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  1. My uncle lives abroad and has a season ticket. He lives in Scotland 😜🐑🐑🐑
  2. I base my opinion on what I see on a match day and Nugent is not the answer if Waggy is not fit.
  3. I didn’t see the linesman flag but as soon as the Leeds players surrounded the ref and the keeper ran over he then got involved,pretty weak the officials all game to be honest.
  4. I agree it’s only half time but boy we need to turn up on Weds with our best performance of the season,we have made it hard for ourselves and the 1st goal is massive on Weds.
  5. It is obvious he’s a confidence player and it doesn’t help when after a man of the match performance like today he gives the ball away and a clown sat behind me shouts Ducking hell Lawrence at the top of his voice. He’s a very good player at this level and if we can get the best out of him a match winner.
  6. Why not? I was simply saying on this seasons form I would prefer Bird over them 2 players.
  7. I’d rather use Bird than Bryson to.
  8. Why have you had a power cut? 😜
  9. Loved that shirt,that kit is my earliest memory of a Derby shirt and Alan Biley was my hero as he looked like a rock star. I’ve no idea to this day if he was any good.
  10. I don’t think the west stand linesman was any better and the ref was in a world of his own.
  11. What was the worst? I’m trying to think of one but last night it wasn’t just the ref it was all three of them truly shocking.
  12. Don’t do this to me Cole and Jono in the team I’m already depressed are you trying to push me over the edge?
  13. I have never left the ground after 70 mins supporting the rams in nearly 40 years but I did today and I really don’t know the answer as I don’t know were to start or where the next goal is coming from as the last 6 games give me nightmares.The midfield balance is wrong but it’s not just that we don’t have a strong spine in the team and look miles away from promotion performance wise.
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