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  1. Comments on his most recent Instagram post appear to suggest that he will be leaving the club. A shame if true:
  2. It’s hacked 😂 Priceless
  3. "Fool me once, shame on you!" "Fool me twice, shame on you again!" "Fool me three times, shame on you again actually"
  4. He took that video off TikTok and pretended it was his own... This man is trying to buy our football club 😳
  5. So, the Athletic article (link below) says that Alonso has other “silent partners”... I asked if one could be Matt Southall...
  6. Fascinating insight on the Alonso takeover this morning that is well worth a read. But will we ever get to read an article about Derby County without mention of Wayne Rooney’s playing career?
  7. The manager picking the owners? That sounds like a good idea
  8. Can understand why some are saying we should take an (estimated) 6 point deduction on the chin, just so that we can move on and be done with all this nonsense... ...but is that the same 6 point deduction that eventually saw Sheffield Wednesday get relegated? I'm not sure I'd trust this management team to keep us up if we started on 0 points, let alone -6!
  9. You're both Rushing to conclusions
  10. Derbyshire Live's Rams' writer Steve Nicholson says he would "staggered" if a deduction was to be handed down at all - and especially if it was implemented for the 2020-21 campaign. He said: "This appeal has been ongoing since September. It's an appeal against the amortisation of players - it's only that part of the initial charge. "Derby, we must remember, were cleared of all wrongdoing so it's just that one part of it. I'm under the impression that even if Derby were to lose that one part of the appeal, it wouldn't result in a points deduction. "We'll have to wait and see. At
  11. The thing I wonder is, when all these news outlets get together to organise this grand conspiracy against us, do they have to do it over zoom? Maybe a IH8Derby WhatsApp Group?
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