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  1. This partly came to mind because I thought it'd be a good picture quiz on Sporcle. Which former Derby players are more accociated with another team? Off the top of my head you could argue Charlie George or Peter Shilton, but who's played for us but I'd an absolute icon elsewhere?
  2. What's the Matt Jansen story? My friend is a Blackburn fan and massive MJ fan, I never knew this
  3. I completly agree that ****ed me off too, but I think Mel is right with his explaination at a fans event I think, if we'd sacked Tom Lawrence in particular he'd have got a large pay-out, then 1st Jan he'd have signed for another Championship club and, because it was a free transfer he'd get a substantial signing bonus and potentially a bidding war leading to a pay rise...not exactly a punishment. If you look at how quickly others got new clubs after such things doesn't give you much faith in other clubs. Luke McCormick killed 2 kids drunk driving he was back playing almost straight after leavi
  4. I completely agree except the very last bit, I don't see a team offering a 3 year deal to a player coming back from a double ligament tear, let alone someone that age. He might impress and manage to continue that long, but I'd be surprised if he gets more than a year initially
  5. To be honest if you added Grant/Poom, Stimic and Bloomer to this side I think it get's promoted. If we want 2 more to make sure, Gemmill and....who's our best ever left back?
  6. If Roos were to move on he'd make a decent value signing starting as 2nd choice and competing for the place
  7. Only a matter of time until he's offered a return... Coaching or on RamsTV
  8. We know our recruitment has been *censored* for years, but this year I do have some sympathy. Lampard and Morris took on a lot of the resposability around recruiment when they were here, the loanees obviously, Evans was a Lampard pick having been with him at Man City etc, and club couldn't exactly take that responsibility off them until they officially left so whilst they will have been working in the background, by the time they could move the best laonees were already being lined up or in talks elsewhere. Looking at what we did and our squad: GK: PC was determined he wanted Roos to be his
  9. The Athletic mentioned in their end of season Derby summary that keogh's sacking appeal should be concluded "this month"
  10. Agreed, not just about blooding them but when they don't automatically fit what you need from them (like @angieramsay's MW might not) this coaching team have shown a willingness to work with players, like they did with Shinnie, to mould them into the player they want. He wouldn't get that out on loan
  11. Released on frees: Jarrad Bird (Barnsley) Lee Camp (Birmingham) Danny Graham (Blackburn) Jacob Butterfield (Luton) Ryan Shotton (Middlesbrough) Sam Winnall (Sheffield Wednesday) Offrande Zanzala (Accrington Stanley) (Already joining Crew) Kawame Thomas (Burton) Ben Pringle (Gillingham) Jason Shackell (Lincoln) George Thorne (Oxford) Theo Robinson (Southend) Luke Varney (Cheltenham) Lee Holmes & Dean Moxey (Exeter) Nicky Hunt (Already joining Darlington) & Paul Green (Crew) Farrend Rawson (Forest Green Rovers) (Already joined Mansfield) Charles Vernam (
  12. Probably Clarke but it'd be nice to see Wizz pick up a share of the vote
  13. Most importantly I'm glad he's back around the lads and the staff, I suspect some normallity in that way will help him recover mentally
  14. Fozzy didn't start Lowe did, Wag £5.4m, Holmes £702,000, Evans £400,000 Is what they reckon. No idea on the accuracy but they seem like the right general ball parks
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