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  1. I would say he has had a positive season so far. Looked bright most times he has played (bar the Peterborough madness). Just needs a goal to get his confidence infront of goal back. He should have scored against Forest had he been laid in by Ravel/Lawrence
  2. This would be a good confidence builder going into the weekend game. Rest some of they key players (Davies, Jags, Shinnie, Joz, Ravel, Sibley) and give some of the others in the squad a test ahead of a long old season. If the above mentioned were to be injured, we need to make sure their replacements can do a job against teams at our level.
  3. Actually a very good attacking trio for this division. A bit more depth would be perfect now.
  4. There lays the beauty of tournament football. A full team of premier league stars for England lost to Iceland in 2016.
  5. Feel like that’s a pressure lifter for a striker. We now have two strikers who have scored which is better than we could say for the start last season. Would be great to get Joz and Sibley off the mark as I feel the goals would flow given the current pattern of play emerging.
  6. Starting Baldock (a more mobile striker willing to run the channels) earned us the right to play in the pockets in front of the defence. When the striker wants to come back towards our goal as well as all the attacking midfielders, it means there defence can squeeze up. Dropping Lawrence wasn’t there reason we played well in their half, it was the fact we had options to go long and short. You always have to earn the right to play football with graft and unselfish running of the channels.
  7. Boro will be a different beast I fear. They won’t allow us as much space. Time to see if this team can break someone down who wont allow us too much time on the ball. Same team. I have the faith, and so should you all. COYR
  8. I did want to include him but will he be able to play first team games yet. I’ve not seen enough of him so wouldn’t know how he’d stand up in a championship game.
  9. Roos Byrne Davies Jags Foz Bird Shinnie Sibley Lawrence Morrison Baldock/Stretton Baldock or Stretton to stretch over the top. Sibley being on the right with Byrne will allow Byrne to overlap. In an ideal world, we would have someone else in for Shinnie, ideally a right footer to balance the system Rooney wants to play. If we play against Hull like we did in the 25 mins after halftime against Peterborough we could come away with a win here. More intensity in the passing, more movement and no lapses of concentration in the last 10. COYR
  10. Moving the ball too slowly up the pitch, a lack of movement and an inability to make the ball stick up top. Feel we lack a real killer passer from defensive midfield who can break their lines in midfield. I would play Morrison deeper and get Tom on the left as Morrison has been the only one so far who has been able to break their lines.
  11. I think with Peterborough needing a win in front of their home fans, they will have to come onto us. With a slow defence I’d look to play on the break. So I’d line up: Roos Byrne Davies Stearman Fozzy Bird Shinnie Joz Lawrence Morrison CKR would consider Ebosele but can’t see him dropping captain Tom or Morrison
  12. A cup run would be good for us. survival and getting to a late round of the cup would be a good season.
  13. My team would be: Allsop Byrne Cashin Davies Buchanan Thompson Shinnie Ebosele Sibley Morrison Stretton This team is by no means weak but preserves some of our first teasers for Peterborough away.
  14. Anyone know if anywhere is selling those warm up tops? the only training kit I can seem to find is the orange one but would love to get the warm up top.
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