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  1. Sorry I thought you said that Barkley was the best player in the qualifiers.?
  2. You honestly think he has been as good as Sterling.? Actually, you think he has been BETTER than Sterling..?
  3. I hope not, because It is blatantly not true.
  4. So they fled the scene just to save themselves, not to call for help etc as people have speculated.... ducking low life’s. Pathetic sentence for a horrible crime committed by two pathetic horrible individuals
  5. Do you actually mean that.!!??? 180 hours of my life would only take me a 6 months or so to get through....180 hours for someone who works less than 10 hours a week...duck me they can get It all done in less than a month....and they won’t be doing anything that remotely looks like hard work, they will be going to schools and talking to kids etc. so yes, I do think It is pathetic. They left 2 people in a major car crash without knowing how injured they were....leaving them for dead.
  6. I am sure that if this had been Tom and Mason the factory workers from chadd that they too would have received a 85 pound fine, a slap on the wrist and told not to do It again... pathetic...but did anyone really expect anything else..?
  7. Morons to be doing it in the first place and Should be jailed for leaving 2 people potentially critically ill at the scene.
  8. Yep, I honestly thought at the time It didn’t matter as It would be happening every year finishing in the top 4..... Money correction though, It wasn’t Heysel that stopped us being in Europe It was Liverpool Football Club.
  9. Saw the joker last week, excellently made film with amazing acting....but... I’m not sure how I feel about It being available for anyone to see...It is so so dark and anyone with any mental issues could be I spited to do anything off the back of that. We went to see It at the local multiplex and we were greeted by 2 police cars at the entrance and 6 officers inside the foyer...
  10. Moving to Pride Park. Disaster, should never have left the baseball ground Giving William away. Disaster, and i like Rowett aside from that I still haven’t watched the QPR game, not sure why It kills me but it does, I have watched the villa final a bunch and not bothered about that one bit but the QPR game, nope I’m never going to watch it back....and what makes It weirder is that i genuinely don’t care about going up. The victims stopping me traveling across Europe to watch the Super Rams win the UEFA cup, at the time i thought, its ok, we will be in Europe every year..... And finally I am bitter every year we decide not to go for one of the cups and play out reserves.
  11. You actually think that your burger, ticket and scarf are paying anyone’s wages..? Those days went away years ago.
  12. Anyone that uses the stat “assists” needs locking away.
  13. Pull your tongue out of his ******** Gary, dogs go that, you’re not a dog are you? Although you do display all the characteristics of a dog, except loyalty...
  14. I am sure that 1 game ban by the club has really taught the pair of morons a lesson they will never forget..! Pathetic.
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