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  1. Barnsley will lost to Rotherham. Because Yorkshire. Gibsons.
  2. We need Yexit really. Just tow it out into the north sea and sink it.
  3. Woohoo. I might make Jasper Carrot my man crush for the next five minutes.
  4. Lolz.... ....all those games in hand.............. Lovely stuff from brumigham
  5. Lets face it, if his name wasn't Wayne Rooney there'd be much less support for him on the merits of this season. But it's also the case there more than one who want to stick the knife in because he's wayne rooney (and how he got the job). The truth as I see it is he's not doing great but there's not point in changing now with 4 games left and it'd be quite unfair to write him off on the basis of this season. I Just hope and prey we get the 6-7 points we need.
  6. Still waiting on the EFL isn't it? If/when that hurdle is cleared we'll find out if it's real or just a pile of steaming Gibson. Until then, better just grumble on and believe in south yorkshire's appitite for relegation.
  7. General purpose british midfielder. You can see why Lampard and Jodi thought "free transfer replacment for Bryson, yeah snap him up" - Probably not the player Cocu would've chosen but still forced his way in. Wholehearted and hasn't been phoning it in all season. If we go down he's one I'd regard as being must keep for League 1. If we stay up, he's one I'd be happy to keep whilst other more skilled players are moved on.
  8. Well presented, mid-market former footballer, fully furnished and ready to move in. Ideal for ambitious Spanish-Indonisian playboy boxing promoters.
  9. Good efforts from Lewis and Perez. Gutted for Norris getting his time chalked off. Hopefully a good race on the cards. 1. Hamilton 2. Perez 3. Verstappen 4. Leclerk 5. Gasley 6. Ricardo 7. Norris 8. Bottas 9. Ocon 10. Stroll. Looking forward to Tsunoda having a charge from the back of the grid.
  10. By "beach" I take it you mean Victoria Embankment, picking up discarded cigarette ends, hassling passers by for change, insisting you once won the European cup twice, trying to look the other way when a police walks by....ah...scenic Nottingham...,
  11. Hasn't Bird been playing better lately?
  12. I remember saying at the time I thought it would backfire.
  13. And Rooney brought in five.....I'll buy it that the loans were not exactly Rooney's top picks, but, I will also account that Cocu didn't exactly get the backing of some previous Derby managers - the club not willing to pay to keep players Cocu wanted to keep for example.
  14. Tha Cardiff game was a worrying sign of things - struck me as the managment starting to get nervous about things. I thought it was a clumsy and nieve move to reast so many and so obviously be telling Coventry "we are playing this team against you and we're quite worried" We then lost to bloody Cov anyway.
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