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  1. One for our man to look into @Tamworthram
  2. Yeah its weird that, The bookies must be holding back in case the EFl throw a late relegation in? You can get odds on 5/1 for you lot to get promoted and 16/1 for us but no odds on us to go down. Anyroads, my £100 for promotion for Waynes Rams may reduce our odds further. Get in quick lads!
  3. Maybe somethings changed then, last time I looked into this was way before Covid.
  4. The only motive is money. Vaccines are a magic money tree where as treatments like ivermectin cannot now be patented.
  5. Same here mate, family and friends are amused and entertained by my ability to get knee, beer and background in alignment. great pun btw, have a patella on the back!
  6. 2 hr David changed the title to Picture where you are now booooooooooo Ive entertained people the length and breadth of the country trying to contort my body to get the background and knee in perfect symmetry only for you to make all that effort redundant. Shame on you.
  7. No, we probably wouldn't have made the play offs that season. However we would have smashed automatic promotion the year after.
  8. Horrible times because our downfall coincided with the gumps being on the up, but there were some away days that made that period one of the best despite our poo performances on the pitch.
  9. Sounds like a weekend we had there in 82 after a game at Grimsby.
  10. Brilliant to read these accounts Loweman, excellent stuff.
  11. Glad to see the number of lunatics in Derby was down on the previous year.
  12. Its out there mate, on the net. The research papers are all out there.
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