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  1. "I never understood that...because you don't go HOME in an ambulance" - Ed Byrne
  2. Which will start with Roos suspended? We know WR wants RA as his 2nd choice, but if our asumptions are righ that it's about cost and prefering DM's wages to be off the bill and having seen RA be appaling every game for us, would he be tempted to drop DM in? Personally I think he'll stick with RA because he's played a few games (inc an U23 match) in recent weeks
  3. Wasn't he backing Erik Alonso? Talks balls, can't believe he's still a thing
  4. True, they're Bobby Duncan numbers they are
  5. Funnily enough I was thinking similar about pressing them... I'm hoping TL along with LS and KJ will press them into long balls, which our defence shouldn't have too many issues with We won't win many of our long balls forward so we'll need to be scrapping for the 2nd balls
  6. I reckon Bird could do a Hendrick and play the best part of 200 Premier league games without anyone really noticing
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if we WERE looking at him and had made contact... But Roos has started well, looks more confident, throwing F bombs around as a power move and this late in the window we have bigger priorities. Might have been interested but probably moved on.. Could be wrong though
  8. Exactly, you only need 1 to really work out at low cost to make the combined cost of them and others (Ibe & Duncan) worth it
  9. If I was less lazy, it would be interesting to compare the line ups from those excelllent results and the poor ones
  10. Unfortunately when half the U18 team are playing for the U23s (or on the first team bench... Or signed for prem teams...) this isn't unexpected occasionally. I hope it doesn't affect those youngsters who were playing negatively
  11. Real life, 1-0 boro In my head: 2-1 Derby, fgs Joz
  12. Arguably (Andy) Oakes. I had Poom the previous year, I was a GK so always had that kit and Oakes had stepped in a fair amount previous season... So there was logic there
  13. Not sure how I turned McDonald into Simpson, bit of a leap!
  14. This might be a daft question (and certainly one I could ask on about 8 different threads) but if we loan a player out, do the no long count towards our quota? Simpson has looked decent enough and has potential, but right now if we could loan him out and that allow us to bring in an additional CB or ST, surely that would make sense if embargo limits remained
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