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  1. I keep thinking about what United spent to get him and there were questions .. Fergie said he had to do it quickly because the lad was special. Champions league .. debut . Hat trick .. wonderful stuff. ... just a taste of that would be kind of nice
  2. All of these car park “management companies” are snakes, rats, vermin and excrement. They pay the land owner to “run” the car park and take the revenue for themselves. Fair enough but it is predicated on how many “fines” they can issue to improve returns and the worst of it with APNR technology and they can attempt to screw anyone. Hate them with a passion. It’s a business that attracts the worst kind of business shark... a home for ex wheel clampers thugs. big companies like premier inn and Aldi and others need to look at themselves hard .. why are they entering in to contracts with people like this ! You’ll note that I have strong opinions on this matter 🤣
  3. I can’t say anything about off the field or training but Marriott works hard on the pitch. In fact all our strikers do. Martin plays a different game than Waggy or Marriott, but he’s always there and someone described Waggy as a Demented puppy in terms of effort and scampering around. . Nope .. it isn’t effort it’s bagging them when the opportunity’s are presented and in the last 2 games we haven’t been good enough. Simple.
  4. 2 players in the same team knocking on the door of 20 in a season is my starting point 🤣
  5. ITs an interesting one, I think fans are different from supporters or followers, but there aren’t fixed rules I reckon when you’re a fan you have an opinion based on knowing the players, watching multiple games and the result affects your whole mood between games. Followers just smile when we win or shrug when we lose. I don’t think it hurts. I don’t go to away games, I sometimes buy a TV pass though ( family life permitting) but ...what we do on the day with team selection, performance and result - home or away - defines my mood for a week or until the next game. Match day is special, whether I’m going or not. You can’t have reliable opinion unless you know both your players and have some experience of watching the game. But every moment of every game ? Those are a special breed, the die hards. I’m not one of those but I count myself as a fan.
  6. Honest Roy, I don’t know but Martin, Marriott and Waggy ( Bogle Holmes and Lawrence too ) have all had clear cut chances (plural in some cases ) in the last 2 games. All scorable and more than half chances. We’ve seen row Z shots, straight at the goalie or just fluffed. It’s a small sample size so probably a little unfair - it’s form, choices and luck I suppose, but we haven’t seemed to be killers in front of goal at the moment. It’s not a dearth of chances it’s putting them away. I’m hoping the diamond persists and the law of averages will tip our way because it is leaning the wrong way at the moment, at least in my unscientific perception of the last couple of games.
  7. I am not a baby and bath water sort of guy so can’t quite agree, but regardless of who is playing, or who we might like, I do believe our front men aren’t sticking enough chances away. Chances are precious. There were solid chances yesterday and against Boro too. They went begging. The Strike is rate too low if we are to progress. And that has nothing to do with tactics or service.
  8. Relax, we lost. It’s a pity it was away from home, they only won following a mistake which can happen to any side, any player at any time reading the posts and listening to the commentary .. we did well, we looked good for the most part, did the right thing bar one dire error and a 20 minute wobble after the mistake. there are worries of course, and things we could do better, questions about tactics and positioning and players in the right place .. what’s new ? Unless you are 10 points clear and bossingevery game you play then this is football - and all competitive sport. i’m really p’eed off that we lost to the dogs and I think that’s 3 times in a row ? which hurts even more but that’s life and we aren’t at the bottom of the slough of despond yet .. there are loads of positives .. possible , investment, Rooney, Cocu learning, Bogle developing (you only learn from mistakes ) we are improving This is one step on the everlasting journey of being a fan of your local football team. Keep the faith, enjoy the ups and downs. No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should
  9. Sod it ! Miserable Sunday and Monday morning. Still it sounded like we competed. its only a game ( I lie to myself, and as it’s the weekend I’m starting on the red wine ) there will be better days ahead, chin up, stiffen that upper lip. 😢☹️
  10. I was hoping he was .. now let’s show him what we really are.
  11. And your phone is being tapped signed MI 1884
  12. There’s reasonable pragmatism and being a subversive. Different things, guards ... take him away.
  13. Breaking news ! Reports of potential porcine aviation in the Notts area tomorrow
  14. Well I think we are at peak weather about now in terms of down stream rain and river levels. All will be revealed tomorrow but the vibes sound good for the game. Not because it’s THE Derby, not because it’s 3 points that we need but because a performance and a result here would lay so many ghosts and gremlins. I honestly feel if win tomorrow it will be huge for us at this moment. It’s more than one round of a twice a season bragging contest this time Cocu winning a Derby, the fans onside, darker days and boozegate behind us, a run of results from effectively a new team with cement beginning to set. my perfect day is a win. Any 2 of Lawrence, Marriott or Martin scoring, Bielik showing what I think he has and a strong showing from all the younger players. and, if we only manage a point but do it right, then fair enough but the advantage in spirit if we do the business to tomorrow .. priceless COYR
  15. No. He was guilty of misconduct. Instead of being sacked, he was punished by being offered a reduced terms because he was unable to play and thus fulfil his old contract . He chose not to accept that punishment.
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