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  1. It’s the design for Ukraine’s shirt in ‘92 just with our badge instead of theirs The ram has faced either way at different stages
  2. Come on then Derby, absolutely massive game this.
  3. El Eustico. Shame Schteve isn’t still in charge. Must win.
  4. From memory he used to be DerbyMad’s resident ITK, to be fair
  5. Well she’s ducked me off and so I’m going with my mate instead hahahaha. It’s not a good omen I’ll admit. Not sure what’s happening with the scoring anymore. If Derby score five I reckon I’d take one for the team.
  6. Thought the #8s acted as pistons Saturday rather than one designated linker and one designated attacker. I thought the added responsibility allowed Mount to have his best game for us. He had enough freedom to go and bag a hat-trick but he was almost playing as the pivot, spraying it about, making little triangles with people and running the show. He’s regularly going on mazy dribbles away from being the complete job-lot for that position. This also allowed Bryson to do what he does best and get forward, score, overlap, underlap inside the channel and he was unlucky not to score twice.
  7. But he’s been played in the linking role all season. It’s not his fault the job he’s been assigned to requires stuff he’s not good at. Holmes is better there because he’s good at carrying the ball through the thirds and has a bit of a passing range.
  8. If, at 32, Bryson doesn’t have a range of passing and doesn’t turn to face up the pitch why would he start now? Just because he’s paid a lot of money?
  9. Richard Keogh playing is the reason Mount, Davies, Carson, Fozzy, Malone, Lawrence, Marriott and Bryson have all had spells injured and is the reason our midfield is too deep and our wingers too narrow?
  10. Well Bolton went well. Seeing us into the play-offs boys and girls. Taking the lady for her first away day. Hopefully there’s scoring all round.
  11. Meh, I still think we’d have survived comfortably had we gone up under McClaren.
  12. I still think the midfield is off. First ten minutes was easy on the eye but going nowhere. The wingers are too narrow, they’re playing where the #8s should be. This means that the number #8s are too deep. Then it’s Bryson who is dropping in and showing for the ball when it should be Mount. Bryson isn’t technical enough so he ends up just playing the way he’s facing. This means we’re inviting pressure on without the personnel to beat the press. And this we get dominated.
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