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  1. IMO, other than Sibley and Bird, the ones who could step up are on loan.
  2. sage


    I taught all day today, trooper that I am.
  3. sage

    Craig Forsyth

    Two of them are mine.
  4. sage


    She was wearing a catwoman outfit. Cost me 5000 rupees extra. Dry cleaning innit.
  5. sage


    Who has got the worst man flu and deserves sympathy from our female posters? Mine started last night and now I have toothache and sinusitis. Boooo
  6. sage

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    You wont be the only one. 😀
  7. sage

    Christmas Dinner

    A Capon is a castrated cockerel who deprived of sex eats and eats into oblivion. It would be like cannabilism to me.
  8. sage

    Christmas Dinner

    I only said no decorations and cards last year.
  9. sage

    Christmas Dinner

    Going to cancel Christmas this year. No cards, presents or decorations and no Turkey.
  10. sage

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Yes, back off home tomorrow
  11. sage

    Homeless guy

  12. sage

    Homeless guy

    Can i offer an acceptable response to everyone. I you are worries about your money going on the 'wrong' thing, why not engage the person in conversation and ask them IF they want something to eat and WHAT they want to eat. They have conversation, food and a choice and you are happy with the application of your generosity and concern.
  13. sage

    England Test Series in Sri Lanka

    I'm at long on when they bowl from the Fort. I'm underneath a tree with the Sri Lankan Police Force.
  14. sage

    Suzy lamplugh

    He is suggesting that often the amount of work looking into an old case is disproportionate at a time when the police can't cope with current crime. Also he is suggesting, quite rightly that the print media get obsessed with certain crimes (Lamplaugh McCann Nickell) which puts pressure on the police to allocate additional resources.

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