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  1. Í agree, DCFC only. I’m disillusioned with the way football is run and only clinging on because I love the Rams
  2. Lawrence always does well against welsh teams
  3. Just finished reading this and . . . Aged well
  4. I’m think we should start a collection for our Mel. He’s in dire straits and has had to give up one his hobbies recently. hate to see him down and out and living on the breadline. We need come together to help him maintain the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed. Any one in for a shilling or two?
  5. Í like it but please can you change the -9 to -2 pts. Then we have an agreement
  6. If they accept it, then we must have broken a written rule. Mel must have been lying that we complied with all the efl rules then. but then again the Administrators have nothing to lose by giving in and taking the max hit. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a simple breakdown of which rules we have broken and the penalty for breaking each.
  7. We are severely crippled, relying on goodwill to survive. I fully expect we will be put out of misery soon and will be liquidated sad times
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