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  1. Nothing to do with 5 first team players out injured plus Edmondson then ?
  2. The money laundering bit must have been forgotten when one of our close neighbours was taken over
  3. It’s the very respected Trevor Birch
  4. Until the Greek police catch up with your man then the laughing will start
  5. Because he was asked a question which other teams have you spoken to and he responded with those 2 which he had. Bet if he hadn’t mentioned Cardiff and it came out later some would find a problem with that. There might be issues but let’s not find them where none are.
  6. Great goal by Charlie , never a pen for them 😉
  7. I always like to be optimistic and will wait to see if the funds come through and the EFL tests are passed. If he has the funds to buy the club and guarantee to be able to fund it for 2 years fair enough , if not then it will be known very soon. If he has funds then hopefully they are from legit sources. I would be seriously worried if not , unlike fans of a neighbouring club , where there are unanswered questions as to the source of that money and don’t seem to care as long as they can continue to collect ageing players in large wages.
  8. Pretty sure it was White shirts , blue shorts and red numbers then 😉
  9. There are legitimate questions which is fine and understandable. I would hope that we all have them , then there is making mountains out of mole hills like the Cardiff thing. Must be a balance between the two ?
  10. He was asked a question and responded that’s all
  11. Got crushed on the Popside when that went in.
  12. What exaggeration ? All he said was that he has spoken to them which Cardiff confirmed. He made no other claim , never said he even entered into meaningful discussions .
  13. The quote is “we spoke to “ which doesn’t really say entered into discussions. Maybe the response from Cardiff meant he wasn’t inclined to take it further hence no more talks ? You would have thought that he has entered into an NDA with Mel and shown proof of funds. Seems a non story to me
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