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  2. Loved Ricky Otto! Brett Angell and Trevor Benjamin with Cherno Samba as one for the future.
  3. I can’t wait for It to start, let them go and do their stupid craphole of a competition. big 6...give me a break.
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  5. The boldest act by NASA since the Apollo missions, showing the most ambition since Kennedy's 1961 "We choose to go to the Moon" speech. There were three bids still in the running for the contract for the Human Landing System to take astronauts back to the Moon as part of the Artemis mission. The other two were far more expensive than SpaceX, but were "safe" ideas, essentially trying to recreate the Lunar Module from the 1960s, but a little bigger. And would largely have just resulted in more cushy government contracts to do the same old, same old. In contrast, SpaceX has self-funde
  6. Leeds nobber straight in-League one Derby county? Behave Probably posted by some Chelsea twit who wasn't around when they had 8000 spaced out in that cattle shed in the eighties. I distinctly remember them going to other grounds nicking seats as they didn't have any of there own but they seemed to like throwing a lot back. Followed by the supporter of a team who were league one about 12 seasons ago there number 1 star being Shaun Goater and who we binned out the top flight in 2000. Remember beating these clowns 6-0. That's right the football giants Man City UCL and UEFA are fini
  7. The Mars helicopter Ingenuity has been sent the instruction to perform its first test flight. The way the data streams work, we won't get to know how things worked till 11.15am Monday morning, UK time This first test flight is a little hop only, to 3m or 10 feet in old money.
  8. Good luck with that you clown. You'll come crawling back when it all goes tits up. We'll crack on with proper football, for the fans.
  9. Can't wait to see 2-man Egypt vs. Costa Rica made up of just Keylor Navas
  10. Anti-Life, also known as 'Breach'. 2020 Bruce Willis film. Tagline: "On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic aboard an interstellar ark to New Earth must outwit a malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon." Utter crap. 3/10. I was rooting for the alien slugs.
  11. Trevor Christie, Bobby Davison, Rob Hindmarch and Geraint Williams, to then be followed the following season by Gary Micklewhite, Nigel Callaghan, Phil Gee and John Gregory.
  12. JP Morgan are bankrolling this, because we all know no one understands the heart and soul of European football quite like American investment bankers.
  13. We have as much European pedigree as Spurs, and we've won the league more recently as well. Where's our invite?!
  14. Doesn't the U16 season normally finished really early? I'm guessing they normally have exams etc a lot of them
  15. Not too mention if you were Polish, Ginger and a flair player!
  16. The champions league effectively pushed out traditional clubs like Legia Warsaw, Copenhagen and the like years ago by forcing them further down the qualification pyramid years ago. This is the next step of ********. I mean Jesus H ' OUR founder members have won 99 european trophies'. Spurs, Man city and Arsenal, do me a favour. Do we count the Anglo-Scottish cup which carries about as much weight as a European cup winners cup. We promise to fulfil all our domestic obligations- putting our under 23's in the League cup and FA cup. Over 11k likes for the Arsenal statement . Conve
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  18. I hope it goes tits up and I hope the Premier League boot them out. It'd be good for English football in the long term. It's English football's chance for a much needed wake up call.
  19. The idea the 'founding members' (many of whom aren't even that good) can't be relegated is absolutely nonsensical and utterly antithetical to the principles of competitive football. Almost as awful are the new regulations for the champions league giving a firewall to 'historic' clubs which is essentially a watered down version of this. If clubs aren't good enough to reach a competition then that's tough luck, that's what drives clubs to do better, to innovate and allow for less traditional clubs to kick on and become big over time. Liverpool, Man Utd. etc. were not always historically successf
  20. Yep, people act like victims but don't realise they've been driving this poo for years. You don't HAVE to pay that ticket price. You don't HAVE to pay Sky. If you do then you are supporting it. I don't think it hurts them that you sit moaning about it while the direct debit goes through.
  21. All the Spanish clubs involvement in a European Super League would be presumably depend on the membership approving it, as those clubs are owned by the fans/members and are not privately owned. If the fans of those clubs were against joining the league then that could damage the entire lamentable project.
  22. Would be nice to see this be a total failure and the 6 British clubs be kicked out the league and have to start again from the bottom.
  23. Just read that the group stage will be 2 groups of 6, playing home and away, with the top 3 going to quarter finals and the 4th and 5th teams playing off for the remaining 2 QF places. Have the morons organising this got any idea of how to organise a tournament that anyone will watch? It's game week 9 and Real arrive in Liverpool for this huge game. Real currently sit 7 points ahead of 4th placed Inter, so are already through. Lpool are rock bottom, but could still make it to the 5th place play off, as long as Barc lose tonight vs Arsenal. Which could well happen as Arsenal are also
  24. Expel them all from the league and strip the right of any players to compete in international tournaments. What a bunch of bankers. Only one set of twelve founder members and we're in it .
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