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  1. Yep and that's probably where it will end up.
  2. Seriously? Our booming manufacturing industry? Bloody Brexit! Has this guy been asleep for the last 30 years?
  3. I'd say the highlighted parts are opinion rather than the fact that they are painted to be!
  4. Did you mention that the Landlord had also stuck a notice in the local paper inviting other renters to move into your house without paying rent?
  5. The voters could only vote on the information that was provided by the Leave and Remain campaigns. The outcome of Brexit was hazy to say the least but what the EU currently offered and where it was headed was much clearer, maybe a lot of people voted on what they didn't want to be rather than what they may become? To add another dimension to your analogy maybe the person had owned a house of their own before and knew they would not be renting forever.
  6. Loved his comments afterwards:- "We've clearly got the talent - but talent needs some structure" As nobody bothered to tell him that's his bloody job?!
  7. Think I probably agree with you, don't think having endless resources available would suit him. Think his teams are more about work ethic and togetherness. Sorry Nigel. 😉
  8. To be fair when he was here I think he had 7 other signings for around £500k and over, Forsyth, Shackell, Barker, Keogh, Bryson, Russell were the others. On top of this there were the signings of Brayford, Bailey and Ben Davies, who were all decent value for money. Think it's pretty unfair to just use Sammon to say his big money signings were poor.
  9. Why the hell is Drogba telling the referee, what's it got to do with her?
  10. I understand from my sources that building works starting may be delayed until the new school year though. Also hearing that bricks are expected to be ordered by the end of next week but are dependent on Buildbase getting another order in.
  11. A reputation for doing this after one season in management? Who does he have this reputation with? Think if you asked non Derby fans what FL has done in his time here they would probably say something about the bounce. I know he made Bogle a regular but other than that we only saw minutes from other youngsters which I would suggest is little different from most clubs.
  12. So which one is it? I've got a very slight suspicion that you are pretending to know much more than you actually do.
  13. From that list I would say there are only 2 that have actually earned the right to be playing at senior level. The others should all still be playing at u21 level.
  14. Well I suggest that should be taken up with the politicians that failed to deliver the facts that you believe would have led to the result that you wanted.
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