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  1. Shot across the bough? Are we trimming trees or threatening to sink the EFL ship with a shot across the bow
  2. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/01/13/john-percys-transfer-talk-dwight-gayle-offered-loan-championship/ Newcastle looking to offload Gayle on loan. Worth a look?
  3. We really need another midfield player?
  4. You must mean Shilton, he would have a (Shelton) lock on the position 🙂
  5. Lawrence is a liability. Will not stay in position and can't tackle without fouling but doesn't seem to understand that.
  6. Didn't see him create much. Need to convince the league to approve taller goals.
  7. MickD

    Lyndon Dykes

    As Cloughy said "O'Hare has more skill in his little finger than I had in my whole body" Quite right too, Solly was a star.
  8. If he was riding in the car he is as responsible. "Don't let friends drink and drive"
  9. Looks like you must have had a few when you wrote this, or is English your second language? It's not the "prang", it is what preceded it.
  10. Glad to see our "leader of men" RK was out on the piss with the Welsh wizard, who if he was driving, showed as much nous as when he tackles, and "one of our own" who obviously has no better judgement. OMG
  11. Bit hard to get there from Canada but I watch all games on Rams TV or stream when it is shown on UK tv. I have noticed that he gets back to help the defence more now.
  12. Why this constant criticism of Huddlestone? He hardly loses the ball, rarely misplaces a pass, usually because the intended recipient has misread the play.
  13. From what I saw on Saturday Vancouver v Columbus a lot of league 1 level too.
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