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  1. FTFY But thanks for clarifying your stance 👍
  2. To those thinking of visiting elderly relatives this week, as tempting as it is, if you've followed the social distancing guidelines, you are probably 7 to 14 days away from being 99.9% sure that you havent got the virus. I'm desperate to see my family. But for the sake of an extra week or two I think it's a sacrifice worth making rather than risk passing them the virus and living with the guilt of that for the rest of my life if anything happened to them.
  3. That's how I took it but wasnt sure! 🤣
  4. You've completely lost me there I am afraid.
  5. Imagine how I feel trying to do financial projections right now...head ready to explode!
  6. Right then, @i-Ram has made my position untenable in the Coronavirus thread. Anyone up for an argument in here instead? 🤣
  7. Apologies if anyone was offended by anything I have posted earlier. Worrying times for everyone. Think I've made my point and obviously not many agree. No point in saying it over and over again so probably best that I refrain from posting in the thread any longer. All the best to everyone.
  8. Not ignoring this response but based on what was said I above I think is better that I dont respond.
  9. Fair comment, will leave it there.
  10. Any need for the last line? That seems to be standard thing to say by people who cant back up what they are saying. The only stat that I think is important is the death rate. The death rate from the first 3 weeks of March compared with the last 5 years, show no significant increase in deaths, this despite the fact that coronavirus was allegedly brought into England on 1st January. Quote number of beds, number of NHS staff etc but it's all irrelevant. Sorry if you think I'm being obtuse or anything but I dont see the problem in wanting genuine questions answered before making my mind up on the the true consequences of this virus. Maybe you're happy to make your mind up on the back of sensationalist reporting, that's your prerogative.
  11. Feel free to explain and back up with the stats that you must have.
  12. It's a good guess but does nothing to prove that this virus is killing any more people than would die in a normal year...unless I'm missing something?
  13. If their modelling is correct and 50% of us have/had it, then what would your conclusion be then?
  14. Should be easy to provide the data to back this up then? All I'm seeing so far is 'x amount of people have died with coronavirus' That stat means absolutely nothing. It's like me saying 'x amount of people have died after saying they have a headache' and then concluding headaches kill people.
  15. Are they not modelling from data available from China?
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