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  1. sage

    Gary Cahill

    Can't see it. We play with a high line as we press high. Therefore we need CBs with pace. Cahill is slower than Keogh.
  2. Froggg hasn't got one at the mo...but has an iron in the fire (and a curry in the pan)
  3. I dont think he will do it. However I fear Cole will be exposed on a big pitch especially if we play the narrow diamond formation.
  4. I would play Wisdom. There. Said it.
  5. Can we have a swearing amnesty hour on this thread?
  6. sage


    Hiring a personal escort for your wife would be cheaper than a divorce.
  7. Graeme Shinnie Roll on next season.
  8. I thought you were married.
  9. What makes you have that opinion?
  10. Yes. Because the way Leeds press we would have to play a higher percentage of balls to a target man than we would against more passive sides like West Brom. When Marriott did come on he simply gave a series of free kicks away and we couldn't build possession.
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