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  1. "form goes out the window in a local Derby game"... load of rubbish
  2. “Marginally offside” - it’s offside. “bragging rights” - for donkeycocks sake who actually says that?
  3. Perfectly put my friend. Perfectly put. I was 17 when the game was on and can recall so much about it and reckon if pushed i could name you both starting 11...I watched all of the city v QPR game and couldn’t tell you more than 4 players in It...dramatic it certainly was, but as iconic as the Thomas game...? Not even close.
  4. West brom in the play offs takes some beating.
  5. Ha ha. No, course It wouldn’t. Because we all know when football was invented.....
  6. Give me a call in 30+ years when they have made 2 films and a best selling novel about man city beating a terrible QPR team at home.
  7. In that case, Agieuros isn’t even in the same universe as Thomas.
  8. I have watched them for almost 50 years (crappolla I have wasted a lot of my time doing that) and would still say that William is the best footballer i have ever seen. thr only one that comes close would be Archie and I think my memory has faded a little on that Wizard hence me going for William.
  9. Yeah but we aren’t allowed to count that as evil King Billy was in charge. Now, Lampard, that’s a different matter
  10. I think that’s the sad part, that you consider how “well known” It is a measurement....... the reality TV generation- Morrissey May be a total whack job with some very dodgy political standings but he called it in the 80’s when he wrote “fame fame fatal fame, It can play hideous tricks on the brain” Both goals are hugely important and iconic but Thomas goal is light years ahead of Agueros In terms of drama. it was the final game of the season, i think the rest of the league had already finished, against their direct rivals for the title, Liverpool had only to not lose by 2 to win the league, Hillsbrough was still fresh in everyone’s minds, It was at Anfield on a Friday night live on TV in a time when the only game on TV was the cup final.. I can still remember watching It, i watched the game again a couple go weeks again on zoom with my friends in England and I guarantee that in 30 years time that no one is hunting down Manchester City v QPR and watching that game over again. If Sky had been around in 89 then the Thomas goal would still be being played on Sky Sports News every time the title was mentioned.
  11. That’s It then, you probably don’t know that there was a couple of wars.? a thing called the titanic?
  12. yep... what a great guy, his Dad would be so proud of him... (come back home Nigel...)
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