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  2. Still walking my dog twice a day, although I live in a fairly quiet area and can keep a significant distance between myself and others. I also go at quieter times - 6am and 6pm, but thats mostly down to my dog wanting his early morning walk and stupid o'clock! If I lived somewhere more populated or had to visit a busy park I'd limit myself to once a day, but don't see the problem if you live somewhere more rural.
  3. Aren't we all? Be brave. Seriously, it's great to have some real-life conversation and a laugh or two about football, this and that at a time when we all need to keep up our spirits. I am really enjoying it.
  4. I suppose not many people would kiss her to start with.
  5. Hamer bogle. Wisdom. Clarke. Fozzy Bird. Rooney holmes. Sibley. Knight Martin
  6. Surely smokers are more likely to have some kind of damage to their lungs as well?
  7. If you're only walking locally (no driving involved), abide by distancing rules and only walk with people you live with then that is absolutely fine regardless of what some may say on social media. Driving a short distance (a mile or two) is a bit of a grey area and best avoided if you can. Driving any real distance and/or to a popular site is definitely not acceptable.
  8. Come along and find out for yourself.
  9. How would a bearded woman fare compared to a bloke? just asking on behalf of a friend.
  10. I’m very fortunate with where I live, I can be in the woods on a lovely walk within two minutes of leaving my house. We have two dogs and although they are down to one walk a day now, we can be out for an hour and not see/pass anyone. On the rare occasion we do see other walkers we just pull to one side exchange brief pleasantries from a safe distance and carry on. It’s good for our well being and it’s good for the dogs. The rules are not hard to understand and if you adhere to them I can’t see any problem with a walk a day.
  11. I don’t agree with those that say you shouldn’t drive to exercise, so long as it’s local, so I certainly don’t think it’s wrong to exercise by walking or jogging. The vast majority of people are being careful about social distancing and if everyone does that then the virus won’t spread. The mental and physical benefits to be out far outweigh any risks.
  12. I’m surprised that the Police haven’t poured black dye all over the pavement to discourage you. or stamped the words “non-essential” on your foreheads. Since lockdown there seem to be a lot more people out and about where we live. glad I bought the air rifle now.
  13. I really don't see the problem with it if you're being sensible like you describe. Why do people oppose this? I'm struggling coming up with anything negative about it.
  14. RamNut

    Worst bogs

    Shirebrook market place ladies toilets - I don’t think they exist now
  15. The whole place is one big toilet. Full of shi'ite every other week throughout the footy season. 💩💩💩
  16. What do people think about going out for a walk at the moment? Since I have been working from home we have been out every day, always on foot (not driving to beauty spots). We stay on roads so we can cross over if we see anyone and only speak/wave to people across the road. Yet there is now an increasing groundswell of opinion on social media that this isn't the right thing to do. I wondered what your opinions are on this?
  17. Should help strengthen the argument that the season should be voided.....
  18. I see certain folk who fed us at the match aren't gonna be furloughed, and will have zero income, as they were on zero hours contracts and/or worked as freelance. Obviously, this is through the catering contractors Delaware, not DCFC directly.
  19. Blimey. We are living in strange times. Four team selections, three of them (essentially) the same 😀 I think it's what other people call "agreement". FWIW I'd go with that line up too 🐏
  20. Single cubicle "round back" of a gas station along Highway 395, California, USA. Small town called Johannesburg which the sign claimed has a population of 172. Whether that included the trailers I don't know. My only conclusion was that all 172 of the residents must have been sharing this one khazi between them and that they hadn't been taught properly. Seriously - the walls... how? Plus it was about 43 degrees outside which didn't help the smell.
  21. Thing is Liverpool as a football club has always been like that. Take Take Take.
  22. No you don't only furlough who you want to. I know of a business local to me who are putting members of their production department on Furlough and then hiring unemployed workers in at a lower rate to keep the job going, in the very same department. This business makes 15% plus earnings on their income year in and year out.
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