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  1. Has it been confirmed Lyons manager today? I've been working not see anything bar the line up
  2. I'm now going to spend the match working out the best team we could field (with everyone available) that's younger than that Villa one
  3. Like others have said, clearly a good player in there but needed work to get to grips with the English championship. Unfortunately, with all the Dutch speaking coaches suddenly gone and a desperation for results, I don't think he'd make that progress hwre Because he was a free though, depending what wages we have him, we could still end up turning a profit on the deal
  4. Agree completely. I think for me I'd be giving Sibley another run as the 10, I know he started the season poorly (second season sindrome, being marked out eh game etc) but when he looked his best was when him and Waggy connected well and LS would burst past MW. Given CKR is even more build for that role and interchange, and he has the experiance for LS to learn from, I think him and LS could link up really well given a little time
  5. In particular, Mel's valuation was based on the capactiy to hold other live events, the market for which has been decimated and, I suspect, will be slow to recover...it would be very difficult to justify it being valued even remotly close using that valuation model
  6. We seem to have been quite poor at loaning players out to the right clubs, I can only think of Max Lowe in term of young player who've had a good loan out then come back and competed for 1st team places *sits back and waits for 100 examples of why I'm wrong*
  7. Described as Burton's beat player again today
  8. Well if this works... He's a genius, because I don't see it mayself I don't see how Lawrence is the 1 to retain his place personally. I don't see how knight and Buchannan miss out. This could be awful, but I'm always open to being made a fool of, so COYR
  9. I think that's a very good role for him, my only worry is whether it means we'll bring in an inexperienced manager and we want the experienced head in there
  10. You're Mike Bassett and I claim my £5
  11. Until people said about Bielik playing for U23s yesterday I assumed it was something poland/covid related keeping them out... Is Joz injured? Tough on Davies, but I'm not convinced he works unless he has 2 CBs with him, much as he's my favourite current player. Harsh on Shinnie, but horses for courses and all that, I'm sure we'll see plenty of him back soon Interesting (not a criticism) choice of Rooney to start. The advantage of not being sole manager, he can leave LR to deal with the bench and sidelines, but makes it difficult for them to have a conversation about de
  12. I suspect he sees that being in our U23s doesn't mean he's there for the season and ignored by the senior coaches, like at some clubs. The the amount of players, and indeed coaches, stepping up and working with the seniors consistently, the line between U23 and senior is becoming ever more blurred
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