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  1. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    I think forest losing will have to suffice for this evening.
  2. Derby County V Birmingham CIty

    Ledley to come on as sub,or straight in for Johnson?
  3. Joe Ledley’s Beard

    Spirit of bocko 2014.
  4. If we lose Saturday

    Lose, i don't know, shrug and move on. We'll continue to be "indifferent" "mediocre" and (i hate this phrase) "bang average"... That's what we are. No need to be upset about that because we're not where we need to get to yet, it's if the season moves on towards Christmas and we're not seeing development.
  5. Derby County V Birmingham CIty

    I like the team, but think Wisdom for Baird will be the only change.
  6. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    Cynical. But very possibly true.
  7. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Well, the integrity and steadfast manner in which rushcliffe council work in the interests of the residents of west bridgford and the wider area, I'm sure no promise of money could influence them to improve this piece of "legacy"....
  8. George Thorne

    He'd be the only one who could get season ending man flu.
  9. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Stadium naming deal incoming....
  10. Delusions of Billy

    He also went on holiday then argued over his contract for several weeks....with that shorter transfer window n all.....
  11. Bristol City v Derby County

    Attacking wise its pretty good for this era of DCFC
  12. v Bristol C (A) - Predictions

    Unchanged from Hull, Bristol City My Love 2 - 2 Derby (My Love being exactly equivalent to Duck) Nugent FRGS
  13. German fans kicking off at arsenal.

    I'm pretty sure arsenal weren't blocking the stairs........?!
  14. Chris Martin

    Have you considered a high powered political job? Once you can fake the sincerity, the rest is easy.
  15. Live Game Thread 16/17

    Boo! Wenger out! Moyes in!!!

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