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  1. LeedsRam1999

    v Rotherham (A) (League) - Predictions

    Rotherham 1-2 FRGS Waghorn
  2. LeedsRam1999


    Centre back is a position that you get better at with experience. You learn to judge things better and get a better positional sense. Tomori will get better as the season goes on and as someone mentioned before he will most likely look better next to Davies who will play on the left so he can play on the right.
  3. LeedsRam1999

    v Reading (A) - Predictions

    Reading 0-2 Derby FRGS Lawrence
  4. LeedsRam1999

    Luke Thomas - Sent to Coventry, loan till Jan.

    Was a sensible decision for me. He’s only played 30 odd minutes for first team football for us so think it would have been a little unrealistic for him to be able to step up for a long period in a play off final. Got to bring young players through slowly and Rowett has said many times a promotion race isn’t the place to do it. I agree with this. That’s what pre season is for. Reckon we will see a lot of Thomas, Guy, Bogle, Lowe, Elsnik is pre season and then we can go from there.
  5. LeedsRam1999

    Johnson and Huddlestone

    The thing about Huddlestone is that when he has the ball in a tight situation, he is always composed and finds a good pass. One of those players you trust in that situation. Johnson was class through the reason of discipline. It’s extrently hard to consistently focus for 90 odd minutes on doing your job and keeping your shape. Especially when you’ve spent the vast majority of the game without the ball and completely knackered. The point for Johnson goes for the whole team. They all filled in for each other and were willing to cover when someone was caught out. For example, Jerome filled Lawrence’s role a couple times during the game. It was a colossal effort and another one is needed again on Monday night.
  6. LeedsRam1999

    Andre Wisdom’s form since switching to 5 at the back

    Wonderful pass for Lawrence in the first half too
  7. LeedsRam1999

    Will Hughes Article

    Feel like Hughes would have really suited this 3 in the back formation. Play him as one of the attacking midfielders and you can see his qualities when he is further forward.

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