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  1. We're gonna have to be prepared to a scrap for every ball in this one. Their manager Gareth Ainsworth played a lot of his football under that 'purist' John Beck so I'm presuming his footballing philosophy will be based around that kind of game. With that in mind I'd definitely go with a midfield including at least 2 of either Knight, Shinnie and Bielik.
  2. Wisdom would be a good shout for me. Has the presence to command respect. Any man that can survive a knife attack has my respect.
  3. The right move if he is serious about being a manager. He can't possibly do both roles that is evident. However for me he is still technically streets ahead of any other player we have.
  4. I don't think it's necessarily a case of us playing slowly. Boros work rate is making it hard for us to zip the ball around. Will need a Keoghesque surge by Wisdom or Clarke to break through their press and create some space.
  5. Needed something strong to get me up for the game tonight. COYR.
  6. I wonder if Steve Gibsons dating profile describes him as an appealing character? The question is will he be appealing the appeal of the appeal? 🤔
  7. MaccaRooney cheese, a match made in heaven?
  8. He's just embarrassing himself now. Just let it go fella. I take it that there won't be a drink waiting for Mel and Schteve after the game tomorrow then.
  9. @David does this mean a return of the Oranje theme now Schteve is in the building?
  10. Any chance of re-posting some on here. Cheers.
  11. I think you could be right but it also could be multiple reasons too. For example players of his age can have dramatic dips in form. I'm just glad he's rediscovered the form we know he's capable of. Long may it continue.
  12. He was terrific yesterday. Lost his way a bit for some reason and was rightly removed from the team. Showed his quality by responding in the right way and seizing his opportunity. We'll need an on song Max Bird if we are to climb our way out of the position we are in.
  13. @David is that you talking ultrabollox? You know forum protocol forbids you from having duplicate accounts. 😉
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