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  1. Coventry v Derby Sat 06/03/21 15:00pm KO Venue: St Andrews Trillion Trophy Stadium After a Taff night in Cardiff which of the players will be sent to Coventry for this one?(ok it's technically in Birmingham but that didn't sound quite right).Back to the tried and tested back four is a must for me. Too much tinkering in that department contributed to our downfall in Wales. Wisdom and Clarke after being rock solid in recent weeks both had poor displays. Of course they weren't alone in being below par so there will be a few players sweating on whether they'll make the s
  2. Very good point that's why it is imperative to find a replacement/backup.
  3. It would appear from last night that CKR is as talismanic as the Wardrobe he's so successfully replaced. We're now back to square one though. Looking for an able-bodied backup for our main striker. That is however not a slight on Lee Gregorys efforts last night. He toiled hard with not even scraps to feed on. He obviously works better in a front 2 formation.
  4. Sibley man of the match for me but only for booting Sean Morrison. Keogh will have enjoyed that.
  5. Yeah he is but he made me choke on my beer when he said "The more you move it the better it feels." He was talking about a knock that Baningime had got so it wasn't really his fault. It was my mucky mind.
  6. Positive from that 1st half is that we're only 1-0 down. If we don't improve this could get embarrassing. Fergie style hair dryer required from WR.
  7. Same old achilles heel so far. Far too ponderous in possession. How much of that is of our own making or how much is down to Cardiffs work rate is debatable. We simply have to move the ball quicker.
  8. Matt Clarke with a sliding tackle with his head. Impressive. Lucky Moore hasn’t got his shooting boots on so far.
  9. To be fair to @eezzeetiger he's not far wrong with that assessment even if he is dangling a line. On the whole we we're poor with the ball compared to our usual standards and we did play far too many sterile sideways passes.
  10. ...and we were gracious enough to hand you a goal on a plate because your players were too inept to score themselves. Dont polish it too hard tonight...........the trophy I mean.
  11. That's what I meant. Another year on top of the one he's just been awarded. I should have worded it better.
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