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  1. sage

    Beer Thread

    Bath Hotel Sheffield yesterday
  2. Have you tried taking Vitamin D tablets? you cab also get a daylight lamp either to wake to or as a extra hour of light in the winter years. I do both and it helps get me through winter.
  3. Sad to hear that chap, one of the best posters on here and a delight to meet in real life. I guess many of us have a self destructive streak in one form or another, but it isn't you per se, it is a manifestation of a mental health issue. As many of others have said, always here for a PM if you want to.
  4. If the new Fifa rule to limit each club to 6 outgoing loans comes into force, then Chelsea will be looking to sell many of their youngsters. Maybe with heavy sell on clauses or buy back clauses. Would be happy if we could purchase Tomori, James and Clarke-Salter if someone is daft enough to buy Lawrence and we dont renew the old farts contracts. Pick up Aribo and Browne on frees and we are a winger and Cf on loan from being a side that can challenge.
  5. The landlord is a Wendy fan and a big mate of @Coconut
  6. It's nothing to do with RD. He was in Armandos on Saturday night and his chips came in the of a L.
  7. The Irish and Scottish have white pudding. Suet and oats not blood.
  8. sage


    I very rarely get takeaway curries as you may as well sit in the restaurant and it's one of the few meals I can cook well. Love a kebab from Duffield Balti or Continental (Belper).
  9. sage


    Have you been to India or Sri Lanka? They eat very spicy food, especially southern India and SL.
  10. They won't be last in the Belgian Beer drinking format. We have a crack squad. @eddie
  11. Haunch of Venison in Salisbury?
  12. We drew the second half 0-0 do we get half a point?
  13. In the 70s we fought Leeds on the beaches at the BBG.
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