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  1. I'm not sure his post/posts should be classed as bragging. Seems to have given a fair and balanced view of Saturdays game imho.
  2. I think lessons have been learnt from all sides after what happened that night. It's fair to say that it's highly unlikely we'll see a repeat any time soon now that the trust given to the players has been broken. Yes with hindsight there was possibly a bit of naivety on the clubs part but ultimately the blame lies fully at the door of those that made the choices they did on that night.
  3. I'd probably phrase it more along the lines that the club was encouraging them to unwind responsibly. Hence the cars being laid on for 8pm. The fact that grown men chose to take it beyond that responsible boundary, it's a bit unfair to lay any blame at the clubs door imho.
  4. Cheers for the link @DarkFruitsRam7. Thoroughly enjoyed that, it's well worth a read for anyone who hasn't already done so.
  5. Pringle you say is defending him. Would part of that defence be that once you're on the pop, you just can't stop?
  6. Looking forward to watching Mason Mount start tonight. Go and rip it up son. Once a Ram always a Ram.
  7. You're brave mentioning After 8 on here. It was a contentious issue on here only a couple of weeks ago. Still is in some cases.
  8. Not sure but he has one hell of a man-crush on our Phil.
  9. Just beat me to it. You're hell of a fella @Ellafella.
  10. Quite possibly Geraint 'George' Williams. We could do with him now if Bieliks injury is serious.
  11. Smart move if it's Red Bull. Apparently it gives you wings so should stop the players drink driving. They can fly home instead.
  12. It is rumoured to be the landlord of The Joiners Arms. He's made an absolute fortune from the players after hours sessions.
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