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  1. I expect him to sign tomorrow and be given the shirt number 88. He will go down a bomb.
  2. I have no issue with you discussing it. None whatsoever. I just stated that putting the recording of the noises on a public forum wasn't appropriate. I think with the current Covid situation we are all getting tetchy, me included, as can be witnessed by the toxicity of the forum in general in recent times. Peace and Love. I'm going to Peace off for a few days and come back on Saturday to collect all those 9 out of 10 ratings.
  3. That was like Derby including Sibley, Knight, Bird, Buchanan, JHI, Beilik and Evans in our u23s if you add up the league appearances and age of their 'u23' team.
  4. I appreciate the situation is causing you distress, but sharing a mentally ill person's torment on a public forum isn't appropriate. We are have made great strides on this forum in supporting each other with our difficulties and I would hope that translates into how we treat everyone.
  5. That shouldn't be the only reason you don't attach it to a public forum.
  6. What if we play better but still lose?
  7. Three Wilson scores direct from a free kick. 2-1 down now. As I type that, the excellent Bowler makes it 3-1 to them with a solo effort
  8. Good test for them. Everton team has around 300 senior appearances between them. 1 nil down and nearly half time.
  9. how old are you? any life threatening conditions? Just wondering whether to save up for next years season ticket 😀
  10. Never said you started more than one thread. However you appear to have lost the thread. Goodnight.
  11. Good Lord That implies 64 say yes. In fact it is 27% The rest voted 'what?' Which is effectively no...what are you in about Or Voted 'not sure' because none of us knows which makes the whole premise wild speculation
  12. I dont doubt that there is, yet none so prolific. It wasnt personal just a joke about the plethora of threads with similar agendas.
  13. You should work for Boris with data twisting like that.
  14. What do you call a French soldier with a faulty hamd grenade? Napoleon Blown Apart
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