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  1. How about a salary cap limited to 100% of the lowest income in the division? Then every club would be striving to improve the league.
  2. My word we are a sensitive bunch arent we?
  3. Just out of an interest why do you need an apology off him? Do you pay his wages? Do you apologise to all customers in your job every time you do anything wrong?
  4. Is that a fact or myth? I can't see how a contract of employment could include such things.
  5. Or the fact that the higher bodies of authority are more concerned with keeping the more desired clients at their table?
  6. The PFA are even worse than the EFL. Not sure anyone is saying the salary cap should be made law but if all clubs in leagues one and two agree to it what is the problem? Maybe the PFA might wish to top up their members wages? Or are they wanting someone else to do that?
  7. Is he drunk and breaking the law? If not, I'm not sure the cases are really that comparable.
  8. Bloody hell an adult got drunk and let other adults get drunk too? 😂 He is a bloody work colleague not a baby sitter. He made his own mistake and was punished accordingly but no need to hold him responsible for other adults actions.
  9. The independent panel includes somebody appointed by us, so very unlikely. Also do we even know when our case started to be heard? All I've seen is a lot of guesswork.
  10. I think that is a bit unfair. At the end of the day this report has been compiled using information from BUSINESS RESCUE EXPERT, or as her friends know her Dianne Abbot.
  11. In answer to the original question though, football can survive forever without the fans. In the Premier League the fans are a complete irrelevance. At Championship level and below though it will require 1 of 2 things to happen:- 1 - EFL sorts out the tv deal 2 - Player wages take the hit Unfortunately cannot see either happening. This should be the wake up call that football and its fans need. When Arsenal are considering making 55 people redundant whilst continuing to pay someone £350,000 per week to wean their bench, surely someone must be thinking that this n
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