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  1. Interesting to hear the manager essentially wants to keep him around because he's a great bloke to have around. I do wonder what he'll do next after the summer, is it too early to start thinking about coaching?
  2. How good is Ravas? Getting towards an age where he'll want games somewhere surley
  3. I'll declare my bias upfront, my dad has been disabled since I was 1 so I'm hardly a fair judge on this... I completely agree it's something we see day in day out but does that make it OK? I don't believe so. Yes people make these jokes and wouldn't lose their jobs, but they don't work in the public eye in a job that's supposed to revolve around fairness in the most part and their employers probably don't have the power to discipline them like his employer did. Yes Johnson has said worse and trump has done very similar, does that make it better, or does it show that they're unfit for office? You can make your own decisions there So I do agree he should have been sacked, but I still wish it was Atwell who'd done it
  4. Only any point changing manager if its part of a plan. New manager in place, change in player recruitment policy and plans in place to continue this process of brining youngster through
  5. I don't get to watch the academy as much as I'd like, how far off a first team shot do we think Hector-Ingram might be? Seems to be doing well
  6. Brilliant article about Archie Brown in the athletic, talking to his dad about his talent and keeping his feet in the hrou d etc. Comes across very well https://theathletic.com/1428624/2019/12/05/watching-Derby-teenager-archie-brown-with-dad-bobby-he-was-so-big-as-a-kid-his-feet-didnt-move-that-fast-hed-just-come-through-bang-and-take-players-out?source=shared-article
  7. They are the investors, investing £32million for 32% #NotITK #MakingPooUp
  8. whiteroseram

    Ex Rams

    He's had a strong few spells scoring according to Wiki
  9. I couldn't make it today, out of interest how was the home reaction to Lawrence (before and after goal)?
  10. Seems odd.to announce it before the trial, is that not prejudicing the trial or something?
  11. I think I speak for a number of followers with the question "How was the decision reached that Lawrence and Bennett played tonight, and is there anything you'd like to say to any loyal DCFC supporters who've lost a loved one due to drink driving?"
  12. Shame but like Vernann and Zanzala before, if they haven't broken through by his age he probably needs to move on and try his luck elsewhere
  13. One impression I get from Cocu, especially from those comments about Shinnie as well as recent line-ups, he seems pretty brutal/ ruthless about leaving players out (see Shinnie or Clarke) but he made clear with Shinnie that the coaching staff still work very closely with them to work on what he needs for them to fit in his team. Hopefully the same is going on with the likes of Clarke, FloJo/ Bennett/ Paterson ect. Maybe Dowell as well even though he's still in the team
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