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  1. He’s never struck me as a particularly intelligent chap, and it doesn’t appear that he’s using lockdown to improve his intellect either. I’d have thought he would probably want to keep himself out of the spotlight given previous ongoings so far this season. Ah well, it’s his own career he’ll be ruining.
  2. I don’t want to name names but I live in Cardiff and a mate from work passed the information from someone he knows last week after the accident had happened. Didn’t mention anything because there had been no confirmation. I only put this thread up because I had seen quite a lot of mention on Twitter, including from ex-teammates of Whittingham so assumed it had been confirmed. Its definitely not a case of “trying to jump” in first or whatever others have suggested.
  3. Died aged 35. Sad news.
  4. I’ll have a soft spot for Forest if that happens. It’s not too much of a sacrifice for yourselves, as you know as well as we do that we’re both going to be in this league forever.
  5. I'd say we're probably the lowest side in the table who is still in the running for it. We can't really afford many slip ups, and given our run in, it looks unlikely. But stranger things have happened!
  6. No Rooney, no Bielik, no Holmes, no Lawrence. Sibley, Bird, Knight, Bogle... plus our 2013/14 darlings Chris Martin and Craig Forsyth. Enjoyable half...
  7. I love how much Sibley has rattled a 23-year-old international with over 50 appearances for Manchester United.
  8. Good first ten from us. Trying not to let them settle and breaking fast when we win it back. Long way to go but a reassuring start to calm any nerves.
  9. Derby 2-1 Yaaaanited Lawrence FRGS
  10. The last time we played on February 29th was in 1992 when we beat Watford 3-1. I can't wait for 29th February 2048.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday 1-2 Derby Lawrence
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