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  1. The same Lee Grant that was punching the ball into his own net for fun v Wolves and Leeds. Just as shaky as Roos especially after the last injury . Seem to remember we were all amazed Stoke paid for him to go.
  2. The Boss played at the Ricoh Coventry so why cant DCFC at least emulate that ?
  3. We have had Rod Stewart and Red Hot Chilli Peppers at PP in the past. Knackered the pitch though
  4. I have been watching since 1970 and he wouldn’t even be in my top 20 of worst players 😅
  5. And if he had stayed fit and we had gone up everyone would be saying £4.25 million what an absolute steal. Sometimes stuff happens that is out of everyone’s control that looks bad in hindsight .
  6. So white people dont stab or shoot other white people ?
  7. Don’t you remember Fab Franny Lee and others diving ? Some of Franny’s diving efforts were laughable but still sometimes given. The cheating was still there in the60’s , 70’s and 80’s. Did you not watch Leeds , Liverpool etc all it
  8. Yawn , you will be calling everyone who disagrees with you "snowflakes" soon
  9. He is not employed by DCFC so how can it be double standards by them ? DCFC are rightly supporting their employees
  10. “Snowflake “ what a nonsense expression
  11. Blimey you must have still been a toddler then (2?) I’m 60 first game (first team game had been to ressies) 1970 Manure Home won 2-0 Hector and Fitzpatrick OG. Loved the BBG with a passion but to have made it a modern seated stadium would have been near impossible. If rail seating/ standing was available then maybe different scenario
  12. Martin still runs The Exeter , The Crossing in Burton and The Duke of Devonshire in Belper. Gave up the Silk Mill 12 months or so ago as the brewery put the rent up loads. Anti Pasti still play now and again. Martin doesn’t usually sing now just the occasional guest slot i believe
  13. I’ve seen all the GK’s since 1970 and Poom up there with the best of them. Wouldn’t describe Grant as solid , he had a spell where he was punching them in his own net for fun when he came back from injury. Wolves and Leeds away spring to mind
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