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  2. Machiavelli seems a cute little kitten compared to some of the actors in this latest scenario! Some things are stranger than fiction. Demonising another who is prepared to write off £100 million pounds and face the opprobrium of others who would not risk the loss of a tiny fraction of their own nett worth is the stuff of fables indeed! At least most on this site are above that sort of thing.
  3. Yeah, it must be tiring, spending so much time stood in front of a toilet every day.
  4. One game for a professional foul. "Buyers"... for Marshall?! 😂
  5. Rams 2 - 1 Reading frgs; Lawrence
  6. The classic diversity workshop tag line "White stale and pale" when referring to middle management..... At my company that means me. ......who was a teen in the early 90's, where we spent the decade "loved up" championing and upholding Grunge, Britpop, Acid House & Ibiza dance movements. Also didn't dress like blockbusters contestants like every young un seems to nowadays! Sorry who is stale???
  7. I'm sure someone else has probably said this, at some point. I am, in no way, defending Mel's record, but: 1. He's certainly tried. 2. He's not managed to us promoted. 3. He is a fan. 4. He is, by all accounts, ill. 5. He could have put us in administration a month ago. If he had... immediate fire sale. So... is it possible that, whilst there are certainly many arguments to the contrary (and they are very much fair), that he has actually picked pretty much the *best* time to send us into admin? Yes, we have minus 12. But- we have a chance of survival. Yes, we could lose our best players in January for pittance... but we *could* have been sold by then and not have it *quite* so bad. Yes, we could get relegated.... but maybe we would've done anyway. He could have put us in administration 4 months ago and we'd have definitely been relegated. If his illness is as bad as reported, then whilst he should certainly be held to task for some aspects of his reign, should he be given *some* benefit of the doubt?
  8. angieram


    I was told JHI and Josh Shonibare were still training with us beginning of season in hope transfer embargo would be lifted and they could sign back on for another year. You'd think there would be some support or encouragement from academy staff to allow this to happen. I know they went to Sheff Utd away in cup to support the team in Derby gear. Of course, subsequent developments make this very unlikely in foreseeable future.
  9. Good stuff Angie. Hopefully we can move into positive figures on Weds.
  10. Thanks, Rampant. I couldn't vote having listened to the match on Radio Derby and therefore not having the foggiest idea who played well. Back to it on Wednesday, though.
  11. I`m not a rich man but I`m prepared to pay the £30 to MSD Holdings if it helps.
  12. I'm in a similar boat on Wednesday. I emailed the ticket office and this was their response:
  13. Watched the replay today. Joshua stiffer than a blue bill. Got out boxed and didn't play to this strengths which is his raw power. Hopefully he can have the big fights vs Fury at some point.
  14. My heart thinks win, my head thinks it's Reading at home you fool!
  15. If you pick and choose when you’re open minded then you’re not really open minded.
  16. You can just walk in at halftime, but that kinda defeats the object!
  17. Vegan shoes. they are actually the same non leather shoes available for decades but are now expensive because they are ‘vegan’
  18. As i said am not a nigel fan. The geordies never wanted him and were happy when he went
  19. Is that your view or is there some reference to indicate that?
  20. Marshall needs to play, to get interested buyers take him off us in January, Kelle Roos will be out for 3 games
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