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DCFC Fans is an unofficial fans forum, we are in no way affiliated or connected to Derby County Football Club.

All we ask on our forum is for members to use a little common sense and no personal insults, not much to ask surely?

We understand at times you may not agree with other members, that you may also be frustrated at times but there are no excuses for insulting other members. If you start to develop anger issues with certain members please add them to your ignore list,

The moderators on this forum are not paid, they offer their own personal time to help run the forum, if you find your post has been edited or deleted and you want to know why, contact a moderator by PM and they will explain the reasons for this.

At times we may feel you have over stepped the mark and a warning is given, a warning is nothing more but a heads up to say your post(s) are not acceptable. Moderators reserve the right to issue permanent bans without warning for more serious offences including racism.

2 Warning Pts = 1 Month Ban
3 Warning Pts = 3 Month Ban
4 Warning Pts = Permanent Ban
Each warning point expires after 3 months

When given a warning you will be given a reason by the moderator, if you would like to discuss the warning further please contact the moderator by PM. Please do not discuss yours or other members warning points or bans on the forum, posts/threads will be deleted and you may be issued a further warning.

Any members found to have multiple accounts will result in the closure of all accounts and permanent bans.


Illegal Streaming

In addition to common sense the following 3 rules are applicable to all parts of DCFC Fans. These rules are to keep our site legal.

1. Do not request links for illegal streams

2. Do not post links to websites that provide streams

3. Do not discuss any website that offers streams


Important Information

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