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  2. The point deduction Derby at Chansiri's Tuna Palace Stadium. We're not at home, so we'll lose but at least the losses are becoming more palatable. 2-1 Wednesday. This could actually be an unbeknowing relegation six pointer between two teams on the same points, likely to receive the same point deduction.
  3. Suspect @Van der MoodHoover is pulling your leg @angieram as the game was played Friday night, hence the 'no goal on Saturday' stuff. You have to watch him as he's a tricky so-and-so! 😉
  4. Hamer and Roos are different keepers. I personally like the latter a lot more and think he's seriously derided because of his tendency to punch rather than catch. Incidentally, in one of his last appearances for Derby, I was listening to Radio Derby when Steele and Dawes were on commentary and Dawes, like 90% of Derby fans, was seething at sight of Roos punching the ball away. Steele explained why Roos had done it, going into some depth and highlighted the end result and then finished in a flourish giving Dawes a dressing down telling to stick to what he knows, whilst he'll stick to what HE knows - goalkeepers. I'm not huge fan of either, but Roos concedes less goals and more clean sheets (better chance to win to nil): 27 in 22 appearances this season, with 7 clean sheets. Hamer has conceded 26 in 18 appearances, with 3 clean sheets. Roos actually has a very good record for Derby over a big sample size: 52 games, 58 conceded and 18 clean sheets. It's pretty much inline with Carson's record at Derby.
  5. Great report, Carl - I think we were at the same game!
  6. Time to increase the focus on next season. Hamer, Forsyth and Davies out of the squad. Roos Bogle Wisdom Clarke Lowe Shinnie Bird Knight Rooney Lawrence Waghorn Subs: Ravas, Malone, Evans, Sibley, Whittaker, Marriott, Martin
  7. If Cocu gets the credit for our excellent home performances it seems a tad inconsistent that he should take no responsibility for our repeated shocking away results.
  8. That's why I said almost. He slightly lost him once and he scored from a very difficult half-chance. In contrast, QPR gave Waggy the freedom of the pitch last night. I know he worked hard to create his chances and his build up play was excellent last night, but his finishing is not good. How I wish Chris Martin had Waghorn's legs!
  9. Why do you think Marriott never seems to get those chances ? Sadly he offers little.
  10. Were better. The former lost his place to the latter due to form. The latter lost his place to Roos due to poor form becoming just poor.
  11. On average maybe and I'm not disagreeing but both of these had lost their place in the squad due to poor form. Goalkeepers errors generally matter more than outfield players, obviously.
  12. The Red Button commentator last night kept going on about our play-off hopes disappearing, but in the same breath was saying QPR were consolidating their position in the Championship, with no mention of play-off ambition. Yet both sides are mid table with only a point or so difference.
  13. Watched it again. 3rd time. Love the little things Fury does. Even when he throws a punch he's thought about the counter punch. Watch when Wilder counter punches and look how Fury has already rolled it or got his shoulder to glance it away. He punches and rolls a defence. Helps being massive that you can hide behind your shoulders. Don't think many if any could do that to Fury.
  14. Wonder when people are gonna stop putting 100% of the blame on the keeper and look at the more visible issue, the defence.
  15. Yeah think that was almost certainly the case. Perhaps someone who’d been at the club last year (maybe Shay Given) should have given Cocu a hint to suggest that Roos might not be a reliable first choice, and to potentially look into watching his performances last year and consider signing a new starting goalie.
  16. Dunno about best or worst in the league but Grant and Carson are miles better than Roos. Miles and miles. Maybe we were spoilt. I dunno. Both had their faults but so much better People say Roos is a great shot stopper. Is he? He's alright but i wouldn't say he makes an unusual amount of surprising saves or has match winning performances like the Fulham game. I think his kicking is decent. Crosses and high balls into the box are a massive part of the game. Not being good at this is like being an F1 driver who's really fast in the straight but corners like a tank convoy. As for ratings... what do you score a point for? A pass, a save, a shot on target? Is every pass a good pass? Every save equal? Every shot on target a good strike? It's all statistics based isn't it? Not useless but it's hardly proof in writing. Is there a stat for hospital passes that make it to the target but end in that player losing the ball because he was played into trouble? A stat for punching the ball out to the edge of the box? Or is that a clearance? Roos does bizarre dives for shots never going in either. Why? Does he not know where his goal is or does he just like diving? Anyway, I don't actually find either keeper infuriating. Only commenting because I thought being called a good keeper that isn't good at crosses is an oxymoron.
  17. You have to guess that Cocu, with limited time and exposure, thought Roos was the solid first choice prior to the season.
  18. It was a terrible bit of business by the recruitment team, though that’s nothing to do with where he came from - teams write decent players off and let them go all the time. It’s to do with the fact that we brought in a backup goalie when what we really needed was a new first choice. In fairness, Hamer has actually been slightly better than I originally thought when we signed him - I thought he’d be totally out of his depth if he ever had to play, but I guess he’s looked *capable* at this level. The trouble is, “capable” isn't enough. He’s a low end championship goalie, good enough for a team fighting relegation but no higher than that. In fairness, that’s sadly pretty much where we’ve been at times this season because of off the field issues derailing our season, but when we brought Hamer in the aim was to be far above that level. Simply put, he wasn’t a good enough signing whatsoever given the level we were aiming to reach in the summer.
  19. Or that we simply don’t see the mistakes all the other keepers make but every one Roos or Hamer make is.
  20. Roos's main issue at the minute is confidence, which really isn't helped by ironic cheers/ groans whenever he goes near a high ball, either successfully or not. It's surely affecting his decision making. Just like Keogh in 2014, it seems Derby fans need to make a scapegoat of someone for the playoff defeat, and unfortunately for him, this time it was Roos.
  21. Today
  22. Do we think any of our keepers have improved? Is Shay Given a good coach?
  23. Bradford - watching TV Hillsborough - I was watching the Rams at old Trafford at half time they said on the tannoy that the game had been suspended due to trouble in Liverpool end ( a small number of Man U fans cheered ) So I have disliked them since with greater intensity
  24. Yes, plenty. Infact I can't think of many who have looked really commanding in this division. The majority of keepers seem to want to punch rather than catch these days.
  25. Actually this season’s play offs may well be played behind closed doors due to the virus restrictions that may well be in place at that point - so the red dogs may well actually make it to Wembley to be watched by - no one
  26. It's ok, guys! Preston and Brentford are still catchable 😉
  27. Have you seen a keeper at pride park this season who looks as poor as Roos collecting crosses?
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