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  1. Leeds 2-4 Derby Marriott De ja vu
  2. It's very frustrating because I feel like we should have more points on the board this season. Two missed penalties, one-on-one vs Stoke, penalty decision not given today and 30 seconds later Cardiff get one... It would be very, very unlikely for all those things to go our way, and you could probably pick opposing examples such as Joe Allen missing from two yards, but things really could be much different. 1 win in 7 but we deserve more. With a full strength side, we'll go on a run before long. The issue is when you've not won for a while is you need it to come asap, and next up is Leeds away. With Bielik finally able to start in midfield, we're able to see his quality. Hopefully this'll allow Keogh and Clarke to form a better partnership as it must've been difficult for Clarke to have a decent start at Derby, then just get dropped so Bielik can be eased in to the side. Get Bogle back, move Lowe to LB and we're already a much, much better side. It'll come with time, I just hope Cocu can get the time because a defeat in our next game will cause the quiet groans to get that little bit louder.
  3. I think Bielik has been excellent in midfield tonight.
  4. Marriott seems too isolated and Cardiff have gained a stronger grip on the game since the equaliser.
  5. I think the ball going straight to Marriott after the foul on Waghorn made the ref's decision for him. It seemed like we were given the advantage because we got the shot away. It clearly wasn't an advantage, but that's my only reasoning behind it. It's a foul or a dive, can't be neither in that situation.
  6. The scary thing is that Sterling is only 24 with 53 caps. He's our best player and if he stays fit, I don't see how he won't overtake Shilton's record. People can debate Pep and the money he spends on his teams, but the work he's done with Sterling is incredible. At Liverpool I always thought Sterling was overrated and would never be more than an "almost" player, someone with the potential to be good but would never make the right decisions to really be great. Even when Pep arrived at City, there were rumours that he was being offered to Arsenal in a swap deal. His improvement in the last couple of years has been remarkable.
  7. Rumour has it that while the commotion was going on, Nigel Clough swooped in and gave the Forest groundsman a swift knee to the thigh.
  8. I can understand it to be honest, although I wouldn't say I agree with it. It's been a frustrating start to the season. On paper, a very tough start. We've lost one league game in which we essentially gifted them the two goals to win them the game. We've missed two penalties which would've likely seen us turn two of our draws into wins. If we had a little bit more luck/composure we could easily be sitting on ~10 points rather than 6 right now. If we were, it would've softened the blow of the loss tonight. A defeat in the second round of the Carabao Cup is not the end of the world no matter who it's against. We want to bring young players through, but how often will we have the perfect, no-lose situation to play them. We have to chuck them in the deep end where the stakes are more than League Two Scunthorpe in the cup in order for them to grow as Championship footballers. You can play all the U-23 football in the world but at some point you reach your ceiling. If we'd won a couple more league games, this gets put down more of a learning curve and an unwise decision from Cocu in hindsight. But now we go into a tough away game vs Brentford on the back of a 3-0 Derby defeat, and no win in 4 league games. It's far too early for "must-wins" but I think this is a really important game for us to win, purely as some fans will not react well if we're sitting 19th in the league with 6 points from six games, and knocked out the cup by Forest. It's a gamble by Cocu that really will only be justified if we pick up 3 points at Brentford. We're not a bad side, our first XI are a good match for any side in this league and there's no reason why we can't go and win in our last ever visit to Griffin Park. With nothing but league games until January now, I'd like to see us find more of a settled side - right now mozza should be doing a prediction league on who is going to start for us, let alone score. We've had a very busy, challenging August, if we can finish with a win I still don't think it'll have been too bad a start to the season, tonight included.
  9. That's the risk though isn't it? I'm probably in the minority but if given the option to get knocked out tonight but guarantee 3 points on Saturday, I would accept that. Other managers have tried resting players in the cup then lost the following league game and it's heaped extra, unnecessary pressure on them. If we win on Saturday it's almost all forgotten, but he's sticking his neck on the line by risking it.
  10. Agree. Would you find yourself ripping into Forest fans if our first team knocked their kids out of the cup? I can't say I'd be too bothered by the "banter"
  11. I'm going to care a lot more if we don't pick up three points on Saturday. It's the only feasible reason you'd make 10 changes for a cup game and it's a massive, massive risk.
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