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  2. Yeah, because that's the way to combat 'free' streaming. Raise the price enough so that even if the numbers drop the income increases. Football continues to price out the average fan.
  3. Gutted he's chosen to leave, but West Brom probably said the same when he left them for us. At least it means Williams will have a good run in the U23s despite only being a 2nd year scholar
  4. Does that £25 monthly price include all games regardless of kick off time & it being on sky or not?
  5. Being in the EU wouldn't have prevented this transfer
  6. Looking at the bracket, Italy could face Belgium in the quarter finals and even one of Germany, France or Portugal in the semis, so if they do go on to win the tournament, they will have definitely done it the hard way. They have definitely been fun to watch. I think Mancini has done a fantastic job and taken them a long way. You look at the team and it's so well balanced and they play with a clear and consistent style. They are everything we had hoped England might be. Personally I think Germany are a good bet for the tournament. Once they find their feet, I think they will be very
  7. That’s absolutely ridiculous, at a time where people have lost businesses, homes and livelihoods the EFL in their total inept wisdom decide to not only raise the subscription fee, they ***** well doubled it!! Absolute bunch of clowns, the lot of them
  8. for that tripe that only upsets me for hours after, think that is it for me
  9. yep me too The EFL have announced that from 1st July 2021 the price for your RamsTV International monthly video subscription will be increasing to £25.00 per month.
  10. Just had an email from the club and the overseas subscription for matches has doubled up to 25 quid!!! That's ridiculous imo, I really enjoyed watching the matches last year, well not the football.... Or the results ... But the access was good!
  11. It’s the same lot again… worst thing is they’re all adults looking for attention
  12. More contradictory waffle...you either believe he will stay to be successful with us or you don't. Which is it? And your standard whataboutery chucked in too although never seems to apply to tough circumstances previous managers have experienced here (of course).
  13. You are the one being deliberately obtuse. Yes if CKR doesn't get into the right position to score a cross is wasted. If CKR is playing against decent CBs a cross can also be wasted. It isn't just down to Joz putting the ball over, geddit.
  14. 👏 Sounds like a good move for him. I wondered if he'd go back to being a winger, never thought he was a great FB tbh.
  15. Or Henley's golf ball stuck in a tree
  16. Good luck to him. I have a feeling he will possibly move back to a winger as his career progresses with the option that he can do a decent job as a wing back if needed. I'm not sure why people are getting so angry about this. He obviously felt he needed to move to progress his career the way he wants it to go. Playing for a team in a top flight league in their country will have a better chance at playing in European competitions against higher quality opposition without having to get battered by cloggers and journey men in League 1 or 2. Lausanne finished 6th this season, and next season
  17. Well ran clubs, unlike some... Not at all surprising he left, he'll have a better pathway where he is currently and gets to live in Lausanne for a bit.
  18. They can happen, and obviously, false positives are less of a problem than false negetives (from a disease control point of view) but I'm not holding out too much hope on that one.
  19. They're all in a covid bubble (as are all the teams/coaching set ups) so will be testing and preying and preying some more and testing some more. I short, though, that's us ducked. Apparently no worries in the England camp, they didn't get near him.
  20. Ridiculous isn't it. Probably a false positive anyway
  21. You're not making sense. So you're saying Jozwiak has been putting in good crosses but our strikers haven't been in the right positions? that can't be true can it? and our strikers positioning has nothing to do with the managers tactics what so ever I'm guessing? 🙄
  22. Today
  23. I am confused also say if I was flying from Gib and somebody on the plane was subsequently discovered to have covid, track and trace would require me to isolate.
  24. Lol. Nothing, if there's no defenders in the box. Or as was pointed out to CKR 'get into positions to score'.
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