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  1. Great post. You and I spar on the “field of play” elsewhere but that mate is a top post 👍🏼
  2. jono


    It’s ok because I think they are both part of the kingdom of Mercia (according to FFP rules )
  3. Absolutely ! But if we lose, B4 can’t do the post match interviews .. we’ll get in trouble with the EFL. Personally though I think be 4 would be better dealing with player sales .. he’d drive a hard bargain and get us some cracking prices. Wouldn’t be long B4 we had enough in the kitty from academy sales to buy Messi
  4. It’s maybe the opposite of the Anya effect. He might just want to play football ? But you’re right .. it’s unusual, something we don’t know .. hummmm
  5. You honestly think we’d fall for a mystery “Andreas Klugman” being passed off as a new improved Wizz ?
  6. I think the arguments relative to the positions of Keogh and the others have been discussed at length some time ago. Tom, before the incident, was considered a top player / potential talisman .. but he blotted his copy book. He was punished. He got his head down and sought to redeemed himself. I think he succeeded in that. This in itself puts him as a candidate for whatever the club decides. Personally I would always want a Curtis type of man, as a team captain but the decision isn’t mine and Tom, having redeemed himself has a earned the chance to be considered for the role.
  7. As to your first sentence, no there probably wasn’t, but the dripping sarcasm directed at Rooney and Lawrence made your opinion abundantly clear. From my post you’ll gather that we don’t agree.
  8. Leeds City Ram.. best reviews and best most balanced understanding of the game. (IMO 🤣 ) Roy Mac as assistant because he wouldn’t stand for too much mollycoddling and has contacts at other clubs where he claims to have found a 17 year old genius called Martin Christopher … that “Inter were after but I got in first” Angieram running the U23’s ready to take over when the previous 2 and their back room staff are inevitably sacked. It’s the back room staff that finally spoilt it. The team bonding week in Skegness, stories of 6 in a caravan romps, scandal in the toilet block and soggy chip paper left everywhere. Disgrace I tell you ! ..
  9. I want Nathan to stay, it’s hanging in the balance like the rest of the championship. It’s the bus from the Italian job .. and we are hanging out of the back. The only way to work with FFP is by the book .. which then means fans say “these owners have no ambition” So along comes a rich man with money to spend, that he isn’t allowed to spend, so they have to find ways round it. We spent loads of money, rather badly it seems We are now under scrutiny, for having the nerve to find ways round it One cunning plan (the stadium) succeeded The issue beyond the EFL’s vendetta is that the rich mans tree has been plucked, the stadium re buy was the last of the money
  10. I think we’ve had Lester Piggot doing the books
  11. I think the other poster was correct. They simply wouldn’t allow it to get that far given the size of the company, unless there was a complex back story along with negotiations. Much more likely is that whatever the figure, it was largely agreed prior to the event with the HMRC. I suspect there is a possibility that things were permissible at the start of COVID and possibly something didn’t happen when the takeover went wrong. And for the same reasons as the wages, Mel has been playing catch up to find liquidity funding.
  12. I am not a manager, don’t know how fit Curtis is. ? But he is a brick wall and proper club captain. Worried about Morrison but we need creativity so he’s in. Wizz is in because he isn’t old yet. We know what he can and can’t do do and he is flexible Jagielka .. that’s a yes from me I liked Aluko on Sunday. Think Wayne would like Menghi ackkkk I can’t answer honestly this because I don’t really know enough about the possibles
  13. Not sure what your point is ? If it’s that Mel shouldn’t have trusted his accountants then perhaps you have a point. If on the other hand you imply that somehow the EFL hasn’t got an agenda for very specific reasons beyond a rule book, then we must agree to differ.
  14. I reckon you’re right. Accountants, Gibson and the EFL (because he challenged them over TV rights … all stitched us up
  15. Blame games don’t help especially as whatever was done, was done with good intent by those still here, but if we are to look forward maybe those in charge could give us at least a partial time plan ? In the end they are a business and we are the customer. If one of your suppliers was in difficulty surely it is reasonable to request some answers. new owner .. ok ongoing, difficult and open ended, can’t be answered. payment plan for alleged HMRC debt. Hardly confidential so what is it. ? How much, and is there a time scale to resolve this. ? resubmitted accounts .. at what point will they be ready ? To the EFL .. On submission of new accounts how long do you need to reach a judgment ? (Or find another moan) I don’t see that any of these bits of info are either strategic or breach commercial confidentiality
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