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  1. So, a draw then. Entertaining test despite losing a lot to rain. Archer vs Smith is going to be the story of the series, hoping it continues for the last three in the right spirit.
  2. Derby 1-1 Bristol Dowell plenty to chew on, not bad, but not as good as we'd hoped
  3. Nevah! I still feel the deep wound of McClaren not properly dismissing the Newcastle rumours which directly led to all the vital players being injured and us missing out on promotion.
  4. Dear DCFC, please find my application to manage Derby County enclosed. Kind regards, G. Rowett 04/07/19
  5. Na, He'll be fine once Gibson sues us for our points. Forest will probably sack the manager soon.
  6. I think we'll only see 1 or 2 changes and a similar system to the start of today's match. But then. playing games will hopefully get them better at playing together in that set up - seems to be a modern trend to go "it didn't work, must change" very quickly. It appears we are basically organised, show flashes of threat going forwards and general solidity in defence. A win at home to Bristol and I think all will be rosy in the garden. a loss and despite the grumbling, it's a losable game against a side who narrowly missed out last season isn't a disaster with so much football left to be played. For saying all that, I hope they give radio Derby cause to moderate the gloom mongering.
  7. Pretty sure it's by agreement, but usually the case, because it's something you can demand that weakens your opponent. Unless you loaned them a really bad player....
  8. And Denly goes. Looks like England are going to do their best t not make this match a draw despite losing a day and a half to the rain.
  9. Well, I fancied us to lose today, so I'll take a draw. Wont say anymore til I've digested things a bit as I've only listened to radio Derby.
  10. Of course, such rumours open obvious potential for 19th hole, back 9,rough, swing, putter and balls based jokes. But the forum isn't childish enough to go there, surely.
  11. Sex scandles are always the best basis for unfounded speculation. I'll go with Shinnie isn't in the 18 at the behest of several players wives who all insist on him being available for 2 hours whilst they know their husbands are preoccupied with the football.
  12. They seem a bit like Crewe used to be, no end of promising players, but always sold on to keep the club healthy instead of building something bigger but less viable long term.
  13. Wade caught at slip fir 6. Get Smith out and things look better, although time will probably condemn the match to a draw anyway it's at least competitive. But the the first test was competitive until day 4.
  14. When looking at the Huddersfield sacking, all I can think is why did we give Paul Jewell til January.......
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