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  1. Stop it, it’s too early, you’ll spoil my breakfast
  2. No way ! .. there were several periods in both half’s when we moved the ball well and quickly. There were communication issues, players not on the same wavelength but the number of “attempted” 1-2’s and first time plays of the ball was infinitely greater than the slo mo Clement time. We need to work together a touch more, train a touch more, get the luck on the refs decisions and it will be ok. we created chances in front of goal in numbers - think of the oooooooHhhh count. There were enough for it to be enjoyable and to provide promise for the future.
  3. Team better balanced tonight. We deserved a win .. not by a lot, but there were enough good moments to justify it. Ref made some poor decisions that cost us and let Cardiff offf the hook. Cardiff physical verging on dirty but you can’t knock them for endeavour. Keogh and Clarke had some communication issues and Clarke looked unusually unsettled, but like RK he is gutsy and skilled. They’ll sort that out in training I’m sure. Holmes played a blinder .. quick thinking, great touch always eager and full of the terrier. Bielik .. good in parts but didn’t quite look the full beast tonight against Cardiff’s giants. Lawrence just not coming off for him atm Lowe, another good game. The boy can tackle as well as run fast. Malone, yeah a couple dodgy balls but he had a good game, scored, couple of great crosses, brave. He speeds our ball movement a lot. Very under rated. Waggy and Marriott .. hungry and full of effort. Both were so close ! JacK hitting the woodwork and Waggy nearly doing a Messi .. fine margins Hudds was Hudds but contributed well .. and got a couple of solid tackles in too. Looked a bit quicker - Push bike as opposed to peddle car but hey ...cliche of the moment “fine margins” Flo Jo looked good when he came on. Its weird, we are several games in but we look like a pre season team just getting to know each other .. hoping we’ll click soon. Still desperate for that happy walk home feeling but at least there are signs. COYR
  4. And the more I think about it the more extreme I get 🤣. Imagine if the government said “you live on Burton Road, you’d like to live in Duffield but no matter what job you have you can’t buy a Porsche. Then they say You Not only have to buy a VW or. Renault, ( or a Kia with special permission) but you also have to have it serviced at the dealers and produce your service invoices before we’ll even let you go to work to try and buy your pad in Duffield
  5. I’ve always been a bit sad about “buying” a prize in a sporting contest but in reality you’ dead right. Salary cap FFP ? Why ? It’s a contest and a business. Shackles off. Spend what you want. Providing no one corrupts officials then gloves off
  6. @LeedsCityRam .. I applaud your optimism and certainly our wage bill became seriously overblown for a variety of reasons but for a Championship club with ambition to progress to the prem, I suspect breaking even is the best anyone could hope for. I reckon that owning a championship club is either a a wealthy persons hobby or a massive gamble. Raising outside funds against a clubs own viability / assets - as in leveraging - strikes me as far from easy. I have a personal pet hate of Parachute payments - it skews so much. Narrows chances from other non relegated clubs. At the same time challengers for promotion are almost enticed to take huge risks. I’d much rather see the parachute money divided between the relegated clubs, the failed play off finalist, and perhaps the remaining 3 of the top 6 finishers in any case. There isn’t an even staircase to climb at the moment
  7. It’s interesting. It isn’t and can’t be a Glazer type thing because you can’t leverage a buyout or get finance on something that has very limited tangible value. Man United was a peculiar situation. It made a profit, was essentially debt free had limited cash but had a huge global name in a then growing TV and international market. It was also high up the pecking order. You would find it hard and expensive to raise outside capital on the basis of “Derby County” .. not in the PL, have to stand losses while you try to get there and as a name on the world stage ? Hummmm If there is a white knight out there then I suspect it’s hard cash - and paying Mel rent for the stadium for a share in a bonanza if we get there. I trust Mr Morris to find the right sort of partner .. end of story
  8. You know I meant the other one 🤣 ... and as to the Armada... I can only say that Medina Sidonia clearly breached FFP and suffered the consequences, I was playing bowls and minding my own business
  9. And both Clarke and Evans work well with Keogh. Surely he must be ready now from a fitness perspective. This is the role he was bought for. I am thinking Bogle on the bench on Friday ?
  10. I consider football to be a sport - I am an old fuddy duddy and Corinthian , so my view is wrong ! Footy it is now 100% part of entertainment industry and has to engage with that in order to compete in financial terms and be able to field a competitive sporting team. everything we see re Rooney, Lampard, FFP is just part of that ride. I have to live with it, just as I have to live with divers and cheats. Don’t really like it but its part of your “package” You have to include it in order to get the sport section .. meh so what, I hope our creatives are as bright as theirs. End of story
  11. Rams 3 Cardiff 0 FRGS Marriott And breath relax and enjoy waking up on Saturday morning to bask in a comfortable unstressed win. Breakfast on the plate - Eggs bacon and as Bielik reigns supreme we get polish sausages as well. Toast ? Cardiff will be toast COYR
  12. I cant help thinking it might just change a bit when there's a couple of decent wins under his belt. Its just a frustrating time, some folk cant always keep their emotions in check,
  13. Sure we used a loophole, but what the F does ffp mean when parachute payments exist ? , fair play ? Don’t make me laugh. EFL and Premier league .. you reap what you sow
  14. Yep 👍🏼 It’s that moving the ball, when you do it the holes open up all by themselves .. That team could do it. Is Bogle fit ? I wouldn’t mind Malone in for his height and guts but Lowe on the other side could be very scary in an attacking sense.
  15. Nice shake of the tin ... 🍻 takes mind games just a touch too far for me but there could be some truth in some of these musings Interesting thought process.
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