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  1. whiteroseram

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    You mean a tragedy??
  2. whiteroseram

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Both moved up from B team manager...more of an argument for Wassall than Lampard!
  3. Lamps wouldn't be my first choice but with regards to seeing Derby job as a stepping stone...so would basically every other manager! That's championship football! We either appoint someone who's sentimentally attached to the club or it'll be a step on the career ladder (either on way up or way down!)
  4. whiteroseram

    My probably unpopular theory of Mel

    Thing is he DID Employ an expert in the football industry called Sam Rush. Obviously we don’t know what happened but clearly Mel feels he had his pants pulled down. If you began taking a back seat then someone ALLEGEDLY spent £7.5million of your money without authorisation, I think you’d start micromanaging everything! Mel has made mistakes and he’d admit that himself, but I think running a football club whilst being a fan of the team must be almost impossible.
  5. whiteroseram

    Where Has The Money Gone?

    All the above plus according to legal action against Sam Rush there was approx £7.5million spent that wasn't authorised, thats a fair chunk of FFP allowance
  6. whiteroseram

    Next Manager Poll

    We could do worse than Carlos Carvalhal
  7. whiteroseram

    Next Manager Poll

    Dean Smith I’d say but more I think about it more I can picture Simmo. England U19s manager should be good in terms bringing youth through and getting some of the U19s WC winners on loan. Plus clubs would be happy to loan to him knowing that he’s experienced working with young players. All of which makes sense if you’re trying to cut costs.
  8. whiteroseram

    EFL Development Rule

    Always the issue with these rules is they never have the intended results whatever criteria they decide. based on that criteria Tom Huddlestone qualifies but Timi-Max Elsnik doesn’t (I thought no he only joined us couple of seasons before U19?). Not exactly encouraging us to promote youth. Some teams end up in a situation where someone’s career stagnates because their team keeps them too long as a box ticker. I could imagine us holding onto Hanson to sit on bentchnas utility option and filling that criteria when maybe his development might do better if he left and played constantly. Again not really encouraging player development
  9. whiteroseram

    Chris Martin

    I remember the FA outlawing perminant deals which said a player couldn’t get lay against former club for however long, Wonder if you can have an add on saying every time he scores against us they pay an additional £200,000? Or is that a bit close to spot fixing?
  10. whiteroseram

    Chris Martin

    Clearly 500k is a poor offer, but generally speaking I agree with people saying it might be worth accepting a low offer if it clears his full wage off the bill. if it was me I’d be inclined to accept a low offer up front but with decent performance related bonuses. Then if he does regain form (and under Mac is his best bet I’d have though) we’ll cash in on it
  11. whiteroseram

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Clayton Donaldson been released, would do a good job if we needed another ST as a plan B (but as it stands we probably don't)
  12. whiteroseram

    Eldin Jakupovic

    Very decent keeper to have as back up...so long as they’re right about it only being back up!!
  13. whiteroseram

    17/18 Loan Watch

    That's what I thought too. Maybe the younger lads like Elsnik they may use the opportunity for a couple of weeks around the first teamers, experiencing the intense pressure. Wouldn't be surprised to see Bent do some RamsTV stuff too, but the likes of Butterfield and Martin who Garry doesn't see as great influences, they'll won't be anywhere near Moore Farm.
  14. whiteroseram

    Offrande Zanzala joined Accrington on loan

    Tbf Crystal Palace have looked at Stabana too, so it's fair to say there standards may be lower than ours academy wise. Even so I agree they must have seen something I didn't this season

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