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  1. Why would he leave the dole queue for Forest?
  2. Also Rory Delap and another chip eating coach sent off for fighting with a Barnsley coach.
  3. which saves would you not except a decent keeper to save 8 or 9 times out of 10?
  4. Aged 44, drugs overdose. Very sad indeed. Many footballers struggle with life post football.
  5. It was the inquest into his brother's death
  6. Several members of the House of Lords decided to become Man Utd fans yesterday after they heard they were beaten and humiliated by Young Boys.
  7. Best in 30 years? Really?
  8. We rested players for Saturday. Several changes will be made and we have an extra day to recover. We need to keep the ball on the floor and out pass them.
  9. Indication of having 3 weak forwards.
  10. We need to go back to how we played in the first few games. Yesterday, whilst brave, has to be a one off.
  11. I wear mine if I have to queue or talk to staff.
  12. I may have to put my in hat on here...though Roos made some good saves his catching and punching were dreadful and we were lucky to get away with half punches landing 6 yards out.
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