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  1. Dead right Bob. The thing I am enjoying is that there is clearly a real team spirit. No bad body language, everyone up for it and it's catching in the crowd. When they pushed us early in the second half there was no moaning from the stands. Agree with you about Grealish .. Dangerous little effer with quick feet, but faster of thought than his team mates.
  2. A lot missing in the south stand from what I could see. Some big empty blocks. Offset I suppose by a good Villa contingent.
  3. I don't like clichees but this was a genuinely massive result. Confidence inspiring home performance. Keogh immense and well supported by Curtis, Baird and Fozzie who overcame some earlier errors and really got in to the game. Great effort from everyone on the pitch. Huge intelligence from Vydra to stay calm when gifted the back pass and let Andy (he's a ram ) Weiman. Johny is the perfect impact sub. Nuge played well, of his two real chances I'd say the defender pulled off a worldy of a tackle and the header was very difficult to get on target which he did with some skill. I don't think he was headless at all, I think he made their CB's work ! weird number of ball control errors that you wouldn't normally see and then that fab little passage of play with GT... Like finding a new car hidden at the back of the garage under a tarp with the key in the ignition, press the starter and it fires first time, settling in to a luxuriant tick over full of expensive noises, a synchronised hum of multiple cylinders, cam shafts valves just waiting to have its throttle blipped. This team can go places
  4. Random stuff that cheers me up thread

    Heard a manager talking about an employee who phoned in, unable to come to work because of snow ... ( and has a rep for throwing sickies ) "So I said to her, where do you live ? Narnia ?
  5. Stop it Paul, and all the rest of you this is serious, there's a game tomorrow and I won't sleep now. The thought of Steve Bruce trying to fit down our chimney is giving me an anxiety attack
  6. v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 Villa 1 FRGS Vydra
  7. Gooooooooaaalll!

    This is a good start but what I want is for us to be highest scorers in the league. Ball, back of net, scored by your team while you are watching = Best thing in the world (well not really but almost)
  8. I really want to see us get 3 points. Sure a draw wouldn't be a disaster but after a couple of tame home performances I think for confidence we need to have a decent win against a better side. It will also serve fire up us supporters for Milwall and the Xmas push. Cant deceide whether we should persist with CM so he can get more match sharp or bring in the Nuge after a well earned rest I suspect he'll be pacing up and down wanting to be a nuisance in his own inimitable way. Then do we give George a start for a bit more bite and urgency in the middle ? And what is the Wisdom situation ? Missed the Burtom game so have severe withdrawal symptoms .... COYR
  9. Pre-Match Music Poll

    You are quite right of course but regardless of taste or duration it seems to me that the volume is a real issue for a lot of people. there is no doubt in my mind that the volume exceeds reasonable limits to the point that it hurts ! That isn't right and my ears aren't even the best given my age
  10. Pre-Match Music Poll

    a couple of minuties ( and I mean 2 or 3 ) Just before and as the players come out is fine and fun, part of the ramp up to the main event as is Steve Bloomer, the 10-15 mins before people are meeting their friends, talking about the upcoming game, catching up. .. we don't need to be deafened to the point that you cant speak to the person next to you
  11. Carson

    Shhhhhh please stop talking about Scotty .. Someone in the Prem might just realise what a good keeper he is and try and nick him ! listen lads and lasses lets just keep him under the radar please. We know what we've got and he is golden. Other than Poom I can't think of any keeper in the last 20 years that inspires such confidence between the posts
  12. dcfcfans 'P.L' Tables 2017/18 , by mo55y

    Angie, this is a devious tactic but within the rules, there was contact, we all know, but your selflessness will be rewarded in heaven.
  13. dcfcfans 'P.L' Tables 2017/18 , by mo55y

    One of those weeks where you hope to make progress but all the teams round you pick up points as well. Bring on the Villa ... This will be my week ..... I feel it in my fingers ... ( no ! Not that and stop sniggering at the back )
  14. Thorne/Huddlestone

    Agree, Although in reality I think it depends on the nature of the mids they might face. I'd prefer George if "they" have the sort of terriers that move the ball more quickly than the average.
  15. Thorne/Huddlestone

    I have to say that was my immediate thought aswell. There is more of a buccaneer about Thorne and he might provide the added impetus we need against away teams that sit back. .. It's a bit of a Jono "theory" which might be complete ********ks but it looks good on paper 😂

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