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  1. Perfect example of a shift to the right 👍
  2. I think the policies against public ownership and austerity for the less well off has shifted the balance to the right. What the right have done is managed to convince some of the less well off that its the lefts fault.
  3. What we need is some photoshop expert to provide us with a picture of Cummings as the Bond villain stroking a big white cat that looks remarkably like Johnson's hair....
  4. Chelsea may not win owt this season but I have a feeling the Chelsea fans won't be bothered about that. They are in for a rollicking good season of exciting attacking football with some of the best young talent around. There'll be 3-2's and 4-3's all over the shop.
  5. Or the extension to his £1.6m town house he paid cash for....
  6. That evil twit is like a bond villain. When I was younger I used to wonder why people like him hated the poor so much, now I realise its not hate, its fear.
  7. Any world record breaking cocaine shipments up the Trent so far mate? All the local bakeries fire alarms fully tested and up to date?
  8. Should have a fiver on Will scoring for Watford tomorrow really. And Harry for Bournemouth 😀
  9. Tomori's goal was superb. nearly as good as Jeff's for Burnley!
  10. I have a strange feeling in my loins that this will be a "Stimac" season. Or it could be gastro-enteritis 😧
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  12. Agree with that. Chris was at his best when he had teammates making intelligent runs , not sure we've got too many Brysons, Hughes's or Hendrick's in the team atm. Or Russell's, or Fozzy's with great low crosses into dangerous areas...... Chris Martin is totally dependent on players making runs before he receives the ball. You have to commit to making that run knowing that Chris will head, pass or flick the ball into your path.....or win a foul while trying.
  13. The FFP was brought in to stop any other club doing a Man City and pushing Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea off the top table. Only 4 Champions League places so what if Spurs or Everton, for instance, had a City type owner....its only there to protect the big boys. The only rule should be that the debt is not saddled on the club, the owner takes full responsibility. Yes, it would eventually lead to breakaway leagues with no relegation or promotion, but I think it would gradually die as fans would drift to smaller, local clubs for their shot of real football. Maybe there'd be enough subscribers to the fantasy league but without passionate fans in the stadium its not the same no matter how good the players are. The gladiatorial appeal of football, the sheer spectacle of a game that really matters to partisan supporters is why the game is so popular and why SKY can sell their product. Take away the life or death battle for survival from relegation and the game becomes too safe and predictable for the clubs outside the top 5 or 6.. Scrap FFP and let the owners take the risk. It will sort itsen out organically and people will vote with their feet and subscriptions.
  14. On a wider note than Brexit, loved this quote, 'Austerity is the idea that the 2008 financial crash was caused by Wolverhampton having too many libraries.” Alexei Sayle 2019
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