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  1. No, that's misrepresentation.
  2. No, you are right. I clearly have no idea. I didn't even read all of the "Fans not from Derbyshire" thread, to make sure that I remained ignorant.
  3. No - I mean it. It's a response to some predictable rubbish on this thread. Jourdan makes some valid points, but there are attempts to shut him down because he "lives in the SW" or "hasn't seen the games". It's just another manifestation of the "I'm a real fan, and you aren't" undercurrent that runs through so many of the topics on here. It's parochial, insulting and boring.
  4. This is a local forum for local people. You're not welcome here.
  5. <Yawn>. As I said before, it's bizarre that some posters seem to be believe that all opinions are lightly held, change with the breeze etc. Yes, it's great we finally have a win. Have I changed my mind that they should both go? No. And it's probably just a coincidence that Sibley was started, I guess.
  6. If only... Sadly, he's still here
  7. I see you are persisting with your logical fallacy. How do you know that? I would still be calling for him to be sacked.
  8. Oh come on, do you really think we are all so shallow and fickle? I've consistently wanted him out, well before the end of last season. He's not "suddenly" to blame at all. Conversely, 1 deflected shot from a corner and Rooney is the Messiah?? As an aside, I've never understood this "logic" - it is perfectly possible for there to be 2 co-existing cohorts, one of whom holds an opinion, and the other holding a diametrically opposed view. Just because one cohort is temporarily more vocal, does not mean that the other has changed their mind.
  9. It feels like this debate has reached absurd levels now - reminds me of the Monty Python sketch "what have the Romans done for us" (yes, I know, I'm showing my age - link below for the youngsters). But rather than the Romans, it's "but why should we sack the management" 1 win in 15 last season Stayed up by the skin of our teeth, and largely because of a Cardiff equaliser through Marlon Pack rather than our own endeavours Easy start to the season against relegation rivals, but gain 1 point out of 6 and can't beat a league 2 side in normal time in the cup. Utterly bizarre "tactics" (I actually think any suggestion of there being tactics is being generous) Stubborn refusal to make any changes when nothing is working Idiotic substitutions when changes are not needed Youth players seem to have regressed, having grown under Cocu Lauds youth players in a ridiculously over the top way - "will play for England", then drops them unceremoniously Can't seem to find a place for arguably one of our most talented youngsters, the only one who can change a game, and there are rumours of a Rowett-esque "not in my plans" discussion I could go on... But, as certain posters on here will say "yes, yes, but apart from all that, why shouldn't we stick with him"? Blows my mind.
  10. Surely the definition of a Win-Win?
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