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  1. Been a pleasure seeing your posts. Objective and interested in sport .. yeah of course we all like to win and have a gloat and a cheer and moments of pure joy but it’s sport, it’s a game and a good one too. See you next time and beware a sleeping giant lurks, the fat lady hasn’t finished singing
  2. Oh yes yes yes. Play it with your first touch. Martin can do it, Malone can do it Marriott can do it. Too many of the others aren’t instinctive enough and don’t pick up on the ones that are hey I know .. let’s have a team of M’s 🤣
  3. I give you a cheers because it is a topic that needs airing. like you, sackings after half a season are pointless unless there is a relegation dogfight and a complete loss of harmony. i think we are a long way from that. i think he has a lot to learn. The technical standards are not as high as we sometimes think and as he is discovering at some cost. The counterpoint to that is that I think our players as a whole do not exhibit anything like the degree of fight or fitness that a top championship team needs. We are simply not fiery enough, we too easily go on the back foot and from there the technical shortcomings are more easily exposed. Then I begin to wonder about the off field culture. After the events of the last month I think there is a discipline issue. I simply don’t believe the boozegate was a one off. When I think about our inconsistent performances, the infamous post Christmas slumps you can begin to join dots. There is an edge missing from our team far too often when compared to visitors.
  4. That’s it. ! The final straw, I’m giving up, leaving the forum, abandoning DCFC Until about Wednesday or Thursday if absolutely necessary.
  5. This doesn’t sound good. Come on lads get stuck in. Fight.
  6. I like the idea of hot tubs but you need to look after the water .. lots of bugs in the nice warm environment. Injuries might not be visible but Lordy Lordy what might you catch 🤣
  7. You’d both read the article in the Times that said spiders are attracted to fibres in clothing that has close proximity to the human epidermis. ... might work. I haven’t tried it, and anyway my wife is quite handy with scissors.
  8. I don’t know how close you are or were to your parents, or indeed if you have lost them. I know that my mind was pretty scrambled for at least 6 months and probably 2 years after my mother died. Oh I functioned in an everyday sense but there was a load of mental poo going on under the cover. I was at the time a 50 something man living a relatively secure and happy existence; with friends and a partner who were supportive and had some empathy. I cannot imagine what I would have been like at 25 in a sporty jock environment. .. i don’t for a second condone the recklessness of both the lads but honestly Lawrence gets a bit of extra slack from me. I’ve been there, it’s not nice and you don’t always act sensibly in the moment.
  9. There’s nothing wrong with differing opinions on how one might handle a tricky situation like this. I don’t think there is a perfect right and wrong way. I get your point about suspending them from 1st team action but I kind of feel that making them play will be excellent punishment they will get abuse from opposing fans, and a less then enthusiastic response from us .. they are being shamed in public. In a sense I think being in the first team (if selected) for them will be like being in the stocks, shamed in public view, not hidden away till it had all blown over ...... and it’s likely to go on for some time. On a lighter note my sister in law was a school attendance officer in a less than salubrious part of Luton. She also ran an under 11’s kids football team drawing heavily from her school. If you were seen outside the heads office you got dropped from the team. The kids couldn’t give a toss about the head’s sanctions, it was that kind of place, but out of the team??? She would stifle a smile as as she walked the corridor and watched the miscreants trying to hide behind their mates so as to not be seen.
  10. When I say probation, I mean everyone will be watching them, fans, club, agents. Watching to see that they knuckle down and don’t repeat. I am forgiving but that doesn’t mean they are off the hook just because the court and club have punished them. This scrutiny is part of the price they will be paying for some time, and quite rightly.
  11. But I don’t think people are saying “move on” or its done and dusted. i think people are saying these lads have behaved appallingly. They have been punished officially and now we will wait and see if their apologies and regret have substance. I suspect (apart from the lynch mob ) most of us are saying ok .. you effed up, you’ve said sorry so you have talked the talk .. now show us over the coming months that you really mean it. In short they are on probation.
  12. But why should they take a gut/subjective stance.? They decided to apply the maximum fine rather than terminate contracts . That is the clubs choice. They balance (I suppose) the benefit of being seen to have an element of understanding due to the players youth, then there is the players value to the club, the cost of replacement, the fact that is a first offence and that the law gave the punishment for the crime. Certainly the players beached their contracts but in those circumstances it’s the clubs right to terminate .... or not. They, objectively, chose not to. There is an argument that they could take a punitive moral stance in view of the appalling behaviour but maybe it’s equally moral to forgive and play a part in rehabilitation.? If you were CEO, then from what you say, I assume you disagree with the club. Fair enough but your view is no more or less subjective or objective than the Club. It’s a view nothing more.
