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  2. He did, I thought Delap was sure to get the shot off.
  3. Facebook, Twitter etc... is social media, hence friends on their, who work in the NHS, not sure why this is any less reliable than your supposed friends that work for the NHS ? Once again though you do deflect for the point I was asking. As I said, if your "friends" work in admin, they probably won't be any busier, if it's the ICU wards, then I'm not doubting it, but would seem different to the rest of the country but you seem reluctant to share that info so that can be discussed / reviewed.
  4. But do players like Buchanan, Knight and Sibley not count as senior players now? Those are the players I’m talking about.
  5. Why is the ref not letting them use the multi-ball? Twice now
  6. I'm not sure. Stretton hasn't had a chance to start despite scoring 8 in 9 U23 games. Delap currently has 7 in 9
  7. It's been made clear that the younger players - and other members of the club's staff - have been paid. It's only the senior players and coaching staff that have not received their full pay.
  8. Was that Solomon (commo said Brown) closing out Delap as he was through?
  9. Is it bad that I've already taken a dislike to Delap for celebrating that? Show some respect you (big) little sod, you were here 10 years.
  10. If it’s you he won’t see this 👀
  11. Think you’re right. So that’s two months wages down now then? This is total negligence by the current ownership, and I dread to think what it would be like if fans were there tomorrow.
  12. Sad thing is, Delap would be starting for us right now if he hadn’t left quite probably. Not always the best move to go to a big club.
  13. I think it's this... Sykes-Kenworthy Bardell Jinkinson Bateman Solomon Archie Aghatise LThompson Williams Cresswell Duncan
  14. I’m only joking, but there is a serious point to be had with some of our younger players. They won’t have built up the savings that some of the older players will have done. When you get that first big contract, I imagine you start spending straight away, I know I would! Then when it’s taken away from you, I can imagine they’ll end up in some difficulty, as much as people will scoff at struggling footballers.
  15. I kind of stopped reading when I realised you get your information from social media but I will still be courteous enough reply. I do wonder why anyone would rely on social media for figures that are published by the NHS and are available in the public domain? Ive never contested that hospitals are busy, they usually are in the winter. I've never mentioned Covid free pubs and putting words into people's mouths to make your argument look better isnt a great look. Ive asked for pubs (and other hospitality venues) to be treated in a manner appropriate to the risk they provide
  16. God, they must all be homeless by now!
  17. Gonna get thumped... 5 nil to Bournemouth on the horizon
  18. I can't see us lot being able to form an orderly queue, let alone a consortium capable of running a business! 🤣
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