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  1. The most yellow cards for any midfielder or forward in the division. Always a liability
  2. MickD

    Footy Quiz

    Answers:- Premiership and Championship managers quiz answers 1 Clip ................ not a sour Kraut. Jurgen Klopp Liverpool 2 Small argument? Gary Rowett Milwall 3 In the lions den Biblically , a good distance right? Daniel Farke Norwich 4 Had 3 lions, now it's clear, he's in charge. Roy Hodgson Palace 5 A bovine meadow. Danny Cowley Huddersfld 6 Grater her shrubs (anagram) Gerhard Struber Barnsley 7 Add Spanish yes, and he is refreshing. Pep Guardiola Man City 8 Free, but nosy. Scott Parker Fulham 9 He's not domesticated and hesitates
  3. I’m sure Roger rememberers the game at Stamford Bridge when he dribbled through the whole Chelsea team, round the keeper, Bonnetti?, and fell over on the goal line. I was there. 🤣
  4. Clough didn’t help, he had the BBG pitch watered before every game as we were used to playing ankle deep in mud. The European teams must have loved it.
  5. MickD

    Footy Quiz

    Yes 4 Crystal clear 10 Monte CARLO
  6. MickD

    Footy Quiz

    You will find one name is missing. Can anyone come up with a clue for him?
  7. MickD

    Footy Quiz

    Great job so far, some not so difficult, a few more obscure. I had fun doing it hope you are too. Mick
  8. Ok, just going from memory. I’m sure you are right. Long time ago 😏
  9. MickD

    Footy Quiz

    New quiz, I know you all love these 😝 Premiership and Championship managers quiz. 1 Klip ..... , not a sour Kraut. 2 Small argument? 3 In the lions den Biblically , a good distance right? 4 Had 3 lions, now it's clear, he's in charge. 5 A bovine meadow. 6 Grater her shrubs (anagram) 7 Add Spanish yes, and he is refreshing. 8 Free, but nosy. 9 He's not domesticated and hesitates. 10 The full monty (sic). Likes his toffees 11 “.... my words” a fight over a beer town? 12 He could have been great, till he got down to propose.
  10. Came from Bradford Park avenue, scored 41 goals in his last season there. Zak and Solly with crosses from Gladys were a force to be reckoned with. Surely the best Rams team to date.
  11. Unfortunately some people are getting re-infected . Troubling headlines have been cropping up across Asia: Patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19 and seemingly recovered have been readmitted to the hospital after testing positive for the virus again. South Korean officials announced 111 such cases as of April 12.
  12. You may be right, I don't see another fullback in kit, Webster is in civvies
  13. A test is only good for the time it is done. Test today get infected tomorrow, no point testing anyone not showing symptoms.
  14. I can name everyone for sure but the player front left, is it Charlie George?
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