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  1. At this point it’s going to be irrelevant whether Rooney is/could be a good manager or not. If his higher-ups don’t get our situation sorted sharpish, he’s not going to stand a chance.
  2. Worst squad for many years as it stands, led by the worst manager in as many. Staying in the Championship is all I’m hoping for. Mid-table would be commendable.
  3. I really do wish him all the best of luck because I cannot think of a harder time to be Captain of this football club. Was it the right choice? Who knows. If you'd have asked me beforehand who the least likely person was to be named Captain, I'd probably have said Tom Lawrence.
  4. We’re going down, aren’t we? 😂😭
  5. Just absolutely bloody loves the Rams, doesn't he? Why would anyone want to move back to Barcelona or Amsterdam after experiencing Derbyshire?
  6. "Rooney has told friends he may walk if the Rams are dropped down. The ex-England captain has two years left on his £90,000-a-week contract... ...SunSport also understands Rooney, 35, has concerns that the project of leading cash-strapped Rams in League One would not be the best fit for his fledgling dugout career."
  7. Please don't blame Mel and Pearce? Seriously? The sooner these two are out the door, the better. Road us to ruin.
  8. It's a fair question, but largely irrelevant at this stage. If we want to focus on the Rooney up until this point, then the answer to the question is: no, absolutely not. Under his management, our Championship status went down to the final day. That is a sackable offence. It would be for any other manager. You can make as many excuses, loopholes, bend over backwards as many times as you like to try and defend his frankly awful start to his management career, but it doesn't change what has been and gone. But this is the key point: it has been and gone. Last season is now over (thank god), and our focus now needs to be on the season rapidly approaching. We can continue to argue about it, and Rooney, until the Rams come home, but it means nothing now. Whether he deserves/has earned the opportunity to manage us next season is debatable; it doesn't matter. He is going to be here no matter what, maybe because he is too expensive to sack, maybe because Mel really is convinced that he has got it in him to do a good job. That remains to be seen. So what do we do now? If you were Rooney In: Get behind him. If you were Rooney Out: Get behind him. That's all you can do at this stage. I for one am very much looking forward to seeing what this "style of play" is going to be, and why he was seemingly unable to implement it last season. He is going to get his chance. Time for him to prove the considerable (and understandable) doubters wrong...or right.
  9. I did so much panicking last season that it has more or less completely burnt me out to the point where I just cannot muster myself to give a poo under the current ownership/management. Much better for the blood pressure but not so good for the soul.
  10. I take your point. I don’t necessarily agree with the angle you’re coming from, but I can understand where you’re coming from!
  11. Is the point not that, though all these things you mention here can and often do happen, we should still strive for an even playing field and indeed and even starting point for every team at the beginning of every season in their respective leagues? Parachute payments create inequality in our division, and that inequality is getting more and more out of control. We will end up with a small, closed off sect of teams each season in the Championship that will look more like a Premier League waiting room than anything else!
  12. Caps, Caps, Caps...and not the kind you find on a keyboard. It's the only way I can see the EFL ever getting a handle on the equality of spending in this division. Wage caps. Spending caps. I'm waving my cap and my little red book as we speak. Of course, this will never happen, because you'd need all leagues to do the same, and the Premier League are never, ever going to agree to that. After all, it is the greed of the Premier League that has caused this mess.
  13. I’m pretty sure John Motson is a Derby fan
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