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    Bury FC.

    At one stage during the call he stated that he’s going to get Jill Neville, the club secretary of 20+ years, to show the proof that the players had been paid what he was claiming. She resigned within hours of the call. All you need to know.
  2. Slightly against the spirit of the thread but; Fozzy, Bryson, Jeff, Ward, Russell and Martin would attack at will under McClaren. Runners everywhere.
  3. Gambling is a vice that ruins as many lives as drinking or smoking and thus if the latter pair are banned then so should the former. If us taking betting advertisement to the extreme changes legislation in the mid-term then fine. We get money AND accidentally do some good. Fine by me.
  4. He signed for us over Liverpool on the condition that he be allowed to go back to London should the opportunity arise
  5. Hulse and Commons struggled to get on the pitch together as a strike-partnership regularly but when they did they had a bad Derby side looking top six
  6. The thing is… he was genuinely amazing on his debut… it’s only after that 🤢
  7. Not really got a lot of time for the Totallys anymore. Take themselves too seriously. Also rather annoyed me how post first-leg they had a Yorkshireman and a Red lapping it up and absolutely no mention of us turning it around second-leg…
  8. Also think that’s why there are people that still don’t rate Keogh. He’s a modern-day centre-half but the first half of his career was when you still wanted your defenders to head and kick.
  9. Best low-block centre-half I can remember us having. He’s an amalgamation of Barker and Shackell’s best qualities . I can’t believe he doesn’t have an England cap. But I’m not sure he has the legs to play in a high-line anymore, nor am I convinced by his ability on the ball. I thought this pre-injury as well. Let alone having had a season out.
  10. Nice to see Luton back. Lewin Nyatanga relegated them in a typical Billy 1-0. I feel old
  11. A weird rumour I heard is that Clough’s pay off was a percentage of whatever we sold Hughes for
  12. Not yet, last 15 months he’s gotten everything right. Bad first four years, though admittedly with his heart in the right place.
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