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  1. What’s so funny about serious Heath problems @1967RAMS?
  2. The Mel Morris who has a very serious health problem which could well be affecting all the issues. I think your comment is disgraceful
  3. Didn’t some pigs do a Steve McQueen ? Great escape 🐖🐖
  4. Jack Stamps ? Won the cup for us 🐏
  5. I was born in Tamworth for my sins
  6. There has been a lot of trading of players ( and managers ) between us and the dark side over the years its only been in recent times that fans have got upset about this. However i doubt Buchanan would be bothered with a at best sideways move when Prem clubs as you say have expressed an interest. Be better for him to sit and wait.
  7. It’s a load of dog do doos . Made up game played by teams with stupid made up names with no connection to any current teams. It’s a big no from me
  8. Save from one J Greaves at the BBG springs to mind
  9. Looks like Oxford bogs away circa 1988 or Cleo’s on a Saturday night anytime from 1976 to when it shut down 🤢
  10. Think @Ghost of Clough or @Stuniverse are the ones most likely to know
  11. Serious question , have you seen him training to know what his attitude and work rate are like ?
  12. He won’t be on any salary currently like all free agents 😁
  13. Just need to get Ken Dodds legal team to sort it then
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