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  1. I think Wayne might need winding too looking at this photo... ...........I've misread what you said, haven't I? 😉
  2. Sssssshhhhh!!!🤫🤫 He hasn't signed the contract yet. We don't want to be attracting suitors.
  3. Yeah he was a bit of a handful from what I remember and as you say we'd have surely got better value out of him than Earnshaw.
  4. Spot on. It was inevitable that we'd turn in a leggy performance like that at some point in this frenetic run of games. Shame it was against the Gumps. The positive to it though is that we just about got away with it.
  5. We've dodged a bullet there although we've come out of it with a bit of collateral damage. It was a flat performance for various reasons. I don't think we should dwell on it and over analyse it. We can't afford to with how fast the games are coming. Dust ourselves down and onto the next one is the best thing we can do.
  6. Milk Mccarthy is the worst pundit ever. Sounds like he's ready to hang himself from the rafters. The game is dire enough without his dour tone.
  7. It's screaming out for a Keoghesque charge from the back to break the lines. Can we be brave enough. Little better so far this half.
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