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  1. The team's :poo: No one has any confidence Keogh's going after Lawrence after being sacked (apparently, although correlation with issue resolved=Lawrence plays well, Keogh not done and will follow his case=Lawrence back to being poo *might* be there) Our good players are playing :poo: and our :poo: players are playing :poo: I'm all for punting a few more of the squad out the exit door TBH We're heading for a reprisal of "DCFC The Nigel Clough Years" - Rooney is the new Robbie Savage. We stuck with it and got to the Mac 1 team in the end. We're going to go through the same process again, just hope a bit quicker this time. Be thankful to Mel as well, we'd have been exactly here two seasons ago if it hadn't been for Mel's backing.
  2. Throwing in kids when the team is really struggling has a better chance of ruining them than it has of them being the spark to get the team going again. There's some pretty senior squad members who need to take some responsibility. I'm all for giving academy players chances, but we've got to be realistic about what they're going to bring to the party.
  3. If we're going to bring back rowett we might as well stick with Cocu. We all know this isn't how Cocu wants the team to be. We all know exactly how rowett wants the team. Can Cocu get the team to be good? That's a separate question.
  4. Derby 2-1 Millwall Martin FRGS Dull, dull dull. But at least more solid.
  5. I think he'll get boos and hisses every time he brings a side to PP, but they will be ever more in the "bit of fun" category.
  6. I think he just doesn't like doing the media stuff particularly, he does it because he's a pro and he knows it's part of his job. And to be giving a presser when you're not playing, the teams not doing so well and there's nothing you can do about it must be a bit aukward But in terms of what he said, he clearly knows what's going on.
  7. Injured for season withing his first three appearances
  8. Burnley scout must be an easy job: We need a big signing to help our relegation fight? Who is Derby's best player, buy him!
  9. I would also like to add that from a purely enginering perspective, dowells are a very poor joining mechanism - can't beat a proper dovetail join.
  10. There'll be a film of it "Escape from the Anya Dimension" and a follow up "Zoon and the immediate return to the Anya Dimension"
  11. Very sad news, Rest in Peace Jim.
  12. The cash-grab, shameless publicity and flog tat branches of DCFC continue to operate in a genuinely premier league manner (it's the game we're in, least be good at it)
  13. Derby 2-0 Wednesday Holmes frgs It's Wednesday. It just is. Relax, their wednesdayness will just get to them at the right moment.
  14. No idea, but on the clip they played on the radio it seemed like it took a while for get them talking and once they did it was positive and Cocu's used to players saying when they had an idea to bring - time will tell of course, I might be wrong entirely (i often am).
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