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  1. You still have Belper Goes Green and the Food Bustler Market
  2. Not in my opinion. I'm past trying to make sense of it all under Arthur
  3. Heard a whisper we sre signing Matt Carter from Notts. Steady one day player but a bell end
  4. Oh some news Belper Tapas Trail has now been moved to Friday 19th and Sunday 20th July due to the clashes with other events. Could one of the mods please alter the thread title please?
  5. Not sure this should be on the DCFC section
  6. It will be a challenge to add 8 or 9 players whilst keeping the squad ethic. This may become more difficult in a higher division.
  7. I think you get an additional £7-8m of TV money plus maybe £1m extra in away ticket sales, maybe a little more sponsorship too.
  8. So 6. Interesting. Out of those four, 3 finished top 6.
  9. Getting a favourite photo printed onto a canvas frame is nice and cheap.
  10. Bubbles over 60s discount card? @uttoxram75 says its saved him hundreds in the long run.
  11. Other than the 3 teams who just came down, I wonder who else is still getting parachute payments in the Championship next year
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