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  1. Not one bit. I try to be the same, not always successfully. I've lost count of the number of times I have seen competent looking social media posts that claim to present "facts" but are really just personal views dressed up. Some of the character assassinations and spun "truths" you see are dreadful. I also detest the no platforming thing .. we end up in an echo chamber with only those who see one view. If you disagree then, either you aren't heard or you are branded. I want to hear speakers speak and then form my own opinion. I am uncomfortable with proxies telling me what this or that person stands for. I used to, but my faith in our news reporting dwindles by the day because the fact versus editorial balance isn't right. You search for a decent summary but end up with spouters of polarised views bereft of nuance and honest analysis.
  2. Holidays in Anglsey in the 1960's .. the garage by the lake (well pond ) on the way back from the beach. Rummaging in the single asthmatic freezer to find the holy grail of a raspberry Mivi .. much much better than strawberry, there were always strawberry ones but Raspberry was in short supply !. .. Hot sunburned, tired, happy, Dad saying don't drip it on the seats. Other contenders; Mums home made lemon sorbet, cider lollies were good too and tubs of Walls vanilla in the cinema .. oh yes and a frutta di bosco cornet from a little Italian shop in Liguria a long while ago little crunchy bits of real fruit .. Good stuff ice cream
  3. Good post @iRam I can get very opinionated, and yes I am reasonably confident of my opinions and not apologetic About them, but it does get heated sometimes and I really get unsettled if I have a spat with someone I normally get on well with in the forum In general, the politics Thread is interesting and a useful Place to exchange views and argue in the true sense of the word, but the anonymity or screen of distance can turn any of us in to a keyboard warrior - it isn’t always productive or constructive and I’m no saint
  4. I’d guess the first game will be tentative, the next will get a bit more fire and then it will dwindle as you say - without the fans and noisy feedback
  5. And Marriott has a groin strain ! Anyway at least Holmes sounds as if he’s revving up well. It’s going to be interesting who gets match sharp the quickest.
  6. I saw this one on Facebook. It a load of ill educated rubbish. Anyone with even a minute amount of brain will know that each country collects and reports data in different ways , with different levels of accuracy and compliance .. then add in demographics, population density and a huge pile of other variables. The truth is every Western Europe’s country allowing for obvious variables will have had a broadly Similar infection and death rate. We are all human and in European terms live in a similar way. All governments have made errors, none has failed to respond sensibly.
  7. Which is really my point about the Cummings issue and all the “one rule for the elite“ moans which hold no water whatsoever.
  8. I think what we are doing is about right .. try something .. see the results .. adjust accordingly it makes sense ..there isn’t an instruction book when it’s all over or under control I am sure there will be finger pointers saying we should have done this.. hang X shoot Y but that’s easy isn’t it ? Much better would be an attitude that says .. we’ll know what to do this time. .. but politics never allows that to happen
  9. I think the reason for the lockdown is not to prevent us getting the disease. It’s deadly, but as you say, only to some. The lockdown is because the disease is easily transmissible and seriously debilitating while you have it. Most will not get it and if you do most will get better ... but If lots of people young and old catch it all at the same time then the NHS and the rest of the mechanics of society would struggle to function. In a sense it isn’t a lockdown to save a person. It’s a lockdown to avoid the consequences of societal systems failing . Beyond even the health service, Everything from water to energy to rubbish collection and processing. If those fail far more people will die than from the disease itself, that’s why there’s a lockdown.. that’s my take anyway
  10. I think that’s a good point but at the same time I still see it as very much like Alastair Campbell .. he is one of those advisor, thinker manipulator Machiavellian types who attracts enemies everywhere. Yes I know, more excuses, but regardless of wriggling (and he’s squirmed a lot) in the cold light of day what he did was pretty ordinary in terms of possible none compliance with some pretty solid mitigation behind it. Yet we have had this huge none story.
  11. But surely we all have a sense of something at one point and that is subject to change given other inputs Or the passage of time. ? I think much of any perceived indifference or contempt is something that arrives when we have the style of “gotcha” journalism that is all too prevalent. I can’t help feeling that the Durham police statement sums up this whole case .. He “may” have been guilty of a “minor” breach. I suspect that may be right. It’s noteworthy because of his position but in the grand plan of things it has had attention way beyond what is reasonable .. and the reasons for that are most definitely party political rather than the actions themselves.
