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  1. Keep plugging away mate.
  2. These puns help posters to make a connection with each other.
  3. Bit harsh, we don’t know if Cocu has asked Lampard for anyone do we?
  4. The same old puns going round the circuit...
  5. Can anyone confirm that the pics were actually taken at Alfreton. Its never sunny there.....😍
  6. I think the whole debate over politics is broken. I believe the ones running the show don't want us to discuss actual policies. Anyone who puts forward policies supporting public services and workers rights seems to be labelled as communists, socialists, anti-semites or terrorist sympathisers. I work in a factory of 800 people and important things like Zero hours contracts, workers rights, Health, Education, Public Transport and Housing matter to them, they worry about their kids being able to afford a roof over their heads, a safety net if they fall ill, paying for care for their elderly parents, and job security. We are not communists, we are not terrorists, we are ordinary working people who care about others who may need a hand occasionally. To me, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage etc represent the top 1% of society, they pursue policies that prevent transparency and allow corruption and manipulation of financial markets, they don't want a light shed on tax havens or illegal money laundering. My parents were born into a society that didn't provide health care to the masses. My grandchildren's kids might well suffer the same fate if were not careful.
  7. Exactly, Will Hughes is worth far more than £16.2m.
  8. Thanks, so we agree that socialist policies are not anti or un British. I presume its the same in the US?
  9. I don't really follow American politics so ill bow to your knowledge. As regards the bolded bit in your post, I like left policies, I like a National Health Service, I'd like the Rail, Gas, Electric and Water supply to be publically owned and accountable, I like the prisons, police, fire, ambulance and military ran for the benefit of the country and not private profit. Would that make me anti British?
  10. Understand that but its still only criticising policies at the end of the day. They believe they have better policies for the American people so to just brand them as anti American is childish and not really what you'd expect from a world leader imo.
  11. Was Trump spouting anti-American bile when he was criticising Obama's government before the election? Criticising policy is not anti American as Trump should well know.
  12. Don't bother with Twitter . Pursue it with the dealership. Keep asking to be referred to the next level, they'll cave in eventually.
  13. uttoxram75

    Apollo 11

    I bet your Buzzing mate!
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