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  1. Steve Bloomer Trophy

    This is a bit of footy mythology making, I love it. I guess next years game will be at pride park ? Great for international cooperation, friendship and maybe a bit of scouting too. Well done to both clubs - this is sport
  2. dcfcfans 'P.L' Tables 2017/18 , by mo55y

    Relegated after the second match and now in the danger zone in the championship never the less my continuing strategy to predict a Rams win in every game will continue. A bit like Goodyear G800 super steel ... "You know it makes sense" Sorry Avon
  3. v Sheff Utd (A) - Predictions

    Blades 0 Rams 3 FRGS Nugent we play with growing strength all over the park and are beginning to look like a team to be feared.
  4. Kellan Gordon

    I wish it was so simple but sadly it will probably end up as Gordzz
  5. Favourite funny/witty player nicknames

    I completely forget that .. And he he's kind of my era .. What was it he said to Princess Anne ? .. 'Ere you go love, your turn .. Ace !
  6. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    I am very happy about this ... Good timing. It almost looks like 442
  7. Favourite funny/witty player nicknames

    Keogh will always be "crazy horse" for me one that isn't Derby related but always made me chuckle ... Darren Anderton from Spurs = Sick note.
  8. Online fanbase, more harm than good?

    I genuinely believe we have a good forum here. There are significant differences of opinion and some strongly held beliefs. All on open show. I don't see a sanitised group. Some of us stick to football but we drift in to politics and all sorts. 99% of the time we seem, even in the worst cases, to "agree to disagree" (well ok the occasional civilised sulk, me included ) We have a few openly far lefties and maybe the odd little englander but the screaming bigots are kept in check by the common sense spouted by the majority. And note ... Humour beats outrage every time. i do have a gripe when we get on a particular players back and almost write them off as human beings just because either they haven't performed well or don't fit in the style of play we have at the moment. It's plain daft. I am willing to bet most of the squad don't even think about their fancy motors when the whistle blows for kick off. They want to do well, advance their careers and get the plaudits from the crowd .. Who wouldn't ? David .. You've done a great job. it is possible to please most people some of the time but you'll never please all of the people all of the time. anyway .. Works for me mate. Only thing I'd like is a forum meet/dinner one day ( no riffraff of course ) and I still haven't joined properly yet .. Remind me .. How do I subscribe ?
  9. Super Nuge - a fan thread

    We do. And have done since Vydra and Nuge added to the numbers. The missing ingredient has always been the midfield balance - Bryson got injured and Hendrick departed and we made do with stand ins for George. It was a great system for those players but inflexible. We never resolved that until 4231 which better suits the current players. (Including CM ! ) and one of the great things about Nuge is that he will make a decent show in whatever system you play. He isn't really a specialist with 10/10 in any area .. He's just a good striker - man for all systems.
  10. Chance encounters with famous people

    Got a nod and a wink from Franny Lee once when I saw him at Machester Airport. My nephew went to the same infant school as Gordon Hills son, Sammy ( in Macclesfield ) AND I beat Merlin in the piggy back race ( I was running on the gravel edge of the grass while he was wading through soggy muddy grass but hey a win is a win )
  11. Mr Keogh

    The only flaw in his game is that he takes the job so seriously that he feels he has to do it all. If he doesn't have the right players round him he tries to do their job .. That's when the occasional error sneaks in. Right now with Wisdom and Davies we are seeing the imperious quality player he is ( that slip in the box last week doesn't need to be mentioned on here )
  12. Super Nuge - a fan thread

    I know Kash but you get the feeling if you said that to him directly he'd just grin and say "worth a try to get a game next week"
  13. Super Nuge - a fan thread

    It is that Ted .. That whole kids and jumpers thing and you can see it in his body language. Great stuff
  14. Super Nuge - a fan thread

    I had to go back 10 pages to find a Nuge thread and that was just about him being in the starting lineup. So here's my fan thread. i don't want to talk tactics or preferences because I think GR is building a squad with options for different occasions but I do want to talk about Nuge as a personality and positive force. What an attitude ! He plays with a grin on his face and boundless effort. I get the feeling he is like a fan who gets called from the crowd in a movie and given a chance to play. What's more he is blooming effective. 8 goals in 12 starts. He gets his team mates playing and laughing, gets in the face of the opposition and can put the the ball in the net against anyone (other than PNE ) Makes going to matches just that little bit more entertaining.
  15. Formations

    Exactly. 433 is great if you have "specialists" we don't have as many as we did but I honestly think we have all round footballers as least as good as The 13/14 side. And in the more flexible 4231 less prone to an "issue" if one cog goes missing.

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