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  1. If investment is close could this be settled beforehand if possible as often loose ends tied up? Perhaps avoiding another publicly embarrassing case?
  2. Yes he has the x factor. Always goes flat for a while when we he goes off. The team needs players who wont be bullied by the opposition, the ref, the opposing fans and our younger players can learn a lot from him. As much as I love him, I would wait a little though
  3. Yes re the cleverness several times - they will get used to just knowing they can run and the ball will be there and his subtle genius😉
  4. Not sure whether anyone has mentioned Evans after he came on - thought he played well and made some good through passes.
  5. Agreed Especially us over the years. After the last couple of weeks can we not just be positive for once and applaud a much better team performance all round. Well done Derby - all of you
  6. Chris Martin - game changer lifted team and crowd and we won. Hopefully all the miseries had left and missed it.
  7. This is the only thread worth reading for trying to be positive. Negativity breeds negativity and us fans need to try and lift and get behind the team even when its tougher. I am looking forward to tonight and that shiver of excitement when you first see the ground.
  8. Agreed and Watch in Europe and I used to get tatty foreign dolls from Europe obviously grovelling with mum for going away
  9. I am very biased but we fell apart after time of Martin substitution. He may have been tired but lost any shape and looked like pub team.
  10. And I detest drink driving and the loutish behaviour allegedly exhibited before anyone suggests otherwise
  11. It seems too soon with opinions very strong and especially with Keogh presumably still in a bad way.....but there has been a very unwelcome trend in this country for trial by media or social media at least and innocent until proven guilty seems to have gone by the wayside. If they have been upfront with the club's heirarchy such that they know the facts and the likely way this will play out then they should make the decision and we should trust them to do that I think. However, who from saturday's team or subs deserves to lose their place though? Noone i would say - they all took their chance well.
  12. Yes he was much better after - controlled area and lots of clean catches but perhaps I think that as was further away from me than first half and so relieved every time he did!
  13. Outstanding effort today was everywhere. Has really taken his chance. Pleased he got the winner.
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