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  1. 11 - Dont get married 21 - Dont have kids 40 - Dont know why you didnt listen to 11/21 advice
  2. Well I just found out my most expensive signing ever is out for the season. Then find out the EFL have charged us with breach of FFP. Mr M Morris. PS - sorry to hear of your troubles but got a great lawyer if you need a recommendation
  3. Let's not be under any illusion here, the EFL are not going to withdraw their charges so our fate is still in the hands of an 'independent' panel. Even if they were to rule against us though, given the wording of the statement, I'm pretty sure MM would be confident enough to take the matter further and successfully win the case. Would absolutely love to see us counter claim but dont see that happening.
  4. Just checked, first accounts Derby County Academy filed were June 2017, so costs for 15/16 would be in club accounts at a guess.
  5. So that means no expenditure added back for FFP purposes and ground sold for no profit. The EFL are going to end up with egg on their face here.
  6. I think they are now but pretty sure that is a relatively new thing, will check back when I get chance.
  7. Because it's the incompetent EFL and they have been bullied into it. I hope Mel counter sues the EFL and gets them to investigate Boros sale of its tax losses to a connected company.
  8. I'm still interested to know where the figure of £8.5m comes from. Our accounting losses only came to £46m for the 3 years and that is assuming that:- (a) no profit was made on the sale of the ground (b) there were no costs included in the DCFC accounts for qualifying academy expenditure Another thing that is being overlooked is that the actual profit on the sale of the ground was £60m (being the £80m sales value less the original cost of £20m) as for FFP purposes we would have received none of the benefit when the ground was revalued upwards from £20m to £55m
  9. The announcement was made about 6pm last night, it's now 8am. Apart from the fact that nobody is probably working between these hours at a football club, I would imagine DCFC want to run any response past their legal team first so as not to prejudice their case. Do we really need to see their response this second? I think we all know what it will say anyway.
  10. The only way that I can see that this bites us on the arse is if Derby have pulled the wool over either the EFLs eyes or the fans eyes. How can they have pulled the wool over the EFLs eyes? (a) Just telling them we had the ground valued but not disclosing the method of valuation used (b) Not informing them that the ground was being sold to a connected party (although this should have no bearing on the outcome) How can they have pulled the wool over the fans eyes? (a) Leading us to believe that the EFL were fully aware of the details of the transaction, when they only signed off on the principle of it. If none of the above has happened I really dont see how the EFL has a leg to stand on.
  11. As a counter to this the EFL could point out that we have had to 'sell' our ground to finance our losses, so he has not really used his own money. The reason I say 'sell' is because at the end of the last accounting period there was no evidence that DCFC had actually received any money for the sale of the ground, this could have been received since although the news that MM is still signing personal cheques to cover the wages makes this seem unlikely to me.
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