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  1. I seem to remember him playing for Derby City or someone
  2. Maybe we should have a tread of mini polls (not to be mistaken with indicative votes) to decide the ‘dcfcfans awards’ poty looks pretty clear cut though, can’t argue with captain Keogh
  3. Anyone else see DETs player ratings? 7 for every player except Mount, just plain lazy!
  4. Johnson tried that and he got a ban
  5. Having known and on occasion worked with some people on the Council in Nottingham I can confirm I would not trust them with my clubs ground. Some of them I wouldn't trust with a pair of scissors.
  6. Hopefully this is because Mel wants to selll a share in the club but keep 100% ownership of the ground, with developments etc Having lived right next to York City I’m always very uneasy about the owner taking ownership of the stadium though
  7. Could Mel put some fans at ease regarding the stadium. As football fans we’ve seen this end badly too many times (Coventry, York city, even the 3 amigos) even if we completely trust Mel some are concerned. For example are derby secure if the ownership changes and is there a plan for ownership to revert back in the future?
  8. Obviously I hope not not...but given we've not heard anything at all its feasible that something happened and he's on personal leave. Let's hope not. Have Luton even mentioned him since he was last on the bench?
  9. Completely different to most on here, but mine me (aged about 12) and my disabled dad in the dug out on a tour of pride park. He has quite bad dementia now, but he always recognises that photo and remembers being sat there looking out over the ground
  10. Agreed something not right, also agree with many on here that it's not Frank. Frank (and Jody, maybe even more so) has done a great job in linking the 1st team with U23s and youth as well as beginning to bring youngsters into the fold, sounds like doing a good job of reducing the wage bill, did a great job of connecting us with some great loan signings (Mount been unlucky with injuries obviously) its just the lack of consistent performances from the 1st team. Maybe Franks should be Director of Football
  11. Because he’s probably the 19th option.
  12. Probably already asked and answered but whens the draw? I'm guessing tomorrow's OneShow (when I'm on evening shift)
  13. Which is lucky cos he never had a right peg
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