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  1. I think Cummings has smashed the lockdown single handedly, its over, people will decide to do what they want to do now.
  2. The police have asked for games in Manchester and Liverpool to be played at neutral venues. Are they expecting fans to turn up at the grounds in these cities but not elsewhere?
  3. Why any democracy would not want country by country reporting data to be made public is beyond me. This is the real issue that needs open and honest debate in this country. The very fact that its not discussed openly has got to be because vested interests are lobbying to keep it out of the public domain.
  4. Sorry, is it called The Sunday Sun nowadays?
  5. Sometimes you need the players to be part of the gladiatorial atmosphere. I was watching the Southampton 2nd leg earlier on Rams TV, on 15 minute in, there is a challenge from Seth lad to put the ball into touch near the half way line. He could have toe poked the ball out , there was no danger as such, but he went through it like a stampede of buffalo....the Saints lad nearly shat himself and the roar went up from the crowd and we all knew the lads were on it that night. Darren Moore, Seth Johnson, Jay McElevey, Steve Howard gave no quarter from the kick off and the fans could see it and responded accordingly. A bit of passion on the pitch will be rewarded tenfold by a Derby crowd. 🐏
  6. Really struggle to understand your viewpoint on this maxjam. You say, "the majority of the media have a massive axe to grind re. Brexit and Cummings". If you look back, you will find that the majority of the media were fully behind Brexit. The Mail, Express, Sun, Times, News of the World, Telegraph were all pro Brexit. The Independent, Guardian and Mirror were mainly pro Remain. the main TV channels gave as much exposure to Leave as they did to Remain. Farage was on TV more than Simon Cowell. The debate should be about Cummings actions not what others think about him. Did he follow the spirit of the rules he was espousing at the time, ie: If you have symptoms, stay at home and protect the NHS. I don't believe he did and as an unelected advisor he should never have been allowed to address the nation as he did. I believe the rules about political advisors suggest he should not have been allowed to speak to the press about his own circmstances. I might be wrong about that, I've not got enough time to fully read up about it.
  7. Undermine negotiations? Why would our negotiations be any worse without Cummings? He's an advisor not an elected politician. Why muddy the facts with all that though. Cummings disregard for his own guidelines is whats important here, not what his contribution to Leave was. I know plenty of Leave voters who believe Cummings is a liar and a hypocrite. Brexit and Covid are not related.
  8. Around 25-30 of us got an early train from Utch (maybe 10.00am, its a long time ago!)....there was already ex pat Rams fans on it from Stoke and the North West as well as a few Carlisle United fans. They'd lived the dream that season, promoted to the top division for the first time in their history, they were punching well above their weight and had a fantastic season. I seem to recall they actually led the league after a couple of games before slipping away - always had a soft spot for them from that day as the lads on our train were really nice and just having an end of season party at the League Champions. The whole day was surreal...a home match on a Saturday where you had already clinched the League on the previous Wednesday, it was a red hot sunny day, everybody was carrying packs of beer on the station, on the train and walking round town before heading up the Baseball Ground. The Popside was absolutely jam-packed, scarves and flags everywhere, everyone knew the players were doing a lap of honour with the League trophy at the end of the match. Everyone knew we would be on the pitch after that....no mobile phones , no internet, yet everyone knew exactly what to do. Spontaneous orgasmic celebrations all the way through the match......non stop singing and jumping up and down.... We partied all evening round town, singing our hearts out in the Market Place and St.Peters Street. What a day, what a party. Most of us missed the last train back home, we were a sorry, hungover bunch, sharing cigarettes on Midland station as we blagged our way onto the 5.00am Mail train to Utch. I have vague memories of us nicking bottles of milk on the way home from shop doorways to ease the hangovers.....
  9. They should just plough ahead with it...
  10. There seems to be a consensus from all persuasions that he went against the very guidelines he set. Brexit is done so why would it matter if an advisor who quite clearly put others at risk has to step down?
  11. Curtains, if you stop to weigh it up you might just see that the Cummings saga is not political. Many Tory MPs and many more Tory voters think he should go. In fact, it looks like the only people making political points are the ones who blindly support Cummings actions and Johnsons support of him.
  12. Its usually @ossieram on top of the fence...
  13. Some absolute stunners there....❤️🐏
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