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  1. "Derby's takeover by Sheikh Khaled is still on course to go through, but has been delayed by negotiations involving American investors MSD Capital and the prospective new owners. MSD Capital provided Derby with one substantial loan earlier this year and paperwork is still being exchanged between the two parties before the takeover can be concluded."
  2. Definitely agree with the sentiment that a tea-cup throwing hairdryer of a manager is not what this team needs right now. I think a manager like that would only end up having the opposite effect on the players, and all but seal our miserable fate. Paul Cook, Eddie Howe, Slavisa Jokanovic, even Sam Allardyce, are more like the type we need right now. A motivator to instil some passion, some fight and some pride. God help us if it's John Terry or the two rookies currently in the driving seat.
  3. No worries, Tom. I saw that you had! Don't worry! But as this point has been made by a few posters over the last few weeks, it's more aimed generally for everyone! šŸ‘
  4. Was going by this mate. You'd have to ask them where they found it:
  5. Have already put this on another thread, but 32Red have categorically denied that there are any performance/playing clauses in Rooney's deal, as reported by Ryan Conway of The Athletic. There are plenty of things you criticise Rooney for at the moment, but this isn't one.
  6. The appointment of the new manager will (hopefully) give the whole fanbase and the club a massive boost of positivity. One it sorely needs right now. You can only hope that they are working their absolute socks off to make that appointment as quickly as possible.
  7. Hopefully last night will have acted as some sort of watershed moment for the club, and the ownership will see now that it is not the time for a rookie manager.
  8. 32Red categorically denied that there were any clauses like this in Rooney's deal, as reported by Ryan Conway! šŸ‘
  9. If the betting shops appointed the manager, Rafa would be here already. Chill everyone. Let's wait and see.
  10. Don't know about you all, but I am SO excited for the big news from @Richard246 today!
  11. Harsh on Savage. He at least had a decent barnet.
  12. I'm starting to see why you've gone for "Derby Nutter" as your username
  13. I thought Ed Dawes' interview with Liam Rosenior was excellent tonight, but the only thing that was missing for me was the question of why Rooney stayed on the pitch. I'd of loved to have seen that question put to him, and here the reasoning behind it. He was ponderous in midfield and gave the ball away too often. Then he goes up front and Waghorn comes off. No improvement. Slow. LR clearly sees we need someone to make an impact up top...identifies CKR to come on...it what situation does Rooney not come off for CKR here? I fear what we are seeing is the absolute worst exa
  14. Blame the fans? I'm not sure how you've got that impression at all. It's not what I'm doing at all. We're arguably the only people who aren't to blame for the current situation. However, I have seen a lot of people this season, both on here and on Twitter, saying that we have too good a playing squad to go down, or using examples of the other clubs around us (Wycombe, Coventry for example) as reasons why we won't go down. That's what I'm referring to when I saw "too big to go down." It's an ignorance that I think is dangerous. I appreciate that you've seen the team go through hard t
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