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  1. But we don’t have to beat man city or Liverpool, we could easily get to the final without facing either of Them. And the rest of the premiershite is beatable by anyone.....even a second rate championship team...
  2. We only have to win 5 games to win the FA Cup, to win promotion we have got to win more than treble that....so we have more chance of winning the cup. (And who really wants to go up anyway..?)
  3. Yeah, some people are....like the people who think we should be playing a second string in the only competition we have left to play for because we have a pointless league game next week.....
  4. Or.....someone with a different opinion to you.....?
  5. I just think he was over hyped and just an average player that’s all. I wish him well, seems Lilke he has found his level, shame about his injuries he had for us but I guess that’s football. One thing though, the west brim team he couldn’t get near a starting place were absolutely woeful.
  6. We signed him permanently because he couldn’t get in a rubbish west brom side...! he was ok, we have had 50 better midfielders in my lifetime, but he was ok, that’s all
  7. His 10 minute highlight video would be just about every minute he ever played for us. average player at best, playing in a great team made him look good....sorry rephrase that...playing with Hughes doing everything made him appear good.
  8. You mean the same Millwall who are 3 points off going up?
  9. They will win both of those games easily. I’m actually hoping that they go up just so we don’t have to play them next season.
  10. What will happen is there will be talk of a 21 point deduction etc etc, then they will give us a 9 point deduction and everyone will be ok with it. We will hover around mid table no worries, nothing to worry about.
  11. He isn’t fit to be mentioned in the same scents me as Ince. I can’t think of 5 games that he has been brilliant in during his whole time here.
  12. So funny....what a real freaking mess... but guess what.... its back on... ha ha tell me mam me mam....to put the champagne on ice, we’re going to Wembley twice (technically 3 times because of the crappy semi finals but that kind of ruins the song)
  13. Fingers crossed they just delegate us down to non league. Would be great. But they won’t, they will give us a fine, maybe sock us 10 points and the season will be over we will finish mid table no matter what.
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