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  2. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Fascinating thread to see that one difference in his stats (thanks @Penelope Pendrex). When he arrived I thought he was a great, instinctive finisher, backed up by plenty of goals north of the border. I think it was @Ambitiouswho commented in the close season about our players deteriorating during their time with us (though perhaps especially with regard to central defence?) but it is remarkable how Johnny is now one of the last people I hope a chance will fall to when I used to hope he would be one of the first. I presume people at the club are trying to do something about this. One of the most obvious techniques is for him to watch all the vids of him scoring loads of goals, so he can rebuild his confidence and rediscover that magic. In terms of consistency, until we see Lawrence Johnny Russell is the best winger at the club (who may have had a poor game on Tuesday) but the way we play we need our wingers (aka wide forwards) to score more goals.
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  4. The fall of Johnny Russell

    He has gotten regular games for years now in comparison to some of those other players named above. His wayward passes and never scoring have become part and parcel of his game. I always feel like with him in the starting lineup we are playing with ten men. Obviously he has his fan club who rate players based on the past but they are the same people will claim the goal in the Sunderland game came as a result of a Russell 'assist'. Watch that goal again and if that counts as an assist in anyone's eyes then they have never played a game of football. We can keep arguing about whether he is good or not, but the truth is no clubs are interested in him at all and I really hope nobody brings up the Brighton rumour from a year and a half ago. Hopefully Lawrence coming in will mean Russell spends more time on the bench in the weeks to come.
  5. Reasons to be cautious 1,2,3

    I thought Forsyth was not match fit, other than that, and giving him a rest, don't think he has any reason to worry long term!
  6. The fall of Johnny Russell

    He's a confidence player, when he's on it he's effective in this league. Technically he's excellent that's not the problem, it's his decision making. I also think he seems quite hard on himself which won't benefit his performance. Interestingly his stats deterioration coincides with Martin's loan to Fulham. Think Martin used to help get the best out of him. Russell has the right attitude and I think will still have a part to play, there is a player in there but right now he's not doing it, no question.
  7. Reasons to be cautious 1,2,3

    Thought there was much better balance with the 4-2-3-1. Don't think Preston were bad at all and it was a game where we had to be patient. Definitely think this system is the way forward. Weimann had one of his best games for the Rams. Needs to back it up. Vydra did ok, think he will thrive in that role but just needs more game time.Johnson was solid and Huddlestone had a 30 minute spell where he was unbelievable either side of half time. Defence looked good with exception of Davies who is still finding his feet, Olsson also deserves a special mention, thought he had a decent game. Russell is dreadfully low on confidence at the moment. Don't know why and don't know how long we'll persevere. Think Bolton will be his last chance for now before Lawrence comes in. Yes there is work to do but for me there is signs that as we play more games and become more cohesive, there is a basis for a competitive team in this league. And are Russell, Martin and Bryson finished? Absolutely not!!
  8. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Bolton 1-2 Rams fgs Weimann
  9. David Miliband

    Thing is the 'result' has no moved so far from the original proposition that it is becoming unrecognisable, and frankly cobblers. Distinct possibility of a big fat recession and no amount of marmalade for Maldives will stop it. For example ... off the top of my head .... 1. No £350 million a week for the NHS. Its an old chestnut, but a lot of people voted on the back of that. Everyone involved has no distanced themselves from it. 2. All the EU folks who are here now look like they will be able to stay. Great news for all the people in places like Boston etc who think their towns have been ruined by heaps of migrant workers. 3. Govt now talking about some kind of massive payout to the EU 4. Just lately Govt grandly announces that we want a 'transitional period' within the EU customs union/something. If it all goes swimmingly well I shall happily eat my hat. But I wonder how easily people will reflect on the 'result' when they have a big staff meeting at work, because 'as you know things having been going so well', and 'there will have to be a restructure.' If it was all about changing the road signs no one would give a toss. I fear a 'groundswell' at the dole office.
  10. David Miliband

