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  1. Hey ! Here’s a more serious response .. take it as you wish .. but try and read it all Stick around .. we all exchange views and sometimes even “mates” disagree .. I did read all your comments but my take from your original post was A) Clarke was a rabbit in the headlights player and B) you wouldn’t want to renew his contract i’d answer simply that he is very composed .. the very opposite of R In HL .. especially considering his youth you also referred to your desire for a physical CB .. Clarke is definitely a strong tough lad .. I have seen no evidence of him shirking a tackle
  2. No mate, you said he was a rabbit in the headlights .. no context bare statement. You Can’t defend it rationally so you moan poor me and all you bullies picking on me. .. If you advance a position then Have the knowledge conviction and gumption to justify it
  3. It is so hard to get our heads round this .. at face value he is a young guy with a talent that is recognised and respected by his peers. Perhaps he could never be a balon d’or player - everyone isn’t the summit of what they do, but it looks at first glance like a great gig doesn’t it. But what pressures are on him from friends, family, peers, agents and advisors ? Then, without knowing his background, what tools does he have to cope with that. .. How do you know you are getting help and sound advice when so many voices are just looking at your million pound salary. Then, what is his charact
  4. I really feel for this young man. None of us know much of his history. We see glitter glam, hopes expectations and a raft of things that this industry and entertainment throws at us, and the performers. Some lap it up and ride the roller coaster with a laugh and a beer. Others throw up as it inverts. Despite the fame and money it must be hard to balance it all with a young mind Best wishes Jordan. As human I wish you all the luck, help and comfort you can get. As a footy fan .. you lit PP up when you came as a kid. I have never seen a player with a nitrous oxide change of pace like yours
  5. Inspired by the Actor thread i am a melody sort of person so pop, rock, punk, scar whatever has never been a great thing for me. Sure a good power ballad or something blasting out when driving on a sunny day or after a big win, will always be in my mental collection .. but who’s music do you get lost in and go back to again and again through your ages and moods ? I just love Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel lots of others as artists in general and a vast number of “this is my fav song ever” - until my mood changes but Simon and Garfunkel, I always go back to. So many haunting m
  6. So many ! So just off the cuff and I suppose because they are consistent rather than just a couple of good movies. Alan Rickman Anthony Hopkins Tom Hanks Judy Dench Alec Guiness Emma Thomson Merry Streep Then maybe some for different reasons Arnie .. just because he is what he is Connery because he was the best James Bond and Ursula Andress because no one can top that Bikini ... ever !
  7. Go on fess up, you’re fibbing about the paper round ... you’re the lad from the Hovis add pushing his bike up the hill
  8. Seeing Nigela Lawsons recipe of the day for the day of Trumps departure Bitter Orange Tart with crushed ginger nuts
  9. Really like Matt Clarke. Bit scary sometimes when he’s got the ball but is the last man; so just controls it, drops a shoulder and goes up the pitch. Young full of Strength, skill and self confidence. As a CB in this team which is under pressure he’s only going to get better and learn more.
  10. I thought Clarke did rather well tonight, must have had his anti glare glasses on ... or maybe he’s just a good player 😉
  11. Great point .. we all have our favourite players but opponents change in style, ability and tactics .. picking a player to do a job is good management .
  12. Didn’t they used to operate as Sue Grabbit and Run ? There was also the famed Grasper Meanie and Snatch along with Messrs Chancer Wide-Boy
  13. No problem with you having an opinion. Just voicing my disagreement with it .. you seem to be back pedalling given that even inconsistently you concede he has skills .. but you originally referred to him as rabbit in headlights which he most certainly isn’t and never has been .. as to his consistency of performance, I’d also disagree. He’s had the odd game we’re he hasn’t been at his best, he isn’t flawless but compared to most, he is a very consistent player. My opinion obviously, but one that is shared by a fair few on here
  14. Opinion ? Yeah ok ... but Clarke and Rabbit in headlights when he has ball at his feet ? ... you simply haven’t watched Matt Clarke. Most composed CB I’ve seen for a long time. Doesn’t panic, strong, good in the air, can play a pass or keep the ball. My opinion of your opinion isn’t printable !
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