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  1. Given that our club used for political gain when allowing the Conservatives to have a photo op at PP (plus the club boasting about it on social media), could we ask Mr Morris for assurances that he can run the club for the benefit of the football team, the fans and the community and not for Mr Morris' personal agendas or gains? I'm aware this sounds like I'm complaining just because of my political allegiances but I know a fair few fans, of various political persuasions, who this made feel the club was being used by Mr Morris for what he wanted ahead of the clubs best interests.
  2. Owen Bradley leaving Radio Derby/Joining Rams TV

    Not moved far then! Might be our best signing of the year to be fair! RamsTV is good but it needed someone like this
  3. Brentford V Derby County

    I reckoned it'll be a 4-3-3 when they have the ball for sure! Reckon with the ball GR will be looking for late runs from Johnson, especially onto end of crosses
  4. Pruttons Predictions

    Remember when he got that long ban for repeatedly pushing the referee? Thats the only thing I can say about him else @David would ban me for life for the language
  5. Johnny Russell

    I heard he was left out because he had an inappropriate relationship with Mark Sampson #NotITK #StuffIJustMadeUp
  6. Johnny Russell

    Aw no fair I wanna hear too now Certainly sounded like there was a story there, hopefully we still have the same manager come Jan window!
  7. Best XI since we got relegated

    Who would win: This team managed by Brian Clough: Or this team managed by Paul Jewell:
  8. Free Agents

    He certainly fits the bill, just hope there's no claws in his contract allowing him to flee the nest without a considerable down payment.
  9. Derby County v Hull City

    Anyone know if Pride park and ride is on tonight or any decent free parking?
  10. Jon Toral - signed for Hull City

    From what I've heard (its VERY rare I'm ITK) Pat Murphy has pretty well summed it up: Far as Arsenal see it they have a good talented player and the prices now a days are massive so why shouldn't they get the fee they want? The way derby see it, he's no use to Arsenal (unlikely to make senior level for them), Arsenal are known to want to clear out a fair amount of fringe players and no one else wants to take him off their hands (except loan) so why should Derby pay more than they want? I suspect as the deadline comes either one club will budge or someone else will come in for him
  11. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    mine wont work at all egh damn BT internet
  12. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    If I had Mel's money I'd be tempted to buy Ravel Morrison and Nile Ranger then lock them in the dressing room until only 1 remains
  13. Jake Buxton - signed for Burton

    I can see it as a player/ coach role. I suspect that in reality that would in part consist of him being a mentor to young players and being Rowett's "insider" in the dressing room. That could work well, I mean a similar role worked well (by all accounts) with Drogba returning to Chelsea. But a a derby fan (pessimist) I cant help but imagine him playing in front of a young talent, blocking pathway to 1st team, playing badly and ruining his popularity with our fans (who we know have short memories at times)

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