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  2. Nothing wrong with the thread,Iā€™m thinking about it.
  3. I also agree with most of your list @Will Hughes Hair with one or two exceptions. I probably wouldn't have Bennett in there (much as I want it to be true) as I don't think he has a winner's mentality. Other than that I think you're pretty much spot on. For this reason alone, if we could afford only one quality player in January it has to be a centre back - by far the weakest area of the pitch in our current situation. Worryingly it's also the weakest area of academy development unless Max Hunt comes back from Aldershot a man. But I do like your concept that we stop buying players to get us promoted and start investing in a long term future for the club.
  4. I'd agree whole-heartedly with your first couple of sentences. Do you think the Tories and Labour could agree on a deal though, especially since the Tories are moving the hard right and Labour have gone off the deep end wheres the common ground? A team of independent negotiators should have been tasked with getting us the best deal possible with agreement from parliament to pass it. Its gone on for so long now though that someone just has to take the bull by the horns and get it done, the bitterness will last a generation regardless. Second referendums will solve nothing, that time has passed. If its the wrong result again we'll simply get more delay and obsfucation if the result is different from the first half the population will feel cheated with a good percentage of them angry - and rightly so imo. It just needs to get done now and we deal with the consequences, it would have been a lot easier if everyone was onboard though.
  5. Too true - most thought it not worthy of too much effort. If 'Led By Donkeys' had managed the Remain campaign this would all now just be a distant memory. And it still holds true today, the media have given up on protecting the truth, or rather cannot in the swamp of social media claim and counter claim. Dark times, as I said.
  6. It wasn't my intent to suggest that anyone who doesn't agree with me are unreasonable (save a couple of posters here who seem would argue with their shadow if it passed the time of day). But I do think a lot of water has passed under the bridge now and we owe it to ourselves. To your point on going with the deal, I actually agree with you (I think) that this is the best path forward. My fear is not the deal, though it would impact all of us severely, but the risk that this time next year we would be back staring at a No Deal if the transition period doesn't go well (and the last three years suggests that might well be the case). I am also conflicted, I don't think it can be right to be a member of an institution that makes it so difficult to leave. But I also recognise, or at least believe, we will be worse of by doing so though I appreciate it is probably in the national interest to just get on with it and get it done. I agree with an earlier comment by @maxjam that the sensible thing to have done would have been to just get this done and I despair at Remainers thrashing out discussions on a deal that they are just going to reject anyway. It's just as wrong as the other end of the spectrum. We won't be getting Corbyn in the next election, and even if we did there is no way he could resist his nationalisation plan before Brexit so even if he says otherwise it would be a low priority for him. Which means the path is clear for another year and more of Johnson and his crew saying the same thing over again and again in the hope that people will just give up and let him have it. He, and a few others, will become exceptionally wealthy (and powerful) as a result, the likes of me and you will bear the brunt. But it's what we asked for so it's what we shall get.
  7. I was going to edit the above post to change the ham to him, but I'm going to run the risk of upsetting @Warren Hobhead and let it stand šŸ˜‚
  8. That's a bit harsh @Srg - there are lots of threads that are less thought-provoking than this. I do think that if we are going to sign (or develop) premier league quality players we have to do it gradually, hence the four year plan. It also means that due to FFP we may temporarily have to accept compromise in other areas of the pitch. For example, investing in Bielik has probably meant we couldn't similarly get in quite the level of talent we need in other areas, at the same time, hence the loans. I think Clarke has the quality, but not so sure about the other two. At least with loans we can send them back and try someone else next year. Similarly with FFP we will never be able to afford to buy in the number of premier league quality players all at once to help get us there so we do have to hope that Mel's investment in the academy over several years will be able to home grow some of those quality players ourselves. Callum Ball was a long time ago now from days when the academy had much less investment than it does now. I think it's more acceptable to be getting a little bit excited about the current crop of players who are competing at the very top of PL2 these days.
