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  1. Jimbo Ram

    Ashley Cole

    Surely he will need a couple of weeks training and a couple of games in the U23s first won't he....he hasn't played or trained for ages.....
  2. Jimbo Ram

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    So do you think Hudders can manage 2 games in 3 days?
  3. Jimbo Ram

    Ashley Cole

    Took me a while to get what was going off......
  4. Jimbo Ram

    Ashley Cole

    All 4-5 years younger weren't they? Happy to trust Frank's judgement, be interesting to see how fit he is....
  5. Jimbo Ram

    Ashley Cole

    I haven't seen him play for 10 years so can't comment. Trust Frank though....
  6. Jimbo Ram

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Surely he wouldn't drop to playing park football???
  7. Jimbo Ram


    Agree Tomori was outstanding, best game in a Derby shirt for me....
  8. Jimbo Ram

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

  9. Jimbo Ram

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    I would rest some of the key players. I think playing full strength teams in the League Cup at Manure and Chelski took it's toll in the end and affected some league games, especially the Villa game. I would like to see a competitive side but one that takes in to account that the league is the priority......
  10. Jimbo Ram

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Kevin McDonald is available for loan from Fulham, just the presence we need in the midfield, sign him up.....
  11. Jimbo Ram

    Timi Elsnik - joined Mansfield season-long loan (Terminated)

    Can he go out on loan again? That is what will happen I would think if he can......
  12. Jimbo Ram


    I can't see us spending much on fees, I reckon the aim is to free up some wages and bring a couple of quality loans in...then have a review and mini overhaul in the summer....
  13. Jimbo Ram


    Yes, I got it....
  14. Jimbo Ram


    Yep, sure Henders is biting at the bit to drop down a division....
  15. Jimbo Ram


    If we genuinely haven't got any money to invest in the squad I think we would have to sell if 8million was offered so we can reinvest in the squad and bring a couple of quality players in, probably on loan.

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