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  1. cannable

    Mac at QPR

    We were playing well under Clough, decent football. I will never understand why he couldn’t spot the weaknesses though. We couldn’t break teams down at home because we persisted with a narrow diamond and we couldn’t defend set pieces. SIX goals from set pieces conceded in our first nine league games.
  2. cannable

    Mac at QPR

    Won a cup with Boro as well. First half of his second spell with us he actually had us organised and hard to beat rather than fluid. I sometimes wonder if he tries to get his teams playing football too early in the team-building process.
  3. cannable

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    How come? £2,000,000 profit from 16/17, £2,000,000 from Jackson Irvine, presumably a profit last season - I was expecting Burton to be comfortable
  4. cannable

    v Ipswich Town (H) Match Thread

    Carson Tomori Keogh Evans Fozzy George Butters Mount FloJo Marriott Lozza
  5. cannable

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Why? His best game for us was deep and controlling the game against Wolves, in his very first interview with us he stated he wanted to have the lost passes on the pitch. A player capable of playing as a pivot will transform us. That team is miles away from Lampard’s vision.
  6. cannable

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    How come you can’t debate my point?
  7. cannable

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    balls to pressing, Butters and Evans in. Solved.
  8. cannable

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    How are you expecting us to play out from that back with that pairing? The system needs tweaking, not abandoning.
  9. cannable

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    When lessons aren’t learned THEN it’s the manager’s fault. Thorne, Evans, Huddlestone or even Butterfield are a necessity.
  10. cannable

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    This has been a longstanding criticism I’ve had of Carson. Players just can’t.
  11. cannable

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Pivots are a tactical necessity if you want to play from the back.
  12. cannable

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    We did, to great success, three years ago. Check your tampon.
  13. cannable

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Ditch the emphasis on pressing, get some control in the team
  14. cannable

    Walk Out Music

    I used to like when we came out to Blind Faith
  15. cannable

    Chris Martin - Player Discussion Thread.

    There’s a gammonish obsession worldwide with body language and perceived work-rate. Ozil was blamed for Germany’s capitulation against South Korea despite the fact he made three or four inch perfect crosses that weren’t converted. People don’t rate Martin because he’s slow and mardy.

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