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  1. It'll be during an international break. England are playing WC qualifiers on the 5th and 8th of September.
  2. Kernow

    Lee Carsley

    As Irish as Jack Grealish!
  3. People will post stuff purely for likes and attention. Then when they rightfully get some flak for intentionally leading fans on, cry about it and take a vow of silence forevermore... I'll never understand it.
  4. Again proves how fine the margins are. They lost the play-off final to a wonderful goal from Diame in the season when Hull knocked us out in the semis. If they won that game, they might not still be there now but financially they'd be fine due to the imbalance between the two tiers. It's the same with us. If we got ourselves over the line we may have came back down but I doubt we'd be suffering these problems today. The fans' view towards the owners would also be vastly, vastly different.
  5. Surely White's inclusion suggests that they aren't confident on the fitness of Maguire. Will Henderson be fit enough to start at any point during the groups? I think we have until the first game of the tournament to make alterations to the squad. It's a big call but if Maguire won't be able to play a part until the knockouts, then get him out. It's not a given but we almost certainly should get out of the groups, but then can you really throw a player straight in during a knockout game when he hasn't been fit for weeks? We'll probably end up playing a back 3 of Walker, Stones and one
  6. Kernow

    Lee Carsley

    Thought he could've been a realistic and decent option for us if Rooney moved on, either at the end of the season or when we were in awful form. Great job for him though, all he has to do is a half decent job with the U21s and he might have a direct path to England boss in a few years time. The FA do seem to like following the German model and promoting within these days.
  7. Should play with these, toughen the players up again. Take one of these to the face, or the thigh on a cold December afternoon and you know about it. None of this padded, aerodynamic nonsense. Players these days don’t know they’re born.
  8. Wouldn't mind something like that for us, black and yellow stripes maybe. Won't happen, but it's something different.
  9. A concept kit based off this was already done on Twitter!
  10. Liverpool U23s are playing Wimbledon tonight. 3-1 after about 75 minutes, Gordon has scored twice.
  11. I'd love Johnny back. It's between him and Hughes for who I miss most from our Clough/Steve Mac days.
  12. The only other name I've seen mentioned on Twitter (with absolutely no substance may I add), is Ted Leonsis. Googling him suggests he's a billionaire who seemingly owns every other sports club in Washington DC. He owns Monumental Sports & Entertainment who own several basketball, hockey and 'football' teams. It's purely guesswork but it wouldn't seem that unlikely for Rooney to have become involved with someone like that during his time in the capital.
  13. Those who own DC United are also co-owners of Swansea City. If the American consortium has links to Rooney, it would be most logical to suggest that it would be through DC United. And they can't own both Swansea and Derby.
  14. To be fair in those seasons, we finished in 5th or 6th place. Don't think fans would sabotage the pitch before playing the play-off home leg, and they weren't going to invade the pitch after the first leg when we were 3-0 down to Hull or 1-0 down to Leeds. If we'd got through to the final with the second leg at home, fans would be on the pitch, no doubt about it.
  15. Where are the current links with Gary Cahill? I think we may have signed him if we beat Villa and Lampard stayed, he was linked at the time at least. He'd still improve us, he'd still be our best defender and he's still probably capable of playing most of our games in a season. However he's not going to be on a low wage at Palace and I expect he would attract more interest than what we would be able to pay him. I'm not sure making a 35-year-old CB our highest paid player would fit in with the kind of rebuild project we should be looking at either. He'd be a very good signing if we we
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