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  1. I've got a feeling today is the day we might eventually hear something. If not there will be a plethora of speculative links to trawl through.
  2. Surely he wouldn't be able to join in anyway. He's been a red pretty much most of his career. Dogs, Utd and Mackems.
  3. He's got two I think and so has Frank. I've heard a few people say that they are a right pair of Chelsea two hats if they leave us after one season.
  4. Sounds like a cheesy love story. Far better than all that fiction you can read on all those links in this thread.
  5. Hasn't Mel already done that in a polite, round about sort of way?
  6. What's tomato with you? Nowt wrong with a bit of fruit and veg. 🍅🍅🍅
  7. Poor Mel. He's in such a tiz about this sorry state that when somebody suggested sending Frank an SOS to come home he totally misunderstood and ended up here.
  8. After thinking long and hard about it, I think I've rationalised where we're at and how we got here. It's purely my opinion and nothing factual before I get crucified for it. I reckon that when Mel and Frank sat down for their end of season chat it went something like this: It was probably a bit awkward at first, a bit like when your partner says we need a serious chat tonight and you're not sure whether you're gonna get binned or chastised for leaving your towel on the bathroom floor. After both initially saying "no you go first, no you go first" Frank eventually bit the bullet and probably said something along the lines of: " Listen Mel, I've thoroughly enjoyed my first year at the club. I reckon we're pretty much where we should be at this point and I'm reasonably happy with how the season panned out. There is room for improvement and I'm eager to take us to the next level. However as you know, I've got connections with Chelsea and although I've had no discussions with anyone official, I've had strong indications that should Sarri leave then I will be seriously considered for the role. What are your thoughts? " Mel: " Well, I'm will be very disappointed if you considered leaving at this point. We both knew this day would come but not this soon. I urge you not to do anything hastily. Go away with Christine, enjoy your birthday and have a very good think about all the implications. Say nothing to anyone, especially not the press and I'll deal with things at this end. We'll sort all this when you get back." Frank leaves the meeting with a tear in his eyes. Mel bursts uncontrollably into tears as Frank closes the door behind him. So that leaves us where we're at. The press scrambling for a story and making any old shizzle up. Expect a decision by Monday at the latest. I desperately hope he stays for what it's worth. Apologies for the length of the post. Took longer than Frank's decision.
  9. Hay you, stop taking the pee or I'll grass on you.
  10. Shithouse............anyway to answer your question, I've no idea what building he was on about.
  11. Rumour has it that he copped off with sticky Vicky last night and is still recovering from that experience.
  12. Of course he'll look. He needs to work out a weekend when we're playing and Chelsea aren't so he can check on all the players he's loaned us.
  13. Let him finish his birthday breakfast first.
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