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  1. Can't help but feel a little bit worried about this. No smoke without fire, right?
  2. The Roos bashing on this was...surprising. As Eric Steele said on the radio, playing out from the back doesn't come down entirely to your goalkeeper. Blaming him for so much of Saturday wasn't right in my opinion and, to be honest, he was probably one of the reasons it wasn't 6 or 7-0.
  3. Agree completely. He's had his best games next to Evans, actually. If we played 3-5-2, I'd happily see Hudds in the middle with Evans, with Bielik in the middle of the back 3.
  4. He looked brilliant at Hull because he had Jake Livermore protecting him, doing all the running for him, winning the ball back for him, etc. In fairness to Rowett, he wanted to put Kieftenbeld next to Huddlestone to form a similar partnership. Had to settle for Ledley in the end. Personally, I'm not sure we can afford to play a midfielder who needs another play to do so much just to suit his role in the team. But Cocu appears to like having a Quarterback-type in the side, so he's going to need to find a way to protect TH going forward.
  5. I reckon that's probably a bit of an exaggeration, especially if you take the first four games in to account. We didn't look like we were going in the opposite direction against Huddersfield, or Swansea, or West Brom. We looked like we were improving and playing some nice stuff. The last two games have been really poor, for differing reasons. I'm not arguing that at all. The Brentford game especially. But what I'm saying is that these types of games, from Huddersfield to West Brom to Brentford, are indicative of a team going through a transition. Of a team changing something, or trying to. Before the season started, everybody fully expected this. Some even welcomed it. Yet some are reacting like this has come as a total shock. I even saw one poster on here suggest we are "relegation fodder." This sort of stuff is just so ridiculous. It's the kind of stuff you laugh at when other club's fans do it.
  6. Where did I say it was the fans fault? I'm not preaching. I'm trying to push back against the really tiresome mass-hysteria that you are often part of.
  7. Been a bit disappointing to see so many fans (not too many on here, mostly on Twitter) hitting the panic button after two defeats. I appreciate that this week has been something of a disaster (two defeats in a row and conceding six goals is going to annoy anyone), but we really need to hold our nerve here. When Cocu was appointed, many on here (and on Twitter) said they fully expected a transitional season. With so many players leaving as their contracts ran out, and the departure of our three most talented players (Tomori, Mount and Wilson), we should all have expected something of a decline in playing performances going into this season. And now, as we begin to show the signs of a team going through a transition (inconsistent performances, the blooding of young players, trying different formations) many of us are suddenly losing our heads. What did you expect? You've seen other teams go through this and come out the other side. So why the pandemonium? Transitions take time. TIME. Some of you are calling it quits on this manager when he's had less games than Nigel flipping Pearson! We know what the modus operandi for this season is. We know what the aims are. They were communicated to us very clearly at the start of the season by Mel, Cocu and most of the players. We are trying to build something at this club now. We are trying to stop the constant chopping and changing of managers that has caused us to fall into the mess to start with. We are trying to finally utilise the incredible academy Mel has worked so hard to build, whilst building a footballing identity and philosophy and simultaneously stay competitive. You expect this to happen after 6 games? Come on. Let's get a hold of ourselves here. We have to back this team. Now, before you call me a happy clapper, I do think Cocu has made some errors. The first being some of the choices in the Forest game. I think he underestimated just how much that game means to us as a fanbase, and threw some youngsters in at the deepest of deep ends. He will learn from that. You could tell he had in the interview after the game. The second is the current use of formation. The 4-3-3, and the 4-2-3-1 to a lesser extent, aren't working because we are lacking any real quality in the wide areas, and a creative outlet in the 10 position. He needs to figure this one out, and I think he will. Richard Keogh suggested that he thought we looked good in a 3-5-2, and I agree with him. We've got the attacking full-backs to play this formation. Plus it means we can play Bielik in his preferred position of centre-half, with Keogh to the right of him and Clarke to the left. We could also play Waghorn and Marriott up top with each-other (which many of you wanted to see this season), and Lawrence in that 10 role behind the two of them. TL flourished in that system at Ipswich, so this might suit him in the long run. Regardless of this though, any system, formation, style will all take time. We all knew this at the start of the season, and we owe it, not just to the management, but to Mel and his vision, to not only give this time, but to back it. Back him. Back the club. Loads of you already are, so this post isn't really for you. Sorry this turned into something of a blogpost, but I've been stewing on what I wanted to say about all this since yesterday, and I couldn't really make it any shorter. Up the Rams! 🐏
  8. A) To my eye, he's trying to implement an attacking, possession based style of football, akin to the one Lampard (occasionally) produced. He's trying to do this whilst: - Being without Tomori, Mount and Wilson. - Without his best full-back. - Blooding younger players who will need game time to improve and get used to the demands of the Championship He's finding this pretty hard to do, mostly due to the fact that we have a serious lack of quality in the wide areas and are currently looking devoid of creative ideas in the centre of the park. Adding Holmes will help this. If we had added a better RW in the transfer window, this would have helped. The reality is that we probably don't have the personnel to play this system at the minute, and I think this is the error you can accuse Cocu of. He needs to move us into a formation that better suits the players we have available (such as a 3-5-2, I think Keogh even alluded to liking us in that formation in an interview). B) I think from Huddersfield to West Brom, we actually looked better each week. Forest and Brentford have been a bit disastrous, but some fans are using these two games as their benchmark for the entire season so far, which is both ludicrous and just a bit stupid (I'm not accusing you of this). This forum gives a good insight to the entire fanbase, and it's been great to read so many posters getting and buying into what we are trying to do. Some, I think, are just letting us down. They sound spoilt and arrogant, a bit like some of our players looked on the pitch on Saturday. Final point: We can't, as a fanbase, expect a transitional season and then throw our toys out the pram when we play like we're going through a transitional season. We just look daft.
  9. How did Hughton get on in his first season with Brighton? Spoiler alert: if he had that sort of season with us, a portion of this fanbase would be calling him out for the sack.
  10. Honestly think this team would much better suits some sort of 3-5-2. We just have not got the quality in the wide areas to play the 4-3-3 at the minute, and the 4-2-3-1 doesn't really seem to suit any of our players. If Bielik wants to play CB, then maybe slot him in between Keogh and Clarke so he can step out. Use Bogle and Lowe as wing-backs. Put Lawrence in the 10 role behind Waggy and Marriott. It might work. Got to be better than what we're seeing at the moment, surely. - - - - - - - - - - Roos - - - - - - - - - - - - - Keogh - - Bielik - - Clarke - - - - Bogle - - - - ??? - - - ??? - - - - - Lowe - - - - - - - - - Lawrence - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Waghorn - - - Marriott - - - -
  11. "Relegation fodder" It's August. Ffs, guys 😂
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