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  1. Today would be a good day for a away win. Come on Derby🐏
  2. Derby 2-1 Middlesbrough frgs waghorn
  3. Hull 1-2 Derby frgs Marriott
  4. Charlton 1-2 Derby frgs waghorn
  5. Hope everything goes ok. Take care of yourself.
  6. Cracking shirt from a fantastic era of our club 🐏
  7. Hope who ever invests into the club have the best interests of the club at heart.
  8. I work with a couple of Leeds fans,Blackburn and a Swansea fan so there’s always plenty of banter going on.
  9. 3pts today good way to finish for the international break. Good to see Leeds and Swansea getting beat. Sounds like shinne played well. On wards and up wards for the rams.
  10. Just read both statements and they sound like they have come from the club. I could be wrong. Especially the statements being released before the game today. I still don’t think they should of played until after the court case.
  11. Hope butterflied doesn’t come back to haunt us today. He was a confidence player but unfortunately he lost his confidence at Derby.
  12. Derby 3-1 Luton frgs waghorn
  13. Glad Joel is back home. Hope he is feeling better. The idiots at pride park could do with talking to Joel he’s a absolute hero.
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