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  1. This, They aren't going to take a kiddies sweets away or an old fellas flask of tea. Not going to happen. What they may object to is carrying in branded food like KFC or Subway. At worst they will moan at carrying a bottle of pop in in your hand rather than a bag.
  2. One could argue that providing ineffective opposition is an enabler.
  3. We will shortly be in the position of having the most appalling Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition simultaneously. Bad times.
  4. You Chico little so and so
  5. No need to Harpo on about it.
  6. I just hope he doesn't come crawling to us when he realises he doesn't have a decent patio set.
  7. I think you'll find he's a left winger.
  8. I am happy with him as cover. He like Bennett and Holmes can play in a few positions and are bench players in a top 6 team IMO,
  9. Because we will play better teams than Burton?
  10. Very open game today, could have finished 10-4. Attacking 433 with Bennett in an attacking CM role. The ref let a lot go, especially pushes and obstructions. Many things haven't changed from last season .Roos still flapping at crosses but a decent stop stopper, Bogle, neat on the ball but given a tough time by their LW. Malone was dangerous on the ball but gave a goal away by taking a risk. Josezfzoon can still be outmuscled by a Daddy Long Legs and Lawrence is mostly infuriating. We are still going to play out from the keeper and again this will take a few games and goals conceded to get this right. Of the new things/players, Dowell looks quality on the ball and better defensively then Mount. Evans passing from CB shone. Bennett hasn't got good enough passing to play CM and our players have obviously been working on body shape in terms of turning into space as they receive the ball. The pace of passing looks quicker and Huddlestone seems to have a little more licence to accept the ball in more advanced areas. The team that started look around 4 players short of a top six team and 5 or 6 short of a top two team. So far we have been busier sehedding players rather than signing them so I would expect us to be 2 or 3 players stronger by Huddersfield.
  11. sage

    Fikayo Tomori

    I've been told Tomori is coming back by the woman at Birds Bakery in Belper. He loves her Iced Buns apparently, especially in winter.
  12. Ampadu du du du He pushed Johnson from the team Ampadu du du du His hair's a bugger to keep clean
  13. what a game cricket is
  14. Yeh I hope we dont pick the player of the year.
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