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  1. Good luck George - hope it works out well.
  2. Coincidence that our better performances started when he was suspended?
  3. "Is it all going on around him half the time?" Yes it is, exactly that but in a very positive way. He doesnt miss a trick. Coaching on pitch constantly
  4. Yes fans on front row down south end
  5. Not if you have fully disclosed everything and done so by relevant dates
  6. Yes but still would mean more endless off-pitch bad publicity and legal stuff. So fed up with it all.
  7. Anyone know what is happening? Is this holding up any transfer activity there might be?
  8. Perhaps all the "did Cocu really want Rooney?", "Cocu needs sacking" hotheads will just shut up snd get behind our team for once. We are not Liverpool, we will lose matches, we will have bad matches, players will have off games but can we just stop being hysterical miserable so and sos and just support our team without all the viciousness
  9. Well if he has any chance he seems to be under the right coaching team seeing how Martin, Forsyth,etc were supported back to the point it was up to them to then fight for their places. I may be wrong but it seems a supportive environment if a player's attitude is right
  10. Very Stimsc-like revenge action!
  11. Seriously. We know nothing about him, he had his family there and was probably fed up with all of it by that point. And if he is not nice then so what, it probably made him the top class player he has been and we need that bite. Get a grip. Sorry happy new year!
  12. Magnificent tonight considering lack of games. Very pleased for him
  13. You misunderstood the 2 rams - two goals not clear goals! Same routine for you Thursday!😂
  14. Looking forward to return to winning ways - we had to miss last 2 home games. Still unbeaten this season (somehow) COYR 🐏🐏
  15. Malone's arms Have always just really annoyed me - that casualness and indiscipline is reflected through his whole game. Sorry I know it seems mad
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