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  1. From what I understand, the amount of exposure you get to the virus does affect how severe the illness becomes - whist one exposure might infect you, and you infect others and may become ill, if you get loads of it from multiple exposures it can make things much worse and overwhelm the body's defenses. I'm pretty sure the face touching aspect does have a part - it's a well known route for exposure to ionizing radiation if rad protection standards aren't properly enforced. i.e. the smokers leave the work area with some on their hands, go for a smoke and get it into their mouths and lungs and end up with a much larger radiation dose than they would have had from the same levels being outside the body. Although for saying all that, the general bad effects of smoking on health i think obviously make it a worse position to fight covid19 from than not (and I say that as someone who used to go through a half ounce of rolling baccy everyday - vaping is a godsend)
  2. Sent a tenner. And hopefully we're doing what we can locally in our communities (we've semi adopted 2 OAPs who are on 12 week isolation to look after)
  3. I got put on the much expected furlough officially on Friday. A lot of folks have got it worse and so we've avoided the germs. It could take a while, but the other side will come and everything that's been on hold for now will kick off again. We just have to survive being lazy bamfords watching TV for a few more weeks. I predict I'll be a gibbering idiot by 16th April. Hope you're all well, and wash your hands bro.
  4. You're dead right - they'll all be from one of the bigger mainstream distilleries without the name/premium attached. Whisky bloggers could probably pinpoint which ones (but I can't). I've had bottles from both Aldi and Lidl before that were very good. The Lidl Bourbon "Western gold" is also very nice.
  5. Billy Davies and Bradders. We'd just shut Billy in a room to argue with himself and probably just drink away the isolation.
  6. A nice whisky for the £50 ball park to check out are the blends from Compass Box. Not generally available in supermarkets though. Highland Park 12, Jonnie walker green label, Glenfiddich 15 (the one in the red box) and glenmorange 10 I can personally recommend. I like a Laphroaig, but it's not everyone's cup of tea.
  7. Just to chip in, all the posties deserve a huge shout out. Ours is a champ as well.
  8. The "Spotted in Ripley" facebook group observed: Ah, Most people in Ripley have discovered that the word "Clap" has two different meanings.
  9. Hope you're keeping it up. Is it acoustic or electric you're learning on? But yes, just a bit, every day. I should get back into playing whilst on lockdown.
  10. Average championship forward on loan fails to make big impression. Does better elsewhere. Not remotely the worst. More useful than Dowell was.
  11. I have 2 main memories of Ravanelli at Derby, one being a nice looping goal to give us a one nil win over Cov. The other being istening to the radio and hearing Graham Richards spluttering "how much is he on!" as he fluffed yet another easy chance against a bottom of the second division side.
  12. Shall i clear it? No, i'll just nudge it over towards that fellow.............
  13. Covid-19, set to overtake Cromwell within three weeks.
  14. The lord has forsaken them because someone I knew at uni was a cov fan and also a bit of a nob. The lord moves in mysterious ways, which is why, now more than ever, you must donate to the Church's embezzlement fund. Only though giving me, sorry, the church all that earthly wealth can the blight of Corona beer be overcome.
  15. I have consulted sacred scriptures, and, sadly, I have to bring you all the news, that the almighty in fact did release the Coronavirus in anger upon his children who appeared to be ignoring his wishes regarding the promotion of Leeds Utd. Unless the EFL act immediatly, I fear further punishments from the lord may be inflicted on our earthly souls. I know other theologians have put forward that it was the prospect of Liverpool being Premier League champions, but they are wrong and are heretics. Please donate all you can to the Church of Radioactive Waste Embezzlement Fund, for it is only this that can truly "Bring it home"
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