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  1. Possibly buddy but as long as it goes in I suppose non of us Rams are really that bothered. He can scuff em all as long as they go in.
  2. How's the holiday going @Van Cone De Head/ @Mrs Cone? Hope it's having the desired effect. 🤞🤞
  3. I thought it was a decent penalty to be fair. Feigned to go in the same corner as his last pen and then calmly rolled it down the middle. He had the ballls to step up again and executed it so keeps the job for me.
  4. So he says, but if you remember back to when he was our manager (shudder), his words very rarely correlated with reality.
  5. I think you've summed it up in a nutshell. Anyone hankering after a like for like replacement is gonna be left disappointed. We were lucky get such a talent and moving forward we need to find a system that negates his loss and not a direct replacement. I think and hope that Cocu is an astute enough manager to come up with a system/systems that make us less reliant on individuals and a more rounded unit. It's gonna be interesting to watch it unfold.
  6. Which Derby County player isn't yet quite up to be full speed but will eventually become a pivotal cog in a rampant promotion machine?....... Step forward Kieran Dowell.
  7. The most concerning thing about this fixture is the same person has started the match thread. @Pastinaak if we lose this one then the blame lies firmly at your door. 🤨
  8. You're quite correct that they deserve a mention. They were pivotal in bringing some joy back into the lives of us Rams. A pretty potent combo on their day but I have to say that Saunders and Goddard are still my favoured pairing.
  9. Spare a thought for the numpties down the road. Their whole seasons highlights don't even stretch to 5 mins long.
  10. Saunders was surprisingly good in the air for his height and Goddards guile made him a perfect foil for Saunders pace. One of our worst pieces of business was selling Goddard imho.
  11. He might get chased out of the Stoke boardroom on Saturday by angry Stoke directors after he hustled £2 million off them for Rowett.
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