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  1. RadioactiveWaste

    Lampard too expensive?

    Just to say on the IQ front, it's a very limited measure of intelligence. It also probably has very little bearing on who is a good football manager or not - provided they've got general intelligence to deal with things, 130 guy with no people skills isn't going to be better than a 115 guy with a bit of nouse and drive.
  2. Although laanndan is so gentrified these days proper ammers ave ull bin shipped out to Essex. Fancy a rainham round the back my darling
  3. Can we get the Frank Spencer gags warmed up if it is lampard? ooh. Betty..
  4. Just whoever it is, give them trust and time. There's a difficult couple of seasons ahead. Unless it's Billy "conspiracy" Davies, in which case I'm happy to have a #billyout movement soon as I get to the lavatory.
  5. RadioactiveWaste

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    I would. Ok, he's basically a hugely experienced and very successful version of Gary Rowett, or basically, the manager Gary Rowett has the potential to one day become. But the reality is, until he's in the building, he's got to face the reality of it.
  6. RadioactiveWaste

    Blaming Rowett

    I blame Rowett for the next manager, and the one after.
  7. RadioactiveWaste

    £10m FFP Bill

    Sheff Wednesday. They have a bounce specially for him where they sit down and look board. Be prepared for years of Wednesday fans saying they invited the sitting looking board bounce that everyone copied.
  8. "Darren, do you think you can work without Harry redknap, and, with Mel? " "I want to go back to moor farm now" "The price of failure is indeed a trip to...the farm...." "Do you want me to start now, or in the autumn when the first pick is fired?"
  9. RadioactiveWaste

    £10m FFP Bill

    Could the FFP end values affect decisions to renew contracts? We don't want/need player X, but to manage FFP we claimed he would be worth £6m at the end of his contract. During his last year he's very poor and injured. The contract lapses, we write down a FFP loss of a £6m asset but in reality we've shifted a liability off the books? To avoid that end, we renew the contract for a year?
  10. RadioactiveWaste

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Keogh player manager. Cameron Jerome assistant. Fozzy defense coach.
  11. Lampard is one of the explayers who gives the impression he might have what it takes in terms of understanding the game, but is untried. The more I think about it, the an unfashionable steady manager would do the job needed, but a Dean Smith type take us the direction desired.
  12. RadioactiveWaste

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    If we get MON and stoke get rowett and we get £2m I'd consider it a good start to the summer.
  13. RadioactiveWaste

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Goodbye Gary Rowett. I do heartily hope stoke pull a Sunderland. So, new manager, let's hope it's not someone awful.
  14. RadioactiveWaste

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Which is why they used to cry on 606 all the time that the media ignored them because they were Stoke, played pants football and noone outside stoke thinks they're a big club. I think a few years in the premier league has deluded them, the top flight has hardly missed the likes of Leeds, villa, Sunderland who are all bigger club's than Stoke.
  15. RadioactiveWaste

    Would I be the only one

    I would laugh.

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