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  1. 6. Jake Buxton? 8. Johnny Russell?
  2. You miserable sod. I thought you would have given me discount on that since I was bulk buying and we sort of know each other. 😉
  3. Will go down in history as the shortest serving(time wise) Captain of Derby County.
  4. He did a decent video of Mason Bennett tbf.
  5. The CEO definitely does. Even before this crisis he ran the company from his Swiss mansion. His attitude is nothing short of disgraceful. A greedy fat cat and a mercenary is the kindest description I can come up with for him. He's running this Great British institution into the ground. I'm amazed he hasn't been ousted considering where the company was when he came in and where it is now.
  6. Good to know that Royal Mail are taking health and safety seriously during this pandemic. Just wash your hands, you'll be reet. The CEO couldn't even be bothered to attend the meeting with the union and then declared he would not be meeting them again during this pandemic.
  7. Fake news I think. I don't think he'll Joiners..........I mean join us. I need to stop drinking in the afternoon.
  8. I think the opposite tbh. If they have got to this stage of their careers and don't have a fair bit stashed away then they are either naive or have been poorly advised along the way. I'd be surprised if they couldn't retire tomorrow and still live a comfortable lifestyle for the rest of their days.
  9. I guessing that there will be wholesale changes to the lineup for this one. Freshen it up a bit.
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