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  1. Finding and signing that gem of a striker would help or perhaps he is already here and was out on loan. Effective Striker this year more key than ever
  2. No last season's rumour thread was just that and entertaining summer reading and the other is supposed to be posters like old ben suggesting signings but this year all muddled in other one.
  3. Perhaps Whittaker would like to come home too
  4. Very pleased - deserved awards for Nelson, Cash and Nat (and he does smell nice 😂)
  5. I agree. Not living in Derby and having undertaken many sports events trips with my children and Uni open day visits to UK cities over the last few years, I agree its no worse than lots of others and much better than many. Most cities have good bits and bad bits and city centres generally are in decline matching the reduced income with increased working from home and people moving out during of post covid. Many cities with large soulless shopping centres have suffered in the areas outside of them. Huge mistake building them. Anyway around Derby is just lovely, its so central and the people are wonderful. If its so bad strange so many ex-players stay in the area.
  6. Probably mid-table but hopefully with sparks of brilliance along the way from the young hungry-for-success players we're signing as they gel as a team ready for the promotion push the following year
  7. Either we are really not controversial as a fan base or the mods have been busy
  8. And OAPs - my mum doesnt do night matches from Cambs
  9. Or we're letting them train to be fit to get deals elsewhere? Or Sibley and Thommo had bust up on break at the cabin and he's letting off steam at least! 🤷‍♀️
  10. This may not be correct and just an impression but he always seems a bit less close to the others than most of team (but what do I know!) - PW does believe in his team being very close for success and perhaps Joe doesnt and thinks he can get better deal elsewhere. Did we ever find out why we had a spell with Vickers starting?
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