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  1. as 10 or very much the attacking midfielder perhaps
  2. I happened to catch the view on five live just a bit ago, which amounted OK, ok which amounted to brum were awesome and it's amazing how they only hit a point, which I felt did not reflect a frustrating but ultimately fairly even game.
  3. Its going to be like that is it. Bloody hell. Derby...
  4. Birmingham screwdrivers 2-0 Derby teng tools No rams goals Controversy when Lawrence Malone and Keogh are spotted in Thompson's on Saturday morning looking at cruises on the SS Chlamydia.
  5. Well, if we fluke it up, you never know, but I think all of them would want to be top flight next season, even if on loan or possibly Germany.
  6. Gary McRowett has submitted a CV and photograph of himself holding a blue scarf and a cover letter on how managing a team who stand in their own 18 yard box watching international footballers has always been his reality dream job in the building. Other candidates are rumored to be "utterly depressing if your Scottish"
  7. Take care and hope to see you next time there's mutual interest. One of our helpful visiting posters whenever we play BHA.
  8. Anyone remember his "Why am I being singled out for placing bets against my own team" statement after he got banned?
  9. I think it's up there with what do you have to do be to be considered too unscrupulous to be an arms dealer
  10. Seeing as the club and all associated offshoots and businesses basically depend on Mel's money, the bank accounts are presumably moving money around in essential Mels big pot of gold. The sale of the stadium from one bit of Mels empire to another bit hasn't changed the extent to which DCFC are dependant on MM. However, the problem wasn't Mels wad of used fivers, it was how FFP looked at the losses.
  11. So basically the OP fears Mel will utterly shaft us if the EFL pursue punishment that it seems they are not currently able to implement on the basis that boro's chairman seems unhappy with other clubs appearing to exploit loopholes. They'll probably be a bunch of huffy words and maybe the EFL redraft profit and sustainability next season.
  12. Last time I went to WSM I christened it Alfreton by the sea. Has it improved in 15 years?
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