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  1. Deserved 3 points tonight. Ashley Williams forearm smash was a red card all day, what did the ref book him for? "Right Ashley, the Derby player was running past you onto a through ball that would have taken him into the penalty box until you raised your arm into his face to block his run, I have no choice but to issue a yellow card even though you made far better contact than the Brummie chav did on Grealish"
  2. It’s a measure of its success.
  3. Mind the gap my precious...
  4. I bow to your knowledge then because ive only really seen him play against us a couple of times and would rate him far less than Will Hughes and Jeff Hendrick.
  5. Not sure he's good enough for the top end of the prem from what I've seen which admittedly is very little.
  6. Gary Rowett gave him to Watford.
  7. Clubs, businesses and people who are used to being above the law are always "astonished" when they get done. No fecker else is.....
  8. Nah, I think its Hastie as in Pastry...
  9. I’ve heard Rapid Vienna are in for him.
  10. It’s more to do with Frank’s connection with Chelsea I believe. The dirties have a long running hatred for all things Chelsea.
  11. Not for me due to where I live and grew up. After the gumps, it has to be Stoke for me for the game reason you and @Mr Tibbs dislike the Sheff clubs. Most of the people I know and work with are Stokies so next Wednesday is a biggie for me personally.
  12. Its either one or two on a wind up or they haven't watched it half a dozen times. From behind the goal it looked like he meant it but having watched it all day at work I can confirm he definitely meant it.
  13. He’s an inconsistent pundit, blows hot and cold...
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