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  1. Well he made enough, I just hope he makes some more at another club 👍
  2. Learning and adapting...Rooney.....when have we seen that in the previous 35 games 🤔
  3. Why should Rosenior have to get a managerial job lower down the pyramid and not Rooney, he has more coaching experience and qualifications? Not quite sure why Wazza has the right to jump the queue 🤔
  4. Perhaps he just hasn’t been able to adjust to playing in the pub league 🤔
  5. Will all depend on what budget the new manager will have. That will depend on who ends up owning the club.
  6. I liked Cocu and thought he did well in his first season, in the end I just about accepted he had to go after the poor start to this season. Having said that, in hindsight I am not sure he would have done any worse than Wazza. How do you think Wazza has done a better job? I am sure you realise the stats show the opposite 👍
  7. Not too difficult to understand is it 🤣
  8. Yea, said that when Cocu was sacked. Doesn’t really make sense to keep someone who has done worse though...
  9. We don’t need to know, just don’t vote👍
  10. Not so sure, getting the best manager in to get us in the prem will be their top priority 👍
  11. But we were found not guilty weren’t we...
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