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  1. Thanks Mozza for all your hard work. We all appreciate it.
  2. Birmingham 2-2 Derby frgs Bird
  3. I got the away shirt and the sizing is good. I just get my normal size. Umbro are normally good on the sizing.
  4. Derby 1-2 Dirty Leeds frgs Bird
  5. Going be a really hard game against Brentford. I’d be happy with a draw today. If we don’t get promoted I hope Brentford do.
  6. Derby 2-2 Brentford rfgs Rooney
  7. The flag looks fantastic. Can’t believe you got the flag made so quickly. Well done guys.
  8. Derby 2-2 Forrest frgs waghorn
  9. Good result today and a clean sheet. Bring in Forrest on Saturday.
  10. It’s on the megastore website.
  11. Love this shirt and what a night. Still get goosebumps watching the game.
  12. Hope Andre has a speedy recovery from this horrible attack. Get well soon big fella.
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