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  1. As @Eoghan1884pointed out, that list is just he overall target for the window and doesn’t include the signings already made. I think it’s interesting to see that we are trying to really bolster the spine of the team.
  2. Yep, you're right. It looks like we're trying to sign: x2 goalkeepers x2 central defenders x1 left-wing back x4 central midfielders x2 wingers x2 strikers
  3. Interesting one this morning… someone spotted this in the background of that recent podcast. Image on the left has 13 white circles. Warne mentioned he wanted to sign 12 players this summer I think? Does this indicate the positions we’re after?
  4. Yeah I think that will be the number roughly - no more than 28 after departures!
  5. I personally think it will be... GK: New Vickers Thompson RB: Wilson Ward Nyambe LB: Fozzy Elder Osborn CB: Rooney Nelson Bradley Cashin New New CM: Kenzo Fornah Thompson Robinson Adams New New RW/LW: Barks NML Jackson Wilson CBT New ST: Collins Yates Washington Brown New I also expect Rooney, Fornah, Robinson, Washington and Brown to depart, either on loan or permanently.
  6. You have some very strong feelings about ITK posters considering you're named after one 😂
  7. "Warne said a focus will remain on recruiting from abroad in search of better value as he tries to make at least another eight additions to his squad ahead of their return to the Championship." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/articles/czk08k7n24mo
  8. Tried a little too hard to begin with but after 10 mins he got into the flow of the game and was spreading some beautiful passes around. Always looking forward as well. Don’t think he passed the ball backwards once. Can absolutely see why Warne wants to play him in the middle with Ebou.
  9. If he can figure out how to beat the first man with a cross he could be some player. Looks comfortable in this formation, too!
  10. Yates misses a glorious chance after a cross from Forsyth, but it's the ball to Fozzy from Kenzo that's the real highlight - superb through-ball
  11. Lovely strike from Liam Thompson from outside the box makes it 0-3!
  12. Beautiful spin and turn from Brown to play a lovely ball through to Yates, who should finish. Brown & CBT making things happen this half.
  13. Kenzo and Thompson now on!
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