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  2. Come on hands up, who owns the comedy political account?????
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  4. Another splendid day. Let's hope that day 3 is as good.
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  6. Yes last week it should say and is therefore accurate even if my fingers aren't without my glasses.
  7. I know you’ve missed a word out @sage but, according to the European Centre for disease prevention and cure, 184000 people have died in Europe from CV19 of which 46000 are from the UK, as of August 9th 2020, so I don’t think that is accurate.
  8. It won't. It will affect the players in question. It will be their tax to pay back . The club has given them the wage and deducted tax accordingly that's all. The tax and possible penalties will be the players issue.
  9. Equally stupendous. A little more subtle, but a sumptuous Quad from the same stable...
  10. So we either have a) more people dying than anyone else or b) we can't count into double figures without getting awfully confused or c) far more died in March and April and we hid the figures for a few months to make ourselves look good. Obviously it's d) all the other countries in the EU are fiddling their figures as currently we lose more lives each week than all the EU put together. Johnny Foreigner again with their straight bananas.
  11. I really hope that this doesn't affect us. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/aug/10/tax-affairs-of-246-footballers-being-investigated-by-hmrc-in-2019-20
  12. I liked Prague for a stag do and Munich was good. Belfast was terrible- wound up in some bar full of ultra unionists that was like the Slaughtered Lamb in American Werewolf in London. You realise your getting a bit to jaded with this kind of endeavour, when you wish you could check out some of the interesting historical places your walking past as well as pubs.
  13. Roger Davies — Seattle Sounders scored 41 goals for them in two spells and oddly enough only 31 for Derby! Remember him scoring 5 against Luton and extra time hat trick against Spurs in the cup
  14. It's like any one of them covering a game or two due to injury or suspension, ok, fair enough they could. But going into a season as that's the backup plan....maybe not so good.
  15. Six days. Youngsters today are a bit light on there feet. it was 14 in the days of old . Do they still offer gallons of free Peach Schnapps at the door of every Spanish bar if you dare to venture in. Still can't even abide the smell of it 25 years later.
  16. Didn't the politics thread get canned? Oh well, whatever you opinions, we're going to have to keep on keeping on. Rob liddle is a bamford in my opinion, but the quoted text is more or less what supporters of most other clubs think of us.
  17. Good luck to him and all that, but what does that have to do with us? He's a former player.
  18. Onion. Ooh, but it's an essential ingredient in food preparation, uh no it isn't, it pollutes good food and everything then tastes of it. The plant produces that awful taste in it's bulb so as not to be eaten by animals. It didn't count on humans though. Formula 1 racing. Yawn. About as interesting as a tennis match or golf. Even cricket is more watchable without understanding the rules.
  19. All is well. All is well.
  20. Only as associate member. It's Dutch 😉
  21. Yes of course he is. Here is an accurate figure, more people died of coronavirus last in the UK than the rest of that awful EU put together. Strap in for 4 more years of carnage on WTO rules.
  22. You never know, he could prove to be the new Ben Pringle
  23. I don't think my eyes, my heart or my head could take watching Forsyth at centre half ever again. Davies has been a good player and he seems like a top professional and a genuinely lovely bloke. But he isn't at this level anymore. Not been the same since that injury at Stoke.
  24. Hmm, if we're talking about retro games from yesteryear I'll have to mention Sensible Soccer - a friend land Iost countless hours to that game which was surprisingly playable for its time 🙂
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