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  1. What’s funny is I knew exactly what this post would be before I opened the thread. So yes, the answer’s yes.
  2. Kazim-Richards would have scored.
  3. I don't like playing for 0-0s, and I don't think that's what we're doing - however 0-0 would be far from a bad result. After the Blackburn disaster, a clean sheet against Norwich and Watford would be hugely encouraging for Cocu and boost confidence so much within the defence after a terrible day. We can try and open up a bit and go for it in teams where we have the upper hand quality wise, however in the last couple games that hasn't been the case. If we manage a 1-0 win playing the exact same way as the first half, I think any complaints post-game would be complaining for the sake of it.
  4. We're working hard and having good territory but still feel like Watford look like they're more capable of playing a killer pass. Other than the Watford mistake just then, we haven't forced any real opportunities, but other than that I'm pretty happy with our performance and workrate.
  5. Buchanan is clearly improving which is great to see, because I had a lot of doubts last season. He seems to be reading the play a lot better in attack and defense, and has the desire and pace to win the ball in important positions.
  6. I love how Curtis sets himself up just so he can get a slide tackle in. The bloke loves getting stuck in.
  7. If Marriott goes and we could bring Wickham in, I think that suits our style much better. I really like Marriott but it would be a smart move. Wickham, Waghorn & CKR (in that order) as striking options. JHI to go out on loan. Duncan to come in when ready. I think we’d be well stocked then.
  8. Kazim-Richards on the back of the pink third shirt 😍😍
  9. Nice of the S*n to potentially cause a shitstorm just before bed.
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