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  1. But people equally still will watch the 5-0 Lupoli volley, Southampton semi, Wembley ‘07, beating Leeds at Elland Road for the first time in how many years, beating Stoke, the 3-2 Forest comeback, Commons vs United… it’s moments like that that define a season and what become the narrative. 17/18 didn’t really have any moments that jumped out at you other than Vydra in 24 seconds.
  2. • Two decent cup-runs • Beating United at Old Trafford for the first time in 18 years • First time we’ve scored six in 23 years • The final four; beating QPR in stoppage time when we knew results were going our way, effectively winning a play-off quarter final against Bristol City the week after, drawing at Swansea and thus having to do it on the final day. • Leeds
  3. Craig Bryson once got the PFA involved to force a move to Burnley until we blew their contract out of the water. It’s football, it’s not that deep.
  4. @valleyram respect to you for looking out for you son-in-law to the extent you did. I think Bryson was the last player we signed whilst I was at school which we have and him leaving makes me feel old. Kept things ticking over under Clough and gave us some dynamism. Under McClaren he was just a conveyor belt of runs. Off of Martin, off of Dawkins, in-behind to stretch play, get a cross in or score. Stretched play under Wassall and gave us an extra dimension. The accusations that he was an average footballer that worked hard were just balls. He was technically sound without being technically proficient. This enabled him, with his unrivalled stamina, to become a second striker that could heavily contribute to build-up play and could drop into midfield off the ball. I still think Lampard got him and Mount the wrong way around last season. Mount should have been the one linking up and Bryson getting on the end of thing. I’m waffling because I don’t really know how to end this. Cheers mate. Had far too many jäger’s because of you. You’re the reason my dad had his one and only as well.
  5. Eh? Hughes won a major seasonal award with us for two seasons on the trot whereas Jeff would go in and out of form in the space of forty minutes!
  6. In hindsight, I wonder if that’s why we sacked McClaren rather than taking the compo.
  7. I did a moderately sized one a few seasons ago. Haven’t ever been able to find it since.
  8. Twisting some facts there to make your point a bit. He was slaughtered by West Ham fans and directors alike because of the nepotism accusations. Chelsea let him go, he joined New York who loaned him to another member of The City Group to keep fit.
  9. Meh. You’ve only just turned 18/19 no? But you’re still within my age range. Go out in Derby enough and you’ll see and hear this sort of stuff about no end of them, some you probably adore. Footballers and hotel rooms don’t do wonders for monogamy.
  10. Meh, we’ve just lost our most technical midfielder, one of two ball-playing centre-halves and a something from nothing winger. We’ve brought in someone that runs around and wins the ball loads, bringing us up to three defensive-minded CMs and there’s another on top of that who likes to sit. Two of our remaining best players are both strikers, which suggests a front two. Our only other remaining midfield technician can also play out-wide. We may well be suited to playing on the break next season.
  11. Meh, an ‘I told you so’s’ hollow if you don’t have any inside information or make an informed accurate opinion. Like when I called our 2015 signings poo at the time *smug mode activate*
  12. To be fair, I didn’t see much of a system any more intricate than ‘round pegs in round holes’ up until we switched to five at the back and had Bladesesque underlapping centre-halves
  13. Think I’m genuinely looking forward to Kenilworth Road, Craven Cottage and a last ever chance to go to Griffin Park more than I would have at their still nameless ground
  14. On top of that, even if Lampard has spoken to Chelsea, nobody knows what was said. McClaren revealed before the ill-fated Reading game that he had indeed turned Newcastle down!
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