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  1. you do know that the person in the red shirt that is in direct line of where you think they should be passing can actually touch the ball dont you...?
  2. Go and get the ball and do something with it..... he looks totally disinterested. Reserve team footballer.
  3. Never seen a player get knocked off the ball so much, mind you it doesnt help that he tries to take the same player on 7 times all the time..
  4. sorry I am also not a English genius, i meant to wrote, that since records began in 1889 we have only ever once had our highest gate of the season be over 40,000... so that means in 130 years we have had over 40,000 6 times in total... say with an average of 30 home games a season that would mean an average of 0.15% of our games have been over 40,000...is that right? Whatever it is miniscule and shows why we never need to extend the ground.
  5. Everton, Leeds and Chelsea might disagree.?
  6. no, it wasn't a typo, it was just the first year that I could find records for, and that year the average gate is recorded as 3050 so i am thinking we didn't have over 40000 before that..
  7. Yeah, being realistic is hillarious.... since 1889 we have only ever ONCE had an attendance over 40 thousand....that is once in over 130 years...once... im not stat genius but I would think those number suggest that it isnt very likely to happen again...wouldnt you?
  8. Im getting a lot of comments like this in 2021, its the year of me being right all the time isnt it @DarkFruitsRam7 ?
  9. So many reasons that it would never be the case..... mainly that we are rubbish, playing teams like Wycombe and Barnsley on a regular basis, there is no money to extend the stadium, there are no fans at all and there probably wont be at capacity for the rest of the year, we never fill it anyway, no one has any money etc etc etc But aside from that, great idea!
  10. Wow, you would think after the tubing incident he might have done something about It next time you see him tell him hi from me and thank him for brightening up my Monday.
  11. I would also add to the list, the number one reason why it has "lost its spark" is because we never beat them... The games have almost always been rubbish games.
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