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  1. Oh god. Can’t people let it go it will never ever ever happen.
  2. If only there was some way of seeing who the best team in the league is every season, where they all play each other home and away over the course of a year and the best team gets the most points..
  3. Because of their wankfest for all things Jurgen Klopp.!?
  4. 1985 VW Vanagon full Westfalia camper.
  5. Honestly, I think it is hilarious..
  6. Check out the title of the thread.
  7. It’s a poo hole, full of pretentious ricks who think they are amazing because they live there...apart from @Angry Ram who is a thoroughly good egg.
  8. Ha ha. I just saw the result from today.! you should have stayed here fatty instead of chasing the Russian billions.. (i don’t hold any grudge against him at all, and don’t blame him at all for going....but It is funny)
  9. London is a dump. So is Paris. Neither worth a visit of more than 2 days.
  10. He was just about the best player on the pitch against us in a Florida. Which you would all know if you were real fans and bothered to make the trip. Hashtag part-timers.
  11. Carson is better than Roos. That’s the end of it. Probably on a lot more money and obviously a lot older so doesn’t fit in to the new Derby way model. (Forgetting Wazza of course!) The decision to let him go and keep Roos instead will probably cost us 10 points this season and that could be the difference between breaking the points total record and just winning the league by 20 points.
  12. Yep I think you might be right.... best ever English striker is now going to be playing for little old Derby....!! Has there ever been a more exciting start to a season...? (put us down for a 0-1 defeat on Saturday...banker.
  13. I hope you don't dig out all those negative posts about him @David when he retired etc and everyone was slagging him off on here.. Rooooooney!
  14. No surprise he has been given the number 32 shirt...! The sponsorship deal must be amazing now... mad mel...we salute you.
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