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  1. This is a valid point. Consider, Mel needed to stump up, let’s say 1.5 million a month and although he wasn’t happy he’d carry on until a buyer was found over the next 12 months or so. Then along comes Covid .. which has a number of effects 1) vastly reduced income for the club .. thus doubling what he needed to put in …. Cause = Covid 2) Mels investments outside DCFC suffer 30% fall in value (this is what happened to the FTSE 100) .. so he’d be asked to stump up 50% more from 30% reduced wealth …. Cause = Covid 3) Likelyhood of decent buyers being interested during the unknown poostorm that Covid caused becomes rare at best. Cause = Covid
  2. Yes. I can see 3 / 6 coming off the admin but 4 / 6 for PandS added on … it’s all in the timing though isn’t it ? Tall order defeating the current deduction but to get hit again next season .. wherever we are, would be a nasty below the belt blow. has anyone beaten a 12 point deduction ?
  3. Just watched the re run of Shinnies goal. That was quality. Lawrence waited to give the right ball to Colin who was so so calm, again, waiting for Byrnes run then delivering a cute weighted pass, good first time cross. Ball was up but dropping so so slowly but Shinnie was composed enough wait and then shoot away from where to goalie was naturally going and where a snap shot was likely to go. That takes a steady hand in these poo strewn days. Nice one Shinnie. Well played team.
  4. There’s a syndrome when you do things like that, can’t remember what it is though
  5. I thought O’Hare played for us ? Oh wait a minute, that was a while back wasn’t it Come on lads pick it up, still 45 to go
  6. True, but consider this. The owner pulled the plug because Covid had reduced his own personal / business worth (outside the realm of DCFC) to the extent that he had to pull the plug as he could no longer find at pre covid levels
  7. Oh yes I see your point, but if they haven’t got the figures then why are they even discussing further deductions. What are the suspicions based on ? .. if they don’t know anything because they don’t have the accounts then they don’t know anything. So why this overbearing attitude and sense of a sword of damacles hanging over us. They had a case ongoing based on earlier accounts ? so why isn’t that out ? And the 18/19 figures .. is this What they think might be in our accounts ? Eh ? Well Mrs Gibson at No 23 said it looked like he was driving very fast, so he must have been speeding ? As of today (if the accounts submission is the issue ) then there isn’t a case to answer except an appeal over the 12 points.
  8. Oddly, when everyone on both sides has finished strutting their stuff, that might be considered fair and reasonable. what really kills me is why on Earth can’t the EFL come clean. There can be absolutely nothing preventing them stating what penalty is incoming. The accounting investigations have been going on for years. What has the EFL actually said in the last 4 weeks except to apply the automatic deduction… absolutely nothing .. why ? And on what grounds ? There is supposed to be a set of rules which includes penalties and a means to appeal them. There really is only one conclusion .. they are waiting to see if we can beat the drop before revealing their hand. That is fundamentally dishonest and against the rules.
  9. Wouldn’t dream of suggesting you are deluded. It’s differences of opinion that keep us all fresh and thinking
  10. Great info. I always think when I have a moan .. that I am just moaning, but then you see your stat on cards per foul .. we are biased but we aren’t mugs 🍻
  11. Its the no brainers like the visible two handed shoves that get me more than anything. That and inconsistent yellow cards. Last night we did ok on the cards. It must ebb and flow, I doubt any foul play but we need the pendulum to swing our way for the next game or two, we’ve not been lucky that’s for sure.
  12. I noticed that a couple of times too, Luton’s big lads forced him to cover stuff he wouldn’t normally be called on for. Yes he made a couple of bad calls but he was all over the pitch, not a brilliant game but he played well. He’s intelligent and he works.
  13. Really sad we didn’t win. Goalkeepers do make mistakes .. as do all players. Allsop has saved our bacon a few times as well. It’s the way it goes. Luton were no pushovers, tidy, big and physical. In all honesty, apart from the result it was a good match to watch. Pitch was way too wet even before it rained .. the ball was leaving spray akin to following an Artic up the M1 in a rainstorm. Then it rained on top of it. Team put in a big effort, all of them. Joz was lively and dangerous, Shinnie a beast, Byrne never stops running. My MOM is Jason Knight .. that lad never lies down, ever. It’s like the first terminator film .. when he gets crushed by a forging press .. you think he’s down and gone .. then that little red light blinks .. re routing. Never say die. Energy, strength, skill, commitment, finishing. Love him to bits. psst .. East Stand Lino .. you know when one player shoves another in to touch with 2 hands and the ball is a yard away .. it’s called a foul. Cant comment on the Morrison peno. I’m 50 yards away only saw his back and a scramble of legs ? Keep the faith .. 2 goals today .. it’s getting better all the time.
  14. You poor fellow. What’s it like there ? I have to say I never realised they had electronic broadcast communication. Wrap up warm and don’t speak to strangers
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