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    Would the real Derby County please stand up

    Not buying that at all. Net spend is irrelevant, what you spend on your players is the value of your squad and ours must be one of the most expensive. You say about him having to play Bennett but ignore the fact that he spent large (ish) funds on Flo Jo and Waghorn but hasn't really given either a sustained run in the team. Can only really agree with the fact he has inherited a ridiculous wage bill, with large parts of that taken up by players who don't even get in the matchday squad.

    Would the real Derby County please stand up

    At least someone managed to interpret my post 😂 well kind of! Even I don't need anyone to tell me how many points we have or where we are in the league. I'm actually wanting to find out what people think our style of play/tactics are.

    Would the real Derby County please stand up

    I keep seeing posts about 'the right balance' in midfield and not sure where it is coming from. What are we missing? Our best performances have been with Mount/Wilson/Huddlestone in the middle, how does this fit in with people's perception of 'the right balance'?

    Would the real Derby County please stand up

    You can't really give FL credit for funds raised by the sale of players from previous regimes. Ok if Vydra had been an integral part of his plans then it would be different, but pretty sure he would have known Vydra was leaving and the funds from this sale would be his for rebuilding the squad. Agree with @Mr Tibbs that FL has had funds that 50% of the teams in out division could only dream of.
  5. Has there been any noticeable rise in away price tickets?
  6. Which is fair enough. Out of interest are you a season ticket holder?
  7. But you are saying that with the benefit on knowing they are on Sky. Let's work off an average of 4 matches per month, teams are going to have to charge about £8 per ticket to be cheaper than Sky. They are never going to be that cheap so why not maximise revenue from the fans they know will go no matter what? Show me any correlation between attendances and prices and I may change my stance.
  8. Last night were the highest prices this season and the highest attendance. Is there really any correlation between prices and attendances? Our attendances have been pretty consistent for about 10 years, the first season of the red button and attendances noticeably drop.
  9. Before I start, just want to make clear this is not a critical thread, or a knee jerk reaction to last night (think a draw was a reasonable result) just looking for people's views! Just wondered what sort of team people think we are and what sort of team we want to be? Do we have a true identity yet? I've seen a few posts from red dogs saying they expected more from us and am wondering where that expectation came from. Have 3 or 4 good televised matches made us look much better than we are to outsiders? Halfway through the season and I'd say we have had 5 or 6 very good performances, and probably about the same number of average and poor performances. Our performances haven't been consistent, neither have the tactics nor personnel. Players can go from starting one week to not being in the squad the next. Does Lampard not know his best team or are we a 'horses for courses' team?
  10. Not meant to show them anything. I'm stupid but not stupid enough to think that me cancelling my subscription would change anything. I imagine a very high percentage of the people singing about Sky were back home watching it within about 3 hours of singing the song.
  11. That's part of the problem, Sky don't want you to have your own opinion. They want you to think that the people they employ are much better and much more knowledgeable than you. They think if they tell you something often enough you will think it's true. They want you to think that Burnley 0 Crystal Palace 0 is Super Sunday. They want you to think that 'passage of play' is a genuine football term. They want you to think that Wayne Mardle telling you its a 'great dart' when someone hits treble 20 shows how knowledgeable he is. I could quite easily go the rest of my life without the volume turned on when I'm watching Sky Sports.
  12. G STAR RAM

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    What was wrong with it? He didn't mean to kick your player so surely couldn't have been a foul even if he had missed the ball?
  13. G STAR RAM

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    If you leave Grabban in their team they are still very ordinary and that's the disappointing thing. Really should have targeted their centre backs by running at them and getting in behind...instead we seemed to hit long ball after long ball.
  14. G STAR RAM

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    I've been critical of Carson at times this season but that was an absolutely world class save to keep us level. Thought the centre backs did ok and Marriott gave their back line a hard time. Other than that thought we were pretty poor again. See the same old names getting slated but for me Mount has been a passenger for the last 4 or 5 games. Need to find a way of getting him involved in games or maybe look at a change of fomation.
  15. G STAR RAM

    World Darts

    Klassen seemed such a talent when he burst on to the scene but he's never really kicked on.

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