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  1. I sort of can't help but think that money talks though, and certainly at championship level the figures involved will lead to exemptions. "If yer rich, yer in" is not unknown in many counties with otherwise very restrictive immigration policies. Almost certainly be extra levels of paperwork, but I would imagain it'll be easy enough for prem or championship clubs to overcome with regards to EU players, and possibly be slightly easier for non-EU players. Might well make it virtually impossible for lower league sides though. Downsides might be it just makes the move to English football
  2. Antony Fokker was dutch, although he did sell his desgins to an entusiastic German aerospace industry. On the same theme, I did think "88" or "87" would be ideal shirt numbers and his nickame could be "Stuka", and then i realised he was danish.
  3. In answer to the question "Is winning everything?" the answer is no, or else everyone would support top teams who win stuff. So once you accept that fact, is the question more "Wanting Derby County to be the best it can be - how is that achieved?" From that starting point these is no clear answer, and everyone can have a perfectly valid individual take and be happy if the club seem to be acting in that direction or unhappy if they're acting in ways that don't match it. Playing and winning with charasmatic football and a squad of players invested in the project is something I thi
  4. To be fair, I don't think Nigel Clough analogy is too bad a thing, in terms of the job Cocu has to do, it's not dissimilar. I had a lot of time for Nigel and the work for did, and I do have time for what Cocu wants to do. It's just, you know, it's looked and felt so bad the games played so far. Things will get better.
  5. I get all of that. I'm a true believer suffering doubt at the minute.
  6. I'm wanting to give this as much of a chance to work as possible. But it's been a very poor start to the season. At the end of the last season we did play and lose to all the top teams in a short space of time, showing us where we were at. However, we all thought and hoped we'd be starting this season a bit further into the project and be starting to look better at it. But it's looked and felt so bad these three games. It needs to click soon, or at the very least show signs that it's going to work.
  7. I think it's probably at bit more complicated than they're just not into it and thus not trying, hence lost the dressing room. You've got a lot of young players finding it difficult, a few of the teams big players out injured, the Rooney thing 9what's going on with him, good as it must be if Rooney's into it, how much of a turn off is it if you've got Wayne freaking Rooney not giving a toss about the team he's in and you're playing for?) experienced players being asked to things they're just not good at, they know they're good at the things made a career out of, but not so much this......
  8. I'll take the laugh at Forest in exchange for their laugh at our expense. Give it out and accept it back, it's all part of the fun.
  9. Chin up, it'll be our first win of the season and we'll not be looking back. The little chat with each player about attitude will see them pull their fingers out of their wherever and try a bit harder.
  10. I got an idea. Lets bring in Bucko as sports psychologist. Attitude problem? If you come out of the room in one piece, we consider your attitude problem fixed. If not, a trip to "the farm" for you.
  11. Mumble mumble it happens in football and louie was to static mumble mumble scouse
  12. Didn't play today. Just sayin.
  13. We're gonna be big shots in League 1 next season, eh?
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