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  1. It would be pretty poor if some supporters demanded their money back we might not have a club the way we are losing money,I’m quite happy to write this season off and the club can keep my money no problem.
  2. I think if we can tighten up at the back with a few additions we are going to be in the mix next season for sure.
  3. I agree let’s give Knight a run in his best position I agree with Davies being dropped he’s been poor in recent games.
  4. Stats don’t tell the full story for instance if Roos comes flapping 3 or 4 times or dithers on his line and it doesn’t cost a goal then that won’t affect his mark. I go by what I see with my own eyes and in my opinion he is one of the poorest I’ve seen at commanding his box and it makes the whole defence nervy. I do think he is a decent shot stopper and just don’t get why he is so poor on crosses and decision making.
  5. So you think Roos is a top keeper at this level?
  6. Have you seen a keeper at pride park this season who looks as poor as Roos collecting crosses?
  7. A goalkeeper who can’t catch the ball is the 4th best in the league? What a load of crap stats are.
  8. He would have his hands full with our keepers,no pun intended. 😜
  9. I thought the same on point 3 😂I also agree on the other 2 😂
  10. He actually talks sense to which helps.
  11. We need to try him in the middle he has more quality on the ball than Shinnie for sure.
  12. We actually looked a good side for the 1st 30 mins without creating to much.
  13. Lawrence can frustrate you but I’ve always said if you can get the best out of him he can be one of the best players in the championship and I’ve never got some of the hate he gets at times. He tries to be positive and it doesn’t always come off but we miss him when he’s not in the team and I belief he worries the opposition more than we realise.
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