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  1. I'd reply that if Forest are not commercially smart enough to think of ways to get more people to watch their team than that just indicates they are outdated and behind the times. They might want to try the innovation"not sucking at football" although that is only one of many potential strategies. Or, is what is really going on here, a forest fan with feelings of envy, guilt, despair, anger at the decline of his club seeking to form some sort of twisted rational as to why "the famous" notts forest are in every conceivable way inferior to DCFC at this point in time. Perhaps Nottingham PCT should provide counselling services to help them accept how dire forest have been since the turn of the century.
  2. He just never had the chance to sign for Derby and have his knee done one week later.
  3. Won't be to sad if he leaves. No he never got much of a chance. Unfortunate, injured at times when he might have had the opportunity. Clement left right after he signed. Never really looked like doing the business though.
  4. Having Rowett, joining a team looking up and the reputation we have for being well financed (yes, fat wage packets) are all reasons. But, I think Rowett is a bit like Nigel Cough in wanting certain types of character. Being patient to get the right guys, fine by me.
  5. Seattle Sounders - Swansea City
  6. If they do I'm sure its based on being part of Murdock's networks. I was fairly sure they were way behind five live in the UK.
  7. I'm guessing this won't affect the rams player replacement service? If Mel's doing it in house.
  8. I thought that as well. The goal that didn't stand vs forest and his goal v Man u were his peak.
  9. It's like a vintage Boro 2-0 Derby match.
  10. This is not a memorable game. The only notable thing is it gets man u into the cashcowians league. Can't see Ajax doing anything.
  11. That would leave this thread as an ideal venue for Ninos and #toddyfacts.
  12. This thread may have some priceless moments in the coming season if Chris Martin does some unexpectedly poor things (self included)
  13. I've nothing to substantiate my assertion whatsoever - just an impression I got from odd things and posts as the Pearson fall out and discussions went on. I think I read it as "clash of egos" and I dont think anyone has tried to argue on this thread that martin doesn't have a big ego.
  14. I'm sure it'll all be forgiven when Martin skins both england center backs and scores the winner at Hampden. I know this because I am deluded. But only half as deluded as some of the speculation and claims on this thread. We might sell him if Rowett doesn't want him and there's a good offer. We might keep him if there's no offers or, and it is possible, Rowett wants to play him. He's neither the Messiah nor an every declining hopeless mard who isn't bothering and can't shoot. He is however the best striker at Derby since Howard and was bundled out by Pearson because he stood up to him (allegedly)
  15. I do think there might be a player in there somewhere. Clement saw it when he worked with him as a youth. He had a patch at Reading. Spent most of this season injured. I'd love to believe that Rowett could get it out of him, but if Rowett wants a leaner meaner squad, there simply might not be a berth for him (especially on £28k/wk). I don't want to be overly harsh on him, but I just can't see him coming good. I could see Vydra coming good, I could see Anya and Camara doing useful jobs in Rowett's sides, but I just can't quite see it being him. I'd be delighted to be proved wrong.