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  2. Had a peep at some of the responses to this on the Owls forum. Came across this absolute pearler..... Hirstys Salopettes: Compromise you say ... you fat red faced bent nosed geordie lady bit 🤣🤣🤣
  3. For me it wasn’t one signing, it was when we signed Shilton, Wright and Saunders in fairly quick succession. Shilts and Wright were experienced internationals so their signings were a big surprise. I was 11 / 12 and all my mates were Villa fans or followed other top teams. These 3 really took us up a level and that season when we finished 5th in the old first division is still probably my favourite in my time.
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  5. Bruce rioch !!!! Rioch !! Rioch !!
  6. I always wear coats with plenty of large pockets, so it won't worry me - could be a bit sweaty in August mind.
  7. The third kit as been announced as not being orange. Please don't let it be boring black or burnt charcoal, as the marketing team will call it, to make it sound more exciting. We should have some pride in that the fashion editor of The Daily Mirror picked our white shirt as one of this seasons best looking shirts and that we were the only none premiership club to have their shirts selected
  8. My old man was pivotal in him signing for Liverpool but that's another story! As for Ramselaar, he has three full Dutch caps which is surely no mean feat. What do you mean your name's not Shirley?
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  10. Abysmal. What a bunch of Bamfords.
  11. Big hoo ha over nothing here ! Been in place for years ! You couldn't take drinks in last year . Plus the stewards aren't going to search you for a pack of wine gums !
  12. Miazga looks set to rejoin Reading on loan from Chelsea. I personally wouldn't have minded him if Tomori is indeed unavailable. He was really good for Reading last season and their fans are falling all over themselves over the news he could rejoin.
  13. JfR

    Steve Bruce

    The FA are boring. I'd have Dejphon Chansiri and Mike Ashley fight it out, Hell in a Cell style, broadcast live on pay-per-view, Saturday night.
  14. In my time, the ones that come to mind: Michael Boulding, Ruben Zadkovich & Chris Weale. It was just three signings that didn't make any sense. It proved as neither of them really played. Bradley Johnson was quite a shocking one - promoted with Norwich as their top goalscorer. We were linked with Butterfield all day then Bris, I think, came on here and said that we were close to signing Johnson via Pete O'Rouke at HITC. It was mocked initially and then he came - Johnson for Derby City. Never thought we would've spent £10m within the space of 24hrs at that point. Nige bringing in Buxton & Pringle from the local area to play Championship football seemed quite radical at the time too.
  15. Slap wrist by way of a fine possibly, nothing more I bet. You can book mark it 😂
  16. JfR

    Steve Bruce

    This is going to be good (On a side note, I've just been hit with the new Twitter layout and I hate it)
  17. Trying to take sweets off kids or tea off OAP's is hassle that no steward can be arsed with. Put your snacks in your bag and don't worry about it.
  18. Maybe we could send Tom Lawrence over there for a few weeks to shadow him, I think that’s the closest we might get to him.
  19. It wasn't that much a surprise when it actually happened, but Ashley Cole last year is surely one that I wouldn't have imagined happening until it did. If you'd told me the January before we signed him that within a year we'd have him playing for us I would have said "isn't he a bit young for Rowett to be signing him?"
  20. Paul Dickov. 6th choice at Leicester and only even came because Savage talked him into it. Was just a "holy poo we really are screwed aren't we moment. Was surprisingly effective and helped young Nigel steer a pretty desperate team to safety.
  21. Well, the announcement stated that the policy has been updated so in what way has it been updated?
  22. I think that mindset is confusing the player as a person and the player as an asset though I'm not saying Tom Lawrence is necessarily at fault for his performances (although I'm sure some would argue that) but I think it's reasonable to suggest he's not performing as a 6 million pound asset ought to, same with any object anyone buys
  23. Will they check me if I have a bottle of coke in my pants 🤣😉
  24. This, They aren't going to take a kiddies sweets away or an old fellas flask of tea. Not going to happen. What they may object to is carrying in branded food like KFC or Subway. At worst they will moan at carrying a bottle of pop in in your hand rather than a bag.
  25. As a nipper, used to take aniseed balls or pineapple chunks into the Baseball Ground. Used to eat a few then launch the remainder at the away fans Those were the days, providing nourishment for the great unwashed
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