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  1. Petition to get the Harry Wilson - £50million song going tomorrow Pride Park Stadium, probably worth £80millionnnn 🎵 *idea may or may not have been borrowed from Twitter
  2. I’m sure everyone has their own opinions on how well, or not so well our club is run. But I’m sure we can agree on one thing - thank duck we’re not run as poorly as the EFL. An absolute embarrassment of an organisation.
  3. If true, relying on other teams to bring in replacements can be risky. If we spend the window waiting, and it doesn't happen, we'll end up panicking again.
  4. I'd be pretty annoyed if that was us. The corner for 1-0 was taken 6 seconds after the 5 minutes were up, why didn't the ref blow the whistle after Reading kicked off? Still funny though.
  5. It would be a shame because it’s almost nearly mean the end for Marriott. However there does come a time where you cut your losses, if he can’t stay fit... On paper this team should be scoring more goals than it does, but we’re one of the lowest scorers in the league so a natural goalscorer to play the entire second half of the season wouldn’t be a negative.
  6. As well as we’ve done to win the two home games plus the cup game, this is the real challenge to see if we’ve turned a corner. Its not really the fact that Boro are on good form, it’s about just how bad we are away from home. If we can put in a performance and get a result then maybe we can start thinking we might have a chance of rapidly climbing this table. Another sub-par performance that sees us lose by 2 or 3 goals will undo the positivity built up so far over the past 7 days.
  7. Mackay is way before my era, but the lack of Scotland games is a surprise when you read about just how important he was. My only guess would be that it was because it was an era where footballers were paid modestly and there was no high-tech equipment to keep them at the top of their physical ability. On top of that I expect they would be driving to meet up with international squads rather than being flown everywhere. 14 of his caps came whilst at Hearts/the first year of his Tottenham career. Maybe he simply didn’t think it was beneficial to his career to play for Scotland when he lived in London?
  8. Full-time, brilliant win. Third win in a row which has been extremely comfortable with all things considered, despite the scoreline not necessarily reflecting that. Have we turned a corner?
  9. Whittaker still looks scared. He could've been in there if he showed more desire and willingness.
  10. Milivojevic (sp?) sent off. If any of the two were to be shown red, it was the Palace player. Huddlestone did nothing there.
  11. Sibley's done really well so far today.
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