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  1. I've already made one donation and intend to donate the cost of a pie or pint every time I sit down to watch one of the classic games on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  2. Peter Powell from Radio One I the 80s
  3. Wouldn't have to be that specific but just wondering aloud.
  4. I wonder if Derby and other clubs had an insurance policy against interruptions to business.
  5. I didn't see the earlier correction and wouldn't have commented if I had and yes it is tragic that so many people are dying. The point I was trying to make was that in many of the deaths, the virus has acted as a catalyst rather than the originator of ill health. Which underlines why we have to protect the vulnerable in society and NHS staff have to be full tested and equipped.
  6. Hence the seriousness of lack of testing kits for staff and lack of PPE clothing.
  7. Idle hands do mischief make.
  8. ftfy He was already in hospital being treated for heart failure when he contracted the virus and his heart wasn't strong enough to fight it off.
  9. sage


    All good here chap. Managing to stay in house and garden. The lad is a bit anxious but the xbox is my saviour.
  10. sage


    I think those figures are now being added and the backdated figures may have been added which would explain the size of the recent increase. Maybe I'm being too optimistic.
  11. Which could lead to 3 possible scenarios a) low paid staff get laid off b) the club go bankrupt c) the club is in far worse financial position than other championship clubs whose players have cut or deferred wages.
  12. So just you make a prediction then you're safe.
  13. why isn't there a prediction thread?
  14. How many of you stopped exercising post school but in college/sixth form? What barriers did you to continuing with sports and exercise and how did you overcome them? (if you did) Asking for a friend.
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