    They were hypothetical flares to make my point. However. I could have returned them in Chesterfield, because there it still is 1976.
  11. Possible terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Really, I thought 30 to 40 percent of Palestinians are Christian - not counting the PFLP and other communist or secular organisation. Mate, ISIS ain't a brother to anyone. Just read what @reveldevil wrote. Same goes to you @Norman
  12. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Posted this on another thread thought it relevant to this one.
  13. John Terry signs for Villa

    Villa in the bottom three at Christmas. Terry rarely plays due to undefined injury. Terry's contract terminated by mutual consent. Terry buggers off to China.
  14. Clough and Burton

    Does Nigel know you've been stalking him for years?
  15. David Miliband

    When the electorate vote for a candidate or a political party in a general election, they are voting for them to implement a defined set of policies set out in that parties manifesto. The winning party would then have a legitimate mandate from the British public to carry out these policies. The people who voted for the losing party accept this because the correct democratic processes are being followed. In the referendum everyone knew what the policies were if the remain vote won but nobody had set any real policies or even if they could be implemented if as it happened the leave vote won. Therefore without any clear policies being voted for, nobody as a true mandate to able to accept any negotiated brexit agreement without first referring it back to the British electorate for their approval. Myself and many others who voted stay, accept that the leave voters won and brexit should be implemented. What we don't accept is the undemocratic settlement of brexit and ultimately who gets to have the final say on its implementation.
  16. Jon Toral

    You mean this fella?
  17. Yesterday
  18. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Bolton 1, Derby 1. Johnson FRGS.
  19. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Bolton 1- Derby 3 nuge Frgs
  20. Sam Gallagher

    If he's good enough to help us, and he believes in himself, Derby must be the option. Interesting one.
  21. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Bolton Wanderers 2, Derby County 1. Johnson.
  22. MAN v FAT Football coming to Derby with DCFC

    Im 25 which ain't bad for a 51year old.
  23. MAN v FAT Football coming to Derby with DCFC

    Means your skinny.
  24. Euthanasia

    Totally in favour of euthanasia for the terminally ill. Seems like a basic human right to me. Healthy euthanasia is a different matter altogether. I can't see how the medical profession could be involved. Terminating a person that may hypothetically feel 100% better in future, would be just an ethical minefield that surely they would want to steer clear of. Many people have attempted suicide and have afterwards gone on to have been glad they didn't succeed. Healthy euthanasia would remove the possibility of such a recovery...obviously. I don't see how helping an otherwise healthy person to die would satisfy the 'First do no harm' principle. So for physically healthy people, i can see them being on their own if they want to end their lives. For the foreseeable future at least, it will be interesting to see if people's opinions on this issue change over time.
  25. Sam Gallagher

    I'm surprised this rumour is still lingering around. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. Gallagher has always been highly rated to my knowledge, but I'd only want him if we could sign him. I don't think he would be ahead of Martin or Nugent at this moment in time, perhaps would need a run of games to find his feet. If I was him, I'd join Birmingham. He's guaranteed a fairly decent role in the squad, plus he has some old fashioned creative players around him.
  26. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Fully agree with this, the tension in the stands when he got the ball was dreadful as 'fans' waited for him to make a mistake. Even shouting at him before he could release the ball. How can anyone play their football when you've got that? It's just people self fulfilling their own prophecy
  27. MAN v FAT Football coming to Derby with DCFC

    Packet of 4 for a pound in poundland. Yummy. Have you noticed not everything is a pound now in there? You can legitimately ask a member of staff how much is this? Now.
  28. Reasons to be cautious 1,2,3

    The emphasis for me is definitely on how we can engineer more opportunities in the final third, which we are quite poor at, and how we shift the ball from midfield to attack. The defence is absolutely sound, for me, it has good depth and quality. We also defend well as a team, even in the attacking positions. I think more movement in the final third is the key to this, which Vydra helps. I don't actually believe Vydra is technically a fantastic footballer, which is why when his confidence is low and it's not 'happening' for him, he struggles. He is, however, a very busy player and his movement allows space for other players. It's going to take some time to find the balance in the final third, but if we can focus on the above then I actually think we will be okay. I still wouldn't mind seeing a RM & CM come through the door, however.
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