  9. Maybe I've not really made my point. Over the last decade we have consistently made 'sticking plaster' signings and very few who you could imagine developing to be part of successful premier league team. For instance, when we signed Butterfield I think the question foremost in the club's mind was 'can he replicate his goal scoring form with Huddersfield?' when we should have asked 'is this guy capable of delivering in the Premier League when we get there?'. Ask the first question and you sign ham, ask the second and you don't. I also think that the thread also debunks the idea that permanent signings will block the path of our academy players.
  10. Whisper it quietly but I voted leave, mainly to spite Cameron and Osborne who presented very poor arguments for remaining. I too now regret the outcome very much and hold my hands up about the ignorance of the key issues. But I also recall that nobody campaigned on a "let's make the EU work for us " platform. I realise that we cannot rewrite history but regret that I think such a positive EU campaign would have resonated far better than the silly technical economics that became "project fear".
  11. I came, I saw, I conquered. Thank you Leeds United for making me feel alive again. To the Leeds fans - you wanted Zlatan, I gave you Zlatan. You are welcome. The story continues...Now go back to crying over bottling promotion once again.
  12. I think Winks was quality on Sunday, really shone in that position just infront of the DM. And yes I agree, CHO needs more match time in the league before he should be thrown into the England squad, hardly saw any quality from him on Sun. Would like to see potentially Harvey Barnes in the England squad
  13. Rams 1 - 0 Lilywhites FRGS Marriott
  14. You can't have an answer but Toppers has let it be known that since Smashedgate it's down from three players to just the one.
  15. Henderson has a touch of the Jeff Hendrick about him... not someone you want to get the ball to in a tight space facing his own goal in that position. He's certainly not natural at it. Someone like Winks would do better at it, but not sure on his defensive attributes. Guess it depends on the opposition - we certainly don't look right when playing 2 holding midfielders. Speaking of players we don't rate though... seen literally nothing at club level or international level which answers why Hudson-Odoi is rated highly.
  16. Tbf everytime Rooney moves on he doesn't talk about how he's conquered the nation he's just been playing in. Playing in the 2nd tier of English football would damage the image of a god-like footballer Ibra seems to have of himself. Different kettle of fish to Rooney.
  17. It was never voted on but I take your point. I'd rather that, than the false choice IMO put forward by Labour. Adhering to, and paying for the EU but having zero say in it just sounds like madness to me. To be perfectly honest, if a referendum could be arranged within a couple of months of the GE, then I'd probably go for that - if only to hopefully put the argument to bed & give some clarity. We've just got to move on. The uncertainty is killing businesses. They could have the deal voted through parliament in advance, subject to the Referendum result - so the day after the poll, we could leave or revoke Article 50.
  18. Bit of a pointless thread in all honesty. Fans have proven time and time again to either underrate or overrate our players drastically, including what they assume to be Premier League quality and what isn't - Hendrick, Hughes, Martin etc are all cases in point. Half of those you've named have shown something in youth football, and whilst promising, have done basically nothing at a senior level - and we've seen that time and time again too... Callum Ball anyone? Add to that, 4 years is an eternity in football. Shinnie and Malone will be 32, for example, not going to bet a lot on either of them being good enough for next season let alone in 4 years time. Finally, team is far more important than individuals. Need players that fit together and possess the attributes to carry out the manager's plan. No one, even now, is looking at Sheffield United and saying they ooze Premier League players.
  19. Would much rather Henderson personally matey
  20. One of them has to be around the squad, since we need a genuine defensive option in midfield. Yes, they end up looking utterly pointless against teams that we are vastly superior to, but we can't expect top class teams to simply allow our skillfull but lightweight midfield to dominate possession.
  21. The political system needs a complete overhaul. The more people who lose faith in it, the better. May and the Tories decided to make Brexit a Tory-negotiated deal. That was always going to be doomed. Johnson has done the same. How does parliament get behind the result of the referendum if they don't agree with the deal the government has made?
  22. 4 days.. can't wait, fed up of this international break malarkey
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