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  1. Kernow

    Fikayo Tomori

    To be fair it’s a bit different when a player trains in old training shorts compared to a player singing about a club he doesn’t play for, then that video being shared by the player and Derby.
  2. Kernow

    Fikayo Tomori

    If he is indeed going out on loan then I think it would be strange if he didn't come here. That's based purely off what has been on social media over the last couple of days. A random video put up of Tomori singing the bounce song with a Ram as the caption? Tomori and Derby both shared that video. It feels like it would connect to a chain of events if he's just become available for loan and would be unusual for that to be posted, and then head somewhere else straight after.
  3. Cornish spuds are infinitely better.
  4. Imagine spending your Sunday afternoon on another team’s forum getting wound up about an abandoned friendly game. Aren't there better things to do?
  5. 96/111. Gave up with just under 2 minutes left because I couldn't think of any more and it was winding me up.
  6. The Bristol City logo would be so much better if it was just the Robin as shown above. I think the standard circular crest is boring and ruins it a bit.
  7. Good squad player in a position we're pretty light in. I think it's a positive sign when other clubs around your level are in for the same players and they choose you.
  8. I don’t remember Bennett & Marriott getting in around the Leeds bench?
  9. This is a link for the Nurnberg kit. So it's kind of like a royal blue version of their grey away kit? https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/06/nurnberg-19-20-away-kit.html
  10. I like many things about this appointment, but one of the things I especially like, or rather find quite amusing is how it changed the view on Frank leaving. When it was first reported that Frank would probably be off there was a little bit of ill-feeling towards him. That seemed to escalate when we were linked with managers like Darren Moore and Darren Wassall etc., and there was more blame on Frank's doorstep for how he'd handled himself with regards to the Chelsea links. As soon as it became apparent that Cocu was our man, it kind of shifted. There were more understanding views towards Frank leaving, and more messages of good luck. I'm not talking particularly on here, probably more so on Twitter. I'd kind of compare it to your girlfriend leaving you for someone else. You're texting your mates saying how much of a bitch she is, you'll never forgive her etc. etc., then you go out that night to drown your sorrows. You end up pulling an absolute stunner. I mean for the league you're in she's gotta be pushing a 10/10. All of a sudden, are you really bothered about the girl that left you? Not so much.
  11. Obviously the main negative of this whole thing was just how long it took. We'll never know just how necessary it was for it to take this long, but I'm glad Jody has addressed the silence and made a point of saying it was out of respect and not disrespect. Jody seems like an extremely and genuine guy so I'm happy to take his word for it. I still think we've come out of this the best though. We're the ones who have been more open to the fans and the media, even when I feel there has been disrespect towards us in this whole scenario. It made me laugh yesterday watching Sky Sports when they were discussing Wilfred Zaha to Arsenal. One of the presenters made a point of stressing that they need to be respectful towards Crystal Palace and stop talking about Zaha as if he's already an Arsenal player to which the rest of the studio agreed. I don't remember any mention of that towards us and Chelsea? Yet still, Mel Morris has been willing to speak to the media and not only that, but speak so well. I had doubts early in his reign but I feel as an owner he's improved and learnt so much over the last couple years regarding decisions made both behind the scenes and in the public eye. We feel like a better-run club, more patient and with more of a plan. I think it's a huge credit to him that we seem to be coming out of this almost unaffected. We've lost a manager that the majority of fans loved, and for a lot of clubs there would almost certainly be a bit of turmoil in response to that. But we've used this time to bring in another exciting appointment, with a great CV, and someone who can almost make it seem like Frank never even left and that's exactly what we need with the season just a month away.
  12. If it's done, it's done. I don't personally see any benefit of announcing it so late at night because although our social media presence may not be as large as Chelsea's we'll still want as much exposure as we could get. It's not like our planning for the season is on hold until there's a video of him on Twitter. If it is all signed like it's been reported, it's our job done.
  13. 47 hours and 60 minutes I think.
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