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  1. It definitely has a different taste to normal Guinness but I found it very enjoyable.
  2. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/wayne-rooney-keen-newcastle-united-21897538.amp?__twitter_impression=true 2+2=5,000000 when you read it.
  3. Funny enough I was on the row behind him. That's how I realised I was under the flag. 👏
  4. Tremendous. I'm under that flag on the right hand side of it. 👏⚽️
  5. https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/tom-barkhuizen-preston-north-end-21889535?utm_source=whatsapp&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  6. That's good to know but how do you feel about Muckers proposal? 😉
  7. Went to a fine dining establishment in our area earlier. I was impressed they'd arranged their awards to commemorate my arrival.
  8. Is the discount for away supporters too? I got the impression it was a gesture just for home fans. Either way I'm happy to not claim a refund if it helps the club in any way.
  9. Was here earlier. Maintained my 100% record of never seeing my team win at Wembley. I'm a bloody jinx. Never going there again....... ....not until the next time anyway.
  10. Guinness imported from Nigeria. Bought it off a lucky, lucky man outside Aldi.
  11. Get some Cox inside yer. Has a certain ring to it. 🍻
  12. I think Arsenal have just become my 2nd favourite team. Up the Arse..........did I just say that out loud?
  13. He was found unconscious in the car but then allowed to walk home? Did I read that part right? Surely that would not happen and the paramedics would have a duty of care to take him to hospital to be checked up properly.
  14. What's it all about......Alfie? No mention of that in the article. No sign of contrition either. Gone down in my estimation after that interview.
  15. I'd no idea he was at Blackpool now. I suppose most donkeys end up there. I jest of course because he was immense for us on the pitch. However if it breaks his heart, like he proclaims, to see us in our current predicament then surely the he will drop his claim against us. He can't surely be desperate for the money. Take some responsibility and do the right thing RK.
  16. I hope Mr Poopypants from the Bristol forum doesn't see that. He'll self combust if he does.
  17. Great win that could and probably should have been more comfortable. Hard to pick an actual m.o.m as every player put in a shift tonight. If I was pushed to pick then Stearman would just shade it due to coming in out of the cold and producing a pretty flawless display apart from his yellow card. Tonight and moving forward isn't about picking out individuals though. It's a collective effort that is gonna see us through this turbulent period. UTR.
  18. I reckon they'll get to the top flight with him up top.
  19. No Jags tonight hope his replacement can Stearman.
  20. According to that article we were challenging for the paly-offs at one point under PC. So not only do they write meaningless articles, they also don't proof read them. Pffft amateurs.
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