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  1. I love Duane, but he's not really found his form since the Covid. Wasn't it a broken ankle he was out with? Anyway, yes, he really should've kicked it into the net, the move was so good it deserved to be finished off.
  2. We defeated Rowett, so defeating forest should be straightforward. Then it's all the easy games.
  3. The reason I didn't include Bird in the list is because he didn't play a major part last season and clearly wasn't ready for 1st team football. Bird, Sibley, Knight all really emerged as 1st team players this season.
  4. Could do with a list of the six most improved players since Cocu got here: from those who played a decent amount last season. Waghorn, Wisdom, Lawrence, Lowe, Bogle, Martin. I know Lowe was on loan last season but he'd been around the first team before then. Would Keogh now be a regular starter? Had he not got a contract ending injury, I think he would've still been first choice - however, coming in from nowhere to this team, he'd have a job dislodging Wisdom.
  5. Well done. Three points. Played super first half, lovely free kick and a couple of other nice moves that deserved more. Second half not great but in the main defended well. Losing Bogle was clearly a blow as he's a frequent outlet to get us moving back up the pitch - hope he's not out for long. Preston just kind of disappointing all match. So, the unlikely dream stays alive a little longer, forms more solidly into view, only a point outside the top six. I'm already nervous for Forest.
  6. I don't think it was that, more likely twisted something as he fell down
  7. I think we signed him because Frank knew of him at man city's academy when he was there.
  8. Preston will be better second half, but aside from a couple of moments very controlled from us.
  9. How hard was Matt Clarke's paper round btw?
  10. We've been ok up to drinks. Nice free kick.
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