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  1. That's crazy thinking. We only have to finish 21st. Just keep Rotherham below us. Also, if Brum are safe when we play them we have more chance of them slacking off, experimenting with the team.
  2. sage

    Craig Bryson

    To be honest, I thought he'd have loftier ambitions.
  3. sage

    Craig Bryson

    I feel somewhat detached from this news.
  4. Madsen out for 66. Could see it coming as the runs had slowed down for a few overs. 207 for 3. (292 ahead) Critchley on 73 not out. 19 overs remaining. Not sure we will declare tonight now.
  5. He needs to calm down or we could lose him, though he will have to average 100 with the bat and 10 with the ball to get in the England team.
  6. Mengi should be fit and maybe Beningme. Waghorn could make the bench.
  7. Critchley again. 5 for 67. 305 all out. 50 more than they should have got.
  8. Yeh got us out of jail as it was another pie.
  9. Finally...put Critchley on and gets a wicket in his first over. Should have been on from the start. Tail enders can't pick leggies.
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