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  1. RadioactiveWaste

    Geriatric Floresta

    To quote a douchbag with tiny hands "they're gonna have so much winning they're going to get tired of winning so much"
  2. RadioactiveWaste

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    That poor ween.
  3. RadioactiveWaste

    Snake City watch

    You'd have thought being native to stoke, most stoke fans would have moved beyond anger and to bleak acceptance by the time they're old enough to post on football forums. And stoke fans who aren't native and are glamour supporters.....
  4. RadioactiveWaste

    Walk Out Music

  5. RadioactiveWaste

    Walk Out Music

    Suggestion from my better half:
  6. RadioactiveWaste

    Walk Out Music

    Mouth for war by Pantera Be Aggressive by Faith No More Last Caress by the misfits Fight for your right by the beastie boys My own summer by Deftones Bummer by Monster Magnet Gay Bar by Electric 6
  7. RadioactiveWaste

    v Millwall (A) - Predictions

    Milwall 1 Derby 2 Wilson frgs.
  8. RadioactiveWaste

    Nick Blackman - Joined Sporting de Gijon on loan

    I forget the details but I sure I read somewhere he had been doing something worthy charity wise, so I can well believe hes a good character.
  9. RadioactiveWaste

    Bobby Madley

    Is there one where he's drunk and admitted he's biased against ALL the teams he refs?
  10. RadioactiveWaste

    La Liga to stage a match in USA

    Depressing precedent set, soon all leagues will be scheduling glamour fixtures in markets they wish to develop. I also think...that in general, the myth of best league in the world and club football at "the highest level" has been more marketing guff than substance for a long time. yes, the best teams are really good, away from them top divisions are made up of mostly good teams, before a pretty noticeable drop off. Don't believe the hype over any league relative to any other. I'd probably agree the PL is the best at the moment, but I'd not get sold on the notion that it's inevitable and perpetual state of affairs. Pretty sure convincing arguments have been made for the other top leagues at various times. And there's still a lot of "kick and rush" in the prem.
  11. RadioactiveWaste

    Carabao Cup Round Two Draw - Hull (A)

    Another game to work on things without league pressure. Tougher than Oldham, but scary either. We'll probably just limp out anyway.
  12. RadioactiveWaste

    Nick Blackman - Joined Sporting de Gijon on loan

    Good luck to him. Never did the business here and was a duff signing, but I don't think that was entirely hhis fault. He seemed to become the lightning rod for the Clement collapses and associated anger.
  13. RadioactiveWaste

    Geriatric Floresta

    Struggling with the harsh winter weather. That'll bbe them til spring.
  14. RadioactiveWaste

    v Oldham (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread

    Hughes had something aa bit terrier like about him in that sense. He wasn't sstrong of physical bbut hewas skilled enough to get it back
  15. RadioactiveWaste

    Geriatric Floresta

    Last gasp equaliser v L2 with a team that's better than any of their recent first 11s. OK. 🤣

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