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  2. Would have preferred Clarke and Davies . Northampton get most of their goals from set pieces going to be an arial bombardment but hopefully Marriotts pace will be telling up front. COYR's
  3. The words Wayne Rooney have been said 543 times in the first 5 minutes on bt sport.
  4. Sorry for the change but Bogle isn't starting. Still 3-2 to us but Malone as FRGS. Cheers Mossy
  5. Wowsers what a line up, come on Jack bag us a hat trick tonight dude 🙏🏻👍🏻🐏
  6. Cobblers 2 Derby 2 frgs Marriott Difficult this. Think we will concede from set pieces but hopefully Marriotts pace will save the day..
  7. Don't Northampton play with wing-backs. Will be interesting to see how Wisdom and Malone deal with them while trying to get forward to give us some width.
  8. Northampton Town 1 Derby County 4 FRGS Marriott
  9. Cocu not messing about here. Obviously expecting an aerial assault from the looks of that line up. Like it though! Maybe something like... Roos Wisdom Forsyth Davies Malone Bird Sibley Knight Rooney Marriott Martin
  10. The midfield is going to have so much energy around Rooney, with Sibley, Bird and Knight all buzzing around. Martin should also get a lot of support in runners from Sibley and Knight, and he always thrived off having people around him. Marriott too. Slightly worried about that defense though. It's very slow.
  11. Northampton 1 Wayne Rooney's Derby County 3 FRGS Rooney!
  12. Correct, good memory. https://www.meltontimes.co.uk/sport/paul-anderson-injury-update-latest-1-472543
  13. 442 Roos Wisdom Davies Forsyth Malone Knight Bird Rooney Sibley Marriott Martin
  14. Very interesting lineup, difficult to work out the formation we’ll be playing. Strong team though which is good to see. Only real concern is Davies and Forsyth at the back, but think Cocu is deffo taking things seriously with that team.
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