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  1. Apparently the centrepiece of Derby's cultural bid is a pub crawl followed by a kebab at Mcturks. That'll swing it in Derby's favour I reckon.
  2. I don't live in Derbyshire and apart from comments about how surprised people are that we're in such a mess, fans of other clubs don't seem to care about us one way or the other. We're certainly not '' seriously disliked' universally. I bet most fans don't think about us at all.
  3. Apologies if it's been suggested and I missed it but Harry J Allstars 'the liquidator' would be much better suited to us in our current financial plight than Chelsea, West Brom, Wolves and anyone else who uses it. Plus for those that can't sing in time, in tune or at all, you only need to shout 'duck off Forest, The Rams' every now and again.
  4. Well, they were at home today against Abbey Rangers and lost 2-3 so I imagine most of them were at their ground. Not sure why any of them would be at Pride Park to be honest. Combined counties North league I think. We've got a long way to drop before we hit their league and I imagine we're too far away from the South East to qualify for that division. Hope that helps clear up your enquiry.
  5. I'm not going to the game. I know another 6 ex season ticket holders who are also staying away, not just from the next match but from the club generally. We've all got reasons that keep us from going at present as I'm sure do thousands of others. We live in uncertain times and for many people, football is not a priority.
  6. Then why are you suggesting that people in poverty can afford to waste £50 each when there's bills to pay and food to put on the table?
  7. We lost as a result of Karmic forces. Birmingham City employ a soothsayer called Don Rivel, whose job is to detect negative energies that are directed at the club and fans. Like us at the Baseball Ground, St Andrews has long been cursed. Don had a spiral from the East and acted accordingly. Zen relayed to him the news that Derby County fans were describing Brummies as Yam Yams. Don, in turn passed this information on to the Blues players pre match. Furious at the regionally inaccurate description, the team came out all guns blazing and put the hapless Rams to sword, like lambs to the slaughter.
  8. I'm from Often originally (left in the 80s) and think Amber Valley accents are ace. Really distinct with a definite 'northern' influence. Really like Chezzy '(town') accent too. The Derby City accent on the other hand is really dull by comparison.
  9. If only that was true. It doesn't wind them up at all. They just think Derby fans are a bunch of thick bumpkins. Conversation a couple of years ago in the south stand following the 'Birmingham's a poo hole' chant (and Derby isn't?!!) a bloke behind me says 'it is a poo hole an all, Wolverhampton, Walsall, all of Birmingham is'. Groan... That's like saying Derby is part of Nottingham. And don't get me started on the goobers who sang 'we hate cockneys' to Watford fans...
  10. Got a lot of time for Blues. Know loads of them and they're a sound bunch. Never had any issues there with them, unlike Wolves who truly are a filthy lot. Also, can our fans not call them yam yams? Really embarrassing and not accurate. If you want to chant it, save it for West Brom.
  11. Not the 'home end' but I take great pride in avoiding the Police escort at Notts Station. We showed our tickets to a cop (Birmingham to Nottingham) and our Birmingham Camra memberships and pleaded ignorance about any football related activity. Said we were doing research for Brum camra and were looking for the Vat and Fiddle pub. A kindly female police officer apologised for the police presence and guided us to said pub, explaining that there was 'a big game on'. We get in the pub, jam packed with red dogs,listen to them whining, have a few beers and a cob and then walk to the ground with the dogs. Rams win 3-1. One of my fave ever away days.
  12. Anybody remember the away game at Bradford around 1984? About 15 of us were in the back of a transit van, no windows, complete darkness. Went in a very hostile pub and left. Got to the ground and were pelted with concrete chunks from the crumbling terrace. Rams fans responded in kind and the slabs rained back and forth until kick off. My mate got smacked straight in the ear, blood everywhere. No sympathy from cops or stewards. The ref blows for kick off. Huge chant of DLF from the main home stand and around a hundred Derby stand up gesturing to a group next to them. Another chant goes up, 'Leeds Leeds Leeds'...A pre arranged scrap Then 90 minutes of all out fighting. Graham Richards apparently described the chaos as 'like a scene from Zulu dawn'.. Can't remember the game or the score.
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