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  1. cannable

    Championship or Premiership

    Championship, midweek piss-ups, more games, more equal competition, better away days… oh, that wasn’t the question. 😂
  2. cannable

    £10m FFP Bill

    Five rising to six, confirmed at a Huddersfield fans forum a few years ago
  3. Our Nige was so, so, so close. The football was good (we scored team goals regularly in 12/13 and the start of 13/14), the philosophy was sound, we had the runners off of Martin, playing it from the back but it was just the fine details. The poor home form stemmed from a narrow formation being expected to break deep defences down, Eustace being seen as an option rather than the need he actually was and atrocious organisation from defensive set-pieces. Many of the changes McClaren made were just obvious! Not to take anything away from him but they were!
  4. Replace the name Frank Lampard with Paul Ince There is literally no possible opinion you can have on Lampard as there is nothing to base it on. Seeing games out as a player proves nothing.
  5. Why does it? It proves he knows what our left of centre-midfielder should be doing when we want to see a game out, nothing more, nothing less
  6. cannable

    If it’s Frank

    You can afford to win things ugly when you have millions of fans but just 40,000 watching you every other week.
  7. cannable

    Lampard too expensive?

    They were 19 points clear at one stage and ended up squeaking up by two points
  8. cannable

    If it’s Frank

    I have no opinion as I have nothing to base an opinion on
  9. cannable

    Scott Carson

    Voted for by his fellow professionals into the Championship Team of the Season in 13/14, our player of the season in 14/15… suggests more than the odd game…
  10. cannable

    Serie A title race

    Interesting times ahead!
  11. cannable

    Rowett’s interest a potential blessing?

    Kicking it long is totally different to quickly and accurately out, totally different. I agree, his distribution has improved but it’s a different method of distribution to how he could hypothetically be asked to
  12. cannable

    Serie A title race

    @Jourdan I just see him as the Sam Allardyce of hyper clubs. He’ll go in, sort stuff out, win something and then it’ll all go wrong. He won’t leave a legacy, he won’t revolutionise you, He wont set you up for the mid term he’ll just win something. I believe Zidane will probably be the same as well, a serial winner because he knows how big players and squads tick. I don’t believe either are either are quite in the top echelon of manager. Taking Napoli up a level and Zidane rebuilding Real Madrid whilst continuing to win things will put them up there for me.
  13. cannable

    Rowett’s interest a potential blessing?

    His distribution from the back was absolutely atrocious under Mac 2, utterly atrocious. If he wasn’t kicking it straight out he was giving it to players under pressure. Davies is fine on the ball when you’re not taking it to extremes. When you ARE playing to extremes he’s bare minimum.
  14. cannable

    Rowett’s interest a potential blessing?

    Should we appoint a manager tht plays from the back we would need to replace them anyway though and with a different type of player

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