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  1. sage

    Derbyshire Cricket 2018

    I left the ground at 3 today as Sam Rush was driving in. Apparently he had a meeting with Simon Storey, CEO of DCCC. Interesting, very interesting.
  2. sage

    Ben Davies

    Left footed CB with a bit of pace. Looks like a squad player with promise like Holmes and Evans.
  3. sage

    Holiday Plans 2019

    cheapest place for guaranteed sun is Cape Verde
  4. sage

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    It knocks the spots off other games.
  5. sage

    Beer Thread

    Had this little beauty tonight. In my top ten.
  6. sage

    Lampards Permanent Signings

    I largely agree.
  7. After admittingly only 10 games, none of Lampard's perm signings have established themselves in the first team. I know some have had disrupted pre seasons and none look awful and have strengthened the squad, but how many would be in your first choice XI? Not slagging FL off, but so far his success has been in the loan market and promoting youth.
  8. sage

    Daddy Frankie!

    She's one of our own She's one of our oooowwnnnnn Patricia Lampard, she's one of our own
  9. sage

    Beer Thread

    It's a beer shop that you can drink in. There is already a specialist beer and wine shop in Belper. They can't sell draught beer as they don't have a toilet. This also limits how long you would stay there. The drinking area is tiny. Any more than 5 people in their drinking or shopping and you are bumping into each other. The door is left open next to a very busy road. The beer is very expensive. They try to sell Belgium/European beer without the product knowledge for this specialist market. Their opening hours are that of a shop not a bar. Their is never anyone in when i go past.
  10. sage

    Daddy Frankie!

    Bet she's better at dribbling than Lawrence.
  11. sage

    Beer Thread

    You do indeed. Will bring one plus a St Bernardus 12 to the next cricket game. Just for research
  12. sage

    Beer Thread

    And no I didn't take this photo after drinking my delivery.
  13. I ended up watching online. What does anyone who went think to the venue in comparison with St Georges?
  14. I would imagine that he is referring to Lampard being given a different budget to the one he was expecting.

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