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  2. Very hard to decide but I think we might be due another another kick in goolies especially if we keep hoofing it 0-1
  3. What a big, lovely, shiny hob you have......... sounds the same in the bedroom if you say it quickly.
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  5. Well he did say before season kicked off that be concrating on coaching now.
  6. In a weird way, I'm kind of proud of it. It's a unique record to have. I don't want anyone to take it from us.
  7. Derby 1- Cardiff 0 Jozwiak FRGS, we are due a win and desperately need one.
  8. PS5 and Xbox Series X arrive in a couple of weeks. When are you going to get one? Have you already picked a side? Which one has impressed you more? I tend to wait to see what initial feedback is before choosing and buying my next console. Currently have an Xbox One but unsure whether to stay Microsoft. Feel like I missed out on lots of quality games. However, Microsoft have certainly impressed me with their release videos for the Series X, while Sony seem to not be so good at the hype.
  9. Inception was incredibly well made that it never really left you behind, but it certainly made you think. Tenet doesn’t make itself clear at many points at all. It’s difficult to explain, but while I could see how clever it wanted to be, it definitely needs some cleaning up with a bit more explaining for the majority if the audience. And much clearer dialogue. Do many characters doing Bane impressions
  10. Do you think it’s true then, this agenda? Or is it journalists making stuff up? Rooney brings a lot to the team, particularly mentally and has obvious ability. His legs look on the way out, but we knew that anyway. I think Wayne would seriously consider taking on the manager role here if ever offered it. But he not been and seems to be fully focused on being a player for us and learning about coaching while at it.
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  12. Went to every single game home and away... there’s something quite liberating knowing you’re going to lose! You actually enjoy the other team playing well. Highlights for me apart from the obvious... beach day at Blackburn, singing we are Derby whist arsenal score and we keep singing, Steve Howard’s goal away to Man U when it came off his arse. and no it won’t be beaten... we were awful and had that unlucky run over Christmas where we were robbed of points. Sunderland should have the lowest points.
  13. Ah, the battle of Cleethorpes beach 1982. I remember it well. It looked like we had the upper hand but the locals sent a diversionary force down to the sea front to draw our most hardened troops off the beach. Luckily they saw the CBP (Cleethorpes Beach Patrol) off fairly quickly and were in place as the main Grimsby mob made their move. The combined Popside and Ossie End reserves took the fight to the right flank of the local scrotes and chased them along the promenade toward the auditorium known as Blundell Park. The Uttoxeter fusiliers suffered heavy losses with 2 arrests b
  14. Indeed. A line of questioning so asinine that it actually it caused me physical pain.
  15. Four of our 11 points were against them..a proud achievement!
  16. Isola del Giglio in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  17. did you type this with a straight face? Good old 2020, nothing unusual about it at all. I was wondering when someone was gonna mention this! Crazy!
  18. Sorry, was It given offside? Or not? Am I missing something?
  19. It is a record that we will own forever..
  20. Eleven is abysmal. It’s almost unbelievable that any team could be that crap. i am right that we had 7 points when billy went, and Jewell only got four points? can’t see any of the bottom three being as poor as we were.
  21. He is positive. He is brave. He is busy. a real gem. And we have another one too. Get them both in the team.
  22. Nevermind being the most fouled teenager, he's the 3rd most fouled player of any age. Only Angers' Fulgini (33) and Real Betis' Fekir (23) are higher.
  23. Top floor of the Holiday Inn on Pride Park. I'd have a copy of the inside of the Merry Widows pub with patio doors leading to a mock up of the Vulcan Street Popside terrace where I could lean on a crush barrier with a pint of real ale and moan to my hearts content.
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