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  1. The boy continues to make it up as he goes along......
  2. Hoddle a striker....and good Manager????
  3. Losing half a team of key players to injury did, agreed....
  4. It wasn’t just in the Mirror, I heard him say it on the radio, it was in the DET. He committed to Derby.
  5. Yep, that’s how I see it 👍
  6. Won’t be Alan Pardw, he has just taken a job abroad 👍
  7. But I don’t think they have got a bit of info....that is the point...
  8. Yes for me Bielik plays in a midfield 3 and then we don’t need 2 holding midfielders....
  9. To be fair, if you imply that you are in the know when you are clearly not and are then shown up, like with the Mac appointment today, you can’t really complain if some decide to extract the urine 👍
  10. Come on Richard, it’s passed your bedtime....clean your teeth and wash behind your ears and then straight to bed, it’s school tomorrow.....and there will be trouble if I catch you hiding under the covers with that torch posting rubbish on that Derby website again.......OK mum......nite nite
  11. Probably won’t happen until the takeover is finalised. Might be Steve Mac has come in just to provide some experience until that happens and the new Manager is appointed 👍
  12. But that one did come out of the blue to be fair RoyMac......can’t expect even the best in the kitchens to know that 🤣
  13. Perhaps they just forgot to keep Dickie in the loop 🤔
  14. Need to give your contact a smack 🤣
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