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  1. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    My nephew is on a mission to go to as many league grounds as he can. His travels took him to the Shitty Ground last night and when he came out after the game a Gump had managed to stove in his car and 2 others. Surprising really as you'd think those extra fingers on each hand would give the Gump a solid grip on the steering wheel. Here's a picture of my nephews car.
  2. Our New Weapon

    Weave got to get back to winning ways tomorrow night.
  3. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Oh no, the guys in form. Our heads are on the chopping block..... Correction, mine is on the chopping block.
  4. QPR away who is going

    Whatever you do, don't tell your boss that.
  5. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Think we'll have to take joint culpability. I'm happy for him to score as long as we win the game.
  6. Derby County vs Leeds United

    You do realise that now we've dissed him that he'll more than likely bag against us.
  7. Derby County vs Leeds United

    I know what you mean, he's a bit of a poor mans Conor Sammon but a handful to mark if you're a defender.
  8. where are they now - Rob Hulse

    Very interesting read that. Hats off to RH. Would have been so easy for him to get a cushy job in the game. His dedication to the NHS is admirable.
  9. Funniest Scenes in Movies

  10. My Lads op.

    Not religous either but will pray for you all tonight.
  11. Derby County Flags

    I think they were affectionately referred to as Ramsvestites.
  12. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    Is it possible that he wouldn't be welcome back at Sheff Weds if the rumours of his bust up with Forestieri( apologies if the spelling is wrong) are true?
  13. Picture where you are now

    Shameless airbrushing/ product placement......cough...cough.. @David
  14. Missing person

    Must be a massive relief for his family. Was it the power of the internet that helped to find him?
  15. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    You'd have to be nuts to manage that shower.

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