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  1. It was also frustrating a few moments before when it was crying out to be passed to him on the wing but noone there
  2. Derby 3 Brentford 3 Thriller FRGS Martin (zoon on to level it)
  3. Wouldnt have gone in without the lockdown hair
  4. Very important headers from Martin at both ends. Just love him. Great interview too. Just think how many would have missed it too if we had been there!
  5. First lawrence now waghorn - not a brain cell between them - more garbage for poor cocu
  6. Love him normally but Bogle very frustrating today - run down the wing and cross it
  7. Agreed. I also liked that he looked as worried as I felt in the last few minutes
  8. Would rather we score twice and miss it than not score twice!
  9. If you knew me at all you would know that i will indeed!! V superstitious
  10. I paused as someone dropped off shopping As shielded - when pressed play it went back to live play rather than where I was. So I have missed both goals. Cant it restart from where you are?
  11. Sat post here patchy at best of times. So will believe when I see it. Anyway someone said code being emailed so shouldnt matter
  12. Are they sending in post? Our saturday post cancelled at moment so even more doubtful!
  13. Dont get why there isn't an option to waive any refund and get the rams tv. I was going to waive but want to see the games
  14. Season ticket option 11 - no refund but put in Chris Martin contract fund
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