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  1. Keogh is better. Would be disappointed if we wanted to clear Keogh off to bring Caulker in. He definitely won't be coming until at least one centre back leaves.
  2. **** have we sold Thorne to them too?!
  3. As a player or a club though? If it's the latter I'd like to thank Will for his 1 year service with us.
  4. He only has fond memories of the last 10 years at the club? Are we sure that Will Hughes actually played for the same club that we all support?
  5. I don't think we're going to find a better footballer than Hughes that we could attract and afford. We can definitely find somebody who suits what Rowett wants to do more than Hughes though. Anyone with an insight into football, which GR obviously has, can appreciate Hughes' talent, so it's unlikely that he's been sold because Rowett doesn't think he's any good. As a player, Hughes is better than most centre midfielders who have been promoted in recent years. PL sides have also stayed up with, in my opinion, inferior players to Will in general, but they do a better job in their teams. The key is to get the balance right with our footballing style. It might not be as pretty as the style that Will Hughes suits, but if it's more successful and effective then how many are actually going to complain?
  6. The DCFC Social Media team missed a trick there. BREAKING: We are pleased to announced that Andre Wisdom has signed a four-year-deal at the club following his successful medical this afternoon. By the way Hughes has left. #dcfc #dcfcfans
  7. As long as we don't play him at CDM he'll be fine. Everybody knows that the CDM area of the pitch at Pride Park is polluted by some toxic plague that strikes down players with serious injuries. Maybe that's what turns the Clough-Taylor statue green?
  8. That frown will be turned upside down when he pokes the ball in after a scramble in a game against someone like Ipswich. It'll have to be during the 2018/19 season though to stick with his goal ratio of a goal every 58 games like he had at Stoke.
  9. Suppose he moves to let's say Liverpool in two seasons for £30million, then that means we would receive £4.5mil extra. Suddenly turns the deal into a good one for us. All Hughes needs is a good season at the top level and he'll be worth around £30million, especially as the market continues to grow year upon year. At Derby in the Championship, Hughes would never be worth £30million. A good fee for him if/when he leaves Watford, and we probably end up with more than we could have asked for with Hughes playing in the second-tier. It's a bit of a risk but one which has a good chance of paying off.
  10. I think it's very important. We've already outright rejected two bids from Huddersfield, both bids were higher than the reported value of the Hughes deal. So it looks like we value Ince more than Hughes and I'd agree with that based on personal impact to the squad with regards to points won. I don't think there have been any reports of another bid coming soon from Huddersfield, and the fact we rejected their bids instead of negotiating suggests that the most recent bid of £8.3mil is still way off what we would take for him. I'm hoping we'll be looking at roughly double that, and that'll be too high for Huddersfield who seemingly have worries about signing players who they won't be able to afford if they get relegated immediately.
  11. I've had a busy couple of days so missed most of this thread, will catch up at a later time but here are my brief thoughts on Mel. Apologies is this is identical to another post in the thread. He has good intentions but has made a lot of mistakes through inexperience of running a football club. I think he's learnt that throwing money at it doesn't guarantee success, and he values the importance of having a manager he can trust and get along with on a personal level. He's happy to back his managers in the transfer market with whatever incomings or outgoings they feel are necessary, even if that might not be his own opinion on what's best. I've still got doubts about him regards to stability. He is the perfect owner for any club on paper. A local fan who has tons of money and adores the club he owns, and will give anything to see it succeed. What he hopefully realises now is that trying to do it too quickly has actually pushed us further away from our goal of PL football. If he gives GR time I genuinely think we will get there within 2-3 seasons. It's just a question now of whether Morris will be patient enough to wait that long with a single manager. We've hired different managers with different outlooks on football and the squad. They've all looked to reshape the squad in their own way, but none have been given the time to get to a position where they want to be with regards to the squad. If we don't give GR time, we will continue to falter, and the next manager won't have better luck either.
  12. Not for long...
  13. Best of luck to him, hope he goes on to have an incredibly successful career. I'll certainly applaud him if/when he plays against us, hopefully it's in a PL fixture in the not too distant future. He had reached his ceiling at this club, and had given us more than enough time. I truly think he wanted to stay and play at the top level with us, but ultimately he was holding himself back by staying. It's time for players like Butterfield, or anyone who may come to replace Hughes, to step up this season and make his departure less significant to us as a team. Hughes is a fantastic player but I don't agree with the notion that we will necessarily be a weaker team without him, although I will miss seeing an in-form Will Hughes play for Derby, as it was a joy to watch. It's absolutely imperative that we keep Ince now. I hope it was a case of Ince or Hughes leaving, rather than potentially both. If we lost Tom then I think that'll be a transfer that will have a much bigger impact on us as a side.
  14. Speaking of stripes, DCFC megastore tweeted out a photo of this kit earlier. Would love a modernised version of this with a round neck as a third kit.
  15. Hopefully we use the loan market more this season. We used it very well under McClaren with players like Ibe, Ince, Thorne, Wisdom & Bamford all coming here and doing well. We neglected the transfer window under Clement and Pearson and I'm not really sure why. I'm sure we could have at least got the same level of quality in our squad through loans, and we'd have saved a hell of a lot of money and have a much more reasonably sized squad. If loans work out then you can look to buy, if not then they go back easily with no cost or burden to your club. Clubs this season have done very well with loans. Some of the standout players of the season were loaned from PL teams such as Abraham and Mooy. There's some risk, but scout well and you can find some very good players for nothing, or very little cost at least. Huddersfield played the loan market really well this season with some key players like Mooy, Ward and Brown coming on loan from City, Liverpool and Chelsea respectively. We could look to trim our squad right down then fill the gaps with some quality young players with a desire to prove themselves to top up the squad at minimal cost and risk. GR seems like the sort of manager who would like to use the loan market to our advantage, and I hope he does.