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  1. I just hope we are on the front foot enough to get Holmes further up the pitch where he is most effective
  2. Mrs Jono’s Aunty May .. all 97 years of her, chatting to her cousin last year .. eeehhh Ernie, they go on about the good old days .. it wasn’t that good was it, bloody messy at times and cold too.
  3. Yes yes and yes ..and if that ever happens .. I’d just hope it was a great contest, sure I’d be down in dumps but it’s sport, triumph and disaster and all that ... . Moan at my team ? Never .. maybe shed a tear at what might have been ( anyway I blame the ref 🤣- we was robbed ! )
  4. It’s curious though, we are a kinder society in so many ways. Old prejudices are still there but they are frowned upon in the same way that bad manners used to be frowned upon, but aren’t any more. .. it’s a strange old world, I wish we could combine the best bits of the two. we seem to have swapped one sort of tastelessness for another. I think the thing that irks me the most is how levels of extremism seem to have soared. I reckon the middle 80 % of us remain more or less the same but the 20 % at the edges of everything seem to exist on another plane .. way beyond intemperate. Everything from conspicuous wealth to violence and aggression in everyday life.
  5. I am always amazed at the level of individual abuse. Not a moan about a bad pass or a skewed shot .. that’s part of the game for some, but this curious desire to get on a players back through the game because of one earlier error, to wind up your own team, almost like it’s bizarre desire to have road rage with your pal. .. I don’t think it’s Derby specific, I think it’s people and changing times. I agree with the earlier poster who said maybe the last few years of being nearly men and seeing some expensive players underperform has got under some skins. So close, frustrating Me .. I’m just the same as when I went to my first game in another place. .. just waiting for that passage of play or individual skill or courage that lights your fire. Oh yes and the net bulging. ... expectations ? Always .. expect us to win .. disappointments too often .. because we don’t. ... ahhh but doesn’t that make the wins so so rewarding
  6. Hatter nephew’s comment this afternoon.. “well that’s 3 points to the Rams, we are a four letter word beginning with S” If we turn up we’ll win .. if we’ve been sulking and fretting, I guess anything can happen. I don’t like games like this they can defy logic, break rules and make me nervous 😥
  7. Luton 1 Derby 4 FRGS Marriott Rampant Rams, slugga has a mare (again)
  8. A home tie please .. I just love a night game in the cup. I don’t care what anyone says, big or small opposition, the cup is still special for me.
  9. I had a dog that did this .. all the time in my at home office. “He’s not there, I know .. I’ll empty the bin and leave everything all over the floor” ... did the same if we went out without him. No big disaster .. just empty the bin, scatter everything .. you bar stewards .. you went out without me ! .. well F your bin I’ll show ya ! “ ... it was a classic stamping feet thing... the. You got back and the look was .. “yeah, funny that isn’t it .. I wonder who did it ? .. Me ? Naaa I was asleep, must have been a ghost” Miss you Alfie
  10. Calm down. This is the rush. Ride the storm, she’ll be right no worries
  11. Love the team. All we have to do is play to it’s strengths .. go on the back foot and they could hurt us but if we use what we have in the front 2/3ds of the team and we could smash it
  12. My Nephew lives there he’s is a Hatter and He’d agree with you 🤣
  13. jono

    Ben Whiteman

    Frank is signing him and sending us mount back on loan
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