  13. They have been very very stupid, irresponsible and reckless. They have been punished according to law and again by the club they entered a guilty plea. for me it’s end of story .. I might have felt differently if a bystander had been hurt or killed (but then the punishments would have been rightfully different ) why allow rehabilitation under someone else’s auspices? Assuming they are contrite it has to be right they as “our”players “we” give them the chance to validate their contrition and do penance ( crikey that sounds a bit churchy - but there’s solid logic in it) A repeat offence would change my mind, but as of where we are now then as far as I am concerned it’s “right lads, get your heads down, graft, do your penance, learn, give back and come back a better person and player.
  14. Love it when real fans and lovers of the game interact and visit each other’s forums. Great post mate. Looking forward to the contest here. Charlton always have a little corner of my footy heart as I took my nephew to his first football game V Charlton at pride park, 97 or 98 I think. You stuffed us 3-1 but nephew has been a fan of sport and the game ever since. He even ended up working at sky sports for a while. Marriott is a conundrum. I think he has fitness issues. There is something groin wise that stops him being full on for a number of games. I don’t think it’s Cocu or choices, I thinks it physical robustness. we haven’t turned the corner. We are mid turn and it all depends on a depleted squad, the pace at which younger players develop and the capacity of championship players to improve or adapt to a style. If we click I have no doubt there is a cracking team but we haven’t worked out how to glue it together. Who are your danger men / game changers / workhorses / local heroes ?
  15. jono

    Today I Learned

    Well I never knew that !
  16. Vaguely remember a legal phrase .. contributory negligence which would in all probability reduce damages significantly i’m sure Legal eagle @DarkFruitsRam7 can fill us in on this. ?
  17. Well I love our fans .. and being a narcissist half fan this suits me wish our songs were a bit better but you can’t have everything. We turn up every week, (or once a fortnight if you are an east stand hard liner half fan like me ) we sulk, we bitch, we cheer, we hug, we dream and we moan. We clap ( excellent clapping in the east stand) OMG ! And sometimes ...... some people actually boo. But when a thousand of our own find their way to some god forsaken southern outpost on a wet Tuesday night after work suffering stodgy pies, grim commercial beer, surely officers of the law, and yet still find the will to breath Derby County loud and pure for 90 minutes with all their hearts - as they really do - then good on us WE ARE Derby
  18. Charlton 1 Rams 2 FRGS Waghorn
  19. Sounds good. i working on suitable nick names if we sign him .. The Ice Ram Cometh this will work very well if we get some Chinese investment .. He’d be a new signing from Icerammed sorry lads it’s a low news day 🥴
  20. It’s to make sure we work at least one channel thoroughly.
  21. I think this is where accountants come in. Imagine the stadium owner leases the ground to the club and within the terms of the lease they are allowed to develop the ground and partake in the profits of that development.
  22. And thus generate profit which the playing side can’t do in its present form. And with that profit avoid FFP issues when buying the best players. Sounds sensible to me
  23. Oh indeed, that is how it should work and there are some spectacular examples of failure but while none parachute clubs shuffle the pack, do stadium sales deals to qualify for FFP you have clubs that come down with a wedge that inflates player prices. They arrive without the FFP balancing act to perform. That just cant be right. A team in third place (3 behind a relegated club has a £ 50,000,000 disadvantage. That is probably 2 years total turnover. Warped wages and player costs on one side and modest TV revenues on the other it makes for unbalanced competition and an unsustainable business model.
  24. So true. By having wealthy owners you can, given good management, remain competitive - I.e endure the regular and virtually unavoidable losses of playing Championship football and finish in the top half of the table but can’t buy this league. Which in a sense is good...... but .....there is an unfair and unhealthy advantage granted to parachute clubs. Every year 3 teams come down with a wedge of cash that if managed properly makes FFP irrelevant for them for at least 2 years. If we want more teams given a fair chance then there has to be a meaningful incentive to finish in say the top 6 or premier league wages and contracts for relegation clubs should be legally structured so relegated clubs have no genuine need of parachute money.
  25. What a load of rubbish. No complex thought process, he wasn’t “whipping it in on the half volley” using his on board computer to predict a landing spot where another team mate might take advantage. Ha ha ha ... no way He was an attacking player, under extreme pressure with a tiny window to hit the ball in to a productive location. Cross ? Shot ? Doesn’t matter not even in the mix as a choice baaaaalocks .. hit it as close to “dangerous” as I can. Yep and that includes the goal simply by virtue of “where I am”
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