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  1. I recall Trevor Whymark doing well for Ipswich and mentioned many times in match reports. You'd have to ask Town fans if he was actually an icon though. It suprised me that he did play 2 games for Derby after that and probably would have played more but for inury.
  2. Also they seem like sensible people following the correct advised guidelines unlike the uk who see getting hammered amongst the masses as a national pastime and has street "cred". That's without mentioning the flocking to beaches.
  3. Tv - Corronation Street. More of a drama than soap and there is some decent eye candy..specially the characters Sarah Platt and Alya Nazir. Music - Mostly 1970s/1980s heavy rock although I also like female artists like Ava Max, Sia, Jess Glynne and Anastacia.
  4. He will never be the same player again and was part of an incident that cost us 3 key players for a number of games. In his case, permanently.
  5. Think he stayed a season or two too long....blotted the cv slightly.
  6. Bloomer (even as a statue...and just his head), Hector, McFarland, Shilton, Davison
  7. During the 11 point season it was hard getting behind the team when they were losing 0-5, 0-6 etc. So another season like that would probably make me switch off...partially lol
  8. Considering he had no proper pre-season due to the Lampard debacle, losing key players for various reasons, health crisis (season pause), large number of penalties given away costing us points (+ couple key ones missed) I think 10th place is decent.
  9. Villa score then west ham make it 1-1...not over yet.
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