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  1. jono

    Matej Vydra

    Fair point but as well as the pressing I think the constant running off the ball is part of it and Vydra learned last season to drop deeper to get the ball. I think he has developed his game. But hey .. if he goes and we end with Marriott and a decent amount of change then ok. I just have a hankering to see such a quick front line but your point about high pressing is well made.
  2. jono

    Matej Vydra

    But Vydra WOULD fit this system. He’s quick, agile and has an eye to goal. With forward thinking midfielders who move the ball quickly Vydra would be in his element. On yesterdays evidence (ok it’s early days ) we don’t need any new signings. we will also see that this seasons brings the likelyhood of wingers and midfielders scoring goals on a regular basis .. revaltion or what !
  3. jono

    Plan B needed or not?

    When you have a rigid plan A that relies of scarce resources of particular types of player then you do need a plan B because plan A can be disrupted by clever teams or key injuries If you have more adaptable players with a wide range of interchangeable skills then you don’t have a rigid plan that needs an alternative. Plan A in this case encompasses a greater range of variables
  4. jono

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    As a founder member of the happy clappy society I reserve the right to be completely over excited I just loved it. Every second. The older heads like Leadley and the imperious Huddlestone did exactly what the experience end of a balanced team should do ... just keep it all together while the young guns went out on raiding parties. The precise opposite of last year where they controlled everything and just let the kids have a moment or two to run off some spirit. We didn’t play 433 and we weren’t Mac 1 ... unless MAC 1 had Sat Nav, Alloys, a turbo and variable geometry. After a settle down period we played dominant football (with the odd slip up - but who cares ) Wilson and Mount, so mobile, energetic and flexible. Nuge a bit slow to start and I thought he run out of legs came in to it as time went by. Bryson making so many off the ball intelligent runs and later on a shot on target - back to his best. Lawrence, bit hurried to start and then, (frankly speaking 😉 ) ended up strutting like rooster of the walk. Even Butters looked tidy. What price him as away match choice at CM. ? Random asides in no particular order. And yes this is all a bit OTT but that was entertainment and football all at once 🍰😋 Leadley = John Eustace with a beard Bennet = razor sharp picking up that rebound Flo Jo = two magic touches and 2 not so magic ones but pretty sure he’s got the star dust and we are going to love him Hudds = classiest old brand of glue available on the market today Keogh and Davies = Ronseal Max Lowe = future 8 figure value .. hope we’ve got him nailed down Bryson = not an old dog .. doesn’t need new tricks Wisdom = full of it Butterfield = well you know clean slates might not just be clichés Vydra still to come back = now won’t that be interesting ! Who needs a target man or a battering Ram when you have skilled all round footballers playing with intent and panache Team 2 = came out wanting to be in team 1 without a sulk in them. Friendly ..yes Southampton poor ..maybe But all said and done that the most athletic flowing DCFC I have seen for a fair while. keep it up for the next 2 warm ups and we’ll be peaking for the opening weekend and bouncing when Leeds come visiting PS .. Is there a St Frank ?
  5. jono

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Tidy performance so far. Couple of chances. Bryson making v intelligent runs. Max Lowe = Mr Cool. Mount and Wilson look composed and quick without setting world fire. Heat / fitness getting to Nuge
  6. jono

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Bought ticket ! Couldn’t wait to see the new boys .. firing up the Quattro in T minus 30 minutes and counting COYR
  7. jono

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Can we get tickets today ? On the door so to speak ?
  8. jono

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    On call so can’t risk it .. but there in spirit
  9. jono

    Craig Bryson Modern Day Legend - Video

    It was so encouraging and uplifting to hear that he was firing on all cylinders against Notts County. .. I thought the injuries had dinted the cutting edge to his qualities for good. He seemed to pull back from actual challenges despite the energy and drive still being there. Looks like I was wrong .. happily ! its looking good for next season and on song he could be a real match winner, inspiration and wise head when the season gets going. welcome back Bryso ! Ram right the way through
  10. jono


    I’d like to see that. Vydra wouldn’t need to come so deep and have his lack of strength exposed, and he’d be nearer the goal where he is most effective. We have a lot of choices and the ability to shuffle the pack. As I said earlier it’s going to be interesting.
  11. jono


    The nature of our game is going to change significantly with the signings we have made on the flanks and up top. i am trying to figure how it’s going to work. We have an abundance of midfield anchors in Thorne, Leadly and Hudds, so where does the penetrative quick footed midfielder fit in the mix I.e. Bryson, Elsnik. What set up will he go for ? We will have options in width and some pace with Lawrence, Wilson and Mount. Interesting times ... really looking forward to it
  12. jono

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Why would you say something so negative and plain rude. Anya may not be a superstar and may not have suited our style of play over the last year or two but he is a consummate, none moaning pro who when picked has always worked hard. Frankly with a caustic attitude like that you make yourself look stupid. ( and no it isn’t humour or “funny” )
  13. jono

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Looks like a nice blend .. keeping some youth in the mix and giving the “regulars” a run out
  14. jono

    Is this season a write-off already?

    For sure, but the point is we don’t need to add further to that confusion. I like what I am seeing in that we haven’t gone on another scatter gun buying spree. The oldsters will wither away and either contracts end or we get a value boost with them playing with younger loaners and academy inputs ... with no real cost / value impact except possibly in a positive sense 6/12 months down the line. Unless he is played as a lone striker Vydra has the ability to contribute reasonably in any system, if we lose out a little on a peak value then so what ? It’s a minor loss compared to more over priced impulse buying of the young “name of the moment” keep your powder dry ..let’s see how it unfolds and then have a look in January. ...
  15. jono

    Is this season a write-off already?

    I didn’t respond to your first post because I thought you might be just stimulating debate, al la GCSE English teacher setting provocative essay subject and sayin “discuss” from your latest post it seems you really do think your OP is a valid opinion. ... sorry I just have to just snort with derision. Selling Vydra for circa 10 million and buying 2-3 hopefuls achieves little .. you just swap a very good striker and flirt with a “possibility” with the all round effect being monetarily probably neutral and at the same time losing you the certainty of a proven finisher. Right now we have an aging squad of upper mid table players ... for little outlay we have added 2 excellent loaners and in the first friendly we have blooded some of our own younger players who are “building blocks” that are all ready on site. ... we haven’t spent any heavy money but we still have last seasons star player. The pain of hanging on to some “oldsters” is short term and will go away. In realistic terms for a loss making club ( like every other champ club ) what I have seen makes sound sporting and financial sense. the old pros on the books will help the new ones develop and look to be part of something growing which might lift their own performances and sale price over the coming months. Let’s just say Martin, Hudds, Ledley, Bryson all get a huge inject of form aided by these young starlets and suddenly another wannabe Rowett style gamble club decides to invest in some oldsters ? Then we’ll recoup some cash that we would never have hoped for from aging legs ? Squad isn’t a mess .. there are 3 or 4 underachieveing players that cost too much money. Selling Vydra to get some money doesn’t solve that, it only finances their retention. .... the loan way is a much longer term intelligent plan and buys time at no significant cost.

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