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  2. Randall Cobb visiting The Star, I know we're short but...
  3. Vikings o line problems made worse as Nick Easton signs for the Saints. Was hoping he’d return from injury and stay, but the Saints has a lot more money to offer. Tom Compton has also gone to the Jets, meaning 3 linemen have now gone, with very little cap room left.
  4. Roos, bogle, malone, keogh, ?, ?, holmes, lawrence, Thomas, marriott, waghorn carson, wisdom , Lowe / MacDonald, davies, forsyth, evans, bird, sibley, elsnik, bennett, ?, mitchell-lawson, mcallister, cresswell, whittaker, In theory, we might not need a lot of new players. Perhaps 3 ? We could even have a third of the squad being academy graduates. i expect we will be quite active in the transfer market, but it wouldn't bother me if we tried one season of sticking primarily with what we've already got. Thats what ffp was trying to force clubs to do. Be self-sufficient. live within your means. There have been times in the past when the club used lots of local players. it wouldn't bother me. Not sure that the other fans would accept it. Nor frank? (Unfortunately we ended up in the third division north last time 😫).
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  6. Hasn't this method of play-off already been tried back in the nineties?
  7. I thought it was Andout?
  8. Mansfield v Lincoln is on Sky if anyones interested. Been a decent game so far, Mansfield 1-0 up
  9. Private tour booked😁 Cheers @SaffyRam
  10. I bought a few pair of jogging bottoms (trackies), mainly so I don't have to iron jeans to nip out to KFC! Not owned trackies since the early 90s.
  11. Wow! Very best of luck to you. Go knock ‘em dead! What an amazing opportunity.
  12. Captain Marvel I appreciate that by this point, the 21st film in the MCU, only fans have any excitement for another Marvel film. But once again, like a few other recent Marvel movies, this is a great watch regardless of how many minutes you’ve racked up watching the others and the amount of knowledge you have. There are lots of references to previous characters and films, knowing nods to the past and a glimpse into the future. But this, at its heart, is a good action movie with a likeable female lead. Builds towards Endgame nicely. 8.5/10 Mason Mount
  13. Ramjet obviously, jeez.
  14. 18 months ago I decided to get fit and needed a target which was the masters athletics world championships. I now find myself 1 week away from competing n Poland representing Great Britain wondering how I got myself into this😀
  15. The Times say Keith Wyness is looking for potential buyers/investors for us and that the club is "attracting interest from the American Market", which is very vague. Not seen anything anymore concrete than that.
  16. Can’t believe those pesky brummoiz have appropriated Cockney Wankah’s hat 🤣
  17. Anag Ram

    Mixed drinks

    Worth a like for the use of the word ‘lush’ alone. I thought only 14 year old Bristolian girls used the word and then to describe Peter Andre.
  18. Has anyone actually got any factual news to pass on as to who the potential investors / buyers / A.N, other might be please, or is all of this propagated from the news article cited earlier in the thread? Ta.
  19. I’ve done lots of long walks and runs to show that whilst the pace has gone, the competitive spirit is still there. Keeping fairly fit keeps me feeling young. I do a sedentary job and it would be all too easy to get fat and lazy. I’ll save the affair until my nineties!
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