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  1. Like Blackburn... And it's funny, I was talking to a 22 year old the other day about big clubs now vs what they used to be as he was saying Man City can't sell their tickets - I explained that they used to sell 30,000 in League One but they're a different club now. And that I remember when Chelsea had one of the worst grounds in the country and were basically Brentford. And Leeds were a contender. And I went to Filbert Street when there were 8,000 there. It's funny what's happened to clubs in the last 20 years. I'm sure there are lots more but as someone else said, I'd hate for us to be the first big club to go completely under. I'm not saying we've got a divine right to the Prem or that we're a contender for anything but the top 20 (and we've always punched above our weight in terms of size of city vs attendances) but we are one of the oldest clubs and one of hte founder members so for us to go under, the system has to be wrong.
  2. Apart from Curtis Davies in background near centre and Tom Lawrence far right. </pendantry>
  3. I think this is where the EFL are rubbish. They seem to wade in like a bull in a china shop when it's all too late and the people who caused the problem have moved on (as Mel has) and we, the fans are left with the legacy of the debts, the points penalties and the turmoil for the next 10 years. It's just very, very wrong. I'm not anti-EFL; I think their motives are in the right direction but they're a bit dim and naive because this system just doesn't penalise the right people.
  4. That's the problem - young ones, being young, want to follow the big clubs and if we're in League One or Two, then the pull to Man Utd, etc can be too much so we lose our fanbase. It's a fact bud. We might love DCFC but kids want to see Ronaldo or at least a chance of seeing him and if we're a little club in League Two then there's no chance of that - hence we lose the support and become a small club like Notts County...
  5. That's an excellent idea. I was conscious that I didn't have have an alternative and what you say is a much better model. I wonder if that's how they work in the EFL? I'm sure they don't operate like us.
  6. I totally understand what they're trying to do: 1) Have the 'fit and proper' process for any new owners to stop 'baddies' getting into the game 2) Ensure clubs don't over-spend to the detriment of the competition and the club itself However... When the worst happens, as has for us and other clubs, when the EFL apply the penalties, are the correct people being punished? Mel knew the risk he was taking and he lost some money but the club could actually disappear because of his actions - not something we signed up for as fans. So whilst I appreciate the EFL have a job to do, by applying points deductions to the club, they actually compound the clubs problems by reducing our revenue and potentially sale'ability to new owners. This can't be right... can it? The clubs themselves (if we define that as the entity of us as fans and the collective interest that is DCFC) have done nothing wrong. The owners and money men are using the club as a vehicle to make money. If that doesn't work, they lose a bit of money but our club is damaged significantly. There's a whole generation of kids that won't follow DCFC now because we'll be in League One so that sends us down a notch in terms of fanbase which in turn reduces our revenue which makes it less likely for us to return to the Prem. It's a very, very vicious circle caused by money men who don't truly have the balls, money, skill or luck to see it through.
  7. I get that - my point is why be angry at the administrators? They're just doing what they're paid to do and of course they should be paid for their work else there'd be no-one to do it! There are less expensive administrators out there, I'm sure.
  8. Why would they do it if they weren't going to get paid? And if a company is big enough to have millions of debts then probably justifies the high rates. Now, if you're asking if £500 ph for a pleb who can count beans is fair, that's a different question! 😉
  9. Tell you what, let then crack on and we'll the do the same against QPR (or the EFL) for considerably more $ as they went into the Prem after demonstrably breaking the rules (i.e. they were fined). And if you look back at it, I'm sure there are lots of other similar cases so let them go for it, if they win then there's no reason why we can't do the same and get, what, £150m back? Problem solved. PS Obviously none of this will happen.
  10. LOL! Fair enough! And I agree - given the focus and investment, it would be crazy to lose any of the benefits. Regardless of his job title (i.e. Operational Director, cleaner or CEO), if he's a director of the company then he's legally responsible for the affairs of the company - i.e. that he should act in the best interests of the company. So, if he was aware that the company was doing anything illegal, then the Limited Liability aspect is irrelevant and he could be personally liable for the actions of the company. However, if he does act correctly (as I'm sure he would), then his own personal liability is Limited - hence the term Limited (Liability) Company. In essence, the Company exists to limit ones personal exposure to risk - as long as you don't break the law. It works quite well. So it wouldn't be an issue for Dazza at all that they went into administration as long as he wasn't aware they were trading insolvent or equally dodgy stuff. The fact we've gone into administration rather than stop paying staff and players, etc actually suggests the directors are doing the right thing so it could be that Dazza resigned because he's moving on, wants no part of it or just because there's no point in him being a director as it'll all being sold off. In short, lots of reasons why he might resign.
  11. The original of that is: "The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you've got it made." (possibly) by the same (French) bloke as: "Only the mediocre are always at their best" - Quite like that one.
  12. It's a consortium of Sam Rush (transfers), Tom Ince's mum (finance) and Lee Camp's dad (team/fans/management relations) with Peter Ridsdale as footballing advisor. They couldn't screw it up any more than the current lot have.
  13. Or.. our new billionaire, philanthropic, FFP-savvy owners go for Mbappe, Kante and Virgil as our new spine and build out from there... Seriously, I hope we have new owners in place by then so hopefully won't lose those that we don't want / need to.
  14. It might be one of those things that someone mentioned in passing as an example that became a de facto 'fact'. We understand there's £27m owed to HMRC and £6m in transfer fees (£33m). Obviously the stadium was valued at £80m but realistically that's surely going to be more like £30m in real terms... if Mel is true to his word about effectively writing off his investment and helping new owners. Then there's the MSD money which I'm not sure is actually for but it's around £9m I think (could be wrong) so that's circa £70m and I'm sure there are more skeletons in closets so it feels like the £60m is actually low-balling it.
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