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  1. jono

    Death Penalty

    I think most of us get that knee jerk reaction when some horror has been committed, but I think the knee jerk is an instinctive reaction. Is it right that we act in fury ? I don't think so. I feel that with so many violent criminals that their internal wiring is so askew that they couldn't in all honesty be called sane, no matter how rational they seen to an "expert" Fundamentally I am not comfortable with society executing someone. Then add in the possibility of error or a genuinely held motive that isn't quite enough as a defence and the picture gets grey. I am against it morally and will always be but we don't seem to have found an alternative that offers solace to the victims, rehabilitation, or just anything to sate the desire for justifiable revenge. I haven't got an answer but I am trying to imagine with Social media ravings and viral posting what it would be like if we brought it back ? I could see it being almost a return to public executions where people turned up to be entertained. Not for me
  2. Funny how some draws are dire but others give you hope. This one was the latter. we were easily the better side and every player gave something positive. Not Scoring goals is becoming a big problem but if we p,at with some of the intent and skill we showed tonight it’ll come good but 50/50 for the play offs I reckon at the moment. Bogle is back to his best, Lawrence was on fire, Tomori was ace. Let the ball run out for a goal kick so many times their front man gave up chasing in the end, he’d been out thought about 4 times 🤣 yeah, Wilson is still off it but he’s a young lad who’s played more first team league football in Derby in one season than his entire career. I got a bit narky with SRG a while back when he was having a dit at Malone .. I was right, Our Scott is a good player, always wanting the ball, always doing something with it. If anything we should have fed him more as he was always available and thinking, got a shot on him to. But for Butland we’d be purring tonight. Great first save but his recovery and reaction for the second was exceptional. Apart from him, Stoke looked pretty crude and the ref didn’t exactly help us much. I think every home needs a Waghorn to help you get things of the top shelf. We were climbed on, barged, elbowed all night. Nothing outright nasty but pretty crude considering that they are a parachute team @Parsnip .. ok you were right.🤣. Sensible bloke 1 Happy Clapper 0 .... Hope you get some points in the prediction league 👍
  3. Well that’s 50 quid a year that I won’t be spending at DCFC. I can’t keep the plastic top of a water bottle that I bought inside the stadium ? Which idiot thought that one up. I’ll bring my own or buy it outside. Jobsworth city Footballs better though. Should be at least a goal up. Much more polished in the middle. Stick at lads
  4. Top post 👍🐏 mind you I yearn for a full back winger combo. Done probably it’s difficult to beat and creates chances.
  5. Agree 100% josezoon can play there, so can Mason so can Waggy. I do think that we need a decent 10 to come and find the ball as wel as filling that mythical hole. Who it is I don’t know but Our mids aren’t imposing themselves high up the pitch. Vydra learned to drop deep to get it. It’s our missing ingredient when we don’t do enough front foot midfield play
  6. I’ve bookmarked this just in case it’s a 5-4 epic 😇🤓😎😜🐏
  7. jono

    Watchable telly

    Loved Tin Star initially, but the final series was a drag after 3/4 episodes we skipped to the denouement. Which was quite good but we didn’t miss the 6 episodes in the middle 🤪 Absolutely hooked on Americans .. Reagan era Russian sleeper agents living “normal” lives in the states. Wonderfully measured and balanced. Great acting and scripts. clever and immensely watchable.
  8. Dear Deidre, Am feeling so unsettled. I keep telling myself it’s all about Brexit and my ire with politicians of every colour but deep down it’s because we aren’t creating enough chances we we don’t look dangerous enough up front. Yours sincerely Nervous Just off Burton Road Derbyshire
  9. I don’t think it is of George’s doing. Luton are flying high and set to return to the championship. 5 points clear of Sunderland and Barnsley with an epic goal difference. You can understand why the manager wouldnt change a winning team. It appears he is seen as cover. He’s looked tidy on his two cameos but seems to seen as cover. They beat Bradford last night and GT wasn’t even on the bench. Butters played for Bradford. The Luton fans are dreaming of getting the trophy and being able to stick 2 fingers up to the EFL after they were docked points twice and despatched to none league a few years back. On Monday they got planning approval for a new stadium. Nephew is a very happy lad.
  10. @Alpha well argued, and I think in essence you're spot on. The only counter I could give is that it is competition that makes sport so enjoyable. There has to be a way of tweaking the money so that everyone below 6th place in the premier league isn't just cannon fodder or plucky also rans. I am willing to bet that Leicester's bit of history making enthused all fans worldwide. Wouldn't some mechanism to drip a bit more down to the championship, enrich the game and at the same time increase its global appeal ? its tish or bust and even if you make it to the promised land the playing field is no where near level. I get that the prem is the driver but balancing the money will, I think, improve the prem in the long term. Then again maybe the super global clubs need to remain super and having sacrificial victims or ready cannon fodder suits that agenda 😕
  11. Sort of. They are in a competitive market and that’s what the market pays for what they have. My only feeling is that the balance is skewed too high up which creates an imbalance. A lot of folk watch the second tier, and pay their TV subs. The gap between level 1 and level 2 is particularly exaggerated and I doubt in proportion to spen per fan. In my opinion the premier league needs to institute play off payments that are similar in size to the so called parachute payments other wise we will continue to see we’ll supported level 2 clubs continuing to struggle in the face of sums that just don’t add up
  12. 🤣 so you and your wife are fascinated by other people’s wages ? ( sorry couldn’t resist it 😂 )
  13. Rams 3 Stoke 0 FRGS Waghorn New strategy .... i’m going to keep predicting 3-0 until the end of the season. We simply must get one game where we tonk someone properly with a confident home performance.
  14. Solid, up for it, stayed with the team for most of the game. Gave the wendies fans a run for their money. 👍
  15. Bit lost for words tonight. Great first 20 minutes, great last 10 minutes. I suppose getting a point against an in form team after our own bad run is good but I’m left feeeling we look a bit ordinary. They ran the midfield for the bulk of the game, we couldn’t get a second ball, the benefit of doubt from the ref or a lucky bounce for love or money. Wednesday were a rough tough old bunch of giants (Bannan aside 🤣 ) and played football. We continue to look a bit weak from a combative POV. we tried, no doubt, and there were some good patches. Johnson was up for the battle and had a good game. Hudds, much as I respect his skills got caught napping too often. Flo Jo is working at half throttle and needs a kick up the back side. He has talent but needs to start using it and sweating a bit too. Bogle looking better, Malone is as committed as we’ve got and despite his awkward looking movement is very effective. If Tomori was a better header of the ball he’d be worth a fortune. I’m happy enough and looking forward to the Stoke game but there’s this niggling doubt when game after game it’s our central defence that is the better part of the team and I want to see the ball in the back of the opponents net a bit more often I’m left thinking our forwards will never prosper unless we can sort out our lack of control and adventure in midfield. ( the two come as a package I suppose 😏) Onwards and upwards, on reflection it was ok .. back in the top 6 2 games unbeaten but we need a spark let’s do it against former snake city 🐏
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