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  1. That second-leg against Leeds must seem a long way away now. He was immense in that game. And as I've said before, keepers tend to hit their prime when they pass 30. Roos has still got the potential to get better, despite being 27. Could of done better for that goal today but he didn't really do anything else wrong, did he? Though he didn't have a lot to do. I really worry that the Wembley incident will cause him problems this season. Both in his game, and with fans. Hopefully it won't, but we'll see. Would I be worried to see us start the season with him in goal? Absolutely not. Keepers are confidence players. If he has the game of his life against Huddersfield, we'll all suddenly go back to backing him.
  2. Bouncing after a pre-season win away at Burton Albion. Christ 😅
  3. Gary Rowett, negotiating a deal for Will Hughes to Watford:
  4. Looks to me like: - - - - - - - - Mitchell - - - - - - - - Bateman Davies Buchanan Lowe - - - - - - - - - Bird - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sibley - - - - - Knight - - - - - Whittaker - - - - - - - - - - - Anya - - - - - - - - Martin - - - - - - - -
  5. Seeing as I'm only questioning his mobility, it looks like we actually do agree! I don't doubt his ability to get us going forward. In fact I agree with you.
  6. Got reported nearly an hour ago that most are out with injuries.
  7. Few thoughts: - Bogle appears to be playing like an inverted full-back. He keeps cutting inside meeting Dowell in the middle of the pitch. This is a tactic made famous by Guardiola sides. - Enjoying watching Evans play at centre-half. Looks so comfortable there and his distribution has been largely really good. - Huddlestone looking a bit too ponderous for me: distribution got better as the game went on but I feel we will need someone doing that role who is more mobile. - Dowell makes things happen. Like him. - Lawrence and Malone linking up really nicely down the left hand side. Malone clearly relishes the attacking full-back role. - Bennett causing a few issues but, once again, I feel we will be debating the question of his quality. - Jozefzoon looking like a different player. Quick and causing problems down the right-hand side. Looks good. - Waggy not seeing as much of the ball as I thought he would. Still questions over his link-up play but he has also scored a 37 minute hattrick so you can't complain. Seeing really positive signs from the way we are trying to play. I was already feeling madly positive when we brought in Cocu but this is just reinforcing why this is such a perfect appointment for us.
  8. Some shades of Mac1 at times here. Very nice.
  9. Cocu on transfers: "Maybe a few in the next couple of days...we try to get the team as fast as possible complete because they have to get to know each-other and they have to work together." Chris Coles: "loans probably?" Cocu: "Most of them will be loans. We have had some meetings and hopefully if things work out, in the next week we will have some announcements."
  10. Bit weird but the broadcast has just ended after someone started asking Cocu questions for him to respond to in Dutch. Didn't feel like that was the end of the press conference, but the broadcast is over.
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