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  1. v Cardiff (H) - Predictions

    FRGS Frosty the Snowman
  2. A new Cold War

    yup ! .. It isn't screaming lefty but it has leanings. .. two recent headlines. One from the Beeb and one from Sky ( I think ) - not a major issue but there is always the subtle difference in semantics that make all the difference: Beeb ... May under pressure to react Sky ... PM urged to be forceful
  3. The reality is

    They probably do - same school as the CV writers "! I am a motivated self starter who is target driven with leadership qualities and a committed team player." OMG, Makes me sick as a parrot, and gobsmacked all at once
  4. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    It's interesting this, with Huddlestone, Ledley and Thorne out. the cultured side of our midfield is entirely absent. Likely to be replaced by Jamie "the bruiser" Hanson ( who actually does have some ball skills ) and An armoured fighting vehicle called Bradley, unpredictable but full of drive and heart. We have some warriors these days so I Am expecting ( or at least hoping for ) a real ding dong of a battle. Form book and injuries paint a bit of a grim picture for us but I reckon there is resilience in this team that goes a degree deeper than in recent times. 11 V 11 and all that. May the best ram win.
  5. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    enjoying the gutsy atmosphere emanating from this thread and share the sentiments. This is a match for grown men. Come on Bruiser, game of your young life please. And Bradley The armoured fighting vehicle, all guns blazing. Dont want pretty, want 3 points ( but some Sunday lunchtime dancing from Palmer Court ( just off the roundabout) would be nice. Come on you Rams .. Let's tup some sheep.
  6. Player / Fan connection

    @Ellafella touched on a point in his post, mentioned Nuge. In any group there are those that have a certain personality that draws a crowd to him. One of those that loves an audience and the audience love him back. You can't make that, it's in your nature and Nuge has it (and the skill to go with it) . It's players like these that really can lift a crowd. It speaks of self confidence and camaraderie. ... Cantona puffing his chest out and strutting is a prime example. "Love me" ... And they did i think it is something we could do with more of. ... Daft thing is Ince and Hughes had the skill to be like that but it wasn't in their nature. You are or you aren't and I am not sure we can create it artificially
  7. A new Cold War

    And of course it was all local freedom fighters in Crimea, nothing to do with us guv. Get real. Putin wants Russia to be a major player again. He can pick a cyber or spy fight with us because we have little to threaten him with. Arch manipulators without even a pretence of honesty. ... We aren't driven snow from a moral standpoint, no country is, but next to us and Western Europe, Russia is a cesspit.
  8. Season tickets for next year, whose renewed

    A bit like BR .. I'm getting there. Will do before deadline day but need to make sure I get the paperwork right
  9. It's like having a really smart car on the drive, it looks good, makes you feel good when you start the engine but something irritating always goes wrong, but, a little like summers when you were young, you only remember the sunny days so you forgive it's foibles time and again.
  10. The last 9 games

    I genuinely hope Hanson gets a chance. Even 2/3 years ago he had a game under Mac as the DM when everyone had a sick note. He did blooming well for a lad under 20 years old. He's got a good touch, he's hungry, strong and thinks positively. I rate him despite the odd game where his errors have been highlighted more than what he brought to the game. I know football is about a variety of skills and intelligence and one talent does not make a complete player but I've seen a fair few and for me Jamie has at least got that essential ability to control a ball with some consistency and precision which is more than many a journeyman championship player with bigger reputations. I hope he gets a go and makes something of it for all concerned
  11. Time to gamble **** or bust ?

    Yeah, but their flair players never track back.
  12. Ack, some folk have no taste but for me it's more about intent and where it's done. Do you want to spark a violent reaction or do you want to snigger with your mates behind the bike sheds ? i don't like any of the "perve" related chants but instinctively don't like the idea of banning words. .. It's where, when and how they are delivered.
  13. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Stranger things have happened. In a way I hope we blood some alternatives. To an extent I think Gary has been hard wired in to the "must get it this season" mentality which is sadly part of the game with the amount of money involved. But (unlike Roy Mac ) I believe that he does like youth and development. A lot of what we have seen is circumstance and pragmatism - which has worked well until now, and it made no sense to change when you didn't have to. ... Now he has an opportunity
  14. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I've seen worse ideas and for certain it would be pacy .. Can't see it happening with so many unfamiliar roles. And Andy Duracell Bunny Weimann ? Anyway, GR will decide and whoever plays will be up for this one and have my 100% support. We mustn't fret about injuries or current form. This needs to be a roll your sleeves up beserkers game. No quarter given. 11 v 11 and all that stuff. ... I'd so love it if we beat them, away from home, out of form, injury crisis .. It would be a fantastic result and a brilliant 2 fingers to the Gumps and a reminder to our wrist slashing gloom mongers that we are Derby. ... Here's hoping
  15. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I was thinking the same. Jamie is certainly capable of playing a holding role and Bardders has done it before even though it's no really his natural game. It's going to be interesting. Desperately want a win but given injuries a draw would be respectable.

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