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  1. “ Form goes out the window “ is one of the biggest myths in football cliches. how many times have Everton beaten liverpool In the past god knows how many years? Normally, the best team wins, occasionally weird results are thrown up but just as often as weird results are thrown up when Brighton play away at Liverpool. wow I have mentioned Liverpool a lot.. sorry.
  2. Played like he belongs in a top 10 premier league side…? He didn’t play like he could get near anyone of the top 10… do you seriously think he looked good enough to play for Chelsea? Or Leeds? or Everton? Not even close…he looks good enough to play for a lower end championship side…..and let’s face It, he didn’t look good enough for that last season.
  3. No one remembers the fact that the entire group stage of Italia 90 was absolute dog excrement, all they remember is that we should have won It. We were shocking against the Swiss in 96 and the sweaties, got out played by Spain but It is still seen as the best tournament ever… no one will care that we got a 0-0 draw against the skirt wearers when we go on to win the tournament.
  4. But we still have the same points as the best French side ever, more points than Germany, Poland, Croatia, Portugal, Spain…. And we have qualified for the next round, without playing well, without conceding a goal. it’s coming home.
  5. Yep, I would have taken a draw against Croatia and a win against the Sweaties too….but some can’t see past the end of their thick noses. allez les Bleus.!
  6. Seems like getting 4 points from 2 games is ok for the red hot favourites too then..
  7. Ha ha ha brilliant. Foden was fouled every time he got near the ball and as soon as he went off they just turned their attention to Gealish. decent result really, ensures we qualify and pretty much knocks the skirt wearers out. Don’t know what all the fuss is about….it’s almost like the English press and “fans” want them to fail…..
  8. Give me a break; they were rubbish, they offered nothing at all. Their game plan was to kick Foden and waste time from minute 1. having said that, France and Italy would have beaten them by 6.
  9. Getting excited now........cant wait to see Foden dancing around those skirt wearers as he knocks the fourth in..
  10. Best pre season game ever. Only the real fans were there to witness It.
  11. When are they announcing the Florida trip..?
  12. I have to say I really like ours, It always gets the hairs on the back of my neck but I wouldn’t be against changing It to something like land of hope and glory. but the best ones are without doubt France, Italy and Wales, actually, when Italy play wales in a week the anthems will be better than the game.!
  13. So sad that they did such a crap job when they took It down, just stuck up a crap little statue, named a few streets after It and that’s It. I have only been down there maybe 2 or 3 times since we moved to Legoland and It is, as I said, sad. Just a miserable place
  14. We will be fine, have to say the only team that has impressed me so far (apart from England) is Italy.
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