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  2. Can you really tell me that you are not embarrassed watching the great unwashed prancing about? They are a laughing stock, even in London. Some genuine protesters but their cause is being hijacked by the wrong sort of activist.. Yes even these have a right to protest but how does that type of bollx help the climate change discussion? I never said they had no right to protest by the way, you are putting words in my mouth.
  3. I would say the best thing to do would be to let the current score line stand plus 3 goals to the opposing team. It would be unfair to the players who have already scored to have those taken away from them. It would also prevent ‘tactical racism’ if they try to end the game when their team is winning.
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  5. Look's like King Shinnie's struggling with him!
  6. The Rams have gone full... not sure what to call it! We've landed the best undisputed best corner in the game, but at what cost? The OL needed the bigger focus IMO.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I mean, it just isn’t. But you keep thinking what you want to think, I don’t have time for this.
  9. RamNut

    Uche Ikpeazu

    So.....15 goes (edworthy) in 11 games is impressive? and we need to signed another centre forward because we're sht at the back great stuff ! 😀
  10. Or put the clocks forward and pretend we've played the second half 👍
  11. They've been done, the court case is over, the club has punished them and the courts have delivered justice on them. They remain Derby players and need to win our trust back by scoring winning goals against the gumps and the dirties and celebrating by running roond the pitch with pretend steering wheels.🤣 (Not really, thats just my sick sense of humour and lack of PC awareness) A goal each against Stoke wunt go amiss either tbf.
  12. It doesnt matter how you dress it up it is pure hypocrisy,
  13. Maybe you could back it up with figures. How many seats did Labour have after the last general election and how many do they have now?
  14. Yes, that’s not saying that I think it’s alright for people to do it outside out club, of course I don’t! Just that people can learn their lesson and change, which someone who’s done it in the past may well have done, and I’ve no problem with giving a second chance to people like that. Doesn’t mean I forgive them for what they’ve done in the past or that it was acceptable, just that (hopefully) they’re not that person anymore. Lawrence and Bennett have only just committed the offence, and my view is they shouldn’t stay employed here given the character they’ve shown while at the club. They too can get a second chance, just not here.
  15. To be fair have you ever watch someone dieing not a thing you can do about it. It majourly masses with your head I am not excusing what he did and I am sure were ever his mum is in heaven she shaking head of shame at probley fumimg as well with him.
  16. Uefa could stop this in a second. If the 3 stage protocol has to come into play then the match should be awarded 4-0 against the offenders and the country banned for the next Uefa/Fifa competition. It really is that easy, be racist, don't expect to compete in international competitions. The governments and FA's of that country could then choose to sort it out or allow the racists to stop their country being represented in competitions.
  17. Never said it’s anything other than just my view mate, understand others will see it differently, but that’s the stance I’ve taken throughout this mess and I’m sticking to it. You can see how the club came to making the decision they did of course, from a financial perspective particulary, but I still can’t bring myself to agree with it.
  18. your words not mine=No issue with people who’ve done it in the past and learnt their lesson being employed, but not those who do it under our employment.
  19. They have the right to free speech and to protest but they don't have the right to prevent other people from going about their daily lives. As for your Tommy Robinson quip, its unsurprising he has gone quiet lately he has been deplatformed from everywhere as have many others for having 'wrong opinions' - I see sack Piers Morgan has been trending this week for his argument with the 100 genders activists, we won't be able to discuss anything soon.
  20. Thought he was harsh on his ability on the ball. His range of passing’s behind only George for me.
  21. Bit harsh on them. They did win that well deserved fair play award don't forget!
  22. That came out wrong what I meant by saturday be 3k
  23. Is there any evidence of this 'leaving for dead' or should this repeated claim be removed?
  24. I know you're saying that you agree they have the right to protest legally and to free speech - so we're on the same page in that respect But being an embarassment, or (in your eyes) doing more damage than good to their message or being weird are not reasons to ban anyone from protesting. A lot of people on here were very passionate about the (literal) policing of free speech events - so I was just waking them up in order to see how much solidarity they had. In your case the bare minimum it seems !
  25. They have a right to protest legally and to free speech.. What’s your point? They are just an embarrassment to their cause though. They do that more damage than good to their message. Most are just weird.
  26. I hope not, because It is blatantly not true.
  27. Hope he sees a lot more Tory PMs go.. As long as he is the leader of the opposition, that’s exactly what they will remain..Opposition.. All good for me,
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