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  1. Not to mention the £80m received for the ground...
  2. Yeah same here but I would much rather it was paid for out of the funds that the Government have already provided for this purpose, rather than them (and ultimately the taxpayer) paying for it again. Just out of interest, and not a dig or anything before you take it that way, what will you personally be doing to help?
  3. So you think if you go and stand at a food bank and ask someone what they are spending their money on they would say Sky tv, mobile phone, cigarettes and alcohol etc? You really are naive. I am interested in the evidence if you have it though? I'm sure you must if you are calling on the Government to dish out funds?
  4. Yes. So will all households in England be receiving food vouchers through the door next week? Why should I spend my money on food and go without luxuries if other families dont have to? While we are at, I dont particularly want to have to buy my kids a new wardrobe of winter clothes, I think the Government should fund that too, or are they happy to see kids freezing?
  5. Because it's not my job to do that?
  6. You have no idea what I do or contribute to in my spare time so I would kindly suggest that until you do that you don't cast aspersions. Out of all of these people that 'cannot afford' to feed their kids, how many of their houses have you visited to assess their financial situations? How many are spending money on luxuries prior to spending money on essentials? Like I say, if minimum wage and universal credit are not sufficient to feed families then these areas should be addressed immediately.
  7. I dont know what we do now, nor it is my place to come up with policy. Now on to the issue, can we please have the evidence that children are going to go hungry and also how we got in this position having increase universal credit by £1,040 per year? There is no point in tackling a problem if we dont know that it actually exists and we dont know how to fix it long term. I'm sure with all the campaign that are springing up around the country, no child will be going hungry in these school holidays.
  8. As I've said, nobody wants to see children go hungry and if the evidence is there that is going to happen then it must be addressed immediately. Nobody has yet explained why this is a problem this year but hasnt been in previous years. I wonder how many people on here realise that the winter fuel allowance was supposed to be a one off stop gap measure. Once money is thrown at this it is here to stay and will snowball. Next year it will be the Government having to provide winter clothing for families because otherwise they are advocating children freezing to death and so on
  9. Thought you would back away when asked for facts. Have a great day 😉
  10. Another one incapable of seeing last the end of his nose... I mean if Marcus Rashford has said it then it must be true right? Lets not bother looking at any facts or try and sort out any ot the underlying issues let's just throw more money at the problem, that should definitely make it better. I'd be interested to see your facts on these children going hungry? A lot of these families, as @maxjamhas pointed out are £1020 per year better off than before the pandemic, yet all of a sudden cant afford to feed their children. ABSOLUTELY NOBODY ON THIS FORUM, OR IN THE COUNTR
  11. Well perhaps you are too blinkered to look at the bigger picture then.
  12. Or how about, "Billy why dont you ask your mum and dad what they are spending their child benefit and universal credit money on, after all these are the systems that are in place to help families" Tongue in cheek obviously but I am sure will (although probably pretend not to) understand the point.
  13. A loan has been taken out secured against Moor Farm, I wonder if this is related to refunding season tickets?
  14. I think we should feed hungry children. I dont think free school meals during the school holidays is the correct solution or tackles the underlying problems. Additional support was made available at the beginning of this pandemic so I dont understand why this has become a major issue all of a sudden.
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