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  1. Cannot argue with your assessment there. Just hope its consistent for anyone that uses Monday's atrocity to try and make a political point in the coming days.
  2. Very disappointed, but not surprised, to see UKIP using Monday for political point scoring. Not even all of the victims have been named yet. I actually agree with the point made but there is a time and a place and now is not it. Very low indeed. UKIP claim it is not opportunistic but I am pretty sure this was not part of their planned manifesto speech.
  3. I'm sure the network, if there is one, will be fully aware that they are being hunted down. Like I said, pictures of the bomber may have jogged someone's memory about something he had done, somewhere he had been spotted, it appears security services have not been following him too closely so surely they should be looking for as much help as possible. Just my thoughts but fully understand your point.
  4. Have a nice evening.
  5. Well, yes, if it is appropriate to release information to other countries, then surely it is appropriate to let your own citizens know.
  6. Until it is safe to tell me? Ok.
  7. Well personally, as a parent, yes I would like to know if there are more people out there potentially ready to blow up my children.
  8. That's fine you do as you please. Just think it looks bad when the English public get the information fed to them by foreign media. And as already stated think it leads to false stories surfacing.
  9. Who's to say that there are not members of the public who could have some very important information if they knew what the security services are looking for. The reason given for not releasing his name was because they didn't want accomplices to know they were on the trail...Really? Are they really that thick that they would think it would take weeks to work it out?!
  10. I think at times like this people feel the need to know everything and know it yesterday...I'm no different. With the slow release of information people seek out their own sources. Unfortunately this leads to snippets being taken from all sorts of unverified sources and then all of a sudden people think they are experts in the security field. Personally I think information needs releasing quicker to put peoples minds at ease a bit.
  11. Whilst I agree with some of the points I'm not sure how any of them can relate to a Muslim born and raised in England carrying out an atrocity like on Monday night.
  12. It's a very fair point. Even in the countries governed by Muslims and following Islamic laws they are killing each other for not following the right branch of Islam.
  13. Well there's a surprise that his father has said that. I guess we will wait and see what cctv says. Of course he is a mule. All fighters are. You'll never see Theresa May flying a jet over Syria dropping bombs!
  14. So you expect our politicians to deport a British born and raised citizen? Where are they going to deport them to out of interest?
  15. Had ID on him allegedly...very convenient! Not sure why that always seems to be the case. Apparently also identified from cctv footage yesterday.