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  1. jono


    This has got me thinking .. in the end it is between parent and young person .. assuming they are working and earning. Cave Man to Cave mans son. ... you are old enough and strong enough to hunt and collect firewood. If you want to sit in the our cave by the fire then you contribute. I’ll teach you to make a spear, I’ll show you where the best wood is but bottom line, you are a grown up and you are in this with the rest of us. We share the meat the warmth the shelter and the work. ... now if you catch that monster elk and with your share persuade Oggette Bardot to shack up with you in your own cave then good on you lad. In the meantime .....
  2. jono


    Agreed in principle, but if said youthful family member is living the life of Riley with holidays and the latest gadgets, driving a nearly new car whilst yours in on its last legs and you’re still working shifts and taking bank holiday work for the extra pay then something isn’t quite right. Not my situation but I know someone in that position. ... it’s about individuals, attitudes from both parties and their circumstances, I don’t think you can make hard and fast rules.
  3. jono

    Haters gonna Hate

    I skated over this thread but with still a week to go before we put our shin pads on again I had a look this morning. Interesting topic i think it is a little like today’s politics. At the extremes there are those who have agendas that transcend the objective of getting a job done in a reasonable and effective way. They want the job done their way, with their philosophy and sod the consequences. Evidence is created to fit the theory so this player or that manager is always at fault. The concept of compromise, making a deal that works reasonably given the resources available isn’t part of the equation. I see something in all our players and simply refuse to believe that any player sets out to rooster up or have bad body language or be lazy or not a team player. The have good days, great days, bad days and nightmares. .. I have my favourites along with the ones I think who have “tendencies” that I wish they would try and control. I could list them all but you’d all be asleep before I’d finished but blaming a single individual for a failure in the vastly complex chaos theory that is a football match is daft .. just as extreme politics is daft
  4. jono

    v Sheff Weds (A) - Predictions

    Rams 3 Wednesday 1 Frgs Marriott
  5. jono

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    I probably supported Gary ( oh alright I admit it I did 🤪) ... but this is fun and all part of life’s rich tapestry I really wanted some platform boots when I was 14 ... would I now ? ... I reserve the right to change my opinion in perpetuity and be a glory seaker, wearer of the emperors new clothes et al, whenever I see fit
  6. It really is rough .. he would fit Tom Huddlestone role perfectly. George now with 13/14 form = Frank Lampard at Chelsea. The last 3 years in injuries and woes are the golden years where he would have developed to be a truely dominant midfielder. It’s not over yet but it just feels like it won’t happen for him at Derby. Desperately sad
  7. jono

    17 Played. How do we compare?

    It wasn’t that bad, you’re right. I was pretty positive. I didn’t like the fact that we had an ineffective midfield and all the goals came from one source but there were good games where we played well and were entertained. Swift counters with sweet through balls are fine but when they weren’t happening it was a bit grim to watch. This season it’s a lot more fun. Everyone is involved, there is energy through the team and for me a lot of genuine spirit in the way we shape up in any passage of play. There is a sort of front foot aggressive endeavour- it doesn’t always work but it’s about attitude and you can feel it the way player strut on the pitch ... we lost our way against Villa and that’s probably the first time heads dropped a bit but I think we’ll bounce back, the belief is there
  8. jono

    What are you eating tonight

    There is something very special about either sausage or chips (or both) and runny egg. ... proper Saturday breakfast beckons
  9. jono

    What are you eating tonight

    The white was left overs and going in the Moules. The red however .... guilty as charged milud 😂 mind you I have odd drinking habits .. I love to drink with food but if there’s nothing to eat then 1 drink is usually enough. I drink every day but never much more than 3/4 of a bottle and often just a half .... athe beer before the match doesn’t count 🍺
  10. jono

    17 Played. How do we compare?

    I've been thinking about all the excitement and yet known deep down stats wise we are par and nothing more. 2 factors make it different and better for me 1) Its much better to watch 2) I have an underlying sense that it will become more productive points wise and some day soon we are going cut someone to pieces. And ( this is the important but ) every game I think … whey hey Jono me boy, it could be today.
  11. jono

    What are you eating tonight

    You’ll grow up to be strong and healthy. Can we change this to the egg thread .. I love them. Boiled, fried, poached, coddled, scrambled, omeleted ( is that a word ), steak tartared, soufleed. 😳🤪
  12. jono

    What are you eating tonight

    Boring old Howdens from 8 years ago but bought the work top sinks and bits online
  13. jono

    Championship clubs breakaway league

    And this is the problem. Of course the Premier league is the premier league and should be a significant step up. That is sport as well as business. But The way the money is structured now is just plain wrong. You have a choice, an old banger with a dodgy MOT versus top of the range with all all the extras. The championship is the feeder for the prem .. without relegation much of the spice and intensity is lost. There simply has to be a way of moving a portion of money down the leagues to make it worthwhile without beggaring yourselves . You can’t have a ratio of worse than 1:10 and have a sustainable feeder. .. there are Parachute payments so there should be reaching the Play off payments of similar scale. I want big sexy prem clubs but you can’t make entrance to the prem be like a kid going to the posh dinner party in an Asda Suit and plastic shoes because he had to spend all his money on a bus ticket.
  14. jono

    What are you eating tonight

    Going to be moules mariniere .. and frites ( or mussels and chips as we say in Derbyshire )
  15. jono

    Aliens off Ireland?

    Carl, was it your namesake or Arthur C Clarke who once said that without any doubt there are alien civilisations who’s form and nature we would recognise ? He went on to say though, that problem is that we are so small and the universe so large that they will probably never find us and we will never find them. pity because I rather fancy owning an intergalactic freighter and travelling the universe

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