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  1. BREAKING NEWS .. this is it ! Did I get anyone ? Naaa didn’t think so. 🤣 god I am childish at times I am closing my eyes and waiting till 3.00 Saturday .. everything else is shouting in an empty room - que sara sara
  2. Just as long as we don’t Fire Marshall
  3. Magical voice and perfect rendition. when I hear it, it takes me back to a particular life moment when I was incredibly down but by chance I saw those fields of gold in Fife and Angus east of Scotland. Lifted me, changed my outlook on so many things. Something I carry with me always and that song refreshes it every time. Thanks for that memory 👍🏼
  4. I think we need to give this journalist ( i use the term flexibly) a break .. what is he to do ? He is agitating for a move, life can’t be easy for him, think about his mental health .. he writes for the Leeds United of News Papers, it is a sad existence so I think there is more to this than meets the eye .. I bet his agent told him to write that story in the hope he will be spotted by scouts in America who will put his name forward to the Bastion of truth, The National Enquirer. You wait .. get him there and Derby County will be live streaming matches to Martians
  5. It’s clear they are a bunch of chancers without anything of substance and like you I want shut of them. BUT .. you can’t seriously asset strip a championship club .. there are the players and that’s about it .. we don’t have special machinery, patents or a brand name that’s saleable .. what assets are you talking about stripping that would get them their money back ? Oystons did it at Blackpool but they were just spending Prem money that was there. .. What have we got ?
  6. Now that’s the kind of positive spin we need ! Well done that man. (have you considered a career in politics 🤣)
  7. I have no hard evidence but I doubt that figure. Certainly some parachute clubs will have highly paid players and from better times there will be some old guard players on that kind of money but I reckon "average" is much more likely to be closer to 10K Could it be that the suggested 30k figure is one that includes bonuses and a raft of other stuff that doesn't reflect what an average player in an average team is really getting ? If a squad is 25 players on this "average wage" that is equivalent to 750K per week or 39 million per year .. It just doesn't add up to me
  8. I am trying to drag up memories .. Mick McManus and then there were those tag contests and the Royals .. I forget now I suppose I was just a kid but it was choreographed brilliantly. I can’t help feeling now that it was also a bit of soft porn for the “ladies” in the front row .. they were always there weren’t they baying for a bit of blood 🤣 Anyway .. said Grandpa gave me the experience of live football - I am ever thankful. He could be dry and taciturn but was straight as a die and understood the value of extra bunce pocket money.
  9. But does support have to the knee ? . I am proud that we are free to express support in the way we feel is right as individuals. Think CKR expresses that so well.
  10. I was thinking I should have said green but I was thinking of two things 1st .. the shirts .. lucky in pink we are says Yoda 2nd .. as a Manc/north westerner .. My memory is the sporting pink - my very spic and span grandma giving my grandad a tea towel so he didn’t get the ink on his trousers or the furniture. .. He’d sit, cup of tea, pink, tea towel, digestive biscuit, final score and wrestling on the telly.
  11. Well, if I decide to found a Burton Road “sporting pink” .. ... I’ll give you a call ( final edition with special inky newsprint published every Saturday at 5.07 PM so your copy will need to be prompt )
  12. Kinky in his prime would have been very very special, Rooney when he was an unstoppable bull, Ashley Cole .. I remember him keeping Ronaldo in his pocket for 90 minutes. I remember Hughes in a cup game against Leicester, dancing through the middle. Poom in goal, first name on the team sheet. Impossible to choose but great fun dreaming nice thread
  13. Dave, you write the best reports ever. Top job. 🍻
  14. He does exactly what every decent coach asks .. make yourself available, make the runs - even blind ones, link with your winger / wide forward. Lovely player .. eager, skilled, dangerous and intelligent .. what a bargain
  15. But I think the two could be interchangeable if one is referring to steel in your character, and isn’t the original about grasping a stinging Nettle ? entomologists ?
  16. I’ve got commentary running ahead of pictures ... weird 🤣
  17. You said that which means he’ll score one now 🤣
  18. Tactical I guess .. was worried Bieliks ankle had taken a hit ... seems not phew
  19. Great save Roos ... on it 👍👏
  20. What I am enjoying is the back 3 are well forward of the box, not faffing when too deep. Buchanan looks stronger by the day and Byrne is a live wire doing the right thing
  21. I think Shinnie is really showing his true colours this season, we are seeing why Aberdeen were so sorry to lose him. He is more than capable , he’s a warrior, sews it all together without any flash Harry or ego in him .. always wide awake and got a good shot too.
  22. Me too but I’m carrying a niggling Achilles strain, so I’d take a place on the bench, give me the last 15 as an impact sub and I’ll see what I can do .. right wing back or DM with a license to get forward when needed. Someone hold my glasses and help me find my arch supports 🤪
  23. Just pausing for a moment ... let’s accept that Derby are probably high payers in this league .. equally we were probably higher in the turnover stakes before ticket money dried up. Doubt we were / are greatly out of line in the money out and money in situation and the need for continuing tops ups from owners/investors or whatever What about other clubs ? .. They must be facing similar pressures - perhaps not the same scale or urgency but you can bet, parachute clubs apart, there will be a number of champ clubs that are not very far from being in a similar situation to ours.
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