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  1. jono


    Not at all, I am saying that the public would rather know how the national leader is doing in terms of health and ability, rather than their (the journos) musings and speculations on the thought processes of those further down the chain of command. The musings seem to only want to discover if there is a war within govt and pounce on it. As news journalists I just want them to provide information.
  2. jono


    I have to say this does irritate me. They don’t ask for data, and clear fact not “how is the PM doing, is he talking, reading and reasonably able or is he behind a mask and sleeping. ... No, they ask why isn’t someone else doing his job ? Have you got it wrong and should someone be doing his job. ? Like .. go on admit it your about to rooster up. ... I mean seriously do we want a Govt in this sort of crisis that would actually give questions like that credence. Gotcha questions insult listeners, viewers and readers ... Ask a fair question then let your audience decide the truth from the quality of response. ... there is a line of “news” reporting that isn’t about delivering fact .. it’s about shaping an event artificially to fit an editorial view .. that isn’t news, that’s political comment. Reporters need to distinguish between the two but some fail miserably
  3. From what I gather, there are some in the Italian medical fraternity that were curious about the possible benefits of hydro what not - the quinine derived medicine might provide in Covid19 cases.. there are side effects and risks but it may have had some benefits for some patients depending on overall health and a raft of other factors. ( note .. some benefit for some ) .. The thing my Doctor friend and some pharmacy contacts were up in arms about was that it had disappeared from the shelves .. something that is a standard possible malaria treatment just wasn’t available. Drug suppliers had been saying we are out of stock, or we are not supplying individual pharmacies but feeding our production to wholesalers .. or simply .. we just sold out. Some practitioners thought it smelt of conspiracy to flog more expensive stuff. The big thing going for it is that it is generic and cheap but no one is convinced that it is a universal fix it whatsoever, in fact for some patients it might even be dangerous if used without considerable thought. Never the less it might be something useful for the armoury
  4. Honestly not sure but I have an Italian Doctor friend who has been posting about it. He’s on the front line in Milan but I’ll need to translate / message him .. I think it may be something basic about fever reduction rather than a cure all .. and he might be saying it’s snake oil .. I’ll post some more tomorrow
  5. Well I reckon @GboroRam does a pretty good job. Yeah his colours are nailed to the mast - he can laugh at my posts all day long. We all have an opinion so why can’t a mod. I don’t see a conflict of interest if the person is fair minded which Gboro is (despite his misguided politics 😝) And if you like debate and argument then why not. From a personal point of view unless someone blatantly lies or attacks someone’s personal integrity then this is a discussion forum and anything* goes....... *Despite our differences I am sure we will see off any bigots and wierdoes as one.
  6. Great post. How we cope with this situation is thoroughly human. We do our best, work with what we have in terms of knowledge and equipment. No one knows, no one has a definitive solution .. why some want to make this some sort of, we the Left or Right have a monopoly of how to do it and our opponents are useless .. really deserve no credibility at all because their motives have nothing to do with solving the problem. I am delighted Starmer is getting involved early doors, he is an intelligent man and will certainly add to the mix of sensible voices he will have credibility when questioning or supporting govt action.
  7. Well that’s it then .. let’s all get in our respective bunkers and fire told you so na na ..na na na at each other. Thatcher and Corbyn perfect garbage. I’m with the 70% of balanced folk who might disagree over detail and nuance but know that in the end you have to work with someone to arrive at a sensible strategy as to the remaining 30 % - equally dived on either end of the political spectrum ... AKA “I AM RIGHT and will not budge you are the antichrist” .. I just laugh. The only value of an extreme is to counter act another extreme. Where we are now as a society and what it largely agrees on is not an extreme. So all the shouters, revolutionaries and bigots ... your losing. Reason, compromise and sense is winning.
  8. And if it is .. I think you might right by the way, Then our flexible system will work to finding a solution. Ideologues and followers of mantras always fail because they are inflexible. .. we won’t be able to wave a magic wand. If the boat is leaking then things will get wet. But with decent leadership and a much healthier inclusive opposition the situation will improve. The extremes of Britain first and Momentum are so lost in their own self righteousness, ignorance and prejudice that they cannot see how stupid they are. (He says as he puts his tin hat on)
  9. No they haven’t, you’re right. Then again neither have the voices of Marxism
  10. But that presupposes we have a pure market economy. We don’t and haven’t had for a very very long time. We have a mixed economy with rules, protections and a whole raft of things that prevent a market being simply a market. It’s called civilisation, practicality and common sense. Far superior to any ideology be it a communist command economy or a rampant free market. The first doesn’t work, the second is nasty; both are more widely open to corruption than what we have now.
  11. I have my theory on this .. I am sure a real theoretical economist will debunk it but here we go. if you pluck the fruit from your money tree and no one else does then you have a problem because suddenly theirs look nicer against the garden wall. If on the other hand we all pick the fruit at the same time there won’t be quite the same loss of appeal. money is about relative value ... if we did it alone then you could see a weak pound relative to the euro or the dollar thus making our balance of trade worse than it is already, But if every currency “owner” has effectively printed more then their relative positions remain the same then all will be well. ?
  12. 3M = Minesota Mining and Manufacturing. Kind of upper mid west rather than strictly wild, but there you go.
  13. Exactly ! .. yes there are the usual rabble rousers. The little minds who want to blame China because they have to have something to cling to or someone to blame, and the slightly bigger minds who blame their own government for political gain. But they are a minority and deserve censure from the rest of us. This is a global problem, no one one is responsible (except perhaps Gaia ) most countries and leaders are doing their level best considering their form of government, the nature of their people, resources at hand and the way the virus has presented. ... yeah ok Don Orange Head is a permatan short of a hair implant, but it is the exception that proves the rule so I am told. unless we work together, we will all lose out one way or another.
  14. I think it is more a co ordinated effort as an opposition .. to oppose. It’s what oppositions do. Some of it is good because it makes those in charge accountable, some of it is worthless point scoring. No matter who was in charge there would have been difficulties and failings along with successes. the thing I dislike is headlines like “chaos” or the suggestion that any particular thing has been some sort of gross dereliction of duty or ethics. All this over stating and hype depending on who’s team your on.
  15. Can you imagine .... not what Cloughie might have done for us ... but those chaps on the Trent, Notts Woods is it ? .. they wouldn’t have anything .. it might be worth it just for that 🤣
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