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  1. We are severely crippled, relying on goodwill to survive. I fully expect we will be put out of misery soon and will be liquidated sad times
  2. He makes me despise Boro, which is sad as it’s lovely part of the UK with jolly people
  3. Boro would be nice. wouldnt wish it on anyone else
  4. Not at all bothered by being in or out of the PL.
  5. Legal action against who? The Rams, the EFL, Gibson?
  6. Sounds like a girlfriend I had years ago
  7. We still owe arse for Bielik. will they get their asset back now?
  8. They will all be fighting for their futures ….. at other clubs
  9. Mel’s decided to throw his toys out of the pram give two fingers to football
  10. I’ve had enough. Don’t care anymore. Disband the club and I can forget football forever. I’ve enjoyed about 50 years of dcfc. All the ups and downs. but this is now fubb
  11. I enjoyed reading Kafka’s short essays “the EFL are a load of wrist exercisers” and “ Gibson is a vindictive Kant”
  12. Good for him, not so good for us if he gets injured
  13. I don’t think we have any towels left anymore! Maybe a dirty old face cloth found in WR’s kit bag.
  14. There’s always the January transfer windows to top up the squad
  15. Oh no ! I’ll have to stay up now
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