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  1. Well well well. Don’t worry Forest, we got ya covered.
  2. Im fine don’t worry..:because just like everyone else on here I had never heard of him...
  3. like you have ever heard of him..
  4. Amazing performance by him one of the best ever.!
  5. Wembley. Wembley. We are the famous Derby county and we’re going to Wembley ......
  6. It’s a “team” game....if they had won the league as sure as eggs come out of a chickens behind he would have been after getting a medal for It.!! (you do know i think if jt happens It is an amazing signing don’t you?)
  7. yep...and yet still in the same dog poop league as Wycombe.
  8. "contributed"....as in every single person at the club "contributed" to it.
  9. yep, the one he contributed to making a championship club
  10. The first thing that Jack needs to do to make himself a much better player is to sort out that terrible hair..
  11. He has been struggling to get Into a championship team. having said that, with the Polish Messi coming too I am booking my flights and Wembley hotel right now..!
  12. “Ran out of steam” or “played teams that were simply a lot better than us” ?
  13. Marriott was poor today....but so was everyone else.
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