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  1. Oh well at least Piers Morgan has something new to demand everyone apologise for!
  2. He did also have a gilt edged chance near the end where he failed to even register a shot on target because of a really poor first touch.
  3. Yes I get that rationale. I thought there was contact tracing early on but for some unknown reason that was abandoned? May be wrong. The first 3 months was very much a lockdown, the difference in lockdowns 2 and 3 have been very noticeable.
  4. No, not at all. There were plenty of people calling for lockdowns for weeks before we actually did it, whether you was one of them I don't remember and really cant be bothered to look back through the thread. Regarding the locking down of borders and testing on arrival, I am pretty sure I recall members of SAGE saying it was a pointless exercise, this I will look back and see what I can find. The track and trace fiasco, I have yet to have explained to me. Although it appears quite basic, the app seems to do the job. If people don't want to use it or are not contactable I dont know th
  5. But thats pretty irrelevant to the question. Once we had locked down, wasnt 13 weeks long enough to get things under control? What is the timeline of these things? 1 week for symptoms, 2 weeks until hospitalization a further 2 weeks until death or recovery?
  6. Why do you think the first lockdown was badly implemented? My recollection is that we were pretty much housebound for 13 weeks and when allowed out people obeyed social distancing measures.
  7. Protecting certain people's lives and livelihoods is high up the Governments agenda, saving others lives and livelihoods hasn't even registered. This was epitomised the other day when Rishi Sunak chose a multi millionaire, who has been living in their holiday home in Cornwall, whilst setting up his new tv show, to discuss the impact of the restrictions on the hospitality sector...you really couldn't make it up! Not sure what you class as extreme language? Id say accusing people of being right wing conspiracy theorists is quite a bit more extreme than accusing the Government of attac
  8. Where 'hopefully' it can be safe? So you are happy for some people to go to work and hope they dont catch it but as soon as they've taken that chance they should go home and lock themselves up so nobody else catches it? Im sure you will be aware that most workplaces are a congregation of multi generation groups. Although I'm not sure that your last sentence is a fact (unless the whole country had been locked down since day one, I think that point has been debated enough). If its important to keep the economy going why have thousands of covid secure businesses been closed down
  9. Are you throwing terrorism so that you can try and morph this into something to do racism because the other labels you are using are clearly not working? I'm worried that you seem to think what the Government are doing is appropriate and proportionate. Answer me this simple question - is it right for the Government to allow people to go to work under the guise of it being 'covid secure' but not allow people to carry out any leisure activities or even see their own family because it is too dangerous. Think very clearly about what I have just said there before answering. I don't
  10. First paragraph is conspiracy theory type material but I found it interesting. Not sure why you see the rest as conspiracy theory? The current restrictions ARE an attack on our civil liberties, not sure how you can think otherwise. As I asked @Eddieif people can be trusted to work in covid secure workplaces how can they not be trusted to go to covid secure shops, restaurants, football grounds? The Government have appointed themselves to keep me safe and also decide whether I am sensible enough to make my own decisions on keeping other people safe. At no point have I aske
  11. There are no rules which stop an owner from paying off debt.
  12. I haven't seen these posts. My defence of his posts today have been laid out. I haven't seen you say anything that makes me disagree with what he says in this regard.
  13. So if you can go to a covid secure workplace why can you not go to a covid secure shop, restaurant or football ground?
  14. Understand what you are saying but this is where there is just no logic. @Archiedhas to go to work to be able to support his family, that is considered safe, if not the Government would be paying him to stay at home, yet its not safe for him to see people in his life away from work.
  15. Where does he mention personal gain? Its quite clear, well to me at least, that he is merely saying that some will not suffer from lockdowns as much as others. These are the people that are happy to call for extended lockdowns. Not sure why some of you are seeing this as him accusing the Government of having a hidden agenda?
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