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  • In Memory of Daniel Beavis (B4) 1985-2023 

    A stranger we had yet to meet.
    Our paths had never crossed.
    And yet, it seems, we knew him well,
    A dear friend we have lost.

    A heart of gold, a Kindly soul,
    A friendly word to each.
    A clumsy gaff may oft appear,
    But ne’er offence be reached.

    A call to arms, a plea for fight,
    A positive embrace.
    Defiant stance, a pumping fist,
    A smile on his face.

    Hatred of pink, and all things red,
    More strangers for him to meet.
    “A sea of black and white” he’d call,
    “Let’s all stand at our seat”!

    A disregard for marriage,
    for relationships of two,
    “Never, ever” he would wail,
    “That would never do”!

    Yet he loved all, and we loved him.
    His quirks always forgiven,
    His stubbornness frustrated,
    But missed, now he’s in Heaven.

    The truest Ram, amongst us all,
    Now gone for evermore.
    For Daniel, for DCFC
    Let’s all be more B4




    Written by @Mucker1884

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