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  1. Pretty sure he didn't even do an interview until they got relegated for the second time. Newcastle United. Relegated. Twice! He just wants a club with enough public exposure to significantly promote Sports Direct. Hope you're all dead keen on Sports Direct by the way, as we'll all be travelling to the Sports Direct Arena soon enough*. I appreciate the situation we are in, and that there's an element of "beggars can't be choosers" about this, but if there is a list of potential buyers, I think almost every other one should be given a chance to prove themselves before we turn to Mike Ashley. I despair at those begging for him. Go and talk to literally any Newcastle fan. *Maybe instead he'll rename the ground to: "The Gulag" a nod to Ashley's most recent work in Derbyshire: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/dec/09/sports-direct-warehouse-work-conditions
  2. I get your point, but I would be happy to wait for one that is at least better than Ashley before selling the future of our football club. Also, I should point out, that this is a poll with multiple ownership options. A multiple choice question…and the vast majority of this forum are actively picking Ashley?!? What is going on. I can only assume it’s because people are assuming he is the wealthiest and picking him, despite the well catalogued history.
  3. Would you be happy with Skeletor owning the club as long as it was his own money? Not leveraged against castle Grey Skull or whatever his property empire is called these days.
  4. Over 30% of this forum currently voting for Mike Ashley. Mike. Ashley.
  5. Absolutely delighted Rooney hasn't won the Manager of the Month award. Scott Parker can take that curse with my thanks!
  6. He definitely deserves it. He's managing to win games (and not lose against better sides) with a team of mismatched veterans and youngsters, while the club is essentially on fire behind the scenes, and he's somehow managing to do this while also getting us playing a more attractive style of football than last season. More than we could ask for, and certainly more than could have been expected based on last season.
  7. The Wagging-the-Finger Derby fans with their "well, you asked for it!" dribble have got to be the worst of the worst. Yes, Karen. When I wanted us to sign Tom Ince from Hull I was in fact asking for administration and ruin. Nice one.
  8. I set you up for that one there, didn’t I? 😂
  9. There’s plenty on this forum who have been ridiculing posters for their criticisms of Mel for a long, long time. Have a look at the way @therams69was being treated on here. Can understand why the term “heads in the sand” was being used now…
  10. I could get into a discussion with you about Rooney, but I’ve got other more productive things to do with my day such as smashing my head against a wall and painting the garden fence wit my toothbrush!
  11. You’re nothing if not consistent, Roy 😂 Out of interest, if and when we go into administration, do you think an employee at the club earning 90-100K should maybe take a pay cut?
  12. When we are wallowing at the bottom, will you still be continuing to bemoan fans for…wallowing?
  13. Great point! I mean, it’s complete and utter nonsense that has absolutely nothing to do with what I actually said…but great point!
  14. Wholly agree and share this sentiment. Would just like him to also take a reduction in salary if it is as high as reported, that’s all.
  15. You don’t just write off a season? Mel Morris has just done that. I’ll say again: IF he is earning that rumoured amount (this was what Ed Dawes said yesterday) then he has got to go. Administrators will know that. No way on earth this club will be able to afford him anymore.
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