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  1. This is a good post and the reason I voted leave. Having so many countries in a "one size fits all" situation (with more set to join no doubt) is asking for trouble. We already had a taste with Ireland and Greece needing financial bailouts. It's really just a vanity project for a certain country to be in charge over others.
  2. Thought it was a decent game, could have gone either way and I think 0-0 would have been a fair result.
  3. Never mind, if Corbyn gets in all Union laws brought in by the Conservatives to prevent a repeat of the 1970s, will be repealed. It will be good for the country. #sarcasm.
  4. I agree, after all we don't want to overtake Sweden with their statistic (I won't post here what that is).
  5. I've been having a catchup on the Harry Potter film series after seeing the first with my nephews. Just seen Order of the Phoenix. Darker than the first set of films but not all the better for it. In fact very dull in parts. 5/10.
  6. Same with The Thing in 1982. Still chilling today what they achieved.
  7. That's still the best of the series. I remember seeing those cgi dinosaurs and had the same feeling as I did after watching Star Wars. Cinema changes forever.
  8. Hi all, not posted in this thread for a while. Just one question, if Corbyn gets in power, will Len McCluskey make a good deputy pm? 😟
  9. TimRam

    Worst roads

    M25 near Heathrow. Carpark at the worst times.
  10. TimRam

    New joke thread

    Spell "I met" out loud in a croaky voice. Done it? Now phone home.
  11. Derby 1 Middlesbrough 1 FRGS Martin
  12. TimRam


    Yes my mate and me walked in the pub when first one went in. Turned to bar and ordered a drink. Looked back at screen and said "They are showing that goal replay a lot" It was actually the second one!
  13. That was probably the first Rugby match I watched from start to finish. Great stuff.
  14. Hull 1 Derby 1 FRGS Martin
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