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  1. View from the outside

  2. Curtis Armband

    holding his sleeves up?
  3. What's on in Derby?

    Play monopoly and fall out when it is obvious who is winning halfway through but it still drags on for another hour.
  4. You live in Kilburn, That really is living in the past.
  5. View from the outside

    He probably got a ticket behind the players wives.
  6. I enjoyed the fact that we had a riposte for every song they had. Particularly enjoyed them replying to 'you live in the past' with a song about winning a cup 37 years ago.
  7. "Don't like him By this do you mean there are deficiencies in his game that diminish his week in week out performances yes. Hence the term 'doesn't'. Overall the sum of his parts means I would only start him in certain games and mainly have him on the bench to protect a lead. Yesterday he did slightly better than average for him. He did ok. Other players were better than ok. Don't really want to explain a basic concept again. I'm out.
  8. I did in my OP. I responded to someone saying Johnson was excellent. As usual on here it all spiralled out of control from there.
  9. Compare and define the words 'doesn't' and 'didn't'. Also you brought up headers not me. Others were better because they played better. I would be interested in which starters played worse than Johnson.
  10. Why Why Why Weimann

    Perhaps you could read the footballing reasons why and learn to spell throw. Grammar Nazis are go
  11. Why Why Why Weimann

    With the current squad we have, I would pick Russell ahead of him in these games. However, this lack of creativity against a packed defence is a weakness within the squad.
  12. I don't recall mentioning headers. If he wasn't good in the air he would be half the player. In relation to tackles from my post you will note I was referring to his general skill set not his performance in this game. If you want to particularly concentrate on this game, his passing and decision making was awful, however he worked tirelessly and almost scored. He was OK overall. Everyone else was good to excellent.
  13. Why Why Why Weimann

    I explained earlier. His strength is his speed and workrate. He likes to run behind a defence with a high line or counter attack teams that are pushing on. What he isn't strong at is keeping possession in tight areas, beating a man from a standing start and a subtle touch. The reasons he didn't suit us under McClaren and Clement are the same reasons he doesn't suit playing at home against teams who park the bus.
  14. I am not comparing him to anyone. I know he isn't a winger. He gives the ball away so much and doesn't win enough tackles for a bloke his size. He wasn't awful, just everyone else was better.

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