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  1. Maguire played five times in Sheffield United’s relegation season before having three years in League One
  2. Dele Alli, Callum Wilson, Tarkowski, much of the Bournemouth side that went through the leagues, much of the current Sheffield United side, Adam Webster, Glen Murray, Tyrone Mings, Joe Gomez, Jonjo Shelvey I mean it depends on time-frame I guess, how low down the ladder they had to start and the parameters of success but that’s just a bunch I could think of.
  3. I did hold his hand whilst wearing tight clothing after all…
  4. I can’t tell if you’re trying to bait the Jamie Vardy answer here or not…
  5. I led the team out that day The safety guy told us that the players would run out and then we follow so I just stood there like a nob whilst Nigel Reo-Coker beckoned me to chase after him
  6. Egan who replaced Tarkowksi, who we should have gone for instead of Shackell. I don’t know about being a step ahead of Brentford, I’d at least take being on the same track. If we’re gonna be lazy with our recruitment at least sign players from them and other teams who try and play good football.
  7. Subsequently been revealed to be a £12,000,000 combined fee… My memory from that time is that we wanted another midfielder anyway, we were linked with both Butterfield and Dale Stephens. I still think we could have got away with Dawkins in midfield. He was man of the match on two of three occasions when he played there the season previous. Roll with a midfield of George, Hendrick and Dawkins with Baird and Hanson as cover for three months until you get Bryson back. It was such a bad season that. Hamstrung us financially whilst weakened us. You spend that £25,000,000 well and we’re mid-table in the Prem.
  8. It many only be an individual instance, but I did always think it was weird how his step-lad went with McClaren to watch Calum Paterson
  9. Even the Clough approach, he didn’t have a system in mind but a philosophy at least
  10. Recruitment’s as much about finding players who fit as it is finding gems. Shinnie was free, looks really good at what he does but ultimately don’t think he’ll suit Cocu’s system. I certainly don’t think he would have suited Lampard’s. Albentosa as well, 6”4 poohouse who played in a team that defended deep and his job was to head and kick. Signed for a team that played a high-line and out from the back. Granted in his case he was so cheap that we sold him for profit anyway.
  11. I thought he was our best player yesterday and WhoScored confirmed it. Not that that’s saying much like. Don’t think playing him in a two gets the best out of him.
  12. I’m not even sure Stuart Webber’s that great, just that everybody else is that bad. There’s only a handful of well run clubs in the top two divisions!
  13. Again though, he had nobody to pass to. Waghorn was playing up front when we had the ball. He was 2 v 1 all game and his only passing option happened to be to left of him.
  14. My thoughts are that when things aren’t going right then the standard PASHUN cliches come out
  15. I really really really hate the 4-2-3-1. It’s hindering our forward passing options. Especially when you have Waghorn playing up front when we’re in possession. Bogle was sold down the river yesterday. There’s no pattern of play either which needs developing. With Waghorn drifting inside and Dowell tending to drift out towards the right whenever he’s played I wonder if this is an avenue to explore. Move Paterson to the left wing, Lil Duane left-side of a midfield three, Bielik holding.
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