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  1. Jimbo Ram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Agree. Usually get to the Brunswick for 12 ish to ensure I get a seat. Few beers and a nice big cheese roll and then leave for the ground about 2.20 and in my seat for 2.45 to enjoy the atmosphere and cheer the team as they come out....perfick.....
  2. Jimbo Ram

    v Sheffield Utd (H) - Predictions

    2-2 FRGS Mount
  3. Jimbo Ram

    We have an England International!

    Was a foul on the keeper just to make the goal even harder to take...
  4. Jimbo Ram

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Interesting logic B4......so basically sod everyone else who wants to sit and watch the game.....
  5. Jimbo Ram

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Problem with that is if some stand all have to stand otherwise you spend your time sitting watching the back of someones arse all game. Not really fair on older supporters who for whatever reason can't stand for 90 mins.....and if you are taking a young child who won't be able to see.....
  6. Jimbo Ram

    Fikayo Tomori

    In that case where will Bogle play?
  7. Jimbo Ram

    Scott Malone

    Agree but would play Tomori ahead of Fozzy in the back 3....
  8. Jimbo Ram

    v QPR (A) - Predictions

    Rangers 1 Rams 2 Bryson
  9. Jimbo Ram

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    I would be surprised to see Davies back in the team after just 70 mins of U23 football. I think it would be very harsh on Tomori to be dropped in any case.....
  10. Jimbo Ram

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    Did we look better after Lawrence and Waghorn came on? I thought Lawrence was poor and didn't get in to the game at all. I was pleased with a point against a very decent Norwich side. The equaliser came as a surprise to me and I don't think we could have had too many complaints if it had ended 0-1. We need to somehow convert our possession in to chances. I think their keeper had to make 3 decent saves all game. We need to create more. Positives were the defence on the whole looked solid, Keogh and Tomori played well, Carson made a couple of crucial saves when he had to and Johnson continues to impress in midfield. Need a win against Mac on Saturday.
  11. Jimbo Ram

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    Nothing at all, done really well and was my man of the match at Manure...……..just think a few need a rest as we have had a lot of games in a short period of time....
  12. Jimbo Ram

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    Similar team to mine other than Holmes can't play in the midfield 3, would get overrun, so Bryson in for him and I would give Bogle a rest and play Wisdom tonight.....
  13. Jimbo Ram

    Derbyshire Cricket 2018

    This Jimbo beat you to it re Wilson Jimbo...yes Hosein has done enough to get the gloves next season. We need an opening batsman, batting all rounder and pace bowler for next season and then should be competitive in 4 day cricket.....
  14. Jimbo Ram

    Derbyshire Cricket 2018

    Wilson left Derbyshire by mutual consent......good decision for all parties I think. If Rampaul does the same will free up some money hopefully.
  15. Jimbo Ram

    v Norwich (H) - Predictions

    Rams 1 Norwich 2 FRGS Marriott

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