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  1. You really don’t have a high opinion of our Geordie brethren Coconut. What’s happened did Tracey and San the Fat Sl*gs turn you down for a threesome on your last visit ?
  2. Not really. Jim built a fantastic team but was in decline when he left which was sad.Think he suffered when McClaren left . Had the opportunity to be DOF but turned it down. Bad choices to replace him caused us problems after that. Not a criticism of the BE I was a massive fan but towards the end it was right for him to step down.
  3. Overnight stop agreed by the administrators according to the Percy article
  4. We don’t think MR P is uniformed we know he is. He ought to get treatment for his delusions and obsessive behaviour
  5. Wrong season. Butterfield was a 2015 signing.
  6. I think he is not well and needs a spell of rest in an institution.
  7. Preston Tickets now £5 for home and away fans. Fans who have bought already can donate the difference or claim a refund.
  8. Rafa didn’t leave when they were in the Champ. He left a couple of seasons later I believe
  9. Yes but was considered for a squad whilst with us when a couple of keepers were injured but not selected
  10. Shilts or Carson ? Shilts was with DCFC for the Italia 90 World Cup along with Mark Wright
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