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  1. Saying a goal is a great finish, then when seeing it took a deflection, still saying it was a great finish.
  2. I've been on crutches for a week so it may have to be a garden beer. I do have a nice garden and splendid range of beers.
  3. I would disagree. Rooney looks lost every time he moves further forward. He needs space and the ball to dictate the game
  4. Well @David promised orange in the future but its not arrived yet.
  5. We ended up talking to someone from 'the other side'...curtains.
  6. Our lack of quality in depth is really going to be tested now. What side/subs can we put out on Wednesday? Hamer Bogle Evans Clarke Lowe Rooney Bird Holmes Sibley Josefzoon Martin Subs - Roos Forsyth Davies Shinnie Knight and the creche
  7. Forward line for the next game? Answers on a postcard please to... P.Cocu 11 End of his tether Lane Derby
  8. I logged in to say just that. Certainly not in this position. Need to put a winger on in his place.
  9. They look a yard quicker all over the pitch. We are having to play Hollywood passes to try and get an attack going. This could get messy.
  10. ffs. Looks like it took a nick of Bird
  11. Poor start from us. They are picking off our poor touches and breaking.
  12. By woman I presume you mean your Mum. By dirt I presume you mean you haven't tidied your room again.
  13. We are at cross purposes. I was talking about Gunn and you were talking about Ayala.
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