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  1. MuespachRam

    The Championship 18/19

    The league is rubbish this season, anyone who can string 5 wins back to back around March-April time will win it.
  2. MuespachRam

    If Harry Wilson was English.

    Nowhere near.
  3. MuespachRam

    Nations League - Spain v England

    How many of Germany’s second 11 are playing at the highest level? How many of Spain’s are...? Mad many as England’s.
  4. MuespachRam

    Nations League - Spain v England

    Out of the starting 11 for England there was only Winks that isn't getting a game every week for one of the top teams in the Premiership and I would say that is only because he has been injured and wouldn't be a starter for England anyway....
  5. MuespachRam

    Should Davies start against Sheffield United

    Imagine how good we will be when we have someone who can kick it and head it straight.
  6. MuespachRam

    Nations League - Spain v England

    Yep. The game was won at half time. Just like the semi final should have been. Clinical. Great performance. Sterling particularly great.
  7. MuespachRam


    I can confirm this...he is definitely posh. All cockneys are....and he knows that kid from one direction.
  8. MuespachRam

    Should Davies start against Sheffield United

    It’s a tough one...who do you play...? The best center half we have at the club or stuck with the worst..?
  9. MuespachRam

    Derby County Flags

    it is
  10. MuespachRam

    If They Were Boxers...

    Craig "average" Bryson Mason "league 2" Bennet Bradley "anti-Samson" Johnson Tom "oil tanker turning circle" Huddlestone Scott "somehow doesn't look like he would be any good as a goalie at all but is actually brilliant" Carson
  11. MuespachRam

    upcoming gigs

    Going to see “Derby’s own” The Struts in tampa this weekend...! Can’t wait, it is a tiny venue too.
  12. MuespachRam

    Khabib v McGregor

    You could say the same about WWF, Saturday afternoon wrestling and Jack and The Beanstalk starring John Inman and Frank Bruno.
  13. MuespachRam

    The next eight

    Well, this will be a proper test at last because the first 12 games could not have been any easier if Frankie had hand picked them.
  14. MuespachRam

    Khabib v McGregor

    All it needed was the fat guy with a glittery hat on to wander around “the octagon” shouting “easy easy easy” and when the dude jumps over the fence I’m sure I heard the crowd shout “he’s behind you”
  15. MuespachRam

    Khabib v McGregor

    Whatever you think of Mcgregor you have to admire the hard work and dedication he and the other members of the pantomime all put into making it a great show for the uneducated and dim witted. genius idea to add the after show into the performance.

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