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  1. Bryne from Gavin and Stacey seems to be getting of game time 😁
  2. Hopefully Wendies get a late equaliser...draw good for us..
  3. Jimmy Hill running the line and all that...
  4. Been lots of times to see the Rams away at Coventry, both at Highfield Road and the Ricoh....good and bad memories. The 6-1 loss when Brown got the worst vitriolic abuse I have ever witnessed stands out. I have watched Coventry a bit this season. Play at a high tempo and create chances. O’Hare is a young player who stands out. We will need to be on our game to get anything out of it. Let’s hope we dispense with the tappy tappy passes around our area and play at a high tempo ourselves πŸ‘
  5. I think I am somewhere in between....rest 2 or 3.....but not 6
  6. Just seems a bit tired..surprised Fozzy didn’t play last night...
  7. Roos Byrne Wisdom Clarke Fozzy Shinnie Bird Watson Waggers Roberts CKR
  8. Yes, we need to replicate those high standards on Saturday 😁
  9. Friday night game live on SKY...some cracking goals....
  10. Is that the game where we had a perfectly good goal disallowed too?
  11. Which part of Wales does Jimmy come from again???
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