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  1. Gut feeling

    Not sure what is so scary about it, Burnley don't seem to be coping too badly.
  2. Has he?

    I would put money on either of the 3 you mentioned getting this squad promoted from this division. No guarantees, the football would not be great, but I honestly think all of them would get us promoted.
  3. Has he?

    Might be wrong here but think Pearson had two promotions to his name, the others have numerous.
  4. Has he?

    Really? In 'decades' of watching Derby you can't even remember the dogshit served up by managers such as Clough, Todd, Brown and Gregory?
  5. Next Years Collapse

    If we are in the top two at Xmas and fall away again I'll be very disappointed. Will settle for a place in Europe though.
  6. Now is the time for Rowett to be brave

    Perfect OP. Today's the day we all need to get behind the team too.
  7. Player ratings over the 2017/18 season?

    What are we comparing to here, other teams or rating players against each other. For me 5 is an average score yet you have nobody scoring lower than that?
  8. Some players immune to criticism

    Was discussing this with my old man the other day, both agreed he's half the player we had here on loan. He seems more intent on displaying his body strength than wanting anything to do with the football, also offers us nothing going forward and has failed to form any sort of partnership with whoever has played in front of him.
  9. Promotion back on

    You'll both be fine, until b4 starts a thread ruling out catching Wolves I still believe we will win the title.
  10. Some fans...

    If I was an usher I'd be embarrassed to go out, we pay their wages.
  11. Some fans...

    You obviously didn't hear what she said though, she's spent £500 (that's 5 months child benefit) on a season ticket, surely that gives her the right to go and verbally abuse someone she doesn't know on a night out with his family and friends. Lost count of the number of times I've got drunk and abused Rolls Royce employees for that **** flight I had to Czech Republic on a plane with one of their engines on and don't even get me started on cinema employees that I've had to give a round of ***** after paying £5 to watch Vanilla Sky. What an absolute scumbag cretin.
  12. Can we still do it?

    Well will see how much the fans are up for it on Saturday I guess
  13. Can we still do it?

    Agree with what you say. Just remember back to Forest and Sheffield Wednesday matches where the atmosphere was electric before and we flew out the blocks in both games. Pretty sure either GR or one of the players mentioned it post match too.
  14. Can we still do it?

    Why did you not post the whole quote?
  15. Can we still do it?

    Think you're putting words in my mouth there. I said Saturday is a massive opportunity for us and it would be good to see the fans getting behind us, as they did when we were winning. Just think that many won't because they really aren't arsed and would probably prefer a chance to vent their spleen rather than see Rowett managing us in the Premier League. Nowhere did I apportion any blame to the fans for our bad performances, just pointing out that Saturday might be an opportune time to try and give the players a real lift.

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