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  1. I would go with that but have Dal in for Van Beek…..
  2. Stevens is still available for us isn't he? I would put him in as a pinch hitter at the top of the order on Saturday......
  3. Yes, a disappointing morning....
  4. Ditto for the Sussex match. Minds on Saturday perhaps. Talking of which, interesting selection headache for Corky....Darren Stevens on fire at Kent, does he get the nod over Dal????
  5. Yep, come on Corky, Revoke Article 50, you know it makes sense.....
  6. You think Holmes deserves to be dropped?
  7. I think that is probably our best starting X1 but I still feel the midfield is a bit lightweight and would prefer Waggers and Marriott upfront as a front two.....
  8. Think we need Holmes in his creative midfield role that we have missed, not at right back, again Bielik will play at centre half......
  9. Cocu says Bielik will play at the back for now, Bennett in midfield?
  10. Brentford 3 Rams 1 FRGS Lawrence
  11. Couple of observations....don't think you can play both Hudders and Bielik in the same midfied...and Waggers and Marriott need to play as a 2 up top, don't think Waggers is a winger...…..
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