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  1. I think we can still win this game, even though it would be a first for the season... Grabbing an equaliser before HT would be a great help.
  2. If you don’t want to talk about him, why are you visiting a thread focusing on him in the Ex-Rams section of the forum?
  3. Gonna take a big reaction to get a win against Coventry now. I hope we're not at risk of plummeting into some poor form at the wrong time, the only consolation is the other results so far tonight have been favourable for us. The Coventry game could really indicate what kind of end-of-season we're going to experience, win and I think we'll be ok still, if we lose and some of the bottom 3 regain some ground, it could be very touch and go again. How quickly things can change...
  4. It's funny because the quote doesn't even make sense. If they battered us and he said it's not Barcelona, it's Derby then maybe. But they drew with us and now that stupid quote is on a poster. It's hilarious.
  5. Hahahahahahahahaha *breathe* hahahahahaha
  6. All of dcfcfans' second team has sadly lost today. Oh no. What a shame. Hi to all Leeds fans who regularly check in!
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the loanees have been brought in with a view to bring them in again either on loan or permanently in the summer. I'd love Clarke to stay but I can't see it, especially if Brighton come down then there's no chance. Edmundson may be here for that reason, Baningime as cover with Bielik unlikely to return until around Christmas etc...
  8. It can, but I can see a lot of changes coming in the summer with personnel. There's going to have to be with our expiring contracts and six loanees. I think the confidence will be built (or possibly not built) through that in the summer. It's nice to win games and finish as high as possible, but it'll mean the exact same for us. Finishing towards the top of the bottom half or closer to the bottom half shouldn't really have too much of an impact on whatever our prospects are.
  9. If we lost every game left this season and finished out the bottom three, then we'd still deserve to stay up! You can take average figures from previous seasons, but it matters very little. Yes it would be nice to get to 50 points as the average chance of us going down probably decreases, but as long as we can keep the gap to the bottom three, and increase it where possible, then I'm happy. Obviously things change very quickly in this division, and a team in awful form can suddenly be a team in good form in a couple of games, however the likes of Rotherham, Sheffield Wednesday, Hudde
  10. 9 clear of the bottom 3 now, even though Rotherham have a game in hand still, I'm happy enough with that. There's also still teams around us, such as Huddersfield, who look awful and are performing much worse than us, so I'd be confident that we can keep ourselves above them too.
  11. Precisely! At least the farces we're used to are over and done with inside a minute. We had to wait about 4 minutes to review the farce, presumably while those at Stockley Park quickly wrote a variety of decisions on some scrap pieces of paper, then picked one out a hat to reach the conclusion.
  12. Every Premier League game watched makes me not actually being fussed about staying in the Championship for years to come. At least we have poo referee decisions, then that's the end of it, the game goes on. They have poo decisions, five minutes of deliberation, and then still a poo decision. So boring.
  13. It is CKR, it's his birdcall for the ball from the back-four up to him. I imagine he's an absolute nightmare to play against as an opposition centre back for many reasons, and that's one of them. I love him for it.
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