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  1. I’m Struggling as to whether I want Lawrence, Keogh, Marriott, Waghorn or Bennett to hit the winner .. aww shucks who cares get in ! Ashley Cole 🤣
  2. Always used the old tech one except for the volume control for sound box .. but had a WiFi issue and box problem recently and Sky gave us a new box with a later generation Q remote and this one is a few degrees less sensitive and a big improvement
  3. Loving the optimism .. oh this is so good, if it all goes wrong, who cares it’s that luvin feeling and it’s magic meanwhile ... this is how it goes Villa one up early doors, sinking hearts but there’s spirit in this team .. Half way through the second half, deflection from a Mount shot hits Bennett and goes in .. its all square 87 minutes, a corner .. Keogh with a bullit header .. pandemonium Derby 2 Villa 1 FRGS Bennett
  4. Really interesting post. You touch on something that has been rolling round my head for the last 30 odd years. In essence bad behaviour crosses whatever class or political affiliations we all have. Posh people aren’t all nasty braying hooray’s Poor people aren’t chavvy thugs. Sadly though wherever we come from there is always the temptation to use background or politics to define someone’s character. I think the original expenses scandal was very revealing. A conservative duck pond on one side and someone’s boyfriends damp proof course on another. If i’ve learned anything in my life it’s that the good and the bad in humanity has nothing to do with taste, mainstream politics, class, or relative wealth. Poo smells .. no matter who’s it is.
  5. I think bad luck makes light of it, You simply shouldn't be able to hold an international final in a country that is a loaded up with violent internecine strife with its neighbour where a none political individual cannot have his safety guaranteed. But most of footballs governing bodies have more than a dose of rot in them so I'm not really surprised, but it is a pretty sickening that a football players safety cannot be guaranteed in a certain place simply because of his nationality. The only thing that's positive in this is maybe the embarrassment might focus minds a little
  6. Funnily enough, whilst I disagree with just about everything Farage promotes, I have some grudging admiration for him as a politician. He has his beliefs about an independent UK and founded a party - Once he’d got a referendum which was his original aim he walked away from it. Then UKIP wanted him back but he saw that it had been colonised, top to bottom with the bigot brigade - he didn’t want to be associated with that .. so he starts again with another new party. I think his views are wrong and probably damaging to our economy and society but he has his personal ideology and unlike The momentum group he doesn’t hide it or occupy someone else’s nest as a means to achieve his vision.
  7. jono

    Niki Lauda

    I suppose it was a time when I followed F1 avidly but I also think that 1970’s era was the cusp of a huge change in the whole feel of the sport. It was a remarkable if dangerous time. Drivers died every year, they really were warriors. It was the end of the age of instinctive drivers, there was little or nothing in terms of telemetry, the rules were simply about weights, dimensions, engine capacity. The sport wasn’t “engineered” to be a spectacle for a business, it just was, in its own right. As a boy I admired those guys, glamorous, dangerous, raw. So many, I remember Piers Courage, Francoise Cevert, Peter Revson, Ronnie Peterson and a little later the great Gilles Villeneuve. Lauda took on the safety mantle from Jackie Stewart and was part of the thinking that drove the culture in to the modern age
  8. jono

    Niki Lauda

    Bit down today, one of my heroes and an all time F1 great, Niki Lauda died today. what a driver and what a brave man. To come back from the horrendous injuries and win again was an incredible feat. His battles with James Hunt over the years were part of a special era. F1 to me will always be Lauda and a red 312T
  9. Best bit. Bron as master of coin and all the political ramblings at the council meeting. Samwell suggesting democracy and the snorts of derision from everyone else. 🤣 Not bad but the story as a whole was way better than the rather damp squib of an ending.
  10. Oh yes yes yes, both @Alpha and @ronnieronalde 👍🐏👍🐏👍🐏👍🥇 So Eloquently put, both of you. I am aching for us to win as much as anyone but even if we don’t, there is such a wonderful devil may care “We are Derby” running through the Club, the team and this forum. It is of huge benefit to everyone. Lose and we know everyone will have given their best, filled the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run and turned boys in to men. We’ll see sorrow but no recriminations. Win and so many wounds picked up over the last 5 years will heal instantly. We really can write some sporting history worth reading. I’ m loving this and treasuring the feelings. It’s a perfect illustration of why I am a football fan Roll on Monday. COYR
  11. He absolutely deserves this. A real pocket rocket dynamo of a player who never gives up.
  12. Oh those are so so good. Everything you wanted to say but just can’t because we was well Brum up 🤣
  13. jono


    Sky Atlantic I think
  14. I’m thinking Dodger might be a great new member and bring us a bit of luck. Not that we really need to be full on Jammy Dodgers
  15. Welcome and 🍻 its a good gang here. Different views but a civilised bunch all 100% Ram
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