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  1. It has been obvious for weeks it's the latter and he has spent his time finding other people to blame.
  2. Glad I was pressing your Buttons.
  3. Boris should have resigned when he wasted all that money on those Double Decker buses.
  4. Thought you would Revel in this tangent.
  5. I can't believe you chose Wispa from the Galaxy of products available.
  6. ffs what have chocolate bars got to do with Brexit.
  7. Roos 5 Lowe 6 Keogh 7 Clarke 6 Malone 7 Tom 7 Bielek 7 Holmes 7 Waghorn 7 Marriott 6 Lawrence 3
  8. The Alpha Rant is back. All is well with the world.
  9. Lawrence needs to move elsewhere for the good of my blood pressure. Absolute dog poo.
  10. Do you possess another record? If so, surely it's their turn on the turntable.
  11. AC Milan 1 Juve 0 in 2017. Took the lad. We were behind the Ultras. The home (non Ultra) sections had about 20% Juve fans in. Bigger noise for Juve getting a goal disallowed than when Milan scored. St Johann in the Tyrol 5 Zell am See 3. in 2003. Had just done a 15 mile walk over the Kitbuhlerhorn and it was still 75f at night. Drank 5 pints in the first half whilst receiving odd looks. Forfar 2 Arbroath 4 in 2007. Great cup game with funny fans and great Bridies at ht. Hoping to pick up a Polish game next year.
  12. yes, I always ask the blokes down the pub what's wrong when I'm ill instead of seeing a doctor. New boiler needed? Don't ring a plumber, Auntie Sylvia will sort it out. Want to know how Brexit will affect medicine supply? Don't bother with NHS executives, ask a former stockbroker in the pay of the Russians. Experts? pfft!
  13. As long as they don't try The Greyhound.
  14. Spend at least 2 days in Cisco first getting used to the altitude, do some flat walks first
  15. Probably Lindsay Hoyle
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