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  2. Meanwhile I see we've reached the "actively assaulting journalists" stage of the rise of fascism. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49381944
  3. I was surprised! Palmer is only 22, think we got a great deal for him! 1 MOTM & 2 assists so far. It seems a very good signing, I'm not sure how is fitness is now though. Maybe a 60 minute player? I'm glad you don't have him for the whole season. Also, the Bet32 stuff seems pretty immoral, from the little I've seen, what are your views on the accused subliminal messaging of gambling being subjected to kids? (Genuine question)
  4. 10 games. No judgement from me until we reach that point. I've seen lots of positives so far, certainly nothing to be overreacting about.
  5. Get the impression you think that England and Wales internationals grow on trees You seem to have conveniently forgotten that England's top goalscorer will be joining us in January
  6. He was very raw, clearly talented but really lacked positional sense. Dowell clearly has talent and hopefully with a bit of time he will start to flourish.
  7. Missed it, I’m away this weekend😪
  8. I thought Bielik looked v v v promising there’s an element of I don’t give a duck I’m taking this ball and there’s nothing u can do to stop me about him lol and it appears he has the ability to pull it off
  9. If he was bought in to replace Mason Mount then God help us. We needed to desperately replace Tomori, Wilson and Mount. Tomori has been replaced and what a wonderful replacement it is. Mount has not been replaced in any shape or form and we didn't seem to bother trying to replace Wilson. Shame.
  10. I had a read of the Boro forums to see what they think and they seem to think the players are struggling to adapt from Pulis ball - such a shame - maybe they should just bring him back. Forest get rid of managers every 3 months like clockwork, so I don't think they will be next (unless we beat them 10-0 in the cup) I think he will get a bit more time - they've looked alright so far. They definitely look better than Newcastle, but Mike Ashley likes to stick with his managers even if they are bottom of the league with zero points at Christmas.
  11. Oh dear, the number one BJ fan boi looks like it maybe turning against him. "Whitehall's secret no-deal plan" splashed across its front page today. It says the leaked document lays bare the "gaps in contingency planning" as Britain faces "shortages of fuel, food and medicine".
  12. That does sum the situation up with Anya quite pertinently as well hasn't kicked a football in a professional match for as long as I can remember but injured....
  13. I think he’s looked a steady player so far, gets stuck in, tidy feet on the ball and always looking to drive forward out of our half. Think he’d shine more with another attack minded midfielder next to him not two CDM’s, maybe when Holmes comes back into the team. Reminds me of a Hendrick without his Hughes at the minute.
  14. Today
  15. He was poor yesterday but he did set up Waggy at the end but was lucky to still be on the pitch we need more from him for sure
  16. Zero chance, there are more teams that are candidates to go down than when we where briefly visiting, therefore more opportunities to pick up points off each other. We where utter poo.
  17. I think he's a cracking player. Comfortable on the ball under pressure, with an eye for an attacking pass. Liked him when he came here with forest and I think he'll do very well for us this season. Can't really understand the negativity.
  18. We have not yet seen Bielek in midfield, ....... but hey write us off.
  19. Send him back, 3 games of which 2 were away and we were under pressure for the majority of them, is enough time to judge him 🤔
  20. Na, He'll be fine once Gibson sues us for our points. Forest will probably sack the manager soon.
  21. Wasn't he allowed to wear his rose tinted glasses in the TV studio last night
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