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  1. Ah, the battle of Cleethorpes beach 1982. I remember it well. It looked like we had the upper hand but the locals sent a diversionary force down to the sea front to draw our most hardened troops off the beach. Luckily they saw the CBP (Cleethorpes Beach Patrol) off fairly quickly and were in place as the main Grimsby mob made their move. The combined Popside and Ossie End reserves took the fight to the right flank of the local scrotes and chased them along the promenade toward the auditorium known as Blundell Park. The Uttoxeter fusiliers suffered heavy losses with 2 arrests b
  2. Top floor of the Holiday Inn on Pride Park. I'd have a copy of the inside of the Merry Widows pub with patio doors leading to a mock up of the Vulcan Street Popside terrace where I could lean on a crush barrier with a pint of real ale and moan to my hearts content.
  3. Eddie, the last people to blame are the students. The government decided it was ok for thousands of students to get together when it was possible for them to do their stuff online. We should be demanding to know the science and advice behind the decision to open up Uni's. You can't chuck 18-22 year olds together and expect them to behave. Its never happened.
  4. Absolutely, we should always question why one of the richest countries in the world has hunger and poverty at all.
  5. Kevin Harper, a tad smaller than Francis. Scored a great header at Liverpool once.
  6. 10% so you won’t want many😧
  7. Anyone tried this yet? https://www.buxtonbrewery.co.uk/item/189/Buxton/Chip-Shop-Brawl.html
  8. Great team but I'd have to sneak Barnes in ahead of Holmes.
  9. How come no fecker ever told you that you'd need to trim your nose and ears once you passed 45?
  10. You'd have wired it wrong and electrocuted the players instead. Was you involved in the electrics for the first league game at Pride Park btw?
  11. Great point Mafia and although I have slagged refs off I do understand its an impossible job. I do believe though that certain refs have agendas based on their personal bias, at all levels. I played Sunday football for over 20 years and consistently endured referees who were blatantly biased toward certain teams. I suppose its human nature if lads you've grown up with and live near you put pressure on you on 50/50 calls. In the professional game you expect higher standards. The Bobby Madley incident with Chris Martin at Burnley was, in my opinion, a case of one referee who had decid
  12. There was never barbed wire as such but the fences made you feel more segregated which led to more bad feeling between the fans. it was like we had to be segregated because we hated each other that much and would attack each other if not fenced in. This actually led to us attacking each other more when outside the stadiums. I think Ken Bates at Chelsea lobbied for electric fences to deter the peasants at one point.
  13. What really saddens me is the fact that so many seem to want to believe it. I wish our schools taught British history.
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