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  1. Totally agree re Sibley and Jozwiak - very difficult for them to do anything tonight
  2. Was going to wait until calmer but dont want to think about it anymore after tonight. Roos 2 Wisdom 2 Mengi 2 Clarke 2 Buchanan 2 Baningime 3 Edmondson 2 Shinnie 4 Jozwiak 4 never anyone near Gregory 2 Sibley 3
  3. It is - so hard to keep enthusiasm going on nights like this. On the upside Wayne got to see some players in a championship match rather than training so should help going forward. And nice little cameo from Watson
  4. So rest them more gradually not wholesale like that. How many looked at the team tonight then formation and seriously thought we would get even a precious point.
  5. Problem is lots of changes and a match like this saps the confidence around the squad, Roos loses confidence and the defence gets jittery again. Couple of rough games and right back in it. As someone said play your best team to win every time. If players tire thats why there are 5 subs.
  6. Good thing about the red button coverage is the players are so far away you cant tell who does the bad stuff! Commentator doesnt know who they are either. And no replays. So I think we look brilliant so far but waggy's having a shocker 😂😂
  7. He is sending me to sleep - cant remember anything he has said
  8. Watching on red button and camera miles from action. Is it any closer up on ramstv or same footsge?
  9. Thought this was perfect for us in post-match threads. Think I was a 4 at half time and ended up an 8
  10. Roos - 6 Byrne - 6 Wisdom - 5 Clarke - 5 Buchanan - 5 Knight - 5 Shinnie - 5 Bird - 5 Waghorn - 5 CKR - 9 anyone scoring against them has to get a 9 whatever Jozwiak - 5
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