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  1. whiteroseram

    DCFC Ultimate Multinational XI

    So he is, wonder where I got the idea he was American
  2. whiteroseram

    DCFC Ultimate Multinational XI

    Sorry I can’t agree...aren’t Malcom and Lewis both USA?
  3. whiteroseram

    John Terry - Appointed assistant manager at Villa

    Well sounds like he’ll have his pick of being Aston Villa assistant if Henry gets the job, a coach at Chelsea or if he picked up the phone to Lamps being a coach here. Cant see him coming here as he’s got options but you never know
  4. whiteroseram

    v Bolton Wanderers (A) Match Thread

    What a the app?
  5. whiteroseram

    Ex Rams

    Inspiored by @HantsRam; Spencer Prior is currently manager of Thailand’s women’s football team. insert joke about Thai women.
  6. whiteroseram

    Snake City watch

    If it is the case that he’s a bit insecure about his level as a player then being replaced by Frank Lampard can’t help
  7. whiteroseram

    Unpopular opinions: Football but not DCFC

    My controversial opinion: The community shield should be help in a different country every year (kind of like La Liega plan but not a league game). Should be a tournament of 4 teams FA cup winner, league cup winner, league winner and fair play league winner (gives extra context to league cup and fair play league as could spread a cups brand abroad). fair play league should the be revised to include punishments for abusing ref, fan misbehaviour, diving (retrospectively) and anything else we want to stamp out.
  8. whiteroseram

    Does Frank know his best 11 ?

    I think certain people’s form has meant he doesn’t but mostly in a positive way. Bennett for example was certainly a reserve until he did so well he couldn’t be left out! Bogle the same and arguably FloJo, Nugent and Tomori too. The opposite of Malone or Marriott but too early to judge them (especially after not so much pre season).
  9. whiteroseram

    Curtis Davies injury

    Do we know the situation with CD? Thought he was due back by now
  10. whiteroseram

    Rotherham Security

    Agreed, contact Derby's fan liaison too they need to know about it
  11. whiteroseram

    Derby world cup style squad

    Gutted that having only got into football really after the age of 10 I JUST missed Eranio, Wanchope, Powell, Stimic etc my squad would have been so much better
  12. whiteroseram

    Jack Marriott

    I certainly think this will make him less likely to make the bench if he's not starting. You're obviously going to have the more versatile attacking players on the bench.
  13. whiteroseram

    Lewis Walker - Contract mutually terminated

    exactly. Its the academy's job to create talented 17-21year olds (ish) which we seem to have done. From there its senior coaches/manager to develop them and that seems like where we've fallen down over previous seasons
  14. whiteroseram

    Geriatric Floresta

    They’re far too smart for that...they employed a Spanish manager and bought Portuguese players
  15. whiteroseram

    Jack Marriott

    Wonder if FL just thought he’s not really an impact sub (like Bennett). I suspect he’ll start for U23s tomorrow

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