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  1. I would largely agree with you on that. I'd happily see us bring in a winger/midfielder on loan. I'd like to see us try to bring in permanent additions when it comes to the Keeper and the Centre-Half, though. We're really lacking quality in those positions and, long term, I think we need to strengthen. In the midfield and on the wings, it seems like less of a priority. Especially when you look at the players we've got coming through the academy. I don't see that same quality shining through at the back!
  2. Goalkeeper, Centre-Half, Right-Winger, Attacking Midfielder. Not a cheap January!
  3. Incredibly disrespectful to our manager. (The article, not you @Mountain Ram)
  4. I know one member of this forum who is happy to drive him all the way there, if we do!
  5. I mean, I'm not going to let myself get excited or anything, but...
  6. Pretty sure this is a non-starter. Don't you need to have a cap for your country to get a work permit?
  7. God, this is just what I fancied reading after the weekend.
  8. If it hadn't of been for the Bogle error, we would of come away with a deserves point and another positive performance under our belts. Result will dictate some opinions here, and understandably so. But surely we can see how much we're improving?
  9. No Scott Malone for this game. Great opportunity for Max Lowe to make that spot his own.
  10. It explains absolutely nothing and, if anything, only confuses me more.
  11. “The ambition should be promotion, if we have a firm foundation and philosophy throughout the club. You need to have ambition and we will have to fight to get into the play-offs. “If we don’t get there, it’s not a lost season. In football it is sometimes difficult to see the mid-term to the long-term because the short-term is so important. “Sometimes to make a really big step forward you have to invest some time, without losing your ambition.”
  12. I think this dilemna explains why the club are reportedly making a new centre-half their No.1 priority in the January transfer window! 😅
  13. Yes, Shinne for me. Respect your opinion, but I am amazed that, from the last couple of games, you've seen Davies holding that back four together. He looks really uncomfortable in a possession-heavy team. You can see why Cocu initially did not fancy him. His pace is also really being shown up, especially next to Clarke, who isn't the quickest. Evans has a bit more pace about him, is quite vocal on the pitch and looks, at the minute, like one of the best ball-players in our team. We need someone in there who can carry the ball out like Keogh did. Davies isn't going to do that. This "proper leader" thing doesn't really work for me either. Jake Buxton is a leader but I wouldn't want to put him in this back four.
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