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  1. Just spotted in a back street of Fowey.....
  2. 2 brothers, Brian and Martin were from Cheltenham area? used to see them home and away regularly. Great lads
  3. I am officially a Cornish Ram for a week. Just had a midnight paddle on the slipway at Fowey with a cold beer in hand after a 5 1/2 drive down. πŸ‘πŸΊπŸ‘
  4. Sent you a message mate 🐏
  5. We fought to keep Dad at home as long as we could but as the disease progresses it gets worse and Mum couldn't cope, poor Dad doesn't know what a burden he became on her and eventually had to go into care for his safety and Mum's health.
  6. This is the best thing about the win at Leeds. The hard Yorkshire lads laughing and singing about Frank crying (which he never did), then hundreds of them blarting live on telly when rookie manager Frank out thought and out fought one of the most experienced managers in the world. The Leeds fans I know have never been so quiet.
  7. My dad is in a dementia care home and I know how important visits are to break the day up for the poor buggers. Its an awful disease and kind words and company can help sufferers. I talk to complete strangers when visiting Dad and they seem to appreciate any contact with people.
  8. Ive lost my head more than once mate 🀣
  9. Ive got 5 hours in a car with some dodgy bloke from Bodmin to worry about......
  10. Derby beat Leeds 4-2 in Forest's biggest game of the season.
  11. This is where Frank will prove his worth. He will make these players believe they can do it. The players genuinely like him and will run through brick walls for him.
  12. You ok mate? Lost track of who's going to Wembley, you sorted?
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