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  2. Some suggested Marc Roberts on here well Barnsley rejected bids from 2 championship clubs. I seen Birmingham wanted him maybe they are one of them?
  3. Another player that's kept himself in good shape. For saying how long he's been out that's quite an achievement, best of luck to George this season. Will be like signing him for the 3rd time!
  4. My big worry with it is that it put a hell of a lot of emphasis on Thorne getting things going and that it'd be relatively easy for opposition to stifle us. They can man mark Thorne and allow Johnson to have the ball because they know there is a reasonable chance he will lose possesion (particularly if you press him after recieving the ball). Personally would look to bring in somebody new to play alongside Thorne.
  5. What I don't get is when I was young I could drink 10 pints easy ,now my bellies bigger I have to go on shorts after 5 or 6.
  6. but he could have walked seasons ago for a lot more money.he gave us last season and wouldnt you want to go if you wernt in the managers 11. too many changes over managers the last 3 seasons have cost us the prem . he deserves better good luck to him shame it was watford though as there as bad as us when it comes down to managers
  7. Well,Rowett signed Shotton for Birmingham and managed to get him playing well-miracles never cease!
  8. Might be a great signing as long as he doesn't come on here and read what people put about him if he has a bad game
  9. Is it only just me who has noticed that "Weimann" is a shortened version of "weissman" or "whiteman" as opposed to "Blackman" and that "Vydra" is Czech for "otter". So, back on track the "very most" we are going to get out of those three is a joke..." a black man, a white man and an otter walk into the pub one day and the bar maid has got great big..."
  10. True and when posters say, that the money should make it all better, (in reply to a post saying something like 'but footballers are only human') they should read this:
  11. Doin' the hard yards!
  12. I'd be lucky to wake up at all, after 15 pints.
  13. And takeover talks end, Sunderland will struggle this season
  14. Fair play to him being so open about it, like he says people only see the bad stuff made public but not any of the good stuff he has done. He does have undoubted quality and IF we were the team to give him a second chance I would have no issue at all
  15. really hoping all goes well for him this year, i think he has no 13 on his shirt with the luck he has had due to injurys. we will deffo need his talent for the coming season but dont push him too hard too fast.welcome back
  16. How is Hughes faithful? He's just asked Derby to let him go to Watford ffs! The first offer we've ever received!
  17. Very interesting article,always makes me sad reading stuff like this.
  18. I feel slightly moist
  19. My right leg has been wobbling under the table.....
  20. You're bang in form today David
  21. Seeing Fozzy, Martin and Thorne on DCFC Twitter is making me.. Shake weirdly. I only shake a little when I'm excited!
  22. I dont think it'd be the most creative midfield, but it just seems to me the way Rowett might for "robust" in there. I could always be completely wrong (and often am)
  23. More to do with his body language than his words, but as was pointed out, he's not a fan of hard running and so on.
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