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  1. Í hope that making Knight captain isn’t a farewell gesture ☹️
  2. I would have. Had some great seasons and moments since I started in 68 (Brum at the BBG)
  3. Brum winning, they were my top tip for bottom 3 , let’s boro come back ( just this one) If they win then we must win also today
  4. Won’t be Long before Mel is in his counting house, counting out his money. £60m is going to take a while to count though, at least 48 hours
  5. Hopefully the club will not fold. We need a run, but we’ve no Jacks left.
  6. He’ll not be a rookie for the full 2 1/2 years. Start as a rookie and develop into a full grown allladyce
  7. I give Wayne 2 and a half years one thing now sorted, just the takeover and incoming striker to sort now
  8. Let’s all send out positive vibes for some good news on the takeover. It WILl be completed later today. All will be hunky dory and we go on to buy two new players, keep our star assets and avoid relegation. Nostrodomus predicted it: “the prince’s gold from the middle of the east comes to the ancient land of the rams. There will be joy as the numbered ones stay in the place of pride joined by a top quality striker. The chasm of despair will be empty of any white fleeces”
  9. Wherever he goes get loaned out to a championship club to get game time and experience no doubt
  10. That sounds quite positive if one can believe it
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