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  1. Marshall Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Benni Bird Knight Joz Kazim Roberts
  2. Would like to keep the strike partnership as seemed they had good link up play. 3-5-2 for me Marshall Mengi Wiz Clarke Byrne. Shinnie Knight Buchanan Roberts* Kazim Gregory Think Joz deserves a rest and show him he isn’t undroppable. Roberts deserves his chance if he is fit. *would be happy with Roberts or Sibley.
  3. He likes to dive in to a tackle and take a booking. He is also easy to wind up given his discipline record. I want him to play as much as you but we are walking a tightrope and just empathising with why Rooney is reluctant to trust him with 90 mins against set piece teams. think the best balance we had was Sibley on the left, Joz on the right and Kazim up front.
  4. Personally next week against Boro (who will most likely make themselves tough to score against) I’d get Joz on the left, Roberts on the right, Kazim up front with a midfield of Knight, Benni and Shinnie. Would use Sibley but as someone mentioned above, he can be rash and give away set pieces opportunities.
  5. Think Cocu alluded in his tenure that Sibley has work to do with his off the ball game, ie when we are defending in shape. With the situation we are in, don’t think Rooney feels we can afford to take chances with young players. Some may say Knight and Bird still play but think these two are competent in our own third and can play in a shape. Think Sibley is more a luxury player for when we are in form. Get further away from the drop zone and we will see more of young Louis.
  6. Never have I ever experienced should a crazy deadline day from Derby. Very impressed with the business we have done. Addressed all 3 positions we needed and added an extra body in defensive midfield on short notice. Well done Wayne and all involved. Now time to see if they can live up to expectations.
  7. Read somewhere this mean they will likely cut Patrick Roberts loan short. Would fit the bill of a left footed winger?
  8. If we are winning after 70/75 mins, Rooney can bring him on with the faith he is going to run himself into the ground like Colin. Sensible signing. Let’s just see if he has goals in him. Think we really need another wide man, preferably left footed. If we get a striker, a left footed winger and these two centre backs, you have to say the day has been a success.
  9. Defensive midfielder. PLEASE
  10. The real test of Rooney’s tenure now is how can we play without our best holding midfielder. So far though I am loving the mentality he is instilling in the players. Give him the budget Clement had and he would take us up (might be getting ahead of myself). Unfortunately he doesn’t but he is getting a group of lads who looked down in October to turn out some real determined performances and fighting for every ball.
  11. Now it’s time for the next big test of Wayne’s managerial career. Can he recruit players who fit well on a shoestring budget?
  12. If Rooney has played alongside him and thinks he will fit then I will trust in his decisions. I remember him having a decent run of goals for Everton in the prem but then he dropped off the face of the earth. However they did go through many managers in a short amount of time and as we know, that is damaging to some players. I have a feeling that as soon as Duane is gone, we will be able to pay the wages and bring in another player.
  13. Yes you can bring up his attitude. Or you can look at the vast number of people who have played with him and say that he is the greatest youngster they ever saw. Some big names were totally convinced he could have been the best player in the world. If anyone will get him going, it’s Wayne Rooney. It’s a gamble but we aren’t in a position where we have much choice. All hands on deck and we can use all the help we can get. Let’s hope these new links to Morrison and Murphy mean the takeover is drawing nearer.
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