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The new identity and colours of Derby County

Carl Sagan

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The club has made an announcement a year on from the takeover:



- Founders’ Green pays testament to our first ever strip.

- Victory Blue recognises our various achievements of the 1970s.

- Centenary Gold is synonymous with the iconic 1984/85 strip.

- Premier Burgundy marks our first ever season in the Premier League.

- Community Pink commemorates the third kit of the 2020/21 season which raised significant awareness of breast cancer.

- Timeless Blue provides a constant throughout history, appearing as early as 1885.

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I’ve got to say, I love corporate identities like this. Some people might think it’s bs, but I think it’s really important for a company to have values and standards that everyone can get behind, that identifies what is important to that company. And if you don’t buy into that identity, you can jog on. 

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@loweman2 Looks like you’ve done a really good job on this and thought deeply about the history, heritage and future of DCFC in your considerations. 
David Clowes is the same age as me and I remember the centenary kit as something special when it came out because of the coloured sash. Derbyshire use the amber/brown/blue colours for the T20 kits which I think is great.

My only concern with this is if the ground starts looking like a circus with a range of colours. I never liked the Normanton End when it got ‘updated’ with bright stripy colours but each to their own.

Though one of the original early colours, I note that red is not incorporated in the new identity 👍


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