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  1. Can't wait to see Martin bladder one into the Kidderminster net
  2. -6.88 Economically -4.92 Libertarian I would have imagined them the other way round. Maybe that is a sign of how society and economics have changed in my lifetime. Many of the questions were poorly or inadequately worded and i would add caveats to a third of my answers.
  3. Often lido not Alfreton. Were you from somewhere posh like Swanwick?
  4. Just a thought from a learned friend. It seemed we were looking at £8m rising to £10m. Then suddenly it was £4.5m rising to £7m. I wonder if it suited one or both parties to pay/accept a lower fee and write off and last instalment on Vydra and/or Anya.
  5. His last 2 seasons, for various reasons have been his worst for Derby. If he had progressed even modestly from 2014/15 we would have got double that money. £8m isn't as much as his potential suggests it should be but it's more than the end result we have received in terms of performance in the last 2 seasons.
  6. Did you mean to finish that post there or did you lose your internet stream.
  7. I don't like the idea of people quickly finding out what's happening without wading through 87 pages of puns.
  8. Edited it now. It was on the wrong thread
  9. I have been brainwashing some children at school today. Giving them double runs for off side shots. I'm such a Trotskyist. You have to think what ISIS want as a reaction. They will hate us being tolerant of each other.
  10. Of course you can do fancy footwork with your head down. The ball remains at your feet. It's looking up and playing a pass or cross at the right time that's the problem. You must be WUMming now.
  11. Wow Thanks for your help. Obviously I'm so stupid I dont look at formations and balance and only concentrate on individuals. Now it's been explained to me i can see what you mean about Christie being better than Trippier. Obviously all those expert managers in the Premier League will share your view and i eagerly await the £10m bids that fully recognise the value of a top full back.
  12. One of the best right backs in the country? He's not even in the best 10 in the championship. His decision making, passing and positional sense are all really poor. He would be ok as an option on the bench but that's it.
  13. Baggio
  14. Well now you're getting to the real heart of the problem. Keogh. Always diving into challenges which persuaded May to dive into this snap election instead of staying strong and stable next to Pearce. To prove my impartiality I'm not a fan of Weimann and he's a left winger. BKO