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  1. This. The 14/15 team was better than the 13/14 team. Injuries foresaw that we didn’t even reach the play-offs in 14/15.
  2. God no. There are arguments in some circumstances. If we’d have gone down in 08/09 under Clough I believe we’d have cleared the wage bill two years earlier than he managed. This time? We are crap because we’ve slashed the wage bill. It’s more than halved since Rowett and the scary thing? It’s still roughly equivalent to 14/15’s. We’d have less money than we have now to rebuild if we go down. We probably don’t come back up for a few years.
  3. If we stay up… Bielik will have been.
  4. Meh, we’ll be dead one day anyway
  5. We only scored seven league goals less in 19/20 than we did in 18/19. Waghorn only started 18 games (8 goals) up front for Lampard (13 goals in total) and 13 (9 goals) under Cocu (12 goals in total). Just the three starts up front for Rooney two, going off injured in one of those. Holmes’ best spell was under Cocu. He was a POTS candidate until lockdown last season.
  6. Lingard’s the one I just don’t get Tom Ince will always be better in my mind
  7. Dowell’s scored three league goals this season, his goal yesterday was a free-kick. Let’s not start gushing over how good he’s been for Norwich compared to us.
  8. Dele Ali went from playing in League One to making his England debut in about four months. A player’s circumstance is by no means reflective of their ability. On pace, Lewis Dunk literally plays for Brighton.
  9. Meh. He cost Brighton £3,000,000 from League One. He’s now got two Championship seasons experience behind him, at least one Player of the Season award at this level and Brighton don’t need to sell. Plus, I think he’s better than Ben White. No chance we can afford him.
  10. We’re going bust, aren’t we? I’m a Heanor Town fan from 2023, aren’t I?
  11. cannable

    Steve Davies

    Ha, I did start putting a ‘ruined by injuries’ Derby XI together in my head. So far I have; Martin Taylor, Miles Addison, Dean Yeats, Giles Barnes, George Thorne and Steve Davies.
  12. cannable

    Steve Davies

    Good piece here on his fractured skull. Can’t believe it was ten years ago. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/found-skull-more-bits-thought-5245500.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  13. What about wanting them to score a hat-trick in an 8-3 win for England? 😂
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