  12. Yes pretty much so. I can’t say I would have done what he / they did, or that I approve but if I felt I needed to go in to a grey area for what I felt was a valid reason I am sure I would have had a story to tell to justify it to myself and anyone who asked. .. it is a grey area, it’s interpretation. The way it’s being projected by those who want his scalp for various reasons isn’t grey. They are talking as if he walked in to an ICU and started coughing. ... I might as well ask why have you taken your stance ? Is it A) I don’t like Cummings, his politics and the party he works for or B ) He has put vast numbers of people at risk for no good reason at all
  13. He is a frightening and unpleasant individual but the thing that disturbs me most is that such a large portion of American society seems to agree with him. What does that say about those Americans ? I despise the far left, it’s no secret, but Trump is exactly how the far right can rise if so many people in one place accept its kinda of “ok” - which they do - it makes me shudder and we all need to be on our guard.
  14. It’s an interesting one. In the first instance I thought Cummings needed to go, regardless of any general feeling that Boris has done an OK job. Not exceptional but as well as we could expect any incumbent to. Sounded at first look like rank hypocrisy. Then listening to the myriad of stories, gossip and comment And a breakdown of the fact and events I just concluded that Cummings actions were pretty reasonable. Not perfect, not ideal, given his position in the hierarchy but all pretty “meh” when we got to the nitty gritty. You could have done it, I could have done it, there was his kid involved. Just didn’t look like scandal to me. Slightly embarrassing sure but capital crime and worth all the faux outrage ? Not to me but then again, interpretation is what it is for every individual. As to you Archied, I reckon you are very even handed and big picture, and always are on this forum. we are probably a few degreees apart politically but but only as far milk first or last. Still make tea. I don’t think you’re weird or a loner, just think we disagree on this particular point
  15. Yeah but as we like the same style of football I won’t throw you out of a helicopter or disappear you by other means I can’t forgive you for dissing my matey football analogy .. that is unforgivable, you should have fallen for my inclusive huggy ploy.. dang it all, just couldn’t fool you, but then that means you join the wise mans crew. Running dog, subversive counter revolutionary that you are
  16. I KNEW you were one of them ... ha ha outed 🤣
  17. Oh dear, I seems we might have had a fall out. But on the last point .. yes, I do and on here most of the people I chat with fall in to the same category. Even you (most of the time)
  18. The folk on here are far too nice to do that
  19. I’d like to nominate “Trope“. .. great season from this relative newcomer; during Brexit negotiations, an election and on both left and right wings .. an ever present. I did think about “Memes“ but it’s been patchy with “Cliche“ angling for the same position. There was a time when “Cohort” Would have been in with a shout but Injury has damaged his season and all those Roman Soldiers that used to be Years, Age Groups and Intakes haven’t been in the match day squad. Any other suggestions ? I did think about one of the “Phobics” but here are so many of them it’s hard for anyone of them to stand out from the crowd.
  20. Ahhh yes, except the left in my perception isn’t really Blair is it. He was a kind of left wing, centre right, loathed by the left that I refer to. I think you’re right though, a Starmer Labour Party will win votes back Especially post Covid... there will be fertile ground. .. and because it is Likely to be centrist and has ears.. unlike Corbyns echo chamber farce
  21. Noooo the point about argument is to engage with those who have differing views. .. something the left has a big problem with. Disagree and you are branded as a heretic or a Nazi. It’s why the left never gets power - because it talks to itself in a bubble, doesn’t adapt to changing times. What is called the centre right now Is vastly different, more tolerant and more of the people Than those from 50 years ago. The trad left is fighting battles that have in many cases been won but because they either talk amongst themselves or demonise alternative views, they fail.
  22. Good on you and well done again on the focus shifting. Who needs double glazing when smoke and mirrors abound and diffuse.
  23. The purpose of debate is twofold. First to voice your opinion and second to try and convince others that your opinion is valid. Part of that process has to be to challenge or face a challenge of that view. Asking a question which spotlights an anomaly in a viewpoint is part of that. @Norman I think it was just asked a question .. simply, if the person under scrutiny wore a different political colour would your judgement have been the same. .. reasonable question that needs an answer if your POV is to have any merit. Otherwise the view becomes nothing more than dogma
  24. Touchee ...but it was still a cracking deflection avoiding an answer. Actually @AndyinLiverpool is right, there are shades of grey throughout life. Something that political ideologues never see - as the Cummings spat on here shows in sharp relief. .. I find it deeply saddening that the events aren’t discussed on a balance of logic and common sense. ... he’s a conservative advisor .. and bingo .. the left leaners want him out and the right leaders want him saved. I suppose I am a right leaner on here but if it had been Kinnock and Starmer had been PM .. I know my judgement would have been the same. .... none story .. political point scoring
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