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  2. I’m in a lot of pain. Hopefully it’s natural and I will adjust, but today one of my closest friends died, aged 39. I’ve known him for 30 years. He’s one of a very small number of people that I trust unconditionally. Death happens all the time, I know this, but my mate Neil was put through the ultimate cruelty of pain and illness. He had bad diabetes, then sepsis, survived those for a while whilst having to live on crutches awaiting a hip operation that never came cos his organs were so damaged and his blood too tainted. In the end his heart stopped, his brain died and this afternoon his body shut down and he faded away within ten minutes of the ventilator being switched off, me and several others lost a massive part of our lives 🥺 Rest in Peace: Neil Anthony Ward 07/05/1980 - 21/05/2019 x
  3. I think this time it almost feels like it's come out of nowhere as a bonus, i'd resigned myself to it was an ok season with a couple of good cup runs, then, OK we made top six, it's been unarguably a good season but i don't think the team's good enough to go up, so see what happens, to oh well, we've not laid a glove on leeds and it's 2 nil now......form that and wondering about the cricket, to oh holy fornication we might do this. There's hope, but not pressure, confidence without undue expectation. I can only speak for myself, but I feel free to enjoy Monday and even if we don't make it, the exultation of Leeds second leg will long be remembered.
  4. I've just watched the match again on Rams TV replay - what a stupendous match - and ended up thinking exactly the same!
  5. I think the situation with the transfer embargo and the fact Chelsea may have to look at youth makes this a convenient story, given Frank and Jody know the young players out on loan (two of them are here!). However, assuming the transfer embargo all gets fixed, surely if someone like Allegri is available Chelsea would go for him? They’d probably go for him embargo or not, fits their profile of an established big name manager and for some reason they seem to love Italian coaches. If Frank gets offered it, he’s gone no question but i don’t think he will be offered it, nor is it the right time for him. The Chelsea job will come to him at the right time. Hopefully for us that is in another 2 years and we’re an established premier league side. But irrelevant now....let’s focus on Wembley!!!
  6. Last two times it has been grid lock at Stanmore owing to 10,000 people having the same idea. Got the old mans blue badge, park in the villa car park next to the stadium, if we lose it’s staight out and home before they think about leaving the ground, if we win they will have all gone by the time we are ready to set off ! Winner winner !
  7. sage

    Gary Cahill

    Can't see it. We play with a high line as we press high. Therefore we need CBs with pace. Cahill is slower than Keogh.
  8. The M1 was crazy in 2014 playoff. Had to drive through small Leicestershire villages for a long time.
  9. I have to say, I loved @BurtonRam7 matchday plan too. No bravado, no BS, just a lad looking forward to possibly the best day of his life, and sharing it with family and friends. Even if it goes tits up, I get the feeling it's a day he'll remember forever regardless of result, because he's shared it with the people who matter, and made the time to make it that way.
  10. bigbadbob

    Forum Issues

    Yea inside posts, like this
  11. At first glance, I thought a couple of them were ridiculously tall!
  12. We’ve had a brilliant season. Loads of highs...great bond between Our Club and our fans. Let’s hope it ends on a high. But if it doesn’t, let’s ensure we stay to the very end and show out appreciation and take a leaf from Legia Warsaw’s book. “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two imposters just the same,...” ⚽️🐑
  13. In my 44 years of watching the Rams . Claude gets in at least two of my select elevens. 1. Team of the biggest waste of money . 2. Team of the worst players I have seen in the shirt .
  14. Oh poo, better let Sheff Wednesday know that so they can put em straight.
  15. Piss taking aside, what a lovely gesture to rescue our favourite hapless mod who didn't have enough faith in Frank and the boys to plan ahead better. I don't know how @David keeps him on, if he wasn't at the match he'd be on a campsite in the middle of nowhere, and as much use forum-wise as suncream in Devon at the end of May.
  16. You all know I find writing therapeutic by now right? Loneliness and if ANYONE ever feels like this, drop me a message and I'll be there like a shot. Nobody visits because Nobody cares. Nobody asks How are you? because Nobody dares. Nobody writes and Nobody calls Nobody worries how far he falls. He’s Nobodies lover and Nobodies true friend He has Nobody to keep fighting for, right until the end He’s found himself being somebody Nobody chose, Nobody thinks of and Nobody knows. There’s Nobody with him as he eventually falls asleep And Nobodies there again to dry the tears he can’t help but weep. Nobody by his side, Nobody in his bed. Nobody to turn to when he gets those thoughts in his head. Now he recognises Nobody to be his best friend. And he needs Nobody to help his heart mend. He wants Nobody to come around for a talk. And he waits for Nobody to take him out for that walk. He knows Nobody is the one he can trust And he’ll talk to Nobody as often as he must. Nobody makes him laugh , Nobody makes him cry. Nobody makes him get up in the morning and Nobody tells him why. Thank God for Nobody. Where would he be without you?
  17. Just think of all the forum members who have missed out on some of the 'special bounces’ we've seen on Twitter recently.
  18. the whole world. - except Leeds and Nottingham is with us!!!
  19. I’ve been to Kenya and the Masai people invented the bounce.
  20. Well, if there’s anybody not going to complain about being up in the Gods, it’ll be you. 😉 Good luck.
  21. Totally agree Bob, my father in law lost a really nice beanie (understated small ram) went back to get a replacement to be told, 'ooh no, we dont sell them anymore, they were ever so popular', I give up!! although their running tops are serviceable, that's about it. Everything is tatty, badly made and logo's too flippin obvious
  22. David

    Forum Issues

    In between posts? Always done that. They shouldn’t be inside any posts though.
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