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  1. DET report stating Mel saying investment close at the event he was speaking at last night
  2. I thought I was on the George Evans thread , mistaken it’s the Andre Wisdom one just misspelt lol
  3. He was cleared about 33 years after the event . Apparently is was PM Harold Wilson that got him released from prison
  4. A known heavy drinker throughout his career and accused of domestic violence by his wife.
  5. Think you will find Bobby Moore was no angel if you do your research
  6. Hated Tommy Doc but he didn’t relegate Manure he got them promoted
  7. Not saying I don’t trust you but I think you are wrong re being able to sack L & B. Unless you can point me to the relevant laws and clauses. The fact that no other club has sacked a player for DD seems to back that up. Happy to accept being wrong if proved otherwise.
  8. It’s because he has in the clubs opinion broken his contract. No conspiracy just that plain and simple.
  9. The cases between Bennett and Lawrence and Keogh are totally different hence why different outcomes. Maybe Mel and the club did want to sack B & L but legally and by the terms of their contracts they were unable to do so for the offence of D D. I have not seen any other club sack a player for DD. They were punished the maximum allowable maybe not as much as the club would have liked to. Keogh has in effect apparently ( not knowing the exact terms of his contract ) in the eyes of the club broken his contract. It appears the club could have sacked him immediately but waited until the outcome of the Investigation and allowed him to have his Operation before any action. The club have tried to be generous and fair to Keogh and offered him an alternative to the termination of his contract which he has declined. No morals no different treatment. Different cases different outcomes an the club has punished all parties the maximum they are allowed to.
  10. The club will have done there own internal investigation. No cover up they will not have been able to release details firstly because of the court cases for Lawrence and Bennett and now because of any potential appeal and maybe court case regarding to Keogh. The club will be following due process as advised by their legal team. Details may follow with a court case or may be kept confidential if any legal agreement is made. A lot of speculation being written on here none of us know the full facts of the night and if there are other matters which have happened previously which have been taken into account. I don’t see how the club could have dealt with this any differently . Also the delay with dealing with RK could be due to him having surgery and letting that take place first. The last bit about Is just how you see it which is your opinion which is fine others may see it differently .
  11. All 3 cases different. We are not aware of the full facts of what happened the club probably are. We are not aware of the contractual obligations of the 3 . So it’s difficult for any of us to 2nd guess why and if or not they have been dealt with consistently . Not a lot can be said by the club until or if RK appeals . If it goes to court then we may find out why but I can’t see why the would sack RK without good reason and he had apparently been given the opportunity not to be sacked which he has declined . Best wait for the facts before we all start making assumptions
  12. He has made himself unable to be selected by his decision in the terms of his contract that could be gross misconduct and there maybe other facts that we are not aware of . The other two have been fined the maximum by the club and dealt with by the courts.
  13. How do you know what he was or wasn’t doing ? Odd comment to make without knowing the facts.
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