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  1. The not invincible Man City discussion

    I present Kyle Walker. A very average full back with half as many England caps as Phil Neville.
  2. Best Rams keeper

    Shilton by a country mile. Anyone who voted anyone else is obviously too young to remember him or just needs locking up in a crazy house.
  3. Championship Attendances 3rd Best in Europe

    Exactly.....or stupid is as stupid does...?
  4. Championship Attendances 3rd Best in Europe

    Probably evened out by Burton.
  5. The not invincible Man City discussion

    Why leave Arsenal for United.....Arsenal are in danger of being the most stagnant team in the league, the new Coventry City, never going down but never winning anything.....no one blames Sanchez for wanting out of that mess surely? Rashford is an awful footballer.....he is just a poor mans Danny Welbeck and lets me tell you something that is nothing to be proud of. If he wasn't a Manchester lad and had cost them 30 million he would be getting absolute pelters from the United fans.
  6. Series you just can't get into.... convert us...

    Peaky blinders.....just never got interested enough to watch more than 3 episodes....I cant think of the name of it at the moment and I have banned myself from using Google to look up anything I know that I do actually know....but that costume drama that everyone was so excited about...the Americans loved it......aggghhhhh its killing me now....not the Crown (which is excellent) the other one.... anyway, I didn't get into that either....oh and two more....The West Wing...and house of cards....too many characters walking around all over the place.
  7. NFL 17/18

    Those iggles...! Patriots totally bulldozed over titans last night too.
  8. Just a reminder.....2018....
  9. 22 pages, I haven’t got time to read all of them, but my opinion....anyone who thinks that this is a bad thing is just crazy... even if it all it does is highlight racism to three people in the country and makes them reevaluate themselves every time a manager gets sacked then it has to be a good thing, no?
  10. Giggsy

    Whatever you think of Mark Hughes and his various managerial roles he has performed you cant argue that he is a decent enough manager.....he got Stoke City to 9th (?) three years on the trot.....he should be the obvious choice for the sheepshaggers.
  11. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    This is for when he flops and inevitably they give the job to John Terry as player manager There once was man called Karanka who took over a job from a banker he lost lots of games and he shouldered the blame And got replaced by a right fackin wanka
  12. George Thorne

    Yep...the way he emptys his nostirls after 20 seconds is sublime...and how he spits out the water later is Zidane esq....after that I had to stop the video for two reasons....I came over far too excited about the 5 passes he did that my dog could have done....and it showed the play off final and I still haven't watched one second of that again... Will never be as good as Robin Van Der Laan, Lee Carsley, John Gregory, Geraint Williams, Paul Williams etc etc etc
  13. Rowett Signs 3 and a Half Year Contract

    I never said that.....you said that he WOULDNT go to Newcastle because he (like you apparently) believe that they aren't a bigger club than us...? Fantasy stuff. Rowett, just like every other player and manager will go wherever they can get more money, don't kid yourself into thinking anything else....its their job.
  14. Derby County Flags

    I bet those two holding that flag are the same ones hating on him now.!
  15. Rowett Signs 3 and a Half Year Contract

    You are kidding yourself if you actually believe that Derby are not as big a club as Newcastle Rowett wouldn’t go to Newcastle if they came in for him Rowett thinks that Derby is bigger and better than Newcastle.

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