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  1. Paying them if they have a letter from GP or hospital saying they're at risk. Some have gone off because of child care are having to use hols or unpaid leave
  2. I presume this is one of your wind ups where you can show your intellectual prowess against ordinary people. Imagine how people feel trying to do next meal projections right now...
  3. Yep, thats what were doing
  4. I'm lucky that me mum only lives a mile away. I can drop off her groceries and stuff while doing me own shop. It breaks me heart to talk to her through the window as she's still grieving losing me dad before Christmas after 60 years of marriage, and I know she needs a hug. Lots of people in far worse positions though.
  5. Gutted really, I was really looking forward to games, we were creating chances every game, Rooney and the young guns were looking great, Shinniesta back from injury.....was looking forward to a great end of season. Missing the craic with the lads every couple of weeks or so as well.
  6. The mixed messages, worry, confusion and fear in our factory is unreal. On one hand we have senior management demanding normal production targets are met while 15% of the workforce are self isolating or off for 12 weeks (classed at risk due to age or illness). Also, office and non-production management are working from home while production line people are finding it impossible to keep a 2 metre distance. Agency and temps are coming in to cover the absence, making it even more difficult to manage the situation. HR are working from home but demanding we contact everyone who's off to put pressure on them in case they're swinging the lead. It seems very trivial compared to the conditions that NHS staff and carers are working in but its still mentally draining on shift. Our owners are trying their best to make extra money out of it, not quite up to Sports Direct standard but having a good go.
  7. Yes there was, two keepers with identical names, sort of stuck with me as I have the same surname.....
  8. One of the directors, Jack Kirkland, questioned Peter Taylors role at the club on several occasions eventually leading to the rift between Clough and the board.
  9. 1978 1-1, Gerry Daly penalty for us....it seemed like forever more going back to the station....🐏
  10. Normal condition after a day at an away match back then.....
  11. Rather have stopped the Kirkland - Taylor stuff that led to Clough and Longson falling out.
  12. I agree that one or two keepers may have been technically a fraction better but Boulton was Mr. Consistent, never let in a daft goal, ever present for two league titles....he oozed a steady calmness. Mind you, I ooze a little thinking about those days....😳
  13. When they first shut the schools they fitted sanitisers in every classroom, limited numbers on public transport, every public building, transport hub, airport etc or event had thermal readers and refused entry to anyone with a temperature.....people are more regimented there and with a population of 5.5miliion somewhat easier to control. The good habits of hand washing, sanitising, social distancing etc were kept up as they allowed more stuff to open so its not widespread atm.
  14. Really enjoyed that, never seen the whole game before on TV. Four of us drove down and parked at Cockfosters. got the tube to Finsbury Park and me cousin (on leave from the Army) knew a good boozer....walked in the crowded pub, squeezed through to the bar and asked for 2 pints of lager and 2 bitters.....the whole pub went silent as everyone turned to look at the norvenors....me cousin was a 6'2" squaddie and calmly started talking to the goobers, he had the gift of the gab and they left us alone. Cracking day out.
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