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  2. GR - stick or twist

    Spot on ,sustainability can't be judged yet but my gut feeling is we won't see the massive swings in performance and results we have seen in the recent past as we are far more solid team with each knowing their role as opposed to relying on individuals, built on being hard to beat and hard to bully , selection policy has got the players knowing where they stand , wisdom must know it's going to be hard to dislodge Baird and when he gets his chance he must grasp it and maintain levels to stay in the side and there's the key ,there is no automatic pic if performances are not up to standard , we are not going to have senior pros moping around and getting upset because they can't get a game no matter how poor the form of the players getting picked before them ,,, the beauty of this is that it's not rocket science it's simple and hard to be to upset with as a pro , rowett has made it clear from day one that promotion is the target , it what he wants and what he will judge himself on and he has given a bunch of talented players the chance to get on board and be part of the success he is determined to bring ,,, players in the main are just like the rest of us in that they want to know where they stand and what they need to do and that when they do it they will reap the rewards
  3. upcoming gigs

    I’m not really into house music it was my wife who wanted to go. But I’ll admit it really enjoyed the night. Think we might try for tickets next year.
  4. Black and Gold gala - hosted by Bradley Johnson.

    True, but all he’s trying to do is help out, nobody knows what he does privately for charity, why should anyone tell him he could just donate x amount every month and sort it? I’d never heard of this school, I have now. I think that’s the point, raise awareness.
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  6. Griezmann

    Are Black people genuinely upset over this, or is it just white people getting upset on their behalf?
  7. Christmas Dinner - What’s on your plate this year?

    Anyone not having Turkey, needs a damn good thashing... that reminds me, HOW DO YOU KEEP A TURKEY WAITING? I'LL TELL YA TOMORROW.
  8. Spine

    Just watched the match again on playback, with hindsight, Grealish certainly stood out for Villa, not sure who he would be competing for a place with, in our side yesterday? Is Weimannesque in that he makes things happen going forward. Also thought that some of the criticism leveled at Chris Martin was unjustified, I never saw him ball watching since coming on, and was also defending for most of their corners (a la Steve Howe) as well as chasing the GK down, came deep to reclaim the ball quite a bit!
  9. GR - stick or twist

    You cannot judge Rowett on sustainability until well into next year, he may or may not exceed McClaren in this respect. In September I didn't foresee us going on a run like we have and none of our rivals will be confident of turning us over now. He has managed the squad very well, changes on a match by match basis have rarely been proved wrong. The current selection of Baird over Wisdom indicates he is judging things on what he sees on the pitch, and long may it continue.
  10. What did Maul do that you like so much? I don’t know whether it was the right decision to bring him back from the dead but Dave Filoni and Sam Witwer certainly gave us a great character in the animated shows. He was nothing but disappointing in The Phantom Menace though. Even the lightsaber fight people say was good was just Morris dancing.
  11. Spine

    best pun i've seen on here in a while and I imagine it'll be lost on most bravo
  12. FA cup third round USA news

    Good news for American Ram. Wonder if we can get a beam back?
  13. Black and Gold gala - hosted by Bradley Johnson.

    Clearly you didn't read my post. Whose the one slating who now?
  14. NFL thread

    Absolutely unbelievable finish to the patriots vs steelers game.
  15. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Is that what Kinkladze was like then? And I was making comparisons skill wise and similarly can open defences with good through balls ...Kinkladze had some good games for us and could do some things other players couldn't ...
  16. Yesterday
  17. Christmas rituals

    Chin up, Most. The good times will come again.
  18. Derby County F.C. v Millwall F.C.

  19. Posters Crimbo Trees

    Not as high as your other one Froggg
  20. Live games 2017/18

    Looked close but marginally offside. Even Colin sounded grateful for the lino not putting his flag up on the Championship show!
  21. Celtic Record

    Perhaps brendan didn't have room for any more pages in his dossier so threw the game
  22. I do know the real name of the film but everyone knew what I meant and tbh it was a bit quicker to type It would be interesting to see what people thought the worst of the prequels was tbh, I always figured it was that clone film as Phantom Menace at least had Maul (woefully underused character) and podracing. Just got back from watching The Last Jedi again and despite my initial high praise I am now conflicted. Whilst its a great film with some excellent set pieces and acting as a Star Wars fan its kinda left me underwhelmed and uncertain of its future. I honestly can't give it a score out of 10, I think it will greatly depend on the direction ep9 takes.
  23. NFL thread

    Watching the redzone programme on sky sports mix. I like this show. Our namesakes from LA are running riot in seattle and there's a great tussle going on between the patriots and the steelers. Good to see Aaron Rodgers back, although he didn't have a great game.
  24. View from the outside

    If hud is 73 how old is whelan ... 92? His eyesight seems to be going
  25. upcoming gigs

    Jealous, saw these last year and it surprised me. Bet it was a brilliant night? Hope to get tickets for Brum next year
  26. Spine

    To be honest I would get rid of Shachell, Anya, and a few young ones out on loan, would I sign anyone? No, keep the squad together we have enough cover, please let's not upset the squad this time, we have a great squad at this level, we have cover everywhere on the pitch, let's save any transfer business for the summer , when we are in the prem. My glass is always half ful lol, Pease let's not sell Carson, Keogh or. Vydra, this is the spine which will get us promoted.
  27. Griezmann

    Classic response. Have a word with yourself. And if this is a genuine attempt to educate yourself, then there’s plenty of stuff online that will articulate the answers you seek. Take a deep breath and have a quick Google on the subject.
  28. Griezmann

    I don't get it. Asked my asian workmate about it when he was upset about some similar story a while back and couldn't get a coherent answer. If a black fella wants to 'white up' it wouldn't cause me as a white bloke any concern whatsoever. Is drag offensive to women?
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