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  1. uttoxram75

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    what a post!
  2. uttoxram75

    Scottish Football

    Just about to go to bed and nearly never clicked the link....brilliant, been looking for that score for years, 😂
  3. uttoxram75


    Agree with you ossie but I think Bennett can do Nuge's role as an out and out striker (if he steers clear of injury). He is quick, strong, works hard and is capable of scoring. I think Nuge has one year too many on the clock and don't think he'll get many games even if he stays. Just need to transplant Nuge's personality into Bennets bonce!
  4. uttoxram75

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Over the moon?
  5. uttoxram75

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    Same here mate. (Except my missus is a dinner lady)
  6. uttoxram75

    Back on the bandwagon!

    I had no intention to go to the Soton match on satdee but I'm a bit interested now to see the new lads so might treat the missus to an afternoon at Debenhams while I slope over to Chaddesden sidings...
  7. uttoxram75

    TalkSport Best Championship Grounds

    When you talk to away fans at Pride Park its amazing how much they enjoy coming here. Maybe its just the ones I've spoken to but all I hear is compliments about the place. Real ale pubs, food outlets, walking distance to the train station, mostly friendly home fans, good atmosphere with very loud home fans who stand all game.
  8. uttoxram75

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Major concern for me is that so many of us are so bored that we are actually discussing pre-season friendlies as if they matter. I'm more worried about the state of my lawn.
  9. Can’t think of a better centre forward than Martin to have players like Mount, Wilson, Thomas and Lawrence running beyond him into the space he creates by wrestling the centre backs.
  10. Nowhere near as good as the CR7 types down the road according to the Treetard Twitterati...
  11. uttoxram75

    Finance manager, sign him up!

    Was he defending?
  12. uttoxram75

    Thank you

    Come on Bruce! Sign summat for @loweman2 ffs. My favourite song of all time..... Hello Hello, how do you do We are the boys in white and blue We love to sing We love to fight We hate the boys in red and white We’ll sing a song of victory We’ll sing a song in harmony The Villa fans will never mock When they remember Bruce Rioch Rioch Rioch clap clap clap clap
  13. uttoxram75

    A Trip to Trump-ton

    In the words of Pink Floyd, ”All in all he’s just a rick with no wall”..
  14. uttoxram75

    I have real concerns for this season

    Looking back to when we first met, i cannot escape and I cannot forget, Frankie you’re the one you still turn me on, taking Derby home again.... D C F C (better than 1234)
  15. uttoxram75

    Thank you

    Always liked Franny. When he joined us he could have just used it as a last payday but he gave his all for Derby and was instrumental in winning the League for us. Frannie Lee cracked Norman Hunter nanananana nananana Remember his last game for us, Ipswich away 1976, we won 6-2, Frannie got two and we sang his name for ages st the end of the match. Well done @PrivateDerby for whatever help you gave to @loweman2 Pray tell 😁

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