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  1. I agree with this. Lampards season was one of the best in recent years for that.
  2. Reminds of sitting down to watch post school tv after tea.
  3. Tiswas a must on Saturday mornings. Watched it from the John Asher years. The Professionals was another I enjoyed as a lad. The Double Deckers was good as I fell in love with Gillian Bailey aka "Billie".
  4. It was just an example.
  5. Works well with Kane. It's a yes from me.
  6. TimRam


    With games I've usually reached the final bosses and found them much too difficult. Quake 4 and Doom 2016 are two such games. I think other of the Serious Sams as well. I just watch youtube of someone finishing it!
  7. Glad Sterling has come good...I was his biggest critic during World cup when he was definately a weak point.
  8. That debut goal is still one of my all time Derby favourite goals. The daft Match of the Day did not even vote this goal of the month! Some flick and turn by Zola won it!
  9. Derby 2 Cardiff 1 FRGS Marriott.
  10. Just my tuppence worth on this. With no-deal still on the table (we do not have to commit to it) we had more bargaining power for Boris to get a better deal from the EU. I doubt some of the French food produce sellers, German car manufactures and other EU businesses want a no-deal. Now this is almost certainly off the table, all we are left with is the rubbish deal May got us. The EU have stressed they will not re-negotiate this.
  11. That pain in the ars called GDPR has caused no end of small companies problems just to comply. The EU must know only the UK will comply to the letter. The likes of Spain, Italy etc will just shrug and carry on as normal.
  12. Looking forward to a Corbyn+Sturgeon coalition government. Will be good for Britain. #sarcasm
  13. I saw that at the cinema. I was a big fan of the original and understood this could be a similar slow paced film. Unfortunately this was one of the most boring I've ever seen of any film genre. Like watching a film through treacle. It only really perked up slightly when Harrison Ford made an appearance.
  14. o/p I also attended a school with majority of Forest fans. My best mate, me and a couple of others were Derby fans. It would have been so easy to switch specially when Forest were winning cups + 2 Euro but we stayed loyal to the Rams! Keogh, Marriott and Waghorn seem to put in the effort.
  15. He should have thought of the fans....and did not.
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