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  1. Pitch Invader Banned

    Hands up how many on here should be banned for life for the Fulham game in 1983? 1. uttoxram75
  2. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Agree with all that Hants. Mel is not going to appoint a Pep type manager going by his last few appointments so Gary is where were at! I'm hoping GR is as intelligent and honest as he sounds, Wants to build a strong team that will both be solid and effective. He lives local and must know what he's up against if it all goes tits up.
  3. Pitch Invader Banned

    I slid on my knees right into the back of net at the South Stand, ended up stuck in the netting on me arse, had a very uncomfortable wet but happy journey back to Utch....
  4. FA, go get Pochettino now!

    Martin Chivers.....
  5. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Very wise words mozza! Patience is the key. No one was more gutted than me when Hughes left but nowt we can do about it now. Its history. Gary needs time to hone his side, a couple more transfer windows to clear the decks and maybe one or two quality signings. We should not go into meltdown if we lose a game and not get too carried away if we win a couple. We've all wanted a bit of stability, now's the time for us to give the club that stability by not panicking if we have a wobble...get behind the Gazmeister, because with the right blend of players his tactics could yet prove to be both effective and exciting.
  6. Brexit or Eurin?

    Don't invite him round for a hog roast
  7. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Acronym for Inflated Lat Syndrome. ILS is a primal threat/mating display observed in the human male. The ILS display involves the male human holding out it’s arms away from it’s body at approximately a 20-40 degree angle and then walking with a slow deliberate gait inorder to look more imposing to other humans. The posture is used primarily as a form of non-verbal communication such as a mating display to attract or impress females or as a defense or dominance posture to appear larger to a threat or to intimidate rival males. ILS displays can be observed : In the gym after an insecure male works out for 3-5 minutes. On the beach when a single male approaches a group of females. When a male enters a bar or dance club. When a male is too scared to throw the first punch in a fight. On the outside of mosh pits by the bouncer who’s had enough of sweaty punks bumping in to him. Dude. Check the wigger with ILS and a bad attitude coming through the door, he must think he’s the s*** or something. Lets kick his ass later.
  8. October 16th 1973

    Nah mate, we'd have ended up like Man Yoo fans expecting to win everything every year....
  9. October 16th 1973

    Its a long time ago RamNut, won't mean anything to fans born after 1970. There will always be a tiny thought in the back of my mind what the history of DCFC and NFFC would be like now if he'd of stayed.....
  10. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Same here
  11. FIFA 2017 Awards in London next week

    Will you be there Carl? Try and sneak a Rams flag in if you can.
  12. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Watching the highlights (sober this time), how good was Nugent's goal? The way Vydra snatched the ball off some hapless gump and raced toward the penalty box, Nuge's excellently timed and intelligent run across the line at just the right angle - completely outwitting the defence - it gave Vyds the chance to drive into the gap or make the pass - the pass was perfect and the finish sublime. Lovely, lovely goal.
  13. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Don't our chances/near misses/goalkeepers saves count then?
  14. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    The ease we saw the game out impressed me. Coupled with the way we went to try and win the game at Cardiff gives me hope that Gary will build a team that is solid and hard to beat but also play fast attacking football as well. Early days but I'm more confident than I was and feel the right time to judge GR is this time next year.
  15. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Worst forest fans i've seen in 30 years, When they sang about burning kids i can only assume they were trying to get a reaction. Complete w****** and i can only hope the ones i saw getting a good kicking were the ones who sang it.

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