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  1. Agree, all made worse by what Clough and Taylor were doing down the road. Never had the phrase "Could have been us." rang truer. Strange but I thought the relegation from old div 1 was worse for me than going to old 3rd. Probably as we got cox in and the feeling did not last long.
  2. Maybe he should stop being a big girls blouse and try it without a parachute next time.
  3. 2 jokes in one (The poster-sharers name is one).
  4. The early episodes of Mr Bean are good...specially the Exam and Library scenes. I've noticed that all age groups in the family enjoy the series...from my parents to youngest nephew. The films were overkill though. I liked Black Adder 1 and 4.
  5. Not seen England pass the ball around like they did in most of the games for a long time. Refreshing to see. Don't forget Italy were on a big unbeaten run and it took a scrambled goal and penalties to win.
  6. Storming of the stadium, abuse of players, booing anthems, drunken behavior, violence, rubbish everywhere it's shown....we won't get the world cup in 2030 that's for sure.
  7. Said that to my mate...spot on. I actually said 'get shoes on ready to be taken home!'
  8. There was a reason Saka was taken off v Denmark. Grealish should have been on sooner. There, I've saved everyone a post (or not read any of the previous ones!). Rant over, well done England. Thought Italy just about were the better team specially in 2nd half. Shows we can go toe-to-toe with best European team.
  9. All the thrills of being a Derby fan. Nearly one of the top european clubs under clough/taylor to relegation and almost out of business in old 3rd division. Come on you Rams, never a dull moment!
  10. Parents have really got into footie in the last year or so. Were never fans of it before. Same with sis in law and neice. Watched all the England euro games.
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