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  1. Not seen a trolley collector for ages since the trolleys require a pound coin to detach and use.
  2. TimRam

    Going green...

    Once electric cars become the norm I assume the costs (tax) will increase as petrol/diesel is phased out?
  3. Spiffing good show posting this...I am 50th cloth cap from far left...front row. All together now "Who is the nasty gentleman in the black who needs spectacles" or "I say you Bury chaps, you really are a bunch of soft soccer fans".
  4. So close! I recall the cads from Bury scoring the goals against us back in '03. Bounders all of 'em. *Throws cloth cap in anger and hits a plate of tripe*
  5. Watford for me if only to show that you cannot buy all the cups. 2 but not all.
  6. Millwall fans invading the pitch v Derby. Playoff semi and v Nigels side.
  7. This game really put Derby on the map in the football world again. So many other teams supporters pleased we won and reached the final. Wishing us good luck as well.
  8. Far right of sofa in my usual spot. Everyone else...first come first serve. Tea and cake at half time.
  9. Marriott and Waghorn up front...let's go for it!
  10. They probably did beat themselves...after the game and hopefully in private.😀
  11. Southampton away in addition...loving it.
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