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  1. Hope it was just cramp troubling Tomori at the end. If it's his hamstring then that would be a big blow to lose him at this crucial stage.
  2. Good shift so far by Waggers. There is more joy to be had there if we continue utilising him right. Come on Derby, we can do this if we tighten things up at the back. Yes they are effective at what they do but they're definitely beatable.
  3. Sorry, @coneheadjohn. You are exempt from that last sentence if you're a Ram living in Yorkshire. I should have clarified that at the time.
  4. Gotta admit I've never really noticed all the super cars lining the streets but then again I'm not the most observant of people. The Wetherspoons is a decent one and we usually find ourselves finishing the night off in there. There is a cracking fish restaurant just a stones throw from it that we like to frequent also. It's called the Drum and Monkey if you're ever there again.
  5. Pretty sure it was a similar price at their ground. It's no wonder they're in financial trouble with that strategy.
  6. Quite like Harrogate. Must sum up my personality if you deem it a weird place. Having said that, it is in Yorkshire after all so you're probably right, full of weirdos.
  7. We need to have a whip round for season tickets for @AmericanRamand Toya. They're our new lucky charms.Hope you've both had a great day so far.
  8. Going to an away game at Blackburn on a Tuesday night.
  9. I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience regardless. Have a great trip buddy.
  10. Of course,he's loaded........... Wasn't him btw but thought it was at first glance. Nearly put some dosh on Frank being sacked with the obscenities he was muttering.
  11. The saving grace is that we can't surely play any worse on Saturday. Hope we find a performance for you from somewhere. UTR.
  12. Mel didn't seem too happy. He was pacing up and down muttering obscenities at that display.
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