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  1. Mason Mount in particular we only got because of the lampard link. It was well published at the time that Chelsea wanted him in the prem but he wanted to play under lampard There's 1000s of loan players available, but very few of that quality
  2. Just playing devil's advocate... IF Chelsea wanted Frank and IF he decided to stay at Derby instead of going... that could be an end to our Chelsea loans? And some would argue without those vital Chelsea loans we might have been pretty mediocre
  3. I like to believe that if Frank moves on to Chelsea, he's made enough of a connection with the club and seen enough of the facilities ect to loan us some of the Chelsea youngsters I'd love it to be Jody Morris, but he'd go with Frank. I'd probably be more gutted about JM leaving
  4. I do t think Andy King will return if that helps
  5. Inspired by @Jourdan travelling from Porto, who travel the greatest distance to get to Wembley today?
  6. Sell cheap with massive buy-back and sell-on clauses, it's the Chelsea way
  7. Also Andi Weimannn and Jamie Hanson
  8. Classic case of out of form striker gets a slice of luck for 1st goal, then it all comes flooding back! Remember Crouch at Liverpool, couldn't buy a goal until a complete fluke deflection (actually got given as own goal later) and he scored again not long later
  9. whiteroseram

    Ex Rams

    Lad who used to be on loan here, Patrick Bamford or something... Anyone know where he is now?
  10. If we are going for a couple of younger Scots maybe that has something to do with why we're (apparently) keen to keep Bryson around
  11. A quick look suggests Tomori is our 1st loanee to win the award. Great achievement given he didn't look that great when he arrived! Also bodes well for future loans now teams have seen how much loanees can improve here
  12. I understand your frustration, I think maybe venues should try and standardise so you knoe where ever you go what will be allowed in and what won't We know Birmingham have an issue with their stewards, they pay an external company to do it who are terrible most of the stewards are youngsters or borderline pensioners according to a Bham fan I know
  13. I seem to remember him playing for Derby City or someone
  14. Maybe we should have a tread of mini polls (not to be mistaken with indicative votes) to decide the ‘dcfcfans awards’ poty looks pretty clear cut though, can’t argue with captain Keogh
  15. Anyone else see DETs player ratings? 7 for every player except Mount, just plain lazy!
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