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  2. You could be on to something there. The article concludes with.. "... having also shown interest in purchasing the two-times league champions..." Only the memory of a Red Dog goes back that far! 🤣
  3. I honestly have no idea what goes through the mind of a mediocre player under these circumstances. He has fielded close in for the Indian innings so he will have seen the turn and variable bounce; he comes in in the first over with nothing on the board and with his team trailing by 30 something in a low scoring match in the fifth session of the match. And he thinks playing that shot is a good idea?
  4. Piffle. We are not in danger of relegation in my opinion, a bad run might see us in danger of it, I admit, Birmingham are in danger of relegation, he’s only written that to attempt to portray a bleaker picture. Must admit, I didn’t know we’d remortgaged Moor Farm in October because I’ve stopped reading all that toot as there’s little I can do about that kind of thing but it’s all a bit of a non story to me. More worried about tomorrow’s result than anything in that article to be honest.
  5. I'm available. Confident I can nick one through the slips for at least a single which would be more than Bairstow scored in the match. His shot in the 2nd innings would have shamed a village green player.
  6. I believe quite a few Forest fans work at The Guardian, I don’t know whether this guy is too but there’s quite regularly an article around Derby day that’s not overly complimentary.
  7. Thanks - doesn't seem as though there's anything new, but the series of unfortunate events makes for grim reading and reminds us that, even if things are improving on the pitch, we are in dire straits off it.
  8. Makes for very grim reading, although our championship status is nowhere near as precarious as they have made out.
  9. bit like Villa for me, apparently Roos flapped at a ball he should have caught. Didn't see it that well at the time and will never watch it again
  10. Sorry if this has been posted already Derby Takeover etc
  11. I love Leeds Football Club.Bielsa,Bamford and all their players though not their fans,its a breath of fresh air watching them play.
  12. Unfortunately, due to the mess we have gotten ourselves into 'all' of the matches this season are big ones, until were mathematically safe from the dreaded drop.
  13. Not actually a person, but chocolate manufacturers that now (presumably to save a few bob), don't put a "menu" card in the box, but print the details of each delicacy underneath................... Result = the contents of the box on your lap, bleeding skinflints! 🤬
  14. I didn't realise it was an afternoon kick off, I'm at work.
  15. This may seem a radical team selection but I think I agree. There was never any point in 3 quicks anyway and Archer is showing more and more that might just be a waste of space. Drop him, Broad and Anderson and Bairstow as well (tell him not to come back until he can play properly). If we want some better batting and a bit of medium pace, pick Woakes. Not sure who's available for the next one. Anyone going home or coming back?
  16. Well lads Derby face forest but to the Derby players go out there show them how really football is played god this first ever Derby vs forest game ever ever missed but I will be cheering you on from home. But normal times pp would sold out and you sence tension in the air you can cut it with a knife. Get into forest players faces and stay in them dont give them a moment to breath on the ball. Most importantly most sure the ball goes into back of there net. And get that brain clough thorpy back home at pp.
  17. Today
  18. Three nil rams first scorer kazim.
  19. All that matters. Keogh was in the wrong and never apologised to the club or fans.
  20. not impressed with the CGI, not clear and all that dust, dead give away
  21. ok no problem, but just saying you didn't see what happened on that day implies that you just didn't watch the game. 😅
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