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  1. Perhaps you should miss tonight if you missed Norwich!
  2. Wouldnt be surprised - no chat around him now
  3. It seems like forever but this thread only started on October 30th. Think it seems there are issues and its been ages due to the club announcement so perhaps better to just shut up with those.
  4. It is odd though isnt it how some managers fit certain clubs. Only Derby fans would understand why we would welcome him back. Whoever we have i hope the contract is sensible and cleverly performance related rather than just long so they know they would get a big payoff
  5. Surely Mel would love it go through before we play Boro if at all possible!
  6. Just cant not watch and compared to cost of us going to games with season ticket last year to include petrol or train, sometimes hotel, food, etc £10 is a bargain if you live away from Derby. We suffer as a family and while we can afford it will always pay it as think club need the money and there is always the thought that the next match could be the one isnt there😂😂
  7. Spot on. They all looked clueless. Proper experience please. And ditch those mint green socks - just nasty
  8. Well dont do it then especially to one phrase of a linger post. You must be a joy at work giving feedback 😂
  9. And that ridiculous substitution with passing a note to Rooney was totally embarrassing
  10. Much more positive today generally but as always The decision making and quality around the box is woeful. I know it won't instantly improve in a week and I am not a Tom hater but he and Waghorn very poor quality around box and tom incredibly selfish at times. Ahead of January need to try one or more of the youngsters upfront regularly from the start who may play more teamlike. It wont get better keeping Waghorn there i'm afraid. Nice bloke but we are not awarding team places on that basis. Very disappointed as we could have won that one.
  11. Crikey everything is so bleak at the moment its good to see banter and fun in the dressing room. If they carry that togetherness onto the pitch even better.
  12. That's what we thought about Frank
  13. Said that last week but it still didnt happen!
  14. Didnt say it was accurate just positive!
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