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  1. Saturday salad with chicken. Found 3 bottles of "Becks" from Xmas in the garage so a nice end to the day.
  2. Solid 90 minutes fitness work = We will walk into the first team so cannot be arsd.
  3. If Beckham had not got sent off v Argentina we were probably looking at the semi final at least. I will also add Terry Veneable and most of all England not appointing Clough and Taylor.
  4. We need cover for Marriott and a decent replacement for Mount. His return from injury was the key to us reaching the playoff final.
  5. I watched a cycle race on tv for the first time last year. Enjoyed it for the scenery...found it very relaxing.
  6. Had a curry pot-noddle once. Microwaved some soup for too long and took a big spoonful...never again!
  7. TimRam

    Wimbledon 2019

    Enjoyed the Murrey/Williams game this evening.
  8. Maybe he wanted a break or holiday then heard about the mighty Rams and the rest is history. No doubt having Lampard on board and those cup nights at Man U and Saints + how we played v Leeds in semi 2nd leg helped us get on the map!
  9. Imagine if we had got promoted...would be even more gutted about Frank leaving. As it stands happy with his replacement.
  10. var is daft. If that what's going to happen in the Premiership then mid-season, no-one will cheer for a goal.
  11. Hopefully talksport and the rest will shut up now. Glad the saga is over.
  12. Not only just for the footie, other topics and humour are great here. Love it.
  13. Good appointment. Looking forward to new season again!
  14. Top 6 Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal at the end of the season.
  15. Buried from 2010 starring Ryan Reynolds. Superb 9/10.
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