'.
  19. Absolutely wonderful brewery. They were the guys who originally brewed the beers for Westvleteren (St Sixtus Abbey) before they brought it in-house. St Bernardus Abt 12 is the original Westvleteren 12. When the monks started brewing it themselves, they kept the same grainbill but changed the yeast.
  20. The last time I had brekky was in August 2019, at Botteltje in Ostend where we were attending the North Sea beer festival. The first nom of the day now is cheese and biccies when we have our mid-afternoon beer. Today's cheeses were some mousetrap cheddar, port-infused Derby cheese, a little Camembert and some very ripe stilton. The beers were a 75 cl Tripel Karmeleit, a 50 cl Schneider Weisse Aventinus and a 33 cl Orval. Very lovely, very civilised.
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