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  1. I agree whilst also acknowledging he has made some mistakes and at times baffling decisions but he needs to be given time to assemble the strongest side he can. We can't keep using sticking plasters to heal something that is quite clearly broken. At some point we are gonna have to feel the pain of a proper healing process.
  2. Giant home made Yorkshire pudding filled with lamb mince concoction.
  3. Looks like you dodged a bullet not going yesterday. You now owe your missus @Inverurie Ram. I hope Cocu can dodge the bullet too and turn our season around.
  4. Is that Warnocks Liam Gallagher impression?
  5. We had duck sounding player once I seem to recall. Stark Mallard I think he was called.... Oh duck, I think my dyslexia may have kicked in again.
  6. That he's made a massive mistake signing for us? 🤷‍♂️
  7. Things can change very quickly in football. Take Blackburn Rovers as an example. October saw them pick up 2pts and had their fan base calling for a change of manager. Their manager even came out and pretty much said he didn't need the hassle and could walk away quite easily. Fast forward 8 games and 6 wins later and they sit just 1pt outside the play offs and 3pts from 3rd place. Yes there is very little positives to find for ourselves at the moment but it just goes to show that a bit of patience can sometimes be rewarded with an upturn in fortunes. Will Cocu turn it around? I've absolutely no idea but at this present time a change of manager isn't the way to go for me despite how grim things currently look.
  8. Hope he's taking his inflatable snake that his dad promised to get him last season. In the grand scheme of things he did us a massive favour. We may never have witnessed what we did last season if he hadn't have bailed on us. At least he's now as good as admitted that he left because he saw Stoke as an easier way to pimp up his CV. Still dislike, I mean hate the Bamford.
  9. He'll be talismanic as long as he can control his tallywhacker. Mines on a semi just thinking about him in a Derby shirt.
  10. He's personally coming into a no lose situation. If he fails to kick start our season it will be fair to claim that no player on the planet could galvanise this current shower. However if he does manage to take us on an unbeaten run then he'll be lauded as a hero forever in Derby County folklore. It's just gotta be the latter just to watch the meltdown of the rest of the division.
  11. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/12/watch-rooneys-press-conference-in-full
  12. https://www.newsatden.co.uk/ Decent interview with old Snakey on here. Tries his best to slither out of his treachery.
  13. Oh my gawd, he's late for his press conference. Hope he didn't rely on Bielik for a lift.
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