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  1. You’ll have the rug pulled from under you with comments like that
  2. It won't be easy but there's nowt wrong with aiming high.
  3. If labour had a leader that accepts Brexit and was pragmatic about immigration, he or she would still be slaughtered by the right wing press if they wanted a publically owned NHS.
  4. Hughes and Hendrick were naturally technically good footballers who were given the chance to play at an early age. Hughesy looks very comfortable in the Prem and I believe he'd be comfortable in any team, even Liverpool or City. Hendrick is very similar, just controls the ball easily without having to think about it. Bogle is prem quality right now. He will easily play in a top ten prem team. Max Lowe is not far behind. Jack Marriott in the right team would be the new Vardy. Have Sheffield United got a better striker than Jack? Its all about the team, football is not an individual sport and someone else mentioned Sheffield United as a great example of that. Mason Bennett is an enigma, he can look clumsy at times but his performance in the away win at Dirty Leeds was fantastic. Strong, brave, direct, he caused the panic, alongside Jack Marriott, that turned the play off semi round.
  5. Absolutely right. If a second tier team can't improve with such football royalty then its time to give in.
  6. So you agree that privatising the NHS is a bad thing? Me and you are brothers🤣
  7. Can't help but be pleased for him, he works really hard and has enough talent to make it at the top level.
  8. Dave Mackay all over again (I know its already been said but I've spelt it raite), there is no way on this earth that the signing of Rooney will not improve us. His passing and vision will make the team better straight away never mind his influence on the younger players. Philip Cocu and Wayne Rooney at Derby.....just let that sink in, a few years ago it was Nigel Clough and Theo Robinson.
  9. Yes, always voted Labour, the only time I hesitated was with Tony Blair leading the party but after 18 years of Tory rule we had very little choice.
  10. 1 minute 12 in , this what it means to be Derby
  11. Use the International breaks to brush up on history.....
  12. Us Labour lads are getting some real hatred atm from many sources yet when you sit and talk face to face with people its interesting how many tend to lean toward socialist policies but still want to vote Tory/Brexit/Lib Dem because 'Labour will ruin the country". I've worked in the private sector all my life (I'm 59), and I truly believe that a strong public sector raises the bar for the private sector when it comes to holidays, pay, working conditions etc. Take away the public sector and it becomes a race to the bottom. My ideal world would be all the vital industries that people need, Police, Military, Fire, Water, Power utilities, Transport, Education and Health should be run by the government on behalf of the citizens of our country. Not for profit, but to benefit the people who live in the UK. Red line protection no matter who was the elected party. Let the private sector make their money from selling their wares rather than dictating government policy. Politics is dead easy after a few drinks on a satdee night. 🐏
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