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  1. Derby 3-1 Rotherham frgs marriott
  2. Derby 2-1 stoke city frgs wilson
  3. Derby 3-1 Sheffield wed frgs wilson
  4. To be honest I can’t see us winning on Tuesday. Hope I’m wrong. If Wigan park the bus we haven’t got a clue how to break teams down.☹️
  5. Feel sorry for all the fans who have gone to Villa.
  6. Nothing to loose today. Most people think we will get beat by Villa. Come on Derby get at them from the start .🐏
  7. Aston Villa 2-2 Derby frgs waghorn
  8. Notts Forrest 1-3 Derby frgs wilson
  9. Another poor performance. We can never break down teams who park the bus. Can’t see us making the play offs
  10. Derby 2-0 mil wall frgs Marriott
  11. Looking forward to having mount back in the team. Hopefully he can find the form he had in the first part of the season.
  12. Just watched the game been out all day. Really frustrating how we played in the first half. We were really poor. Nugent tried his best but think time has caught up with him. Second half Brighton sat back and for a while we couldn’t break them down. Good to see jack Marriott back and Ashley Cole getting 45 minutes.
  13. I can understand nugent playing. We need Marriott fully fit for the rest of the season.
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