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  1. Good chance for Zoon. Reckon we start Knight/Holmes on the wing as we know Preston are a physical team and we need someone to stop the ball coming into the box. When legs are flagging or we need a spark it would suit zoon. Maybe wishful thinking but you shouldn’t want your own players to fail.
  2. Been on my mind the past couple of days this. That 3-0 under Maclaren still hurts. Today is the day to put it right and build some much needed momentum going into games against the top 8.
  3. As a club we have a good choice between Waghorn and Martin up top. Martin is good for when teams sit deep with two banks of 4 and allow no spaces in between as he thrives in these situations. Wahgorn is a good striker for when we need to press from the front, counter and there is more space to play into. Both produce a decent goal return for this level and scoring from strikers hasn’t been the problem this season. The issue has been a lack of goals from midfield which Lawerence before the break and Sibley after it are helping to solve. There is horses fo
  4. Every game is a cup final till the end of the season. Hopefully Sibley can have a positive end to the campaign, our season depends on it.
  5. Quality quarterback style defensive mid for this level. Thought that I read the next contract would be with a view to coach, if so may be a good deal given he is an intelligent player.
  6. A new goalkeeper is definitely on the agenda for next season. However, it is hard to find a decent shot stopper who is good with his feet at this level. Do any of the posters who follow the academy rate any of the goalies on our books?
  7. The way I see it is that due to Covid-19, not out of contract player will be able to demand big wages. Especially not one who has struggled for the past few months. Therefore, with some good negotiation skills he could be an affordable championship player. If he really wants to be a successful player, he Will take the opportunity to play football in a young, progressive team over another payday. If he is in it for the money, then don’t bother, we’ve had enough of this over the past few years.
  8. Jordan Ibe for me. Free transfer, been here before and needs to prove himself again. Why not come back to make a name for himself again. we need a tricky pacy winger and he is a level above the champ on his day.
  9. Would love Hart here. Was one of the best goalies in the world at one point. Guardola knocked his confidence a lot, maybe a fresh start would do. if he is on an acceptable wage I’d take him. Could be a chance for him to turn it around with us
  10. Feel like the club has never fully recovered from the play off final loss than cane after this performance. Got that loving feeling back about the club for the first time since this season. I think this manager and set of young players may deliver us to the promised land and keep us there.
  11. Given that Cocu’s remit as manager is to bring through young talent, I can’t see us selling any of our emerging stars. Knight, Bird and Sibley will all stay as they know there is chances for them here. Keep Lowe as he is a top class championship left back when he is 100% fit. The only one I could see us selling is Bogle as he will have a value around £10 million allowing us to balance the books for any much needed incomings (centre back and winger). Ebosele could be the one to step up and replace him. In an ideal world we wouldn’t sell Bogle as he is the best RB i
  12. When we get to the prem, he will assist Cocu in taking us to the champions league within 2 years.
  13. Great result today. Hopefully a sign of things to come. One thing I would want to add to this team is that player in the final third to knit the play together (further forward than Rooney). Will Hughes looks like he had a good game at Watford today (from the part of the game I saw). Would love him back here.
  14. Roos Bogle Wisdom Clarke Lowe Bird Rooney Waggy Knight Lawerence Marriott That defensive midfield two should never be changed. Marriott to stretch the game and knight to provide kegs in and around him. Rooney and Marriott means away from home they can’t pen us in our own half as we have Rooney to send Marriott in behind. Could move Lawerence to number 10 and use Knight as a defensive winger
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