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  1. Summer Transfers 2017

    There's spending and there's spending. Guardiola himself knows they should have done better last season with what they spent. His solution? Go out and spend loads more. If he is such a great coach then why is he not going out buying cheap players with potential and coaching them to be greats? Like I said, not knocking his achievements but I don't see them as much more miraculous as something like Allardyce taking Bolton to 5th in the Premier League or Eddie Howe taking Bournemouth through the divisions.
  2. Summer Transfers 2017

    What measurement do you use for him being one of the best coaches in the world? You say Iheanacho's play other than his goals is pretty poor, so would one of the world's best coaches try and coach him other elements of the game or sell him? No doubt his achievements are very good but, in my eyes it's a lot easier to go out spending £millions on players that everybody knows are good, than getting the best out of players you already have (who have also had £millions spent on them)
  3. George Thorne

    What you seem to be forgetting is that during the summer some of our posters take a break from their normal day jobs of master tacticians and man managers and revert to their part time job of doctors/physiotherapists.
  4. Summer Transfers 2017

    If he is such a good manager as people say then surely he would be getting the best out of all of these players he is trying to sell? Didn't Iheanacho have a ridiculously good strike rate last year but it appears he wants rid? Hart one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League but for rid of him for Bravo? Kompany, Mangala and Otamendi, then spends £50m on Stones. If the players he buys turn out to be good, brilliant, he will have proven himself as someone who is good at buying up all the talent because they have enough money to do it. As a manager he will prove his real worth when he starts improving under performing players rather than just offloading them. That said, I understand how difficult it is when managers are under pressure to deliver instant results.
  5. Summer Transfers 2017

    The world's supposed best manager spending over £100m on full backs. Just proves to me that he's no management messiah.
  6. Earthquake In Aegean

    Yes we have heard that it has changed very much since the 90s, but somewhere at the back of our minds we still expect to walk down the main strip and see Brits scattred across the road and gutters!! Sure we will go back one day. Have a great time!
  7. Earthquake In Aegean

    Contrary to @David belief neither size nor duration matters. A quick rumble can cause an unbelievable amounts of damage. (G Star Ram father of two)
  8. Earthquake In Aegean

    That must have been terrifying, knowing 5 minutes earlier and you could have spilt some beer.
  9. Earthquake In Aegean

    We are in Lardos this year. Had a trip to Pefkos last night. Got married in Lindos so will be returning there before we go home...to keep the missus happy. We met in Faliraki many moons ago but that's not back on the agenda yet!
  10. Earthquake In Aegean

    Whereabouts are you stopping?
  11. Earthquake In Aegean

    Don't forget the sun tan lotion today...it's another hot one ain't it?!
  12. Earthquake In Aegean

    No tried to post this the morning after but Wi-Fi was not working! Definitely an experience I won't forget in a hurry. Was not sure if anyone else had felt anything but after leaving the room there were a lot of people either out on their balconies or making their way to reception. As @CWC1983 said locals were not concerned, just said go back to bed and enjoy your sleep! Quite common here apparently but this was a bit bigger than normal.
  13. Earthquake In Aegean

    Over in Rhodes at the moment and was woken at 1:30am by the bedroom shaking from what turned out to be a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. Very scary as our hotel is next to the beach and first thought was 'is a tsunami following'! Sounds like Kos and Turkey took the brunt of it. Anybody else experience it?
  14. Jota

    No, not really. Where did he say he thinks he is too good for us? So DCFC have aspirations to make the Premier League but you don't want individual players to have the same aspirations. Sorry, makes no sense to me.
  15. Jota

    So you want us to get players who think they aren't good enough for the Premier League?

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