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  1. Surely you don’t expect the club or the new owners to give a running commentary on how the fine details of the sale are going every single day?
  2. Spot on I used to work in the industry and you wouldn’t be able to place a large bet on Manager markets and even a flurry of very small wagers would shorten the odds very quickly.
  3. Yes some of the Lawrence stuff is vile and embarrassing and I struggle to see how it helps anyone.
  4. Totally agree the negative way he set us up and we never even had a go once we went behind. We had a similar set up away at Wolves a few weeks before just sitting back even once losing it was dross.
  5. So your blaming him for getting relegated with a 12 point deduction and a team with one of the lowest budgets in the league?
  6. Did a good job at Wigan and Chesterfield and knows the Division and is less of a gamble than Rooney and Terry for sure.
  7. I like Paul Cook he did a good job at Wigan he knows the Division and whenever I’ve heard him in the press he’s always come across well but is he the big name the new owners want?
  8. Gutted but after the last two performances something had to change,I wish him all the best and he certainly deserves a bit more luck in his next job.
  9. You say that but I really do worry where the goals are coming from with this squad and can only see Waggy getting double figures and he only puts away probably 1 in 4 chances.
  10. Spot on we need to move the ball much quicker and with purpose you can still play good football and it’s much harder to defend against.
  11. I don’t want to watch route 1 but we do need to move the ball quicker and mix it up and we need to get the basics right work rate and playing as a team not a bunch of individuals. We are also desperate for a number 9.
  12. I don’t think nice football will work at the moment we are in a mess just like Bournemouth was last season.
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