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  1. Cracking player, prolific scorer right up to the moment we signed him.
  2. I don't know any who think like that. Not in my circle of Derby fans anyway.
  3. Some at our place have booked a day off in case they have a reaction. They are taking Holiday instead of risking being ill and not getting paid for it. Sick pay only kicks in after 3 days absence.
  4. Lucky. Failing that, when you inherit a team of players who's best quality is to bomb forward with neat, intricate passing, don't appoint a manager (or managers), whose philosophy is to sit deep and hope to catch teams on the break......
  5. Ay Up.....thats what its called, very moreish!
  6. Yep. its all self inflicted, fozzy should have his wages stopped for that. Roberts failed to make a 10 yard pass from that corner while under no pressure....
  7. Can you imagine laws like that bitd? Half of the forum membership would not be here because their fathers would have been in jail.
  8. Interesting view from the FSA on how we may be policed in the future https://thefsa.org.uk/news/criminalising-tradtional-fan-behaviour/ The police already have powers of dispersal in a range of circumstances but it is deeply concerning to imagine that annoying or inconveniencing people could, effectively, become a criminal offence. It’s also all too clear to envisage football supporters being in line to become early and easy targets of this proposed new offence and very likely these offences becoming ones that could see football banning order applications on conviction. I
  9. Has anyone heard from @Boycie this morning?
  10. It wouldn't be cool, it would be unpleasantly warm because of the 100 metre long ovens but no, its nothing as exciting as that. I walk to work.
  11. hmmmm conundrum..........
  12. Sigh....theres a huge debate to be had there mate, unfortunately we cannot be trusted to debate without resorting to personal abuse of fellow members. Maybe one day we can all agree to attack the post, not the poster. Don't hold yer breath.
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