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  1. With him I'm like with mcclaren, fate has now issued the happy slap that irony demanded, he's now just an ex manager who likes a defensive style.
  2. If we're deffo sticking to plan A, can we please try to be good at plan A.
  3. Short answer, yes he can, but it's going to take time. And painful performance and results are going to be part of that. Longer answer involves, is it worth it, do we want to get there, could someone else do it faster, and so on. My overall concern though is we're going to go through a lean period of falling back as often happens after a team tries for a while without getting the promotion - when those times happen you can go through no end of managers and new starts but the overall trend remains.
  4. At the time I wanted Rowett to say, because season 2 we'd have been better at being a Rowett team. What's happened with Rowett since has well and truely burst his bubble, and I wouldn't invite him back. I do genuinely think giving managers time is far to rare these days. It maddeningly seems like our players are just incapable of doing whats being asked of them in an effective way.
  5. I'm generally a happy clapper but *by the sounds of radio Derby* it's been a stinker today. I though we may well be in for a duff season, a way off the play offs, but, building towards something. I think the only good thing is a chance to put it right on Wednesday.
  6. Think it's about pushing his body to and beyond it's limits to be at the level needed for championship football than being unfit - seems it's always muscles with him that keep him out.
  7. Good runner, great buy at this price, low milage https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201910073042252?sort=relevance&make=ALFA ROMEO&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=20&postcode=de45bh&price-to=2500&page=1
  8. I do love it when the fatties get to score.
  9. Before my time entirely, but RIP, condolences and its nice to read the memories of those who were around at the time.
  10. The first half has gone very well for England. Unless Australia sub on Steve Smith I think on that showing England may well march on.
  11. I think it must change your perspective, puts you in a position where you can't be either/or. I generally believe you're only ever really a fan of one club "in your heart" but supposing you played for their rivals professionally, I don't think you'd ever really have the same animosity towards a club you'd been part of. I don't think either Barker or Commons became Derby fans after playing for us, but I think both of them have a lot more time for us having represented the black and white.
  12. Charlton 1-2 Derby Lawrence frgs with the impending jail time not forthcoming Afterall and facing the first of 12 steps "my name is Tom, and I used to play for Leicester City" a newly reinvigorated Lawrence guides a steady away performance to two nil until the last ten where its kegal exercise all round.
  13. Jake Buxton once beat the sun in a staring contest.
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