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  2. Hats off to them - it's good to see a bit of imagination in place. It would be relatively worth purchasing as a bit of a collectors item, if Derby released something similar, rather than a standard template with a player in mid-action.
  3. There's something to be said for that!
  4. This thread is nearly as entertaining -although not quite as effective - as Chris Martin!
  5. Look, Chris Martin is my two lads favorite player, so he is going to stay at the club forever, as a player, then player/coach, then manager leading us to three champions leagues in a row to shut the Forest fans up. So stop looking into it so much and start looking at though a 7 year old eyes.
  6. Oh man! Great illustration concept! Full Disclaimer: I'd love to do something similar for DCFC (shameless plug for Mel's attention:
  7. On the 'comparison of his own viscosity with that of porcine excrement' scale, it's right up there.
  8. I suggest you are totally wrong about Chris Martin but I'd dispense of Bent. Zanzala is totally unproven at a high level he has only ever played a handful of U23 games for Derby.
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  11. ...and injured
  12. I've heard it all now. You'd rather play an untried 20 year old with a grand total of 2 league appearances, over two strikers (both full internationals) that have scored a combined 286 league goals between them??? Dear Mr Morris, I'm afraid you've made a gross error in appointing Gary Rowett as our manager. His steadfast refusal to sell Chris Martin & Darren Bent to our promotion rivals, for a combined fee of 2 bags of Haribo Starmix & an Ikea pendant lamp for one of your 5 bathrooms is going to sabotage our promotion chances even before the season as begun. I sincerely believe that the chances of our club reaching the promised land of the Premier League will be dramatically increased in your remove Mr Rowett forthwith, and replace him one of our forum's foremost keyboard warriors Ninos. With his 'out of the box' thinking of playing untried under 23 strikers in place of the above mentioned players will have us comfortably 15/20 points clear of the chasing pack by March. Please wield your, much vaunted, managerial axe as soon as possible Regards, Concerned fans everywhere.
  13. Bumped so the mods can see to merge the new thread into this older one so we don't end up with lost of threads on the same player, every time there's a new link.
  14. Mods need to merge this with the original thread. If we start having different threads every time the same player is mentioned somewhere, this board will be chaos. I'll bump the other to highlight. Posters should search before they start a new thread to check that the llink doesn't already exist.
  15. Now what we need is one of the itk guys on this board who have dcfc's ear to suggest they have an open training session Sat morning so the they can reward the traveling fans with access to the manager and players as a show of togetherness
  16. Playing Zanzala?, a player that is still to play for DCFC first team, played twice for Stevenage and coming back from a serious knee injury?
  17. Pace… everybody knows a striker's crap unless he's quick
  18. oh yeah, thank you sweetlips.
  19. **** me you nearly gave me a heart attack! Seeing the start of the thread title on the front page in rams talk I thought he was coming here!
  20. *Cringes so hard, Head explodes*
  21. I know you can't judge a player until you have given them a chance but on what basis do you put Zanzala over Martin and Bent and their combined 70+ goals for Derby?
  22. There are 24 different images. Click "next".
  23. what bloody ram, I cant see a ram, is it one of those where's wally competition things? come on...
  24. I take it you don't understand cricket either.
  25. I'd suggest that Nugent plus Zanzala backed by Vydra are your best options from within and then you can see by those with whom we are being linked the type of players he wants in ... dont see the martin Bent fit at all, as they are mediocre/ dependent on others, low effort types.
  26. Awh come off it!!! There's dozens of 20 goal a season strikers floating around at Championship level, cheap as chips as well... @Ninos & @toddy will give you a lit of 10 each...
  27. I dunno - I generally don't want more then Wanchope even if I am hungry - Fill up on the roast potatoes Now I'm regretting not having had gravy for breakfast
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