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  1. Football in general has lost its spark for me, and won't get it back until fans return to the stadiums 😞
  2. Not going to lie, I was a bit nervous when I saw how we were lining up, but it paid off. Some really impressive performances tonight: Shinnie is getting better and better, Edmundson improved, Wisdom solid, but CKR - wow - absolutely blown away by the way this guy is playing at his age. Looks made for the Championship.
  3. I’m weirdly looking forward to this tonight. Happy to see the 4-3-3, and Bird, return, too. Optimism? First time I’ve felt it for a while!
  4. Phil Bardsley came back for round two 🥊💥
  5. I’m really starting to warm to him. That Wycombe game was atrocious but the interview afterwards was fantastic. That’s exactly the reaction I wanted to hear from a Derby manager. Felt like he said everything I was thinking. I don’t know. Maybe he’s going to end up being the opposite of Lampard. Less talking the talk, more walking the walk.
  6. First - Rasiak & Idiakez Current - Bird & Knight
  7. And then took the captaincy from Huddlestone when further evidence came out. Not sure what you wanted him to do at that stage. Huddlestone let him down just like Keogh, Lawrence and Bennett did. Playing Bennett and Lawrence was always going to be contentious. If they weren't having their contracts cancelled, then they were going to have to come back into the side at some point. How much time has to be left? It's subjective. Worth remembering we were struggling at the time and losing Lawrence was big. I'd be genuinely surprised if anyone's reading of Cocu during that time was "weak
  8. Couldn’t agree more with this assessment, @86 Hair Islands I also think PC will definitely go on to be successful somewhere else in time. Perhaps either back in his native Holland or maybe in Italy, where his style of football might be better suited. Either way, I hope he does well. He was an incredibly stoic and exemplary character and put up with a lot of nonsense during his time at our club. He dealt with the drink driving fiasco fantastically and he did some brilliant things throughout COVID. Some of the disrespect and dare I say loaded comments made by some fans about him n
  9. Daftest thing he did? Agree to the Rooney deal. Well, it was probably trying to play a style fit for teams like Ajax and Barcelona instead. It was a beautiful idea, but it didn’t work in the Championship. It rarely does. He was perhaps naive to think it would, and I, and supporters like me, naive to think it would, too. But I’m pretty sure that’s exactly why Mel brought him in; to inject that Dutch style into the team and the academy; to try and recapture the Dutch-inspired football of McClaren, so he’s probably not entirely to blame for that.
  10. Did Andre just attempt a 20-yard toe punt, there? Could be a long 90 minutes....
  11. Of course he's at training. How else is he meant to pick the team?!
  12. I'm not sure I believe the money situation played a part in it too much, not if Rooney's reported wage is true! As you say, though, it's always a gamble. I hope this one pays off for us. I just think this might be one roll of the the dice too many for Melvyn and Co...
  13. Yep, could of been Sam. Or any of the many other available managers, who all could of done better or worse. As you say, nobody knows! My point is just this: was this the time to hire a rookie manager? Was this the season for another gamble of that sort? I’m not so sure.
  14. I removed that first part from my post as I was initially under the impression that the poster was referring to the Rotherham game as not being that important. However, the point still stands. All credit to them for the three wins in a row, but last night was a stark reminder that we are in no way out of the woods and are still very much in the mire. The closer this gets to the end of the season, the more worried I become about our decision to appoint a rookie manager after Cocu left, as opposed to one with more experience* (*I think this is a sentiment that is shared by a lot of oth
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