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  1. Even with Huddlestone our midfield looks pretty imbalanced. When we aren’t controlling the game Huddlestone looks pretty porous. Evans wins the ball loads but just keeps it simple. We either need a new Hughes or a Peak George level #6.
  2. cannable

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    I actually don’t think tonight was ‘sloppy’, per say. I think we produced the beginnings of some really nice moves today that ended prematurely because of no link between the midfield and the front three. We sucked them in fairly well but Wilson didn’t link well enough and none of our midfielders could make the final transition. Playing him at #10 is alright but only if your aim is to have him not doing anything but finding pockets of space and shooting, like Vydra. Lil Duane carries the ball through the thirds well when played centrally and Huddlestone switches the play often making the transition from midfield to attack easier… but even with those pair we’re still crying out for a new Hughesy.
  3. cannable

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    At West Ham he was absolutely hammered by the fans due to suspicions of nepotism*. Harry Redknapp was once even collared by the board for it, them claiming Frank was only playing because Uncle ‘Arry wanted Little Frank to get his appearance bonus. Chelsea released him, as they did Cole. *Not proof, but some evidence:
  4. cannable

    New Contracts

    I reckon Pearce is on a surprising around to be honest. He signed his last contract at Reading whilst they were in the Premier League and six months after he was a title winning captain and we gave him a better deal than Reading were offering when we signed him on a free.
  5. cannable

    The winger conundrum

    Rodgers' Liverpool had Suarez and Sturridge interchanging between CF and RW. Maybe we could do this with Jack and Waggy. Waggy comes inside when playing on the right anyway but then we lose width.
  6. cannable

    The winger conundrum

    There was one guy a few years ago who claimed to be some sort of 'footballing troubleshooter' who should be employed by us. He'd have advised we go with a some weird man to man marking system. A couple of years later Cardiff get promoted with this system. I think Warnock's stated before that he'd go on forums to gauge opinion... and we know he was interviewed post Wassall... and there was a candidate who rang up Mel after we sacked Pearson stating that "I could have told you a midfield two doesn't work with small players", which is the most Warnock thing I've ever heard, plus he played Bryson in a three. You never know 👀
  7. cannable

    Albentosa to Bolton

    6”4, slow, head and kick it centre-half in a side wanting to keep a high-line and play from the back… The only thing I will say in defence of that deal is that he was almost too cheap to turn down, which is why we doubled our money, I suppose.
  8. cannable

    Pearson Sacked

    He had Bryson playing as a sitting midfielder
  9. cannable

    Super tommy Lawrence

  10. Bournemouth and Newcastle only won the league due to last minute goals elsewhere, to be fair… Plus we were better than Bournemouth and finished eighth
  11. cannable

    Preston North End vs Derby County Matchday Thread

    He had our second best pass accuracy last night and successfully completed 5 of 6 attempted long balls, which is more than any other outfielder
  12. cannable

    January 2019 transfers thread

    Huddersfield the same. They’ve gone from having to get absolutely everything right and a bit of luck to now having the finances to be up there next season.
  13. cannable

    January 2019 transfers thread

    I’m not sure that’s necessarily the case. Swansea, Southampton and West Brom were three of the best well run clubs in the Premier League. All turned poo after take overs.
  14. cannable

    Preston North End vs Derby County Matchday Thread

    I thought Evans played like a proper DM tonight. Won it loads, moved it on simply. I’d have him and Huddlestone together.
  15. cannable

    Preston North End vs Derby County Matchday Thread

    I actually thought Evans played some nice balls through the lines today and screened well, joint third best player with Roos for me

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