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  2. Saying a goal is a great finish, then when seeing it took a deflection, still saying it was a great finish.
  3. I think I would deffo bring in Shinnie for this game, also add Lowe for pace, and maybe Whittaker for Holmes. Hamer Bogle. Evans. Clarke. Liwe Bird. Shinnie Rooney Knight. Martin. Whittaker Think this will give us a solid platform, to work from, get the full backs forward and let's have a bit of width, if Wisdom is ready then drop Evans. Big game, but WBA, will be under alot of pressure to get the 3 points, it could work to our advantage. COYR.
  4. ×××××××××××××Martin××××××××××××× Sibley××××××××Holmes××××××Josefzoon ×××××××Shinnie×××××××Bird××××××××× Malone×××Clarke×××××Evans×××Wisdom ×××××××××××××Hamer××××××××××××× Changes: Malone was outstanding here last season and must be raring to go Wisdom if fit do offer a better defensive option than Bogle Shinniesta has looked on it in his brief time on the field. Will offer greater energy than Rooney who needs a rest Zoon offers pace and if Cocu can ignite a rocket up his arse he could be our secret weapon. Fresh and I just have the feeling it
  5. I’m really pleased for you @RoyMac5it must feel like all your Christmas’s have come at once. Enjoy the moment mate 👍
  6. Let's get some context still. Yeah we played poorly. Too slow. Too much sideways with little movement forward. But don't forget we now have a core of inexperienced players straight out of the academy. Bird, Whittaker, Knight and Bogle are 19, Sibley 18, Lowe 22. What Cocu has done this season with all the crap we've had is amazing. We played cr4p but still got a point. Forest (dare I say, sadly, a better team than us at present) intentionally played anti-football. A plan that worked, aided by us. I think all Derby fans would be happy just to finish this season strongly, make the play-o
  7. We all grew up with the East Mill and Brettles. The number of great businesses in Belper in the 1970s and 80s was remarkable really.
  8. At the risk of jinxing it (touch wood), we've scored in 18 league games in a row now! Surely that's some kind of club record?
  9. I think I should own up to being partially responsible for the thinking behind DET forum shutting down. So I deserve credit for the volume of posters here.
  10. And freeloading is an honourable Hampshire pastime 🤣 I'll let you know our eta later in the week mate and we'll see how things are. Hope whatever it is thats requiring crutches is mending.
  11. I used to work in East Mill.
  12. How many went in ?. If Brentford or West Brom get the same standard from us we'll lose by 4 which probably shows Forests limitations. Couldn't finish us off in one of our three worst games this season. Remember you playing in front empty stands against Millwall and Sheff Wednesday this season when you all went home. Sometimes teams play poo. If it cheers you up, take it that we normally play that poorly.
  13. To be honest that performance today has really hit my confidence for the remainder of the season. We were looking unstoppable in the first few games back after the break, but today we just seemed to take multiple steps back. We just didn’t look up for it. To reach the playoffs we need to be able to handle big games properly, and we didn’t show that we can today. A bit of a fluke of a draw doesn’t change the overall performance. We were slow, lethargic, disorganised and totally devoid of ideas. Watching Evans trying to play 80 yard passes over Martins head was pretty damn painful. In fair
  14. Next stage, (2nd pint 5.5abv)
  15. Anybody would think you've never experienced the pain and disappointment of conceding a last minute equaliser regardless of how your team played, previous results or league positions. We didn't play well, we didn't deserve a point and they are rightly above us in the league. They'll soon get over it (it's not a result that's going to make any difference to their league position) but I'm sure it hurt them at the time so, let's celebrate that as I'm sure they would if the roles were reversed.
  16. I didn’t celebrate the equaliser like I should have, stuff elsewhere etc etc Just relief! But the more I look back now, even with Cardiff doing the business, The more I think hey it’s still game on, plenty of time for very strange twists and turns. Remember at Leeds Lampard was forced to make changes, well that’s what we’ll have to do now, let the youngsters shine!!
  17. Well he’s not even playing at Bristol, so it’s been a massive waste for all parties.
  18. Wow aren't you lot deluded. Did you have a chance on goal in 90 mins? We had four to five good attempts YOU WERE AWFUL
  19. Great job by @Davidand the team. Bloody love this place. I often visit other forums and I wouldn’t swap this for any of them. Layout, usability and the members. Often we agree to disagree but without ever going over the top. Keep up the good work. 👍👍👍
  20. Dont think we celebrated any where near the celebrations they did when we drew 2-2 at there place a couple of years ago
  21. To be fair I didn’t say it’d be like for like. We need more presence further forward. It was too easy for F@rest today with us not having any steel or guile in midfield. We scored via route 1 eventually; but they should’ve been 3 up by then. Not sure if Huddlestone is eligible but without Lawrence, Waghorn we are lightweight in the middle third.
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