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  1. MAN v FAT Football coming to Derby with DCFC

    You joke, but it does show the limitations of BMI in a lot of cases. Anthony Joshua has a BMI of 28.8 so he'd be eligible for this. According to the NHS, he's overweight - god help us all if that's the case...
  2. Confess your unpopular opinions

    People who dislike cheese but are happy to eat stuff with cheese on or in are weirdos
  3. Confess your unpopular opinions

    Cheese is the worst food on the planet - pizza included.
  4. Rowett apparently spoke to Mick McCarthy about Lawrence and said he got some really good reviews about him prior to signing. GR says that MM was "gushing" over TL. It certainly makes for some 'interesting' mental images about what Mr McCarthy gets up to in his own private residence...
  5. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    I'd have him here quality wise. Martin or Nugent up top with Forestieri, Vydra and Lawrence behind would be a real force. However he's a massive w******. Supposedly refused to play because he wanted to join us. Not that uncommon, but why? We weren't really a step up from Wednesday, bit of a strange one. Now he's just causing more trouble. Apparently having bust-ups with Winnall during training. The fact that Forestieri is left out and Winnall plays suggests that it's more Forestieri instigating it. If it's possible to insert a clause where the moment he acts like a cockwomble we can terminate his contract at no cost to us, then it'd be worth a punt.
  6. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Bolton 0-2 Derby Vydra FRGS
  7. 1) If he wasn't going to come, as you told us so often, then even trying to sign him would indeed be a waste of time. 2) Not bashing you, I'm just pointing out that what you were saying is just a little bit hypocritical 3) Sorry almighty sir, I must have forgot the forum rule that forbids members to reply to posts. 4)
  8. Thoughts on Tonights Substitutions

    It was nice to see us not making defensive substitutions just because we were in the lead. I think that was a big reason for conceding late goals so often last year, we sat back too early and just invited pressure, it was inevitable. Of course you need to be more cautious as you see a game out, but if you're winning a game with relatively little threat from the opposition, you shouldn't need to shut up shop too much. Hopefully that's one lesson that GR has learnt from his 9 games last season.
  9. You're probably not the best person to be bumping posts of somebody saying we won't sign a player to be fair Del... *cough* Andre Wisdom *cough cough*
  10. Jota

    They wouldn't have to in those terms exactly, but his contract is up at the end of the season. If they don't sell him then they'll need to convince him to sign a new contract before New Years Day because from then on any foreign side could offer him a pre-contract and get him for nothing. If he wanted to go back to Spain I'm sure he'll have a few suitors towards the lower end of La Liga.
  11. Derby County v Preston North End

    Good to get a first win, made it a little harder for ourselves than it needed to be in the end but three points are three points. Let's hope we can kick on a bit better than last season. We're in the exact same position after three games with four points and coming off the back of a 1-0 win against Preston. Good to hear that Weimann put in a good performance, I was hoping tonight that with the arrival of Lawrence, at least one of our wide men would up their game. Think there's a pretty good chance that Lawrence will be starting against Bolton, so we have our wide players playing for their places again. Looks like Weimann is going to get the nod if we're basing the team on recent performances.
  12. Derby County v Preston North End

    I know it's just a penalty, but I really like Vydra. I think his positivity and directness is a great asset and this formation suits him down to a tee. If we play him behind Martin with Lawrence to one side and possibly another quality winger to the other side then I think he's going to have a fantastic season for us.
  13. Derby County v Preston North End

    Can't believe Lawrence doesn't even make the squad. Rowett's clearly another who is going to spunk money on rubbish players who don't play. Sack Rowett. Send Lawrence to Rochdale on loan.
  14. v Preston (H) - Predictions

    Change FRGS to Vydra as Martin's not starting
  15. I'll set a reminder on my phone to give Boycie abuse at 17:01 then.

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