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  1. Pretty sure Hitler had a army of over 10 million soldiers that might be why.
  2. They don’t but a couple of pubs in the city show the game on Rams tv but it’s not the best quality.
  3. How come forest have 1400 fans in Wales ?
  4. I do worry about the reception Lawrence will get if and when he returns as even before last weeks incident parts of the crowd seemed to jump on his back instantly. 😩
  5. I agree the midfield balance is still not right we look to easy to play against,I think Knight deserves a run but we are still lacking a mobile midfielder who can put a tackle in.
  6. Not sure about playing 4 players on the right. 😂
  7. We know Roos is a competent shot stopper but sorry he is one of the worst Derby keepers I have ever seen on crosses. That said good penalty save and that could be a massive win for us. Good to see Martin back as our focal point and impressed with Paterson today he looked lively all game. 🐑🐑🐑
  8. Your basically making that up after one episode then?
  9. Drinking culture at the club? How the hell do you know that for a fact?
  10. Let’s be honest Leeds are a good side and I hate to say it but they should go up,we are not the finished article by some stretch and performances have been mixed. Cocu needs time and I’m just worried some of our fan base just won’t give anyone time. We have just lost 3 players who are now playing well in the premier league and are almost impossible to replace at this level and the manager is having to learn fast about championship football.My only concern is I don’t think some of our players are good enough to play out from the back like our manager wants to but we did mix it up more 2nd half.
  11. Yes I thought he looked a real player at Stoke playing at the back but today in what I think is his best position he struggled with the pace of the game.
  12. Proper mugged them they should have been out of sight,Martin held the ball up much better than Marriott and a cool finish at the end. Paterson looked lively to once he came on.
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