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  1. My point was what has that got to do with anyone on this thread unless they are actually there doing it?
  2. Yes, I apologise, you said he was surrounded by a mob. Point still stands though.
  3. Hate campaign against JRM? People on here express an opinion on him, as is their right. You express your opinion on Remainers, as is your right. If you want people on here to feel ashamed when JRM gets attacked, then it's only right that you should feel ashamed when Remainer MPs get attacked.
  4. What on earth are you going on about. Get a grip.
  5. Why should they be ashamed? Unless they are part of the loony hate mob? Take responsibility for your own actions, not that of others. I'm sure you didnt feel ashamed of yourself when Jo Cox was murdered?
  6. Would not have mattered who was in charge of negotiations.
  7. It's not really, just means I will be reading a view that isnt really yours but just you repeating what I hear Remain MPs saying on tv every day of the week. Why cant we just get on with a 'clean break Brexit'.
  8. Why? What does 'crash out' even mean? Would you even be saying it if you hadnt heard people say it on the tv?
  9. I stopped reading at 'crash out'.
  10. Dont blame him to be honest. Been called into work for a complete waste of a day that even Stevie Wonder could see coming. BJ has come back with a deal and that is what they should have been voting on, not more motions trying to sabotage Brexit. The Speaker could have informed everyone what they would be voting on and saved alot of MPs wasting their Saturday!
  11. I'm not one for knee jerk reactions but many more performances like this and Cocu will be coming under a lot of pressure. Lethargic after a 2 week break, 1 shot on target. Need to see some green shoots from somewhere rather than waiting for the arrival of Rooney.
  12. First off...congratulations! You seriously dont need advice on how to be a parent, it will just come naturally! Sure you will pick up tips along the way but everyone does parenting in a way that suits their circumstances, all kids are not the same and consequently all parenting is not the same. You will find that you parenting evolves to suit your own personal situation. There is only one piece I would ever give in relation to parenting and that is, enjoy every second of it because time flies, kids grow up so fast and you never know what is round the corner! Enjoy!
  13. Dont really need to look it up, going completely off on a tangent. Back to the original point, if UK wanted to lower its standard rate VAT level to 10% it could not do this in the EU, it can do when we leave.
  14. We already have zero rated goods.
  15. That's for reduced rate goods, what is the lowest rate for standard rated goods?
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