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  1. What ! And then they sell you a bottle of water from an official vendor and take the cap off you. So you have to walk around with it and can’t put it in your pocket. Complete Idiots. Total lack of intelligence. Never was there any policy designed to put me off buying than this. Come on let’s name and shame .. someone actually sat down and thought it was a good idea. 🤣
  2. He isn’t right for every game or against certain types of player and set up but Tom owns the ball in a way all top class players do. Yes occasionally ponderous and despite his size he doesn’t always use his size to dominate but still oozes class.
  3. I haven’t seen anything except highlights so can’t give an informed answer but I’m looking forward to Girona to give me a feel of what we are like and to get a face to face look at some of the new boys. There is nothing like seeing a match live. No matter how good TV is or how much analysts explain, you have to see it live, everything form body language to intent. Was a failed pass just that or was it intelligence that didn’t quite come off this time. I am just plain old eager and excited - I have a feeling with Bryson and Johnson gone the midfield is going to ramp up a notch in terms of pure hunger and youth. There might be mistakes made but I think we are going to be surprised all over the middle of the park.
  4. Thanks to all those giving us half fans all the match updates and reports. There seems to be a common theme that our link play and the pace we moved the ball looked genuinely encouraging. ? I’m loving that more youngsters got some minutes and no one seems frozen out. just watched the highlights ... is it me or was the pitch quite long/bobbly not particularly conducive to zippy play ?
  5. I’ll be up in darkest Lancashire this weekend but fascinated by this game. So relying on DCFC fans for insightful updates Nigel will set up to frustrate I’m sure, so it’s going to be interesting. I always get the sense that trips to the US and Asia are as much about publicity and getting a feel for fitness rather than actual football. The real preseason starts now. 2 games to get a look at how we are going to shape up. Players, intent, style. COYR
  6. Or he is lower prem quality, no one is willing to cough up 12.5 million and Derby will pay to have him for another season. Might not change his value or potential but they might decide to love him and pay us a shed load if they go up, or he is part of a promotion winning side and others start to think about stumping up
  7. Good point. He will be a year older, will have learned a lot. He’s also going to be physically stronger and tougher than 12 months ago. Like others I have my reservations (going missing, falling over ) but he does have that finishing and speed of thought that can change games. his desirability rests on how our midfield anchor sets up. How good will Shinnie be, is George getting another go, and what about Hudds ? .. it’s a recipe not one player
  8. You’re right Kev, but I wouldn’t go as far as Bournemouth. They are just having a day or two in the sun, it’ll all end in tears and melted ice cream. (now watch em qualify for Europe and make me look really stoopid 🤣).
  9. jono

    Apollo 11

    There’s an ap but you have to watch loads of adverts
  10. We could play spud in the hole, he’s got a crisp shot on him and given our new coach we could have mayonnaise playing off him, mind you I suppose he does dip in and out of form.
  11. jono

    Apollo 11

    I am still in awe. They did so much with maths, theory, slide rules, geometry and all sorts of stuff. Just imagine calculating the speed of orbit, the pull of gravity, the moment to ignite an engine, how long the engine should burn for. Then you have the folks that designed the engine, the trigger systems and all the details. A few degrees out and your chances of salvation are about zero. Cost may not have been an issue but intellect and dedication is a magical thing. This really was a wing and prayer backed by pure intelligence. When you look at what we have now, they were pretty close to steam punk sci finbut they did it, they won the game. I salute the lot of them
  12. jono

    Apollo 11

    No one hears you scream in space either 😉
  13. I was just messing about, you know that don’t you ?
  14. You mean they’re sending trialists out on loan to give them minutes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. jono

    Apollo 11

    Mind you, the Fisher space pen story makes me laugh. They spent a pile of dosh and developed a pressurised ball point pen to work in zero G .. bingo ace genius .. on the other hand the Russians used pencils 🤣
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