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  1. Nuwtfly

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Would like Nugent to prove me wrong, but not been impressed by him over the last few weeks.
  2. Nuwtfly

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Huddlestone watching the game go by, at the minute.
  3. Nuwtfly

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Waghorn makes such a difference to this team. Draws players away into physical battles and creates space for Marriott and Wilson.
  4. Nuwtfly

    Ashley Cole

    If this falls through, I hope we can do a deal for Gareth Roberts. What a player. What a Twitter account. What a calf-muscle! #GR3
  5. Nuwtfly

    Ashley Cole

    If Gary Rowett was making this signing, we'd be hammering him...just saying.
  6. Tomori incredible tonight.
  7. That 'touch' from Nugent there. Yikes.
  8. *meme about being Waghorny or something*
  9. Remember when Paul Clement wore smart shirts with his initials on them? Some of knew, from that moment, that we were doomed.
  10. A bit like being impressed by a bank robber who did Mission Impossible-style analysis of the bank! 😉
  11. Spying on one team, once, or even twice, is one thing. Spying on every single team in the league? Not on. How can anyone justify this? How can anyone suggest that this doesn't give Leeds an unfair advantage? With just Mel Morris barking at the league, I thought Bielsa would just get away with a fine. But, like you say, with all the other league chairmen behind him, I think Leeds are going to find themselves in hot water very, very soon. They can laugh and post gifs of mic-drops for now. Let's see how it all plays out for them.
  12. "You stand accused of stealing money from this person. How do you plead?" "Not guilty because, actually, I stole money from everyone and here's all my analysis on all those people." Obviously spying on a football team training isn't the same as stealing money, but my point is that none of what Bielsa said excuses or even properly explains the act itself. If anything, it's even more confusing as to why he spies on other teams. With all that info, why bother? This is really annoying for me, not because I am a Derby fan, but because Bielsa is one of my footballing heroes. The way he designs his teams is fascinating and genuinely changed the game. To find out he spies on every team's training sessions sort of bursts that bubble a bit.
  13. As impressive as Bielsa is, I can't help but feel that the primary objective of this press conference is just to spectacularly divert attention from the spying. Showing everybody that you don't need to cheat isn't actually that effective a way of explaining why you DID cheat.
  14. How do you argue that spying on the training sessions of every team in the league does not give you an unfair advantage?
  15. He types, hovering over the toilet...

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