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  1. Jon Toral

    From what I've heard (its VERY rare I'm ITK) Pat Murphy has pretty well summed it up: Far as Arsenal see it they have a good talented player and the prices now a days are massive so why shouldn't they get the fee they want? The way derby see it, he's no use to Arsenal (unlikely to make senior level for them), Arsenal are known to want to clear out a fair amount of fringe players and no one else wants to take him off their hands (except loan) so why should Derby pay more than they want? I suspect as the deadline comes either one club will budge or someone else will come in for him
  2. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    mine wont work at all egh damn BT internet
  3. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    If I had Mel's money I'd be tempted to buy Ravel Morrison and Nile Ranger then lock them in the dressing room until only 1 remains
  4. Jake Buxton - signed for Burton

    I can see it as a player/ coach role. I suspect that in reality that would in part consist of him being a mentor to young players and being Rowett's "insider" in the dressing room. That could work well, I mean a similar role worked well (by all accounts) with Drogba returning to Chelsea. But a a derby fan (pessimist) I cant help but imagine him playing in front of a young talent, blocking pathway to 1st team, playing badly and ruining his popularity with our fans (who we know have short memories at times)
  5. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    Tell me that's for a years loan?!?
  6. Signed: Andre Wisdom 4 year deal

    Not with that attitude. I think that's why club have announced, see if they can get enough reactions at least to get this tread in the top 5
  7. Signed: Andre Wisdom 4 year deal

    Mel wanted him to have the parking space the Tory bus parked in but AW thinks its cursed
  8. Signed: Andre Wisdom 4 year deal

    can't remember who said it but the theory that we are going big on the RamsTV interviews and features etc. when we announce, and that's delaying things, is looking more and more likely
  9. How much for a future England international?

    Future England international as a phrase is a real pet hate of mine. Ibe and Bamford were future England internationals...until they weren't. Whereas If I'd told you Harry Kane who couldnt get in Leicesters team on loan or Micheal Keane who couldn't get in ours would be where they are today you'd have laughed me off the forum.
  10. Signed: Andre Wisdom 4 year deal

    Shame we'll never know what the add ons are, im certain 1 will be promotion though (if we go up then gotta be worth it) and I'd imagine appearances too
  11. George Boyd - signed for Sheffield Wednesday

    Yeah I'd probably take either or both for free, assuming we can ship out one or more of Andreas Weimann, Nick Blackman, Camara maybe Anya (although I'd like to keep Anya's pace and versatility). I guess the arguments against Boyd would be his age and the fact he's yet another left footed winger. His age I dont think is too much an issue in his case as he'd be available for no upfront cost and he clearly still has the work rate and attitude we need. Kightly would be a risk in a way, but again no upfront cost and he'd very much have a point to prove.
  12. His pace and direct running will be enough to be decent enough at the right team, who play the right way in the right division, een if it's as an impact sub. But it's not us. Best of luck to him back in France but sounds like the best thing all round.
  13. Transfers between Rams and Blades the most popular

    Paul Thirlwell?
  14. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    We all have too much self respect to get that rag

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