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  1. I love poetry me, here are a few. Roses are red Violets are blue I knew that, did you? The brain we all love It's so grey and soft Without it, our arms and legs would fall off. Toilet seat, sweet toilet seat It's the one thing every day, we must all meet. One from Mr Milligan:- Doctor O'Dell fell down a well and broke his collar bone. Doctors should attent the sick....and leave the well alone.
  2. England played some great football at times. Not seen that for years. Well done to Gareth and the team. Pleased to see Sterling getting back to form.
  3. Nice video and a great AOR classic. The solo by the late Gary Richrath is superb.
  4. If there was ever one team I wanted knocked out of the FA Cup like that, it's Millwall. More so than Forest, Leeds and everyone else.
  5. All irrelevant when the Premiership has var to make the decisions next season.
  6. Some classic rock Foghat Live. Strange, they were from the UK but were bigger in the States. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_r4tEL6U1k&list=PLLfLWygNyBDOFUXQhdEBSx_tJXW4f9DRk
  7. Couple of Jehovahs Witnesses visited my home a week or so ago. One was a stunning woman. Would like to have witnessed a few things with her. I'll get me coat.
  8. 2 nuns walking along and dracula jumps out at them. One nun says to the other "Quick! Show him your cross!" the other shouts "pss off dracula!".
  9. Derby 1 Stoke 2 Wilson FRGS
  10. Derby 2 Sheff Wed 0 Wilson FRGS
  11. Now, now...mantelpiece and all that.
  12. Turning and going home possibly?
  13. Well close, I said Wigan to go one up in 5 mins and then park the bus. ffs
  14. Blitz from 2011. A decent Jason Statham crime thriller set in London 7.5/10.
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