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  1. Leave.EU looks like a neutral source of information
  2. Abused my body to the point I can’t down cans at a services anymore hahahahaga
  3. Leeds away, without a doubt. Two litres of G&T on the bus in a Buxton’s water bottle, Dad didn’t even know Marriott had come on let alone who’d scored, we both missed the second because it took that long to get a drink, got another drink because I’ve missed one so I may as well, cried when Wilson scored, cried when we won, lost my sunglasses but ended up coming away with a bucket hat and the scarf Lampard threw into the crowd, hour inside Elland Road just celebrating then as we’re about to go home the bus won’t start and we have to stand outside Elland Road for an hour whilst a new one was sent out. Decided to ring my 86 year-old Mammar to say that “we’ve ducking done it” only for her to think I was my cousin and she had no clue what was going on. Copious amounts of gin at the services, copious amounts of Martinis back home. Highlights and Sportscene reaction being played alternately all through the night.
  4. A bunch of dheads calling out a dhead doesn’t excuse the latter from being a dhead
  5. That whole run-in was mint. Battering Rotherham 6-1, drawing 3-3 with Brentford, looking like we’d bottled it at Ewood Park, battering Bolton 4-0, two stoppage time goals against QPR when we knew Bristol City and Boro were losing, then effectively a play-off quarter-final against Bristol City before West Brom on the final day!
  6. Watford were in the Premiership when they signed him
  7. Yeah, that’s why they’re out of contention hahaha
  8. With all due respect to the OP, this question is a bit poo because I’m 24 and the only realistic candidates out of contention are Howard, Oakley and Barnes hahahahhaha
  9. Nothing comes close. Istanhull would have.
  10. “At Warburtons, we care about providing our consumers with a choice of quality products that suit varying lifestyle needs. Over two years ago, a range of our products were officially certified as vegan, vegetarian, halal and kosher. This doesn’t mean doing anything differently to what we have always done, it just means making it easier for consumers to buy our products with confidence.”
  11. He’s the best centre-forward we’ve had since Saunders. My only theory is that Rooney could do better than Martin in that role and it frees a midfield position up.
  12. We were horrible away under Clough. He had a team in 12/13 that was smashing everyone up at Pride Park and yet we only won 3 away games and just tried to sit back for 90 minutes.
  13. 12/13 was his chance and he blew it by being too negative away from home. 13/14, teams had clicked on to how good we were and just parked the bus at home and hit us on the break and he couldn’t out-think it.
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