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  1. Unfortunately the other poster is correct, the world has changed. The rich and powerful have managed to wrestle away more wealth and power at the same time as convincing a lot of people that its in their best interests.
  2. Why? I remember quite clearly that over the last 18 months the lockdowns were done to save lives. Are you now telling us that it is going to cost lives from other illnesses? Well who would have predicted that...
  3. Based on? Didn't we have to lockdown even when masks were mandatory?
  4. I saw on the news last night that America are having exactly the same problems as us, have they left the EU too? I would have thought the pandemic was the more likely link?
  5. Might be me being silly here, but doesnt a + sign indicate a profit?
  6. The huge difference is that the administrators opinion is based on them being experts in the field and with all of the financial information to hand. The medias opinion is based on nothing other than guesswork.
  7. I've not accused you of deliberately telling lies, just pointing out that you are stating incorrect information. Having a £15m mortgage, aswell as a £3million bank loan that you have not mentioned, does not make a business debt free as you alluded to. I never said the club was being drained of money to the tune of £9m, I said we were making a loss of £9m, after a quick look at the accounts I can see it was actually £7m. So, before MM bought into the club we were losing £7m a year and pretty much refusing to spend more than £1m on players.
  8. The bold bit just simply isnt true and I'm not sure why you would say it if you don't know the facts. The club was £18m in debt (from memory) and losing circa £9m per year.
  9. The appeal is heard by an Independent Arbitrary Panel, so there is no deal to be done.
  10. I'm not sure you are fully understanding the administration process and how serious it is. Its not a case of just write off the debts and then carry on as normal.
  11. Mel Morris and The Derby County Football Club Limited are completely separate legal entities. His personal wealth should not come into the equation on this matter. The argument has to be that the £20m loss of income is what forced us into administration. Given that the debts are rumoured to be somewhere between £50m and £60m, I think we may struggle to convince people that Covid was the main factor. There is also the issue of at what point in time Mel Morris decided that he was no longer going to finance the club, we know that at March 2019 he had given assurances that he would fund for at least 12 months. From that point onwards if he can convinve the EFL that the business plan was sustainable then we might just have a case.
  12. Can anyone remember what MM said regarding the EFL loan during his interview on RD?
  13. The sale price would have reflected development opportunities and plans in place. The rent reflected the fact that the club only used the ground for x amount of days per year.
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