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  1. Being a bit lazy here, but have their been articles or videos of Gibson actually accusing us or is it all paper talk?
  2. Thanks, do you have any articles where MM has clearly stated that he 'wants his money back'? The link you have provided their says he would be willing to sell the club or consider outside investment. Does the article also not contradict your claim that nobody is interested in buying the club?
  3. I've always thought Neville is honest, if not overly harsh, when it comes to Man United. Keane just wants to be controversial and slag everyone off. Have absolutely no idea what him and Souness bring to the plate in terms of punditry.
  4. Keane in trying to be controversial shocker...
  5. So Gibson wanted another firm of accountants to review work carried out by independent auditors? Surely if he believes there is a problem with the audit he should be taking his complaints to the appropriate body rather than the EFL The accounts are there in the public domain, if he has a problem with the figures surely he can just say what his problem is?
  6. I think people forget that during his loan spell Thorne only actually played 8 or 9 games, I have no doubt that if he had played all of that season though he would have been our greatest ever loan and we would probably have been automatically promoted. I'm with you, early on in the season I thought that it was obvious that he was a rookie and was in for a shocker of a season. Taking a read back to see what people though of him in the first quarter of the season would be very interesting. If I remember rightly, there were a lot calling for him to be moved to right back! Undoubtedly the biggest improvement I've seen during a season and can't argue with him winning the award, Keogh edged him just though for consistency in my opinion.
  7. Can you please post a link to any articles where MM has clearly stated that he 'wants his money back'? I've genuinely never heard him say this or even as much as hint at it. In terms of a queue for buying the club, MM stated that various parties had shown a recent interest and talks were ongoing, this would seem to be backed up by a few recent news articles. Not sure about the debt in all of the clubs attached to Derby County, very hard to tell at the moment given that the new holding company and the stadium company have yet to file accounts. I'd certainly imagine it's going to be a large number but the only really relevant figures are those shown in the club accounts and, off the top of my head, external debt in these amounts to £3m. I don't think anyone is under any illusion about the finances of the club. Having to sell our ground obviously shows that all is not well but I believe that was done more for FFP purposes than because of us being in financial trouble. If the wage bill savings alluded to by MM come to fruition over the next 2 seasons I think we will be in a reasonably good financial position. Selling a homegrown player every season, whilst not ideal, is probably the only model that will make any club self sufficient in this division.
  8. Not sure why anyone let's it bother them what other people are doing. The true die hard fans stayed until the end and got their just rewards. End of today's game was up there in the top 5 moments at Pride Park, the people who think getting home 20 minutes earlier wouldn't have appreciated it anyway.
  9. How do you know we would have scored the penalty? Officiating hasn't been great but I still believe it evens itself out over a season. Without going back through all of the games from the season I can think of 2 occasions where Tomori should have been sent off but escaped with a yellow card, and from memory we took 4 points from them games.
  10. Rules are rules. You'd have something to say if Forest fans were taking bottles in and using them as weapons.
  11. Nothing gives us a divine right. Just games we played against poor teams who didn't really have to do too much to draw/beat us. And I wasn't talking about today's game.
  12. Guessing that he will be gone in the summer and the contract extension was something that worked for both parties.
  13. Am I missing something here? As far as I can see, if we win our games we are in the play offs?
  14. Doesn't fit the agenda though! Our league position is down to a 2 month spell where we had very little going forward and failed to beat teams that we should have been burying.
  15. Agreed. We overpaid for him in the context of how he has been used but personally I think that applies to all of the players that were mentioned. I think if you look at the cvs of them players, it is only at Derby where they have been huge failures (although Butterfield has probably failed to shine a few times now)
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