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  1. Nigel Pearson was the happiest I've been with a managerial appointment we've made. Seemed to make so much sense at the time, and with Powell and Idiakez onboard, it just seemed perfect didn't it? Should he have gotten more time to built the squad that suited his football? Maybe. Who knows. I think sacking him after nine games though is probably one of the bigger 'cons' on a Mel Morris 'pros and cons' list...
  2. If he goes it's a shame. Can't say I would personally be too fussed, but it would be a shame. Find it incredible that, six years after he left, the manager we might need to hire could be Nigel Clough. Club in trouble financially. Squad a mix-match of mad wages and players bought by multiple managers for multiple systems. Potentialy even getting docked points (disgraceful). If we were to end up in the situation that multiple newspapers are forecasting then we likely wouldn't be able to attract a manager like Jokanovic going forward (especially if the rumour about his wage demands is true). Clough might be what we need. And about all we can get. Jesus christ, someone pass me the whiskey.
  3. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/frank-lampard-takes-stock-after-derby-cancel-trip-bpgc3t20s
  4. Only chance we ever would have had would have been if we'd gone up.
  5. Spot on, @Ambitious Players like Duane Holmes are exactly the sorts of signings I want us to focus on going forward. Brentford have been doing a great job of it for years, and Norwich did a fantastic job of it last summer (albeit from the lower German divisions).
  6. He flourished at Peterborough because he had Marcus Maddison setting him up time and time again. We need to start creating things for him and giving him better service, because I don't see his recent dip in form really being anything to do with his own game. Fingers crossed Mount will be able to do this because we don't look very creative at the minute. Even Huddlestone is struggling.
  7. 2 points dropped. They were absolute dogpoo.
  8. Wilson's been so poor tonight. Nowhere near the standards he set at the beginning of the season.
  9. Stoke look awful. Really need to beat this lot.
  10. Need more of a goal threat. Anyone on the bench we could bring on?
  11. Really frustrating watching Waghorn try and do the Martin-role, when we've literally got Chris Martin on the books 😂
  12. Paid my tenner so that's us losing tonight. Sorry lads.
  13. Hastie is a very exciting player but I think he's pretty much set to sign for Rangers on a free.
  14. Stuart Findlay from Kilmarnock. 23-year-old centre-half. Strong in the tackle, tall and has bags of potential. Likely to be "cheap" too.
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