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  1. Is anyone going to rival Barnes' "rat"? bywater wanted it out.
  2. I think Wilson, Marriott and Mount deserve honorable mentions, but I can't find myself disagreeing with Keogh and Tomori.
  3. Think he did at the start of the season, but not been much of a bad run yet. As long as this doesn't develop into one. I agree, it's hardly a collapse yet, but last night did seem lifeless. On the other hand, we didn't get ripped apart like the Sunderland cluster-rowett or Birmingham three nil under Clement, we were comfortable beating Hull. could just do with a moral boosting performance and win. Three or four points from the next two and I think we can put the collapse talk to bed. We do miss Mount and Marriott isn't sharp yet, as well Wilson going off the boil.
  4. Mac1 injuries /Newcastle Clement Jan signings/moral collapse Mac 2 inexplicable. Rowett collapse of moral upon realising nothing better could be hoped for ever. Lampard...
  5. Charlie Ultra November Tango Sierra 3-1 Derby Marriott with our goal Much unhappiness.
  6. Why has the visiting Hibs fan not been properly scapegoated in the match thread? He clearly contributed to the goal we conceded.....
  7. We may well lose, but we might win. What we need is a decent performance.
  8. Is King better then Evans? Oh sod it.not really his fault coming on in that they were all vvank but the subs didn't work and were too late...
  9. That was disappointing. Just not very good. A team performance of about 4 all round. If they'd even lifted it to a 6 ish performance we could've won, Millwall offered very little but we kept playing into their hands, playing balls with precision to their defenders. Needs to be just better all round. Irritated that the goal came from us screwing up wit everyone up the pitch.
  10. I think it seemed too many changes vs Ipswich rather than either being particularly bad. Johnson is certainly the wreaking ball who could stand up to Millwall physically, bet he can't wait to get his teeth into em.
  11. Is it time to send up the bat signal to Burton-upon-Trent? Nigel, after franky left for Hollywood, we need your unique brand of adequately bringing in cheap players and building a team for a better manager to take over.
  12. I'd prefer it if we had champagne supernova's in the sky. But until then we'll just have to roll with it, enjoy our cigarettes and alcohol and hope that against Millwall set pieces Keogh erects his wonderwall.
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