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  1. Bring back the king....#unfinishedbusiness
  2. Man City are currently as close to relegation as they are to the victims...…… Football has gone, its over, the end of the beautiful game, forget it all, its finished.
  3. Better than anything we have had since..
  4. Absolutely dire....again. Rooney must be gutted he signed up for this rubbish.
  5. Anyone who boos him tomorrow is a disrespectful pleb.
  6. Just watched It.. the one thing I did pick up on that is important to stress was Wayne Rooney (England’s greatest ever striker) is going to be playing for Derby County....Wayne Rooney.! Ha ha. It’s amazing
  7. It’s amazing how much better people get (in the minds of fans) when they are missing..... he had a poor season last season, wasn’t doing anything this season either.
  8. The barrow boy was already signed up for Chelsea... it amazes me all the stick Stevie max gets when he “had his head turned” (but was actually sacked!) but no one says anything about fat frank leaving us in the lurch after picking a diabolical team for wembley.
  9. But you aren’t 100% sure are you...?
  10. they are the best team in the league by an absolute mile and will have the league sewn up by March and fair play to them, if we had lost in the semi final like they did we would have sacked the manager, they stuck with him and are enjoying the rewards now.
  11. And Keogh cares about what....???
  12. I’m really not sure if I do rate him or not. The one thing I would argue with anyone about Mason Bennett is that he doesn’t score enough goals...and It seems that Jack doesn’t either..?
  13. Is the stat that he has only scored 8 goals in 47 appearances for us right..?
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