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  1. We should be using him as Martin’s replacement. Stay within the width of the 18-yard box, want it to feet, link up play, drop deeper than Sibley but no deeper than that.
  2. Luton aside, Bird his looked better without Rooney being his midfielder partner
  3. I don’t care how young he is. He slaps every cross (bar one cut-back today), he can’t tackle, he can’t head, he’s caught out of position regularly. All he has is that he can carry the ball. My only hope for him is that Cocu seems quite good a brooding youngsters don’t must know what he’s doing.
  4. That’s what I mean mate
  5. He is carried game in, game out. His first two games this season were his best but even those were ‘’maybe he’ll hack it’ standard.
  6. McClaren would do better with these players. McClaren wouldn’t have navigated us to this position to begin with had he taken over from Lampard.
  7. I don’t care if he’s 18 or 19 or whatever, Buchanan will not have a career above the Conference. He can’t And this isn’t reactionary, I will even show you my WhatsApp group chats from last season if you like. And yet he’s getting nowhere near the hammering Fozzy did last week.
  8. ducking state of the full-backs today and people have the audacity to call out Fozzy
  9. cannable

    Ex Rams

    Admittedly we signed Bogle at 16 ourselves But it’s ducking annoying how City, Chelsea, Liverpool etcetera can just go out and pluck the best 16 year olds when most of the coaching is done. Sancho, Delap, Harvey Elliott, Ibe, Izzy Brown, Sterling, just piss off
  10. cannable

    Ex Rams

    I’m not sure. I read at the time that we recurved £1,000,000. But my understanding was that youth transfer fees are now set. The chart below would suggest we received a lump sum of £400,000, unless category 1 to category 1 transfers are different. I THINK £1,000,000 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was duck all.
  11. cannable

    Ex Rams

    Steve Davies getting a mention… His goals to minutes ratio is ridiculous. Shame he’s made of glass.
  12. cannable

    Ex Rams

    Chris Martin getting rave reviews at Bristol City. Liam Delap on Man City’s bench tonight. *sigh*
  13. He was the one that initially made contact and put the wheels into motion, Cocu was given the final say but it had all been sorted already
  14. It’s a weird one, McClaren. I think he would do better with this squad than Cocu. But I don’t think he would have done anywhere near as well as Cocu has just to get us to this point.
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