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  1. Behave ! Or @RoyMac5 will get over excited and we’ll all be dis assembling Ikea furniture for a week
  2. Class post. 👍🏼 we simply have to stop looking 2 feet in front of us and start looking at a large scale map. I do think that when this window closes Cocu will have had a good roll of the dice and will need to show an improving team but what that means in terms of actual league position in the first full season I am not sure. ? I’d love it if we turn out to be play off contenders but if we end up mid table on an upward results curve then I am thinking ready for a promotion challenge next season - this surely has to be the KPI for Cocu in a long term plan.
  3. I am minded to say there is (injuries apart) only one thing wrong at the moment. We lack some old fashioned bloody mindedness. I think we are missing something in attitude, quite apart from managers instructions. We need some get up, spit the teeth out fortitude. it’s raining we are 3 down and not much time left. .. heads up, drive .. pride .. fight. sod “confidence” we need individual perseverance, we need some warriors to give the others a bit of backbone. Waggy is a fighter, Lawrence is mardy but has bite we’ve seen Bielik when he busts a gut to impress ... these t
  4. I think you have a point. Our does midfield lack experience. I believe the talent is there though. The tricky bit is can we hang on while they gain the experience they need ? Perhaps a returning Bielik will help, but again he is young. I do feel gloomy after yesterday’s result - but there is always one of those every season. I am keeping my powder dry and hoping a returning Lawrence and Waghorn along with the huge slap the players will have felt on Saturday post match, might provide a bit of much needed steel .... and self reflection I still feel with Cocu and the Newley assemb
  5. It’s all going to be fine B’stard Rovers 1 Rams 3 Frgs Sibley
  6. Amidst all this what is our count of ins and outs over the last 12 / 24 months I wonder ? I’m losing count
  7. I am trying to imagine what it must have been like trying to get himself understood in Florence at his young age. Not easy, and I am not joking. ... He’s going to need time to recover from the culture shock ! anyway lad Firenze has a wild boar .. (check out ours in the Arboretum) Your a Ram now. Do some of that scoring like the other Bobby and you’ll win all our hearts ..
  8. The sad thing is for a player like Ibe and his metal state that a ground full of fans lifted from silence by a jinking run is probably the best therapy, effing Covid wont let that happen at the monet. ..... We all need to be loved and I suspect flair footballers more than most. ... There are those moments in games when the crowd unite and let that unity show towards a single player .. when you've been appreciated by a crowd like that it is special. ( obviously ...from my sage insight you will all have gathered I have much experience of playing in front of thousands in times past - in my
  9. And players like that score when they have providers. Like Ibe Joziwiak and Lawrence. Steve Howard was a bit of lump, you’d never pick him as a goal machine ... but he knew the right place to be and didn’t get bullied.
  10. Figure sounds accurate So like any business with catastrophic fall in sales .... either Or any of the following apply 1) clubs go bust 2) costs (In reality this means player wages) get slashed beyond recognition 3) someone finds a money tree 4) P and S rules Become unworkable as everyone is in breach
  11. Cheers, that was sort of what I read from your post and pointers from others. Feels right to me. With Joz and Ibe arriving we should be able to get in to a more attacking mindset. It’s this that has been lacking and at the same time, inhibiting the likes of Knight and Sibley. Our style over the last few games has exposed their inexperience but it is logical and fixable with the right key signings. I think we are loaded with potential, just missing the links. We will get there I am sure.
  12. Stop it ! Subversives like you will be sent to Siberia ( or the city Ground if you prefer - we believe in offering deviants, choices in their treatment program )
  13. If ever we needed 3 points, some goals and a boost it’s this game. there were signs against Luton that we can play but we need more muscle, grit and Most importantly to move the ball at pace. Can we do it without a sharp front end ? worried ... but hopeful as always Will Kamil be fit ? Too soon for Ibe off the bench ? Waggy and Lawrence ... we need that healing elixir pronto.
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