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  1. Hope George can get his career back on track. Brilliant player before his injuries.
  2. That’s a good point at Middlesbrough. They have been on a good run of form. Keep it going Derby.
  3. Middlesbrough 2-2 Derby frgs Marriott
  4. Great win today never thought we would of got a result away at palace. Let’s go to Middlesbrough and do the same to them. Well done lads.
  5. Crystal Palace 4-1 Derby frgs Martin
  6. Hope we can get a win tonight. Sounds like the lads are putting a great shift in. Come on Derby
  7. We always knew that this season was going to be tough. Let’s hope with Rooney playing in January and a couple of new players in then the team can start turning things around.
  8. Always going to struggle against a team like millwall. The team is poor and haven’t got a clue. Need to find a win from some where.
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