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  1. 2 out of 4 have gone to the left... Dont let stats get in the way though
  2. And that's why Kane is a Premier League and international striker probably
  3. That's funny because his first penalty went to the goalkeepers right
  4. And what about goalkeepers, what are they paid for?
  5. Probably best not to mention scabs on here incase @Owd miner is reading. You'll make him spit his tea all over Hilda.
  6. They certainly wouldnt have allowed some little scrotes cycle around a supermarket terrorising grannies.
  7. I'm a bit worried that this conversation is becoming a bit civilised...can we get back on to Brexit!
  8. It's a subject I've discussed at length with people that have very different views to mine!
  9. I dont pretend everything has always been fine and dandy. We are now at the stage though where it is being suggested that ALL police officers need to be armed with tasers.
  10. Manners, respect and education start in the home. Unfortunately, way too many parents think this can be sub contracted to schools and other public services, which we all know are massively underfunded.
  11. Seriously, if I had behaved the way the kids of today behave I wouldn't have been able to sit down for a week. So little respect shown. Kids armed with knives. Did you see the video of the kids cycling round an Asda supermarket intimidating shoppers, one of them an old dear? You bury your head in the sand and pretend it's the same as it always has been if you want. I seriously worry about the society I am raising my kids in.
  12. Taxed at 40% that's £30m into the government coffers. Child benefit for 30,000 children paid for the year. The top 1% of earners in the country pay 28% of the income tax burden, only 1% below record levels. The top 50% of earners in the country pay 90% of the income tax burden. I'm not sure why you think they are not paying their fair share? Corporations are a different matter, it appears the big ones are avoiding corporation tax but that overlooks all of the other taxes they are contributing.
  13. I'm all for ideas for re-generating the high street. Instead of putting additional taxes on internet companies, how about people stop being hypocrites, get off their lazy arses and actually go into town. Without customers these internet companies dont exist.
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