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  1. Common sense and logic says you’re right but it just seems the last few games are like that sinking feeling when you’ve been watching your step but somehow you always manage to tread in that solitary bit of soft smelly stuff.
  2. I thought you said in your earlier post we had been unlucky in relative terms ? I think we have .. not by a great degree and we are we are are on the balance of luck, skill and whatever else. It does go both ways for all sides - I always remember that Tom Lawrence header after Bennett’s cross in the dieing moments - that was one where we were flipping lucky but the number of games where 1 goal has been key and we have had the rough end this season ? . The balance hasn’t been with us .. but .. hey it could swing the other way in the next 4 games and parity willl be restored
  3. The real issue is that with new parachute clubs plus parachute clubs that are still getting money there are between 6 and 9 clubs who have an unfair financial advantage. If you really want to talk level playing field then mid table would be an acceptable goal .. it sounds sad yet I’ll bet that 5 of the top six will be clubs that have recent temporary visits to the prem. I sort of wonder .. what’s the point sometimes
  4. You know what, that’s about right. A handful of games where we have played convincingly and either lost or drawn because the roll of the dice didn’t go for us .. let’s pretend it’s 6 games .. 3 where we “lost” 2 points and 3 where we “lost” a point. I am not being specific about the games but for me it’s the right figure .. so add 9 points to our current total. Maybe we have had a couple of “undeserved” points .. so let’s call it 7 points .. which puts us safe with 4 games to play.
  5. Well I’m in I don’t think for a minute that he is a genius. I think he has done ok with some of the youngsters. He has been measured in his post match stuff. He isn’t afraid to change things mid game or before a game. Sometimes well, sometimes not so. He’s been dealt a tough hand with the whole money thing, change of ownership, Bielik and Lawrence being injured, no way to bring in a serious goal threat. .. He’s a rookie in a poo storm and has done ok. Starting again with another face doesn’t seem like an intelligent idea right now.
  6. @Ghost of Clough.. Thanks for this it really makes interesting reading. But for Covid we might well have seen our P and L improve considerably and the squad being built in a sustainable fashion .. keep some and sell others for a good wack. In a sense I am sure that was where Mel wanted to go. Covid, The EFL and perhaps his own health have put a spoke in the wheels. I say Covid because its double edge has cut us twice.. the model of selling young players at a decent price is difficult because most clubs are in the same mess so Income from both match days and player sales (where I suspect we
  7. Either way I see those two as the most likely of the 1/2 dozen young ones able to step up which gives a rumour that grain of possibility. Hummmm
  8. Well as I see it we are going to get thrashed ... OR that trio behind CKR might just find their creative boots . It’s a funny old game 11 V 11 .. come on Wayne we need an Agincourt Henry V speech. COYR
  9. As you say, none of completely understand Mels motives. I’d guess they are very human. A bit of a gamble, got the club at a reasonable price and a chance of the Prem at that time .. chance being the operative word. Then add in he is a fan without doubt. I think my defence of him is based on the fact that he stuck with it as long as he was able and ploughed money in even when the gamble hadn’t payed off. Decent, honest, professional. I’d be very interested to see how many clubs have been “successful” in the last 10 years .. by this I mean who a) reached the prem and thus guaranteed themse
  10. Skilfully avoiding the question. I didn’t mention Newcastle - a premier league club with an entirely different financial structure. I simply commented about relative trustworthiness, ethics and individual behaviour because there were those who questioned whether we should “trust” Mel.
  11. I’d say about the same then. If you consider where we were under Nigel. The changing fortunes of the whole league is also worth putting in the mix. You could draw a precise line and say “ah ha but when he actually took over and where we are now” yet between those times we have had another play off final, been in the top 2 .. it’s just where you chose to put 2 pins. If you select the best vs the worst. Joining day and leaving day - Then you have a point but it isn’t really a true picture of his tenure.
  12. I think off the field we have had the same slump that just about every championship club is facing with the farce that is the financial structure of this league. On the pitch ? Right now it’s tough and not good, I agree, but equally at some point in Clements time, Lampard time and Cocu’s time we were challenging and in a similar position to when he took over.
  13. I’d argue that he arrived when we were in a relatively brief purple patch of form with a well organised side. Putting us as a play off side that was an inch from hitting the big time and that it didn’t happen because of Mel isn’t quite right. Where were we 2 years before Steve Macs super blip ? We had high finishes or high league positions at various points throughout his tenure until the last half of Cocu’s reign.
  14. I am merely defending Mel when there is to my mind a certain tone from some posters that suggest he has been a bad owner. considering the nature of this competition, the structure of the industry and what he has tried to do over the last 5 or so years then I dispute that in the strongest terms and will keep doing so.
  15. And would we have been with anyone else at the helm ?
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