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  1. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    My sentiments exactly .. And very eloquently expressed.
  2. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    Liked that post a lot. So much about an individual player goes way beyond his personal skill set. who is he playing with ? Who is he playing against ? What set up have ? Hundreds of variables. But for certain you could draw a bell curve of a players effectiveness across a range of those variables including his own skills. Martin and Vydra will both have peaks with a big high but not the broadest range. players like Nuge and Thorne have broad ranges and a high peak, JR has a breadth of range but without the highest peak. The secret ( unless you are Man City and have an oil well ) is balance and selection .. Right player at right time, well chosen tactics dependent on oposition ...in a balanced squad.
  3. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    Liked him from day 1 classy footballer, natural goal scorer a genuine attacker. He has his weaknesses, can be a bit casual on the ball and not tough enough when going deep. Pick him for the right games and he will go from strength to strength. Total winner who had a raw tactical deal at the start of his Rams career. I wish we had the luxury of experimenting with different combinations and could see a Nuge / Martin or Martin / Vydra set up. Nuge is a fantastic all round striker and can play with anyone or alone .... but I'd really like to see Martin / Vydra with GT on the pitch to resolve the good point @sage makes.
  4. GT The number "10"

    It's going to be interesting to see how his fitness develops. One thing for sure, we are a better squad with a GT ready to play. The great thing about him is that he is a real all round footballer. He can sit deep, he can tackle he can pass and he has a first touch. He can stride through the middle and hit one as well. You could play a fully fit George in any central position in the championship and he'd look more than capable. Just hope he stays injury free and can get back to 100%
  5. GT The number "10"

    Agreed but the Mac 433 needed more than most. It was fragile in too many places. On song brilliant but didn't adapt well to changes in circumstance. We are short handed in midfield at the moment but our ability to play more than one way is much greater and this is a team that is in development, not the finished article as the old Mac side was ( and don't deny it .. It had reached its summit )
  6. GT The number "10"

    Not disagreeing that we are short handed in the middle but to answer your question a fluid attacking front pair aided by wide attackers ( Lawrence hangs about too centrally but knowing when and when not to, will come as the team develops ) knew you have to do this one Roy ... Phones with a dialling ring used to work, as did carburettors but there is more than one way to most things.
  7. GT The number "10"

    I get your point but then we revert to recreating the one trick 433 where If Martin gets shut down and the right runners aren't there we don't have options. I like us having a striker and a number 10 .. We can mess about with midfield set ups to find different ones that are effective but reverting what effectively would be Martin plus 2 runners and a DM is too reliant on too many specialists being fit and available. Great when it's working .... but fragile
  8. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Hellooooo ? ... Is there anybody there ? ... Coooeee ? Gawd it's quiet in here that can only mean one thing, your wish came true !
  9. Huddlestone or Osborn

    Dead right ... but today I thought that not enough came off for him. He played well enough, He is a threat and will be a great signing. I smile when we get a corner these days because I Know there is a better than even chance that the delivery will be dangerous. His free kick today was delicious. I defo want him in the team week on week. BUT .. He isn't always as positionally aware as he should be and makes some poor passing decisions. .. He's young and these things are just coaching and experience. He has the gift and will be a star player but in terms of "performance" I felt Russell today deserved recognition even if his style is quite so eye catching for Lovers of pure skill ( of which I am one )
  10. Derby County V Notts Forest

    You'd Vydra believe it that was a Nuge win Interesting game. Amazing start which helped us immensely in calming nerves. Vydras finish was a real strikers goal, knew where the keeper would go and put it in the other corner. Nice. There weren't many channels for Nuge to run so he looked a bit short of influence in the first half (good tactics by Warburton ) they kept the ball well in the first half so we were reliant on individual moments rather than control. Tendency to drop to deep and faff around at the back. uncharacteristically Huddlestones passing wasn't great and Vydra got caught in possession once or twice but only when he was trying to be positive. This is what I like about him. He turns towards their goal on instinct. Doesn't always come off but he is a forward with an attacking mentality which is crucial. They didn't take their chances and we were solid at the back. Better in the second half and Vydras forward thinking attitude shut them up permanently after they fluffed a golden opportunity. Another class finish from Nuge. JR was up for it big time (can I have some of what he had for breakfast please ? ) deserved MOTM. Ledley calm and organised but midfield had an awkward game against their passing, numbers and quick feet. Lawrence has it all but makes bad decisions sometimes and for me is still learning himself and getting to know his team mates. He is going to be an excellent signing but still bedding in to a team framework. Out of position sometimes but with his crossing ability and free kicks is a big addition. Fozzy got seriously "done" by their winger once but is getting fitter and more dangerous with each game. Carson. We are very lucky to have a PL goal keeper .. Nuff said ! What topped the afternoon for me was the last 10/15 mins ... Excellent subs from GR. No nervous nail biting. On come George and CM all control, guile, influence. Could have had a couple of late ones to ice the cake this team is going to improve .. There is a lot of individual skill relative to the league we are in. Look how JR / CM / GT worked at the end ... They know each other, it was easy, another dimension. Watch the others gel as time passes. Very optimistic despite midfield concerns. Happy days
  11. Derby County V Notts Forest

    It'll be fine. Relax, just big game nerves. We will take them by storm. The thing to keep in mind ( IMO ) is that GR isn't fixed in a one play style. He will shuffle things round if it isn't working. We can do this !
  12. Derby County V Notts Forest

    What was going on on east mids TV last night ! The girl in the leather dress and the cocky forest fans while ours looked less than impressive ... Who was the lad who thought we'd lose ????? get a grip man ! Weird with a capital W i'm on call out at work and won't know if I can make it until 9.00 AM ... Tense night ahead ! Got an itch that wants to see Nuge and Martin start together COYR
  13. If we lose Sunday...

    Ramma is clearly a subversive element and needs to be sent to a gulag in Chad for reeducation. We will not lose (terms, conditions and escape clauses apply, the contents of this message do not necessaryily reflect the opinion of the board )
  14. v Forest (H) - Predictions

    It works Mate .. I do it all the time and look where we are now ! Sitting lower mid table conserving our energy, poised to strike and ready for the big push.
  15. v Forest (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 Forest 1 FRGS Nugent ( he gets 2 and Tom Lwarence breaks his duck scoring a screamer )

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