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  1. Morrison has had plenty of opportunity’s to revive his football career and never took it. Can’t see him taking it with Derby. Hope I’m wrong.
  2. Hopefully now things can start to move on with a takeover of the club and transfers.
  3. Don’t really know why we leave the kit so late. I’m sure plenty would buy them for Father’s Day. Just seems strange.
  4. Favourite shirt by far and an absolute legend.
  5. Good on you. I go out running. I’ve been hit and miss for the last couple of years. It’s not about speed your doing something and should be so proud of yourself. Not many people can run five miles never mind a half marathon. There are some good half marathon training plans on line. Good luck with your training 👍
  6. Well done losing weight is hard work. 3 stone is a fantastic achievement. You’ll be looking good in the new shirt.
  7. Hope Curtis stays at the club. In whatever capacity. Player coach maybe. He has a wealth of experience to pass on to our younger players. Just watched his interview on rams tv. Honest interview.
  8. Well done to everyone who brave the awful weather. If that support doesn’t get the players up for the match nothing will. 👏🐏
  9. Well done to everyone who goes to pride park this morning. Especially if the weather is as bad in Derby as it is here. Come on Derby 🐏
  10. The recruitment needs to be changed. Brentford have a fantastic retirement team. They buy players cheaply then develop them and sell on for a profit. Unlike us who buy expensive players then sell them for next to nothing.
  11. One thing we can guarantee it won’t be a comfortable watch.
  12. With our luck we will let a goal in on the 94th minute to be relegated. God I hope not.
  13. There are a lot worse players than Tom Lawrence in our squad.
  14. Can’t believe this team cannot battle and fight for our club. We are in the verge of relegation and it seems that they don’t care. For god sake grow some balls and fight for our club.
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