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  1. But he didn’t forget…did you read the whole post.?
  2. Have they taken any points off us officially yet then.?
  3. Yeah, because we can’t right.? Because you are privy to Wayne’s contract right.? Yawn
  4. Definitely report them to the fuzz. “Doesn’t very often bite dogs” and It is off leash…!!
  5. Thanks brother. Weird when I got home from the office today and no one there to meet me, no barking or activity at all….just walked in to a totally quiet house…
  6. So the only reason we stayed up was because of Gregory….remind me, who signed him?
  7. Ha ha she was the best/worst dog/friend ever. thanks for all your kind words. X
  8. Oh, so you mean from the start of February, in which case, wisdom, shinnie and Marshall should all be credited with saving us single handedly….!!
  9. Thanks. It is for the best, never feels like It at the time but It is. 😢
  10. Let me know where this mysterious place where you can get information like this is please…I suspect It is the same place where people state that Player X is on X amount per week…. www.makeanyoldshitupandclaimitasthetruthwhenactuallyyouhavenoideaatallifitisevenremotelytrue.com
  11. Even you don’t think that Gregory was the reason we stayed up… How many games did we actually win from February….? 1 game….so saying that It is all because of Gregory is laughable. I could just as easily say, we didn’t win a single game after February without Max Bird starting, or David Marshall, or andre wisdom, or Graham shinnie, or Nathan Bryce or Matt Clarke…..
  12. Out of those…. Bielik isn the only one that made a difference and Rooney has hardly had him fit either. And Cocu also had England’s greatest ever goal scorer to pick too… but as you say, let’s not remember that….
  13. Just back… RIP Milkshake… the best worst dog in the world.
  14. It’s genius…when you have finished It watch the “making” of It too that is brilliant too. I know we are very late to this game but started to watch killing eve this week…it’s excellent.!
  15. Totally useless….honestly she would walk off with any stranger and be totally happy as long as they fed her…. And weirdly the funniest dog I have ever known, every day she does something that makes me laugh, like this morning she was drinking out of her bowl with both her front two paws in It….She has never done that before..
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