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  1. Trivia: Floodlights

    A bright spark who could throw some light on the subject?
  2. The fall of Johnny Russell

    I see it as a temporary measure until Butterfield gets back in the side.
  3. Love or hate cyclists?

    Not just cars mate, what about vans with angry middle aged men at the wheel?
  4. Electronic advertising boards

    Did you forget to zip up?
  5. Buy without asking the chairman...
  6. Wanted, lift back to Loughborough

    Great stuff archram, glad your sorted. Nice to see members of the forum offering lifts as well.
  7. Wanted, lift back to Loughborough

    Try this number for the Loughborough supporters club @archram see if they can help you out. http://www.ramsfans.co.uk/Branches.htm John Hemsworth 01509 413979
  8. Baseball ground seats

    Mental days Ossie, I was on the Popside that day. Hundreds ran round the stadium at the end to join the festivities as the dirties came out the Ossie upper tiers. They were still fighting an hour after the match finished on London Road and Midland Road.
  9. They didn't. They moved Staffordshire!!
  10. Wolves were a good side when they were from Staffordshire. Since they relocated to the West Midlands conurbation they've been wankywankywankywankywanderers. Derek Dougan was ok.
  11. Entrenched views

    That point about people needing inspiration and hope is an excellent one. All we were being told was austerity is the only way. Whatever your politics, if we don't dream of a better world, a better future for our kids, we might as well give up. We are the only ones who can make the world better for our kids. No god or alien super being is going to do it. Its up to us, the ones who are alive right now, to ensure future generations have a chance of a decent existence.
  12. Wrong transfer strategy?

    Any strategy which involves selling Will Hughes is wrong.
  13. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    I can understand why people spend their halftimes banging on the dividing wall in the South Stand and offering the away fans out when that sort of fuckwittery is happening on the pitch.
  14. Baseball ground seats

    I have vague memories of wooden seats being exchanged outside the back of the Ossie at the end of the match
  15. Confess your unpopular opinions

    So you mean the Thatcher, Major, Blair, Cameron. and May governments of the last 38 years then who have been in charge of the country. If you think their policies were/are left wing then we have a fairly big divide in our opinions YouRams!!!

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