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  1. I think with Covid perhaps some older fans havent been going away so much so perhaps the younger fans who want to cause trouble are more concentrated together in away grounds so unacceptable songs perhaps get going more easily. Of course the majority of our young fans are funny and lovely, shouldnt be tarred with the same brush and are the lifeblood for the club going forward. Our away support has been so excellent it is real shame we are even talking about this.
  2. It was certainly cited as one of the issues with what went on at the Euros final with open drug use on Wembley Way discussed widely.
  3. We will have to agree to disagree but the tone of some posters does seem to be superior and getting at people personally. They may not mean to but if you are someone who lives and breathes Derby but cant always go when wanting to then yes you would be "a bit touchy" about it. And by "bit touchy" I mean sick to death of it.
  4. You would like to think so but apparently not
  5. I agree. Have had to hold my tongue every time with family members taking all and sundry for "a day out" not thinking they have deprived an actual fan from going but its not those people missing from average home gates pre-lockdown to now. Its not the reason for us but I think the club's attitude has turned many away. I hope it starts to recover and think it will for Swansea.
  6. Stewards dont seem to drag people out any more. Assume away fan areas still videoed by police - isnt anything done afterwards?
  7. "you'd be hard pressed to find any other club whose home support has dropped as severely as ours since the first lockdown." And you would be hard pressed to find any other club who has treated its fan base with such contempt or made it so difficult to actually buy tickets
  8. Well say that then. As someone who usually has season tickets but cant go this year for many reasons I found the tone of your previous comments insulting and lacking in any empathy. Perhaps I am a sensitive soul in which case I apologise
  9. Assume so as all of those glory hunting moaners have been weeded out and its only real fans now. Dont think disparaging fans who cant make it for whatever reason helps by the way - this Im a better fan stuff hacks me off totally and probably has the opposite effect to that you want ie more people to buy tickets. By the way can someone compare how many tickets are bought with the attendance to see how many if those not there may have bought tickets anyway? Not sure if possible after sales close? The idea of cheaper virtual tickets for anyone wanting to contribute who cant go for financial of other reasons is still a good one if there is some way of administrators doing it and they want cash
  10. We are doing so much better than anyone predicted after the embargoes and transfer restrictions. Just enjoy watching a squad who seem totally committed despite everything with many of our own youngsters stepping up. Necessity has given us this - just add the points back when looking at the table and feel proud - especially of your Wayne!! Lets just make sure we enjoy the football - with everything else if the team carrying on giving it their all, it will be season we look back on for the togetherness between fans and players which we havent had for a little while and which many other fans may be envious of despite the circumstances.
  11. Or perhaps some of them just cant afford two matches in a week or cant get time off work midweek esp if they need to travel or wont be able to get petrol to travel! Think (hope) Swansea will be higher
  12. It sounds from sky sports news as if their players changed the refs mind. Kamara didnt seem to think red
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