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  2. The Derby squad is one of the smallest in the championship. I believe fans are required to have a vaccine certificate before going to the stadium. The uk news reports that a number of premier league and efl clubs are asking players to be allowed to ads to their contracts, that they have to be vaccinated against covid. If our team caught covid, I can't see survival as a real option, only relegation. Its my opinion, that the team is to weak to put in a strong performance in the coming season.
  3. Today I'm 32 with a grey beard and receding hairline (ducking stud muffin in other words)
  4. Way too many,but a few good un's Forgot my leg was broken and needed crutches and tried to chase a shoplifter Shut my head in the car door,swore at it then did it again straight away Told the microwave engineer at work I'd started seeing this new bird and she was filth,went to meet her parents and he was sat on the sofa...(to be fair,he thought it was hilarious and I've been married to her neigh on 8yrs now)
  5. I have continued to support the club by purchasing a ST last season and am still paying a sum each month for Rams TV. However my loyalty is now being tested by the lack of communication. How much does it cost to send out an email to ST holders? Uncertainty for the future may make content vague but with two weeks to go the silence is unacceptable and will ultimately cost the club.
  6. Those who only support during good times, never were supporters
  7. I have to say I love him more and more each interview.
  8. They keep falling off their skateboards and I was loads better on Tony Hawk's pro skater 4 than these guys are.......
  9. From Rooneys comments it sounds like he wants to sign all of the triallists plus more. Id imagine once he signs players he can then get rid of those he doesnt want but with how small the squad is we cant get rid of any, hence his comments saying none will be sold. It seems like all the triallists know the situation, Nixon said earlier that they were all aware, so it says to me that whilst they stay on trial they're all hoping to get a contract with us. And any new triallists are also likely to be in agreement to join if we can get it done. I would imagine most of them would want longer than a 1 year deal which is probably why the embargo restrictions are holding us back. Maybe only Stearman, Davies & Jagielka would actually sign a 1 year deal so for them it comes down to wages and if they want or have been offered more than the 11.5k. I think Saturdays game will be the biggest indication as to who is likely to sign (if any) in time for Huddersfield as surely if none look likely he will field as close to his starting 11 as possible. Lastly, in his interview after United he said we have 0 centre backs at the club, whereas after Salford in the Sky Sports interview he says we have 1 contracted centre back plus 2 very young centre backs in our u23s & u18s who I assume are Cashin & Solomon - so who is the contracted centre back? Has he mis-spoke, have Davies/Wisdom signed or does he mean Forsyth? Surely if he really thinks none will be in for Huddersfield he should have Solomon or Cashin playing these preseason games?
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  11. And why are we giving a trial to Allsop? If we only have 4 spaces available for new signings then a GK is not going to be one of them when we already have two experiences keepers.
  12. I’m still can’t get my head round the fact that he played Morrison instead of Sibley and then said he can’t sign Morrison anyway!
  13. He did mate,he had flair and more confidence....set up our only goal with fozzy (despite it being an own goal). Felt like he was playing a different game to the rest of the team however,like he was off script.
  14. Sooner the better. He's been a bloody disaster for the club
  15. Disappointing to hear @Tyler Durden, I hope things change ASAP
  16. The second half was truly shocking, a casual observer would have had trouble picking out the team playing in the Championship and the one two tiers below them it was that bad.
  17. Yes it's pre-season. I get that many will say results don't matter and it's about fitness. But this is wrong. As a club we're in a terrible position. The players need to believe they can score goals. We need to get into the habit of winning, and grab the confidence that brings. There was only one player on the pitch who looked like he really cared about winning, who was desperate to win his own battles, whose every thought was forward. If Rooney seriously can't see Louie Sibley is our only hope to get something out of this season, then we are already relegated.
  18. I think blind faith and ignorant hope still runs deep with me personally. I haven’t seen the team yet since Weds at home. If the result today was indeed the correct one that matched our performance, I believe that WR the superstar of a footballer that he was isn’t doing to be repeated on WR the manager, this is a very different beast all together. I would like to see WR develop into the next Brian Clough of course I would………. However to achieve this he needs his Peter Taylor, without that football management intellect I fear for our season. Please play Sibbo Wazza, he is the enigma in this team that you are yet to appreciate. Trust LS and we could see a different Derby County to that which just lost to duck SALFORD CITY WTF 🤬
  19. What a ducking mess Mel has got us into, feel sorry for Wayne Rooney or any manager we would have at this time, Mel has truly ducked us over, i now know why he kept banging on about the Acamady being our starting team, he knew he had Ducked up 3 tyears ago, will always support the team, but as far as Mel goes he needs to hand over to someone else ASAP, before we end up, in the court again.
  20. Have a like for mentioning The Spotted Horse and Double Diamond 👍 Could always get served in there on a match day aged 16!
  21. I hope that you're wrong! He cannot lead the players if he's thinking like that. I don't mind him moaning on camera ... if he is energising the players with his passion and commitment. His job is give the team what it needs to win more matches than we lose, whatever the squad. (I do think that there is a format in media interviews, where excuses have to be given, etc. So, I sincerely hope that the players are in no doubt about his commitment - and if he cannot get players in - and he genuinely feels that he needs more strength - then he should use other assets like Maclaren.)
  22. It's really a historical anachronism, but like so much in sport it carries on because its now earning loads of cash. If anything, recent lions tours have shown how difficult it is for what is effectively a scratch representative team to compete against cohesive and well drilled opposition. The boks were badly hampered by lack of rugby due to the pandemic. The traditions and flummery that surround the lions will ensure its continuation for some while yet.
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