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  1. No, Rooney not too long ago was a world class footballer. Sinclair at his best was a decent Championship player....but as you say, all about opinions 👍
  2. Never rated him and he is well passed his best now....
  3. Loans got both Stoke and Watford up.....
  4. Blackman was playing at a much higher level.....
  5. We need to bring in some quality to ensure we don't become a relegation-threatened club....
  6. If he got some service I am sure it would....forwards are playing off scraps....
  7. Bowen on a permanent from Hull...the Bowen who has been linked with a 25 mill move to the Premiership with the Toon one of a number of clubs interested in him....that Bowen?? Yep, sure a move to a struggling Rams team lower in the league than Hull and on similar wages would be very appealing. Sign him up...….
  8. Thought it was a noddy guide of how to put up a tent 😂
  9. Thought we were fortunate to get a point at Stoke🤔
  10. Bring the 3 points home....need to get my skates on and get down to Loftus Road for KO!!!
  11. How can it be an option if we are not interested?
  12. We have been doing ok at home, no need for all of those changes....
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