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  1. Jack O'Connell Robert Lindsay Kevin Lloyd Tim Brooke-Taylor Kieron Lee Angelina Jolie
  2. Another example here.... https://www.fbu.org.uk/news/2021/01/15/fire-service-bosses-pull-out-covid-19-agreement
  3. I thought you meant Longport.🤣
  4. A better name would be the Derby Lunatic Fringe?
  5. Yeah we had one a week before Christmas. Also passed with flying colours although they had very little discourse with shop floor workers. Our company is now making noises about potential disciplinary action if you have not followed government guidelines outside of work. Nothing definite yet but a slightly sinister meeting today with HR. I don't know why, but I feel uneasy about it all.
  6. Thats the nature of the beast nowadays. All we can do is get behind him (when were allowed back in) and enjoy the ride as he gets us safe and builds for next season's promotion.
  7. Of course we'll have to change the wording once promotion is achieved.
  8. Missed the first line off (typing on me phone at work) now settled at home with a glass of wine looking forward to another chapter of the never-ending story. COYR 🐏
  9. And in between bouncing we’ll be singing..... You can keep your Pep and Jurgen Klopp we've got Rooney and we’re going up Wayne Rooney Wayne Rooney, he goes by the name of Wayne Rooney
  10. Unfortunately there are some childish people on here so If any one requests a picture of your wife’s box please report them immediately.
  11. Most likely due to schools closing before Xmas?
  12. Although not directly involved in the first phases, my brother will be on the team writing Technical publications later on.
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