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  1. Toshack 172 goals in 397 games not too shabby plus goodness knows how many assists for Keegan and others
  2. Exactly the same challenge Yates did on Clarke at the Council Tip. Yates was worse with intent how he stayed on the pitch was a mystery. Waggy was stupid though. Hopefully Martin , Whittaker and JHI can step up. Lawrence available again after West Brum
  3. Kevin Beattie in the background. He was a player would have loved Derby to have signed him
  4. Get both , come on Mel you know it makes sense 😁
  5. No his brother Simon started out with Brum , Dean came through our youth development
  6. He won’t be on any wages when he is released so that’s not relevant until he is offered some. As for whether he fits our bill with his GK qualities I’m on the fence with that one 😁
  7. Holmes jogging back didn’t help him much either. Most unlike Duane
  8. His Dad Rex ( Ex Rams Player) was landlord at the Bull in Repton for a few years . well off topic 😂
  9. The late Ian Hutchinson. Him of the windmill throw in
  10. Yup I don’t remember Andy Garner scoring against Forest . Remember him and Phil Gee scoring at The Dell when we committed day light robbery but not against the dogs sure you are not think of Andy Hill ?
  11. Me as well in tank top , flares and platform boots 😫
  12. If they charged for the cut out by the amount of teeth of the average Forest fan they would be cheap but if it’s by the amount Fingers .........
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