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  1. jono

    Kevin Nugent

    If we carry on like Saturday we could make a new team with alter egos. Alan Bennett, Archie Johnson Colin Keogh 😂
  2. jono

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    High grade Titanium alloy borrowed from RR to make one of our own 😎
  3. jono

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    I’ve just got back from the beach..a day of sun, wine, Greek salads, gals in skimpy bikinis and 3 goals , think i’d Better go for another dip. COYR
  4. jono

    v Brentford (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 Brentford 1 Frgs Bennett
  5. jono

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Thanks Mate, I don’t agree with him either. 🤣
  6. jono

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Apart from the final score that was one heck of an entertaining game. just missing a finishing touch. Could have been 3-0 Bennett and Bogle ... top drawer performances. And don’t they work well together. Bennett helps the midfield balance by sheer physical presence and a willingness to help out, track back and huge desire to be involved. Bogle has gone from academy kid to hot property in the space of half a dozen games. Nuge .. ran himself in to the ground and caused trouble all night. Bryson .. great in the first 60 mins but ran out of steam. Johnson .. clumsy sometimes yet surprisingly effective on occasions Mount .. growing, at come points in the game he really was running the show FloJo .. off day, not getting the ball where he can make best use of it. everyone else .. did their jobs more or less, just came out empty handed. Pity, if we deserved what we got on Saturday but we didn’t get what we deserved tonight was it a peno .. I was just too far away to see clearly but I can’t see why Wilson would dive considering where he was ? ref was conned by way too much casual falling over and shirt tugging and we didn’t get a fair share of decisions. Marriot looked very lively when he came on but the team’s energy had dropped at that point which I think dented his chances of having an influence. Still ... lots of positives from the style and energy. As the Aussies say ... She’ll be right mate
  7. jono

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Yeah and some goals as well. Obviously 😇🤣🐑
  8. jono

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Nervous . No natural holder / ball player in midfield. Come on Bradley. We need a full metal jacket performance tonight.
  9. jono

    Baked Beans

    They did that to my sister with lumpy birds Custard. Mrs Cundiff take a bow. Guessing she’s long departed now, used to slap your legs as well grumpy old bat. The weird thing is they didn’t make you eat jacket potato skins so anything I didn’t like got hidden under the hollowed out shell I was a crafty little blighter at 4-3/4 .. well at least I thought so beans .. not my fav .. but a bit of Tabasco and grated melting cheese on top and I can manage em in an emergency
  10. jono

    Seniors revenge

    I think it was a taxi !
  11. jono

    Dear Moon

    I’ll buy my sandwiches and crisps in Boots at the space port. The price they sell Pringles for onboard will be sky high.
  12. jono

    Welsh Wizard.

    Fair enough … but I am not even saying Lawrence is a good tackler ( or a bad one ) He had a rush of blood to the head in a lousy game for the whole side (except possibly Carson) On top of that I suppose I saw red myself when words like clueless get bandied about and yet we are supposed to be supporters. Players make mistakes, they have, as you say, stronger and weaker parts of the game. My stance is, great lets talk about it but rubbishing players over odd incidents is just one step down from booing your own team which is something I don't do. Each to his own I suppose
  13. jono

    v Blackburn (H) - Predictions

    Normal service resumed. Frank does his first cliche and says he “got the reaction he wanted” Rams 3 Blackburn 1 FRGS ... David Nugent with a cheeky nod to the youngsters Bennet and Mount get others
  14. jono

    Welsh Wizard.

    No. But the inability to tackle well isn’t really a key factor in judging an attacking midfielder. I already agreed that it was a stupid rash tackle. You clearly don’t like Lawrence when you load your comments with words like clueless and you question his commitment to blocks with a sketchy subjective comment about how he turns away. I was just adding some balance. It wasn’t a great day for the team, Lawrence was dumb and hot headed in a particular moment. Tell me .. have you ever performed below par or messed up with a rush of blood to the head ? What did you think of Lawrence when he headed that winner ? .. clueless ? Lacking commitment ? Are you a fan or do you just like a scapegoat to moan about when things don’t go your way or someone has a bad game ?
  15. jono

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    I really am glad I’m not a football manager ( salary apart ) on paper and on current form we should have had a comfortable win against Rotherham. Each game seems to bring new things to think about. Putting the big and skilled Hudds and rough tough BJ in the mix to counter their size and game style and with our quick front men should have meant the right balance for what we were facing. It didn’t so what do you do ? is it attitude, “being at it” .. dunno .. no I mean I really dunno 😂 Heck .. I’m just going to watch the game and see what Frankie and the boys come up with. (Think Nuge will start though .. force of personality and reckon Mason will also be in the 11 while Tom is on the naughty step) will Rovers have Kasey Palmer ?

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