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  1. Putting us into admin just to write off £81mil of his own money straight after?
  2. Whatever this means? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Looks like £81mil paid off after entering admin…
  3. Is he even allowed to play? With the 23 registered players, I’d have assumed he’d be omitted from that list? We were allowed to sign Baldock until January after CKR was injured, suggesting CKR can be re-registered in January if Baldock is released. I’d guess the same would apply for Bielik.
  4. Not a bad keeper, him.
  5. I would like anybody that is willing to take on this Club in the current mess and look to make it sustainable. I can't believe anybody that says they'd rather be liquidated than have someone like Mike Ashley in charge, it simply can't be true. It's like when people say "I can't think of anything worse than..." or "I've had the worst day ever" because they dropped their coffee that they just paid £3 for. If Mike Ashley comes in after all the uncertainty, then we'd be at least looking towards some certainty. If someone unknown comes in, with unknown funds and unknown intentions, how long before we might have to go through all this again? Newcastle fans have come on here to say how bad the football was and how unenjoyable seasons have been in the Premier League by scraping survival, or finishing in the middle of the bottom-half, then boo hoo. If somebody like Mike Ashley came in and turned us in to a team who plays regular PL football, given the alternative future we could possibly face scrapping out in the lower divisions, then he would be very highly regarded here.
  6. 300k cost? Wasn’t Wigan’s appeal rumoured to cost £2mil? Why would the appeal be that much less, unless it’s something that would be that much easier to prove/disprove?
  7. No reason to change him. As a keeper that’s all you can do.
  8. Anyone whose been at the club this long with these circumstances deserves respect. Isn’t Roos our second longest serving player? Full admiration for Forsyth whatever happens.
  9. I’m worried he won’t play for us again to be honest. If we’re only allowed to have 23 registered players I doubt he’s registered now, and won’t be able to be registered until January. And if we’re still in admin, someone will take a punt on him for a couple of million, even with his injuries. He’d make such a difference to our side again, I hope we’re able to keep him.
  10. It literally says in the screenshot where to send it to. I like how they've hashtagged Administration though, as if they're hoping for an opportunistic buyer to find out about us through browsing #administration on Twitter.
  11. Glad to see him back, I think he's probably England's third-best CB. Definitely should be in the squad regularly ahead of the likes of Mings and Coady. Hopefully he does well and continues to get a chance when Maguire is back, and isn't just filling a gap for him. Maguire, Stones, Gomez and Tomori as a regular four in the squad would serve England well in that position for a long time to come.
  12. I filled up before the panic-buying was a thing, and luckily don't use too much in the working week so would usually be fine, but... I'm driving to Derby on Friday for the Swansea game, and then back Sunday. I should be fine to get me there, but will definitely need to fill up before leaving again. Hopefully things calm down before then, if not I might end up having to spend £80+ on a return train ticket just to remove that hassle/uncertainty.
  13. Got to take positives out of that. The recent news clearly hasn’t knocked the belief or fight out of the players so this certainly won’t. That’s a run of “hard” games out of the way now. Three home games out of our next four coming up. Reading, Swansea & Luton, and Preston away. Keep that same attitude and we will pick up points. Ignoring any further points deductions, we’re still 9 away from 21st, 37 games left. Let’s keep fighting 🖤🤍
  14. People need to realise that TalkSport is just noise designed to incite a reaction. It’s essentially clickbait journalism for the ears. It can’t be a coincidence that every “fan” that calls in is an absolute moron. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re pre-arranged to come on with their nonsensical opinions purely to increase interaction.
  15. It’s a weird hatred he’s developed. I saw a Boro fan on Twitter justify it because “we cost them promotion”, how exactly did we do that? By finishing one place above them? What about Villa who also broke the rules, but got promoted, are they not being targeted because they finished 1 place higher? He clearly sees us as an easy target and has done for a while. He seems to be trying to use a vendetta against us to justify his club’s failings. I thought he’d be happy enough to wave us goodbye out of the trapdoor of the league but no, this is low even by his standards. They were relegated in 2017 and had parachute payments for three years, yet it is our spending that is the reason… right. If the roles were reversed, I would be outraged by our conduct. I always thought it was just a Morris v Gibson thing, but now Morris has gone he’s decided to go for the every day people with mortgages to pay, and the fans who just want to go and watch their team play football. His conduct is quite embarrassing to be honest.
  16. Wayne Rooney is a credit to this Club. I was pretty anti-Rooney, up until probably the middle of this summer. I couldn't understand why, with our problems, he still wanted to be here. And I was annoyed that without our problems, Mel probably would have pulled the trigger long before the crunch-match against Sheffield Wednesday. However, as more and more has come out about what has been happening behind the scenes, the better Rooney is coming out of this. People will point to his win-record and say X amount of wins in X amount of games, but right now I don't think that matters. He has completely the right attitude, personality and resolve that we need the manager of this Club to have right now. There is no guarantee any other manager with a proven track record would get anything more out of this team, and the players clearly want to fight for him. It's ironic that this might be one of the most united squads and coaching team we've had during Mel's tenure, given everything going on around it. Whatever happens, Rooney should always be held in high regard by Derby County, he's a credit to himself and everybody else involved.
  17. I don’t know what I did wrong in a previous life but my football team was decided before I was born. Growing up in Cornwall, there was no local team. The nearest professional side, Plymouth Argyle, were nearly two hours away. All of my friends supported Manchester United, or Liverpool, or Arsenal. That’s the route I’d have taken too if my dad didn’t have different ideas. From around the age of six, I was being literally dragged out of bed at 05:30 on a Saturday, put in a car and driven to Derby. One stop at Cullompton Services for McDonald’s breakfast, few hours in Derby, watch the game and run to the car to beat the traffic after the game. Get back home at around 11pm if we were lucky. I’ve watched some poo football, and had the piss taken out of me endlessly for my choice of team. If people don’t take the piss, then they just treat me with confusion and/or amazement. Yet I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’d still travel every mile again. And as an adult I still continue to travel to watch them play. I’ve been to some weird places, loved it all. So whatever happens, nothing for me has changed. I will still love this club, and if the very worst happens and a Phoenix club is born instead, then I guess people will be even more confused as to why I support a football team at the bottom of the football pyramid 350 miles away.
  18. Merged for you. I think a lot fans will recognise and be cautious that they may be next. With modern football and the growing chasm between the top and the rest, this will likely be an ongoing trend. We're not the first and won't be the last. Clubs can laugh if they like, but in reality like us, they're really only one game from poo or bust.
  19. I wonder just how much Wayne Rooney has been lied to here. He's constantly open in the media, perhaps too open, regarding what's going on behind the scenes. And nearly always, the exact opposite happens. He's said the takeover has been close, then it falls through. He says he hopes we're close to signing players, still in an embargo. Then today he has said we can stay up with a 9 point deduction and a few hours later, we plunge ourselves in to at least a 12 point deduction. I don't believe he would be stupid enough to say these things without conversations with Mel, or Stephen Pearce. So what exactly is he being told, and why is he putting up with being strung along like this by liars?
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