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  1. I think its right but dont like it as possibly means we are aware of bad news as agree with others that seemed to come out of blue but not say much new
  2. Great to see Martin back - i really like Tom but was out of sorts tonight and would start Martin instead next game. Deserves it after fighting back. Loved how he and Malone paced out free kick again after the whistle - they encroached so much for it. Good game for Malone
  3. I hope Ewie is not concussed. Did anyone film the mascots running out yesterday as my son doesnt believe Ewie hit her head on the sky arch thing and fell over?
  4. I enjoyed last season and how Jody and Frank genuinely seemed surprised to be loving it so much and think the timing of this is unlucky for us, but I have been disappointed with Frank's lack of engagement with anything Derby related since the play-off final (compared to Jody and the returning loanees) but still vaguely wish him well but if I see him doing the bounce at Chelsea that will change in an instant!
  5. Fed up with doom and gloom. Have faith. Next season will be good. My first season ticket was in Jim Smith's promotion year, last ended in 2000 and this season is the first year I have been able to have one since so all will be fine. What other lucky omens are on our side whoever is manager?
  6. Am I reading too much into this Instagram like from an hour ago? If so not the classiest or most subtle way of telling fans? Really hope just drunken click on like
  7. Perhaps FL has been waiting for the end of Jody's holiday which per his Instagram is today? Plotting?????????
  8. Last thing Frank seemed to like on Instagram was a Chelsea photo of Drogba and Bolt's shirts hanging up before SoccerAid. Otherwise it looks quiet
  9. Per Instagram Mount went to Mykonos before England training, Roos has been at home and then Rome and now Santorini, Waghorn in Florida, Mason Bennett in Disneyland Paris, Tomori somewhere unnamed but very exotic looking. My son doesn't follow any more!
  10. Please can anyone advise best options for PP parking for season ticket as close to ground as possible to allow late-ish arrival and quick-ish getaway after match? I know there may be no such thing
  11. Sorry if mentioned elsewhere but did anyone else notice we made it into a House of Commons debate today... "Maggie Throup (Con, Erewash) asked Nottinghamshire MP Mark Spencer to take the opportunity to wish his constituents’ football rivals Derby County luck in this weekend’s Championship play-off final at Wembley, he replied it was "the worst question he has ever had." Predictable
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