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  1. Put on a south African accent and you'll be in.
  2. I still can't fathom why no one at the ECB just got the "PE Teacher's book of quick cricket variations" and didn't just pick one and say "give that a go with first class cricketers"
  3. Yes, it's not actually a bad game tonight, but I'm thinking "why" ? It's very T20 with stupid graphics.... Was the problem really that T20 was too in depth for the youth of today? Or a lack of silly graphics?
  4. I think it's more "will it encourage Lawrence" than "Lawrence is the natural leader" - as many have said, there'll be those in the squad who are that person and will be that person no matter what.
  5. ".....and in this video today I'm going to show you how I get noggin absolutely gleaming....first step is you need to get the very fine grade wet/dry paper and give the surface a good going over......then you get the polish, only a little, you need much less than you think......"
  6. That's the sort of thing that would absolutely devalue women playing. I'd like to see women competing in mixed events where they are there on merit at the sportsing. As for multiball - they probably thought about it for the hundred.......
  7. That's probably a fair point. It's more of a development of future generations thing. I did say in my earlier post that it shouldn't be contrived, I think that's got potential to be counter productive. But I could see it working in future. As with a lot of women's sports, there are some (say rugby) where I don't think it'll be feasible but there are plenty where I think women who are good enough have no reason to be excluded.
  8. So glad it's CKR, saw the title and thought oh no.... Warnock has found YouTube....
  9. Only at first, once women get used to facing the bowling it'll be fine. Yes the step up would be challenging. I'm not suggesting we just create a competition where teams have X number female players. I am suggesting women who are good enough cricketers should be playing in mixed teams.
  10. We don't have a hundred side. Not glamorous enough for the ECB.
  11. At its heart cricket depends on skill and reflexes and strategic thinking, and strength and power don't overcome that in cricket (some will say v fast bowling, but it still needs skill to be effective). So it could work, but it will largely depend on whose available and what level they're at. I'd not want to have a contrived mixed team but I'd bet there are some women who can bat as well as the odd lower order county cricketer for example. Cricket would have to overcome it's old fart boys club tendancy though.
  12. It's quite the reverse, T20 is very successful. The ECB didn't take ownership of it and now wish they had done, so invented the hundred so they could own it because it's not T20. Oh, and kill off small counties, the ECB wet dream of a generation. They wanted to scrap having promotion and relegation in the county championship but kept finding counties they like were in div 2.
  13. Cricket is a sport where I think mixed teams could work.
  14. I believe I could be a significant source of activity, have a long half life as a manager and follow the "Alexander Litvineko" approach to team discipline. The fans would be glowing. However, ultimately, the job really should go to @Curtains
  15. My Swansea mate is a bit gutted about Cooper he did well. It's more of a circumstances thing and deffo not a sacking as such. Cooper has apparently had both Palace and Fulham interested in him, so he probably thinks he can get a prem job. Lampard will hold out for a prem gig Eustace I think would be a good choice.
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