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  1. Will we have a different owner if we go down?
  2. Me too, good job we still have good long term memories. Also that we can't remember what we had for breakfast. 🙂
  3. That was his better game in 5, his usual ratio. Didn't do much else but score though.
  4. And for not knowing, you should be shipped off there.
  5. Left Chillwell looking foolish a few times. Defended well too.
  6. Barnsley 2 Derby 0 Based on my usual accuracy we will probably win.
  7. Unfortunately we don't play in the dressing room. Some of them should stay there and make the tea.
  8. Yes we continue to flounder, a plaice outside the drop zone cod do us though.
  9. I have followed the Rams since the 50's. We are not in the Prem we are in a very average Championship and still struggle to score more than one goal a game. Need a time machine to go back to the 70's
  10. An since he was fired Chelsea are moving up the table with the same players.
  11. The performance matched by Rams TV commentator Shaun Barker who has told us 5 times that we were beaten by Ipswich last week. A pity that this is the only memorable thing in the first half.
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