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  1. That Trumps all other answers 🤪
  2. Chelsea 2 Villa 0 England defender Mings does a Buchanan back-pass. Not just the youngsters then.
  3. The last "well rounded" centre forward we had was Frannie Lee
  4. If we don’t score more than the other team we (won’t) can't win (m)any games this season I’m afraid. ☺️
  5. The Wignall challenge on the goalkeeper wouldn't be allowed today. Protected species.
  6. A player can be warned, cautioned or even sent off, but a free kick cannot be given.
  7. Back and side and Roos strikes again
  8. Got to pick up the pace and keep it away from Roos
  9. VAR pen, but we would be down to 10 men with VAR
  10. If we could win it would be happily. ☺️
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