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  1. He’s nearly gotten it a few times under Mel
  2. Not sure about that. We couldn’t afford to keep Martin or sign Dursan.
  3. Lampard generated what he spent through player sales. Warnock was going to get the job until Uncle ‘Arry got Lampard an interview.
  4. Not so sure about that. Say he was on £20,000 a week, that’s a million quid we saved sacking him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on more than that.
  5. Far too much is made of his team selection. It’s the eleven I’d have picked, I just wouldn’t have used the diamond again.
  6. We signed Johnson because, the night before, we found out he was available. He was never a target prior. No plan for where he’d fit into the side. Disgustingly irresponsible.
  7. I don’t know how it works I didn’t think we should have gotten one for Liam Delap but we did so
  8. I’ve literally just seen it but can’t find it again But we’re looking for about £2,000,000ish and a significant sell on clause In other circumstances, you’d give him significant time from the bench, start him next season and then sell him for a whopper of a fee when he’s 18.
  9. He’s played as a #10 since lockdown even though his best spell last season was driving the ball forward from deep. I’d sell anyway because; A. We’re skint B. We’re packed full of midfielders
  10. He was definitely interested at one point
  11. Can’t believe Clough bombed him out when he did. He was on 9 goals by November and then only started twice more. Should have played him until the January, got him into double figures and sold!
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