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  1. whiteroseram

    Ex Rams

    He's had a strong few spells scoring according to Wiki
  2. I couldn't make it today, out of interest how was the home reaction to Lawrence (before and after goal)?
  3. Seems odd.to announce it before the trial, is that not prejudicing the trial or something?
  4. I think I speak for a number of followers with the question "How was the decision reached that Lawrence and Bennett played tonight, and is there anything you'd like to say to any loyal DCFC supporters who've lost a loved one due to drink driving?"
  5. Shame but like Vernann and Zanzala before, if they haven't broken through by his age he probably needs to move on and try his luck elsewhere
  6. One impression I get from Cocu, especially from those comments about Shinnie as well as recent line-ups, he seems pretty brutal/ ruthless about leaving players out (see Shinnie or Clarke) but he made clear with Shinnie that the coaching staff still work very closely with them to work on what he needs for them to fit in his team. Hopefully the same is going on with the likes of Clarke, FloJo/ Bennett/ Paterson ect. Maybe Dowell as well even though he's still in the team
  7. Any clues on what formation we're playing now we're going? I can't watch as I'm at work
  8. One things for sure, we'll be a different side when Bogle, Holmes and Bielik are fully fit. Add in more experience for the many young lads and that should boost us too. If Roos gets a bit more confidence taking crosses and we learn to defend set pieces we'll be laughing I still only think we'll finish 6th-8th though
  9. This result and performance look decent now in the light of around half the team having missed it to play for the seniors and not look out of place. If those lads also play regularly for the U23s plus a few of the senior lads here and there it'll be a strong squad
  10. Regarding the betting money, this deal is a specific and famous example, but anyone claiming its the Rooney deal that tips it over the edge is deluded or lying to you. Betting ads are constant during live coverage, they're on a massive amount of shirts, the sponsor the whole league, they're on the ad boards and all over the concourse of nearly every ground. That needs looking at rather than Rooney number (on a shirt that already has 32 red and sky bet on it). Like Mel said previously, teams are under pressure to compete financially with parachute payments at this level, or with commercial giants like Man u in the prem, and you can't finance that personally due to FFP. Who else would be able to pay that much into football, unless it's the owners company? Alcohol can't now, banks aren't so much anymore, and you could argue that banks are more immoral than betting firms. Basically if you're ruling companies out on moral grounds, you won't have many multi million pound companies left to pick from, and that's before we look at the money from the UAE or Qatar ect. Unless you're going to go back to far less money in football you're stuck with some money from a company or owner with moral question marks *puts communist tin hat on*
  11. Maybe the football league should embrace this idea and have a new rule in FFP where each team is allowed 1 (but only 1) player who's wages are paid by a sponsor. So you could have a crap team but JustEat have gifted you Bale or Standard Charter present Sanchez for Rotherham
  12. Quite amusing that the football league weekly podcast said (twice in consecutive weeks) Cocu might not be the right manager to bring through youth players..... 7 academy graduates tonight, several teenagers
  13. Some of our fans would be claiming its still good just needs a proper run
  14. U23s squad would imply a fair few at least travelling and preparing with the squad: Bateman Buchannan MacDonald Bird Sibley Knight Wittacker Maybe T. Wilson? Excuse spellings, I'm on holiday and drunk too much to care for spellchecker
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