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  1. Daft freekick Wba v Brighton. Goal scored...var...both teams arguing with ref, ref at pitchside with managers. Verdict after all that, retaken freekick.
  2. Fair result typical of this fixture to be honest. Forest and us had decent recent form and cancelled each other out for the most part. It was strange how their goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of us though till last 10/15 mins.
  3. I think it will be difficult not to stop the sudden swerve or crossing into or across road to avoid getting close to people. I do it without thinking now.
  4. Unless Man U or Everton start slipping, think he will be here for another season or two at least. Don't think, at the moment, any other club would interest him.
  5. Was the ref bribed for Juventus v Derby 1973 European Cup semi final first leg? I'll get me coat.
  6. You'd get shouts of "GOAL HANGER!!!!" like we did as kids when playing our games! That would be funny though if the fans joined in.
  7. Maybe all potential managers should have a few competitive games with the team first! Good stuff.
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