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  1. They’re all decent lads, surely? Davies? Shinnie tries hard? Fozzy’s sound but the ACLs have done him in? At the very least!
  2. At least Clough’s last couple of seasons were out of necessity though, and the wage bill then was lower than it is now yet the squad’s currently a mess
  3. White Vieira. He single-handedly made a BAD Derby side look like play-off contenders
  4. They’ve turned our silky little playmaker into a midfield destroyer, sickening. ducking Newcastle, no doubt he’ll be stuck out wide for solidity.
  5. My thumb once exploded with puss so I had the week off 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
  6. Tomorrow could be one of the best days of our lives, weird to think innit
  7. I can’t help but pick people up on this, because it seems to have become a popular opinion in retrospect. I never remember he being bad. I always thought he looked like an aerially dominant and better on the ball version of Keogh. He had a stinker against Leicester when we were playing Jeff instead of Eustace but other than that I thought he looked class. If anything he’s not gone on to be as good as I thought he would.
  8. Steve Davies was good, just made of glass
  9. I’m not saying it’s bad but my current starting XI for next season has CKR at centre-half
  10. Because he’s scored double figures just once in his career but links play quite well…
  11. He’s one of just ten fit outfielders we have at the minute…
  12. It’s not feasible to attack for 90 minutes though and we don’t have a midfield who can control a game. I can already see it now on Tuesday that we start fast and after about 20 minutes Kroos just starts to pick his passes and run the game. We still don’t have one of, if not both, a Xabi Alonso type who can run a game from deep AND screen a defence or a Modric/Xavi/Kroos type who will play on the inside left or right if midfield and keep things ticking over. And with that being the case, it would be exciting suicide to let all of our attackers off the leash because I promise you now, we would have little chance of winning the Euros if we did that.
  13. I’ve thought for months now that, had we not gone down last season then this season we’ll be gone. Staying up’s given us some money to pay Keogh off with.
  14. I think Sterling has to play. You need some pace and running to threaten in behind and stretch the opposition. Flip of a coin on Foden and Grealish. Could literally boil down to whether you’d prefer a right or left footer.
  15. My one slight disagreement with this post is that I do think he’s a good owner. He just also happened to be chairman. We should have hired Nicola Cortese to run the club years ago. Let Mel invest in the academy and not go mental in 15/16.
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