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  1. uttoxram75

    Memories @ramtique

    Yep, Kids club was opposite corner from the photo.
  2. uttoxram75

    Kevin Nugent

    Harry Callum?
  3. uttoxram75

    Brentford at home 22 September

    Has he been charged...
  4. uttoxram75

    Boycie’s Birthday Today

    All the best Boycie xxx
  5. uttoxram75

    Snake City watch

    What a dilemma for the Gumps V Snake League Cup tie this coming week. I can't remember when I last wanted both teams to lose so much.
  6. uttoxram75

    Memories @ramtique

    Just before my time but I remember the old lads singing it when pished. They need to get with the times instead of wallowing in nostalgia😁
  7. uttoxram75

    Phone signal at Pride Park

    I wanted 5 pints of Pedigree and had to settle for 3, and 2 pints of Hobgoblin. to rub salt in the wound there was no Gin Bar available in the South Stand today aaaaaannnndddd, I couldn't email the club to complain because there was no ducking signal. You're right fella, never would have happened at the BBG...
  8. uttoxram75

    Phone signal at Pride Park

    Im on o2, never has worked in the ground so rarely try it now. While were whining, it was my round at half time today, the Real Ale bar in the South Stand concourse ran out of Pedigree and two of us had to drink Hobgoblin.....ducking sort it Mel😣
  9. uttoxram75

    Brentford at home 22 September

    Glad you had a great day at the match and weekend in general Rich. A few beers, great goals, lovely football and a Rams win, the world always looks a better place after that! You had a lucky escape in the Brunny, @Boycie and @Duracell were kicking off rumour has it.....I'm sure they'll come clean and tell us what happened when they've sobered up. Safe journey and COYR🐏
  10. uttoxram75

    Brentford at home 22 September

    Whisk them past Bubbles then take them into the Merry Widows at 11.00 to look at the rams memorabilia on the walls and a taste of a real English pub. Over to the Waterfall for a bite to eat, see a bit of the early Prem match on the telly, up to the Brunnie about 1.45 for some proper beer then walk under the road and alongside the old railway buildings (the Roundhouse etc) to Pride park. Get yer selfies at the Clough & Taylor statue (look out for the guy selling pin badges nearby) and a quick plastic lager in the fan Park tent if you have time. Enjoy it mate!
  11. uttoxram75

    Lampards Permanent Signings

    If Frank's signings can't get in the team because of players coming through then its the sign of a manager who picks players on merit rather than because he's spent money on them. I've not been past recently but if the Five Lamps pub has not been renamed the Frank Lamps I seriously want to know why.
  12. uttoxram75

    Memories @ramtique

    7.30pm kick offs.....who the duck decided to change that? What was wrong with 7.30 kick offs?
  13. uttoxram75

    Memories @ramtique

    @loweman2 these photos are pure gold mate. I have to keep zooming in to see if I can see me or my mates on them. Brilliant, takes me right back to the old place in all its glory, despair, and all points between. I grew up there...
  14. uttoxram75

    What happens when a match is abandonded?

    Back on topic, an abandoned match should always be treated as an excuse to go to the pub and return home at the usual time hoping the missus has no idea of what’s gone on...
  15. uttoxram75

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Some good stuff tonight, plenty of good intention to press high up and take the game to them. Keep it up Frank, it'll come. Referee was a proper pile of poo and deserved 1970's type abuse.

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