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  1. I think the British civil service works differently to America as well?
  2. He does definitely have that "angry loner" and "... before turning the gun on himself" kind of vibe. So yes, folk music a possibility.
  3. Best one I heard was they're going to keep Steve Bruce on just to spur the fans.
  4. Women of Bristol, Seriously, you can do better than Mr. Pop. Yes, even you hen. You're worth it. He's not.
  5. I think you give him too much credit. I suspect a "studio appartment" in one of Bristol's less pleasent areas, with an overflowing bin containing the remains of microwave dinners for one, grime on every surface, amidst the piles of jazz mags, pizza boxes, empty bottles and cigarette ends, there is a single table with a computer and a chair, at which sits mr Pop with the puss weeping from the sores of his bloated folds of fat, frantically typing on the bristol rovers forums about Derby county in between posting on 4chan about how feminism is why he can't get a girlfriend and why it's not fair that he keeps getting turned down for jobs on the grounds of "personal appearence or hygene"
  6. I was all up for a lord of the rings discussion thread....
  7. Probably ended when WR became full time manager - managing without it was probably something negotiated with his manager contract. Just a guess.
  8. So at a guess that's 3 parties stumped up the £5m deposit. Encouraging. But still a long way from a potential deal.
  9. Lyndon Dykes is the most beautiful man in all of Scotland.
  10. Lets not have a bertie volks moments tonight eh Scotland.
  11. Mel Morrisis intentions and money (well in 2015 at least) with proper advice and restraint.
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