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  1. We bought the red...he motions that someone is backing into the Debry player, but when you watch it they aren’t doing anything of the sort. It is a scandalous decision.....imagine if that was made now, It would be all over Sky news...thankfully this was in the era before football was invented by Sky...
  2. Every time I watch the Christie penalty I study It to see what exactly the ref was giving a penalty for...and still I have no idea...how much did we pay him..??
  3. I am disgusted at Frank for not publicly denying It already and stating how much he loves It here and wants to stay.... get him out, obviously a traitor just like Mac was.....
  4. Massive opportunity missed. We could easily at least got to the semi final. We didn’t lay a finger on them today, they totally controlled the game...shows you how far we have to go if they actually do think they want to play in the top division because they are miles away from being good enough
  5. If you have survived 15 miles you can do the marathon. Well done.
  6. Oh....so you are saying it is a good result then.....?
  7. A work in progress.....? Don’t give me that, we have been in the play offs for the last god knows how many years. He inherited a good enough squad. And of course not everyone in the league is going to beat the worst team in the league but any team that thinks they are going to get promoted should be stuffing them.
  8. Or...tell it to Sheff Wednesday Exeter rotherham hull millwall leeds qpr boro bristol city west brom stoke forest Actually I am bored of this.... they are the worst team in the league...that is a stone cold fact....and we should be beating the worst team in the league every single time we play them.
  9. Ipswich are dire, absolutely dire, one of the worst teams the championship has had for years and years, we should be burying teams like that, no excuses at all we should bury them.
  10. I really want you to win the league....we aren't going to that is for sure and I quite like Leeds as a club and its a great city.
  11. Every team below us are rubbish...you can’t tell me that they aren’t. We should have buried that lot tonight.
  12. It’s not a tough league....we played Ipswich Town tonight....they have 19 points in total all season....they have won 1 game in the last 9...It couldn’t have been an easier game for us...they are absolutely garbage...and apart from the first 90 seconds they played us off the park...
  13. Went to loads of Italian games when RyanAir and EasyJet invented cheap travel. Juve, Palma,Roma,Lazio,Milan,Inter,Samp, Florentina, Udinese...best was Napoli. when living in Switzerland we could easily get to any of the Swiss teams and also a few Frednch and German clubs....actually went to Kevin DeBruynes final game before he went to City
  14. Has anyone said ”poor performance, but we got a point, let’s move on” yet....? Absolutely awful...we should be hammering teams like that not hanging on for a point.
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