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  1. Sheffield United 1-1 Derby frgs Morrison
  2. What a fantastic result well done to players and supporters. Didn’t think we would get anything out of the last two games but brilliant effort from Wayne and the players. We know that we are getting at least twelve points deduction. But who knows what could happen. There’s still a lot of games to play until May. Never give up Derby. C.O.Y.R 🐏
  3. Gutted about the news of our great club going into administration. We can only hope that the club will be took over by people who know how to run it properly. My heart goes out to the employees of the club who may loose their jobs. Sad day for Derby County.
  4. Brilliant point. Well done Derby
  5. Looks like a yellow third kit. All three tops were on the table on the Derby County show for September on rams tv.
  6. Derby 2-0 Middlesbrough frgs Morrison
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