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  1. Reading v Derby County

    Think scrapping out a win is what we need. Something to lift the mood around the club. Reading from when I last saw them like to pass the ball. Play an energetic team to get up in their face and press them. Carson wisdom Keogh Davies Fozzy Ledley Huddlestone Palmer Vydz Weimann Jerome Press them high, they will leave space in behind for Huddlestone to play those lovely passes into. Weimann and Palmer pressing high. Wait for the gaps to appear and counter. Utilise the pace in this team with the front 4 and goals will come. Really think home games are the ones where huddz and Thorne should play next to each other, huddz to play his usual play making game and Thorne to pick a clever pass to unlock a defence.
  2. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Based on the fact the Leeds GK is a bit shaky reckon we will aim to stick the ball into the box, play Johnson on the left wing, Jerome up front with Lawerence on the right to deliver the ball. Could give us some joy.
  3. Too many draws?

    In other seasons, many of these draws would be defeats in narrow games. 1 point in a game you deserve to lose is a good point. If drawing a lot of games is our dip in form, I will take it! Beats losing. Trust Gary to get the wins going again soon. COYR.
  4. Stronger or Weaker

    Did Luke Thomas leave in the end? And can Palmer play on the wing? Would be the most derby thing ever to sign a central player just to play them on the wing. Feels like a panic deal to me.
  5. Tom Bayliss

  6. Transfer Deadline Day

    Sorry haven’t read the thread as I’m unable no to cope with the deadline day meltdown but by not signing a winger are we giving Bennett and Kyle Macallister a chance?
  7. James McClean

    Reading this thread is proving so painful, just want an update...
  8. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Man U 1-2 Derby Frgs Keogh COYR
  9. Chants

    Bit of a steal from Liverpool (sorry) Vydras scoring, All around us, Children playing, having fun, its the season for love and understanding, Merry Christmas, Nottingham,
  10. v Fulham (A) - Predictions

    2-2 FRGS Lawrence
  11. v Forest (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1-1 Forest Frgs Martin for his first against the dogs
  12. v Brum (H) - Predictions

    Derby 0-0 Brum

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