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  1. We should get him a corset. "Thanks for your support, I will always wear it."
  2. Me too. I go back to Greaves, Gilzean, Jones, White, MacKay, Brown, Baker, Blanchflower etc.
  3. As a goalkeeper I assume they figured that he would have ideas on set pieces around the goal. We did score a couple of goals from corner routines attributed to Given. 🤨
  4. You looking down on the unemployed?
  5. The General opinion seems to be that he needs grabbing by the Privates and give some Corporal punishment rather than being made Captain.
  6. In his case, the coin toss?
  7. Hope he proves the neigh sayers wrong? You are horsing around, surely? Rooney backing the wrong pony here.
  8. Sammy Davis, looks like his cousin is playing right back for us.
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