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  1. We always organise ourselves. Tours are either Barmy Army who irritate me most of the time with their cliques and the rest are the blue rinse brigade. It's pretty easy to do. Just turn up early on the first day to buy your tickets, They won't sell out. When you find a goo taxi driver, get his number and promise him/her your trade every day if fair prices are given.
  2. I would add that if you want to do 2 Tests, then I would do Barbados and St Lucia, as they would give a contrast of experiences.
  3. There is something to be said for all 3. Barbados has the biggest choice of accommodation and bars but also will attract most fans/idiots and had the biggest chance of going tits up re Covid. St Lucia is spectacular and less likely to be repeated in future tours, but has less choice of accom/bars etc. We have chosen Antigua because the flights are much cheaper than St Lucia and is least likely to go wrong re covid. The downside of Antigua is it is small (80,000 population for the whole island) so only small quiet resorts.
  4. I think we need to start panicking when fans ask if we need to start panicking.
  5. Yeah. went there 5 years ago. Staying in Jolly Harbour again.
  6. I've just booked Antigua (Test Match) for March 2022. Taken a leap of faith.
  7. And it turns out he set fire to the Reichstag in 1933.
  8. Amused by the names Mike Hunt and Mike Oxlong being read out jn the first day.
  9. I think you have misunderstood my post. It was philosophical rather than accusationary. It was a critique of how divided and partisan we have grown as a nation over the last few years. All this talk of different people having different news channels based on their beliefs. It's a slippery slope and I don't want us to end up like the U.S. It's perhaps an indication of that divide that my post was misconstrued.
  10. Sounds like propaganda...for people who have an opposing view. We all have our own truth these days.
  11. Yes they were. Having second thoughts now I would think.
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