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  1. This whole 'paying Paul Ince's mum for scouting' thing... I imagine it was actually just a signing-on fee paid to his mum for tax reasons (i.e. his dad's earnings would put him into higher tax bracket) so whilst it's a catchy title, in reality I suspect it's just a tax-efficient way of paying a signing-on fee. Having said that, looking back at some of the decisions made by a number of key people involved, they do seem particularly stupid so who knows. With regard to who's fault all this is - the buck stops with Mel but he does seem spectacularly unlucky in terms of key staff selection, signings, injuries, COVID, pub crawls, etc. Overall, he seems to have had his fair share of luck so perhaps, in the bigger picture, it was karma.
  2. Fair enough but it still don’t happen due to far-reaching ramifications IMO
  3. Don't let the facts get in the way! 😉 The EFL won't lose face - there's not a chance they'll change their mind unless there's some legal action which will open a massive can of worms as all the other clubs will be able to sue... So my point is, it's not about the relative merits of our case, it's just that they can't / won't change the ruling. In my opinion, of course.
  4. I'd agree with that. They have no axe to grind, not invested (in any sense, etc) so they must have looked at it logically and decided it's worth challenging. I don't think it's for the benefit of the club - it looks like they think it's just plain wrong. We don't have the insider knowledge to know all the whys and wherefores but fingers crossed. PS Not a chance they'll get it over-turned!
  5. So many good names... I'll throw in 'Wanchope' so we can ask for a Wanchope Top. Or a Camp Shandy. Or a Higginbotham Top. Or Half an Hector. I'll stop.
  6. Evil doesn't believe itself to be evil so what is his actual motivation? I totally understand him having a vendetta against Morris but not against the club (which is, at the end of the day, the fans) because we've not actually done anything wrong. Other than regard Boro to be completely irrelevant to football. If they disappeared tomorrow, would anyone notice...? If he's going against DCFC to ruin us and get back at Morris then I'm not sure it's worth it as perhaps Morris won't be that bothered about whether DCFC continues or not...? Dunno. These big-time businessmen and their egos... If I was Derby I wouldn't engage lawyers. I'd re-employ Martin Kuhl and let him handle it how he sees fit.
  7. Eh? Are people forgetting that Keogh got himself injured? So they didn't 'all do the same' - Keogh made himself useless to DCFC. The others did a very silly thing but were still capable of playing. With regard to Mutu - yes, Chelsea successfully sued him for the £15m.
  8. I agree actually. But time has shown, IMO, that Bennett nor Lawrence (maybe) were worth losing the Keogh payment for. Plus their own wages of course... Anyway, feels like we've done this one to death! He's gone. Shame it went a bit sour with Keogh and a bigger shame it cost us so much for something 'we' didn't do wrong but hey, that's the DCFC Soap Opera of the last 5+ years!
  9. Sorry, just that it was meant as I 'it isn't all doom and gloom' post and then got people with daft analogies and missing the gist. I just meant it's not all bad but clearly not a situation anyone wanted. Cash flow - who knows. The whole situation was ridiculous but FWIW I agree that Keogh should have been sacked. But then so should Lawrence and Mason as whilst they might have had perceived commercial value, in reality, they're both poo.
  10. You’re not getting it. We were already committed to paying his wages regardless of the accident. We sacked him so we did t have to do that but the tribunal said we needed to pay him the money as per his contract. Hence why I say, apart from having to finance a replacement, we’ve simply paid him the money he’s have earned had he not been injured. it really isn’t that complicated. Wish I hadn’t bothered. and cash flow wasn’t an issue then. If Mel hadn’t have paid it to Keogh he undoubtedlywould have spent it on something else.
  11. You're not understanding me. If we hadn't have sacked Keogh then we'd have still been paying his wages anyway - i.e. we were already committed to it. The paying for groceries analogy does not apply.
  12. That's a good point and obviously true but that bit is entirely Keogh's fault as he's the one that got himself injured by making silly choices. Even if we disagree with that aspect (i.e. accidents happen, etc), it's certainly not the clubs fault that he got injured.
  13. If Keogh hadn't have acted irresponsibly then you're right, it wouldn't have happened. My point was financially we lost nothing.
  14. Not sure if it’s been said or not but the pay out was just the money Keogh would have been paid if we hadn’t sacked him so not sure it’s quite as bad as some think.
