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  1. It was their cup side featureing the no hopers in the squad, Knockert, lolleh, tyler...etc...
  2. Whilst I don't share the confidence in BZI that the club apparently do, I'm glad they've called out the online docs as being BS.
  3. The phrase "Fergie time" was the habit of refs adding time above the indicated injury time if Man U were behind and chasing a goal. I think someone did analyse it at one point and found it was a real effect (and to a lesser extent, also happened with other top teams), but it was less that everyone thought at the time. Agree with everything else in you post 👍
  4. We did have a bucket load of bad luck early in the season, but we've been crap as well. The defense is better now, sort the attack out and we'll be OK in terms of staying up.
  5. Send £60m to Mr Morris, pride park stadium. Cheque, postal order, bankers draft or stamps.
  6. So, back to concentrating on the survival fight for the gumpen hoards.
  7. Oh Marshall is deffo no1 keeper. I was thinking more along the lines of him being our number 2 for quite a few years now.
  8. At the final whistle as Derby confirm their championship survival, the camera cuts to a smiling Wayne Rooney, who then....peels of the lifelike rubber face mask to reveal......... .... It's been Gary Rowett all along!
  9. I think he's OK. I think he should perhaps go to a club where he'll be number 1 to get his career going but he seems happy enough being our second keeper.
  10. I the legal sense we are customers of an entertainment business. That is a fact. In every other sense, fans as stakeholders are important, as the Jock Stein quote says "Without the fans, football is nothing" - and clubs forget that at their peril.
  11. That and it appears to be the "leicester just get a free pass on all that stuff....because it makes the story less good if they were really bamfords when it got sold"
  12. Something like "£x recieved within 30 days, £y within 90 days where £x and £y are the total price outlined above" ? If there's something like that which has been breached if give Mel the cover to pull away.
  13. To me reads like it's only the high earners still outstanding and they've had some. Better than nothing and hopefully will keep enough goodwill in the squad until thigs are settled.
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