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  1. Standing was banned by the people who tried to stitch up Liverpool fans.
  2. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    Until we play away? With Vydra and Nudent we are like Graeme Hick for England. Looked good until he came across the better teams. On Sunday Forest took a gamble in leaving Bridcutt 1 on 1 with Vydra so Dowell and Osborn could make runs beyond Huddlestone and Ledley. For the first hour they were creating 2 chances to our 1, That won't work against every team.
  3. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    I take it you didn't got to Bristol. or Barnsley. or Sheffield United.
  4. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    The problem is when you play him behind the CF it leaves 2 in midfield and away from home or against better teams we get overrun.
  5. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Surely having a CM who doesn't move around the pitch will have an effect on our passing. We have 2. That is down to Rowett. What is also down to Rowett is not picking a CF who can hold the ball up and link up play. I think it is also over simplistic to think a game changes solely based on what we do. The game changed on 58 minutes when Forest took McKay and Dowell off for Clough and Ward and Forest tried chasing the game too much, losing control of midfield. Our control really got amplified by the introduction of Thorne and Martin. . You have to look at whether losing possession is down to a poorly executed pass, the lack of available teammates in good positions or the pressing of a more mobile side. As an aside, our possession in the 1st half was 45% and 41% in the second.
  6. Extend Joe Ledley’s Contract Please.

    Going by comments made about transfer deadline day that we had to loan out Bryson to buy Kieftenbeld it is pretty clear that we running close to FFP. Ledley will be on high wages. Any transfer fee is spread over the length of the contract in FFP terms. What is important is we have the right kind of CM player. We play 4231. Thorne. Huddlestone and Ledley all play in the 2 and are all competing for one place IMO. We need a more mobile CM playing alongside them. Some who can pass a ball as well as being mobile. So that rules out Johnson.
  7. Derby County V Notts Forest

    I am going to take the plunge and almost agree with Curtains. @David your argument is over simplistic. Whilst players are responsible for a pass in isolation of other factors, a manager's decisions clearly have an impact on how successful at passing an individual or a team is. Leaving aside the emphasis placed on passing in training, you have to have someone to pass to. Therefore a manager's transfer selections, match day selections, formations and tactics have a massive impact on passing success. I heard Jordan Henderson's passing range for England described as sideways, backwards and Hollywood. It reminded me of Derby passing out from the back or midfield. Perhaps a lack of passing ability but certainly not helped by not having players available for progressive but realistic passes.
  8. Extend Joe Ledley’s Contract Please.

    We are obviously close to FFP. If we keep him it will stop signing someone else.
  9. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Excellent point. Nugent, Russell and Vydra looked knackered after 30 minutes add the lack of mobility in CM and Lawremce struggling against Lichaj we couldn't get out of our half for long stretches of the first half. . Maybe in the end we paced ourselves better.
  10. Extend Joe Ledley’s Contract Please.

    Do you think Ledley is more mobile than a) Thorne as he is now and b) a fully fit Thorne
  11. Extend Joe Ledley’s Contract Please.

    Personally I would look to find a more mobile DCM instead. We have conceded less partly as a result of playing 3 CM with Johnson replacing Vydra away from home. If Thorne gets fitter then I would certainly not renew Ledley's contract. Ledley is a quality stop gap. but a stop gap nonetheless. His signing doesn't address the main CM issue.
  12. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    I would agree with this. Is just the kind of CM we need. Loads of pace plus he has decent all round abilities re passing, tackling, shooting.
  13. View from the outside

    Similar view. Lawrence was poor 1st half. Thought Wisdom wasn't as bad. They pushed Osborn and Dowell onto Ledley and Tom in a 4141 leaving Bridcutt 1 on 1 with Vydra. High stakes stuff. They missed chances, we didn't. Certainly can't play that team away or against the better teams. Nice to win though. Thought they went to bits after the 58th minute subs.
  14. Derby County V Notts Forest

    I thought we'd signed Norman Whiteside. These 30 year comas are a nightmare.
  15. Huddlestone or Osborn

    I thought Osborn covered an amazing amount of ground today until I realised I was watching Osborn and McKay and I thought it was all Osborn's play.

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