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  1. we wont even be close to going down...nowhere near.
  2. It’s ok...just say It is a March worn shirt....!
  3. He would be amazing here....
  4. He left because he got sacked......
  5. Decent track sometimes overlooked after the success later with number of the Beast... Last single with Paul Di'anno too I believe... Im going to google that now.... yep thats right.
  6. 1 - Matt Pickens 2 - Jordan Smith 3 - Scott Loach 4 - Paddy kenny 5 - Martin Taylor
  7. He was arguably our best player yesterday in one of our best performances of the season(which isn’t saying so much) so I would say he can do both easily.
  8. I don’t know about Mclaren but King Billy would have won that game today 1-0.
  9. I will take the blame this week.... just seconds before they scored my wife was just walking out the door to go shopping and asked me how they are doing, I looked up from the TV and proclaimed, “they have this in the bag, got 1-0 Rooney wrote all over It, it’s back on” by the time she had got to her car, realized she forgot her mask and come back in I had turned off the TV and said “usual poo, we just conceded a crap goal”....and I went shopping with her...!
  10. Replace that green poo with some quality orange baked beans and you are on to a winner!
  11. Me too.... It was such a boring game. I went and emptied the bin and took out the recycling instead, much more entertaining
  12. Or you could view It as, we smashed all the teams we were supposed to beat, got to a much later stage than anyone would have predicted before the tournament and only came unstuck for 1 half against the best Croatian team in decades...?
  13. Watching the Newcastle v Chelsea game.....is this what “top class” football has become...? One team having the ball all the game passing It sideways as the other team just stand there... so so boring.
  14. And do you think that they would be anywhere near the club if Wayne Rooney wasn’t....???
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