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  1. So Rocky punched out MrT! I hope he can defeat the USSR in the next match!
  2. RadioactiveWaste


    Just replace it with the SFA's panel (see the Inverness thread). Far more efficient way of allowing the game to flow whilst still ensuring fans can be enraged by injustice that was predicated miles away from the stadium.
  3. QPR 3 - 1 Derby Lawrence It's in London. A terrible place for terrible people who support terrible football teams, that we always lose to.
  4. First time round (pre ban-was it?? - this is as not a real boxing fan but will get on the bandwagon for notable matches) and problems I didn't have much interest, but i listened to him talking to joe rogan about his problems and comeback prior to the first fight with wilder and the journey he's been on to come back has made me have a lot of respect for him.
  5. ACL injury/never the same after incoming........................
  6. Still the most hated man in England........I'm not a violent person, but that wee dude.......man....
  7. We've seen worse. But we've not often spent £3m on worse. Except Anya. and Blackman. But Zoon needs moving out. He's Lampards Nick Blackman.
  8. That is, I thought it was a contractual obligation. RD probably not going to push that one too hard right now though...
  9. Inside every fat man is a thin man trying to get out. Guess we figured out who was in Andy Reid.
  10. Was worried about picking up that backpass....not often you get refs reverse themselves. Anyway, pretty even was my take on it. Is it as windy as they're saying? and how are radio Derby coping?
  11. On paper, I'd be worried. But, fortunately, football's played on grass.
  12. Is Cyrus Christie still at Fulham? Now there was a full back who's defending was terrifying.
  13. Derby 1-2 Fulham Bird frgs Lots of played well, but unlucky to lose comments.
  14. Radio Derby should announce their new team tomorrow ahead of the fulham match. It's @Curtains, @Ninosand @toddy
  15. RadioactiveWaste


    Learn to explain better. 😉
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