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  1. Exactly the same before the Leeds game. **extreme Mick McCarthy voice** "That went well..."
  2. Sluga, Do do do do do do, Oh, honey honey...
  3. Really disappointed by this article. Especially when you realise it is twinned by an article on Villa they released this morning, based all around their return to form and and rejuvenation under Dean Smith. We've copped some really poor coverage in the build up to our biggest game of the season. Hope this serves as motivation for the boys tomorrow.
  4. I share much of the sentiment of @BurtonRam7 and @G STAR RAM The pressure is huge, because the difference between what this club will look like if we win, and what it will look like if we lose, has arguably never been greater.
  5. Interesting to note that all the media around us, leading up to this game, has been based around Lampard and the Chelsea job or Middlesbrough suing us. All the media around Villa has been about how good Tyrone Mings is or how much Jack Grealish loves his club. Think we know who the MSM wants to win...
  6. Would think some Boro fans will be quite embarrassed by this. Gibson's lost the plot in the last few years. Splashing £5m on Paddy McNair and letting Tony Pulis bring in Ryan Shotton were the telltale signs.
  7. Days before our play-off final. What a pathetic, gutless attempt to throw us off our game.
  8. Every time I've watched him he seems to get lauded for 10 yard runs forward before hitting the deck. Only game he's impressed me was when they drubbed us 4-0 earlier this season. You're welcome to your opinion on him. Going back to what this thread is actually about though, I would rather have McGinn and Mount next to each other in midfield, than McGinn and Grealish. I think McGinn's bossing of their midfield, alongside the goals of Tammy and the partnership Dean Smith put together at the back, are the real reasons Villa are where they are. Not because Grealish carried them there.
  9. Does the fact that LJ is top not prove to you that those statistics are not actually a very good indication of who is/isn't overrated/underrated. There's a reason he has remained in the championship while players like Will Hughes, James Maddison and Demarei Grey have gone on to play in the Premier League. I would take any of those three over Grealish.
  10. Jack Grealish is the most outlandishly overrated player in the Championship!
  11. Didn't realise you could change formation until I finished, but not sure I would have picked any differently anyway...
  12. If they do get rid of Sarri and offer him the job, he will go. No doubt about it. He's a legend at that club and will get time from the fans that no manager has had since Mourinho. He'll work with their academy (finally) and won't kick up a fuss with the transfer ban. He's the only manager Chelsea fans would put up with if they've got to go through a year or two of finishing outside the top four. And we, as Derby fans, would be silly to kick up a fuss. It's his dream job. Fair play to him.
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