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  1. Brilliant point. No more rolling over and getting our bellies tickled. And even with our limitations this season, we didn't exactly play our best XI. Rest up, get ready for the weekend, first home win of the season coming.
  2. That photo is fake. Those seats are red, not pink.
  3. Bit rubbish to be honest. Home kit is probably best of the bunch this season. Leeds have a lilac third kit this season (won’t paste a photo on here because it’s blasphemy), a shade of purple like that would’ve been much better. Looking at the kit is just looks like we’ve probably had it before, nothing really unique or noteworthy about it.
  4. I think if Derby ever went completely bust and were no more, I'd start going to watch Truro City. Cornwall's premier club, in Tier 7 of the English football pyramid. They've never been higher than Conference South, and I think probably unlikely to ever do so, but sometimes there's something so much more enjoyable about non-league football than there is with all the bureaucracy and so many football matches now essentially being played out in courts, boardrooms and disciplinary meetings.
  5. I don't know, is it a tactics thing? A mentality thing? We make ourselves look worse than we actually are. If we capitalised on a couple of the chances earlier in the game today, we could have been 3-0 up by 70 minutes, and it wouldn't have been undeserved. Instead we miss chances, and we start retreating, and our confidence starts to drop. Silly fouls, and the players look as if they're becoming more panicked. Then the goal goes in, and it's like, poo, now what? Today Forest were happy with a point, so there wasn't really a lot in the last 10 minutes. But in games like Peterborough, where the momentum swings massively, we manage to turn 3 points in to 0. It needs to change if we want to stay up this year. If we could hold on to a lead, we'd have 14 points instead of 6, and we'd be in the third round of the cup. The margins are massive for such silly lapses in concentration.
  6. Really disappointed to not win the game again. If we're battling relegation without a points deduction, let alone if we do get one, then we need to be picking up maximum points. Our game management is becoming slightly concerning, even following through from last season. Of the last 9 league games we've either drawn or lost, we've been ahead in 7 of those. The exceptions are the 0-1 loss to Norwich last season, and the 0-0 vs Middlesbrough this season. It's not good enough when you consider the sheer number of points that are being thrown away.
  7. Joz is on a yellow, probably the deciding factor between the two. Sibley is due his customary yellow, he just doesn't have it yet.
  8. That is a truly excellent block, whether he knew much about it or not. At first glance I thought Stretton has missed an absolute sitter. On the replay, he's done absolutely everything right. He was perhaps a centimetre or two away from missing McKenna's knee, and finding the net.
  9. Fozzy got him right in the zinckernagels, so to speak.
  10. Well we've been far the better side, happy with what I've seen so far. We got a bit fortunate early on with the Forsyth stamp. Whether that was intentional or not, if we had VAR he would be off. We then got lucky again with Jags' short pass which Lyle Taylor just passed back to Roos who was out of his goal. But since the goal, we've controlled this game. They look really poor, and we should have more than a one-goal lead. The final ball or final decision to play the ball is still lacking a bit, if we had a little more composure I think we'd have created the chances that could have had us another one or two goals. We then have the stonewall penalty where it's apparently ok to hit the ball away just above your elbow, as long as you 'disguise' it with a fall. The only concern I have from this half is that we should be more than one up, and I'm worried that not capitalising on it may come back to bite us. Can Forest really be that bad again in the second half? If they are, then it's bye bye Chris Hughton.
  11. Come on Tom... you have to see that pass there. Kamil was in for a one-on-one.
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