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  1. How to score a goal everytime

    I’ve always liked the idea of all eleven players forming a tunnel in which it’s passed through their legs, up to the striker who swivels and scores.
  2. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Bar those he didn’t have the opportunity to, there LITERALLY isn’t a manager we’ve beaten under Rowett that we didn’t under McClaren. Of those Holloway is the only one that beat McClaren... But don’t let facts get in the way of things...
  3. Live games 2017/18

    Why is Freddie Sears not taking it to the corner there? Proper Cywka.
  4. Style v Substance

    Well... yeah...
  5. Best Debut

    I did think Bob Malcolm! His first and last good game for Derby
  6. Best Debut

    Hughes’ full debut. Majestic.
  7. Bloody Keogh

    He’s not mine to keep mate
  8. Style v Substance

    The signings he’s made seem to suit a Leicester counter-attack. In effect we saw this for the first goal and the second half - balls in behind on the counter. But usually the system’s been an attempt at a free-flowing 4-2-3-1 with players that don’t fit. It may well look a lot better with a tweak of system or personnel.
  9. Bloody Keogh

    Keogh’s been our best midfielder this calendar year, let alone centre-half.
  10. Style v Substance

  11. Style v Substance

    Sides that perform their way out of the Championship stay up and entertain. Results football sees you straight back down or existing in some Tony Pulis fuelled half-life AT BEST.
  12. Thoughts on Lawrence so far

    Far too much has been made of him not scoring
  13. What’s the missing ingredient ?

    The signings seem to suggest a Leicester counter-attacking 4-4-2 approach. The system seems more akin to the 4-2-3-1 Nigel Clough ‘purple patch’. Honestly think a slight tinker is all the first eleven needs. Either slightly different personnel or a moderately different system.
  14. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Reintroduce proper pivots. Martin and Thorne feeding the attacking three. Lawrence on the left, Vydra down the middle, Johnny on the right. Ledley letting George back play up.
  15. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    It’s always cold enough for a hip flask!

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