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  1. So when you say 'why' we just have to list the films they were in. This new development will save my brain matter
  2. Arbroath are my Scottish team. We hate those Forfar bar stewards, though they make good bridies.
  3. That film annoyed me. Why didn't the Japanese just cut down the rope ladder?
  4. 1. Forfar 2. Montrose 3. Brechin City 4. Dundee 5. Dundee United
  5. I think anyone who can't wear a mask should wear a visor on trains and in supermarkets. Not as good as a mask, but better than nothing.
  6. Frankly I would question 3 of those. Financially ok, but disruptive to team play.
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/laurence-fox-covid-exemption-badge-mask-amazon-b1788521.html Berk
  8. I would say since the QPR Play Off Final, it's been recruitment, recruitment, recruitment. It's inevitable that some signings won't work out, but buying players that don't fit your style of play is unforgiveable. Appointing managers that will want a style of play that means starting all over again recruitment wise is also unforgiveable. Everything else is candy floss.
  9. I'm spending an hour a day flicking through sky scanner, booking.com, Airbnb and trainline. Not booking anything till I've had the jab but I've got a dozen potential holidays in my head depending on how long I have off, when I can go and how safe the destination is.
  10. No half marks, average is 6, just the players below and in this order Roos Byrne Buchanan Wisdom Clarke Knight Bielik Shinnie Waghorn CKR Jozwiak
  11. Sadly, that was expected, half the team had covid, only just returned to training and haven't been paid. The off the field stuff needs sorting. If and when that happens, we will improve.
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