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  1. Or you can put yellow stars on them ? After all it is what Hitler did to the people he blamed for the German financial crisis and he also encouraged the mob to believe him and join in.
  2. Quod erat demonstramdum
  3. Well I am slap down the middle and am going to sit on my fence. Not the best idea as the stuff being thrown from deep on either side ends to hit me on the way over.
  4. Yeah yeah ok lol, but being semi serious ..... So basically you don't know the people, but you don't like their voices, or their suits, you don't actually know their individual views, you make assumptions about their backgrounds, the school they went to ? you cast them as all the same and all worthy of your scorn ? Just because they sound the same and drink together ? it's totally OK to laugh, sneer and make general casual insults and assumptions ? Yet if someone else started talking about benefits scroungers or gays or Muslims in the same broad brush way ? What is your reaction ? Is that fair, reasonable or acceptable ? It isn't and in a nutshell it sums up what most of the hard left think.( The same applies on the hard right but with a different set of victims ) All the other undeniable social injustices we have are then used as a mask by these people so that their ugly, judgmental attitude is made to seem ok "because we are the fair ones" and we know who's fault it is ... "Come on mob .. Let's have a go at them" Debate and argue different solutions to life's problems for sure but the minute you start deciding on a hate group and generalise by making someone to blame for just having a different voice and background, then for me at least, you fundamentally lose the argument. It is a tactic used by the worst of people and so well illustrated by history.
  5. Funny isn't it ... Yet if you said somewhere with people of colour or gay or lesbian or poor, doing something in that derogatory tone it would be terrible you make my point precisely
  6. Not the best of days. Good luck Will. Hoped you'd have gone to a bigger stage. Thanks for the memories . right ! The king has left the building. We move on to the next chapter.
  7. Quite right WH I spent a lot of time in my youth almost apologising / hiding the fact that I had more or less "Received Pronunciation" being perceived as posh isn't healthy these days, regardless of any actual,views you might hold
  8. Woger the Wam is a derby fan
  9. It rather depends on the audience and the critics, who is spinning what and for what motive. I can't help feeling if had been left wing politician then they would be depicted as being "honest." The political games on this are distasteful and oportunistic in the extreme. I don't know about anyone else on here but am much more interested in finding out about the cladding companies and their subcontractors who supplied inappropriate goods and the building inspectors / architects who passed them off or specified them. If there is a 12 million pound job and someone comes in with a 9 million bid then anyone in industry or technical regulation would want to know where the 3 million saving came from. And if they didn't then they should have.
  10. Indeed and much of this is, even if it isn't entirely supported by all of us, has a level of acceptance in society in general. yet we attack each other ... I wonder why we don't reserve the same amount of bile for those countries and cultures that don't offer the same level of tolerance honesty and general civilisation ? Anywhere from Arabia, To Russia or the growing industrial giants in Asia. In fact anywhere outside the EU/Western Europe. Forgetting for a moment our left/right internecine squabbles. I Am proud of our systems; for all their flaws, what we have is vastly more decent than just about any other modern culture. We need to tend it not rip it down.
  11. My nephew, who is from that part of the world and a Hatters fan since he could walk (part time Ram when he visits us ) had one short scentence .. Why would anyone want to play for the "scum" ... I am a bit embarrassed .. I wish Will well wherever he goes. But a part of me will be forever broken if he plays for Watford
  12. I was in the "definition of hope" phase an elephant hanging over a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy
  13. Am wondering if it isn't a done deal. Strangely quiet officially and a lot of outside hype. Just maybe it isn't a done deal. mel may have been suckered in desperation following injuries to support Clement and later being the good guy supporting Pearson but he isn't a mug .... the money isn't a bottomless pit and he didn't get where he is by being daft.
  14. WARNING .. Totally off topic post but I knew a bloke who was in the RAF, his mate, also RAF got his documents on retirement and there had been a mistype / data entry error. It gave his pension details start of service date 1066 .. It then computed his pension to be millions. Realising this was a balls up that wouldn't go anywhere he wrote thanking them for the award. The reply was brilliant .. Something along the lines of "As the sole surviving combatant of the Hastings encounter you would automatically be enrolled as force quartermaster. In this role you assume full responsibility for the inventory of missing equipment : Id est 1) 326 Chariots ( light version Mk 2 ) 2) 1,763 bronze spears 3) 801 short swords - standard pattern 4) 9 furlongs of hemp twine 5) 406 helmets ( not including eye guards ) 6 ) 900 breast plates (boiled leather ) 7) 46 Frankish mail armour (officers battle dress ) 8) sundries ( listed in appendix b) Deductions related to the cost price of these items have now been amortised against your previously awarded pension which is now ...
  15. I am too much of a gentleman to say that ! ( but something smells a bit whiffy )