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  1. Ah I see. I have been at work all day and by the headlines (most likely clickbait), I thought the embargo had been lifted. My bad and thanks for the correction.
  2. I think if you look at Wayne’s career and the way he throws himself into clubs, he is genuinely concerned like the rest of us. From the comments on Roy Mac’s post, there is a person there who has a lot of respect for us as an institution and a club. I don’t think you can fault his commitment to the club, his problem has been the lack of an adequate squad. I still think we will have a mid table season (I may be slated for saying that), because he seems like a decent enough coach with some tactical nouse. I’m excited to see the way he gets our rabble playing. One thing I will say about this season is, let’s not go with a pre conceived negativity as fans. Let’s get behind the team, through the rough and the smooth and hopefully bring some energy and enthusiasm to a thread bare team. It’s not the players fault we are in this position, only their higher ups.
  3. It’s hard to see him not being massively effect by his injuries but some players are able to recover well. It all comes down to the individual. Hopefully he still has that neat Busquests like turn.
  4. Mel is paying the wages from what I’ve read so that takes that out of the equation. I still think we will have to undervalue our assets but we still have bargaining chips if we manage to drum up a bidding war. However I’m not sure the current ownerships is able to do that.
  5. Am I right in thinking we are still under embargo due to the EFL charge pending? if so, that’s two seasons in a row they have done this during the close season. It’s almost as if they want to relegate us 🤔
  6. Not sure I believe the part about Mel selling up quick means a smaller deduction. That would prove that the EFL have been vindictive in their pursuit of us and surely would spell the end of a lot of people in a lot of jobs. And we would be able to sue them? Correct me if I’m wrong?
  7. Anyone who says they aren’t celebrating right now is a liar. The players did what was asked of them, they ran through brick walls. This will be a season to forget, for many reasons, but they did the club proud today and how much it meant to them showed at the end. Some may move on but they truly played for the badge today.
  8. It has to be a combination of things. 1. Two seasons so close together causing fixture congestion and a lack of summer break. Players are more tired, maybe causing managers to set up defensively? 2. As mentioned above, lack of fans. The football has less energy and drive so less goals. 3. In the premier league, I guess you could say VAR is a factor. And for us, who knows, just generally being useless at creating chances and finding the back of the net?
  9. Will be a tough test. Hopefully Reading, as a poster above said, are a little nervy given their position in the table and a loss knocks them out of the play offs. Get after them early on, without throwing caution to the wind. I think we could Knick a win here but I’d take a draw. Marshall Byrne Wiz Clarke Fozzy Shinnie Bird Joz Sibley Lawrence Kazim Think Joz plays better on the left, as he had been doing for Poland. There is room for the 3 behind Kazim to interchange and allow for Byrne and Fozzy to support. COYR.
  10. Not saying Morris didn’t spend. Saying he is not currently capable due to poor running of the club and reluctance. I see why you viewed my statement that way however I meant someone who is willing to spend on appropriate players and not just willy nilly
  11. My bad. Hopefully the EFL will see sense but given their track record, I’m not holding my breath
  12. Just seen a fairly reliable foreign journalist say on Twitter that financial fair play is due to be scrapped by UEFA with a new system that allowed more freedom to be put in place. About time and this endless persecution of our club can stop. It has never worked. Let’s get an owner in who can spend and take us to the next level
  13. Feel like we feel most comfortable at a 3 at the back at the moment, due to the loss of. Bielik. so I’d go: Marhsall Mengi Edmunson Clarke Byrne Knight Shinnie Fozzy Sibley Roberts Waggy feel like Rooney may move Knight further forward but think this would be the wrong move. I like Knight and Shinnie in a two, they Do the running of 3 players
  14. Roos Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Bird Shinnie Watson Joz CKR Sibley Joz and Sibley to get close to Colin for a more direct approach. Bird and Shinnie to be the ball winners in the midfield and battle. Watson as we need someone in the middle of the park who can drive and be influential. A lot to ask for a young lad but if you’re good enough, you’re old enough. Can’t see us winning against probably the most in form team in the division. Would love to be proved wrong.
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