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  1. You do realise that none of us are actually bothered about the labels thrown at us. We just like to point out the blatant hypocrisy. Farage is a racist Johnson is a racist Tommy Robinson is a racist Ok, let's discuss Diane Abbots racist comments... Oh no they've been taken out of context blah blah blah. Its laughable. I like the Johnson letterbox one the best. Why is context not being used there? He was defending peoples right to wear them. But oh no, this was a racist comment designed to cause division.
  2. And how many times have you asked posters to back up their claims of 'racist'? I'm guessing that will be 0.
  3. What are they protesting against exactly? The fact that they dont like someone? Do you think that this is good use of police resources?
  4. Isnt everyone entitled to free speech? Never really noticed you as one for pulling up your fellow lefties on use of extreme language. Guess it's only classed as extreme when it opposes your view though.
  5. Yeah but Boris said the burkha looks like a post box (despite the fact he was defending people's right to wear them).
  6. How do you know she grew up around racists?
  7. So what do you think to Abbott's racist comments.
  8. It really wouldnt. We've shown when we attack teams we can be dangerous. We have a manager that doesn't appear to be interested in attacking. We've probably had about 10 shots in our last 5 games.
  9. Yep another dominant 0 shots on target. The opposition must be shaking in their boots.
  10. Thought it might be the 'right wing' fault. Take your blinkers off.
  11. My point was, do you not think Javid and Patel are a bit more better placed than us to know whether Johnson is a racist or not? Deleting a tweet is fine when you come under pressure, it does not change the fact that you thought it in the first place. I'm fine with Johnson's thoughts being deemed as racist as long as everyone is judged on the same basis.
  12. Exactly. This transaction has probably just netted the government circa £8m, which will be more than I pay in a lifetime and yet it's still not good enough for some.
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