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  1. Happy St Georges Day

    yep, I thought he was born on St Georges day and also dies on it...a few years after each other of course...
  2. Happy St Georges Day

    I believe it is happy birthday to William too..?
  3. Just dropping in

    Don’t worry we will help you out this week, we will easily beat Cardiff...probably get a point at Villa and then lose to Barnsley..!
  4. Darren Moore

    He ha changed from being a likeable character to a total *****. The comments on West Brom were just stupid and to say the grass was too dry...well as we know....it’s never their fault
  5. Darren Moore

    Klopp has fully taken up the role as manager of the victims now hasn’t he..? his comments after the game were embarrassing
  6. San Francisco

    I spent a decent amount of time in SF, It is an amazing city, walkable everywhere, but obviously stay alert and get ready for some serious hills. Alcatraz still remains to this day the best day out ever..! bike the bridge to Sausalito is cool, when you get there get the ferry back, it’s part of the deal, but watch out if you leave it too late in the afternoon as the ferries get chock full of people and you could end up waiting a couple of hours. Along the embarcadero is an experience, go to fisherman’s wharf with the rest of the tourists for a look at the sea life. If you have access to a car then go north and get out of town to Muir Woods and see the giant trees, they are mind blowing.!
  7. The Ref Bashing Thread.

    I thought the ref was ok today, if anyone was surprised that a Tony Pullis team wasn’t going to play exactly what they did then they are crazy. Beaten by a much better team, hope they go on to win the play offs now too.
  8. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Yep...every game Keogh ever played...the bloke is a clown.
  9. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Next weeks game against Bolton...!
  10. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Because he is dog ***** football player
  11. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    And yet somehow it’s still all in our own hands......!! This league is *****.
  12. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Rubbish. Hiw many times does the ball have to hit our net and standing there with his arm in the air appealing for something that no one else has seen is that donkey. We will never ever ever get promoted whilst he is at the club. Shotton showing all our back line how to defend. Quite fancy Boro for the win at Wembley actually...their number 37 is amazing.
  13. Do we really want to go up this year???

    The Premiershite is rubbish....no team has anything to fear if they go up. Everton are an absolute toilet of a team this season and there are 11 teams worse than them.......
  14. New playoff format?

    And our season would have been over 2 months ago....
  15. Man City win Premier League

    and this is a new thing...? Didn't Blackburn buy the league? Didn't Leicester get out of paying their debts to buy it? Didn't United buy it over and over again? and actually.... Didn't we pay the record transfer fee for a defender when Clough bought us the league..?

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