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  1. Guardiola loves him so we would get all City's best young players on loan.
  2. I was quite disappointed at the thought of Rowett going, then realised he may pay £6m for Lawrence again and I cheered right up.
  3. If he goes Warburton is the obvious candidate.
  4. sage

    Wisdom position change?

    I thought their experiment of fielding 11 right wingers led to their eventual decline, though results went their way for 3 years.
  5. sage

    EFL Development Rule

    I wonder if this will impact on us letting so many u23 players go out on loan.
  6. sage

    Wisdom position change?

    Next year we are going to appease Zanzala by sending him to Sudetenland United on loan.
  7. sage

    Wage Bill

    I think this will be a consolidation season in terms of signings and league position. Then again I thought that of last season. We will release so many at the end of the upcoming season that Mel will be tempted to throw some money at some hopefully decent signings.
  8. sage

    Wisdom position change?

    The Austrian League is also called Bundesliga. What you like?
  9. sage

    Surprise departure ?

    I would also be surprised. Surprised if anyone wanted to buy him.
  10. sage

    Wisdom position change?

    They won the Bundesliga with Wisdom playing CB? If we are playing 3 at the back, he would be cover CB and RWB IMO and first choice RB in a 4.
  11. sage

    Wisdom position change?

    Yes he did play CB there some of time. Didn't see any of those games. He just seems a poor judge of an aerial ball to me. Jamie Ward beat him in the air.
  12. sage

    Wisdom position change?

    He isn't good enough in the air to play CB. He doesn't judge long aerial balls well. He is a RB. Not got the stamina for RWB.
  13. Well I hope he picks somewhere more glamourous. Perhaps Bridlington.

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