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  2. Surely the supporters trust can whip up some We Love Fawaz flags???
  3. Maybe so, but wouldn't then the idea have been rejected out of hand, rather than be allowed to kick around for a while. Not that it matters!
  4. Every player has to adapt and evolve over the years..... I work in a place where there's 4 different FLT/trucks..... 4 different jobs..... I started with one licence, got better, learned another.... practised and got better, learned another, practiced and got better..... which means I'm more valuable to my company and can rotated around each job without worrying about failing to achieve my targets..... Adapt and evolve, football is ever changing..... gone see the days where you can only play in one system and maybe position.... GK aside of course.
  5. Its a bit like playing in the FA Cup though, if you're any good you do it consistently - not just raise your game for one match. Seen nothing from Vydra to show he has the ability to be consistently any good.
  6. African Nations Cup between Togo and Ivory Coast. Absolutely terrible. The ground is empty. The only positive is that it's live football on a Monday afternoon. Better than watching some crappy quiz show with arrogant know it alls. Just about.
  7. Maybe a bit less cheese before bedtime?
  8. Yeah in hindsight. If I could be bothered (which I can't ) I'd go through the transfer threads for most of those players and all were getting fans excited apart from the odd few. My point being, people are warming to the idea of selling Russell so we can replace him, but it isn't always guaranteed that player will be any better.
  9. Like Bryson, He's had a season too long here. He said himself in the Summer that he's been very poor and wants to improve his consistency for the coming season, yet he's gone backwards. He's also approaching 27 and should be playing the best football of his career for a winger. Give me someone in the mold of Ibe anyday; Pace, trickery, goals, strong, young, confident, massive potential. IMO Russell and Bryson aren't the way forward in 2017, sorry. Get the money and sign someone who can take us to the next level.
  10. In truth I've seen very little since he's been here other than one or two very clever pieces of skill including a bit of ball retention under pressure and a few decent runs. The reason I think he has something is because of the precise reason you dismiss, I have seen him in action in the past and he has been dynamic. The boy can do it AND I think he will.
  11. Heard that Tommy Robinson is a bit hard..... may be a bit of a fight. (yes I know Tommys in Pediga before anyone asks, I'll dig my own hole)
  12. Difference between Ince and Russell currently is the full backs behind them. When Ince had a full back behind him who didn't work as well he struggled, but now he's got a full back who gives him freedom he's flourishing. Russell hasn't had that same luxury, he's had a different left back every week so can't really build up a partnership and most of the time has had to do a lot of the defending due to how attacking our left backs are.
  13. I think that says a lot more about how poor our recruitment has been, as opposed to proving how good JR is.
  14. This could just end up like the Martin transfer. A fair few would be happy to sell with the thinking being he'd be easy to replace. Since Russell signed we've had these players who were regularly used out wide; Dawkins, Ward, Davies, Coutts, Jacobs, Lingard, Bamford, Ibe, Ince, Weimann, Blackman, Camara and Anya. I'd argue that of that little lot, 2 or 3 have been more effective than Russell; Ibe, Ince and possibly Bamford. One moved for £15 mil, one is close to moving for £10 mil and one is linked to Newcastle for £8 mil. And there's probably £10 mil + in fees paid by Derby for the rest who haven't been as good as him. It's easy to say 'sell him and sign' this guy, but it's not that simple. Russell would be extremely difficult to replace.
  15. Very true for ALL players..... it's not as if we are asking Tom Ince and Johnny Russell to play Centre Half is it?
  16. Comparisons between Guardiola and Pearson are ridiculous, Pearson had us in a relegation fight, not scoring any goals, with an unhappy squad and fan base. This was off the back of having a bizarre season in the PL with Leicester, where he appeared mentally unstable and being sacked because his son filmed an orgy with Thai prostitutes. Pep's got an alright Man City team looking largely better than they did last year, very likely to finish in the top 4 but still adapting to his, perhaps, unrealistic expectations of the team. This was off the back of being one of the most successful managers of all time at two prestigious clubs. Which one of those do you think deserves more time? Although, they are both mardy ***** who have a reputation but can't deal with a bit of tough questioning from the media.
  17. Vernam could really gain a reputation if he bags a few goals, so long as he does a bit better than Callum Ball it's a no brainer at this stage of his career. Gets to muscle it out with bigger players, good on the job training I'd say, so long as they play him, which I'm assuming they will in their desperate state.
  18. This. All those who say don't change a winning side. We won how many with Pearce in? Won 1 with Shackell in. Lost at Leeds so bring Pearce in? What if we lost to Reading? Bring Shackell back in? Play your best players that means Pearce and not Shackell. I like Shackell but Pearce has been amazing for much of his time in the side. I cannot for the life of me understand why Mac dropped him in the first place and I cannot understand for the life of me why there is even a question mark about it. Pearce plays until such a time where he has 5 or 6 howlers on the spin. THEN Shackell gets his chance.
  19. Not so sure about points deduction, that doesn't directly restrict teams financially. Once back in L2 I think they should only be allowed to sell the number of tickets for home games as the average attendance of league 2 games the previous season (which I think is about 5000?) Then their revenue drops, so they have to drop wages and cut their cloth accordingly. Then it's a true competition
  20. Start worrying if the missus wants to help with the digging! Seriously though, it's not the most pleasant thing to do but I would strongly recommend that everyone with any assets get a will registered. Failure to do so can potentially leave a minefield for those left behind and for most people it's the last thing they need to get involved in sorting out so soon after losing a loved one.
  21. But can't that be said for half our team? Most are struggling to adapt to the role McClaren wants them to play and the ones that aren't (Ince in particular) struggled to adapt to Clement/Pearson's tactics.
  22. NOT on that subject .. Showaddywaddy...!! I know I'm actually too young to like them and they are terrible but they make me smile they are just so cheesy!
  23. Exactly..
  24. i think we have to think really hard before we sell Russell , theres not many wingers around who will put in the hard work that Johnney does , tracking back helping his full back out etc , we sorely missed him against Leeds
  25. It's genius Stive. Expanding this interesting theme ... what about a points handicap based on the wage bill
  26. I'd say Ince has more often than not..... probably agree though with what your saying to be fair.
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