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  1. Urban kitsch. Think Staffordshire’s answer to Shoreditch.
  2. Camden Town Pale Ale on draught in a trendy upstairs bar in Utch. Thats one sentence I never thought I’d type.......🤣🤣🤣
  3. I’ve got no feelings for either club but I’d like to see Mount score the winning goal, can’t help but like the lad.
  4. I was a bit further away, up the coast at New Brighton beach yesterday, similar view.
  5. No holiday plans because of the covid stuff. Had a week off for me 60th so have just had a quiet garden party for family and very close friends and a few day trips, with one overnight stop at a friends, and used the time to spend time with the grandkids. Here are the results of some of the most salubrious places one could visit during these strange times. Ingoldmells - poo, absolute madness, grey tracksuit heaven, sweaty, fat, yarkshar people who will happily blow virus's into your face then fight you for getting too close. Dudley Zoo & Castle - ok actually, nice day ou
  6. Stay firm I say, as long as Mel is sure we don't need to cask the EFL for leniency.
  7. It'll be the bare minimum for me mate - my families shopping spend will plummet.
  8. Spent a nice day at Dudley Zoo & Castle today with the grandkids (if you put aside the yam yam accents of virtually everyone else there that is), one or two indoor attractions were shut but most stuff was on ok. The vast majority of people were polite and sensible over distancing, no one wore masks apart from the gift shop where entry was refused if you hadn't got one. Hardly any one went in, if they just restrict numbers and remind folk of the two metre stuff it would have been fine. Plenty of hand washing areas, sanitisers every 50 yards or so, all good. Take the mask wearing b
  9. Went shopping with the missus today and wearing a mask seemed a real pain tbh. Some places it was too warm as there was no air con on, with masks on it made it unbearable. We went to several shops, we were picking up bits and bobs and it seemed like we couldn't get what we wanted so ended up trawling several places. Found wearing a mask for more than 10 minutes was an uncomfortable, miserable, alien experience. The missus detested it and has sworn to keep shopping down to the bare minimum or do it online and she can normally happily spend an afternoon in the Intu centre. Perhaps
  10. I'd like to think that Cocu and Rooney have a good enough relationship to sort out any issues about being left out to trial other systems/players. When Rooney was growing up Cocu was one of the best players in Europe so there will be plenty of respect between them and Wayne has signed as a player/coach so he is fully committed to learning that side of the game. The one thing they both have in common is true professionalism, both have 100 caps for their country and have won virtually everything in their playing careers so whether Rooney plays every game or not is not as important as t
  11. A front three of Lawrence, Marriott and Sibley would be the Championship equivalent of Mane, Firminho and Salah.
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