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  1. His head wasn't quite right that day when he played at Pride Park and tried to clear a corner either.
  2. Football fashion ?

    I refuse to ever go to a football match without the full kit including shin pads. Moulded studs on my boots rather than metal studs though. I'm not a loser.
  3. Picture where you are now

    You're no fun.
  4. Carson

    I'm going to need to replace my profile picture if he carries on the way he's going.
  5. GR - stick or twist

    You can disagree with my post, that's fine. You calling it "a load of rubbish" isn't going to change my opinion though. We were going into the summer with our 6th managerial appointment, including Wassall, since Clough left in 2013. We had a squad composed of different players with different styles. The squad needed an overall because in terms of balance, it was a mess. Just because we weren't bottom six doesn't mean it wasn't. GR wanted to clear out but due to expensive players on high wages, that was easier said than done. Instead he's had to tweak it but also find a way of getting all these to fit into a certain style. He's doing that so far. There's a long way to go and time will tell if we can keep this up but in previous years we've imploded, mainly due to the amount of change going on within the club. The general consensus was this was to be a rebuild season. Not many were posting that a top six finish was a minimum expectation. We're performing above most expectations, including MM's if he's so "thrilled."
  6. GR - stick or twist

    Mel Morris has said he's "thrilled" with how the season is going so far. He also said "Gary Rowett inherited a squad with lots of different regimes, which is always a challenge in my mind." For me, that's the main reason why I've been so pleased with GR this season. He had an absolute mess of a squad. Full of talented players with a huge variety in playing styles. The fact he's managed to find a coherent way of playing that nearly almost everybody is buying into and playing well in is impressive imo. Our style isn't everybody's cup of tea and it hasn't always been effective in every game, but to be where we are right now after the state we found ourselves in at the end of the season is a real testament to the hard work put in by GR, the rest of the coaching staff, and the players.
  7. Picture where you are now

    #WheresKernowGoing Stay tuned.
  8. What are you eating tonight

    Charles is Wales' property. We just get his bangin' missus all to ourselves. I'll be generous and let you lot keep Ginsters...
  9. Happy Record Breakers Day!

    The day has finally come round again. A bit later than you may expect but with that golden Crystal Palace win taking them up to 14 points, 20th place now has 12 points. Our record is safe for another year, time to celebrate!!!
  10. What are you eating tonight

    Don't worry bud, you can follow Cornwall's lead. We're busy sawing the Tamar Bridge in half, then we're free.
  11. Cheese

    In which case I can only call you inconsistent and wrong. You cannot be a true cheese hater unless you stick to your guns and ban it from entering your body through any means. I see potential in you, but you really need to knock pizza on the head full stop. Chinese is better anyway.
  12. Cheese

    My advice is don't eat cheese at all. Disgusting stuff. Everything about it is horrible. I won't eat anything that has cheese in it, or on it. That includes pizza.
  13. Excited for this one. Six and a half hour train journey up on the Friday, heading back home on the Sunday. Hopefully Villa come at us which will allow us to counter. Quietly confident that we can get the three points, then there really will be some excitement building up...
  14. v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-1 Villa Vydra
  15. Josh Vela

    His WhoScored profile for those who are interested. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/101762/Show/Josh-Vela His strengths are listed as ball interception (very strong) and tackling (strong). Style - likes to tackle. Sounds like the combative midfielder we're seemingly after.

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