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  1. I ah w and my super computer on the go for the last week and It has churned out this for me... if we win the next 7 games then we will 100% get promoted, however if we fail to win our final game we will not. Hope that helps everyone.
  2. Looks like I missed a decent game....it’s still rubbish that Spurs might have a chance of winning it when they haven’t even won their own league since god was a boy.
  3. The Peacock on Thursday and then back to Gills kebab shop afterwards..!
  4. Our Friday night was always.. Meet at mine - throw a couple of cans of cider and lager into a glass for the first snakebite of the evening...next stop the three horse shoes where my mate worked the bar so we would give him a fiver for 4 beers and he would give us 20 pounds change....then on to the crown, tonkers, Gringos and finally the either the Regal if we had shoes on or failing that Chaplins for a fight....... happy days indeed.
  5. It’s totally down to the Bristol City away game, winner of that is in the play offs...so yep it’s over for another season.
  6. you haven't electrocuted yourself ever or you wouldn't be here to write that.....you may have got an electric shock but electrocute involves a combination of electric and execution therefore death. I totally agree with fishing....mind numbingly boring....and dirty and slimy.... and I thought you meant people at Disneys Animal Kingdom at first...…!
  7. So. What were people’s thoughts...? We watched four episodes (the final three from the last season and the first one this season) thought it was just ok....got a lot to live up to after the end of the last season though.
  8. That Chelsea video is disgusting.....that club is vile.....and fair play to Liverpool, the statement they put out is actually really good.
  9. Anyone who thinks that Mason Bennett should be in the squad ahead of Jack Marriott has rocks in their head....and that would include Mason Bennett...even he knows.!
  10. Rubbish. Everything. Team selection. Attitude. Etc etc etc. its over.
  11. The caller was exactly right about everything. I can’t stand City but her points were all correct and articulated perfectly. Kirsty is nice to look at but came across as a stupid fool on this clip.
  12. did he mention when the bottler went on strike......
  13. Can always rely onthe angelic tones of the greatest love song writer in history to make It all ok again.
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