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  1. Who knows if we will get to the play offs ... but if we do, then this team can win them, no doubt at all.
  2. They’re playing graham Taylor get it in the box football. We need to get and hold the ball
  3. Some lovely stuff - probing calm looking for openings
  4. Aussie foreplay... “brace yourself Sheila”
  5. Fan flipping tastic.. loving this batman and robin act that Roony and Waggy do for free kicks 🤣
  6. Sound in the stadium is like when you went swimming at school and everyone was going home
  7. Really chuffed Evans is starting. Thought Cocu would play safe and give Davis a pat on the shoulder. Going to be interesting. Everyone ready, tuned in ? It’s Wednesday it’s 5.00 o’clock it’s RamaJack.
  8. Probably but then again you look at Giggs, Sherringham. Yeah ok 😀
  9. Totally agree, but where do you put them all. It’s like drugs, it’s endemic. As I have walked local streets in an area of Derby with mixed housing and diverse prosperity during this pandemic, I have seen drug deals going down on a daily basis in broad daylight and you can bet that at least one participant in every little interaction was armed.
  10. A class player and a Ram. So happy that he came back and played some good games for us. He’s in the autumn of a fine career. Best of luck Tom.
  11. I agree but it would be a blow to Curtis. He is a real trooper. How do you handle that as a manager I wonder. none the less I think Curtis will play.
  12. Just hope he’s ok. there are some bad people in this world. get well soon Wiz
  13. Stop it ! It’s contagious.. one minute I’m doing a “3 wins on the bounce prem here we come, be afraid everyone the Rams are charging” .. then this business starts and I’m in “ heroic noble failure, try and try again mode “ my small brain can’t cope .. I need therapy
  14. I wonder if when we are all about 110 and doing a Major Tom thing, we’ll still be calling a 50 year old @DarkFruitsRam7 ram young man 🤣 ... and if he’ll still be on the berries or have shifted to more diverse tastes
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