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  1. Presumably forest's commercial submission to Mel on the basis of recycling Derby rejects is just having the final shake down. Martin O'Neil is pleased to add Chris Martin to the catering bill.
  2. Because my experience of people who dismiss Scottish football is there's basically no point.
  3. Winning things. European football. big pressure job. Look, it's easy to dismiss Scottish football and sneer away at it, so, you do that.
  4. Good first shot a manager job. He could probably have got more money in the championship but succeeding at rangers might get more recognition than doing a good championship job.
  5. I'm pretty sure Gerrard's mindset will be "win some things with rangers to get a decent EPL shot" and not really thinking "championship has more money than rangers do"
  6. That'd add a fun edge to the rangers friendly. not sure how rangers fans would cope. Well, no I have an idea, probably involve walking around intimidating sheep for the next 300 years...
  7. Raffa de gaffa is available and if we were prepared to pay Lampard £2.5m/yr I think we Could pay Raffa enough.
  8. Least he managed to keep the words "through my scope" out of the post
  9. Is a bear a catholic? Does the pope poop in the woods?
  10. I'm guessing there's some sort of difference between "talks" and "approach" which is significant?
  11. humm..... Whilst i doubt this'd make much difference, there's something about this tweeks my disaster radar.....sacked in feb at huge cost after truning down chelsea....
  12. RadioactiveWaste


    I was also thinking what's to stop keepers insisting on a retake because they were off their line when a penalty is scored "I was off my line, must be retaken, go check the VAR" after all, rules is rules, eh?
  13. I can never really get used to the idea of England being good at one dayers though. I feel all is right in the world knowing the words "england batting collapse" are somewhere nearby throughout the summer.
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