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  1. I’d like a new keeper coming in. Carson has been a great keeper for the rams. But his age and injuries he’s had I think it’s time to bring someone new in.
  2. Pride park Stadium tour. Birthday treat from my wife and daughter. Really enjoyed every minute of the tour.🐏
  3. I wear my shirts all the time. Normally get one for my birthday. Then wait until later in the season to get another shirt.
  4. Derbyshire tapas board at the Exeter Arms Derby.
  5. The kappa shirts were a bit snug. I got the black and orange in a large. Had to let my daughter wear it. I sick of trying to breathe in when I was wearing it.😂
  6. Mel has played a blinder getting Cocu and his back room staff in. He needs time to build a squad. Hopefully top six but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t. Roll on the start of the season.🐏
  7. BarrowRam

    Apollo 11

    I know it could be worse 😂
  8. BarrowRam

    Apollo 11

    I’ve been waiting for this thread to come around. When Apollo 11 went to the moon I was five. It’s a cross I’ve had to bare for fifty years. The reason why is because my name is Neil Armstrong.
  9. Quarters sounds to much like American football 🏈 to me.
  10. Pre season games is about building the fitness of the squad and trying to play how Cocu wants us to play. Wonder if it will be same as last game. The squad playing 45 minutes each.
  11. I was waiting for the away kit to come out to see which one to buy. Like the away kit but I love the home shirt. So I’ll be ordering the home one for my birthday
  12. Good luck to Bradley at Blackburn. He never really showed the form that he had at Norwich. Did well when he got his chance after the stoke game.
  13. Love the orange on the forum. Nice touch David 🐏
  14. Monk doesn’t seem to stay to long at all the clubs he’s been at.
  15. At least we can crack on and get a new manager in place. Gutted he’s going. Hope he knows what he’s in for at Chelsea.
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