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  1. I lived over there for 10 years.... my thoughts would be Alsace, it is great, wine, beer and food all cheap and plentiful....you wont get much chance to practice your French though....they speak a messed up version over there. Marseille and Paris are dumps, just don't go there, not even worth a day trip to either place. If you want a big city, go to Lyon, it is awesome. Hire a bike and ride around the country, most drivers are nice and respectful to cyclists. Nice isn't nice St Tropez is pretty cool, but not as nice as Monaco.
  2. not sure if I have mentioned this before but, people who put their passport and boarding passes in their short breast pocket, all sticking up and looking freaking stupid..
  3. No, it’s potentially worse behavior from fat frank because Stevie Mac didn’t quit...Mel fired him.!!
  4. Am i the one that tips It over to 200 pages for the future of a manager that didn’t win anything...?
  5. Total knob head, racist, cheat... just what we want...
  6. You do all realize that the only people who think he isn’t going to take the job are Derby fans. He is going. And I don’t blame him. Bring in Bowyer..!
  7. Great that Bowyer is available....Mel, go out and get him in and let Fat boy go "home" ( @David you will be buying a yacht off the back of this thread!)
  8. Just for everyone’s info. (In case you don’t know) The games at the IMG complex in Sarasota are usually “behind closed doors” events. It is a huge sports complex with loads of other events happening at the same time To get in, best to claim you are going to pick someone up, or play tennis...(there is a security station with a guard) and then drive around to the football pitches. There is one with a stand, you cant miss It. When you get there you can sit in the bleachers no worries, It is hot, the shade is very limited but they normally have barrels of water dotted around the place.
  9. Yep....cant wait, I will have a word with Bowyer for you all. IMG is an amazing place to train.....and a good omen...Norwich went there before last season....
  10. nice..? its the most drab unimaginative kit I have ever seen.
  11. My son and I were on the shuttle train in Hearhrow, I turned around and saw that Chris Martin was stood right behind my son. I told him, he spun around excitedly into to be disappointed as it was “the singer not the real Chris Martin” made me laugh.
  12. 95 pages...will someone just send me a message when he has gone to save me having to read all this..?
  13. The few sandwiches comments made me spit my tea out on my desk..nice one. Yep I think he is a total basket case and if I was a chairman I wouldn't give him a job.....BUT, he has been the best manager we have had in 20+ years.
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