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  1. Lazy is just a cliche to further agendas. Just because he isn’t making Weimann style aimless runs in behind doesn’t make him lazy. Constantly tries to find pockets and pops up all over, clearly given the licence to roam. Question his link-up and final ball by all means.
  2. In a 24 team league then surely 16th IS mid table? Football isn’t binary. Rowett did worse with a better Stoke squad.
  3. The theory behind Waghorn is some physicality and link-up whilst having some in-behind play as well. We go three up top because we need two goals and have no other offensive players on the bench save for a teenager… People really do over-react don’t they? Forget reasoning, just get angry
  4. Is the manager accountable for a corner cleared to the edge of the box perfectly for a first time strike? No more so than sticking a man on him and Holmes was in theory. What is a manager to do when a ‘keeper’s clearance is managing to travel from 18-yard-box to 18-yard-box and split both centre-halves? All he could do was have us 20 yards deeper. The red card was an absolute farce. What on Earth were any of the players thinking? Clear pass.
  5. Didn’t sign to the system. Pedigree is irrelevant if you can’t play passing football. Shackell couldn’t pass. Vydra was the season after anyway. Bent was only ever cover. Weimann just ran a lot. Johnson was sloppy in possession.
  6. Transfermarkt isn’t entirely accurate. Under Wassall for example, it has Ince on the right and Russell on the left when they were the opposite way around. Ince scored his hat-trick against Bristol City as a #10 as well so I can see straight away that’s wrong.
  7. I think one thing with wingers is that they need the conditions to play just as an striker or midfielder does. Ince was crap under Rowett, Pearson and on the wing under Clement. He was immense under McClaren and Clement as a #10 and was decent under Wassall. He’s crap now. He was good when he had freedom. Russell was good on the right but not the left. Not sure the criticisms of his end product was fair. He’d got well over 50 goals and assists in his first three seasons (from the right). His runs inside would stretch the opposition and trigger the rotation.
  8. I’d argue we already have enough creativity in the side and the issue is that we have too many players that want the ball to feet and we’re too narrow.
  9. When I started going to away games I realised Derby’s not really that bad. It’s no Birmingham or Hull. Makes you appreciate Notts as well, granted this probably isn’t the place for it, but it’s genuinely one of the country’s nicer cities.
  10. We had a similar record in Clough’s last full season. Back then it was because he didn’t trust us away from home (when he should have) and this side he’d built that was spanking everyone at home was forced to play negatively away. Can’t put my finger on what’s wrong this time. Perhaps we aren’t good enough to play open games.
  11. I don’t think it’s freestyle, the wingers intentionally drift into the channel and I can’t work out why. Maybe it will work eventually. You have to think there’s an end goal to us being intentionally narrow.
  12. It’s just too narrow. Knight should be doing what he’s doing but with a winger next to him, not being a winger himself. It’s all just a bit late Clough. You can see that a tweak will improve it but can Cocu recognise the tweak?
  13. Thought Martin and Bird were our best players
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