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  1. Quickest is: Covent Garden to Green Park (Piccadilly) Green Park to Finchley Road (Jubilee) Finchley Road to Wembley Park (Met) You could just stay on the Jubilee line from Green Park if you aren’t pressed for time, that has more stops so takes longer, but it does stop at Wembley Park too. I’d recommend downloading Citymapper on your phone, even just for the day. It’ll be really useful in case you do get lost or change your plans.
  2. Used to be. I’m currently in London 5 days a week for work until the end of June and I’m conveniently two stops on the Met line from Wembley Park. Cute that you thought of me though.
  3. Booked a hotel room for the play-off final as a Hull fan? I admire your optimism, Mr Regan.
  4. We shipped 3 goals at home to Villa before Cole even signed. Also beat Leeds 4-2 with the majority of players that lost 7-1 to them over three games. The previous games vs Villa this season means nothing, if we have our team as up for it as they were at Elland Road then we have every chance.
  5. My Saints supporting mate sent me the 6 minutes and 20 seconds kit release video they made. Slightly odd to say the least.
  6. I’d make sure you wear a black pair just in case then.
  7. It’s nice to look back at in years to come. I’d only be able to look back at my mars bar the next morning.
  8. I’ll just buy a programme on the day. The last programme I bought for any game was vs QPR in 2014.
  9. Lil Duane “luvz da banter”
  10. @BurtonRam7 @Remy the hare All sorted thanks lads
  11. Quick question. My dad's not that clued up with technology, so he's asked me to sort the tickets out for him online tomorrow if the phone lines are ridiculously busy. Would I be able to buy tickets using his Season Ticket ID (plus two more tickets for STHs) even when I'm logged in to my own account, with another separate ID? Or would I need to log in to his account to be able to buy tickets with that ID instead?
  12. I'm impressed that Craig Bryson managed to knock back 75 Jagers.
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