  15. I'll admit, it is a pet peeve of mine when footballers and politicians don't answer questions properly: RD: 'What's your view of the Newcastle job that you're linked with' Mac: 'I'm focused on the Derby job' RD: 'But would you be interested if they made an approach' Mac: 'Look (a tell-tale sign of BS to follow), it's all hypothetical. I'm here and working on the next match' RD: 'What sort of answer is that? Why don't you just say yes or no? I'm actually none the wiser Stevie boy' (that's what he thought - I imagine! ;)) A parallel; Andrew Marr & 'Sir' Kier: AM : 'Will you privatise the utilities?' KS : 'no' (pick me up off the floor - an actual binary response) AM : 'but it says here in your manifesto that you will' KS : 'ah, but kinda.... but then the bigger boys... sorry... I don't understa... what I meant was....' AM : 'you kinda trailed off there Sir Kier; would you like to finish the sentence?' KS : 'what I meant was... it depends? And what I mean by that is that if the promise gets us in power we'll probably then realise that it's not feasible so yeah... I sort of mean it, sort of don't - same with all of it TBH' AM : 'Thought so. Same old BS then. Just like Lib Dems - promise free Uni, blah, blah blah and once it, deliver on none of it' KS : 'Yep, I'll go back to sniping at everything the government do but with absolutely no better ideas nor will I contribute in any meaningful way - and I reserve the right to change that at any given moment'. AM : 'Thanks Kier - you're a true Red' KS : 'Blues are no better' AM : 'Trudat. Peace' So there ya go, Steve Mac is exactly the same as Kier Starmer. I don't know where all that came from. Nurse!
  16. But you'll get done for 36 in a 30 zone... Or a burglar will get a non-custodial sentence for his 4th offence. They just get stuff so wrong sometimes...
  17. <sigh>I heard / saw him, numerous times, dodging the question. With my own eyes and ears - not via a Twitter quote. Maybe he said that near the end of the furore or something (IDC) but the damage was done. He dodged, used abstract terms and this language that does everything but convince the listener that they're answering with any integrity - seems to be de rigueur these days. Ultimately, it's inarguable that he did not do a good job of distancing himself from the job as evidenced by the fact he apologised for the same when he came back! Can we move on?
  18. It's ridiculous that they get away with it. If there's one homophobic or racist word then they're out. If they look back at the CCTV and the match they can see who was singing or at least send the stewards in. The mentality of these people is just so wrong I'd be quite happy for them to banned for life.
  19. Or on Anya. Or that useless winger from Reading (I've already edited his name from my memory). Or paying 4 x what Bradley Johnson, Tom Lawrence and Martyn Waghorn were actually worth.
  20. I heard him avoiding the questions on the radio and TV. Don't give a monkeys what's quoted on Twitter.
  21. Also agree. If I'd have been Mel, I'd have stuck with Mac once we got him back. His coaching skills are not up for discussion - he's coached at the highest level and I think if we'd really have been thinking long term, that should have been the approach. But no, looking back on Mel's time now, he was inconsistent with his approach, expectations, strategy, etc, etc. I'll admit that I was taken in by Mel - I assumed he had good reason, that we weren't necessarily party to, to make some of the decisions he did but looking back now it looks like he's just a VERY lucky businessman. Or a VERY unlucky football Chairman...
  22. Totally agree with that - I thought we'd found the right guy too! Just too much bad luck, too many mistakes and too much spent. I'd rather we don't panic - have a 5-10 year plan. Keep our youth (i.e. do all we can to not sell the Delaps, etc) and manage expectations with the fans accordingly. You could argue we sorta did that but I think we spent too much and risked too much in the interim. It was like a bad run at the casino - you keep losing but keep throwing in hoping to make it back. Then end up being so skint that you don't even have bus fair home so have to walk the 7 miles home (yes, that was me, circa 1990 - never did anything like it again but it cost me my YTS wage of £27.30 rather than Mel's £200m!).
  23. But Frank had no history us at all, never claimed to love the club, etc and never tried to be 'smart' with his words. Mac did me when he was asked about Newcastle and kept avoiding answering directly - if he'd have just said 'no, not interested' or 'look, you can't blame me for having my head turned by a Pre club' then fair enough but instead he just kept giving these abstract, non-committal answers that assumes us to be stupid. The politicians do the same these days - they get asked a simple question and simply won't answer it to avoid being held responsible. I'm not 'down' with that as the kids say. I'm not really slating Mac for doing it, just saying let's not get the statue up just yet - all he's said is that he'll answer the phone. It's not like he's in every day sweeping floors, cleaning boots and painting lines is it...
  24. Multi millionaire with nothing better to do says ‘give me a call if you want my 2p’ results in fans singing his praises. Doesn’t take much does it. I’m ambivalent about him but this all feels like soin to me.
  25. Like Blackburn... And it's funny, I was talking to a 22 year old the other day about big clubs now vs what they used to be as he was saying Man City can't sell their tickets - I explained that they used to sell 30,000 in League One but they're a different club now. And that I remember when Chelsea had one of the worst grounds in the country and were basically Brentford. And Leeds were a contender. And I went to Filbert Street when there were 8,000 there. It's funny what's happened to clubs in the last 20 years. I'm sure there are lots more but as someone else said, I'd hate for us to be the first big club to go completely under. I'm not saying we've got a divine right to the Prem or that we're a contender for anything but the top 20 (and we've always punched above our weight in terms of size of city vs attendances) but we are one of the oldest clubs and one of hte founder members so for us to go under, the system has to be wrong.
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