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  1. Spot on. Reality of the market, for the quality we want.
  2. Villa stepping up their interest in Hanley. What a surprise.
  3. Would take Matty James if he is released by Leicester City this summer. Been excellent at Barnsley and would add that bit of bite and energy to our midfield which we've lacked at times.
  4. All three would be decent signings. Can't see Bartley coming after Clement's comments on his future though, mate.
  5. Newcastle want £5.5m for Hanley, according to The Chronicle...
  6. Nor is Sako, but he makes up for it with his skill with the ball at his feet. Clearly a very clever player and one who is popular amongst Burnley fans. Could be similar to Nugent, as some have suggested. It's workhorses like this that I can see Rowett looking at.
  7. Friend of mind says he's very similar to Bakary Sako, except he works hard and runs a lot.
  8. Worth noting that, at 25, £4m for Hanley could be an excellent long-term investment. If he's as good as some say, we could get a good 6-7 seasons out of him.
  9. You're right, we were. They ended up paying £6m, I think. Hanley isn't quick but he's a solid defender. Keogh would have to be the legs in that partnership but Hanley would add a lot. Quite surprised so many rate Pearce over Hanley. How come, may I ask?
  10. Yes, Grant Hanley is an improvement on Alex Pearce.
  11. You can add our managerial-merry-go-round to that too!
  12. Might be in the minority here but I would be quite happy to see us sign Hanley for £4m. Highly-rated when at Blackburn, rated in the Scotland set-up and didn't really get a look in at Newcastle this season. Certainly a big improvement on Pearce.
  13. Does he? I thought he played left-midfield too but every website I go on to look at stats seems to have him down as a right-midfielder. Didn't we have a Burnley fan on here? Can he confirm/deny?
  14. Centre back or CDM, @Derby_EnglandLoyal ?
  15. Never given a proper chance. Would be sad to see him go personally, but suspect that I am in the minority.